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Chapter V

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The Crew of the new Normandy have some free time before the next mission comes around, meanwhile the Predacons find out where a certain Asari has ended up.

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The light from the nearby star reflected off the hull of the Normandy as it left orbit of the planet Zorya and jumped into hyperspace, soon finding itself surrounded by blue and white light streams as it traveled at hyperspace. Orion was in the Med-bay, sitting on a berth as a Femme with dark skin and shoulder length brown hair (wearing a uniform with red/white colour scheme) approached him and activated her holo-tool.

"So you just couldn't keep away, could you Orion?" she said with a smile, the bot mirroring her expression as she scanned him.

"What is a girl to think if you keep showing up in her Med-bay like this." she added, while never taking her attention from what she was doing.

"Well maybe Red-Alert, it's your excellent bedside manner that keeps bringing me back." Orion added with a wink, which made the Femme shake her head.

"Well I see two possible reasons for your 'third' visit to me in 'three' missions. One - you keep getting injured just so you have a valid reason to see me, which I find to be the strangest way for a guy to show he likes someone. Or two - your just incompetent and completely unable to get through a mission unscathed..." Red-Alert replied sarcastically as she picked up a medi-gel injection and squeezed out the excess oxygen bubbles from the needle, a little of the serum squirting out too.

"...In which I would have to question your mental state and if you are indeed a danger to your teammates." she added while sticking the needle into his bare fore arm, right in the bruised area. This made Orion flinch before she extracted the needle and smiled as his bruises began to fade away, leaving only healthy skin in its place. The Bot then rubbed the patch of skin and sighed with relief before looking at her.

"Your missing a third reason there."

"Oh...I have?" Red-Alert replied while feigning surprise.

"Yeah, ever thought that I just might have been unlucky in the last three missions. I mean In my whole career so far, I have only been injured a few times, not including the last three." the Bot replied within honest expression.

The Femme then gave Orion a smile with a matter-of-fact expression.

"Did you ever think that I might be pulling your leg at this moment, Shen was right."

The Bot gave her a confused look.

"He was?"

You are easy to set off." she said with a chuckle, making Orion sigh and nod in return.

"...I guess I am. Nice one."

Red-Alert then took one last scan, her expression changing to one of satisfaction.

"Well your injuries are healed, the medi-gel did its job. Your free to leave."

Orion nodded before getting off the berth and standing beside her.

"Thank you."

" weren't flirting with me then during your last few visits? Because I do have a boyfriend." the Femme replied.

"Oh, You think that I was..." Orion replied as he blushed, gaining a smile from the Medic.

"...sorry, I didn't mean anything by that. I was just being friendly." he added sheepishly, making Red-Alert shake her heard in return.

"That's okay."

"What's his name?" the Bot then asked curiously.

"Long-Arm, he is stationed at the 'Omicron' Colony on the edge of Federation space that borders the Terminus systems. He is a highly skilled engineer working on the terraforming towers there." Red-Alert replied with a proud tone in her voice.

"Omicron Colony you say, I have a Cousin who is stationed there too, or so he told me in his last message." the Bot said back.

"Really, may ask what his name is?" the Femme asked.

"Quickstrike and he is an Autobot."

"I have heard of him actually, from Shen when he was in here for his physical last week." The Medic said in return.

"I see." the Bot said back.

"Shen told me that the three of you had known each other since you were all very young."

Orion nodded response with a smile.

"Yeah, both Shen and Quickstrike are like Brothers to me. We have pretty much been there for each other from the start, through our childhood and teenage years all the way to our Autobot training. In fact it wasn't until we passed that and were given our first assignments that we were separated."

"So Quickstrike is your Cousin because his mother and yours are siblings? It's Chromia and Arcee right?" the Femme asked.

"Right and as Shen probably told you, he was adopted by Garrus Vakarian and Tali'Zorah when he was only a few months old." Orion added earning a nod from Red-Alert as she walked over to her station and activated the console there, viewing the time as it appeared on the holo-screen. Her eyes widening as she realised the time.

"He did...well can we continue our chat later, because I am about to be flooded with crewmen expecting their physicals." she said while looking back to Orion.

