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Chapter III

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Witness the 'massacre of the Icarus' and the 'rebirth of an ancient faction of Cybertronians'.

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The sounds of screams and gunfire echoed down the large, but dimly lit corridors of Shockwave's secret complex. It was like music to Galvatron's ears as he gutted another soldier with his claws, feeling the insides of his enemy turn to mush as he slashed through his stomach. As Six-shot and Shockblast finished off the rest of the group in a similar fashion, the clone looked into the eyes of the human in his grips and watched the light leave them. Galvatron took great satisfaction in watching his final moments, before throwing the dead body aside with the rest of the corpses.

"Two of the aliens are still out there, we must catch them before they get back to the Icarus." Six-shot said as he ripped his claws out of the Salarian that fell to the ground where he stood.

"We don't need to chase them down." Shockblast replied as he had already reactivated his holo-tool.

"Explain Shockblast." Galvatron asked while the younger brother began staring at his claws.

"We have repaired the Space-bridge generator, it can be used to gain us access directly onto the Icarus, wherever we wish."

"Excellent, lock coordinates on the Icarus's bridge." Galvatron replied before noticing Six-shot, who was still looking at his claws.

"What is the matter Six-shot?"

The younger bot just kept staring at his hands, the pupils of his eyes wide as he took in all the detail with a worried expression.

"What?...what happened to us?"

Shockblast immediately stopped what he was doing and went over to his brother.

"I don't know Six-shot, I have felt different since I awoke. And then when the soldiers attacked, I felt my anger building up till it was at exploding point."

Six-shot looked at his older brother and nodded.

"Yeah, me too. And then I suddenly felt faster, stronger. More feral."

Both of them then looked at Galvatron, obviously looking for answers. The clone knew he had to keep them at his side but as luck would have it, he also has Megatron's silver tongue.

"The bodies you now have...are not your original ones."

The brothers looked at him, their eyes going wide as they listened to his words.

"What!" they both answered in unison.

"You see I was the result of an the very aliens that had captured us. They placed my spark in this 'prototype' Pretender body as I told you, I then escaped and killed them. But when I searched and came across the two of you, the condition that your bodies were in..." Galvatron then stopped and looked away from them for a moment, feigning the look of a man that had witnessed horrors.

"...was like nothing I had seen before. You had been sliced open and dissected, I did not know how or if you were still alive. But I had to act quickly, so I transferred your sparks into the bodies you now possess."

The room remained quiet as Galvatron turned from them as if in shame, but really he was hoping that they would buy his story.

"I...had no idea, you really did save us" Shockblast replied with relief in his voice, thus making the clone smile as he stood with his back to them. But then he turned and looked at them with a hopeful, but sullen expression.

"I apologise for not informing you of the truth sooner, I feared how you would take it...Forgive me."

Galvatron then lowered his head and looked at the ground, but then felt a hand on his shoulder, which made a smirk appear on his face before it then disappeared as he returned his attention and saw both brothers looking at him with half smiles.

"You have nothing to apologise for Galvatron, if it had not been for you then we would be one with the Allspark right now."

The clone then mirrored their smile, though inside he was laughing. He had the two of them eating out of his hands, but then that's when a new problem appeared in his neural net.

'I cannot let them access the Icarus database in it's current condition, for they would be able to see past the lies I have constructed to keep the pair in line.' he thought as Shockblast activated the space bridge generator with his holo-tool.

"Alright, I have Icarus bridge coordinates locked in. We are ready to ground bridge there whenever you are."

Galvatron then looked at them both, as a smile grew on his face.



The atmosphere on the Icarus bridge was tense to say the least. Commander Vallius sat in his chair and stared out at the war torn visage of Cyberton through the view-screen, the rest of his bridge crew tried to remain just as quiet while they waited for the second group to report in. But that didn't stop some from trying to whisper to each other.

"How long has it been?"

"Long enough that we should have heard something by now."

"I haven't seen the Commander this way before..."

Vallius looked over to those talking, his face looking very stern.

"That's enough over there."

He was about to say more, when the Quarian running the science station in Liara spoke up.

"Sir, I am picking up two life signs emerging from the mountain. And they are heading this way."

"Can you identify?" the Commander replied.

The Quarian then nodded in response.

"Yes sir, it is one of the secondary group that was sent out. And the other is Dr T'Soni."

"Commander, I am receiving a com-signal from them." the communications officer spoke, gaining Vallius's attention.

"Put them on speakers."

The officer nodded and tapped the holo-interface of their station and suddenly the quiet atmosphere was replaced with an influx of noise and static.

"...Commander...ius...grou...att...ked...dan...ous ."

Vallius shook his head before looking at the communications officer again.

"Can you clear it up?"

"I apologise Commander, the storm is starting to die downs. But it is still causing problems with communications."

Vallius then looked at the Asari manning the Operations station.

"Open the nearest airlock and allow them on board the ship. And once they are on board, have T'Soni brought up here. I want answers to what is going on down there."

