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Chapter IV

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A new mission, a new team and a new Darby.

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One month later...

On the planet Zorya, on a ridge overlooking a valley covered in jungle. A Turian in red and black armour is lying on his stomach, and looking through the sniper's scope of his rifle at what looks like a military installation in the valley's center. The heat and humidity was high for this planet with it's tropical climate, the Turian found it quite nice though his team mates would probably complain. His com link then activated, gaining his attention while he followed one of the soldiers that has had walking the perimeter for the last hour through his scope.

"Shen report, how's it look on your side?" an experienced and commanding voice asked over the link.

"Rodimus, it's no different now than it was an hour ago. This place doesn't seem to have a weak point that we can take advantage of." Shen replied.

"I am having the same trouble here on the north side, two soldiers patrolling the perimeter."

"Yeah I spotted two soldiers on the south side , one has gone out of view but I know he is there." the young Turian replied as he zoomed out enough to see the whole side installation.

"I can also make out two towers, one at the south east and one at the north east. They are both unmanned, but what I can see are heat and motion sensors directed to the ground surrounding the outskirts of the perimeter." he added before moving his rifle enough to see a blonde Caucasian man in gold and red armour on the north side of the valley looking down with a pair of small binoculars.

"Yeah I can see the same setup on this side too, whoever took over this site after the Blue Suns left (to join Omega) over a decade ago certainly wasted no time in upgrading it's defences." Rodimus replied with a breath as wiped some sweat off his brow.

"You alright Rodimus?" Shen asked.

"Yeah, just trying to adjust to this heat that's all." the bot replied, earning a chuckle from the Turian.


"Oh you think you have it bad, spare a thought for Orion and Nightracer while they trek through the jungle."

Rodimus could not help but smirk as he turned his attention and binoculars to the road that led up to its main entrance, but unfortunately was barely visible due to the thick jungle in that area. He then tapped his com-link.

"Nightracer report, what is yours and Orion's position."

Meanwhile making their way through the dense foliage towards the installation were two Caucasian people, a young woman with black hair with light brown highlights wearing black and light blue armour. She also had a Phanix pistol connected to her waist via a light blue utility belt and an Avenger assault rifle attached to her back. The other person was a man of the same age, he had blue hair with black highlights and was wearing silver and blue armour. He had his own avenger rifle in his hands, leaving the pistol (same as the woman's) attached to his waist via a black utility belt. The two stopped and knelt behind a fallen tree to catch their breath and take a sip of water from the canteen they had, the man then wiped the sweat off his forehead while the female peeked over it to see the perimeter fence of the installation, as well as it's main entrance. She then looked back at the man and smiled.

"Orion Darby, and here I remember you saying that 'you never sweat'."

The blue haired man shook his head in response.

"Nightracer, I said I would never let my enemies see me sweat...but luckily there are none that are here right now." he replied between sips from the canteen, which made the Femme smile.

"Well I won't tell anyone, and I don't think that this situation should count anyway, considering the current climate we are in right now."

"Appreciate that." Orion replied before Nightracer's com-link activated.

"Nightracer report, what is yours and Orion's position."

"Rodimus, we are only a hundred meters out from the entrance. But I can see at least three soldiers standing guard there, we can take out two of them. But unless you can do anything about the third, we won't be getting in on this side either." she replied before looking at the man who had his attention elsewhere.

"Orion? What is it?"

"Has anyone even noticed those?" he replied before pointing over to the trucks heading down a dirt road that split off from the main road to the installation.

"I wonder where they are going?" she replied.

"What is it you two?" Rodimus asked.

"We have just spotted some trucks that don't seem to be heading to the main entrance Rodimus." Orion replied.

"There may be another entrance that we were not aware of, I think Nightracer and I should check it out." he added before smiling at the Femme, it was a smile that would still energize her spark even now.

"Okay, Check it out. But remember they sent out a gunship patrol only thirty minutes ago and they will be back soon, so if we are going to do this then it has to be sooner than that. Remember our objectives are to find out who runs this Mercenary operation, what they are doing here and then shut it any means necessary." " Rodimus replied.

"Will do, Orion out." the young man said before deactivating his com-link, he then looked back to the Femme and took a heavy breath as he wiped his forehead again.

