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Chapter XXI

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Omega under siege as Galvatron launches his attack against the mercenary empire, can Aria and Nyreen protect their citizens from the Predacons or will this mark the end of their empire.

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Twelve hours earlier

It was very quiet inside the Captain's quarters as Galvatron sat at his desk, staring at the Covenant of Primus that lay in front of him. It had been an hour since he gave the order for his fleet to prepare for the attack against Omega, and he was starting to get impatient. He thought waiting in his room would be a good idea, since he would have time to examine the relic of the Primes. But instead he had just passed the time by staring at the book, having suddenly felt indecisive about it.

'Why did I pick this up? I mean I did so for a reason and have meant to look at it in more detail, but yet here I am staring at it. What is wrong with me, why don't I just open it?' he thought as he shook his head.

"A more important question is why in the pit do you think so much?" a familiar voice replied, making the Predacon's eyes narrow as he gritted his teeth in response.

"Get out!" he spat without even bothering to look as Megatron stood against the wall and looked down at him with a disgusted expression.

"Well since you asked so nicely, I think I will...not." he chuckled, earning a groan from Galvatron which made his grin grow a little wider.

"Why can't you just leave me alone? Even for a moment?" the Predacon Leader said in an almost pleading like tone, making the Decepticon kneel beside him.

"Why do we keep going round in circles like this? You know why I will not leave you alone, there is no need for me to repeat it."

He then reached out and grabbed Galvatron's hand, which was near the relic's cover and moved it away.

"Forget about this over decorated paper-weight and just accept the truth." he added as he dropped the Con's hand into his lap, not even receiving a reaction from his Clone, who simply kept his eyes on the relic. But Megatron just knelt there and stared at Galvatron as he waited for a response, before finally rolling his eyes and sighing as he got back to his feet.

"So this is your plan, simply try to ignore me completely? Well let me show you how well that will work." he said before slamming his fist into the Predacon's head, knocking him off his chair and onto the floor, before standing over Galvatron who got on to his hands and knees.

"You cannot simply close your eyes and wish me away clone, nor can you treat me like I am not even here. Because every time that you do, this will happen. I do not even care if anyone sees this...but I know you do." he spat at him with clenched fists at the ready, as the Predacon looked up with pure hate in his eyes at his hallucination while a little blood ran down his chin from the edge of his mouth. But still he said nothing, which made Megatron even angrier as he punched his Clone again.

"You don't want to learn...fine, but that doesn't mean I can't beat it into you." he raged while grabbing Galvatron by the hair on his head and raising his other fist, readying it to strike. But suddenly the room's inter-com activated and Six-Shot's voice echoed in the room.

"Lord Gavlatron, your presence is requested in the CIC."

For a long moment there was no answer as both stared daggers at each other.

"My lord?" his lieutenant said again with a confused tone to his voice. But Megatron instead chose to ignore it and threw another punch at his Clone's face, only for Galvatron to block it this time with his arm. The Decepticon Leader's optics widened in surprise as the Predacon then pushed him away, looking at him with a stare that could melt through anything as his spark burned with silent rage.

"Lord Galvatron." Six-Shot asked again over the inter-com.

"I am on my way Six-Shot, Galvatron out." he replied before walking past the suddenly quiet hallucination as he left the room, being sure to pick up a cloth on his way out.

And it wasn't until the Predacon was walking down the corridor towards the elevator and wiping the blood from his face while doing so, that it dawned on him what had just happened.

'How did I stop Megatron from hitting me? How was I able to touch him?' he thought as he stopped and stood there in the middle of the corridor, completely confused by what had transpired. And it was then at that moment Galvatron heard a voice echoing faintly through the corridor, just as his spark began to burn up which made him clutch his chest.


The Predacon recognised the voice as the one he had heard in his dream, but at this moment he was awake. He looked around as the voice echoed around him, while holding his hand to his chest due due to the pain that his spark was putting him through.