The crewman nodded and complied, but just as she activated the airlock. Everyone's attention was taken up by a glowing green vortex appearing at the front of the room, covering the view-screen.

"What the?" the Commander managed to say before two people exited it and looked at them all. Everyone went wide eyed as they recognised the two arrivals and their new armour (same colour scheme as before).

"Shockblast, Six-shot?" Vallius replied with a stunned expression, but the two brothers reminds quiet as they looked around the room. Then suddenly they began to change right there in front of everyone, earning fearful looks as the bots entered their alt mode again. Six-shot then looked over at the Asari to his right, his lizard like eyes taking in every detail of her before he launched himself at her. She tried to scream but he tackled her to the ground and began ripping her apart, spraying blood all over the wall in front of them. The bridge crew then panicked and started to rush for the exit, this gained Shockblast's attention who then attacked the nearest crewman to himself...a Salarian.

The Commander then equipped his pistol and pointed it at Six-shot who had moved on from the Asari to a Human who had failed to get out quick enough. But then a third person exited the green vortex, making Vallius turn his attention to the new arrival. But before he could pull the trigger, the stranger grabbed his weapon hand and snapped his wrist, the Turian grimaced as he dropped the weapon on the floor. He then felt an iron like grip around his neck, as he was lifted off the ground. Vallius looked into the demonic red eyes of this man who now held his life in his hands...literally.

"" he managed to ask, though he was having trouble breathing.

"I am Galvatron, and I am taking this vessel." the stranger replied arrogantly, the Turian commander tried to fight against the hold he was in, but Galvatron just smiled darkly at him.


"Not a problem." the clone replied before he increased the strength of his grip around the Turian's neck, causing Vallius to begin chocking as he fought for every last breath he could. But then bones could be head cracking and snapping, and the commander suddenly went quiet with one final loud snap as his neck was completely crushed. Galvatron then dropped the body on the floor and looked over to his men.

"Galvatron, the others escaped further into the ship." Shockblast said as he looked at him, gaining a smile from the clone.

"Then by all means you two, hunt down and kill them all."

both bots grinned before smiling at each other, seemingly enjoying the thought of the hunt. They then rushed off the bridge, leaving Galvatron there. He sat down in the Commander's chair and activated the user interface while Vallius's corpse was less than a metre away and still warm. The orange holo-screen appeared in front of him along with a keyboard and Galvatron began searching for any reference to Shockblast and Six-shot, then deleting them. Meanwhile down the hall, screams could be heard as the rest of the Icarus's crew met the same fate as their Commander.


Down in the shuttle bay, the Airlock opened up and Liars along with the soldier who helped her escape entered the Icarus. Seemingly unaware of the slaughter that was currently happening on board the ship. They both looked around the large bay, which had another MAKO and numerous crates stored there. But not a single crewman in sight.

"Well thats strange, there is usually someone down here." the soldier said as he instinctively hovered his hand over the pistol on his utility belt. Liara noticed this and tapped her com-link.

"This is Liara T'Soni, can anyone hear me?"

But the only sound she heard was static, making the Asari shake her head in response to the soldier staring at her. He then sighed and equipped his pistol.

"Alright, let's head for the bridge."

She nodded and the two of them moved toward the doorway that exited the shuttle-bay. Once in corridors, the two were welcomed by something you would usually expect to see in one of those horror-vids that can be found on the extranet, the walls were covered in blood with body parts acid their crew scattered all over the place. The soldier immediately threw up at the sight of it, showing his inexperience with such horrors. And though she was an Asari, one that is one hundred and twenty five years old (Asari can live to be 'one thousand').

She had only witnessed this kind of massacre once before, and that was only an hour or so ago. She did not know which was worse, witnessing such things or the fact that she was already used to it. She lowered her head and whispered a pray for the fallen, a number of which use recognised. The Asari had worked and lived with these people for the last five years, how could Shockblast and Six-Shot do such evil to the crew. Liara then looked back to the soldier who was wiping his mouth clear with his free hand, but still shake by what he just saw.

"I don't think we should head for the bridge, the nearest com-terminal would be an easier choice. We have to contact the ISF and warn them about what we have found here."

"Yeah, I think your right." the soldier agreed as he held on to his pistol tightly.

"There should be one on this deck, follow me." he added.

Together the pair began moving down the corridors, trying to ignore the bodies that were littered around the place, while also hearing more screams coming from the distance. Liara and the soldier made it to a junction when suddenly a human female ran out of an open doorway in a delirious state as she ran toward the pair.

"Oh my god, oh my god, help me, help me hel..." she cried out before being interrupted by a small arrow bursting out of her chest, it then spread it's claws out and clung at the flesh around it, securing it in place. The woman looked down in horror at it before coughing up some blood, she then looked up at the pair. Her eyes wide with fear as another voice could be heard from behind her.

"Get back in here you wretch."

Suddenly the woman was grabbed from behind by a sharp set of claws, which yanked her back into the room and out of their sight. Liara and the soldier then heard the woman make one long harrowing scream before it was cut short by the sound of flesh being ripped apart, everything went quiet for a moment before the voice spoke again.

