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The Horror continues!!!!!

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What happens in the park? Read and find out!!!

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Ok Let me start by saying thank you for all of your reviews!! They've really helped me to keep going! 2nd I am up to page 52 in MY version of it and am only on like page 17 for YOUR version so we have a bit to go. Don't worry I'll do it alittle at a time so you guys can keep up!!3rd this uh.story at some points get a little erm....well... smutty so brace yourselves and i apolagize i worte the smutty chapters at like 4 in the morning and they fit so i couldn't erase them (unfortunatly ) even thought I want to cuz that would just ruin the story line
Here we go....

"You say anything and you arm's gone." A deep voice growled in my ear. "You and Mr. My Chemical Romance Star over there will be dead within 2 weeks if you say anything to anyone about me."
"Who are you?" I asked, tembling as I relized that he was holding a knife to me.
"I'm you worst nighmare." He snarled. He took the knife and slit the inside of my arm, right below my elbow, before running off. As he did it I let out a small shreik of pain. Gerard turned and saw the man running. He started after him and stopped when he relized I was crying softly. He ran over to me and said "Let's get outta here."
I stood up and we ran back to the bus.


Sorry guys I have to go to my nanny's house! I'll be back later this evening and I'll write more then!!!Hope you like it
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