Suddenly the Clone felt a hand touch his shoulder as everything went quiet, and the pain instantly stopped.

"Galvatron?" another voice spoke, making Galvatron spin round with his fists ready. But he found that he was face to face with a confused looking Darksteel.

"Lord Galvatron?" he asked with a puzzled tone.

"What is it Darksteel?"

"Are you alright Sir?" the Con asked with an honest and subservient expression.

"I am fine, please return to your duties." Galvatron replied as he tried to sound in control, earning an unsure look from the other Predacon. But then Darksteel nodded without question and carried on past him down the corridor.

'What in the pit just happened to me?' Galvatron thought as he walked over to the elevator, pressing the call button on it's control panel and waiting for it to arrive. But when he could think of no answer to the question, he turned his thoughts to another problem.

'I have to be more careful, luckily Darksteel is young and naive and also fears me. So I don't expect any trouble from him about what he just witnessed. But if that had been someone like Six-Shot, I would have had to take steps to make sure that he does not speak...wait, what am I thinking!' the Predacon Leader thought as he found these dark thoughts of killing his own men troubling.

"Now your starting to think like me." Megatron suddenly said as he appeared behind the Clone, earning a groan from Galvatron.

"I wouldn't get used to the idea of fighting back, because it won't end well for you." the hallucination warned with a cold tone, but luckily for Galvatron the elevator arrive and opened for him. So he ignored the Decepticon Leader and entered it, the doors closing behind him and shutting the ghost out.

'This madness has to stop.' he thought as he stood there in the elevator, which took him to the CIC.

As Galvatron walked into the Nemesis's CIC, he saw that it was a buzz with activity as all the stations were manned by Terracons and a number of his Lieutenants were standing at the command station that overlooked the entire room. Standing there was Lazerback, Blight, Vertebreak and they were watching Six-shot, who was typing commands into the station's holo-interface. The Con then heard footsteps approaching them and turned to see their leader.

"Lord Galvatron, I thought you would like to know that the fleet is fully prepared and waiting for your orders at the space-bridge."

The Predacon Lord looked at the holo-screen and saw the IFFs of each of their ships, and was thankful that something had come up which could take his mind off what had happened earlier, at least for a while. So he walked past his men and joined Six-Shot at the console and typed into it's holo-interface, activating communications.

"All ships, this is Lord Galvatron. Enter the space-bridge for Omega, your targets are the Cruisers which stand guard on Omega's side of the space-bridge. Once you draw the remainder of their forces away from the station, the Nemesis will jump in close and disable its defences while also deploying troops aboard Omega via our space-bridge. Once we conquer Omega and control its resources, we Predacons will be invincible and the Autobos will fall at our feet." he said as he looked out of the CIC's canopy, viewing the inactive space-bridge and the Predacon fleet that was positioned in front of it.

"Let's begin." he added with a finality to his voice before deactivating the transmission, and then looked over to the Terracon manning the helm.

"Power up our space-bridge generator and set battle stations throughout the ship." the Predacon leader ordered, earning a fearful nod from the minion who then typed on the holo-interface of his console as the lighting dimmed a little more and the battle alert siren blared through the inter-com throughout the ship. Galvatron and his lieutenants then watched as the green vortex of the space-bridge came to life and expanded, before the fleet then flew into it, leaving the Nemesis alone while it waited for it's turn.


Five minutes earlier...

It had been a slow week for the crew of the mercenary cruiser 'Vindicator', which had been on patrol duty around the Omega system. And as the Batarian captain sat in his chair and observed his crew working around him on the bridge, he could not help but wish for some a action. For since Aria T'Loak had gained command of every Merc organisation in the Terminus systems, courtesy of the Autobots and Jackson Prime some twenty five years earlier, there had not been as many battles or raids as there used to be.