"Shockblast, I think that's everyone on this deck. How's yours looking?"

The soldier then readied his pistol as Six-shot walked out of the doorway casually, he did not even seem bothered that his armour was now stained with the blood of those he had just killed.

"...really, well thats good..." the bot said before stopping when he spotted both Liara and the soldier, a dark smile appearing on his face in that moment.

"... Well look what we have here. Brother, that Asari who escaped us in the complex... Well she has only just appeared in front of me... Yes, that was very considerate of her." he said as he carried on his conversation over the con-link, seeming unbothered by the two.

"Get down here as soon as you can, I mean if you want dibs on either of these two." he finished before ending the call and revealing his claws. The soldier took a step ahead of Liara, never taking his aim off of the bot.

"Dr T'Soni, there is a com-terminal in the room at the end of that corridor." he said as he gestured to his left.

"Go now, I'll cover you." he added while the Asari looked unsure.

"But..." she simply said before he looked directly at her, his expression focused and determined. As if consigned to the fate that awaited him.


Liara then just turned and ran down the corridor, away from them as fast as she could.

"I'll see you soon." Six-shot called to her in a playful tone, making the soldier look back at him.

"No you won't." he said defiantly, making the bot's smile fade as he narrowed his lizard like eyes at him.

"Then show me what you've got."

Six-shot then launched himself at the soldier who fired back.

Liara was halfway down the corridor when she heard several gun shots echo from where she had just left, making her stop and look back. But then there was silence, as the cold hard truth dawned on her.

'Run Liara, run, run...RUN!' she thought to herself as she began running again, toward the area that the soldier had told her too. A hundred yards more and she could see her destination, a red door at the far end. She was beginning to tire, but put everything she had into her legs as she got closer. But then her blood turned cold as the door just ahead of her on the right, but a few metres ahead of her target opened. And the man who was once her boyfriend stepped out and blocked her path, an evil smile on his face.

"Looks like your in a hurry, what's the rush?" he asked slyly, as Liara stopped and breathed heavily, her eyes widening as fear began to take over.

"Shockblast, please...try to remember me." she said through the heavy breaths that she inhaled.

"She's trying that again?" a voice said from behind her as Six-shot appeared, meaning that both brothers now had her trapped.

"I know." Shockblast replied before looking at the Asari.

"Let me be crystal clear, I will never believe the lies that you are selling. Because the very thought of you aliens makes me sick to the core of my spark."

"Shockblast please..." Liara replied with a frantic tone.

"Enough!" he roared back before unleashing his claws and pouncing at her, determined to silence the Asari for good. But suddenly she began to glow with a blue hue, and Liara punched the air in front of Shockblast. The bot was knocked out of the air while in mid attack, and sent into the wall behind him.

"Shockblast" his younger brother called before he charged at the Asari.

"You'll pay for that!" he roared before being slammed into the ground by the Asari's next biotic attack. Then as both bots were dazed and attempting to recover themselves, Liara frantically looked around her.

'I don't have time to send a distress call now.' she thought before her eyes fell on a door labelled 'Escape pods'. Knowing this was her only chance to get away, the Asari ran to the door and entered the room as both bots started to get back to their feet.

"We have to stop her." Shockblast grimaced as he limped to the door, Six-shot was following as fast as he could despite still being dazed. They both entered the room to see that Liara had already entered an escape pod, The bots tried to rip the hatch off of it's hinges as they stared daggers at the Asari. But suddenly the pod was disconnected from the ship, but before it could not the ground. It's engine fired and rocketed it up into the atmosphere, leaving the Icarus and it's dead crew to the bots. Both of them just looked out of the window and watched as the escape pod disappeared high above them.

"Well...scrap." Six-shot stated in an annoyed tone.


Everything was quiet on the bridge as Galvatron studied the holo-screens in front of him, while still seated in the Commander's chair. He used the keyboard interface that was positioned above his lap to go through a number of subjects in the ship's mainframe, and even though he did feel a little shame for not participating in the slaughter of the crew along with Shockblast and Six-shot. He did take solace in the fact that all the crew were now dead, considering that he had not heard any screaming coming from the corridors or over the ship's intercom. He looked over the ship's schematics when suddenly the screen to his left flashed up red, as an alarm blared.

'Escape pod sixteen, launched from Starboard side of Icarus.' the screen stated in bold capitals.

"What!" he spat out loud just as the brothers appeared in the doorway.

" you know." Shockblast said, gaining the Clone's attention has he stood up and turned to look at them.

"Tell me that no one was aboard that escape pod."

Both bots looked at each other, hoping that the other would speak up.

"One of you say something before I lose my patience!" Galvatron barked, snapping the silence from the brothers in two.

"Well, that Asari we encountered in the complex...she managed to get aboard this ship and...take that escape pod." Shockblast replied, making the clone narrow his red eyes at them.

"Are you saying that one member of this crew has managed to escape along with knowledge of us, knowledge that they will undoubtedly share with the Autobots?" he asked in a knowing and angry like tone as he looked down at them, making the brothers feel hat his shadow was cast over them.

