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Chapter XX

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As Quickstrike and Ser-Ket leave Omicron City behind them as they make their way towards the Autobot shuttle and freedom, little do they know that Rip-Claw and her forces are closing in on them.

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The breeze was soft and calm as it brushed the long grass which then gently moved in a unified effect, looking like an ocean at peace as Ser-Ket took in her surroundings. The Predacon found herself standing a valley that seemed to spread out all the way to the mountains in the distance, with two moons overhead that were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of stars. It left the Femme breathless as she enjoyed the peaceful sight, her spark completely calm and tranquil.

But it was not meant to last as a sudden gust of wind blew through the valley, making all the greenery wither and die immediately. Ser-Ket could not believe it as she took a step back at the horrifying sight of the valley transforming around her while storm clouds gathered overhead, blotting out the night sky and darkening the entire area. Suddenly bolts of lightning streaked across the sky and lit up the devastated valley and caused the Femme to shield her eyes with her hands as the energy flowing through the bolts was immensely bright and blinding. This was then followed by thunder that boomed over head in a deafening fashion, which felled Ser-Ket to her knees as she grasped at her ears as it felt as if they had been burned by such powerful noise.

As the Femme knelt there on the floor, the thunder soon started to sound like roars similar to those she had heard from Predaking and the other Dragon-like Predacons. So she looked up to suddenly find herself in a battle between two sets of metallic dragons, one which had giant wings and flew and the others which did not and remained grounded. The beasts were biting and clawing at each other as they fought, completely ignoring the human woman in their midst.

Ser-Ket did not know where to move as every avenue of escape was blocked off by one of the immense beasts, just as one caught her attention as it flew above her. The femme looked up and could of sworn that it was looking directly at her, but then she had her answer as it roared and swooped down towards her. So she turned and began running, dodging and evading more of the metallic beasts.

She saw one of the flightless ones latch onto the foot of a flyer and use it's weight to pull it down to the ground, where another of it's kind then pounced on it and ripped it's throat out with its own teeth. But Ser-Ket could not stand and watch such a spectacle as she heard the wings flapping just behind her and knew that the dragon was on her heels, so she kept running over the charred and rock like ground that a short time earlier was covered in long then a shadow flew over her and caused the Femme to suddenly stop as she looked up to see that the dragon that had followed her had now overtaken her and landed just in front, blocking the Predacon's escape.

The metallic Beast looked down at her with its yellow glowing optics, bearing it's razor sharp teeth in a hostile fashion that left the defenseless Predacon fearing for her spark. The Beast then opened it's jaws wide and lunged it's head at Ser-ket, who could do nothing more but turn round and cower in fear as she closed her eyes and tried to wish the Beast and the hellish surroundings away.

When suddenly she felt another high gust of wind blow past her as another roar was heard, but this one for some strange reason did not leave her spark feeling terrified in any way. As this happened, there were sounds of a struggle behind as the beast that had pursued her suddenly cried out in pain and was suddenly silenced, making the Femme open her eyes and gasp as the sight around her had changed once more.

For the battle had ended and the flightless dragons were now all standing around her in quiet composure as their optics focused on the being that was so completely different to themselves. Ser-Ket just looked at them in open mouthed surprise before heavy breathing behind her caught the Femme's attention. So she turned around and her eyes widened as standing before her was a metallic dragon that looked similar to Predaking. It had aqua blue light glowing from beneath it's jet-black armour and blue glowing optics that were focused directly on her, and Ser-ket felt as if it was looking directly into her spark.

She did not know how or why, but the Femme could tell that the beast did not have any hostile intent for her and in fact now that she had a good look at the dragon, she felt that she might actually know the creature. So she took a step toward it and the black beast lowered it's head toward her, never taking it's optics off her. Ser-Ket raised her hand and reached out to touch the snout of the creature as it breathed in and out in a deep rhythmic fashion that was almost hypnotic in nature.

The Femme for some strange reason that was at the moment unknown to her felt completely at ease in the creature's presence as her hand and the snout of the beast touched, earning a purring like sound from it as it's optics closed, like it enjoyed her touch which left Ser-Ket confused. Not only by this moment, but by the entire event she was experiencing.

But then suddenly the beast withdrew it's head from the Femme's touch and looked up at the sky, as did the other dragons as if they all sensed something coming. Ser-Ket mirrored them as she tried to see what it was that they had noticed, but there was nothing for her to see as the storm clouds had broken apart and revealed the star filled sky again. Then suddenly the ground began to shake as an earthquake ripped through the land, causing the dragons to panic and roar as they charged around in a frenzy.

But the black dragon remained calm among the chaos that was erupting around it, as it turned it's head back to Se-Ket and looked down at her. A single tear ran down the Femme's face which surprised her as she wiped it away and looked back at the beast, for she had no idea why she had started crying. But suddenly felt a great sadness in her spark, when suddenly a massive explosion occurred on the horizon and it's energy wave expanded out in all directions.

Ser-Ket felt like she should start to run but realised there was no where she could go as the wave sped towards her and the mysterious black dragon that just kept watching her, so she just stayed where she was and looked back at the beast before suddenly they were both enveloped by the energy wave that felt so white-hot, that they both were incinerated instantly.

But that was not the end as Ser-Ket suddenly found herself lying down in complete darkness and unable to move as her arms and legs were restrained by something she could not see, though she could feel it's cold metal gripping her skin tightly as she struggled and tried to free herself. Then her spark felt fearful again as she found herself in the center of a red spotlight which was being emitted from a red circular light that was shining down from above her. Ser-Ket felt as if this red light was looking at her and she then heard machinery coming to life and she screamed out as a pain went through her entire body as the red light became so bright that it enveloped her entirely.

Ser-Ket then opened her eyes and screamed as she rose out of her sleeping bed, as Quickstrike rushed to her side and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Ser-Ket!" he said as he noticed her body was covered in sweat and was shaking nearly uncontrollably, so he picked out a blanket from her survival pack and wrapped it around the Femme who looked at him with a confused expression.


"You had a nightmare, by the looks of it." he replied as he squatted beside her, but Ser-Ket just looked ahead as his words his words dwelled on her mind.

'Another one.' she thought, before noticing the Autobot looking at her.


"What was it about?" he asked with a curious tone

"The nightmare?" she said back, gaining a nod from the Bot.

"Yeah, because the way you were thrashing around in your sleeping bag made it look rather bad?" he replied, earning a thoughtful expression from the Femme who looked ahead and tried to focus.

'Bad, thats one way to explain it.' she thought as she took a deep breath and calmed herself.

