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Chapter II

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Galvatron gains some new recruits that help him unearth another of Shockwave's projects, one that will no doubt help him and his cause.

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Liara stood there in complete fear after witnessing the being who called himself Galvatron butcher every member of their team, except Shockblast, Six-shot and herself. The three stood there in an almost paralyzed fashion as Galvatron dropped the last body to the ground before looking at his claws, which were covered and dripping blood onto the floor.

"Speak, or I will let you join the rest of your team." he said, not even bothering to turn to face them.

"Why haven't we already?" Shockblast asked with a lump in his throat, not knowing if these would be his last words. Galvatron finally turned around and stared at them, his eyes now back to their original red.

"You are alive because I wish it, for I require your assistance."

Liara's expression changed to one of anger as she narrowed her eyes at him.

"You expect us to help you after you killed everyone?"

Galvatron walked over to her and leaned close.

"If you value your will."

"We will never work for you." Six-shot replied defiantly, earning a glare from the bot standing over them.

"I think you will, all you need is the proper incentive."

He then back handed Liara so hard, that she was sent flying into the wall behind them. A slight shimmer of blue flowed over her body for a split second as she hit the wall before collapsing on the floor.

"You son of a bitch!" Six-Shot spat back while his brother just looked back at the still form of his girlfriend while in a state of complete shock.

Galvatron though just grabbed both bots off the ground by their necks and held then in the air effortlessly.

"We'll... never... work for... you" Shockblast said as he found his voice, though the grip around his throat made speaking difficult. Galvatron though just gave them a dark smile.

"Yes you will, by the end of this day you will call me...master."

He then threw them down to the ground, the impact knocking them both out. He then looked down at the floor, his thoughts taking over. Galvatron was his name, that much he knew. But it seemed to be all that he knew, since when he tried to remember anything from before, his recollection would be greeted by nothing but a foggy haze inside his mind. Though he did have skills, he found this out with the many different ways he had killed the people that had stood around him since his reawakening. He was also a quick study as he picked up one of the com links that had fallen out of an ear of one of the dead crew, and knew in just a few moments what it was and what it did.

Galvatron put the device to the side for now as he just at this moment wanted to know why, what he was, why he was. This irritated the Bot, but not as much as when someone called Megatron. As soon as he heard that name, his rage boiled over. Yet he did not know who this name belonged to, or why he had the reaction he did when hearing it. This was all very confusing for Galvatron and it also did not help that he had no idea where he was. What he needed was access to information about the here and now, and then it hit him. He remembered seeing one of the aliens using some sort of holo-device that appeared around their forearm.

'It must be emitted from something on their body.' he thought as he walked over to the alien (another Salarian), knelt down beside it and lifted up the arm that it had appeared around. He felt his hand up and rain the forearm until his fingers came across a small lump on the underside.

'There you are.' Galvatron thought.


Liara gasped as she woke and felt her body aching all over, she felt like she had been hit by MAKO but managed to sit up and look around. She was still in the laboratory and it was still littered with the bodies of her team mates, though she could not see Shockblast or Six-shot among them. The Asari had no idea how much time had passed since she fell unconscious, but when she tried to activate her con-link all she received was static. She knew that staying put wasn't an option, so Liara took a breath and braced herself as she got to her feet, the pain escalating the more pressure she put her body under to move. Once standing, she took out some medi-gel and treated herself. This had an immediate effect and the pain subsided somewhat, though she would still feel sore. But at least she would be able to move easier. Liara looked at the wall she had been thrown into and saw the large crater that had been created by the impact.

'Thank the goddess I was able to create a biotic barrier a second before I hit the wall, or else I would have been killed.' she thought to herself before a strange mechanical noise and the sounds of someone grunting in pain caught her attention from down the corridor, which brought her thoughts back to her Boyfriend and his Brother. The Asari slowly made her way out of the room to investigate the noise, but not before giving a silent prayer to her colleagues that Galvatron had murdered earlier.

Limping down the massive but dimly lit corridor, she should have still been amazed at how tall the Cybetronians must have been when in their original bodies, to have built such vast and gigantic architecture. But seeing everyone in the dig team murdered had eroded her sense of wonder, replacing it with a cold understanding of her predicament. She had to get back to the Icarus and report what had happened , but not before finding Shockblast and his brother. Since their bodies were not among the dead, Liara could only hypothesize that Galvatron needed them for some twisted purpose. She made it to the room where the noises originated and took a look inside, she saw her eyes widened in horror at what she saw. The Asari could see Shockblast and his brother Six-shot being held in place on a berth each that was at an angle, they were both unconscious still as she also saw Galvatron with his back to her while working a holo-tool. It looked like he was viewing the ship's database with it.