"Well, lady's first."

Nightracer just sighed and shook her head before checking that the coast was clear, and then took the lead as they both began heading in the direction that the trucks went.

The pair followed the road for another several minutes, making sure to keep to the cover of the jungle and staying off the road.

The pair waded through the foliage before Nightracer stopped at the sounds of engines running, and knelt down with her weapon ready, Orion mirroring her. The bot watched as the Femme equipped her binoculars and scanned the area ahead through the trees. What she saw was a whole line of trucks all queuing to enter another guarded entrance, that was shielded by the dense jungle around it. Nightracer then passed her binoculars to Orion who took a look while she tapped her com-link.

"I think we may have found our way in." he replied, earning a nod from the femme who tapped her com-link.

"Rodimus, We have found an auxiliary entrance into the installation and it doesn't seem as well protected as the main one." she said while panting a little, earning a laugh from Shen who was listening.

"Find this funny Shen?" Nightracer said, which earned Orion's attention as he looked up from the binoculars.

"Hell yes I do, I think it's karma coming back to bite you guys in the ass." the Turian replied. Orion then tapped his com-link and joined the conversation.

"You still mad about that time Nightracer and I sabotaged the heating in your quarters?"

"You know Turians don't like the cold Orion, consider this your just desert." Shen replied with a chuckle at the end.

"I think he is due for another prank Orion." the Femme replied while wiping the sweat of her own brow.

"Okay, cut the chatter guys. I know you three have known each other forever, but lets save this until after we complete the mission. Now where is this secondary entrance?" Rodimus asked as he cut them off.

"Well guessing from your vantage point, I would say that it would be in the area where the jungle is at it's most dense. Hence the reason you guys couldn't see it from any spot above ground level." Nightracer replied.

"Plus with the heat and humidity at the levels where they are, no one would be able to make out the second entrance with the thermal sensors either." Orion added.

"So, give me a visual description of what you see at the entrance." Rodimus replied as Orion looked back through the binoculars.

"I see only two soldiers standing there, one is checking the trucks while the other keeps an eye out."

"Tell me about the trucks?" the group leader said back.

"They are heavily armoured, unmarked trucks and..." the young man replied as he turned his attention to the driver's cabin of one, noticing that it had no driver.

"... They have no drivers, they are automated."

Nightracer then tapped Orion on the shoulder.

"Look over there on the road, see it?" she said as she pointed, making him look to where she was gesturing. What he saw was a dip in the road, that was large enough for a person to get under what ever was driving over it. Orion then looked back at the Femme with a disbelieving expression.

"You want to wait in that small dip and grab your self a lift on the undercarriage of one of the trucks, and ride it into the installation?"

Nightracer merely nodded with a smile at him.

"Yes, it's the only way in that I can find. Unless you can think of another way?" she replied playfully, earning an eye roll from him as he sighed.

", I don't have anything better."

The Femme smiled as she placed hand to her com-link.

"Rodimus..." she started to say, but then the bot cut her off.

"Yes, you have a go. And you better make it fast, because Shen says there is another convoy heading up the main road."

"Alright, let's do it." she said as the last truck drove around the corner and out of view, the pair then got to their feet, ran to the open road and got into the dip, crouching down enough so that the vehicles would not hit the pair as they drove over.

"Here's my ride." Nightracer joked as the truck drove over them and she grabbed on to the underside of it, pulling herself up while Orion shook his head and smiled as the vehicle carried on.

'Show off.' he thought before turning his attention to the next vehicle and by copying the femme, hitched a ride on it's undercarriage as it passed over. The convoy then drove up to the secondary entrance and came to a stop, while both Nightracer and Orion held on to the underside of their respective trucks. Both stayed very quiet and still as one of the soldiers guarding the gate mere meters away, activated his com-link.

"Hey boss, the last convoy is here."

"Alright, once they are inside I want you to lock-down the perimeter. I want nothing in or out...understand?" a slightly stressed voice spoke on the other side of the link.

"Yes boss, alright let them through." the soldier said to his colleague who activated his holo-tool and opened the gate, allowing the trucks to move again and enter the Installation's grounds.