"It's hard to put into words..." she started to say, making Quickstrike turn away from her.

"I see, well I was just wanted to know if there was anything I could do..." he said before he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked back to see the Femme with a slight smile on her face.

"I appreciate that Quickstrike, but I was going to tell you"

"Oh, well I'm sorry for assuming..." he then began to stammer as shyness crept into the tone of his voice, which made the Ser-Ket's smile grow a little bigger.

"It's okay, so anyway. What I remember feels like a wall of images, like I am looking at paintings. But I know for certain that there were dragons in this dream."

"Dragons like that blue and white one that attacked the Fearless?" Quckstrike replied, earning a nod from the Femme.

"Yes like Skystalker, exactly. And they were fighting each other" she answered, as the Autobot dwelled on the beast, finally being able to put a name to the face.

'So that's its name.'

"The dragons were fighting each other in the valley I was standing in, literally tearing each other apart." Ser-Ket added.

"Were all the dragons the same?" the bot asked in return, making her shake her head in return.

"No, there were two groups. One side had wings, the others did not."

"What do you think it means?" Quickstrike asked.

"I have no idea, I mean the others all remember their time before being reawakened by Galvatron. And they have said that Predaking was the Predacon leader." the Femme said, earning another curious look from Quickstrike.


"That's the name of the largest of the beast Predacons at Galvaton's disposal. He is far larger than both Skystalker and Grimwing." she explained, making the bot's eyes widen in response.

"There are two more of those dragons, and they are larger."

The Femme nodded in return.

"Yes, but the other Predacons believe that Predaking was their original leader. They can all remember that time, but Galvatron made a strong case for his leadership and everyone bought it." Ser-Ket replied before sighing, which caught Quickstrike's attention.

"What is it?"

"Why can everyone else remember what happened before, but I can't?" she replied with a frustrated tone.

"Perhaps these dreams are made up of fragments of memories from that time that you have forgotten, and this is the only way you can access them." the blonde Autobot said back in a thoughtful way that brought a slight smile to her face.

"That's some explanation you have there, I'm impressed."

"I am just trying to help." the bot replied as he mirrored her smile that unbeknownst to him, warmed her spark.

"Thank you, though I don't think these dreams are just made up of memories, if that is what they are. I can sense a lot of emotion in them too."

"Well whatever they are, I promise to help you figure it all out once we are off this planet." Quickstrike replied, surprising Ser-Ket.

"You would help me with that?" she asked as her eyes met his.

"Of course I will. Because if it wasn't for you, then I would have been broken by that sadistic sister of yours otherwise and then tortured for Primus knows how long." he said back with a warm smile that Ser-Ket could have sworn made her spark miss a beat.

"Alright, well I guess we should get moving then. How long do we have to go before we get to the escape shuttle?"

"We have half a day's walking to do, but before that I think breakfast would is in order." Quickstrike replied as he turned back to the survival packs and pulled out a ration each, handing one to Ser-Ket.

"How are you feeling now?" she asked as the bot opened the ration and took a bite, before pulling a face that said the ration did not taste very good.

"Uggh...well other than hungrier for something that doesn't taste like cardboard..." he replied while holding up the biscuit with a large bite mark in it.

"...I am feeling much better, those hours long sleep I had did the trick." he continued as Ser-Ket looked down at her food and opened the packaging.

"That's good." she simply responded before taking a bite out of the ration biscuit as they both then sat in comfortable silence and ate their breakfast, no matter how bland and tasteless it was.


Meanwhile back at the Achilles, Rip-Claw was nearly climbing the walls with anger as she awaited news from the Terracon engineering teams that were currently attempting to repair the damage that was caused by her sister and that Autobot scum several hours earlier.

'What is taking so long, my sister needs to be found and made to pay for making a fool out of me. As does that Autobot, who deserves nothing more than to spend eternity being tortured for no other reason than my enjoyment.' she thought as she paced back and forth in her quarters with her hands held behind her back.

But the Terracons weren't exactly known for their engineering skills, even if they were fast learners and this had the Femme worried.

'The longer this takes, the more chances are that my sister and that Autobot scum will get away...we need to be out there...NOW!' she thought with enough anger that at that same, she slammed her clenched fist onto her metallic desk, leaving a large dent in it's place.

'What is taking so long?' she spat in her mind, before her anger was cut off by her com-link beeping, so she tapped it.

"This is Rip-Claw, report."

"Commander, power has been restored. We now have access to the ship's sensors and communications." the Terracon replied.

"Good, start running sensor sweeps and launch a wing of fighters to make aerial searches. I want that pair found." the Femme replied as she then heard the Con gulp on his end of the link.

"What is it?"

"Sir, we are receiving a transmission. It is Lord Galvatron." the Terracon replied worriedly, which made the Femme go quiet as a sense of dread came over her.

'Perfect, just what I needed.' she thought.

"Well sir, should I pass him to you?" the Con asked with a fearful tone.

"Yes, put him through. And get started on those sensor sweeps." Rip-Claw said back, ending the link before the commanding voice of the Predacon Leader was heard.

"Rip-Claw, what has been going on over there?" he said in a tone that the Femme could tell was worrying sign.

"My Lord?" she said back, trying to calm the tone of her voice, in spite of the situation.

"Why has the Achilles been off the grid for the last several hours, I have been trying to contact you without success multiple times. Just what in the pit has been happening?" Galvatron replied, his tone becoming more agitated.

"We have...been experiencing...technical difficulties." the Commander said back, hoping to brush off the Predacon Leader and get back to the task on hand.

"I am now in the middle of taking down Omega and do not have the time for lies." the Predacon Leader said back with narrowed eyes, like he could see right through the Femme.

...And you don't want to anger me further, what has happened?" he added as Rip-Claw looked down t the ground and sighed.

"My lord, the Autobot prisoner has escaped the Achilles." she simply replied, expecting Galvatron to rip her a new one, he did not disappoint on that account.

"WHAT! How in the pit did one measly Autobot manage to evade and escape a ship crewed by many Predacons? I would love to hear how..." he spat with venomous rage at the Femme, making her feel very small in his presence which was quite an achievement considering he was not even there.

"Ser-Ket betrayed us and aided the Autobot in his escape." she replied before tensing up, expecting another tongue lashing from her Lord.

"Ser-Ket did what?" he said back in a tone that sound more calmer than it should have been, in fact Rip-Claw did not know how she should react to it.