"Galvatron...I..." Six-shot then said, only to be cut off by the clone.

"I don't want excuses..." he barked before he stopped when he heard a faint laughing echoing from behind him, making Galvatron turn to see who had the nerve to laugh at him. But no one was there, so he turned back to see two confused brothers staring at him.

"Galvatron?" Shockblast asked.

"It...was nothing." the Clone replied as he looked away for a second.

"You are lucky that I managed to deactivate the Com-system and distress beacon for each of the escape pods while I was browsing through the Icarus's systems. So that alien won't be able finding help coming to her aid any time soon... "

"Thank you Galvatron..." Six-shot replied before being cut off.

"...but that does not mean that I am willing to just let such a loose end carry on out there, I want to keep tabs on her whereabouts so that we can end her miserable life sooner rather than later." the clone added, making Shockblast activate his holo-tool.

"Of course, if you would indulge me Galvatron. I believe we could gain some extra eyes and ears out there in the galaxy, and not only find this alien but also give us Intel on how things are out there."

"And how would we accomplish this?" Galvatron asked.

"Not how...but who, here let me show you." the older or the two brothers said as the clone stood next to him and watched as he opened up a secure transmission link, typing in the name 'Shadow Broker'.


Meanwhile Liara sat there and looked out of the small window on her right, her only view of the outside from the confining small interior of the escape pod in which she occupied. Liara had been crying since she had managed to escape the horror that had happened around her on Cybertron. After unleashing Galvatron, the Asari did not get much chance to take in what had happened, but now that she was alone and relatively safe, Liara just started crying as she thought about everyone who had been killed. But mainly because her then-boyfriend had been turned against her, now war nothing more than to end her life.

She didn't want to believe that the real Shockblast wasn't still in there somewhere, that if she just tried harder to get through to him then he would remember. But that line of thinking was just her being naive, because there was no way Galvatron would take a chance and just brainwash Shockblast and Six-shot and not make sure that their memories of everything prior his awakening had not been completely erased. Liara tried to stop herself from crying, wiping away the tears as they formed.

She then activated the holo-interface in front of her, trying to focus on something else...anything else so that she did not just wallow in pity. But thanks to some ingenuity from those who has tried to kill her, there was not much she could do with the escape pod's systems. The communication system had been deactivated, so no calling for help. And the pod's distress beacon was also not functioning, so she wouldn't be expecting anyone friendly to find her anyway. So she just looked out of the window at the empty void around her, the stars in the far distance twinkling as they burned millions of light years away. Another tear ran down her face as the view reminded Liara of her first kiss with Shockblast which was on the observation deck of the Icarus. The Asari was about to lose herself to her emotions again when suddenly the interface started beeping at her, this brought Liara to her senses as she typed on the controls and brought up the proximity sensors.

'A ship, a ship has found me.' she thought with relief before the pod shook slightly as the unknown vessel began to bring it on board. The Asari looked out of the window at the hull of the ship, but did not recognise the markings. But her relief was short lived as soon as the pod was inside, she could see her surroundings were the cargo/shuttle bay which was full of containers of red sand (contraband) and empty cages with chains inside each, as well as shuttles bearing the mark of the slavers. Since the Asari was focused on looking outside of the window, her attention was snapped back to the pod's hatch as it was opened from the outside.

"Well now, this beauty will give us quite the payday now. Won't she boys." a Batarian in dirty grey armour said to the Vorcha in dirty yellow armour on his right (a lizard like alien), and also a Human in rusted black armour on his left.

"Yeah boss, she sure will. Asari always get a lot of bids at the market." the Human replied as he leered at Liara, which made her skin crawl.

"Alright, get out of there." the Batarian snapped at her, but instead of complying, the Asari charged her Biotics through her hands as she clenched them into fists.

"Biotics, look out!" the Human shouted before the Vorcha was flung into the air, only to land on top of a shuttle just aways from them.

"I got this." the Batarian replied as he equipped his blaster and shot Liara in the chest with an energy projectile, stunning the Asari who slouched back on the seat unconscious.

"Okay, get us a biotic clamp and then ready one of the cages for our guest." the Batarian said.

"Yes Captain." the Human replied before moving away, while the Captain then looked back at the sleeping beauty and smiled.

"So you've got some fire in you, I like that in a woman. But where your heading unfortunately, no one likes it." he said as he brushed his hand against her soft cheek.

"What a waste."


It had been a few hours since they had massacred the crew of the Icarus, but Galvatron and Six-shot were still studying the ship's and Shockwave's databases while Shockblast was communing with the Shadow Broker via his holo-tool.

"Very well, I will await your next transmission." the Con said to a blacked out silhouette on the screen before the call cut short, prompting him to deactivate his holo-tool.

"So what is verdict, will this 'Shadow Broker' help us?" Galvatron asked as Shockblast turned to face them.

"Yes, 'he' will instruct his agents to keep an eye out for the alien..."