'Been catching up on the times? And how in the world did you get a holo-tool?' she thought before remembering that she had passed a body on her way out of the lab, one that had it's right arm mutilated. Like someone wanted something that was inside it and did not care if they made a mess to get it.

Meanwhile back on the Icarus, another Asari turned to Commander Vallius and handed him a pad.

"Sir it would seem that one of the dig team has accessed the ship's computer."

The Turian looked down at the pad and scrolled through it's list.

"Why would they be accessing data on the Reaper war and everything that happened before it and after?"

The Asari crewman garage him a blank expression.

"Unknown sir, maybe they are on break and just reading. They have been over there for more then eight hours now."

Vallius looked at the timer on the holo-interface that was being emitted from the right hand armrest of his chair, then turned to his con officer.

"Has the storm died down enough for us to contact them?"

The human sitting there shook his head.

"No sir, and it does not appear to be dying down anytime soon." he replied, making the Commander look o the ground with a thoughtful expression, he then activated his com-link.

"Vallius to Lt Seska, please put together a team and prepare to head out to the dig site."

The Turian then looked back at the officer with a concerned look.

"I have a bad feeling about all this."

Liara had stayed quiet as Galvatron continued to read everything from the history of the Federation to the Icarus's mission. He then deactivated the holo-tool and walked out of view for a few moments, before reappearing with two familiar looking bodies on mobile berths.

'Pretender bodies?'

Liara then watched as their enemy then connected a transparent cable to the chest of one pretender and then began to connect the other to the bare chest of the unconscious Shockblast.

'By the goddess, I have to stop him!' she thought immediately as it dawned on her what Galvatron was doing to her boyfriend. She clenched her fist and concentrated, making it glow with blue biotic energy. But the moment she tried to move forward with some urgency, the pain from her earlier injury came back with a vengence making her gasp in pain and grab at her side. Galvatron looked up as he heard the noise and turned around to see what had made it, but all he saw was an empty doorway. He narrowed his red eyes and continued to look for a moment, not realising that Liara was hiding behind the wall and trying to keep as quiet as possible despite the pain she felt. After what felt like an age, the killer realised there was nothing there and returned his attention to Shockblast as he connected the cable to the bot's chest. The sharp tiny blades in the connectors drawing blood as they pierced his flesh.

Liara looked back round the corner to see his body flinch as the cable finished the connection and her heart sank, for she knew that in her current state, she would be unable to help him or Six-shot who Galvatron then started the same procedure to. He then reactivated his new holo-tool and turned on the large device that was now connected between the two Cybertronians and their respective Pretender bodies, suddenly making both bots scream out in excruciating pain. Liara could only watch with tears beginning to run down her face as their sparks were being forced from their bodies, their rib cages snapped open as their chests exploded with blood spraying out in all directions. Then the glowing white balls of energy...aka their sparks appeared inside the cabling and travelled through to the pretender bodies on the other end.

The Asari looked at the bloodied and ruptured body of Shockblast, her Boyfriend and wished that she had said no to him earlier when discussing whether to give the spark, that turned out to be a murderous man called Galvatron the pretender body they had found. She sighed, her heart now heavy with regret before continuing to watch as the two sparks entered their new if not forced homes. Just as with Galvatron, the pretenders immediately reconfigured and altered themselves as soon as the sparks were inside. Before she knew it, Liara was again looking at Shockblast and Six-shot as they lied on the berths like nothing had happened. Galvatron then moved the two dead bodies out of sight before returning to the pretenders, activating his holo-tool again and making a holo-interface appear before both newly created bots. He then typed in some commands on both as they showed images of Shockblast's and Six-shot's neural nets, which he then appeared to alter before flashing that evil smile of his.

'What's he doing to their minds?' Liara thought as Galvatron then typed in a command on his holo-tool.

"Time to wake up my Brothers."

As if on command, both Bots opened their eyes and looked around the room before on the man standing before them gained their attention.

"Where are we?" Shockblast asked before noticing that he was restrained, his expression changing from confusion to nervous.

"What is going on, why are we restrained?" he asked.