The Asari had turned the once lawless region of the galaxy - a place where even the now defunct Citadel Council would not dare go...without the entire fleet of course - into a law-abiding Empire with only one law that mattered...'Don't ** with Aria!'
She had the entire Terminus systems at her bidding, which should have brought a lot of fear to those that called the area home.

But it would appear that having her lover Nyreen Kandros with her had diluted Aria's cold and merciless nature somewhat, which showed with how the Asari treated the very civilians who lived on Omega, allowing them certain freedoms and liberties that the past Aria would not have even wasted a thought on. The biggest trouble even bothering Omega now, was the border skirmishes with the Autobots. Which were generally orchestrated by Aria as a means of reminding the Federation that Omega was still there.

Of course she wasn't going to declare war on the ones that been responsible for her current standing, but she did like to mess with Jackson Prime. It was something that Prime was only to aware of, and no one had ever been killed in the said skirmishes.
And so this was how things were now in the Terminus systems or what it was now known as the 'Omega Syndicate', a grittier and darker but still no less stable version of what had been created in the Federation.

"Captain!" a voice called out, snapping the Batarian out from his thoughts as he looked in the direction of the voice to see a Vorcha looking back from his station.

"Report." the Batarian replied.

"Sir, our sensors are picking up a power increase in the space-bridge, I think it is about to activate."

The Captain looked over to communications station, manned by another Vorcha, who was monitoring all the channels.

"Do we have any ships scheduled to arrive at this time?" he asked, earning a focused expression from the crewman who looked at his holo-interface as he used it to go through their records.

"Negative sir, we have no one due to arrive today...or for the rest of the week."

"Alright, alert all ships to go to battle-stations. And bring our weapons online. I want us all ready for whatever comes through." the Batarian said, the coms officer then nodded in return before speaking into his com-link, relaying his orders to the rest of the fleet.

"Sir, weapons and shields are online. And all decks report combat ready." a Human officer responded when suddenly the space-bridge activated and a giant vortex appeared and expanded before the fleet, illuminating them all in green light.

"Unscheduled space-bridge activation." the Asari manning the sensors reported as everyone watched the swirling portal a head of them.

"Stand by, only fire if fired upon." the Batarain replied through his com-link to the other ship Captains. But then suddenly a ship appeared as it exited the vortex's event horizon and entered the system, and then followed by another and another.

"Sir, the ships are registering as Autobot." the sensors officer reported, earning a confused look from the Captain.

"But the Autobots have never tried anything like this." he replied as more and more ships exited the vortex.

"Have any of the ships locked weapons?" he then asked, making the officer fumble around with his holo-interface as the irregularity of the situation effected him.

"No sir, there has been no...oh no!" he the said, eyes widening as he looked at the screen.

"What, what is it!" the Batarian replied with panic evident in his voice.

"I am picking up a power spike in their..." he started to say before the incoming cruisers all opened fire, filling the void with torpedoes and energy blasts that ripped through the Omega fleet. Causing untold damage to several ships while draining the shields of the rest.

"All ships return fire, I repeat fire at will!" the Captain shouted into his com-link as even more enemy ships exited the space-bridge and opened fire. Almost instantly, the Omega cruisers returned the weapons fire in kind but all that came of it was a blue hue glowing around all the ships as their torpedoes and cannon fire impacted harmlessly against the enemies shields.

The bridge of the Vindicator was rocked by several direct hits from the three cruisers directly ahead as the Captain turned to the Com officer.

"Get me a link with Omega right now?" he shouted as three stations exploded, sending the crew manning them flying off their chairs and onto the ground.


A moment or two earlier

All was quiet in Aria's quarters as the Asari lay on her king sized bed with only a single silk sheet covering her and Nyreen's naked bodies as they lied together in each others arms. The only sounds that could be heard was the slight hum coming from the Station's life support system, while the other was the soft and faint breathing of her Turian lover who lied her head on the Asari's chest and listened to her heart beat as they both rested.