"Good, but I heard you agree to let them capture her for us." the Clone replied.

"Yes, but I kind of guessed that you will want us to kill her, once we have the alien's location.",Shockblast said back, earning a smile from Galvatron.

"Exactly, and we will kill the agents too. I certainly have no intention to owe anything to an Organic."

"Understood, we will have the alien soon enough." the Con replied.

"You mean Asari don't you?" Six-shot interrupted while staring at a data-screen.

"Come again?" his brother replied.

"Well it turns out that this 'Federation' is made up of many races, ones that we have already made contact with via this crew..." the younger Con said as he showed images of each race on his screen to the others.

"...Asari, Salarian, Turian, Human and interestingly Cybertronian. This particular species is our own, though they have been through a biological transformation. An energy wave that spread out across the galaxy and wiped out the 'Reapers' also changed them, made them more organic."

Galvatron gave both brothers a disgusted look as he looked at the screen.

"I find it insulting that our species are now as weak and fragile as the rest of the aliens that we have easily killed."

"I have to agree with you there." Shockblast replied.

"Well if we are going to get retribution for what has been done to us, we are going to need more help. I don't think that the three of us will be able to do much against an entire Federation." Six-shot stated which earned a smile from the clone, he then made the screen bigger, so that both brothers could see it.

"I think I have found just the thing." he said as the image of a dragon's head-like insignia appeared on the screen.

"What's that?" The younger bot asked.

"This is the icon for a prehistoric faction of Cybertronians called 'Predacons', who became extinct long before the Golden Age of our planet. According to the database, Shockwave was attempting to clone them from ancient remains that he found all over Cybertron, so that they could be used as an extra force against the Autobots during the war." the clone replied as images of the dragon-like Cybertronians appeared on screen.

"And Shockwave called this 'Project Predacon'." he added before Shockblast turned to him.

"How far did he get?"

"From what I have read, Shockwave managed to clone several of the beasts, but only four were ever cloned fully (spark and replica body). The others only had their Sparks cloned. We only need to gain access to the laboratory where this project was located." Galvatron replied before showing the two bots a screen with data coding running down it.

"Can you decipher this?" the Clone then asked Shockblast, earning a focused expression from the older of the two brothers before he shook his head.

"I don't think so, I believe the only way is with the original codes."

"Then let's go retrieve them." Galvatron replied, earning puzzled expressions from the bots.

"And how do we do that?" Six-shot asked.

"I have the location of Shockwave's body, found it in the ISF database. The details of his death are classified to the Autobots only, but it seems the location has become a favourite of archaeologists in the years since it happened." the clone said before deactivating the screen and turning round to the brothers.

"Shockblast open a ground-bridge to these coordinates and assist me with this task, Six-shot you will remain here and on the Icarus until we return."

Both bots nodded before Shockblast used his holo-tool to open a green vortex in front of himself and Galvatron, who then both entered it. Leaving Six-shot there on the bridge alone.

The ground-bridge vortex opened up and illuminated the large dark room with it's green hue before the two bots exited the event horizon and looked around at their surroundings. It looked just like the laboratories that Shockblast had already seen while on Cybertron except for one difference, one that caught his attention as he was just halfway through studying the room with his eyes. Lying on the ground only a few metres away was the corpse of a red and white armoured Cybertronian femme, her metal skin had rusted due to the eons that she had been there.

"Who's that?" the Con asked as he walked up to the giant corpse.

"I am not sure..." Galvatron replied as he looked away.

"...but this is why we are here." he added as he pointed to the far right, gaining Shockblast's attention. His eyes widened as he looked upon the massive corpse of Shockwave, which was lying upright against what looked like a blown out set of energy tanks. Just ahead of the body was the Decepticon's head which looked like it had been shot several times.

"That should hold the secrets we require." Galvatron said, relishing seeing the one who helped create him in this state.

"His neural net, are you sure we can access the data we seek from that?" Shockblast asked curiously.

"Well the only way we will find out is to take the memory core from Shockwave here, back to the complex's Pretender lab and download the memories via the cortical psychic patch." Galvatron replied, making the bot look at him in a confused state.

"One of us is going to interface with Shockwave's memory core?"

" will Shockblast." the clone replied with a matter of fact expression.


"Because when I transferred your spark into the body you have now in order to save you, I saw a part of your memories on the screen during the transfer. It showed me that you have a thirst for knowledge, especially for that of the past...or should I say our species past." Galvatron replied, earning a nod from his companion.

"Yes, I know that I have forgotten certain things from before. But I know that I do like learning about the past."

Galvatron who had moved beside the dead Decepticon's head, then opened up a section of the head and reached inside. For a long moment, the Clone fiddled with it's interior before bringing his hands back out which held a strange looking blocky device.

"Behold, the memory core of Shockwave. Now open up a ground-bridge back to the complex and in a matter of time, the memories and knowledge of the most famous Decepticon scientist will be yours." he said as Shockblast stared wide eyed at the device.