"Sure, see you later then."

The Bot then walked out of the Med-bay and headed down the light blue steel corridor until someone called his name.

"Orion, wait up."

He stopped and looked back to see Nightracer walking towards him with a smile on her face.

"So you all healed up?" she asked.

"Yeah, Red-Alert just cleared me."

"That is good timing, because I need you in the gym." the Femme replied, earning a puzzled look from Orion.

"Don't tell me you have forgotten..." Nightracer said with a concerned tone as her smile faded, the bit though merely blinked at her blankly.

"...Our Sensei wants to see that we have been keeping up with our training." she added, hoping that this would ignite her friend's memory.

"Oh, that is today?" Orion replied, earning a sigh from Nightracer.

"Yes... I told him in my last message that we would have some free time after the last mission, so let's go."

Orion gave the Femme a suspicious look.

"Why do I get the feeling you just want to see me with bruises."

Nightracer smiled back at him in response.

"Why do you think I said it was good timing." she replied in a joking-like tone as the pair headed for the gym.


Meanwhile Rodimus was in the com-room, standing next to the controls to the holo-communicator as it activated and the hologram of person began to take shape on the platform in front of the Commander.

"Commander Rodimus, it's good to see you again." a familiar voice spoke as the bot stood to attention while the hologram took on the form of...Jackson Prime.

"You too sir." Rodimus replied as he looked at the Autobot Leader who was wearing his Prime armour and despite being in his early sixties with his black hair now silvery grey and sporting a short-cut beard, still looked a formidable force to contend with...just like the Prime that had preceded him.

"So can you tell me who was trying to smuggle Red Sand into the Federation from Zorya?" Jack asked.

"The mercenary group called themselves 'The Death Skulls' and their leader was Solem Dal'serah." the Commander replied.

"The former Blue Suns leader, now that's interesting." the Prime said as he stroked his beard with his right hand while mulling over the information.

"Sir?" Rodimus asked with a puzzled expression.

"Autobot Intelligence had him down as one of Aria's closest advisers, now if he has turned his back on her...which isn't the smartest thing to do. It would indicate that Omega isn't as secure as its Leader would like to make out."

"Indeed sir." the Commander replied, earning a raised eyebrow from Jack.

"Seriously Rodimus, lose the sir and relax."

"Yes...sure...Jack." the Bot replied as he stood there, obviously uncomfortable.

"Either way, my team and I took care of their operation. We also found evidence of Zorya's Government having ties to the mercs. I will send their names along with the rest of the report." the Commander added.

"Very good, that's three out of three successful missions for you and your team of Spectres Rodimus. Your idea of having not only lone Spectres, but teams of them working together is paying off." Jack replied.

"Thank you Jack."

"And how has the 'Normandy' performed thus far?" the Prime asked.

"She is a fine ship, a true successor to both the original and the Defiant, Jack. And the Space-bridge generator has worked like a charm."

"I see, your report said you used a Space-bridge to get the drop on the mercs defences, what about the ground-bridge capability?" Jack asked as he looked down at what could only be the Commander's report that he has just sent.

"Haven't had an opportunity to make use of that setting yet." Rodimus replied.

"Okay, well the data from the Normandy's Space-bridge use is among your report, and it all looks good. That is a good sign for the coming launch of the new Nemesis." Jack said back as a hologram of the dreadnought appeared next to him.

"Not only are both the Normandy and the Nemesis successors to two of the Reaper War's most famous ships, but they are also the first ships able to create their own Space-bridge vortexes. The Federation wanted the Autobots to be able to get to anywhere in the galaxy at the push of a button, negating the need to have to access the Space-bridge Network, which will be for Civilians...once the Autobot Fleet has been refitted." Jack added.

"Plus isn't the Nemesis replacing the soon to be decommissioned 'Ark' as the flagship of the Autobots?" Rodimus asked.

"Yes, my mobile Command Centre has been through a lot in it's time. The 'Autobot/Decepticon War', the 'Reaper War' and the years of change that followed. We will be saying goodbye to the Ark on the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Federation's birth which, will be held at New Iacon in a few days as well as launching the Nemesis too." the Prime said.