"My brothers, there is no need for fear. I am liberating you from this place." Galvatron replied as he undid their restraints, allowing the two to get off the berths and look around. Liara hid behind the wall again as Six-shot looked out at the doorway, before staring back at the others.

"Your rescuing us, but I don't have any memory of being captured?" the younger bot said.

"Your memories will return soon, but it appears that the trauma created by our capture, erased that particular one." Galvatron replied.

"You were captured too?" Shockblast asked as he looked looked around the room.

"Yes, I awoke very much the same as you. But in another room, surrounded by aliens who were attempting to experiment on me. So I broke out and killed them, my memory then returned. So I searched this place and found you two in here." the older bot replied with a smile, knowing full well that the younger bots would buy his version of events.

"Though I can not recall your names..." he added, earning thoughtful expressions from both before the older of the two spoke.

"I am... Shockblast and Six-shot. So who are you?"

"I am Galvatron and I require your assistance to find out what else happened here, and if any more of our Brethren are located at this complex."

Both bots nodded back and smiled.

"It would be our honor to help the one who saved us, it's the least we can do." Six-shot replied.

"Excellent, our ship was destroyed but we can take theirs...the 'Icarus'. Also this planet we are on was once our ancestors but these aliens have come to claim it for themselves" Galvatron said, earning troubled expressions from the two brothers.

"Well according to my scan, the storm is still pretty strong out there. I would not recommend travelling by foot." Six-shot stated as he looked at his holo-tool.

"Wait, what about the space-bridge generator. I remember hearing the aliens say that it could be repaired." Shockblast replied, gaining a smile from Galvatron.

"Then that's the objective right now, repair the space bridge and take control of the Icarus."

"We will make the repairs Galvatron." Shockblast said as he brought up the directions on his holo-tool.

"Very well, I will study this place's database while you are gone." Galvatron replied.

"You will require the cipher that I have to access the main computer...there I just sent it to your holo-tool." the older of the two bots said back.

"Thank you Shockblast, keep me informed on your progress." the Galvatron answered before turning his back to them and looking at his holo-tool's screen. Both brothers then turned around and walked out of the room, unaware that Liara was shadowing them.


Galvatron kept typing on the interface of his holo-tool, looking through whatever files he could access. But stopped when he found video-files titled 'Gemini one' to 'Gemini three'. That stood out to the bot for a reason that for now escaped him, but initiated the file anyway. Pushing aside any feelings of trepidation and fear that had begun to surface at the sight of the title. The screen of his holo-tool then showed the image of a one eyed, purple armoured Cybertronian that Galvatron recognised immediately.

'Shockwave, how do I know him?' he thought as the video carried on.

'Shockwave was standing at the console and viewing the data scrolling down the purple coloured screen in front of him, his single red optic taking in every single line of code before it left his sight.

"Computer, commence scan on the CNA of this ancient life form and compare..."

"Shockwave!" a familiar and commanding voice called from behind the Decepticon scientist.

"Belay test computer." He said before turning around and coming face to face with his master.

"Lord Megatron, this visit is highly illogical. Shouldn't you be on board the Nemesis in preparation for the assault on the Autobot base?"

The Decepticon Leader narrowed his red optics at his lead scientist.

"My comings and goings are of no concern to any Decepticon under my command Shockwave, this you should be painfully aware of."

The Scientist lowered his head in shame, which brought a smile to the Con Leader's face-plate.

"Forgive my bluntness my liege, I was merely concerned that you may have left the operation to someone less capable."

"If you are referring to Starscream, he is under strict orders to hold back until my return. And he is fully aware of the consequences, should he attempt anything in my absence. We have four days until our assault, so there is more than enough time for my attention to be elsewhere."

Shockwave looked back up to his leader and noticed that he was carrying something in his hand.

"I see, so what may I do for you Lord Megatron?"

"As you are aware, we have been in possession of a sample of the synthetic Energon. Retrieved over two years ago from the Autobot Medic...Ratchet. I gave Knockout the task of completing the formula and stabilizing it, but I am disappointed to say that with the war taking most of his attention as well as the continued torture and experiments on our prisoner 'Cylas'. The good doctor has made no progress with finding a solution to the negative effects that it has on our biology." Megatron replied.

"The most logical reason for the unsuitability of the 'Synthergon' is that it's base formula is currently incomplete." the scientist deduced, gaining another smile from the Con leader.

