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Chapter 5

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"I'm a Malfoy, I always get what I want" She is a typical Gryffindor, and he is a typical Slytherin. But something about her makes him want more, he is obsessed with her but she is not and he is d...

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Draco's P.O.V.

Everyone was in the great hall waiting for who knows what and I was talking to Blaise when Pansy suddenly called my name, a little with too much enthusiasm, as always. "Urgh, Parkinson invasion!" I said sacarstically. And Blaise chuckled, "Good luck with Parkison mate." He winked and walked off to seat next to his long-time crush, Daphne Greengrass. "Drake! Why didn't you come and talk to me? I was looking for you! But no matter, because you are here now!" And with that, Pansy planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek. "Urgh, Pansy! Yuck! Stop that!" I said while trying so hard to wipe that kiss off and trying not to leave any stains. Like spending time with Chase just now wasn't bad enough. But to be honest,deep down I really didn't find it very bad. But that emotion will be kept very deep down in my heart and no one will be able to dig that out. I mean, the first time I saw her, I got this strong urge to want to become her friend. But I suppose after that short encounter in the train, knowing that she was going to become a blood traitor disgusted me. Or most probably disgusted the me that my Father always wanted to be-a pure blood at heart, despising any blood traitors and naturally, muggle borns. If I still knew my true self, which I'm quite sure that me no longer exists, I would not mind Chase being a blood traitor. I hate to admit it but, Chase is really pretty. Her long brownish red hair with those natural curls at the end that smelled like Strawberry Mint, those beautiful brown puppy eyes and tall and slim figure...I mean, yeah, I hate her to the end, but, one gotta admit, that girl? Is hot. Totally. But inside that heart? Nuh uh. Stinkin'! And that's when the doors of the Great Hall opened and interrupted my thoughts in which I soon hated myself for thinking about it. Chase and that Mudblood Granger came rushing in awkwardly. Hmph, teach them to be late. Not something you see everyday-Chase and Granger late for something. As soon as they sat down next to Potter and Weasley, Dumbledore started talking about some nonsensical school.

"Woah, Malfoy, THAT girl, is so so hot!" Blaise said and started drooling on my robes. "Eww, what the fuck Blaise! Get off, you are destroying my robes with that saliva! And no, she's a Veela! So snap out of it! All of the Beauxbatons girls are Veelas!" I spat. Blaise gave me a confused look. "What? Don't look at me like that! It's true!" I rolled my eyes at the Beauxbaton girls, clearly bored at all of this when I felt someone staring at me. I turned around to see Chase checking me out. What? Why the hell is Chase looking at me like that? It sent shivers down my spine when a thought occurred to me, "Does she li-like me?" Oh gosh, no. So I have her a death glare and got Granger's tongue sticking out at me in return. Ridiculous bitches! "Drakey! To celebrate our reunion, would you like to take me somewhere?" Pansy suddenly cut in, leaning on my shoulders in what se calls loving and what I call disgusting. I was about to say "Urgh, hell no Pansy!" when she said, "How about the Black Lake Drake? It sounds soooo romantic! I've seen you there many times! Let's go there since it means something to you and I am something important in your life too!" Wait-WHAT ON EARTH?! Pansy Parkinson-someone important?! This is a HUGE mistake. But apparently she doesn't know. When Dumbledore was finished talking about the Triwizard Tournament and its new rules, Pansy immediately started giggling and pulled me out of the Great Hall before anyone could stop us. I felt a cold shiver went down my spine a she pushed me down on the soft grass at the Black Lake. No way, Pansy IS NOT seducing me...she just can't...And that's when she attacked my lips... Her hands sliding down to my waist and I was too shocked to even move.
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