"She helped the Autobot escape and then left with him." she answered and for what felt like a long moment, Galvatron remained quiet. Yet the Femme could swear she could hear the Con muttering to himself, it was as if he was talking to someone before he snapped yet again.

"Shut it!" he blared, earning a surprised and confused expression from Rip-Claw, who did not know where to look despite being alone in her quarters.

"I did not say anything my Lord." the Femme replied, earning a growl from the Predacon Lord.

"I was not talking to you!" he snapped back, which heightened her curiosity.

"So who were you talking too?"

"That's none of your business, now I want that traitorous wretch found and brought to me, understand?" Galvatron replied, earning a nod from the Femme.

"I am sending out teams now my Lord, but the planet is large and they had a head start of several hours."

"I don't care about that, you will find both Rip-Claw and this Autobot. I am sending over a code that should help you in locating them both, do not ask l where I got it from." the Predacon Leader said back, as the Femme's holo-screen activated and showed a binary code. One that confused Rip-Claw as she looked at it.

"What is this my Lord?"

"It is a the tracking code for a micro-chip that Shockblast installed in each one of you, on my behalf."

The Femme's eyes widened as she listened to her Leader, clearly shocked by this revelation.

"Are you saying that all of us, your lieutenants have these trackers planted in our bodies, so you can keep an eye on us."

"Yes, they were an idea left behind by the Decepticon scientist Shockwave. I had Shockblast continue the project." he replied, while Rip-Claw was still trying to work it all out in her mind.

"Do you not trust us? Why would you do such a thing."

"Be glad that I did, for it will make finding Ser-Ket and her Autobot pet easier. And now, I do not believe you have any right to question me. Just find Ser-Ket, I would prefer for you to bring her in alive. But if that is too much trouble for you, then dead will suffice."

"And the Autobot?" the Femme asked.

"Just kill him, now get on with it. I have a battle here that needs my full attention, and don't fail me again Rip-Claw. Galvatron out." the Predacon Leader said before the transmission ended and Rip-Claw could not help but feel somewhat shaken by not just what had transpired, but also by the revelation. The Femme though shook her head and activated her holo-tool and linked it to her console, which she tied to the sensor array.

The Predacon did not have time to dwell on such things though, as she felt she was on borrowed time. Time which she had to use wisely if she were to regain her master's favor, so any questions she had would have to wait. So she brought up a map of the continent that the Colony was based, typed in the micro-chip activation code and press sent. Another moment then passed before a ping was heard and a white dot blinked on and off repeatedly over ten kilometers west of the ship.

'Found you.' she thought before tapping her com-link.

"This is Rip-Claw, have a squad of Terracons and Stalkers ready to move out in five minutes."

"Yes Commander, is there anything else?" the Terracon asked on the other end.

"Yes, where is Skystalker at this moment?"

"He is currently perched at the top of Com-Tower, why do you ask?" the Con replied.

"Well I am sending you some coordinates, ones that I wish for the squads to search. And I also want Skystalker to go too, but send him several minutes later. Do you understand?" the Femme said back.

"Yes Commander, it will be done." the Terracon answered before the link shut down, making Rip-Claw smile to herself.

'One way or another, you will die today my sister.'


The sun was just starting to set as Quickstrike and Ser-Ket walked into a clearing, after walking through the forest for what felt like a long time.

"Finally, I thought we would be looking a trees forever in there." the Femme said while gesturing back to heavy foliage they had just traversed, earning a smile from the bot as he looked back at her.
"Wait a second, you were saying earlier how beautiful this all was."
"That was before we entered the never-ending forest, I mean look at that." the Femme replied as she pointed at the mountains that could be seen in the distance.

"Now that too is a beautiful sight."

"Yeah I agree, but right now this looks even better." the Bot said back as pointed ahead of him, gaining Ser-Ket's attention as she looked over to see what looked like a steel and concrete hanger, which had foliage growing over its exterior. It was surrounded by a few smaller buildings, each one had a similar look to it. Meanwhile Ser-Ket started to scratch at something that was itching under the chest plate of her armour, twhich did not go unnoticed by Quickstrike.

"We found it...what is it? The Autobot asked with a concerned expression, but the Femme just shook her head in return.

"I just have an itch under this armour plate, its nothing to worry about." Predacon replied with a smile, hoping that would be enough.

"So this is the place?" she then added, with Quickstrike noticing a touch of disappointment in the Femme's voice.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's just I was expecting a little more, I mean this place looks ancient." the Femme replied as she pointed at the run down building.

"That's just for show, in case any enemies showed up. So that they would think the place is worthless." the Autobot said as they walked up to the building.

"So where is the door?" the Femme asked as she looked at the foliage covered wall in front of them, earning a lop-sided grin from Quickstrike who activated his holo-blade.

He the swiped the area ahead of him with the blade, cutting the vines and making some of the green fall to the ground, revealing the entrance.

"Right here." he answered in a confident tone, which made the Femme smile and sigh.

'Cute and funny.' she thought as the bot then used his holo-tool to open the door, which creaked with the sound of rusted metal as it opened.

"Ladies first." Quickstrike then said as he held his hand ahead of the Femme in a gesture.

"Always the gentleman?" she replied in an almost coy tone.

"Manners were a big thing with my parents." he said back, earning a coy smile from Ser-Ket.

"Lucky me." she said back as she accepted his gesture and entered the hangar first.

Quickstrike walked in after the Femme and closed the door behind him, before joining her side.

"You did say that the exterior looked the way it did to dissuade enemies right? That it wasn't because it was old?" Ser-Ket asked as she looked around the very lowly lit room.

"Yeah..." the bot replied as he tapped his holo-tool and activated the building's interior lighting which then powered up and revealed all to the pair, as it looked like they had stepped into a warehouse as they were surrounded by pallets of supplies and the foliage from outside was also growing on the walls and ceiling inside too.

"Because this place is starting to look old to me again." the Femme said as they looked around the pallets which that were stacked at around several meters tall. And they were all positioned in such a way, that navigating around them would be like trying to make your way through a garden maze. Quickstrike though, looked around the room before his eyes spotted something.

"Look, that's why the interior looks the way it does." he said while pointing at a hole in the wall which the foliage had grown through.

"Must have been damaged during the storm we had last year, thought its impressive that the foliage has grown so much in such a short time." he added as he looked at the map on his holo-tool.

"The shuttle should be at the other side of the hangar, let's go."

Ser-Ket nodded and the pair began walking further into the hangar as they moved in between the hundreds of pallets. A long moment later and they exited the pallet maze to find the shuttle sitting in the corner of the hangar, looking completely untouched.