As the trucks all parked up outside one of the buildings in the compound, which was surrounded by large metal shipping containers, Shen was keeping his sniper scope firmly locked on the convoy as he saw both Orion and Nightracer get out from under the vehicles and meet up behind on of the containers.

"We are in." The Femme said into her com-link.

"I can confirm that Rodimus." Shen added as the pair kept out of view of the merc soldiers that were nearby.

"Good work, but now you need to find the control room for the installation's security grid and shut it down. So that Shen and myself can enter." Rodimus replied as Nightracer activated her holo-tool, which brought up a map of the base.

"Right so going off this old map of the place from when it was the Blue Suns HQ, the control room should be in this building to our left" she gestured to Orion who took a sneak look from behind their cover to see the building in question.

"There are quite a few soldiers between us and the target, but it shouldn't be a problem." he replied with a wink.

"Alright, good luck." Rodimus said before the link deactivated, leaving the pair alone again. Nightracer equipped her pistol, making sure to activate it's silencer mode and Orion equipped his own before taking another look, noticing that the two soldiers were closest to them had their backs turned.

"Let's go."

The pair then silently moved past both mercs and used the containers on their left as cover, before checking that the coast was clear and doing the same again. Slowly and patiently moving around the cargo containers towards the building, being sure not to catch the attention of the numerous soldiers patrolling the area.

After sneaking through the cargo area, Nightracer and Orion made it to the door of the building. And while the Femme used her holo-tool to hack the lock, while Orion kept an eye out for any mercs with his rifle at the ready.

"How long do you think it will take?" the Bot asked as he heard footsteps coming from the other side of one of the cargo containers just aways from them.

"This Security program is not very effective, my holo-tool is breaking through every encryption it ... there we go." the Femme replied as they heard the lock click before the door itself opened for them. Orion smiled before looking back at the cargo container, noticing some shadows appearing on the ground from behind it.

Okay, let's go." he replied as the door opened and he checked for enemies, but the corridor was empty so they both walked inside with their weapons ready.

The interior of the building was dimly lit but cooler than it was outside, which came as a relief to Orion as he enjoyed the milder temperature as the pair made their way down a corridor, while following Nightracer's directions. The Femme was wearing a piece of headgear that emitted a holo-interface over her right eye, which at this moment showed Nightracer the map of the installation and their location within it.

'To bad it doesn't show enemy locations, but then again this isn't a video game. Wouldn't want to have things too easy now.' Orion thought as they continued forward. After walking around for a few minutes, avoiding the soldiers that were patrolling the building's interior. Nightracer suddenly stopped ahead of Orion, the young man mirroring her as she gestured to the door just in front of them.

"The control room is right behind the door and I am sure that it won't be unmanned." the Femme said back as she looked back at him.

"Doesn't matter, the others are depending on us." Orion replied, earning a nod from her in return. Together they both then took positions at either side of the door, Nightracer took a breath and gave her partner one more look before Orion took the signal and hit the control panel next to him. Which opened the door a and revealed that there were three soldiers in the control room. Thee was one sitting at the main terminal and two others, one at either side of the room. The opening of the door caught their attention as they turned to see who was about to enter, but no one was there.

"That's strange." one said to the others, as the soldier using the terminal looked at the other.

"Check it out."

The third soldier nodded and began walking towards the doorway, but as soon as he began to head through it...

"Ugh!" he let out a grunt as he flinched and stopped in his tracks.

"What's wrong?" the other soldier said as he started for his comrade, but then suddenly the one in the doorway was pushed back into the room and knocked his friend to the floor as Nightracer and Orion rushed in behind them. The soldier at the doorway began reaching for the panic button at the side of the terminal, but the Femme noticed him and shot the enemy through the head with her pistol, splattering his brains all over the screen.

"I don't think so." she retorted as the other soldier managed to push his dead comrade off himself and grab his gun, only for Orion to silence him with two shots to his chest. The young man then closed the door as Nightracer activated her holo-tool and connected it to the terminal wirelessly.

"Alright I am in the system and have set the perimeter defences to shut down in two minutes, better alert Rodimus and Shen." she said to Orion who nodded and tapped his com-link.

"Rodimus, defences will be down in two minutes."