"Excellent deduction Shockwave, Knockout himself said the same thing, but now our species finds itself in a somewhat perilous state due to the dwindling Energon resources throughout the galaxy. So we desperately need this ...'Synthergon' now more then ever."

"We are in agreement my liege, so do you wish for me to carry on the research?" Shockwave asked, Megaton reacted by handing the scientist the a large vial of the bright green Energon.

"Indeed Shockwave, perhaps you will have more luck than Knockout did."

"A logical conclusion Lord Megatron." the scientist replied before looking down at the liquid. He stared at it for a moment before the Decepticon Leader faked a cough, bringing Shockwave's single optic back to his own.

"There is also another project I would like you to work on."

"Yes?" the scientist replied as he placed the Synthergon vial on the table.

"What is it my liege?" he added as Megatron looked at the CNA sample on the screen that was overhead.

"Like you mentioned earlier about Starscream, I too have found myself fearing for the future of the Decepticons should anything happen to my person during this war. Our cause needs a strong hand to guide them."

The scientist just kept his attention on Megatron, wondering where he was going with this line of thought. But then the Con leader turned and looked directly at him, his face-plate looking very serious.

"Shockwave, I wish for you to clone my spark."

The room went very quiet for a moment, then the one eyed Con found his voice once the shock had subsided.

"Lord Megatron, the spark is such a complex and delicate object, it may may be impossible to clone."

"You have been attempting to clone this sample of techno-organic matter, have you not? Megatron said as he gestured to the image on the purple lit screen overhead.

"Indeed my liege, and though the sample contains a blueprint for not only the spark, but the entire form of a Cybertronian. It is currently unknown whether we can successfully clone it." Shockwave replied in his usual cold tone.

"Would it not be beneficial to your research to have a real spark to test?" the Decepticon leader said.

"Yes lord Megatron."

"Good, then you may use mine Shockwave." Megatron replied before getting on a berth and lying down on his back. The scientist stood over him with one of his tools in his only hand.

"I will induce stasis."

"No, I wish to bare witness." the Con leader snapped, earning a nod from his chief scientist.

"Very well."

Shockwave then tapped the Decepticon emblem on Megatron's chest, which triggered the entire chest-plate to open up, the outer layers folded back on themselves and a bright white light began to fill the room, as Megatron's spark was revealed to him.

"My liege, the pain will be excruciating." Shockwave said as he held the tool out next to the white energy globe. But the Leader or the Decepticons just gave him an unconvinced look.

"I was forged in the 'Pits of Kaon' Shockwave, pain is of no concern to me. Do it!"

The scientist merely nodded, though a little subdued and then held the tool inside Megatron's spark, making the Decepticon leader grit his teeth as Shockwave took the readings he required.

The video file ended and Galvatron selected the next one, that was dated as twenty hours later and activated it.

'Shockwave stood next to a large vertical transparent cylinder that contained a white pulsating spark in it's center, the scientist was taking some readings as Megatron walked back into lab and looked over to him.

"Report Shockwave, how goes project 'Gemini'?"

"The cloned spark's pulses are approaching the stable rate that is required, but I am concerned about the instability of it's core matrix." the scientist replied, never taking it's optic away from the spark. Megatron stopped beside him and smiled at pulsating energy globe.

"You are doing exemplary work Shockwave, it does my spark good to see you continue to excel at tampering with nature."

The Decepticon leader then held out a metal box to Shockwave, who looked at him blankly (hard to convey a response when your face is just one optic).

"I wish for you to blend this into the spark, I believe this will strengthen its core." Megatron added. The scientist then took the box and opened it, releasing it's purple glow which reflected and amplified the colour of his own armour.

"Dark Energon! My liege, do you believe that this element is required at this early stage?"

Megatron narrowed his optics at his lead scientist.

"Shockwave, I have Dark Energon mixed into my own spark. I will not let my clone go without the same advantage. If it is fused to his spark now, he may even have a greater control of its power."

Shockwave shook his head as he looked at the spark and then back at the dark Energon.

"I apologise Lord Megatron, I merely concerned that the unstable nature of the element will damage the newly created spark at this early stage of its development."

The Decepticon leader nodded in return.

"I see your point Shockwave, but I must insist that you add the Dark Energon to the spark...right now!" he said he growled with gritted teeth.

"Very liege." the scientist acknowledged hesitantly before Megatron turned and walked out of the room, leaving Shockwave to his thoughts.