"There we are, thats our ticket out of here." Quickstrike exclaimed before he opened up it's hatch with his holo-tool, and letting the Femme take a look inside by peeking in the now open hatch.

"Okay, it looks good. though it's not like I didn't believe you when you told me originally." Ser-Ket replied as she bent over, which gave the bot a perfect view of her nicely shaped rear which made him smile as he stole a glance at it. Though unbeknownst to him, Ser-Ket was smiling too as she could feel his eyes on her and she liked it.

'I don't know why I am doing this.' she thought.

'But he is kind, funny and a great warrior. He reminds me of someone, though I cannot for life of me remember who.'

"I see we have a small armoury in this shuttle." Ser-Ket said as she climbed in and walked up to the shelves, which had the weapons including rifles, pistols and grenades stacked on them.

But before she said anything else, a faint noise could be outside caught both her and Quickstrike's attention, and it was getting louder as time went on.

"What is that?" the Femme asked as she looked out of the hatch at the bot, who stood there and gripped his rifle.

"Sounds like a shuttle engine, but that is impossible. No one knows about this place." he replied before suddenly the noise became vet loud and a shadow was cast over the hanger's roof.

"They have found us." Ser-Ket said with a knowing dread in her voice.

"But how, I mean there is just no way that they would have known about it." the Autobot said, which then made the Femme's eyes widen as she turned away from him and opened up her chest-plate, which revealed a faint light blinking on and off. It was located near the center of her chest, just above her breasts and it immediately set off alarm bells in her mind.

'By the Allspark, is that a tracker inside me. It's led them right to us!' she thought before Quickstrike's and her attention was caught by the sound a roar from outside, it sounded like a mix of a human and a beast.

"What the hell was that?" Quickstrike said as Ser-Ket re-clothed so that he did not notice the flashing light on her chest, but she recognised the roar instantly.

"Oh great... Stalkers." she replied, earning a curious look from the bot.

"What are Stalkers?"

"They are Terracons who have been forced to stay in their beast mode, and they are used for hunt and destroy missions." the Femme replied as another roar sounded right outside the walls of the hangar.

"How many are there?" Quickstrike asked as clawing and scratching could be heard.

"There are usually around five of them, and they hunt in packs." Ser-Ket replied.

"They sound intelligent."

"Not really, no more so than regular Terracons.." the Femme said back before an idea began to form in her mind, making her smile.

"…Which means we can trick them." she added before heading over to the shuttle's armoury and then returning with something that brought a similar expression from the Autobot.

"You think that will work?" he replied, the Femme nodding in return.

"Yes, all we need is the right bait."

Then the sound of the Stalkers entering the hangar caught the pair's attention as the Femme peeked past the nearest supply pallet to see the Cons entering through the hole in the wall at the other end of the building.

"What kind of bait will do?" Quickstrike then asked, knowing that time was short. But the answer was certainly something he did not expect, as Ser-Ket smiled at him with a knowing look.


'I wish I hadn't asked.' the Bot thought as he crept slowly around the supply pallets, with his holo-blade ready with his right hand while he clenched his left hand into a fist that had blood dripping out from underneath it, leaving a trail of blood drops on the floor.

'[i]How did I let Ser-Ket talk me into this?i]' he thought while trying to keep his mind off how sore his hand felt since the Femme had sliced his palm.

"You will have to lay a trail of blood around the pallets the Stalkers will follow, like bread crumbs." the Femme had told him. Quickstrike was now around the middle of the large area of pallets, so much that he could no longer see the shuttle or the hangar's entrance.

But he could hear the stalkers who had entered the area he was in, so the bot kept as quiet as he could and hoped that the modified Terracons would not sniff him out right away. As Ser-Ket had said, they should smell the puddle of blood he had left them at the start of the trail first.

The Bot stayed very still and was leaning right back against the pallet as he heard one of the Stalkers start to sniff the air, earning similar actions from the others. So Quickstrike peeked around the corner of the pallet and saw what must have been the Alpha, who grunted at the others to follow before moving off in the direction of the puddle, the others then followed. The Autobot then sighed, but this caught he attention of the last Stalker who looked in his direction.

Its face looked almost human, just like the other Terracons and Rip-Claw had looked when they had changed in front of him. Those this one looked less intelligent and its entire mouth area was covered in drool, with it hanging off his chin and dripping onto the floor. As it growled and sniffed the air, the Autobot's spark felt like it was going to jump right out of his chest, it was beating that fast.

'[/Please don't detect me, I don't want to fight them all now.
' he thought when suddenly the Alpha could be heard growling which gained the attention of the last Stalker, who then quickly ran off in that direction. Quickstrike simply breathed a sigh of relief before resuming his own task, as he squeezed his hand and allowed blood to drip on the floor and continue the trail.

After moving around several more pallets, the bot could hear that the Stalkers were now on the trail and moving slowly toward him. He then found himself in the area that Ser-Ket had pointed out on her holo-map, which was right against the west wall. He squeezed out another small puddle of blood, his hand was now starting to feel numb after the amount of blood he had deposited in the last few minutes.

'Any more and I will need a blood transfusion.' he thought as he wrapped a bandage around his hand then took cover behind a pallet on the puddle's right hand side, which contained a number of large metal boxes, which should make good cover or so he was told by the Femme. Then suddenly the Stalkers appeared on the scene with the Alpha at the front, sniffing the trail of blood that had been laid out for them. Quickstrike peeked out from behind the pallet and saw the pack the stop next to the puddle as the Alpha began sniffing it.

'It's now or never.' the Bot thought as he pulled a device off his utility belt, the same device that Ser-Ket had in her hands when she had the idea. He looked down at the plasma grenade in his hands.

'This should only kill the Stalkers, not bring down the hanger around us.' Quickstrike thought or rather hoped as he then pulled the pin and armed the explosive, which was shown by a green light pulsing at the top of the device. He then threw the grenade over the pallet, with it hitting the ground next to the Stalkers. who looked at it as it rolled in between of their pack, the Alpha started to sniff at it as it's green light pulsed even quicker.

Seeing this made the Alpha's eyes widen as it finally dawned on it what this thing was, but it was top late as the grenade exploded and engulfed the pack in plasma-fire. The small shockwave emitted from the explosion shook the pallet that Quickstrike had used for cover, nearly deafening him due to his rather close, but not to close proximity.

After waiting a moment, Quickstrike then got up and walked around the pallet to see the burned and charred remains of the Stalkers lying around the area.

'They really are stupid.' he thought before his eyes widened as he counted the bodies.