"Alright then, Shen and I will start for the installation now. In the meantime you two are to hold position and await our arrival." the Bot replied over the link.

"I think we will be okay for a few minutes in here at least, see you then when you get here." Orion replied before closing the link and looking back at Nightracer, who was looking through the Mercs database.

"They are on their way, so have you found anything interesting in there?"

"Well I can now name this merc group, they are called 'Death Skulls'. A group made up of mercs that left Omega, seems they weren't happy with how Aria was running their combined forces." Nightracer replied.

"Who would have thought it, so the grass really isn't greener on the other side of the fence. Is there any information on what they are doing here?" the young man said back. The Femme nodded and brought up a few images of a mining complex and a space port.

"Seems that these 'Skulls' are smuggling 'Red Sand' through Zorya's space ports and using this base as a distribution centre."

Orion shook his head in disbelief.

"really... Their just drug smugglers. and here I was hoping for something more."

"They are using a planet on the edge of Federation space to distribute Red sand through out our space, also the Skulls are siphoning a large portion of this planet's mineral resources for themselves. And since this is without any bloodshed, that would mean that they have connections within Zorya's government." the Femme said.

"Well, it's a good job then that we 'Spectres' are on the case then, isn't it." Orion replied, earning a smile from her.

"It sure is."

Nightracer then looked back at the screen with a far away look, which did not go unnoticed by Orion.

"Ni, what is it?"

The Femme looked back at him with surprise in her expression.

"You realise it has been a good while since you last called me that."

"Yeah, but I figured why end the habit of a lifetime. After how long we have known each other. I am still surprised that, Shen and I are now working on the same team. All we need is 'Quickstrike' back and the whole band is back together." the young man replied.

"Well since we are talking about the past right now...which in the middle of a mission is a bit of distraction by the way..." the Femme said back, earning a shrug from Orion.

"Are 'we' still good? I mean how we left things back when we joined the academy several years back."

Orion simply smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder affectionately.

"...the best, your still important to me Ni. Even though we are no longer... You know."

She simply smiled and nodded back.

"Yeah, well its good to have you here. I feel a lot better having you watch my back."

"Ditto." Orion replied before a beeping sound took his attention from the Femme.

"What is it?" she asked as he started to look around.

"You hear that?"

"'s coming from..." Nightracer replied as she looked up and gasped, Orion mirrored her and they both saw a small holo-orb hovering above them, just outside the open vent.

"A recon drone!" Orion stated before putting a bullet through the orb, disrupting it's program. Causing it to crash as alarms started blaring out around the installation.

"Looks like they know we are here..." he said as he moved towards the door.

" you have your 'Personal Cloak' on you?"

"Yes, why?" the Femme replied with a puzzled look.

"I will head out of here and draw their attention away from you. Now they will still check this room, but since you will be cloaked then they won't find anything." Orion replied as he opened the door and heard lots of footfalls getting closer.

"No, we can face them together." Nightracer said back as she readied her weapon, only for the bot to stop her.

"Stay here and once the mercs are gone, meet up with the others and find me. I'll have my beacon switched on."

"Orion!" the Femme said back with mix of anger and worry, but he stepped outside and fired at the mercs as they ran found the corner, forcing them to take cover.

"Be safe." he said back to her without looking, not wanting to give the mercs any hints before running in the opposite direction. The enemies charged after him as the femme activated her cloak only seconds before they ran past the door. With only two stopping and looking in to find an empty room, before following the others.

'Damn you Orion.' she thought to herself.

"Nightracer, Orion report. Why has the alarms gone off?" Rodimus's voice suddenly filled the air as the femme's com-link went off.

Orion felt the pressure as he ran down the corridor, being sure to fire a few bursts of bullets at the mercs chasing him and causing them to take cover, there fore allowing him to gain some distance from them. He then turned a corner and ran up some stairs to find two mercs (helmeted) there waiting for him at the top.

"End of the line." one said as the Bot came to a stop in front of them.

"Drop your weapon and put your hands up." the other added, as Orion began to comply by holding his weapon at both ends which earned an almost relaxed posture from the pair, but then the young bot smiled.