The video file ended, leaving just one more which was dated approximately fifteen hours later. Galvatron activated it, showing an image of Shockwave standing next to another transparent tank.

'The scientist was looking into the murky, bubbling green liquid. Shockwave could just about see the silhouette of a familiar figure inside the liquid as he typed onto the control panel on its right side.

"Shockwave, I received your message. So my clone is ready to be awakened." Meagtron said as he walk up beside the purple Decepticon.

"Indeed my liege, I was just running a final diagnostic on its vitals. The infusion of Dark Energon has indeed strengthened the spark..." The scientist replied, making a smile appear on the Con Leader's faceplate.

"...but I have been picking up a faint energy spike in the pulses that the spark has been emitting, it may be nothing but a side effect of the infusion. I will need time to study this anomaly." Shockwave continued.

"Is he ready or not?" Megatron asked, his commanding voice tinted with an annoyed tone. Picking up on this, the scientist merely nodded in return, knowing that no matter what he had to say, his master was not interested.

"Yes, I believe he is."

"Then wake him, I wish to witness the fruits of our collaboration."

The scientist then went to press the button that was flashing green on the control panel, but stopped midway.

"My liege, you should know that this specimen was grown in this hyper-evolution tank, but it is just a prototype..."

Megatron felt his patience slipping away with every word that Shockwave said, so interjected angrily.

"You said he was ready..."

"I did say so Lord Megatron." The scientist Con replied.

"Then wake him!"

"Very well, but you must know that the clone should be a perfect copy of yourself, even down to the memories in his neural net."

Megatron placed his hand to his forehead and gritted his teeth.

" do as I command."

Shockwave then typed in a sequence into the control panel before pressing the green button, which immediately brought the machine to life as it drained the green murky liquid from the tank. This gave them the first real look at the clone.

The red optics of Megatron widened as he looked it up and down. The clone looked almost identical to himself, but his silver armour had black and purple colors added to it, and it had a design that would not look out of place on Unicron. Though he was not restrained inside the tank, he did have numerous tubes connected to his person.

"Amazing, he does look a lot like myself...but.."

"I believe that some of the changes you see is down to the Dark Energon that now circulates in his spark lord Megatron." Shockwave replied, then the clone began to stir. His optics opened and looked around the room before they fell upon the two figures standing in front of him.

"I am Megatron, your Lord and Master." the Decepticon Leader announced, but the clone just stared at him blankly.

"Do you understand me, answer me!" he spat as his anger started to grow with the ever deafening silence from the clone continued. Megatron then turned to Shockwave.

"What is going on Shockwave, why does he not speak?"

The Con scientist just looked at him blankly before looking back at the clone.

"I do not know my liege, logic would dictate that he should know everything that you do. And so be able to speak, so my hypothesis would be that he does not want to."

The clone reacted by staring into the single crimson optic of Shockwave's and then back at Megatron, who was becoming agitated with the situation.

"Answer me, I command you!" he spat, with which the clone reacted with the exact same amount of anger and smashed his fists into the glass surrounding him, causing cracks to appear at the points of the impacts. This made both bots instinctively step back.

"I take orders from no one!" the clone growled.

"How did he damage the glass?" Megatron asked.

"Unknown my liege, the hyper-evolution tank is reinforced and cannot be damaged even by the strongest Insecticons. Unless..." Shockwave answered as he took a scan of the clone.

"Unless what?" Megatron spat with a confused look on his faceplate. Shockwave looked up from his scanner, with the way he was moving you would think that he was worried. But the moment he spoke, you could hear the unemotional tone in his voice still.

"His spark is pulsating too quickly, it appears to be unstable. That would be a logical answer to his increased strength."

The clone kept hitting the glass, the cracks becoming larger as they spread out with each hit. Then suddenly the glass shattered and the clone stepped out of the open tank. Megatron looked at him in surprise, as did Shockwave.

"I will rip you open and everyone else who stands in my way, for I am Galvatron...your superior!"

"In what sense?" Megatron snarled back.

"In every sense." the clone replied coldly before charging at the pair and before the Decepticon leader could do anything, Galvatron connected a punch directly into Megatron's face and sent the Con flying into one of the tanks at the far end of the room. Shockwave then raised his arm-cannon at the clone and fired, but Galvatron dodged it and kicked the scientist in the chest. Shockwave fell to the floor as the clone walked over to Megatron, who was still recovering from the last attack. He had not been hit that hard since he fought the Insecticon that Airachnid had unleashed on him a few years ago. He looked up at the clone as it stood over him, it's crimson optics glaring down at him.