'One, two, three, four. There's only four...where's the fifth?' he thought as he felt panic taking a hold, so he spun around and saw nothing but pallets. But then he heard a low growl to his left and looked, but suddenly felt himself falling backwards with the last Stalker on top as it tackled him to the ground. Quickstrike was pinned under the beastial man as it drooled and bared its sharp teeth, he could feel and smell its hot breath on his face and it was enough to make him feel sick.

'Can you say halitosis.' he thought as the beast drooled on him as he fought to free himself, the Stalker had what felt like an iron grip on his forearms.

'Can't break free.' he thought as the Con opened its mouth and readied itself to maul the bot, who could only try and free himself again. But suddenly three gun shots echoed through the hanger and the Stalker yelped in response before falling onto the ground beside the Autobot, who breathed heavily as he looked up to see Ser-Ket standing over him.

"Sorry about that." she said as she held out a hand which Quickstrike took, getting to his feet with the Femme's help.

"What happened? I thought you had my back?" he asked, earning a shameful expression from the Predacon.

"I am sorry Quickstrike, I know I promised that. but I got jumped by those Terracons and had to deal with them first."
Ser-Ket then pointed at one of their bodies that lay just behind a pallet just aways from them.

"And you killed them all...impressive." the bot replied, earning a smile from the Femme.

"Well, you did get most of the Stalkers. I haven't seen an Autobot hold up to one yet." she said back as the Bot looked down at the dead beast-man at his feet.

"Only because I followed your plan, I think that the results might have been very different if I had tried something else." he replied.

"Well, I don't know how long it will be until the Predacons send more after us. So you get the shuttle ready." Ser-Ket said as she gestured towards the shuttle

"What about you?" the Autobot asked with a curious tone.

"I am going to hack one of the Terracon's holo-tools and see if I can gain a piggyback into the Predacon system, so we can keep an eye on what they are up to."

"Okay, I'll get the shuttle's pre-ignition started then." Quickstrike replied before heading for the shuttle and activating his holo-tool, earning the hum of the vehicle's engines as they fired up. Meanwhile the Femme walked over to one of the dead Terracons and started up her own holo-tool, bringing up a holo-screen which showed connection data. In less than a few seconds, the dead Con's holo-tool powered up around the body's arm and began communicating with Ser-Ket's which made the Femme smile.

'Gotcha.' she thought as her holo-tool pinged and the Predacon system opened up for her.

'Right, now time for... What the?' she thought when the sound of something heavy unlocked above her and the roof began to separate like double sliding doors, exposing the hanger's interior to the sky outside. The Femme looked over to see Quickstrike walking over to her, a warm smile on his face.

"Well, the shuttle is ready to go. What about you?"

"Yes I..." Ser-Ket said before it suddenly dawned on her about the tracker in her chest, which changed her expression to one of concern. One that Quickstrike mirrored in return.

"What is it?" he asked, but before the Predacon could respond, a strange and yet familiar sound caught their attention outside.
"What is that?" the bot said as he looked up at the dusk sky which had become more cloudy, the Femme mirrored him as the sound grew louder.

"Sounds like...wings...flapping!" she said, her eyes widening as she realised what it was.

"No!" she said aloud before the giant blue and white form of Skystalker burst through the clouds and landed ontop of the hangar, spreading out its large wings and roaring, letting its presence be known to the entire area.

"Skystalker, what do we..." Quickstrike said back before being cut off by the Femme.

"Hide!" she shouted as she grabbed him by the arm, the pair ran out of view and behind one of the larger pallets, just as the metallic dragon finished it's roar and looked down into the open building.

"So, what can we do?" Quickstrike whispered as they hid, making the Femme shake her head in return.

"Nothing, none of the rifles or firearms we have will put a dent in Skystalker's armour, let alone kill it."

"Right, well..." the bot began to reply before he heard the Predacon dragon give off a low growl and peeked past the pallet, and noticed that Skystalker had spotted the shuttle that was now fully primed to launch.

"No, no, no, no!" Quickstrike whispered as the beast stared at the shuttle for what felt like a long moment, before then opening it's mouth. Which then caused a white glow to appear at the bottom of it's throat, which then traveled up its neck and into it's mouth. Then it suddenly shot out in a white energy beam which hit the shuttle and froze it in ice where it stood.

Quickstrike's eyes widened as he felt his anger boiling up in his spark.

"That's our ride!" he spat while looking at the shuttle, now rendered completely useless by Skystalker.

"We can't do anything about that now..." Ser-Ket said back as she grabbed his shoulder.

"But we can..." the Femme added while looking directly into the angry Autobot's eyes, but suddenly stopped as they both simultaneously felt the hairs on the back of their necks stand on end. So both looked up to see Skystalker looking down on them and growling.

"Run!" the Femme screamed as they both ditched their no longer hidden hiding spot and ran further into the pallet stacks, as Skystalker roared and started moving around the open roof of the hanger, trying to re-acquire his targets.

Ser-Ket just kept running down what felt like endless corridors of this maze of pallet stacks, which were high enough that Skystalker would have to be directly above them to notice.

'Quickstrike?' she suddenly thought as she stopped and realised that the Bot was no longer at her side.

'Damn it, must have accidently seperated as we ran from Skystalker.' she thought as she looked down both sides of the aisle she was in, but saw no sign of the Bot.

Meanwhile Quickstrike found himself in exactly the same predicament as he looked around for the Femme while trying to remain as quiet as possible, since he could hear the beast moving around above them.

"Ser-Ket, Ser-Ket." he whispered, mentally kicking himself for not watching where she was when they ran.

'If anything happens to her after all she's done for me, I'll never forgive myself.' he thought as he kept his eyes peeled for signs of the Femme. But then Skystalker roared again, making a lump appear in Quickstrike's throat as he knew there was only one reason for such a thing...the beast had found her.

Ser-Ket had nowhere to go as she found herself backed up against the wall as the massive blue and white Predacon-dragon had dropped into the hanger, blocking her off from the stacks of pallets that had at least offered some cover. The Femme's spark beat had picked up rapidly as she stared at Skystalker, who's optics remained focused purely on her. Every time she tried to move, they moved with her.

'It must be locked on the tracker inside of me.' the Femme thought while searching around for something to use, but all she could see was the pallets and the now frozen shuttle which was next to what looked like some large cylinder-like objects connected to the wall to it's right.

'Looks like this is it.' she thought as the Dragon opened its mouth and began charging its ice-breath, as white light began glowing brighter inside the beast's exposed throat.

