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Chapter XIX

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The Endgame begins as Jackson Prime leads the combined galactic fleet to Earth with the Crucible, in an effort to defeat the Reapers once and for all.

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The Defiant jumped out of hyperspace and flew toward what looked like a massive gathering of cruisers, dreadnoughts and warships as they floated there in the vast darkness of space. Jack and Arcee looked out of the cockpit canopy as Hotrod piloted the frigate towards the fleet.

"Wow, now that is an impressive sight." the pilot said with wide-eyed wonder as they passed a large Asari dreadnought, the Autobot femme had a similar expression as she held Jack's hand and stroked it with her thumb.

"This is largest fleet ever assembled and they are all here because of you Jack."

The Prime looked over to his lover and smiled slightly.

"Yeah." he said before his face became serious.

"But it isn't going to be enough."

Both Autobots looked at him with a concerned look.

"It isn't?" they both replied.

"Against the entire Reaper fleet… no." the Prime answered as he tapped the holo-interface next to him, bringing up a screen for Arcee to look at (Hotrod was too busy piloting the ship to have a look).

"Since the Reapers took control of the Citadel and moved it to Earth, they have since called back nearly all of their forces and built a protective shield around what we now know is the Catalyst. The fleet we have now gathered here…..which at last count is 'two thousand three hundred and thirty three', but the Reapers number in the hundreds of thousands. We can't take them on conventionally. So Admiral Bryce and myself have decided that our fleets should be used to protect the Crucible and make sure that it docks with the Citadel."

Arcee pointed at the screen.

"So you are splitting it in two, 'Sword' and 'Shield' fleets." she observed, earning a nod from her partner.

"Yes, Sword fleet will attempt to punch a hole in the Reaper lines and Shield Fleet will protect the Crucible."

One of the crew then joined them in the cockpit.

"Commander, we have the stats for our combined fleet ready for your viewing on the galaxy map." the ensign said with a salute.

"Thank you." Jack replied before gesturing to Arcee.

"Shall we?" he asked before the femme nodded with a smile and the two partners left Hotrod and walked back to the CIC.

A few minutes passed before the Ark jumped out of hyperspace and stopped beside the Defiant, it then extended a docking arm on to the smaller Alliance ship. Hotrod looked out at the massive Autobot dreadnought before looking back at his console.

"Jack, I have priority message from Admiral Bryce asking to come aboard." the young Autobot said into his com link.

"Permission granted." the Prime replied in return, then a moment passed and the Admiral and two soldiers walked out of the airlock and down into the CIC. All the crew in the room watched as the new arrivals walked over and stopped in front of the Commander, Bryce then saluted Jack who did the same in return.

"Jackson Prime, are you ready to bring the might of the galaxy to bear on the Reapers?" the Admiral asked, earning a stoic look from Jack.

"Yes sir." he replied.

"Good, then you can address the fleets, you did after all bring us all together Prime." Bryce replied as he gestured to the Prime, who then took a step forward on to the podium in front of the galaxy map.

"All fleets reporting in Prime." Teletraan stated as it activated the intercom, Jack looked around as his team mates and crew looked toward him, Arcee giving him a supportive and proud smile. All across the fleet, the crews of each ship stood ready to listen, so Jack then took a breath before speaking.

"Never before have so many come together from all quarters of the galaxy, but never have we faced an enemy such as this. The Reapers will show us no mercy, so we must show them no quarter. We are fighting not only for our own existence and future, but for all those who the Reapers terrorised and purged from this galaxy before us. So we must stand strong against their might, because they will advance against us until our last cities fall, but we will not fall. Because this war has brought us together…. as soldiers, Allies and friends..." He said before taking a look at everyone around him, the crew, friends and the Admiral. They were all focused on on the Prime as he spoke.

"..This bond that ties us together is something that the Reapers will never understand, it is stronger than any weapon or ship and it cannot be taken nor destroyed. The next few hours will decide the fate of everyone in the galaxy. Of every man, woman and child. They are trusting you, depending on you to win them their future, a future free from the threat of the Reapers. But take heart and look around you, you are not alone in this fight. We face our enemy together…. and together we will defeat them. Jackson Prime out." The Prime then stepped down to Bryce and Arcee, they then headed out of the CIC and towards the com room.

"Prime, 'Sword' fleet is ready to engage the Reapers surrounding Earth. While they are distracted, you and 'Hammer' will lead a ground assault to retake London." the Admiral said as they walked down the corridor.

"London? Why aren't we hitting the Citadel directly?" the Commander asked slightly confused.

"I will let Optimus tell brief you on that." Bryce replied.

"Admiral what is 'Hammer'?" Arcee asked.

"Hammer is our ground offensive against the Reapers, it was meant originally for boarding the Citadel but, well like I said…" the Admiral answered as he gestured over to the hologram of the Autobot Leader as they entered the Com room.

"Optimus!" both Jack and Arcee said at once. Their old friend and mentor smiled back in return.

"Jackson, Arcee, it is good to see you."

"How are you holding up?" Bryce asked.

"We are ready to end this." the older Prime replied.

"According to Optimus, the Reapers have set up their ground forces main staging area in London. And the Citadel is now stationed directly over it, in orbit." the admiral added, gaining a nod from the older Prime.

"Yes, but it has now closed it's arms, sealing itself." he said while gesturing to a hologram of the station next to him.

"Damn it, we need to get the arms open to dock the crucible." Jack said with a frustrated tone.

"Also, London is surrounded by Hades cannon emplacements, 'Hammer' ground forces can not land until they are taken out. Jackson you will lead a small squadron of shuttles, infiltrate their defences and take out the emplacements with heavy weapons. Hammer can then land, and we will set up a 'forward operations base'." Optimus stated.

"I still can't see how we will reach the Citadel from London." Jack replied.

Optimus then gestured to another hologram that appeared in place of the Citadel one, this had three tall tower like spikes, positioned in a triangle like formation with an energy beam rising out from the ground between them.

"The reapers use this beam to transport humans alive and dead to the Citadel. From the FOB, Hammer will launch an all out assault on the Citadel Beam, everyone who makes it that far will take the beam to the Citadel. Then find and activate the Citadel arm controls."

"Once those arms are open, 'Shield' fleet will escort the Crucible to the Citadel. But timing will be critical, we don't have enough fire power to keep the Crucible safe for long." Bryce replied.

"And here I thought uniting the galaxy was a challenge." Jack said.

"It is a desperate move and I would not even like to guess what our odds are." The older Prime said back.

"But this is the only plan available to us now, if we sit and wait then the Reapers will bleed us slowly. We just can't take them on conventionally without the Crucible." Bryce said to Optimus before looking at Jack.

"Get the Citadel arms open Commander…. whatever the cost. The we will do the rest." he added before leaving the room.

"Yes sir." Jack replied earning one last look from Bryce.

"Good luck… to all of us."


Not long later, Jack was standing next to Hotrod in his Prime armour as the pilot moved his hands over the holo-interface of his controls, the Prime watched as they approached an inactive space bridge.

"Powering up space bridge and connecting to Sol system." the young Autobot stated as they both saw the bridge ahead of them activate, a bright green vortex expanding outside of the giant ancient device.

"We will be through in ten seconds." Hotrod added as they got closer, but Jack just continued to look ahead with a stoic expression.

At the same time the space bridge in the Sol system activated with an equally massive vortex expanding outside of its radius, then for a moment nothing happened. But suddenly the Defiant flew out of the event horizon and was followed by the galactic fleet as hundreds and hundreds of cruisers, dreadnoughts and other vessels began flowing out of the space bridge.

The fleet continued to enter the system as more ships including the Ark and the Nemesis came through, and the two Cybertronian ships dwarfed the cruisers and dreadnoughts already through including the Destiny Ascension, even the large life ships of the Quarian flotilla were put in the shade by the two massive vessels.

As Jack continued to look ahead while the fleet passed Saturn and then Jupiter, Hotrod looked down at the read outs appearing on the holo-screens in front of him.

"Alliance, Turian, Quarian, Geth, Asari, Salarian and Terminus fleets all reporting in and are ready to engage on your command." the pilot stated as Jack nodded in return, Arcee joined him and looked out as the red planet of Mars came and went by as a blue planet could seen in the distance. As the fleet got closer, everyone could see the devastation the Reapers wrought on the planet, entire areas were in flames that could be easily seen even from the distance that Jack and Arcee were at. The femme's eyes widened in shock at the horror she could see by just looking at planet's surface, Jack though kept his stoic expression and pressed a button on the holo-controls in front of him, activating the com system.