"The Normandy will be present at the anniversary Jack, just as planned." Rodimus replied, making the Prime shake his head in response.

"I am not sure that you will be, unfortunately Rodimus. Because I have another mission for your team."

"Does this mission have anything to do with the Federation/Autobot ships that have gone missing in the last month Jack?" the Commander asked.

"No it does not, that particular issue is being investigated as we speak, though at this time we still have no leads on who it might be. And even though the disappearances have all occurred on the border with the Terminus systems, Omega is claiming innocence and so far no one has taken responsibility." Jack replied.

"Well from what I have read, whoever this is has done a good job hiding their tracks. Since there are no survivors or debris of any kind at the locations where the ships have gone missing." Rodimus added.

"I have sent out a further warning to all Federation ships reminding them to be careful when passing through that region, while also pairing up Autobot cruisers so that they can be sure of their safety while searching for this unknown enemy. Anyway as I said, it is being investigated. The mission I want your team for is something else entirely." the Prime replied.

"And what would it be?" the Bot asked as a number of holo-screens appeared around Jack.

"You have heard of Matriarch Benezia?" the Prime asked as the screens showed images of the Asari.

"Of course, she is the elected Asari representative in the Senate." Rodimus answered with a curious tone, wondering where this was going.

"Well the Matriarch has requested Autobot aid in locating her daughter...Dr Liara T'Soni, who has become one of the Federation's most respected Archaeologists. She disappeared a month ago."

Rodimus looked at the image of Liara that appeared alongside the others.

"Didn't she also help you on Thessia during the Reaper war?"

"Yes she did." Jack replied as he looked away ever so slightly, as the mention of that event brought up memories of a good friend he had lost during that event. But he then looked back at Rodimus.

"She disappeared a month ago, you have been looking for her for this long without success?" the Commander asked.

"Yes, and our efforts have come up with nothing."

"Alright, so what are the details?" Rodimus said back.

"Dr T'Soni joined the crew of the 'Icarus', a Federation star-ship whose mission was to explore the possibilities of remote ancient Cybertronian settlements on planets all over the galaxy. The mission was to take five years to complete." the Prime said as images of the ship and it's crew appears alongside the ones or Liara and her Mother.

"Matriarch Benezia brought up the matter of the Icarus, when her daughter failed to contact her for their weekly talk. We first checked the flight plan of the ship and found out it's last stop before heading home was to be Cybertron." the Prime said as the planet appeared on one of the holo-screens.

"And they weren't there?" the Commander asked.

"No, I sent a cruiser to Cybertron but after repeated scans of the planet came up empty, I had the search extended to the surrounding systems...but nothing came up." Jack replied.

"So what happened then?" Rodimus asked.

"I had Autobot Intelligence take over the search and just today, Miranda Lawson contacted me with a possible location of Dr T'Soni." the Autobot leader said back.

"Where is she?" The Commander asked.

"Miranda told me that one of her contacts, who goes by the name of 'Kasumi Goto'..." Jack started to reply before Rodimus jumped in.

"I have heard of her, she is a professional Thief." he said with disdain in his voice.

"Yes I know, but I trust Miranda's judgement. She has done a fine job keeping the Federation secure from sabotage and espionage attempts for the last twenty five years while running AI, so I expect you to stay professional while working with Kasumi." Jack replied, making Rodimus's eyes widen.

"Excuse me Jack?"

"Kasumi has requested your team for the mission, she has all the details and will contact the Normandy when she is ready to proceed. Your orders are to work with her and bring Liara T'Soni back, and also see if you can find anything out about the fate of the Icarus." the Autobot Leader said in a commanding tone.

"Very well, when do we have to meet Kasumi?" Rodimus replied.

"She will send you the time and coordinates for the mission, just be prepared. Alright I have other things to deal with.." Jack said as he was ready to end the transmission, but Rodimus stopped him.

"Jack, you never asked about Orion."

This comment cut straight through the Prime's stern and commanding posture, as he looked at the Commander with a surprised look.