'At least I can die knowing that I did the right thing in helping Quickstrike, and I was starting to really like him too.'

But just as Skystalker was about to unleash its attack and freeze the Femme to the spot she was standing in, the Dragon suddenly arced its head up and roared in pain which dumbfounded Ser-Ket as she watched with a confused expression.

Her eyes then widened in surprise as she saw Quickstrike standing on the beast's back, keeping his balance by holding onto it with one of his holo-blades stuck inside it's metal hide as the Predacon began to try and shake him off frantically. Ser-Ket could not help but show a slight smile, watching the Bot repeatedly stab the Beast with his other holo-blade.

"What are you waiting for...Run!" he shouted, as he noticed the Femme just staring at him. This brought Ser-Ket to her senses and she ran as the dragon kept moving in a circle away from her, shaking itself continuously in a further attempt to rid itself of the Autobot.

'He is fighting Skystalker...for me.' she thought with a great deal of admiration for the display transpiring before her as the Femme stopped back at the pallet and stacks and watched.

Skystalker became more enraged with every second that Quickstrike remained on its back, hacking and stabbing away at it's back. The bot though remained focused on injuring the Predacon-dragon as much as he could as he stabbed down yet again into the Beast's back, this time making some greeny/blueish energon spill out of it. This made him smile as he saw the liquid leaking out.

'So you can be hurt, thats good to know. Means you can be killed.' he thought before his attention suddenly turned to his holo-blade that he was using to anchor himself to Skystalker, noticing that it was slowly coming loose.

'Uh oh.'

Suddenly the dragon swung itself around with so much force that it dislodged Quickstrike, sending him flying off its back.

"Quickstrike!" Ser-Ket screamed as she watched helplessly as the bot slammed back-first into the frozen hull of the shuttle, before dropping hard to the floor.

Quickstrike was feeling dazed and winded as he looked up from the floor to see the dragon look over it's shoulder at him, it then lifted it's tail up in the air and held it over the Bot and the shuttle.

"Quickstrike move!" the Femme shouted, thus making the Autobot roll out of the way just as the sharp end of its tail came slamming down onto the ground where he once was. The bot then breathed heavily as he ended up on his knees and looked up to see Skystalker's tail was trapped inside the engine section of the shuttle, having broke through the ice and become stuck.

The Dragon had noticed this too as it looked back and tried to shake it's tail free, but had no luck as the shuttle's fuel began flowing out of the damaged section. Which brought an idea to the Autobot's mind as he looked over to the Femme.

"Ser-Ket!" he called, and noticed that she was on the same wavelength as in her hand was a plasma grenade. Ser-Ket smiled and pulled the device's pin before throwing the pulsing grenade into the puddle of fuel that was expanding next to the shuttle, all the while Skystalker was still trying to free itself and so did not notice that Quickstrike and the Femme had begun running away. Then suddenly the grenade exploded, taking the shuttle with it.

The force of the blast knocked the Beast onto its knees, earning a yelp-like cry from it before it spread its wings and launched itself back onto the hanger's roof. It then looked back at it's damaged tail, its optics then narrowed as it then looked back into the open hangar.

"I think we pissed it off." Quickstrike said as both he and Ser-Ket hid behind another pallet but when he didn't get a reply from the Femme, he looked back to see a worried expression on her face.

"What is it?"

"Look.." she replied as she pointed over to the wreckage of the shuttle, gaining the Bot's attention as his eyes widened at the sight of the large cylinders and the plasma damage they had gained from the explosion.

"Shit, those fuel!" he exclaimed before grabbing the Femme's hand as the two began to run for the hanger exit while Skystalker looked back at them and roared, making Ser-Ket look back over her shoulder just in time to see the fuel cells begin to explode.

"Quickstrike down!" she shouted back while tackling the Bot to the ground, just as her eyes began to change. Suddenly the fuel cells exploded, engulfing the hangar in flames as the shock-wave sent Skystalker falling off the roof. The Dragon landed on the Terracon shuttle that was parked nearby and crushed it instantly.

The Beast immediately rolled back onto it's four legs and looked back at the hangar, or rather what remained of it as it was now completely on fire and billowed with smoke. Skystalker sniffed the air and scanned the destroyed building with it's optics for a long moment before spreading out its wings, and launching itself back into the sky as rain began to fall from the dark clouds in the night sky. The Predacon-dragon circled the area once before flying off into the distance, apparently satisfied with the conclusion.

But as the beast slowly came to be a bleep on the horizon, some of the rubble in among the fires began to move before a large piece of metal scaffolding was suddenly flung onto its side, revealing Quickstrike who was covered in soot and bruises. The Bot looked around at the collapsed building around him with a look of utter confusion, as he had no idea how he had survived it.

"Okay, how did I just…" he began to say before he heard heavy breathing behind him, so turned around and the sight that met him made his eyes widen. For standing before him was Ser-Ket in her beast mode, standing at just taller than the Bot with more prominent muscles and sharp claws instead of nails on her hands. Her teeth were extremely sharp and prominent, but it was the eyes that really caught his attention as they looked so beastial and alien compared to the compassionate Femme he had come to know in such a short time.

"Ser-Ket? You alright?" he asked in an unsure kind of way, but the Femme just looked past him and towards Skystalker who was just a dot in the distance now.

'She saved me back there, shielded me from the fire.' he thought while looking back at what could only be described as a monster, yet he could still see the Woman behind the beast.

"We better get out of this rain?" the Bot then said, earning a grunt from Ser-Ket who then proceeded to dislodge and clear more of the rubble out of the pair's way, with the Autobot following close behind as they headed over to one of the adjacent buildings nearby.


Both Ser-Ket and Quickstrike left the now smoldering ruins of the hangar behind them as the rain started coming down fast and hard, dousing the fire and removing the only light source that remained in the area. The pair entered the building as Ser-Ket who was still in her beast-mode sniffed the air, earning a curious look from the bot who activated his torch and illuminated the building's they interior.

"Is it safe, there can't be any other Terracons around still surely? Because I doubt any of them would believe that we survived that explosion." Quickstrike said, earning a grunt from the Predacon as she nodded in return. The pair were standing in what looked like a hallway and it had the same look as the hanger, so no one had been there in a while.

"Come on, lets find somewhere to rest." the Autobot said as he led the way with Ser-Ket behind him, walking through the hallway and into a large room with windows that were at last seven feet off the ground. Quicktrike looked up and saw the rain water running down the glass of the windows as the storm continued to batter the area before returning his attention to the rest of the room. What he saw reminded him of a barracks, as there were several beds all lined up in formation and each had it's own cupboard and night table.