"This is it everyone, fire on my command."

The fleet began to spread out to the sides as they were now close enough to see the large Reaper force that was blocking their path, as well as sealed form of the Citadel.

"There must be thousands of them." Arcee said, earning a gulp from Hotrod. But Jack ignored them.

"Let's see what they can do against our new weapons, all ships standby to fire proximity!"

Every ship at or near the front of the fleet then fired a spread of orange torpedoes at the Reapers, from a distance it would look like an orange mist had just appeared. The projectiles sped toward the enemy ships, but the black behemoths did not ever attempt to evade them. The moment the torpedoes were in range they exploded, sending an electrical discharges out in all directions as it engulfed the Reaper ships, damaging them in the process. Meanwhile the Ally ships that had fired the torpedoes began to move out of the way as ones from behind moved forward and prepared to fire their own.

"Second!" the Prime said over the com, and the fleet fired another spread of the orange projectiles, this time those Reapers that had sustained damage from the first volley exploded in amazing fashion, thinning the Reapers front line. The Reaper fleet then began to shift as the damaged ships moved back and allowed the unscathed ones to head to the front, among the newer ships were Reapers that looked like the main Sovereign class vessels, except these were somewhat wider and were covered in small metallic lumps. Jack watched with curiosity before his eyes widened as the lumps separated from the bigger vessels and began to move towards the galactic fleet.

"Launch fighters." Jack called out, then every carrier in the fleet opened their launch bays and their fighter squadrons began flying out and taking up formation at the very front of the fleet.

"All ships, on my command engage the Reaper forces." the Prime said.

"Copy that Prime. This is Silverbolt, all fighters on me." a voice replied over the com, the hundreds of fighters then lead the rest of the galactic forces as both fleets appeared to square up to each other as they entered each other's targeting range with the war-ravaged Earth as the backdrop for this climatic battle.

"Attack!" Jack said and in response the fighter squadrons flew at top speed directly at the Reaper forces, earning a barrage of weapons fire from the enemy equivalent. Silverbolt piloted his fighter through the barrage of weapons fire with his Squadron staying in formation, but not every fighter could weave their way through it, resulting in a few of their number being destroyed by the incoming fire. As this was happening, the Sovereign class Reapers charged up their beam weapons with a magnificent bright red light pulsing from the main weapon's port as they held up their legs and fired the energy beams at the galactic fleet.

Most of the ships managed to dodge the beams as they began firing back at the Reapers, one cruiser managed to blow one of the legs off a Reaper, but then it fired it's beam which destroyed the cruiser with one shot. Meanwhile Silverbolt brought his fighter up behind one of the Drones that was attacking a Turian dreadnought, he lined up his guns and fired at the enemy. He clipped it's engines, making it lose control and spin erratically before exploding. The Quarian heavy fleet began firing their large cannons, making some breathing room between several Reapers and a group of Asari cruisers. Both fleets clashed spectacularly as the Defiant began weaving through the Reaper ships with several small shuttles behind it.

"Breaking off and preparing for descent." Hotrod stated as Jack and Arcee watched the battle happening outside.

A number of drones flew into the path of the Defiant as it guided the shuttles through the battle around them, but the Alliance frigate fired it's cannons and destroyed each drone before performing a barrel roll and then descending down into the atmosphere with the shuttles close behind, as the rest of 'sword' fleet continued to keep the Reapers busy. In the Defiant cockpit, Jack and Arcee turned to leave.

"Jack." Hotrod said back, gaining their attention as they stopped and looked back at him as he got out of his chair. He then stood up straight and saluted the Prime.

"Be careful down there." he said, Jack returned the salute.

"We will be fine. Stay focused."

"Aye aye." the pilot replied as the Prime and femme smiled at him before turning around and walking back into the CIC, toward the elevator. Hotrod watched them leave before taking his seat again.

Jack, Arcee, and Garrus were sitting in the shuttle as it made it's way down toward their target after being air dropped from the Defiant. Grimlock, Jazz and Smokescreen had taken the MAKO and were heading for a similar target….. One of the Hades Cannons that the Reapers had strategically positioned around London to stop any ground force from making a beach head.

"Advance teams are away, Hammer's in position and waiting for you guys to clear a path. Defiant is rejoining 'sword' fleet." Hotrod said through the com link.

"Stay safe, we will be back before you know it." the Prime replied.

"Roger that Prime." the pilot said back before the transmission ended, Jack then got up and walked over to Swoop who was piloting the shuttle.

"We are closing in on the LZ Prime." the Dinobot stated.

"How's it look?" Arcee asked.

"Take a look for yourself." Swoop replied before bringing images of the ground up on a monitor next to the femme. The screen showed what could only be described as something you would have seen in one of those post apocalyptic movies. The city looked like it had been hit by a nuclear bomb, with the buildings half demolished. Streets were empty apart from derelict and burnt up vehicles scattered throughout them, and plenty of fires still burning freely. Garrus placed a hand on Jack's shoulder in support as he saw the looks on both the Prime's and Arcee's faces.

"I am so sorry." the Turian said sympathetically.

"I don't even recognise it anymore." Jack replied sadly. But as their shuttle got closer to their LZ, one of the Hades cannons (which looked similar to a Reaper scout, but it's main body was replaced with a large ion cannon) came to life and began firing a blue energy beam at the shuttles attempting to land in the Capital.

"Oh scrap, they have a lock. hold on!" Swoop stated as he took the shuttle through evasive manoeuvres to dodge the beam, but it hit the next shuttle which had followed Jack's shuttle closely. The damaged ship then lost control and crashed on to the ground at the feet of the Hades cannon.

"Status?" the Prime said.

"That shuttle was carrying the heavy weapons team, the other shuttles have made it and their teams are taking out the cannons elsewhere. But it won't mean a thing if this cannon is still active." Swoop stated.

"Then drop us off here." the Prime replied earning looks from his team mates.

"Jack?" Arcee asked as her partner looked back at them.

"We are the only team left that has a chance to get near this cannon, so Swoop will drop us off nearby and we will make our way to the crashed shuttle and use the heavy weapons on board to take out that cannon."

Arcee and Garrus nodded in return before they stood up in their armour and equipped their weapons.

"Land there." Jack said to the Dinobot pilot as he pointed out of the cockpit canopy to what used to be a small car park, the Hades Cannon was situated behind the derelict building nearby.

The shuttle landed as the Prime readied himself with his assault rifle at the shuttle's hatch.

"FYI, Grimlock and the others have reached their target with the MAKO." Swoop said earning a nod of acknowledgement from the Prime, who then activated the hatch's controls. The hatch then opened and the team took cover as the inside of the shuttle became engulfed in enemy fire as Reaper ground forces attacked. Jack and Garrus returned fire before he Turian's eyes widened as he saw the husks who were firing at them.

"we have 'Marauders'." he shouted over the gunfire as Jack saw them too.

"Those are Turian Husks."

"I know, can't help but feel a lump in my throat each time I see one now. Guess that's what you felt every time you saw Husks in general." Garrus replied as both he and The Prime took down three of the marauders, giving them enough space to leave the shuttle for nearby cover.

"Let's go." Jack said as the three of them left the shuttle and took cover behind a pile of rubble, as more marauders and some other husks that looked like Batarians.

"And now the Marauders have some 'Cannibals' to help them." Jack stated as he looked at both types. The Marauders and Cannibals had the look of the species they used to be, but also had the changes (greyish blue son pigmentation, blue optics instead of eyes and synthetic parts built into their bodies) that the Reapers had forced on them. And while the Marauders carried their weapons, the Cannibals had a bio cannon grafted onto their right arms... like MECH's Adjutants had. The Team kept behind cover as both Husk types kept firing on their position.

"Now!" the Prime shouted as he, Arcee and Garrus then stood up and fired precision head shots into each Husk ahead of them, allowing their own personal shields to take a few of the shots. And a moment later and the were then alone with he corpses of the two Husks types lying around them. Jack then looked around to see that night had settled over the city, heavy cloud cover blocked out the stars in the sky. All around them were derelict and have demolished buildings, like the dreams he had been having during this war. Arcee placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Jack, you alright?"