"Well was that good for you Nyreen?" Aria asked with a coy tone as she looked down at her lover, who simply sighed in return as she lied there happy and content.

"It always has been between us Aria, why do you keep asking when you already know the answer?"

"I like seeing your reaction, it's always so cute." Aria teased so Nyreen moved her hand down between the Asari's legs and brushed her now very sensitive sex. This made the purple woman gasp in pleasure before breathing a little heavier, which earned a chuckle from Nyreen.

"I enjoy your reactions too." she teased back.

"Now that wasn't fair." Aria replied as she too chuckled a little.

"Your the one that brings biotics into the bedroom, you know I cannot one up you there. So I do what I can." the Turian female said back before brushing the Asari's sex again, earning a moan from Aria before she suddenly rolled the pair over so that she was no on top and in control. She smiled down at Nyreen before moving her own hand down to the Turian's sex and doing the same, making her lover shiver and moan in response.

"You know, I can do this too." she said as her lover's eyes rolled back, being unable to resist the pleasurable feelings coursing out from between her legs.
"I...know, I...want you to." she managed to say between the sweet moans she let out, while Aria continued to play with her sex.

"So what were you...!" The Asari manages to say before she suddenly gasped again, having not realised that Nyreen had slipped her hand down between her legs and was returning the feeling.

"" the purple Woman said between the moans as both females pleasured each other for a long moment, their fingers moving faster as they both caressed each others sexes until they cried out in unison before then falling into each others arms while breathing heavily, having been overpowered by the intense feelings that washed over them as they had orgasmed.

"I thought you wanted to sleep?" Nyreen asked between breathes as she curled up next to her panting Asari, who smiled back coyly.
"I didn't start it though, you did."

"Yes, yes I did...for once. And I think that despite the fact that you love to be in control, that you also enjoy being controlled from time to time." the Turian said back, earning a inquisitive smile from Aria who sat up slightly, resting her hand on her arm while never taking her eyes off Nyreen.

"You know me so well Nyreen. And you are right, I have lived nearly one thousand years and in that time I can count on one hand the number of people that I can say I trust. But there is only one person who I trust implicitly with my body and heart, and I am looking at her."

Nyreen blushed a little as her heart warmed at the Asari's admission, reaching out and cupping her face with a hand.

"I love you too Aria." she replied, earning an appreciative if uncomfortable smile from the Asari. Which made Nyreen think on her lover's words, for Aria had never said the word 'Love' to describe her feelings for the Turian, not once. But Nyreen knew that despite this, the Asari did love her deeply. Perhaps all the centuries of pain and betrayal had made Aria believe that word was false, but with how their relationship had grown over the past twenty five years. Nyreen knew without doubt what she meant to Aria, even if her lover never used the word that explained it best.

The pair then lied there on the bed, just enjoying the silence and slowly allowing sleep to take them. But it was then all shattered by the intruding sound of the inter-com activating.

"Aria, I apologise for the interruption." a voice spoke on the other end, earning an aggravated expression from the Asari as she and Nyreen sat up.

"You better have a good excuse for this Vale, or I will flay you alive." she replied with a poisonous tone, for having her private time with her Turian partner shattered.

"We are under the Autobots. Their ships are engaging ours at the space-bridge." Vale said back, making Aria activate her holo-tool.

"Patch me into our sensors and show me the!" she said and before a moment had even passed, a holo-creation of the battle appeared over her holo-tool as red and blue coloured ships fought one another. Nyreen watched quietly as the Asari narrowed her eyes and looked at the readings that appeared over each enemy ship.

"These are not Autobot ships." she then said confidently.

"But Aria, they all have the Autobot insignia printed on their hull." Vale replied in a disbelieving tone.

"But if you looked at their IFF readouts, you would noticed that they are completely different. These ones are...Predacon?"

Nyreen gave a confused look to her lover as the name did not ring a bell with her.