"You created me to succeed you in the likelihood of your death, well that time!" he exclaimed before he equipped his blade that slid out of an opening in his armoured forearm. He held it above his head, ready to bring it down on the Decepticon Leader, who mirrored his own expression.

"I hope you do not expect me to beg for my life." Megatron replied as he knew that this Galvatron had the advantage.

"I care not if you do, but know this. I will have your life and in doing so, become my own Master. Surpassing you in the process." the clone answered back.

"I think not, you may have my memories and even my desires. But there is one thing that you do not have... Loyal Minions." Megatron replied, which made the clone raise an optic ridge before spinning round to see Shockwave standing there with his cannon pointed directly at him.

"Go ahead and shoot, you will still not hit me." Galvatron gloated.

"That would be illogical, for at this close range and power setting. I would hit lord Megatron, and that was not my intent."

It then suddenly dawned on the clone what was happening, but before he could do anything. Megatron was already back on his feet and he grabbed hold of Galvatron's shoulder with an iron like grip, before punching into his back and ripping out his spinal column and the spark chamber that was connected to it. The body fell to the ground with a loud clang as Megatron threw the spark over to the scientist, who caught it with his one hand.

"Consider this your first failure Shockwave, I wanted a clone that would follow my orders. Not one that has all the treachery of Starscream."

"My liege, if I may be so bold. I believe after witnessing this Galvatron first hand, that the Dark Energon had actually not only strengthened the spark and the clone's strength, but also every aspect of the personality it shared with you, including your ambition. For this was not some poor copy, like the ones that Starscream once created of himself. This was a perfect clone of yourself that was altered by the element added to it during it's incubation...either way, this failure will no doubt build on my experience with cloning thus far. Especially with the CNA samples that I have already collected." Shockwave replied as he brought up an image of a CNA string and an icon that looked like a dragon head."

Megatron looked at the image.

"interesting, of course you can continue with that and the Synthetic Energon. But consider project Gemini scrapped, I want this abomination disposed of, I have no need of a clone who would stab me in the back."

"My liege, the spark is too unstable to simply destroy. But I can seal it away, never to be seen again."

Before Megatron could answer, the intercom Activated and a familiar voice spoke.

"Lord Megatron, Soundwave reports that all Autobots are now at their base. I have all troops ready for the assault." Starscream reported.

"Very well, have Soundwave activate a space bridge for my return." the Con leader replied and a bright green vortex appeared behind him.

"Keep me informed of your progress with these projects Shockwave."

"Of course my liege." the scientist said before Megatron turned around and entered the vortex, which closed the moment he was through.

Galvatron just stood and stared at the console in front of him, running everything he had just seen through his neural net. And that was when it hit him, images flashed right before his optics. Things that he personally had not done, fighting Optimus Prime numerous times on Cybertron and Earth, torturing and murdering Autobots. These were Megatron's memories he was seeing. His eyes narrowed as his anger started to grow and expand inside his spark. The one he was created from had wanted a tool, a legacy to continue his name. But when Galvatron had shown that he was not going to keep to that legacy, he was cast aside. The Decepticon clone then let his anger flare as his alt mode re-emerged, claws and all.

"Arrrrrragh!" he raged as he attacked the console, destroying it in a devastating series of slices and swipes. Galvatron pictured the Decepticon leader in front of him as he attacked, his claws ripping through the metal easily. He then stopped and breathed heavily when all that was left was a smoking wreck that used to be a machine.

'Megatron you gave me life, only to view me as a failed experiment and leave me to rust. I will show you, show the galaxy how wrong you were.' he thought before something came to mind, the image of the 'dragon's head' that he saw on Shockwave's screen.

'Yesss, I will lead an army. One that eclipses even the Decepticons possessed and we will conquer this galaxy, and I will prove to be everything that Megatron wasn't.'

The clone smiled before walking out of the lab, seeking out the help of the two bots be had brainwashed.


In another lab elsewhere in the complex, Shockblast and Six-shot were busy attempting repairs on the space bridge generator.

"Just have to connect these last two power nodes and..." Shockblast replied as he rummaged through inner workings of the maintenance panel on the side of the console, as his brother kept an eye on the power readings with his holo-tool.