Back at the complex, Shockblast was lying on an upright tilted mobile berth. Galvatron had connected the memory core to what looked like a cortical psychic patch, one that was redesigned for use by Pretender sized Cybertronians. He walked up to Shockblast's side with the other connector in his right hand.

"Now this will probably be unpleasant Shockblast, I will not hide that truth from you."

"I understand Galvatron, and I am ready anyway." the not replied before looking away from the clone, and exposing the back of his head.

"Very good, now brace yourself." the clone said before connecting the patch to the back of the bot's head, making Shockblast gasp as his mind suddenly overflowed with images and knowledge that were not his own. He was then went quiet and stared blankly at the wall to his right as the download continued. Then he began to fidget as flashes of a particular memory played out in front of him. He was looking down at two small beings, one was a woman in black and purple armour and the other was wearing a grey armour with red stripe (outlined in silver) running down both his shoulders and arms. He was holding what looked like the star saber and Shockblast watched as this man let loose an energy wave that slammed into him, making the bot grimace as he was knocked back into the tanks. And as the liquid from those busted tanks covered his being, he looked back at the pair and saw the female aiming her gun at him. She then fired and the next thing Shockblast felt was a great fire burning his entire body, causing him to scream out loud which surprised Galvatron who activated the automatic restraints, which stopped the bot from thrashing around. The last thing Shockblast could see and hear was the female.

"That was for Esmeral, you piece of scrap."

The memory then ended and the bot looked over to The Clone while taking a heavy breath.

"It was Jackson Prime and Airachnid who ended Shockwave's life."

Galvatron gave the bot a curious expression.

"Airachnid I have heard of.." he replied, remembering the femme from Megatron's memories that he possessed.

"But...who is Jackson Prime?"

Shockblast looked at him surprised.

"You don't know who he is? How can I remember him and not you?"

"The experiments performed on us must have effected our memories in different ways." the Clone replied, earning a nod from the bot, obviously buying the answer.

"Well he is the first Human Prime, a hero of the Reaper War from what I read. His actual name is Jack Darby."

Galvatron's eyes widened at the mention of that name, bringing back more of Megatron's memories to the forefront of his mind.

'That Human pet of Arcee...a Prime, but how?' he thought before looking away from Shockblast.


"This is not important right now." the Clone said back while looking over his shoulder.

"Do you now know how to access the Predacon lab?" he asked before deactivating the restraints. Shockblast then held his hand up to his forehead and closed his eyes for a moment.

"It's a little overwhelming, all these memories and knowledge in my mind. But yes I know where it is and how to enter it."

"Excellent, so where do we start?" Galvatron asked as the bot got off the berth and activated his holo-tool.

"Right here." he replied with a grin before the wall to their left disappeared, revealing a whole other lab.

"Holographic security field...interesting." the Clone remarked as the two walked into it.

"Well the mine that is connected to the lab behind us contains the remains of Predacons from hundreds of eons ago, before the golden age. Shockwave hypothesised that they were in what looked like a final battle with another faction of their race at the time of their extinction." Shockblast said as they looked at all the machinery around them.

"Wait, there was another faction?" Galvatron asked with a confused look.

"The site that this complex was built on contains the remains of more than just Predacons, but Shockwave believed that if this other faction (which he did not bother to learn the name of) were fighting the Predacons. Then they would have more in common with the Autobots, and Megatron would not be interested in them." the bot replied as they stopped at what looked like the main computer.

"I would agree with that outcome, so did they wipe each other out?" the clone asked.

"No, Shockwave believed that some kind of natural disaster was responsible for their extinction." Shockblast replied as he accessed the computer's database with his holo-tool.

Anyway, it seems that Shockwave was able to fully clone four of the Predacons."

Images of them then appeared on his holo-screen, a devious smile grew on Galvatron's face as he stared at each image.

"The first three were fully grown but never awoken, and the last was killed by the Dinobots. Shockwave then repaired the damage and placed 'her' in stasis lock." Shockblast replied.

Do we have enough Synthergon for these four beasts?" the clone asked, still studying each Predacon.

"We only have enough for three of them Galvatron. And it should be noted that Synthergon is still unstable when it comes to higher neural net functions." the Con said back.

"We won't need to worry about that, I want these three to be kept at minimal intelligence and also lock them into their beast modes completely." Galvatron replied.

"Of course Galvatron, with their size and power compared to modern Cybertronians and organics. They would be more effective in their more natural modes." Shockblast said.

"And there would be nothing more terrifying for our enemies than seeing giant dragons destroying everything they hold dear." the Clone said with restrained delight in his voice.

"Of course, I know some mind control techniques (curtsy of Shockwave's knowledge) that will ensure that these great Beasts remain loyal to our cause." the bot said back.

"Excellent, now what about the Predacon that we can't activate as it is'" Galvatron asked while pointing to the Femme-Dragon on screen."

"Well I think that we can transfer her spark into one of the prototype Pretender bodies here."

"You mean there was more than just the three we have?" the Clone asked in surprise.