"Think fast!" he said as he threw his avenger rifle at one merc, causing him to drop his own weapon so that he could catch the other. The second merc looked over to his comrade as Orion then roundhouse kicked his weapon out of his hands and then performed another roundhouse into the enemy's helmet, knocking him to the ground. The first merc suddenly pointed the avenger rifle that Orion had thrown to him at the bot and pulled the trigger, but it did not fire which confused the merc before he saw Orion smirking at him.

"I left the safety on." he said in an honest and almost helpful tone, making the merc look down at the rifle before all he saw was a foot to his face as Orion kicked him in the face and then grabbed and threw him over his shoulder. The merc fell down the stairs and hit the soldiers trying to get up them, knocking one over and blocking the rest. Orion just smiled back at them before carrying on through the door and down the connected corridor. He must have made several turns down the corridors before making one final turn and stopping with a huff, as he realised he had hit a dead end.

"Damn it."

He was about to back track when he heard footfalls approaching, mentally kicking himself for not carrying a map on his person, unlike Nightracer. So with the soldiers approaching fast, the young bot turned to face them and get ready for a fight as he equipped his pistol. But then the sound of metal rolling across the floor caught his attention and he looked down to see a grenade stop at his feet.

"Oh crap." Orion muttered to himself before the grenade exploded and enveloped him in white light, which also had the effect of knocking him unconscious.


Orion could feel his feet being dragged while also feeling strain on his arms, meaning that he was probably being carried by two soldiers in an upright position at this moment. His head was throbbing and his eyes were stinging, but he managed to open them slightly. The light felt as blinding as the flash grenade that was used against him earlier, 'should have remembered to look away.' he mentally kicked himself for that as the bot tried to look at his surroundings, which were dimly lit but still familiar.

'Still in the same place then...thank god for that.' he thought as he saw that they entered another room which was large in size, and also had a second level that over looked them.

"What is this?" an unrecognizable voice said, getting the bot's attention as he looked in front of him and saw a Batarian standing in front of several other mercs, all wearing the black armour.

"Solem, we caught one of the intruders. You said to bring them to you." the soldier on Orion's right said, earning a confused look from the leader as all four of his eyes stared at them blankly.

"I did...oh yes I did, sorry but I have so much going on right now." Solem replied before turning his attention to the Prisoner.

"So you are one of the two that was digging through our database, where is your companion?"

The two soldiers stood beside Orion, helping him onto his own feet as he was still feeling the effects of the flash-stun grenade. But he managed to stand up and looked at the Batarian, a confused expression on his face.

"What?" he said back, earning a punch to the face from Solem.

"Where is she? We saw her with you on or security-feed." the Leader spat back, as one of the soldiers next to him brought up a still image of the two intruders together.

"Oh...that, that was nothing. Just a hologram of my exe-girlfriend..." Orion replied as he looked Solem in the eyes.

"...I get lonely.." he added with a sarcastic tone, this only infuriated the Batarian more as he then backhanded the bot in the face and then punched him in the stomach.

"Any more of this garbage..." he said before pulling out a combat knife for Orion to see.

"...and I will slit your throat and feed you to my Varren."

Meanwhile Nightracer was waiting by an open junction box in a room not far from her captured team-mate's location, checking her holo-tool when a Death Skull merc appeared next to her. She turned with her pistol ready but was surprised to see that he was just standing there, until he fell to his knees and then face first to the floor. She noticed a smoking bullet wound in his back.

"How many times do I have to save your ass Nightracer?" Shen replied from above, earning a smile and a wink from the femme as she looked up at him on the second level.

"Well it is nice ass, huh?" she replied with a flirt-like tone, only for the Turian to shake his head with a half smile.

"I'm the wrong person to ask that."

"Thanks for the assist, but I knew he was there anyway." the Femme said back.

"Right..." Shen replied knowingly, as the sound of a body hitting the metallic floor nearby got their attention. Rodimus then appeared next to the Turian and looked down at Nightracer.

"That was the last merc in our immediate area, what is going on with Orion?"

The Femme gestured to her com-link.

"He has had it on active since we separated, sounds like they have taken him straight to the mercs Leader."

"Any mention of a name?" the bot asked back.

"They called him...Solem."