"It's just hard to look around you know, I mean the last time I was in London was nineteen years ago with you and well..." the Prime replied.

"I remember, we were here to covertly stop the Decepticons from destroying part of London to gain access to an experimental power source. Agent Fowler had a hard time trying to keep that event under wraps. But looking around now, even I am having a hard time with how the city...let alone the planet looks now. This has to stop." the femme said as Jack looked back to her.

"And it will, one way or another."

Suddenly they were both cut short as the Hades cannon fired an energy beam up into the sky, the sound of it firing nearly deafening the three friends.

"It's targeting the Hammer ships waiting in low orbit." Garrus observed.

"Okay let's move." Jack replied as they moved around the corner of the building to see the burnt out shuttle lying at the foot of the cannon, fire rising out of it due to it's hatch hanging open. They also saw a number of Husks either crawling or squatting around the downed ship. The trio then slowly made their way to the shuttle, trying hard not to make a sound that would gain the Husks attention. Once they made it half way, Garrus got down on one knee and equipped his sniper rifle while the two partners continued towards the crash site.

The Turian looked down the rifle's scope and targeted the head of one of the Husks, he then exhaled slowly before pulling the trigger. A millisecond later and the creature's head exploded, making the other Husks look around until they saw jack and Arcee running at them. The creatures began to charge back, but their numbers were diminished again as Garrus took out two more.

The two lovers meanwhile equipped their respective star saber and arm blades and engaged the ret of the Husks in close quarters, Jack sliced through one creature before kicking another down to the ground and impaling it, and Arcee decapitated one Husk in front of her and rammed one of blades into the face of the last one. Garrus watched from his spot as the last Husk fell, leaving the Prime and his XO to search the shuttle. In a matter of minutes they had found the heavy weapons and were running back to the Turian.

"You found the heavy weapons then." he asked as Jack held a black and yellow gun in his hands, it had a very large gun barrel and a radiological symbol stamped on it's side.

"Yeah, this 'Cain' should do the trick." Jack replied.

"Well we only have one shot and this was the only functioning weapon that was left in the shuttle, so don't miss." Arcee warned earning a funny look from the Prime.

"Okay stand back." he said as he equipped the Cain and aimed it at the Hades Cannon which was readying another shot into the heavens, he pulled the trigger and the weapon began to power up as it charged it's shot. The front of the Cain lit up brighter and brighter as Jack felt it vibrate in his grip, then it suddenly went off and fired a ball of plasma at the Reaper weapon. The recoil from the Cain knocked Jack back slightly as it's shot hit the Hades Cannon head on, instantly making the target explode in a deafening and blinding fashion. The three friends shielded their eyes for a moment, but when the explosion died down and all that was left was billowing plume of smoke, they saw that the Cannon was no more.

"Jackson Prime to Hammer forces, the path is clear." the Prime said into his con link.

"Roger that Prime, Hammer is on the move." a voice replied, Jack then looked over to Arcee and Garrus and was about to say something when a familiar inhuman scream echoed from the distance.

"We've got incoming." the Turian stated as he fired at he husks rushing towards them.

"Jack, we need to get out of here." Arcee added as she equipped an arm blade and her SMG.

"Swoop, come and pick us up." Jack said into his com link as he dropped the used up Cain on the floor and equipped his assault rifle.

"I'm on my way." the Dinobot replied as Garrus continued to shoot the Husks approaching them, but Arcee then looked up and her eyes widened at what she saw.


"We have to move, we are to exposed out here in the open." Jack replied as the three started to run from the winged Monstrosities which were descending upon them.

"Got you covered Prime." Swoop suddenly said over the con link as the shuttle rose up over the derelict building it has used as cover and began firing on the Harvesters, blowing the wing off one with the shuttle's cannons. The beast lost control and crashed Ito another building, causing it to fall apart and bury the creature under several tones of concrete. The second Harvester evaded the cannon fire from Swoop and turned round to face him. So here Dinobot flew the shuttle directly at it, cannons blazing.

Jack and the others that stopped to watch, but suddenly the Harvester opened it's mouth and launched a ball of heated plasma which clipped the side of the shuttle. Part of the engine on that side of the ship exploded and the shuttle began to descend to the surface awkwardly as Swoop fought to keep control of it.

"Swoop!" Jack shouted as the shuttle shot past him and the others, only to go out of view behind some buildings just past them.

"I'm alright Prime, but I have to land to make repairs. Sorry that I won't to be able to pick you guys up." Swoop replied over the com link.

"It's alright, stay safe." the Prime replied as Garrus and Arcee began firing on the Husks that had gotten closer.

"Jack..." Arcee said back to her lover as she shot the legs of one Creature, making it fall to the ground. Jack turned and began firing on the horde too, he then tapped his con link.

"This is Jackson Prime to any Allies who can hear this, my team needs immediate evac, I repeat we need immediate evac."

Garrus blew the head off another husk as Arcee shot one in the eye.

"Do you think anyone got that?" Arcee asked with an unsure tone as Jack joined her side and fired bursts of gunfire into the horde, toppling a number of the creatures to the ground.

"I don't know, let's just make sure that we are alive to greet them if they did hear me." the Prime replied as the horde of Husks got closer. Then a monstrous female scream caught the group's attention as a Banshee appeared out of nowhere via a biotic rush and attacked the group, making the partners dive out of the way. Garrus meanwhile had switched to his pistol and holo-blade as the Horde had finally reached the team. Arcee picked herself up and began firing her SMG at the Banshee, but the Asari Husk deflected the attack with a Barrier.

While this was going on, Jack had followed Garrus's lead and began slicing away at the horde with his star saber. The Prime then saw that his lover was having a hard time with the Banshee and moved to assist, the femme was knocked back to the ground by the Asari Husk. She looked up from the ground to see the monster staring down at her with it's cold, lifeless blue optics before it opened it's mouth and screamed at her, while lifting it's hand with razor sharp fingers to prepare to land a killing blow.

But Jack sliced his way past several Husks and quickly leapt at the creature and beheaded it with his saber, landing next to Arcee. He then turned off the blade and pulled the femme to her feet as he fired his pistol at the nearby Husks.

"Thanks." Arcee said as she quickly smiled at him before going to work on a Husk that ran up to her, spin kicking it into another as Jack impaled one that was to close.

"Your welcome." he replied as Garrus rejoined them.

The three of them were back to back as the Husks had them completely surrounded, bullets and blood flew in all directions as Arcee deployed both her arm blades and hacked at any creature getting within arm's reach. Garrus mainly used his pistol, keeping the holo-blade as a last resort as the Husk kept on coming. Jack had reactivated his saber and sky boom shield and was either bashing or slicing up any Husk that got to close.

"We can't last much longer." Arcee said with worry in her voice as she covered Garrus who was reloading his pistol.

"Last clip." the Turian said.

"Make it count." The Prime replied as they fought harder against the never-ending hordes, but suddenly an Alliance shuttle flew in from the south and hovered just off the ground and it's hatch opened to reveal a large built African man in Dark blue/gold Armour and he was carrying what looked like a personal Gatling gun which he aimed directly at the Husks.

"Take cover!" he shouted to the Prime and his team. They then dived behind a pile of concrete as the new arrival let rip with his weapon and turned all the husks in the immediate area into mush with a barrage of bullets. He then took his finger off the trigger and let the barrel spin down until it stopped and looked over to Jack who stood up to see the blood bath that this guy had just created.

"Come on, before the rest get here." he shouted as he waved them over, Arcee then looked over to see more Husks running at them from the distance.

"Let's go." she said as she grabbed Jack by the hand and the partners and Garrus ran and jumped into the Shuttle. The large armoured man then closed the hatch.

"Pilot get us out of here." he said before the shuttle lifted off the ground and flew away before the Husks could reach them.

"Are you alright Prime?" the Dark blue/Gold armored man asked, Jack looked at him and gave him a slight smile.

"I am fine Dreadwing, alive and well thanks to you."

"Indeed you are Jackson." a familiar voice said from the cockpit, Jack and Arcee looked over to see Optimus standing there in his Red/Blue armour smiling back at them.

"Optimus." the younger Prime replied before walking towards his old mentor.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down." the Autobot leader said as the two shook hands.

"It's good to see you." Jack replied as Arcee and Garrus took to his side.