"Careful Shockblast, if you are off by just a inch. You will short out the entire mechanism."

"You worry too much Six-shot, we have been following the schematics that I downloaded from the complex's mainframe. Following the instructions and plans to the letter, it will work...there, try it now." the older brother replied as he got too his feet and took a step back. Six-shot then linked his holo-tool to the space bridge and ran the machine's start up sequence. The giant machine suddenly lit up and hummed loudly as it came to life, earning a confident smile from Shockblast.

"Told you, now what do you say?"

The younger bot sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

"...your always right."

"Good, now let's get back to Galvatron and find out what we can help him with next." Shockblast said as he turned around with his brother. But the moment they were facing the doorway, they both stopped in their tracks as an Asari stood in their way.

"Shockblast?" She asked with a hopeful tone in her voice.

Both bots replied by equipping their pistols and pointing them at her.

"Another alien!" Six-Shot said angrily, a comment that took her by surprise. But she cast a barrier around herself and showed her biotic energy building in her clenched fists.

"What? It's me, Liara. don't you recognise me?" the Asari asked back. The two brothers gave each other confused glances before looking back at Liara coldly.

"Can't say we do, and how do you know my name?" the older bot replied.

"I have known you the last five years, been lovers with you for the last one, surely you can't have forgotten that." Liara said. Bot bots laughed while continuing to keep their aim on her.

"I seriously doubt that, think I would remember sleeping with a bright blue alien woman with tentacles for hair."

Liara felt her heart sink a little at Her boyfriend's words, but knew that she had to get through to him.

"Three years ago, you found yourself trapped after a cave -in during a search through some underground ruins on Vartan four."

Shockblast's eyes widened as he remembered that day.

"How do you know that?" he asked as he felt his resolve lessen slightly.

"Because I was the one who dug you out, using my Biotics." Liara replied as she looked Shockblast in the eyes.

"Don't listen to her, this alien could have easily looked up your profile on the Icarus's database to find that out." Six-shot said, never taking his aim off of the Asari.

"No, Shockblast listen to m..." Liara began to say before she suddenly felt a force akin to a wrecking ball hit her in the face, knocking the Asari off her feet and onto the ground. Both bots looked wide eyed as they saw Galvatron standing over the alien woman, he looked at them with a reassuring expression.

"Are you both alright, this alien scum did not say anything to upset you did she?"

"No Galvatron, she said nothing of consequence. Just lies to try and confuse us." Six-shot replied, though Shockblast looked unsure. The Decepticon clone immediately noticed this.

"Do not believe the lies of this alien, her people had us captured and tortured while they took our ship went through our database. They are not to be trusted."

Liara who was still conscious due to her barrier taking most of the impact, looked up at both bots.

"No, I saw him mess with your neural nets. You cannot trus..."

Before she could finish, Galvatron grabbed her by the throat and pulled her off the ground. Her legs dangling as he held her up in the air.

"You aliens are more resilient than I thought, no matter. Because you will die now."

He then lifted his free fist and pulled it back, ready to deliver the killing blow.

"Everybody freeze!" another voice called out from the doorway, gaining their attention. What the bots saw was a security team made up of Turians, Asari and Humans all aiming their assault rifles at them.

"Let Dr T'Soni go now!" the lead soldier commanded, Galvatron simply smiled before tossing Liara to them. One of the soldiers picked her off the ground and helped her to the back of the group.

"She is hurt, I will get her back to the ship."

"Very well, we will hold the others here." the leader replied.

"Wait, Shockblast and Six-shot are not themselves. That man has brainwashed them." Liara said earning confused looks from he two brothers.

"We can take it from here Liara, go." the leader said before turning his attention back to the three bots, as the other soldier and Liara left the scene. Galvatron then turned to Shockblast and Six-shot, seemingly not bothered by the armed group a head of them.

"Yet more lies from the aliens my brothers, will you stand with me against our common foe or surrender. Make your choice now..." he said before looking back at the group, his body began changing as his beast-like mode took over again.

"...for I choose to fight!" he growled as he gritted his sharpened teeth. Both brothers looked at each other for a second before turning their attention to the enemies standing in their way.

"We will fight!" they said in unison as they too let their anger take over, and the group of soldiers all watched with fear freezing them in place as the brothers bodies changed and mirrored that of Galvatron's beast-like mode .

"Goddess help us... Open fire!" the lead soldier shouted as the three bots launched themselves at the group.
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