"I am aware that you know that I recruited him to my team, and that you weren't happy with that." Rodimus continued, making Jack look uncomfortable.

"I know it was Orion's choice and though his choice was not what I would have wanted for him, he is still a man...and capable of making his own decisions." Jack replied while looking away from the bot. Rodimus though kept his attention firmly on the Prime.

"Jack we have known and served alongside each other for a long time, and you know you can trust me. What happened between you and your Son? the two of you used to be so close."

Jackson Prime glanced at the Commander, wishing at this moment that he was elsewhere. Hell he would happily fight the Reapers again, rather than have this's hard enough when it is just Arcee, pressuring him, but now everyone wants to know.

"Rodimus I appreciate your concern, but this is a family matter." he replied.

Oh...alright then..." the Commander said back with a sigh, a sign that he was giving up this line of questioning.

"...well Orion really is a 'chip of the old block', I think that is the Human term." he continued as Jack just looked at him, listening to his every word. Rodimus then activated his holo-tool.

"I am sending you the footage my holo-tool recorded from our last mission, you should be proud of him. Because I am proud to have him on my team." He added, his tone full of pride. Jack nodded as he looked at his holo-tool as it confirmed the receipt of the footage.

"Thank you Rodimus and good luck on your mission, I look forward to hearing it's of it's completion in your next report. Prime out." Jack replied with a nod, before the transmission was cut and his hologram disappeared, leaving Rodimus to stand there and look at the space in front of him.

Meanwhile onboard the Ark, Jack stepped off the holo-communicator pad and took a seat at his desk and looked out at the empty void of space through the window in his ready room, his thoughts now dwelling on his son. He then sighed and activated his terminal, a large holo-screen appearing in front of the Prime. Jack selected the vid-footage from his holo-tool which then appeared as a still image on the screen, that showed Orion being held by two merc soldiers as he was presented to the Death Skulls leader.

"Computer play footage." The Autobot Leader said aloud, causing the screen to come to life as the footage began play. And as Jack watched the scene unfold, his lips slowly curved into a smile at what he was witnessing.


Shen sat in the mess hall while watching the news reel on the holo-screen on the wall in front of him, the Turian took his dextro-drink in his hands as he looked at the screen.

"...and with yet another federation ship, a heavy cargo carrier called 'Axalon' has gone missing while on the edge of ISF space that borders the Terminus systems. This is the fifth ship to have disappeared in the region and so Jackson Prime has again warned all ISF vessels against travelling within the effected area while also strengthening The Autobot forces that are investigating." the Salarian newscaster said before a smile appeared on his face.

"And finally, preparations are almost complete for the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the ISF which is only days away now..."

As the Salarian spoke, video footage showed street parties and celebrations being prepared on planets all over the galaxy.

"...citizens all over the Federation look to be getting in the party mood and the main event will be here in New Iacon..."

Shen quit watching the news as it continued to play out for the other crewmen in the room, instead looking T the time on his holo-tool before shaking his head with a disappointed expression.

'Orion and Nightracer should have been here by now.' he thought with a sigh before gulping down the remainder of his drink.

'I bet I know where they are.'

The Turian then got up and left the mess hall, going down the corridor towards the a large grey door at its end. As he walked up to it Shen pressed the control panel to his left, causing the door to open and allow him entry. What he saw just made him roll his eyes as before him in the middle of the room, Orion and Nightracer were fighting each other on a large training mat, they both wore gym bottoms and tank tops as they darted around each other trading blows.

"Please tell me you two haven't fallen out again?" Shen asked aloud, causing both fighters to stop and give him an annoyed stare.

"Halt!" a voice spoke firmly, almost making the Turian jump in surprise. Shen looked to his right and saw the hologram of an old Caucasian man standing with his arms folded behind his back, he was wearing black and white robes that had a red outline. He too gave the Turian an annoyed look.

"Will you please remain quiet while my students are sparring."

When did not know where to look as he suddenly felt very embarrassed.

"Sorry, didn't realise I was intruding on...something.. I guess." the Turian replied sheepishly before looking back at his friends and gesturing a silent 'I'm sorry' to the pair before sitting down on the bench next to the door. Both bots gave him an accepting smile before looking back to the hologram.