"You are all a very welcome sight after everything we have been through in the last few months." Optimus said with a hint of relief in his voice.

"How are we looking?" Garrus asked, gaining a look from the older Prime as he grabbed a hand hold on the ceiling.

"Now that the heavy anti-air defences are taken care of, Hammer can land."

"And it is not a moment to soon." Dreadwing added while standing behind the group next to the hatch.

"What remains of the resistance forces are holding a Forward Operating Base, but the Reapers are countering already. So it's going to be up to Hammer to take up the fight from now on." Optimus said.

"I can't imagine how hard it has been for you all here, having been cut off from the rest of the Alliance." Jack said with regret in his voice as he looked at the older Bot.

"I won't lie Jackson, it has been one of the hardest fights I have seen since the war for Cybertron. But once we saw that the Reapers were focusing on the cities, it became easier to avoid them and help survivors to safety."

"Until London…." Dreadwing added.

"Yes, The Reapers have a much larger force in this city than any of the other large population centers. We held back and sent scouts in to gather Intel to plan this attack, many of them did not make it back." Optimus said as he looked away, as if ashamed by it all. He then looked back at Jack and the others.

"But with Dreadwing, Ironhide and Kup, we managed to hold our own. And we knew that you would be bringing us help, that gave us the strength to hold on."

"Without you and the resistance, we wouldn't even have this shot." Jack countered with a smile, the comment did not go unnoticed by Dreadwing who smiled in return.

"Yes, Optimus is being far to modest. He is the reason any of us are still alive."

The Autobot Leader then shook his head, though he could not keep a slight smile from appearing on his face.

"Lets not start praising each other until this war is over, this fight has not even really started yet. And Hammer better be ready for it."

"They know what is at stake and what is needed of them to make it happen, they won't stop until we drive the Reapers of Earth." Jack replied.

"Good, because that is what it will take. And the entire galaxy is united, it is a shame that it took the Reapers to invade to bring everyone together." Dreadwing said gaining a knowing look from Garrus.

"It was Jack who brought us all together." the Turian said, his tone had a slither of anger underlining it.

"I agree, I know you did not like leaving Jackson, but nobody could have accomplished what you have done." Optimus added proudly.

"It's good to be home." the Human Prime said as Dreadwing tapped his com link.

"Optimus, Hammer has begun their descent."

"Send them the coördinates of the FOB." the Autobot Leader replied.


Moments later and the sky filled up with hundreds of shuttles and transports as Hammer forces flew over the ruins of London, but the Reaper ground forces began fighting back. Marauders began firing at the shuttles from the roof tops, hoping to shoot them down before they could land. On board the ships, soldiers from every species that allied themselves with the Alliance sat and fiddled with their weapons or just stood in contemplative silence. Waiting to see if they would even make it to the ground safely. But even though a few of Hammer's forces were shot down, the rest landed and began deploying troops and MAKOs which immediately came under attack from hordes of Husks. But the troops stayed together and mounted a solid defence as their convoys made their way to the FOB.

The Prime's shuttle landed inside the barricades of the Forward Operating Base and the hatch opened and let Jack and Optimus out along with the rest of the group. A lone soldier was waiting and approached the older Prime.

"Prime, we have set up a command center in the building just over there." he said as he pointed to the south east. Optimus looked out to see more shuttles flying overhead as Jack watched as a number of MAKOs rolled down the street, only to stop just aways from them.

"Looks like we are still receiving groups." the older Prime said hopeful.

"Yes, but not as many as we thought." the soldier answered gaining a worried look from the Autobot leader, he then looked at the Human Prime.

"Jackson, join me in the CC when you a ready." Optimus said before heading toward the command center, Jack nodded in return before looking at Arcee and Garrus.

"He is right, I expected more of Hammer to be here by now." the Turian stated sadly, the Prime looked over to see the Reaper beam in the distance, it's light reaching high up into the sky, breaching the clouds as it ascended into orbit.

"Many of them won't be coming. Go on ahead, I'll meet you there." he said, Arcee placed a comforting hand on his shoulder before she and Garrus left and headed for the CC. Dreadwing finished speaking to some soldiers and walked over to Jack.

"The fighting here has been some of the worst on the planet. I know it looks hopeless, but that is not the case. Because for one, you are here. It will do the troops good to see you, help to bolster their resolve." the former Con said, though Jack looked uncomfortable.

"I am just a soldier like them."

"Are you forgetting….. You are a Prime too, like it or not Jackson but you are a hero to these men and women. Don't discount the effect that can have on them." Dreadwing replied as they both looked at the beam as the sounds of Husks screaming and gunfire echoed from outside of the FOB.

"I better go meet with meet up with my battalion, I will see you at the Command Center." he then added before heading over to the building, leaving Jack to his thoughts. The Prime then sighed before walking over to the CC building when he saw Smokescreen standing beside their MAKO.

"Hey Jack, glad to see you made it here too." the young bot said.

"Yeah you too, so how are you doing?" Jack asked.

"I had no idea how I felt, coming back to Earth. I mean I was ready to fight, to die if I had too. But after seeing all of this…" Smokescreen replied as he looked around a the devastation that the Reapers caused.

"… it just reminds me how Cybertron looked before the exodus, and how we never managed to…." he added.

"I know it is hard… but everything can be repaired, and it will be. But first we have to end this war, stay focused on that. Don't let them take your will to fight." Jack said in a stoic tone, earning a slight smile from Smokescreen.

"I know and they won't, so this is finally it. One last push, one last fight."

The Commander nodded in return, then the Autobot saluted him.

"It has been an honor serving with you…. Jackson Prime." Smokescreen said proudly, the two men then shook hands.

"You're a good man Smokescreen and a terrific soldier, I know that no matter what happens out there today, you will make me proud." Jack replied.

"Thank you, that means a lot to me. Good luck out there." the young bot replied before walking away. Jack then walked over to the entrance and saw Grimlock and Jazz standing and talking to another man, this one was wearing green armour and had the look of an old soldier. The Prime's team mates then noticed him and gestured for him to come over.

"Jack, we heard that you, Arcee and Garrus made it." Jazz said.

"Yes, it is a good sign that the battle will be in our favor." Grimlock added as he stood taller than the other two bots. Jack nodded and smiled in return to his friends.

"By the way, I didn't see that former MECH Officer on board before we began this operation, what's her name again….." Jazz said as he looked away and tried to remember.

"Miranda, her name is Miranda Lawson." Jack replied, regaining the Autobot's attention.

"Yeah, she certainly was a looker. I was thinking of asking her out while she was on board, so where is she?"

"Miranda stayed behind on the Cronos to help the Alliance with MECH's systems, plus she managed to turn of the Reaper like device that had all the soldiers and crew under Silas's indoctrination. So they are being looked after and debriefed." the Prime answered before looking over at the green bot.

"Hello again Jack, it is has been a long time."

"Too long Sergeant Kup, the last time I saw you was on the last day of training." the Prime replied as they shook hands.

"Yes, even back then I knew you had potential. And look at you now, the first Human Prime and you have become a leader among the largest fleet in history. It reminds me of the time I was fighting in the battle of Omicron Recta…" Kup began to recite, gaining eye rolls from both Jazz and Grimlock.

"Jack, can I go and kill some Reapers now? Anything to stop me from hearing one of Kup's old war stories." the Dinobot pleaded with anger tingeing his voice.

"I kind of liked hearing them back in basic training." the Prime replied, earning a smile from the old bot.

"Good to see someone was listening to me back then."

"Yeah, well maybe his attitude would change if he heard them as often as we have." Jazz replied.

"I'm going to get out of here before I hear anything about 'Petro-Rabbits'." Grimlock said before storming off.

"Yeah me too, see you later Jack." Jazz said before leaving quickly. Jack then looked back to Kup.

"Well, if you ever want to trade war stories. I have more than a few stories of my own to share."

"That would be great, maybe after we win this war." the old bot replied.

"That's a deal, good luck out there Sargent." the Prime said back.

"You too, Jack." Kup finished before the two set off in different directions. Jack then entered the building and walked past many soldiers who were performing last checks on their weapons, and there were rooms with injured soldiers getting medical attention from medical staff. Jack then entered a room to see Garrus talking on his com link, the Turian saw Jack and nodded back before his attention went back to his conversation.