"Never heard of them." Vale responded in return.

"Doesn't matter who they are though, because they have just made the biggest mistake of their short lives. Send in our ships protecting the station and activate our defences. Nyreen and I are heading to the command center." Aria replied before shutting off the inter-com and her holo-tool.

"I should head down to the Talons and begin preparations to protect the civilian population." Nyreen then said as they both got off the bed and started to get changed.

"I knew you were going to suggest that, very well." Aria replied as she buttoned up her top, before they both then walked over to the exit.

"Well you know me just as well as I know you." the Turian said back before giving Aria a kiss.

"Then I will see you the moment this is over then."

"Looking forward to it, very much so." Nyreen said before they both walked out of the room with the door closing behind them.


The battle at the space-bridge raged on as the vortex closed after the last of the Predacon ships exited the event horizon, firing it's weapons instantly at the Omega vessels that stood between them and the station. The sides seemed evenly matched as the defending cruisers had now adapted to the surprise attack and was now working in a more unified fashion, keeping the enemy vessels at bay with coordinated volleys of torpedoes and cannon fire.

In Omega's Command Center, which was a circular shaped hall with terminals positioned around a large holo-display that was at this moment showing the battle currently taking place outside the station. Every terminal was manned and active as a Batarian walked around and observed everyone around him, he was wearing brown combat armour and had a scar running down the right side of his face. He narrowed his four eyes as he looked up at the red and blue recreation of the battle, for he was not sure what to make of these Predacons.

'What are they waiting for, if this was a simple invasion tactic then they would attempt to rush our fleet.' he thought as he analysed the data playing out before him.

"Vale, report." Aria called as she entered the room and walked up to his side.

"Our fleet has the enemy bottled up at the space-bridge. It was not easy, having to deal with a surprise attack. But the cruisers have now caught on and are keeping the Predacon ships at bay." the Batarian replied as the Asari looked over the battle data appearing on the holo-display.

"Good, then lets finish this by sending in our ships defending the station. You did send my orders to them…yes?"

Vale looked at Aria with a curious expression.

"I did, but I also told them to wait." he said back, making the Omega leader stare back with a slightly aggravated look.

"Why haven't you sent them?"

"Because our current forces are now containing the enemy, sending in the rest seems like overkill to me. I think it would be best to keep our defence fleet where it is, because this attack just doesn't make sense to me." Vale replied in an honest and professional manner, but Aria felt herself getting angry at his lack of obedience.

"When I give a command, I expect it to be followed to the latter." she spat back, making the Batarian bite his lip as his own anger was being stirred by the Asari.

"You gave me this position because of my tactical thinking, but you won't just let yourself trust my judgement. If you call those cruisers in to the battle, you will leave the station venerable to attack." he spat back, gaining the attention of the rest of the crew working in the Command Center. For it wasn't every day that they witnessed someone banging heads with Aria, usually because they never lasted very long after it.

"Are you forgetting that thanks to MECH, 'my station' now has enough firepower to defend it self from a fleet of dreadnoughts. Plus the Space-bridge is the only way in and out of this system and it is blocked, like you said. So Omega is completely safe. So I want this battle over quickly and those Predacons to know what happens to those who ** with me… send in the ships now!" Aria nearly screamed in Vale's face as her own was now filled with rage as she clenched her fists, a blue like glow emanated from them. The Batarian finally broke and shook his head as he sighed and tapped his com-link in return.

"Defence fleet, this is Lt. Commander Vale. Execute Aria's orders and engage the enemy ships."

He then looked back at the Asari with a disdainful expression, hoping to the 'Pillars of Strength' that they weren't making a fatal mistake.

The cruisers that were orbiting the massive space station then broke away and moved toward the ensuing battle at the mouth of the Space-bridge, before opening fire on the Predacon ships which now had to fight a battle on two fronts.