"Master Prowl?" Nightracer said while taking a breath.

"You may continue..." he replied as the Femme and Orion took up fighting stances in front of each other.

"So where were we?" Orion asked with a grin.

"I was just about to kick your ass." the Femme replied confidently, earning a knowing look from the blue haired Bot.

"I don't think so, you've never beaten me." he replied as he tightened his fists, which in turn flexed the toned muscles on his arms as he stood ready. Nightracer just shook her head gently as she looked at him.

"...maybe, but you have never defeated me either." she said back with a wink.

"Begin!" Prowl said aloud and suddenly both friends lunged at each other as their fight reignited. Shen just sat and watched as the two fought each other, one attacking and the other defending and then the tide would switch in an instant as the other would counter almost immediately. Orion moved in close and ducked under a round house kick from Nightracer before unleashing an uppercut as the Femme was turning back round to face him, but Nightracer was ready and blocked the punch as she then grabbed his arm and twisted it into an arm-lock. Orion grimaced but managed to smile at her. The femme simply smiled back in an way which was almost cocky, like she believed she had the advantage. But then Orion kicked at her knee, causing Nightracer to let go and dodge the attack. The Bot then recovered and quickly went on the attack with a side kick, and yet again the Femme blocked and grabbed hold of it. But before she could do anything, Orion then launched himself into the air and aimed another kick with his free leg.

Nightracer let go and pulled her head back just enough for his foot to just brush past her face, she could feel the air being cut as it passed her skin by mere millimetres. Orion then fell to the floor and did a back-roll onto his feet but before he had a chance to get his bearings, the Femme was already attacking with a punch and then a kick which he blocked perfectly. He then went on the offensive with several punches, elbows and kicks, all of which Nightracer successfully defended against. Meanwhile Shen was now totally engrossed in this contest/training match, he found that he could not pick a victor between the two...not only because they were both his friends, but because they were so evenly matched. The way they fought and moved, it was like watching a dance. Neither one giving the other an inch, the Turian could see why Prowl considered them his best students since Arcee, Orion's own mother who once trained under him.

Shen though was never too keen on fighting at such close proximity, preferring to stay at a distance and let his sniper-rifle do the work. But then again, he had been trained by his father - Garrus Vakarian who was known as one of...sorry, the best sniper in the galaxy...or so he liked to think. As his friends continued to dance around, trying to gain the advantage over the other, Shen took a moment to think of his parents. His mother Tali'Zorah was one of the Quarian Councillors that worked directly for the Quarian senator, who represented their race in the ISF senate. Shen's father was one of the Turian Hierarchy's most respected military advisers. The last time he saw his parents was a year ago while he was on leave. He had gone back to Rannoch and stayed with them at the family home which was on the coast of the main continent. Shen had many happy memories of his life there with his parents and no matter where he went in the galaxy now, he still thought that it was better than what he has seen since.

The Turian was brought out of his thoughts by the sounds of a struggle and looked up from the ground to see that Nightracer was grappling with Orion, both friends continued to smile at each other as they fought. Now if Shen had not known both of them and their history, then he would have sworn that this fight was actually more of a flirtation between the two as they attempted to impress each other. But the Turian knew them only too well, the pair were once a couple a number of years ago. Orion met Nightracer when he was twelve years old as the bot started his martial art classes under Master Prowl and over time, the pair grew closer. What was once a 'three musketeers' like friendship between Orion, Quickstrike and himself soon turned into a 'wolf pack'.

Nightracer was definitely a tomboy and enjoyed all the same things as the rest of the group, but as they all went into their teens, she really only ever had eyes for Orion and it wasn't long until the two were dating. The Femme even introduced the bot to flying and they were trained by Jetfire and Nightracer's mother Slipstream. Everything went well for the wolf pack and the couple within it through their teenage years, except for the fact that Arcee was not a fan of Orion's choice of girlfriend, which her Son had told them was because Nightracer's mother was once a Decepticon who had caused his Mother harm during the Great War. Even though it had been decades since the Autobot/Decepticon conflict, and most of the Cybertronian species had healed the wounds that had once separated them, it was still difficult for some to let go of the past. But despite this obstacle, Orion and Nightracer had pushed on with their relationship and were happier for it.