"Really, well it's good to see you are keeping the ship going Tali…. Yes I wish you were down here too, but the Defiant needs it's Chief Engineer right now. Yes, yes…. I am watching Jack and Arcee's backs down here….. Okay, I'll let you go and I'll see you later… I love you too." the Turian said before ending the call and looking back to his friend.


"You were talking to Tali right now, how is she?" the prime asked.

"She wanted to talk while repairing part of the Defiant's aft shield grid, said that hearing my voice helped her keep her cool." Garrus replied.

"How is the battle progressing up there?"

"The Reapers are inflicting losses on our fleet, but they are holding their own against them. But she did say that from what she is hearing, they can't hold out for long. We should get moving to the Reaper beam so that they can bring the Crucible in." the Turian said as he looked out of the window at the beam in the distance.

"I am heading up to meet with Optimus and get the operation moving." Jack replied, regaining his friend's attention.

"Good, so I guess this is…."

"What, just like old times?" Jack said, cutting his friend off, having known what he was about to say. Garrus chuckled at his friend's comment.

"…. might be the last time we get to say that."

"Think we are going to lose?" the Prime asked.

"No I think we are about to kick the Reapers back into whatever dark pit they crawled out of, then Tali and I, and you and Arcee are going to retire to some place warm and tropical and live off the royalties from the vids." he said with a smile.

"I'll see you there, I think I have enough vacation time saved up to take a few years off after this."

"Well, just save some room for all the autographs." his Turian friend joked, earning a chuckle from Jack before the Prime's face became serious.

"Just have to beat the Reapers to get there."

"Smokescreen told me of an old Earth saying that he had heard, 'May you be in Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows your dead'. I don't know if Turian Heaven is the same as yours, but if this does end up going south and we both end up dead….. Meet me at the bar, I'm buying." Garrus said with an ever so slight smile.

"We're a team Garrus, there is no Darby without Vakarian. So you better remember to duck." Jack replied.

"Sorry, Turians don't know how. But I'll improvise." the Turian said before stepping closer to Jack.

"Now Jack, forgive the insubordination but this old friend has an order for you. Go out there and give them hell, you were born to do this." he said before patting Jack on the shoulder.

"Thank you Garrus, I will see you on the battlefield." Jack said before they shook hands. The Turian then got another call on his com link, so the Prime left him to it and headed over to the door on the other side of the room. The door opened to reveal a large room that had Optimus at one side, the older Prime was talking to a few soldiers. Jack then saw Arcee standing at the window, looking out at the soldiers, MAKOS and other tanks that had gathered outside.

"How are you doing Arcee?" the Commander asked as he walked over to her side.

"I'm okay, as long as I'm with you, I can face anything." she said as she took his hand in hers. Lovingly brushing her thumb against the back of his hand.

"This is it, isn't it." she added, earning a nod from her partner.

"I know, and we will both make it through to the end." Jack replied.

"Have you thought about what will happen with us after this war is over?" the femme asked.

"Funny you should ask that, Garrus seems to be planning out a long vacation for us, him and Tali." Jack said, earning a smile from Arcee as she looked at him.

"Something to look forward too. But I have been fighting for as long as I remember, I don't know how to live a quiet life."

"Well lucky for you then, that I have plenty of experience there. I was living one for a long time before we met, all those years ago. Except this time I will have the woman I love with me." he said as he cupped her face with his hand and stroked her cheek.

"I love you too Jack." Arcee replied as they looked each other in the eyes, not noticing that Optimus had finished talking and was watching them.

"Jackson, I need your assistance over here." the older Prime said, making the two lovers separate.

"Okay, we should get ready for the this last fight. I'll see you outside." Arcee said before walking away to a group of soldiers, Jack then walked over to Optimus who was standing at a table that showed a hologram of the city.

"Optimus how's it looking?" the Commander said as he looked at the city image.

"Barely half of Hammer's forces have reported in at the FOB." the older Prime replied.

"Can we count on anymore making it here before we move out?" Jack asked. Another soldier in black and red armour stood beside Optimus and looked at a pad in his hands before moving his attention to them.

"There are some stragglers on route Prime, but the bulk of our forces that are still intact have arrived." he said as he handed the pad to the Autobot Leader.

"Thank you Ironhide. So I guess we are as ready as we are likely to get." Optimus replied.

"I agree, the longer we wait. The more the Reapers gather strength." Jack said in return, earning a nod from both the older Prime and Ironhide. Optimus then tapped his com link.

"Battalion leaders, report to HQ." he said before looking at Jack.

"It will be a few minutes before everyone is here, can we talk Jackson?"

"Sure Optimus." the younger Prime replied before they walked to a corner of the room as Ironhide stayed at the table and looked at the holo-image.

"What's on your mind?" Jack asked.

"I noticed that you and Arcee have rekindled your relationship." Optimus replied with a smile on his face.

"Yes, we have. I don't think I would have been able to get through this war, had it not been for her love and support. I mean we have had our ups and downs, but I can't imagine my life being with anyone else." Jack said, his voice confident and honest.

"I know, it has been a very long time since I saw two people who fit each other so perfectly. I know that you would give your life for her and that she would not hesitate to do the same for you, but…" Optimus said, earning a curious look from Jack.


"…don't put her in a position to do so." the older Prime said in a matter of fact way.

"Why did you say that, I mean I would never.." Jack replied with surprise and worry in his voice and expression.

"Jack, I say this because I see the potential for the two of you to share a long and happy life together, something that I robbed myself of a long time ago. Has Arcee ever spoken of Elita-One?" the Autobot Leader asked gaining a confused look from Jack as he shook his head in response.

"Elita-One was Arcee's older sister." Optimus added which made Jack's expression change as it dawned on him what this meant.

"Arcee said something about losing another sister, but she never told me any more."

"I would think not, since it originally drove a wedge between the two of us for a long time during the war for Cybertron."

"What happened?" Jack asked.

"Elita-One was not only Arcee's sister, she was also my spark mate. I was Orion Pax when we met at the Archives, Elita was quite the conservationist. She told me of her sisters Chromia and Arcee and though I never met them personally, she had told them everything about me. We spent every free moment we had together during the golden age, and in doing so becoming extremely close. We chose to become spark mates within the year that we had first met and began to plan our life together. We had lour first disagreement when I befriended Megatronus as the two of us tried to end the Caste system that had slowly split Cybertron down the middle, telling me of her distrust of the gladiator, but she trusted me enough to let me try and help. Elita said she would watch my back in case the glorified revolutionary tried anything. And though I let my friendship with Megatronus blind me to his true colours, when the war began my spark mate never held any ill feeling toward me for my lack of judgement. She knew that what I had tried to achieve was for the best of all Cybertronians. Once I became a Prime, we promised each other that we would face every battle together." Optimus said as he looked ahead stoically as the memories began to play in his mind, filling his spark with pain and regret, hoping that it did not show in his expression. Jack though saw through this and placed a supportive hand on his mentor's shoulder, making Optimus look back to him.

"When we fought alongside each other in the early days of the war, we won every battle and had begun to see ourselves as invincible as long as we remained together, but then one day while we were leading a team on a raid just outside Kaon. We were ambushed by a Decepticon force calling themselves the 'Commandos, they were one of Shockwave's experiments in producing Combiner units. They transformed into 'Ruination' ( sort of like Bruticus) and tore through our team before only Elita and myself were left. And before it looked like we may become part of the Allspark again, she told me that I had to survive for the Autobots to have a chance to end the war, and that she would always love me. She then took the last energon grenade we had and took on Ruination all by herself, ensuring that I would be able to escape. I didn't want to leave her there like that, but she believed in me and our cause more than anything and wanted to see me survive. The last thing I remember seeing was Elita taking out Ruination, she was amazing. A true inspiration to all Autobots because of her bravery and valour. But when Arcee heard of her sister's death, it was when she lost Tailgate to Airachnid, and it caused her to further distance herself from the rest of the Autobots. And she held me personally responsible for what happened, the first time I met Arcee was when she arrived with Cliffjumper on Earth. He had managed to convince her to join us and I had a spark to spark with her about my relationship with Elita and how she came to become one with the all spark. She saw in my words how I felt for her sister and the pain I had within my spark for her loss, and since that moment we became good friends and comrades."

"I am really sorry Optimus, I had no idea." Jack replied after listening to his mentor's story intently.