"This should do for now." the Bot replied as he shone his torch back at Ser-Ket and noticed blood on the abdominal side of the Femme's torso armour.

"Wait a second?" he said curiously, making the Predacon look at him in a confused way as the Bot stepped toward her to get a closer look. She growled lowly at him as he reached his free hand at the blood stained armour, making him pull his hand back.

"It's okay, but you should let me take a look…..I won't hurt you." he said in a caring tone as he looked into her eyes, making the Femme sigh in return. Quickstrike then reached out with his hand and touched the armour as he noticed something sticking out of the piece that was stained, gaining a grimace from Ser-Ket as he touched it.

"Sorry, but I need get this piece of armour off." he said earning an annoyed stare from the raven haired woman, who then nodded in return. So the Bot placed his torch on the night table and activated its lamp mode, which made the light shine around the room in a gentle fashion as he returned his attention to the injured Femme.

Ser-Ket watched quietly as the Bot took off the armour piece and set it aside, his eyes widening as he saw a largish piece of metal sticking out of her abdomen with blood leaking out of the wound around it.

"Damn it, that's one nasty wound you've got." he explained to the Predacon who just tilted her head and looked at him with a confused expression, one that baffled the Bot.

'How much pain can these Predacons take in this berserker mode they have?' he thought as he activated his holo-tool and scanned the wound.

"Well, good news is that the metal hasn't damaged any of your internal organs and systems. So your Pretender body will heal, but I have to pull that thing out first." he said as he looked at the data on his holo-tool and then at the Femme, who now looked at him blankly like she did not understand.

'Does going into this berserker….beast mode, cause them to become stupider or something?'

Quickstrike then took a hold of the metal, earning another grimace from Ser-Ket.

"Sorry, I am going to pull it out on the count of three…." he said as they both looked into each other's eyes, and though the Femme's looked more like a Beast and less like the Woman he had gotten to know over the last couple of days, Quickstrike had to believe that she was still in there at this moment.

"..and this is going to hurt, so please don't kill me for it?" he added as he grasped the metal tightly with one hand while placing his other on the Femme's arm.

'How did that story go….the one with the mouse and the lion?… goes.' he thought.

"Three, two, one…." he then said before quickly pulling out the metal in one go, making the blood spill out of the open wound and treacle down the Femme's body. But the Predacon roared in pain as she hit out at the Bot with her claws, which narrowly scratched his chest as he jumped back.

But Ser-Ket was now enraged and roared again, which echoed through the building's rooms as she then turned her attention to the wall and punched and ran her claws down it, leaving dents and inch deep claw marks on it's surface. Quickstrike watched in silent horror at the damage the Femme was doing in her beastial rage before she suddenly went quiet and stopped in mid-attack, looking over her shoulder at the bot and spotting the scratches on his chest. This made her eyes widen in shock as she all of sudden recoiled, while her facial expression became one of pure shame and sadness at what she nearly did.

"No Ser-Ket, its just a scratch." Quickstrike said back instantly as he saw the Femme get down onto her knees and hold onto the side of the bed, while looking anywhere other than at the Bot standing in front of her.

The Autobot sighed as he then took some medi-gel from his utility belt and knelt beside the Femme, who then turned her back on him and slowly began to sob.

"Ser-Ket please, I need to close and this wound so it can heal. I can't do that if you don't let me." he pleaded as the Predacon kept her back to him, so he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Ser-Ket, let me help you….please."

For a long moment there was nothing but the sound of the rain outside as silence stood between the pair, then the Femme sighed before turning round and sitting with her back to the bed, allowing Quickstrike access to her wound though she still looked away. The Bot merely nodded and sighed before taking the medi-gel and spraying it onto the wound, which then slowly closed and healed itself.

"There we are, that's healing nicely." he said with relief in his voice, yet Ser-Ket would not acknowledge him as she kept her attention away from him. So Quickstrike sat down beside her and listened to the rain that was continuing to fall outside without pause.

But then he felt something on his left shoulder and heard a sobbing-like sound and looked over to see Ser-Ket resting her head on his shoulder and crying quietly, with tears running down her cheeks. So the Quickstrike lifted his arm and allowed the femme to rest her head on his chest as he rested his arm around her and instinctively held her close.

"It's alright." he whispered as Ser-Ket rested against his chest and listened to his breathing and the beating of his spark, thus calming her down and changing her back to normal as they both just sat there in comfortable silence and listened to the rain.


Quickstrike opened his eyes to find himself still sitting against the bed in the barracks with Ser-Ket in his arms, it was still dark and the storm was still raging outside so he had not been asleep for very long, but he did not know how he fell asleep to begin with. But he looked down at the Femme and saw that her holo-tool was active, and that she was typing into it while looking at a small holo-screen being emitted by it. But unknown to the Autobot, while her holo-tool was indeed active, Ser-Ket was actually looking at her chest for she had noticed that the tracker was no longer sending out a signal as it's light was not blinking on and off.

'It must have been damaged during the hangar explosion. That's a lucky break.' she thought before closing her chest plate and returning her attention to her holo-screen.

"You alright?" Quickstrike asked, earning an almost shocked reaction from Ser-Ket as she looked back at him with a slight smile in return.

"Yes I am, thanks to you." she replied with an appreciative tone as they eyes met.

"I didn't wake you did I, because you looked as if you were having a restful sleep." she added, earning a similar smile from the Bot.

"Yes, I don't remember falling asleep but I guess it is the second best sleep I have had in the last few days." he replied before his expression changed to a more concerned look.

"I didn't snore did I?" he asked, earning a small laugh from the Femme at his innocent and shy question.

"No, you didn't snore. You were very quiet actually."

'But you were very cute while asleep.' she then thought as they looked at each other for a moment.

"And I noticed you are still lying against me." the Bot observed, making Ser-Ket's cheeks redden slightly.

"Well I was comfortable." she replied coyly, earning a similar reaction from Quickstrike who then diverted his attention to the screen on Ser-Ket's holo-tool.

"Yes well…what are you looking at?" he asked in a not so vague attempt to change the subject, which made the Femme smile back knowingly.

"I am just skimming through my former comrades database, and it would seem that they now believe we are dead and have called off their search."

"Well that is good news, so we have some well earned breathing room for the time being." the Autobot replied as the Femme sat up and turned around to face him properly.

"Yes and…thank you."

"What for?" Quickstrike replied, gaining another coy look from the Predacon.