"Yes, Shockwave has a fully functional processing plant here that can mass produce them. We can build enough for the remaining Predacon sparks that he cloned, as well as the Terracons." Shockblast replied with a smile.

"Other sparks? Terracons?" Galvatron asked with a wide eyed look. The other bot responded by bringing up a screen that showed all of the Predacons that were cloned.

"Shockwave may have only fully cloned four of the beasts, but he was successful in cloning the sparks of all the remains he had found."

"And these Terracons?"

"They were a sub-group of Predacon, not unlike the Decepticon Vehicons. Mainly cannon fodder for the more powerful among their faction." the bot explained.

"Well then, let's see it done. And Shockblast, when you have transferred their sparks into their new bodies and make sure they are loyal to me." Galvatron said, earning a nod from the other bot who brought up the details of the femme on his screen.

"Galvatron, it seems that this Femme was the first Predacon to be cloned, and that Shockwave blended the wiped-clean neural net of a Decepticon volunteer to give her increased intelligence. This was to remedy the problem with bringing back the prehistoric creatures and not having to deal with their less evolved minds."

"I see, do you think that we should keep her mind the way it is?"

"Yes I do, I can also make a copy of her neural net's layout and program the others (Predacon pretenders) to be the same. That way, we will have the Predacons ferocity. But also benefit from the increased intelligence that we, their descendants have (while not directly linked)." Shockblast further explained.

"I see what you mean, have the best of both worlds in one package. The ferocity of the ancient past, and the ingenuity of the here and now." Galvatron replied, earning a smile and nod from Shockblast.


"Well then, let's get on with it. I find this very intriguing." the Clone replied, as Shockblast activated the labs machines, including all the hyper-evolution tanks and stasis pods in the room connected to theirs which went on for miles. This included three massive tanks that contained three mechanical dragons that twitched slightly as their bodies began to come out of stasis.


A few days had passed since their discovery on Cybertron as Galvatron waited for Shockblast to finish the awakening of the Predacon clones that they found. The clone of Megatron was at the main computer of the project Predacon lab, studying It's database with his holo-tool. He was distracted from it by the opening of a ground bridge vortex nearby as Six-shot stepped through.

"Nothing new to report Galvatron." the young Con stated.

"That is good to hear Six-shot, now if we can only hear how the progress is going with your Brother." the clone replied.

"He is in there alone?" the Con said back as he pointed to the heavy door between them and his brother.

"Yes, after about a day Shockblast claimed that he 'works better alone' and so locked himself inside. Apparently I was distracting his focus with my questions." Galvatron replied with a less than enthusiastic tone.

"Well that's out of character for him, I've known my Brother my entire life and he has never been the solitary type. I mean he does like not to be disturbed while working, but never completely on his own."

"Well..." Galvatron started to say when he was cut off by the large heavy door opening up and revealing Shockblast who was standing there in the doorway.

"Hey, why were you in there on your own?" Six-shot asked.

"I always work better alone." his Brother replied, earning a confused look from the younger Con. Shockblast though ignored this and turned his attention to Galvatron.

"The clones are ready and I have also updated their neural nets with the data to help them adapt to the times that they are now in."

"Very good Shockblast, now before we go in there. You should both have these connected to your armour." the clone replied as he held out two objects to the brothers, which they both took and looked at. The objects were Predacon insignia's.

"Galvatron, I don't understand." Six-shot said back with confusion written all over his face.

"Well I wasn't about to resurrect the Decepticons, as they failed in their goals and so are not worth the effort. But together we can lead the Predacons to surpass the Decepticons and crush those who stand against us. And besides, we have the same beast modes as they do now." Galvatron replied as he showed them the insignia on the chest plate of his armour, finally feeling like he had a place in the world.

"Agreed." Shockblast replied as he clipped the insignia to the center of his chest-plate, Six-shot nodded and clipped his own on to his left shoulder armour.

"Now let's welcome our new brothers and sisters to the family." Galvatron said with a smile as he and the two bots walked into the next room.

The massive room was dimly lit, the only illumination coming from the hyper-evolution tanks with their yellow liquid glowing gently against the dark around them. Shockblast took a step ahead of Galvatron and activated his holo-tool, using it to drain the liquid from the tanks and reveal the Predacons inside. The clone and Six-shot took a look at each tank. There were six pretender sized tanks and three massive ones lined up behind them, two of the smaller tanks held what looked like females while the rest were all male.

"How long until the Terracons are ready?" Galvatron asked, gaining the older brother's attention.

"The first batch are still being developed, I felt that having the main Predacons birthed first would be more…..logical."

Galvatron nodded, but the last word out of Shockblast's mouth earned a raised eye brow from Six-shot. But before he could voice his concern, he was cut off by Shockblast tapping another button on his holo-tool. Which caused the cables and tubes that were connected to each Predacon to disconnect. Then the tanks opened up as their inhabitants opened their eyes and slowly stepped out side. Galvatron then took a step towards the clones.