Though it was not until a few months into the group's enrollment into the Autobots, that the couple then came to the conclusion that they saw no future for their relationship and decided to end it and remain close friends. This had shocked both Shen and Quickstrike who had grown accustomed to their friends being together, but both respected their decision. It was not long after that the group were separated fully as their training took them in different directions, but as some would say, fate is a funny thing. Because the group is pretty much back together again (except for Quickstrike), serving on the same team and ship.

Shen was again snapped out of his own thoughts as Orion won what had almost become a wrestling match as he picked the Femme up and threw her over his shoulder, sending her flying a meter or two across the mat. But Nightracer had almost perfect dexterity as she stopped her fall with her hands and flipped back on to her feet before turning back to the Bot who attacked yet again, with another flurry of punches and kicks which the Femme blocked successfully. The fight itself had now moved off the pad as Nightracer realised she was right next to the wall and Orion had her almost trapped...almost. The femme smiled at her opponent before jumping against the wall and springing off it into a jump kick, Orion though managed to dodge the attack by rolling out of the way and ending up in a kneeling position as Nightracer landed with her back to him. So he rose back up and went into a spin kick, the femme did the same and...

"Enough!" Prowl said aloud, making both friends stop just over midway through their attacks. Their kicks just away from each others faces. They looked over to their Teacher who merely gestured for the pair to walk over to him, and they brought their legs back down and went over to Prowl.

"I have seen all I need to see, and I am impressed." the old Bot said with a smile, making both Orion and Nightracer relax somewhat.

"Your skills are most impressive, it makes me very proud to see how far you have come since the first day that you were brought before me as children."

"Thank you Master." both Nightracer and Orion said simultaneously.

"Then I bid you farewell and safe journey.' Prowl replied before his hologram faded to nothing as the transmission finished. Then Shen got up and walked over to the pair as they picked up their towels and water bottles, quenching their thirst while wiping off the sweat from their faces.

"That was a great fight, I couldn't tell who was going to win out of you guys." the Turian said as he activated his holo-tool and brought up an image.

"I even took a snap shot of that last kick you both did." Shen continued as the pair looked at the picture and saw their frozen image of their almost posing-like kicks at each other.

"Nice photo Shen, though obviously I was going to win. Ni was lucky that Master Prowl ended the fight where he did." Orion replied, making the Femme laugh.

"In your dreams Orion, we both know that I was the more likely to win. But you just don't want to admit that you nearly lost to a Girl." Nightracer said back confidently as she crossed her arms and cocked her head slightly.

"What?...who's dreaming now Ni." the Bot replied with a smile as he stood directly in front of her. The pair then stared at each other for a long moment, the Femme still with her arms crossed, not giving her former Boyfriend an inch.

"Would you two get a room!" Shen said, gaining the attention of his friends who looked at the Turian with surprised expressions.

"We don't do that anymore Shen." Nightracer replied with Orion nodding in agreement.

'Could of fooled me.' the Turian thought as he started for the door.

"Well we were supposed to be in the mess-hall and eating by now. So get yourselves washed, dressed and meet me there." Shen then added as he walked out of the empty door. Both Orion and Nightracer waited for a moment, to be sure that Shen was gone, but then the Turian popped his head back in the gym.

"And I mean separate showers too." he finished with a grin before walking away, whistling a tune as he did so. His two friends simply smiled at each other and were about to follow when Rodimus's voice spoke over the inter-com.

"Orion and Nightracer, report to the CIC. We have another mission."

The Femme shot a guilty smile towards the bot in response.

"Looks like we have to leave Shen hanging again."

"Everyone will have heard that, He will understand. Let's go." Orion replied as he gestured for her to follow, so both friends then headed toward the gym's entrance.

"Do we really still look like we are dating, because Shen's aware that we are only friends now right?" Nightracer could be heard asking before the Gym's door closed behind them.