"Jack, I have high hopes for you and Arcee. So please don't let her take any risks that could jeopardise your future together. Because I don't want you to have to face this life without the one you love, not like I have." Optimus said with sadness in his voice.

"Thank you Optimus, I understand your concern, but I don't believe that it is my place to tell Arcee what she can and can't do. I can't let her sit out the fight, she would never forgive me, not since we made a similar promise to each other." Jack replied.

"I understand Jackson, I was just voicing my concern. Since the two of you, Ratchet, Raf and Bumblebee are the closest thing I have to a family on this Earth."

"And you are the closest thing I have to a father Optimus." Jack replied, earning a slight smile from the Prime in response to Jack's comment.

"Thank you Jackson, well I see that the others have arrived….shall we." he said before the two of them walked back over to the table as Dreadwing, Kup and the rest of Jack's team arrived.

Everyone stood around the table as Optimus began the mission briefing.

"We have fought hard to reach this point, but now the toughest part of our mission begins." the Autobot leader said as a holographic image of the reaper beam appeared on the table.

"We have to head through Reaper controlled territory, break past their defences and get to that beam."

"What kind of defences?" Jack asked.

"The entire area is crawling with Husks, ranging from the Human kind all the way to Banshees. But our biggest concern is the Reaper protecting the beam itself." Optimus answered as a Reaper hologram appeared next to the beam construct.

"Can we get air support in to deal with that?" Ironhide asked as he crossed his arms.

"Negative, there is some kind of interference surrounding the beam site. We will have to take it out from the ground." the older Prime replied before the image changed to that of the part of the city that was between them and their target.

"Now the Reapers have created a large amount of no man's land through out the city, we ill have to cross that first. There will be limited cover from the buildings on the other side, but expect heavy ground resistance."

The Autobot leader then waved his hand over the holo-construct and moved the image to the point where the building cover ends just before the beam.

"We need to get out tanks and MAKO's to this position, from there we will have a chance to take that Reaper out."

"How much of a shot?" Dreadwing asked.

"They know we are coming, this will be a one way trip for most of us. But we can not back down now, we move forward at all costs. Understood?" Optimus finished, earning a cheer from everyone in the room.

"Ironhide, Dreadwing. You two will coordinate the artillery units." the Autobot leader said, the two bots then saluted him before leaving the room.

"Jackson, I am sending you and your team right through the center where the resistance is heaviest. Support the tanks as best you can, but stay alive. I will need you for the final push to the beam." he finished as he began to leave the room.

"I will see you there Optimus." Jack said as Optimus nodded back before leaving the room as he activated his com link.

"Get me Admiral Bryce."

Jack then looked at his team as Arcee, Garrus, Grimlock, Jazz and Smokescreen all looked at him.

"Alright lets move out." he said as they began to leave the room too.

Meanwhile at the outer edge of the Sol system, the space bridge activated and a number of Alliance cruisers exited the vortex with the Crucible which looked like a massive cube which a large engine on it's aft and had solar panels on sections connected to it's fore. Suddenly a conversation played out on the fleet's com channel.

"Admiral, this is Optimus Prime. It's time, we making our attack on the Reaper Beam."

"Acknowledged, I'll alert the fleet. All ships this is Admiral Bryce, the Crucible is on the move, I repeat the Crucible is on the move. Protect it at all costs, everyone this is it."


Weapons fire filled the sky as the Hammer forces continued their assault on the Reaper controlled areas between them and the beam near the center of the city, it was a bloody fight and many were falling to the enemy, but Hammer was still making progress though slowly. Optimus stood there with his rifle in one hand and his star saber in the other as he motioned his soldiers and tanks to move forward as they fought with the Husks that stood in their path. Krogan, Turian and Human soldiers took cover before firing on the Husk positions, killing a number of Cannibals and Marauders as the tanks passed them by. A Quarian trooper armed a grenade and threw it into a group of Husks and watched as it exploded, sending body parts and blood everywhere. He then signaled for his unit to move forward and they ran passed the smouldering mess as Hammer kept the pressure up.

Meanwhile Jack and his team moved silently through the carnage, keeping an eye on the tanks and soldiers in their vicinity, before noticing one group stopping as a harvester dropped into their path.

"Jack we need to help get that thing out of their path." Jazz said as they looked down at the situation in front of them.

"Damn, they have Marauders and Cannibals approaching them from the west." Arcee observed.

"Okay, Arcee and Garrus. We will go and take care of those husks. Everyone else attack that Harvester." Jack ordered.

"Roger that." Smokescreen said as the group split up and moved down to their respective targets. Jack and his team moved stealthy to make sure that they could get the drop on the husks, but Grimlock and the others fired on the Harvester straight away as they charged down to help the soldiers who were escorting the tanks. The Harvester was making short work of them but suddenly a burst of bullets hit it in the face and made it scream in pain before moving it's attention towards the bots.

As that was happening, Jack, Arcee and Garrus took cover behind what used to be a wall as they peeked around the corner to see the Batarian and Turian husks moving closer. The three then opened fire on the enemies, taking down three of them before the others turned and fired back causing the team to hide behind cover. One of the Cannibals then kneeled down next to one of the dead husks and began eating it's fallen brethren.

"That's sick, I guess that's how they got that name." Garrus said before shooting it in the head, bringing an abrupt end to it's feeding.

"Take them down." Jack shouted over the weapons fire as he and Arcee took down two more Marauders, the Turian replied by shooting the last one in the chest, it falling face first to the ground.

"That's the last one." Arcee said as Jack looked down to see the Harvester still causing the others trouble.

"Lets get down there." he said as the three of them rejoined the others, Grimlock had switched to his sword and was slashing at the winged beast as Jazz and Smokescreen kept firing on it. The Prime and Arcee stood beside them and added their gunfire as they let the bullets fly and pummel the harvester's body.

"We don't have anything strong enough to take it out." Jazz said as the beast's mouth started to glow.

"Everyone take cover!" Garrus shouted as they jumped out of the way, Jack grabbing Grimlock by the arm and dragging him to the ground. Suddenly the harvester fired an energy projectile from it's mouth that destroyed the first tank in one hit, sending it into the air and then down on top of the second tank, it too exploding on impact. The winged beast then took off and flew toward another tank unit, leaving Jack and his team alone.

"What the? Wouldn't even stay to fight us." Grimlock said with disgust in his voice.

"Be glad that it did, we didn't have anything that could even slow it down." Jack said back, making the Dinobot look directly at him. But when he saw the Prime's stoic expression, he then nodded in return.

"Thanks for getting me out of the way Prime." Grimlock said earning a pat on the shoulder from Jack.

"Well that went well, no what?" Arcee asked.

"We head to the next group and hope that a harvester doesn't attack them." he answered with a slightly sarcastic tone.

"I'm sorry Jack, hopefully we will have more luck with the next unit." the femme said as the group moved deeper into the battle filled city.

As this was happening, a large group of Hammer forces had moved close enough to the Reaper guarding the beam to ready make an attack on it. Asari, Krogan and Geth soldiers took up positions in derelict buildings either side of the black behemoth as MAKO tanks carrying thanix missiles readied themselves to fire.

"Take that thing out anyway you can." a voice said through the com link as the Asari Commado took point and charged her biotics.

"All units open fire." she said as they all began firing on the Reaper, which just absorbed the weapons fire like it was nothing. The Krogan and Geth emptied entire clips into the giant, but to no avail. Turian sharpshooters and Alliance RPG carriers fired their lot into the Reaper, but their attacks too did no real damage. And as if a sign that it had become bored with this annoyance, the Reaper charged it's beam weapon as it's bright red light lit up the area.

"Are you guys ready with the thanix missiles, we need….." the Asari Commando said into her com link before she stopped as the reaper opened fire and incinerated her and the soldiers around her in a matter of milliseconds. It then turned and did the same to the Turians and Alliance soldiers just as a large group of Husks moved in on the tanks.

As the team moved through the city, taking down any Husks that they came across. Jack suddenly picked up a transmission on his com link which he then enabled the others to hear.

"Jackson Prime do you read?" Dreadwing said.

"Roger, what's your status?"

"We have an artillery unit ready to fire on the Reaper, but we have two problems." the former Con replied.

"They are?"