"Welcome my Brothers...and Sisters." he said with a dark grin, while looking at the Human looking Cons. Each one looked at Galvatron with an unsure look, but as soon as they eyes fell upon the Predacon insignia on his chest-plate, they then seemed to relax.

"Please tell me your names." he added. A Caucasian woman with shoulder length black hair, wearing green and yellow armour which complemented her athletic figure stepped forward.

"My name is Ser-Ket." she replied before the short haired woman next to her, who was slightly more built and wearing light blue and red armour stepped forward.

"I am Ripclaw." she stated earning a nod from Galvatron before looking at the males.

"I am Lazerback." said the dark skinned man wearing yellow and red armour.

"I am Blight." the blue and white armoured man said.

"My name is Scorponok." the yellow and purple armoured Asian man stated. Galvatron smiled at each one before approaching the last man who was wearing dark blue armour with a purple neon glow at it's joints. He just stared at Galvatron.

"And what is..." he began to say before the Predacon cut him off.

"Who are you?"

This took Galvatron by surprise, but he kept his cool while locking eyes with the Predacon before then addressing the rest of them.

"I am Galvatron, leader of the Predacons. and your Lord and Master." he said aloud before looking back at that one again.

"Scourge only has one master...Predaking." Scourge replied with anger in his tone.

"Well even though Predaking is with us..." Galvatron answered and as if on cue, a tremendous roar could be heard echoing from further down the massive, long chamber they were in, making the other Predacons look around and whisper to each other.

"...he is in no shape to command the Predacons, so since it was my Lieutenants and I..." Galvatron added while gesturing to both Shockblast and Six-shot.

"...who found and reawakened you, then it is I who will lead you."

Scourge gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes at the self proclaimed leader as he clenched his fists.

"Only the strongest among us can be our Leader, and since Predaking is no longer fit to do so. I then nominate myself to take his place. For I am stronger than this Pretender in front of me."

Galvatron grinned and stepped back while gesturing to Scourge.

"Enough words, attack me and prove your claim to be true."

The Predacon then lunged at him, but Galvatron caught his punch and then twisted his arm. Scourge grimaced before he was then thrown into the nearby wall. The Predacon leader merely smirked as his attacker climbed back to his feet.

"Do you still wish to fight?"

But Scourge felt his anger take control and suddenly his body began to change, as the Predacons looked on in shock and awe at what Scourge was becoming. The three bots all knew what this was.

'He looks more powerful now.' Galvatron thought to himself as he readied himself for another attack.

'But I have to defeat him without using my own beast mode to prove my strength is above all of theirs. Since they are still mainly a group of beasts and so only follow the strongest among them.'

As Scourge scrapped his sharp class against the wall, cleaving off concrete as easily as knife through butter, Shockblast was taking readings of the Predacon change.

Six-shot leaned in and whispered into his brother's ear, not wanting the Predacons to hear.

"Err...their beast modes seem more feral and primal than ours."

"That is because they used to be beasts, the alt mode in these prototype Pretender-forms allows them to tap into that part of themselves. With us it only enhances our strength through our anger, for them it is the closest they will get to being their old selves." Shockblast replied just as Scourge finished his transformation. His frame had become more muscular and his face looked slightly more beast like (other than his eyes and teeth). He then looked directly at Galvatron and gritted his extremely sharp teeth.

"I will tear you limb from limb." he screamed before lunging at the Predacon Leader. But even though he was now smaller than his attacker, Galvatron was the quicker as he ducked under the attack and punched hard into into his opponent's chest. But this did not even faze the beast, who merely swiped Galvatron and knocked him to the ground, leaving slash marks on his chest plate.

"I will eat you and use your bones to pick my teeth with." Scourge then said as he opened his mouth and moved in closer. But Galvatron could feel his anger building but instead focused it from activating his beast mode and suddenly as the beast went to bite the Predacon leader, he noticed the bot's eyes glow purple before he grabbed Scourge's head and ripped his jaw off. His opponent bellowed in pain as a severally pissed off Galvatron then kicked at the beast's leg, snapping it in two and making Scourge fall to his knees. As blood like fluid ran down his neck and chest from the open sound that used to be his mouth, the challenger looked up at Galvatron who stood over him.

"Nobody will defeat Galvatron." he spat before plunging his fist (which had a faint purple glow to it) through Scourge's head, killing him instantly. The whole room went silent as the body of the Predacon fell on it's side, soon surrounded by its own blood. Every one of thr Predacons looked at the one who defeated their comrade as Galvatron took a breath before turning round to them, his eyes narrowing as he looked at each of them.

"Does anybody wish to join him?"

The room still remained silent, you could hear a spark beat in there before Lazerback decided to speak.

"What did you say your name was?"

the Predacon leader smiled at the question.


The rest of the Predacons looked at each other for a second before suddenly and all together cheering.

"All hail Galvatron, ALL HAIL GALVATRON!"

As their voices echoed through out the complex , they were joined by the roars of the three Predacons that had yet to be revealed. Galvatron merely smiled and accepted the cheers of those around him, for he now had his army and soon all the stood before them would be sent to the pit.
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