The Icarus weathered yet another rust storm as it sat outside of Shockwave's Predacon facility on Cybertron, metal pieces ranging in size from small stones to those the size of footballs rebounding off the ship's hull with some force. Lazerback looked at the storm from the safety of one of the Icarus's corridors, the reinforced glass of the windows not even looking remotely damaged even after this long in the storm. The Predacon then carried on towards his destination, which was a door at the end of the lowly-corridor. He stepped within arms reach of said door and it opened to reveal the ship's bridge, which had a Terracon (soldier class) at each command station.

"Lazerback, how did your mission conclude?" a deep and commanding voice spoke, making the bot turn to see Galvatron standing at one of the stations. The Predacon leader was in a conversation with someone over the com-link and he gestured for Lazerback to wait, before turning back to the screen.

"And which of our three beasts is ready to fly Shockblast?...ah I see...why do I ask? Well I want to send one with Ripclaw and Ser-Ket, as well as a garrison of Terracons. They will take one of our captured Autobot cruisers and acquire us another base, because despite your assurances that the cloaking field (created by Shockwave) has hidden both this facility and the Icarus from the prying eyes of the Autobots. I believe that we should not keep all our Energon in one container as the saying goes...I am glad you are in agreement Shockblast, so I will not keep your attention from the other Predacon beasts any longer. Please keep me apprised of their development, Galvatron out."

The Predacon Lord then turned to Lazerback who bowed to him, acknowledging the Con as his superior.

"Lord Galvatron."

"Ah, Lazerback. And how did your mission play out?" Galvatron asked.

"It was successful my lord, we have another cruiser to add to your fleet." Lazerback replied.

"You mean 'our' fleet, don't you?"

The Predacon suddenly looked nervous in front of his master.

"Forgive me Lord Galvatron." he replied hesitantly, earning a smile from his master.

"None needed Lazerback, this fleet that we are building is for all Predacons. You see when we ready to leave this dead-world, I intend to bring all our brothers and sisters with us."

"I see my Lord." Lazerback replied before Galvatron's com-link beeped, gaining his attention.

"I have to take this Lazerback, you are dismissed." he then said, before tapping his ear-piece. The Predacon merely nodded and bowed before taking his leave.

"Shockblast, I thought you were busy did, 'he' has."

A dark smile appeared on the Predacon Leader's face as he listened to Shockblast, but then it was replaced by a scowl as his red eyes widened.

"He is what? told me he would find that Asari for us, not try to get her himself. Well we will just have to take care of this ourselves won't we." Galvatron replied angrily before closing the com-link. He felt his blood boiling as he activated a terminal on the station in front of him.

"Six-shot come in." he spoke as he looked at the terminal's screen as the Con's face came into view.

"I am here my Lord. How may I be of service?"

"You are currently on board the 'Achilles', the Autobot patrol cruiser...yes?" the Predacon leader asked trying to hide his growing anger.

"Indeed I am my lord, this ship is fully loaded with gun-ships and weapons. And I have a full company of Terracons onboard." Six-shot replied.

"Good, because we have just received word from the Shadow-Broker who has located that damned Asari who escaped us a month ago."

Six-shot looked uncertain at that news as he stared at his master.

"I see and where is that?"

"I am sending you the exact coordinates now, you are to take the Achilles to Illium." Galvatron replied as he typed on his holo-tool's interface.

"And you want us to capture the Asari?" Six-shot asked, earning a knowing look from his leader.

"No, you are to terminate her...and anyone else that is around her. We can not allow her to speak of us at all...understand?"

"Crystal clear my Lord, Six-shot out."

The screen then deactivated as Galvatron breathed heavily, trying to control his lust for killing at this moment, so not to unleash his beast mode on the troops around him. But it was at this very moment that familiar laughing which the Clone had heard a month ago returned and echoed around the room, making the Predacon leader turn around and stare at the Terracons around him. They all just stopped and looked at him like a Deer caught in a car's headlights.

"Carry on!" the Predacon Leader spat as he stormed out of the room, while two questions weighed heavily on his mind.

'Where is that infernal laughing coming from, and why does it sound and feel so...familiar.'
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