"For saving me from Skystalker, for fighting him with nothing more than your melee weapons. It was incredibly brave."

"Or incredibly stupid." the Bot said back with a hint of shyness at the way she was looking at him, but Ser-Ket shook her head slightly in return before meeting his eyes with hers again.

"No, it was very brave. And I am forever grateful for what you did."

"Well I did nothing that you haven't already done for me." Quickstrike said back, earning a curious look from Ser-Ket, this beautiful Femme who was sitting directly in front of him. This Predacon who really should have been his enemy, yet instead became a friend that he came to care a great deal about.

"…how could I not do the same for you, after everything you did to save me. I can't imagine how hard it was for you to turn your back on your people, knowing what the risks would be to help an enemy escape."

"Well, if I am entirely truthful. I never really felt like one of them and having seen what they were putting you through, and how you were continuing to stand up to them. I did not want to see that spark you have be crushed by my sister and the others, for you may be their enemy…..but you are not my enemy." Ser-Ket said back before her eyes fell upon the scratches on the Bot's chest, which made her expression lessen. And this did not go unnoticed by Quickstrike.

"But I guess there is still a part of me that is like my former brethren, a part of me that I can not control."

"Like I said before, it is just a scratch." the Autobot replied, trying to diffuse the tension that was growing in the Femme's voice.

"I could have really hurt you or worse, and that would have made all my efforts to save you mean nothing." she said back, making Quickstrike lean in closer to her and take her hands in his.

"But you didn't, and even though you had changed. I could see in your eyes that you were still in there, you wouldn't have been able to save us from the hanger being destroyed otherwise."

Ser-Ket looked down at her hands in his own as she thought on his words, but then the Autobot released one hand and placed it on her chin and brought her face back up to his, their eyes meeting again.

"You have saved me twice in as many days Ser-Ket, I do not if I will ever be able to fully thank you for that…..but I want to try." he replied with a smile, earning a confused expression from the Femme.

"Try?" she said back before the Bot leaned in close to her, so close she could feel his breath on her skin until he gently pressed his lips to her own. This surprised the Femme as her eyes widened in response while her spark missed a beat, and she felt a very warm feeling course through her being. Then Quickstrike pulled away just enough to look her in the eyes, and she saw nothing but affection in his as he smiled back.

"Thank you Ser-Ket." he said back before they just looked at each other for what felt like a long moment, earning a deep breath from the Femme. But then she suddenly grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss, pressing their lips together with such strength that in any other way, might of snapped someone's neck. But Quickstrike let himself go and gave as good as he was receiving as he kissed her back with as much feeling, their lips sealed together. He also put his arms around her back and pulled her up close so their bodies touched which made the Femme open her mouth and gasp, thus allowing the Bot to force his tongue in and begin wrestling with her own.

Ser-Ket though was a quick study, returning the act in kind as her tongue entered his mouth. And the pair kissed for a long moment, before finally separating long enough to take a well needed breath as looked into each others eyes.

"Do that again." the Femme said with a coy smile and similar tone in her voice that gave the Bot a feeling of butterflies in his stomach, making him blush in return.

"Yeah?" he asked back in a slightly unbelieving tone, which made Ser-Ket smile more.

"Yes." she replied and with out any further a due, Quickstrike leaned in again and they kissed once more, exploring each the insides of each others mouths with their tongues. As the pair kissed, the Autobot wrapped one arm around her back while his other hand was placed on the back her head with his fingers brushing through her raven colored hair. The Predacon returned the favor by wrapping both her arms around his back and pulling him closer and tighter as he had done earlier, strengthening the kiss as their faces became fused together in the passion of the moment.

Once the need for air reared itself again, Ser-Ket looked down at the Bot's shirt with a devilish smile on her beautiful face, and then surprised him by grabbing the top he was wearing and ripping a tear in it with her finger nails. Quickstrike smiled back as he started to grab at the Femme's armour, pulling the pieces off as fast as he could. The pair quickly made short work each others clothing before the Predacon stopped as her eyes caught sight of the scars covering the Autobot's body, stark reminders of the hell he had been put through by her Sister.

"Its alright, they don't hurt anymore." he answered softly before the Femme then bent down and kissed one of the scratches that ran across his chest, which gave the Bot a tingling sensation as he felt her lips on his skin. Ser-ket then left a trail of kisses over his chest and up his neck until she locked lips with him again, moaning into the kiss as the bot took one of her breasts in his hand and gently squeezed.

Quickstrike then got up back to his feet, followed quickly by the Ser-Ket as they then stood completely naked in front of each other. The Bot then wrapped his arms around the Femme, lifting her off the ground and pressing her back up against the cupboard. Ser-Ket quickly wrapped her legs around his waist as the two kissed passionately again, making sure to stay there in his grip.

The Bot then turned his attention again to her breasts as she then reached up and grabbed the top of the cupboard with her hands to steady them both some more, allowing him to use his hands as he kept her pinned to the cupboard. He moved one hand down between her legs while he licked and sucked on her nipples, earning a moan from Ser-Ket as she physically shivered in response to the pleasure he was giving her. It was something she did not want to experience alone so she freed one of her hands and moved down between his legs, taking hold of his member and began pleasuring the Bot as he kept his attention on her.

Quickstrike moaned in return as her strokes sped up and made him hard and erect, so he stopped and once again wrapped his arms around her. The Predacon understood what he wanted to do, for she wanted it as well so did the same and placed her hands on either side of his back.

The Bot then lifted her onto him and she moaned again while feeling him enter her slowly, wrapping her legs tightly around him as he began to thrust into her slowly. The feeling was phenomenal for Ser-Ket as it was something she had not experienced before, as each and every thrust from Quickstrike brought about more levels of pleasure, making her dig her nails into his flesh and drag them down his back. And if this had hurt the Autobot, he did not show it as he simply increased the speed of this thrusts, making them both moan in unison as he held her up against the cupboard which started to shake with every thrust.

After several minutes of this, they were both panting as they continued their love-making. But Quickstrike could feel his legs starting to give way so he pulled the Femme from the cupboard and sat himself down on the bed with her on his lap, earning a mischievous smile from Ser-Ket who then placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back, forcing him to lie down as she took control.

She the began rising and falling on his member, which was pulsing with so much pleasure that it made his eyes roll back as he moaned out loud. Ser-Ket then arched her back and quickened the pace, bringing them both closer to climax as they lost themselves in each other.

And as the storm continued to batter the barracks exterior, it could not deafen out their cries of pleasure as they continued through the night.
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