A surprised expression then appeared on Rodimu's face at mention of that name.

"Solem...Solem Dal'serah, the former Leader of the Blue Suns." he replied.

"Didn't he take over after Vido Santiago died before Zaeed Masani joined Jackson Prime on the mission against the Quintessons?" Shen asked, earning a nod from Rodimus.

"That's right, he lead them until Aria T'Loak unified all the major merc groups under her banner. I wonder why he jumped ship..."

Nightracer put her hand up to her com-link and listened for a moment, before looking up at both of them with a worried expression.

"I think Orion needs us now."

His sides were aching somewhat from all he punches he had received in the last few moments, even through the armour Orion was wearing. This Batarian was a strong son of a bitch, which only made the Bot look forward to when he could fight back. Solem noticed the smug look appearing on the blue haired bot's face and gritted his teeth at him.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, just how dead you guys will be in another moment or so." Orion gloated with a lukewarm tone and grin (after hearing the others on his com-link). This suddenly made all the mercs, Solem included burst out laughing.

"And...what makes you think that?" the Batarian leader asked back disbelievingly.

"Oh, I have friends in 'high places'." the bot replied while above everyone, Rodimus and Shen took up positions on the second level. And still unknown to them, Nightracer had sneaked into the room using her personal cloak and hid behind a large container.

"Yes we know, where is sh...!" Solem asked, his tone even angrier than before, but he stopped when he noticed something. It was something he should have noticed at the beginning as he looked at the insignia on Orion's chest-plate. It was an Autobot icon with a wing on either side of it, the very sight of it made Solem's blood boil even more.

"The Autobots! For fuck's sake. First it was Aria and her Omega shit, and now this." the Batarian shouted out as he turned away and kicked over a container, gaining his men's attention.

"I manage to break away and start afresh, only for the Federation to stick it's noses in my business... Fuck!" he shouted again before looking back at Orion, a sly grin appearing on his face.

"Well I think it is time for us to send them a message."

Solem then put away the combat knife and instead equipped his pistol, before walking over to Orion and aiming point blank range at his head.

"I am going to blow your fucking brains out and then send your body back to the Federation, a warning that the same fate should be expected of any Autobots that are found messing in my business."

Orion simply smiled, which made Solem narrow his eyes at the bot.

"You still think you can win this?"

Orion merely smiled at him, but Solem shook his head and tightened his grip on the trigger, pulling it back slowly.

"Time to die..."

Orion simply winked back at the Batarian, but he was not the only person who saw the wink as Shen looked down at them through his scope.

"Got you covered." he said before aiming for a fuel drum in the far corner of the large room, he then pulled the trigger.

"...Autobot." Solem finished say just as the fuel drum exploded, startling all the mercs. Orion saw this as his chance as he broke free of the two soldiers holding his arms and kicked Solem in the stomach, the Batarian falling to his knees while the bot turned his attention to the soldiers either side of him. The rest of the mercs then saw what was happening and raised their weapons only for two of them to suddenly be one riddled with bullets, as Rodimus and Nightracer revealed themselves and continued to fire on the mercs who were instantly on the defensive. The soldier on Orion's right grabbed him by his arms and tried to hold him in place as the other pulled out a knife, but the bot simply head butted the one behind him who released him. Orion blocked the merc in front of him and disarmed him easily, before back handing the enemy in the face and then without looking stabbed the other behind him. At this point Solem had recovered and was back on his feet, his four eyes wide as he watched his men being killed by the group. His vision then fell on Orion who was at this moment pushing the combat knife into the chest of the soldier in front of him.

"I will kill you, you Autobot scum." Solem raged as he lunged at the bot, knife in hand as Orion looked in his direction. Meanwhile Nightracer fired a burst of bullets into one of the mercs, blood flowing freely from the wounds as the enemy fell backwards into some canisters, she then turned to see another attack her with a holo-blade, so she brought up her rifle and just stopped it mere centimetres from her face. Rodimus and Shen were just about finished from their vantage points before the Turian noticed the Nightracer's predicament.

"Nightracer!" he shouted before taking aim with his sniper rifle at the merc's head, but when he pulled the trigger...nothing happened.