"One, the interference from the beam is messing around with our targeting sensors and two, the teams protecting that unit have been wiped out. My readings indicate that your team is closet to it. We need you to get over there and regain control of those tanks. Mine and Ironhide's battalions will try to keep the Reaper forces off your backs until Optimus and his forces reach you." Dreadwing said.

"Okay, we'll go and I may have a solution for the targeting problem." Jack replied.

"Very well, good luck."

Jack then looked at his team.

"You heard the man, lets move." he said before they set off toward the artillery unit.

It didn't take them long to reach the area and Garrus scoped out the area with his sniper rifle and saw the tanks, which were covered in Husks. The bodies of the soldiers lying dead all around.

"It's just as Dreadwing said, everyone in that group is dead." the Turian said as everyone checked their weapons.

"Well we can't do anything about that, but we can regain control of those tanks and take out that Reaper." Jack replied.

"What's the plan?" Arcee asked as everyone looked at the Prime.

"I will give Teletraan the targeting controls, just like we did back on Rannoch. The AI should have no trouble working around the interference and then pilot those tanks close enough to the Reaper to take it out."

"Sounds good, lets do it." Smokescreen said enthusiastically.

"Got to love Smoke's never-ending optimism, don't ya." Jazz replied while slapping the younger bot's shoulder. Jack smiled before looking back to tanks and to the Reaper standing in front of the Reaper beam.

"Let's go." he said before climbing over the fallen concrete block in front of him and dropping to the street near the tanks, the others following as they crept up to the Husks. Jack then activated his star saber and grabbed the first creature in front of him and stabbed it through the back. Arcee meanwhile did the same with another, snapping it's neck and quietly placing it on the floor. Garrus stayed back and took up a position over looking the area and re-equipped his sniper rifle as he saw his team mates make their way stealthily toward the tanks. Grimlock readied himself to kill the Husk in front of him, but suddenly stepped on a piece of flesh which squished under his foot.

'Scrap!' he thought as the Husk turned to see what had made the noise, locking it's optics on the Dinobot before unleashing an inhuman scream which pierced the night air before being decapitated by the bot's glowing orange blade. The remaining creatures all looked and saw Jack's team and screamed in unison.

"Kill them all." Jack shouted before swiping his saber at a Husk that launched itself at him, slicing it in two.

"Nice going Grimlock, you're not very stealthy are you?" Smokescreen said as he shot two Husks in the face, earning an angry look from the Dinobot.

"If you wish to survive this fight, I suggest you shut up and fight." he growled before grabbing a creature by it's face and then throwing it into two more that were charging at them, he then ran into the oncoming horde that had been alerted by the scream and began tearing them apart.

"I think you pissed him off Smoke, best do as he says." Jazz said to his friend as he fired his pistols into the horde.

Jack and Arcee had gone back to back as they fought their way closer to the lead tank, slashing and shooting any Husk that got too close. Jack then got to the Tank's hatch and was about to open it when a Husk appeared on the vehicle's roof and screamed at him. But before it could do anything, it's head exploded from a shot in the distance.

"Nice shot." the Prime said into his com link, gaining a smile from Garrus who then shot two more creatures as he concentrated on the area around the partners.

"Your welcome Jack, I have you and Arcee covered. Do what you have to do."

"Roger that, Arcee lets go." jack said as they opened the hatch and climbed into the tank's cockpit. The Prime then activated his holo-tool and linked it to the controls, making their holo-interface light up in front of them.

"Jackson Prime to Defiant, Teletraan do you read?" he said into his com link.

"I read you Prime, how can I be of assistance?" the AI answered.

"I need you to get access to this tank's targeting sensors and update them with the software used back on Rannoch, we need to cut through the interference from the Reaper beam. Can you do it?" Jack said as typed away at his holo-tool and the controls while Arcee kept her attention on the open hatch, shooting any Husk that showed it's face.

"Of course Prime, linking my systems to the sensors now. This will take a few minutes, standby." Teletraan replied.

"Okay everyone, we hold this area. Now matter the cost." Jack said into his com link, every member of his team heard this and fought harder against the incoming horde of Husks that were encroaching on them from every angle.

"Looks like Ironhide and Dreadwing's forces couldn't hold back all the Husks." Smokescreen observed as he kicked one Husk back and shot it in the throat, making it bleed out on the floor.

"Shut up and fight kid…." Grimlock shouted back as he grabbed two husks and smashed their faces together, making their heads crush as blood and brains leaked on to his hands before looking at the bot.

"…or I will throw you into that horde myself." he spat back.

"Yes sir." Smokescreen replied as he bit his lip and continued to shoot each Husk that attacked him. After what felt like a lifetime had passed, Teletraan spoke again.

"Prime I have successfully recalibrated the targeting sensors for this and every tank on the Alliance network, but…."

"But…" Arcee replied worriedly after shooting another Husk that had nearly climbed into the tank with them.

"….you will need to get the tanks closer for the enhancements to have an effect."

Jack took a breath as he contemplated moving closer to the black behemoth.

"Alright, thanks Teletraan. We'll take it from here." he said as he deactivated his holo-tool and grabbed the controls.

"Arcee close the hatch and man the missile launcher." he said, earning a nod from the femme. She then did that and sat in the chair just behind her and activated it's controls.

"Jack to Jazz and Smokescreen, get in the tank behind us, we are going to take down this Reaper." the Prime then said into his com link.

"Roger that Jack, what about Grimlock?" Jazz asked back.

"Are you kidding me, he looks like he is having the time of his life out there." Smokescreen added, earning a sigh from the bot.

"Yeah, your coming with me Smoke. Otherwise Grimlock might actually kill you if you piss him off any more. Okay on our way Jack." Jazz added.

"Grimlock cover the others as they get into the tank and then meet up with Garrus." Jack then said to the Dinobot who was still killing every husk that he could get his hands on. Jack then heard him curse under his breath before answering.

"….. fine, I can do that."

Jack and Arcee waited as they felt the Husks climbing over the tank, shaking it slightly from side to side before Jazz's voice came in over the com link.

"We are ready Jack."

"Okay follow our lead." the Prime replied before putting his foot down on the pedal and moving the tank forward, building up speed as it and the one behind drove through any husks that were unfortunate enough to get in their way. As they moved through street, closing the distance on the Reaper, it then turned around and looked directly at them. It's weapon ports glowing bright red as it charged them.

"It's spotted us, take evasive action." Jack said as both tanks then swerved to the left and right, narrowly missing the Reaper's shots as they exploded on the ground next to the two Alliance vehicles.

"I am targeting the missiles Jack, we just need to get a little closer." Arcee said as the tank's cabin shook from the explosion that rattle the tank from another Reaper shot that had missed.

"Yeah, I guess that would be too easy." Jack replied before Smokescreen's voice could be heard loudly over the com link.

"Yeeeeehaaarrrrrrh! " the younger bot exclaimed as he and Jazz's tank narrowly missed another blast from the behemoth.

"Well at least Smokescreen's enjoying himself." Arcee said with irritation in her tone of voice.

The Tanks then got within a few hundred feet of the Reaper.

"Jack stop now. I have a lock." the femme said, making the Prime hit the brakes hard and the Tank swerved to a stop as it's missile launcher turned to face the Reaper.

"Firing missile…" she said as the missile's engine fired and it flew out toward the Reaper and impacted against it's charged weapon port. The explosion knocked the giant black ship back several steps.

"Jazz fire your missile now, finish it off." Jack called into his com link, the Autobot answered by launching his own missile right at the weakened Reaper, it hitting in the same spot causing a chain reaction as explosions covered it's hull before it lost it's footing and fell back on to the ground, bringing up a large cloud dust before it's system's shut down.

"Good work everyone." Jack said happily into his com link.

"Jackson, we are on our way to your location." Optimus said over the com link.

"Roger that." the younger Prime said as he sighed, Arcee placed a hand on his shoulder in support and smiled, before they both climbed out of the tank.

"Jackson, thank god you made it." Optimus said as he climbed out of his tank and then looked to the fallen Reaper nearby.

"It didn't look good." Jack replied as they both looked out to the Reaper beam which was now could be seen clearly ahead of them as it lit up the night sky with its blue glow. Optimus then looked at Jack with a worried expression.

"It get's worse."

"Of course it does." the Commander replied as he shook his head slightly.

"Admiral Bryce has just reported in. Several Sovereign class Reapers, including Harbinger have broken off from the battle with Sword fleet. They are heading here."

