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Thank you guys soo much for the reviews!!!!! this chapter is the story serena tells the guys about the man that cut her

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Gerard put me on a couch by myself and told Ray to get me some ice and Mikey to get me some bactine, neosporin and band aids. He knelt down beside me and wiped mytears.
"Let's see this battle scar of yours." He lifted up my jacket sleeve and saw the huge cut. I was bleeding everywhere. Mikey came back and Gerard drenched me in bactine. He then covered it in neosporin and band aids.
"Serena-Gerard-someone! What happened?" Frankie asked.
"Serena, I want you to tell me-us, everythng that happened." I sniffed and nodded.
"Come sit by me, please. I'm scared..." I told him.
"Awww, baby..." He got up beside me and held my hand. Bob came over, too and held my other hand.
"Gerard and I were in the park, on a bench, talking, when something behind us moved. I saw a shadow and told Gerard. He got up and went behind the bench, where I saw it, to go look. When he got up some guy grabbed my arm and held a knife to me. He said 'if you say anything about me-to anybody-you and mr. my chemical romance start over there will be dead in less than 2 weeks.' When I asked him who he was he said 'I'm your worst night mare' and at that I knew exactly who he was. Gregory Garn." Everyone gave me a strange look so I continued. "When I was little-well, early teens- this guys, Garn, constantly tried to rape me and molest me. He never did though. I learned to fight." I nodded at Bob."He told me he'd come back one day and he'd kill me and rape me. He said he'd kill who ever was close to me. I don't know if he knows about you guys, but he knows about Gerard. I'm scared." I started crying all over again. Gerard pulled me onto his lap and held me like a baby. I had my arms around his neck and I was sobbing into his shoulder. Bob rubbed my back.
"'s ok, baby. I got you.. I won't let anyone hurt you. Ray, Frank and Mikey, please lock all the doors and windows and close the curtains. Bob, please get some tylanol (sp?)." He pulled me closer and kissed my head. Bob came back and I took the tylanol. Gerard and I sat like that for about another 2 hours. I cried myself to sleep about an hour in. Gerard carried me to the bunks and put me in bed. Everyone else went to sleep, but Gerard stayed on the floor next to me. At one point, I had a nightmare about Garn and I woke up. I noticed Gerard was still up and I started playing with his hair. He quickly turned around.
"Gee? Promise me something. Never leave me, again." He grabbed my hand. "Come on, get up." I got up and followed him into the living room. He sat down on the couch and I lay down with my head on his lap. This time he was playing with my hair.
"Serena, I will never leave you as long as you live. The guys will always go with you, too. Now go to sleep. I love you."
"I love you, too."


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