'Damn, I'm out of bullets.' he thought while down below, Orion was in the middle of a tussle with Solem as he blocked one of the Batarian's punches. He had heard the Femme's name being called and took a look behind him after connecting a punch with the merc Leader's face. His eyes widened when he saw Nightracer barely holding the merc's blade from her face. So Orion turned back to Solem who lunged again at him, but the bot narrowed his eyes at the Batarian. He had to end this now, so he grabbed the Leader's arm and pulled him into a headlock. Solem tried to struggle but then Orion squeezed around the Batarian's neck and snapped it before dropping the dead merc leader on the floor. He then turned to his friend and threw the knife which flew through the air before embedding itself in the merc's back, who let Nightracer go and seized up as he tired to reach for the knife before finally succumbing to his fate and falling dead to the floor. The Femme looked over to Orion who had big grin on his face.

"I thought you were here to rescue me." he said in a chuffed tone.

"You can't expect a girl to do everything around here, can you?...but thanks for the save." Nightracer replied with a smile.

"Hey what about me, you just going to ignore the Turian who watched all your backs?" Shen called down from the second level, gaining Nightracer's attention as she put her hands on her hips and looked up at him.

"That depends, where were you when I needed help back there?"

The Turian simply showed them his sniper rifle and pointed at it with his free hand.

"I...had to reload my gun."

The Femme simply shook her head before walking off into the room connected to the one they were in. Both men watched her before looking at each other.

"I just improvised." Orion said while pointing to the dead merc with a knife in his back.

"Orion, Shen in here." Rodimus called from the other room, gaining their attention as the Turian dropped down from the second level and walked in with the bot. Once inside they found Rodimus and Nightracer tampering with what looked like a generator.

"Good work in there." the leader said while keeping his attention on his work as he typed a number of commands into the gen's holo-interface.

"Thanks Rodimus, so I guess we are leaving this place as a smoking crater." Orion replied.

"Exactly, this generator is one of several that power the individual buildings of this installation. And they are all connected to reactor that is located underneath it, so just programming this gen to cause a feedback loop which will trick the reactor into a self destruct." Rodimus replied, which Shen raised an eye ridge at.

"You said 'reactor', what will the fall out be?"

"It isn't a nuclear reactor Shen, so there will be no danger to the population centres that are nearby." Nightracer replied.

"Alright, we are done here. We have a few minutes to evacuate before this installation is destroyed." Rodimus then said before tapping his com-link.

Shuttle two, ready for extraction." he added.

"Roger that, on our way." a voice replied on the other side. The team leader then looked at the others as they readied their weapons.

"Our job now is to secure the landing pad and wait for extraction, move out." Rodimus said before the group headed out of the room, leaving Solem and his men where they lay.


'What the hell.' Orion Thought as he got a good look at what was between him, his friends and their escape route.

"It appears they are waiting for us." Shen said as he took a look through his rifle's scope at the force stationed at the landing pad. Everyone then looked at Nightracer, who gave them a confused expression in return.

"Don't look at me, I already disabled their perimeter defences and security. There is no way they knew what else we did in there."

"Wait, I believe Nightracer has a point...take a look." Rodimus said as he passed over his binoculars to Orion, who took a look.

"There are more than a few cargo containers on that pad, could be that they are awaiting a transport for pickup."

Rodimus nodded in response.

"That would be my guess, good observation Orion." he said back before looking at the timer on his holo-tool.

"We have less than five minutes before the reactor goes, Shen stay here and cover us, Orion and Nightracer...your with me."

They all nodded before the group split up, Shen setting up his sniping spot as the other three quietly made their way closer to the landing pad and the soldiers there.

"How long until that transport arrives, I am sweating out here." one of the soldiers moaned as he removed his helmet, revealing himself to be Human.

"Not for another thirty minutes, so stop your whining." the Vorcha next to him spat back in an annoyed tone.

Meanwhile Orion and Nightracer moved up behind the cargo containers that were between them and the soldiers (two of which were leaning against the boxes), the bot took a quick glance to see as he got into position on the other side of the pad. Orion looked over to the Femme beside him and smiled.

"I won't have to rescue you again...right?" he whispered, earning an eye roll from her.

"In your dreams." she whispered back with a smile before looking over and seeing their leader the green light.