"Harbinger!" Jack said as his expression mirrored the older Prime's.

"It's an opportunity for Bryce to get the Crucible in place, but we have to get a team on board the Citadel to open those arms now." Optimus replied.

"We still don't know what we will find when we get aboard the Citadel." Arcee said as they all stood around the pair of Primes.

"Then that's our job, find out what we are up against." Jack said while looking at everyone.

"Alright, everyone lets roll." Optimus said before they all climbed into the older Prime's tank which then began its final leg of the journey, to the Reaper beam.


In orbit, the battle was raging on as the Sword fleet continued to press against the Reapers. But Harbinger and several others had began to descend to the planet below as the Ark and Nemesis tried to close on them.

"This is Bryce, I want every nearby ship to delay those Reapers leaving the battle. We need to give Hammer more time." the Admiral said over the com. Three cruisers attempted to intercept the Reapers, firing their cannons. But the weapons had little effect as they ignored the ships and continued to descend, but Harbinger then stopped and fired it's beams at cruisers. Destroying the ships with one shot each.

"Pitiful fools, you can not prevent your destruction. It is your destiny." it said as Bryce watched from the bridge of the Ark.

"Damn it, ensign send the signal. It's time to bring in our ace in the hole." he said to the officer working at the station next to him.

"Aye aye sir, sending signal now."

Then a split second later, another Reaper with glowing red eyes burst out of hyperspace and fired it's energy beam which sliced through one of the other behemoth's like it was nothing.

"We are here. And you will die." Lucifer said back to the others as it fired another shot that destroyed yet another Reaper. Harbinger though ignored it's brother and continued to descend.

"Take out our traitorous brother, we are needed elsewhere." it said as the other Reapers around it stopped their descent and began heading at Lucifer, charging their cannons. Lucifer though being one of the first of its kind fired off several shots which either disabled or destroyed the Reapers attacking, but not before one got a shot off which impacted against one of Lucifer's legs, blowing the tip of it off.

"Arrrrgghhh!" it screamed as it charged it's weapon port to fire again, but then out of nowhere, one green and one blue energy beams hit the last Reaper dead on, causing some damage to it's hull before Lucifer fired it's weapon, blowing the enemy up. It's debris moving out in all directions.

"This is Admiral Bryce calling Lucifer, are you alright?"

"We will be fine, but we need to stop Harbinger." the rogue Reaper replied.

"It's too late, it has already entered the atmosphere. But thanks to you, Jackson Prime and the others stand a better chance of getting to the Citadel without facing several Reapers." the Admiral said back.

"Do not underestimate our brother, he is as old as we are and is more ruthless than any Reaper you faced."

"We have given Jackson Prime and Hammer a chance, that's all we can do. But the Crucible could use your protection, it is entering Earth space right now." the Admiral replied as he looked out of the Bridge's canopy to see the giant device and 'shield' fleet entering visual range.

"Very well. We will guard it. I hope the Prime can handle our brother." Lucifer said back as it began moving towards the Crucible destroying any Reaper that gets in it's way. Admiral Bryce then sighed and looked down to the battle-scarred earth below him.

"Everything counts on you now Darby." he said under his breath before looking to the helmsmen in front of him.

"Take us back into the battle."

Meanwhile in the tank, Jack and the others were sitting down as they waited for the tank to get to their destination.

"From here on in, it's a straight shot to the beam." Optimus said as he looked at Jack and the others.

"A straight shot with Reapers trying to crush us along the way." Jazz replied sarcastically.

"The rest of Hammer is with us in this fight, nearly one hundred percent of our current forces have joined our tank. But we only need to get a handful of troops through." the older Prime said back.

"Even a handful seems a little enthusiastic." Arcee said back before Jack placed his hand on her leg in support. She looked up and saw him smiling back at her with a smile, Jack could always calm her down with that look. He then got up and grabbed a hand hold on the ceiling.

"We knew this was going to be a long shot, but it is the best shot we have." Optimus added as Jack then looked at everyone.

"Cant think of anyone else I would rather do this with." he said confidently to the others who then stood up and smiled back at him.

"I am honored to be a part of your team Jack." Arcee replied.

"We all are." Grimlock added with a grin, earning a look from both Smokescreen and Jazz.

"He smiled, what the…" the younger bot whispered to his friend who nodded in agreement.

The driver then looked back at Optimus.

"We are in sight of the target."

"Alright everyone this is it." the older Prime said before the tank was rocked by something outside, making everyone fall to the ground as their vehicle over turned.

Outside, rain began to fall from the storm clouds that had gathered around the Reaper Beam's area. The tank was upside down and on fire as it's hatch opened, Jack and everyone climbed out of the vehicle as the rest of Hammer's tanks and MAKOs stopped behind them, unloading their soldiers.

"Scrap." Jazz exclaimed as Optimus and Jack looked up and saw the giant Reaper Harbinger land behind the beam and let out an almighty roar as it stared at them with it's glowing yellow eyes. Everyone just looked at it, fear present on their faces at the obstacle that stood between them and their goal.

"We've got to move." Optimus said as he readied his weapon.

"Come on!" Jack shouted to everyone as he equipped his rifle and began running down the long slope towards the beam, everyone following suit as Hammer's vehicles and tanks moved behind them.

"Hammer forces go!" Optimus shouted into his com link as Harbinger roared again and began firing quick fire shots of red beams into the oncoming ground forces, killing soldiers and destroying tanks with every shot. Jack ran with every ounce of strength he had as he charged down the slope as soldiers and tanks continued to be either vaporized or sent flying by Harbinger's blasts. He didn't look back to see if his team mates were with him, he didn't have time to, but he knew that they were there.

His team knew what the stakes were and what they had to do, so he kept moving. But every blast that hit a tank or group of soldiers near him, made him lose his footing so he dropped his rifle and used his hands to keep himself on his feet and still moving. But just as he got half way to the beam, Harbinger fired his beam at a tank just ahead of the Prime, the impact of the powerful weapon sending it spinning into the air before it came down, Jack's eyes widened as it landed in front of him, making the Prime slide through the dirt to stop right next to it. He then looked back to see both Arcee and Garrus running towards him, they had been right with him the whole time.

"Over here." he shouted as he waved to them, the sounds of the reaper's weapons firing and more explosions echoing around him at an almost deafening volume. But just as they got close, another tank flew through the air out of nowhere and landed on it's nose in front of the pair. The femme and the Turian looked up in shock as the vehicle began to fall towards them, making them dive out of the way as it landed beside them and exploded. Jack cursed and got to his feet to run back and help them, but just as he began moving. Harbinger fired his beam again, it moved, moving along the ground and killing everyone it touched as it neared his friends.

"NO!" the Prime shouted as Arcee looked up and reached her hand out to him, their eyes meeting just as the beam enveloped her and Garrus. Jack continued to run at them before the area where his friends were suddenly exploded and sent him flying backwards onto his back with a thud, he quickly sat up and looked back as despair took hold, the area where his friends had been was now replaced with fire and smoke. He looked down at the ground as he began mourning his lover and his best friend before feeling someone grab his right arm.

"Jackson!" a voice said, making the Prime look up to see Optimus standing beside him, the older bot could see tears welling up in the Human Prime's eyes.

"I am so sorry Jack, but we have to keep moving." the Autobot leader said as he pulled Jack to his feet, the Commander nodded as he felt his anger boiling within him and he then turned round and began running towards the beam again, this time with Optimus at his side. There were still tanks and soldiers attempting to reach the beam as both Primes crossed the last quarter of the distance to their target, but the Reaper was just as determined to stop them as it fired multiple shots.

Each one hitting an area and killing more of Hammer's forces. Just as Jack and Optimus were about to reach the beam, a nearby tank was hit and exploded sending both of them on to the ground. Jack got on his hands and knees and saw his mentor recovering, but then he heard Harbinger growling as it turned to face them and charge up it's weapon ports.

"Optimus!" the younger Prime shouted as he got to his feet and charged over to his friend, just as the Reaper fired it's beam, it moving along the floor towards the Autobot leader who looked up to see it closing on him. But then Jack pushed Optimus out of the way, just as the beam hit the ground right next to him, causing everything to go white as Jack felt himself being seared by a tremendous heat as his body screamed out in pain, then everything went numb as the Prime lost himself to the darkness around him.
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