"Showtime." she said to Orion before they both got up and grabbed the pair of mercs and dragged them over the crates and then shot them in the head.

"What the!" another enemy said as he turned to see that his two comrades were gone, but then he was silenced as three bullets burst out of his chest. Orion and Nightracer then revealed themselves to the rest of he mercs there with Rodimus and began firing on them, all the while Shen kept watch from his position. Suddenly an alarm blared all over the installation again, in an almost deafening tone.

"Sounds like we will have more company." Orion said as he killed the last merc with a head shot, Rodimus joining them.

"We will have to hold the landing pad, Shen see what you can do to thin ten out." the team leader said into his com-link.

"What do you think I am doing." the Turian replied after turning around and firing at the large group of enemies that was approaching them, causing the mercs to take cover after two of then fell to the ground with smoking holes in their heads.

"I wont be able to hold them back for long." he added, earning a nod from the bot.

"Understood, do what you can and then get back here."

Rodimus then looked to Orion and Nightracer as re-equipped his assault rifle.

"Get ready."

Both nodded and were about to take up defensive positions when suddenly the familiar engine sound could be heard, getting louder as it approached. The three bots turned to see the shuttle closing on them.

"Commander Rodimus, shuttle two ready for pickup." the pilot said over the link.

"Great timing." the bit replied as he held his hand to his com-link.

"Shen fall back to our position, our ride is here."

But then the Turian appeared from around the corner and ran over to them.

"I thought I would head back early, the mercs threatened to over run my position and are right behind me." Shen said as they heard a lot of shouting and footfalls coming toward them.

"Land this bird now." Rodimus said into his com-link as he looked up to the shuttle, all the while Orion and the others kept their guns trained on the area that the mercs we're coming from.

"" the pilot started to say before the shuttle was hit from weapons fire from it's right, The team looked over at the direction the incoming fire was from to see two gunships flying in.

"Quick, take evasive action..." Rodimus shouted at the pilot, but then the shuttle took another barrage of fire from the gun ships and exploded. Leaving only a burning wreckage falling into the jungle.

"Crap." Shen said as the mercs appeared and surrounded them.

"We only have just over two minutes before this place goes up." Rodimus said to them as the soldiers got closer.

"Don't move Autobots." one of the enemies said while the gunships hovered overheard, training their mini-guns on the team who lowered their weapons.

"We found Solem's body in the main building, the Autobots killed him." another soldier said to the others.

"We'll kill them then, blood for blood."

Shen looked over to Orion and Nightracer with a solemn expression.

"Well, it was nice working with you guys...short though it was."

"Didn't expect it to end this soon, I only just joined the team a few weeks back." Orion replied before one of the mercs pointed his gun at the bot's head.

"Silence you scum."

The three bots then looked at Rodimus who despite the situation remained calm, which confused them.

"Men, take aim." one of the mercs said, making the rest of them aim their weapons at the Autobots heads.

"...and..." he added before a large green vortex appears in the sky overhead gaining everyone's attention.

"What in the..." another merc said before a starship resembling the Defiant flew out of the portal and fired a torpedo at one of the gunships, destroying it. The other one immediately moved away as the new arrival (with Autobot/ISF colour scheme) flew around and fired at the area surrounding the landing platform. Which made the mercs panic and run for cover, Rodimus and the others took this chance and re-equipped their weapons before firing at the retreating enemies. Orion then looked up and saw the Autobot ship destroy the last gunship before making one final turn around, so that it could make a final approach. He could now clearly see the name of the ship 'NORMANDY' painted in white lettering against the red section of the mainly blue paint job of the vessel.

"Normandy to ground team, Commander can you read?" a young male voice spoke over the con-link.

"Jetstorm, lower the shuttle bay ramp. We have less than a minute before this place explodes."

"Roger that." the bot replied as the Normandy came to a stop at the landing pad and extended it's ramp,

"Quickly, get on board." Rodimus said as he and the team climbed onto the ramp which brought them back into the ship, before the Normandy then took off for high orbit only a few moments before the entire installation exploded in amazing fashion, killing the remaining mercs in one fell swoop and leaving nothing but scorched earth in it's place.
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