In the Command Center, Aria smiled as she watched the battle on the holo-screen. Her Omega fleet were now outnumbering the enemy ships by nearly two to one, which were odds that she loved to play. But Vale looked less sure of the situation as he watched it unfold, unable to shake off the feeling that something was off.

'Something bad is going to happen, I don't need to be an expert to see that and yet the Asari with nearly a thousand years of experience can not.' he thought as he glanced over to the Omega leader who was all smiles, shaking his head again at what he saw. But then his fears were answered when a Salarian looked up from the holo-interface of his terminal with a confused expression.

"Sirs, I have detected an unusual anomaly less than three kilometres away from the station." he said in a worried tone, gaining the attention of both Aria and Vale.

"Show us." Vale replied, before the Asari could even voice her thoughts on it. And the Salarian then used his terminal to bring up an image of the Omega station on the main holo-display, showing the pulsing energy signature next to it.

"What is that?" Aria asked, looking over to the Salarian. But then her eyes caught the Batarian's expression as his eyes widened in response.

"It can't be…" he said before looking over to the defence station.

"I want all beam cannons on that side of the station targeting that anomaly now, and raise the station's shields." he directed, earning an annoyed look from Aria.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said back in disgust that he had given an order without running past her first, but the Batarian ignored her as he walked over and stood beside the Vorcha manning the defence station.

"Vale!" she spat as she stormed over to him, earning a sigh from the Lt Commander.

"I am doing my job Aria, the one you gave me to do. Now let me do it before we are attacked!" he replied with as much control over his growing anger as he could muster, considering how the Asari was riding him right now.

"Then explain what that is then." Aria said back as she pointed at the anomaly.

"It's energy signature matches that of the space-bridge before a vortex is opened and it seems that…." the Batarian began to say before the Salarian cut him off.

"The energy signature is changing, we have a Space-bridge vortex opening beside the station." he said back in a panicky tone as outside, the green energy vortex opened and expanded.

"There is something coming through." the Salarian added as Vale looked down at the Vorcha sitting next to him.

"Fire the cannons the instant whatever it is comes through…understand?" he said in a commanding tone, gaining a nod from the officer, just as another ship appeared on the holo-display next to the vortex. The Salarian then immediately pressed the firing button on his holo-interface.

The station's beam cannons suddenly charged up and fired red pulsing beams of energy directly at the large black dreadnought that exited the vortex, each beam though impacted on the new arrival's shields which flickered with a blue hue as their energies reacted to each other. But once the attack was finished, the dreadnought was still there and closing on the station.

"Our attacks had no effect, their shields absorbed the beams." the Salarian stated in a shocked tone, earning a look of utter disbelief from Aria.

"That's not possible, our cannons are derived from the same beam cannons that the Reapers had. There is no way anyone could have learned to counter them."

"Well it seems like they have." Vale replied before the holo-interface on the Salarian's terminal began to beep loudly, gaining their attention.

"Sirs, their weapons are powering up."

"Shields to maximum!" Aria shouted before suddenly the dreadnought opened fire with it's torpedoes, sending a spread of the red glowing projectiles at the Station. Impacting against it's shields and greatly draining their power, as the shield strength monitor on the defence terminal dipped dramatically from one hundred percent all the way down to ten.

"Sir, those weapons are powerful. We can't take another attack like that." the Vorcha said in a panic as the Salarian's terminal beeped again.

"They are firing again!" he exclaimed before the entire room shook as the following spread of torpedoes broke through the shields and impacted at different spots of the station.

"What the hell!" Aria shouted as the terminals flickered on and off due to a drop of power to the Command Center.

"Shields are down, and the enemy dreadnought as taken out not only the weapon emplacements on this side of Omega, but also the power lines connected to the defence grid." another Batarian said from the engineering terminal at the other side of the holo-display.

"Then that means…." the Asari said in complete disbelief, before suddenly being cut off by Vale.

"That we are completely defenceless."

Aria then turned to the Communications terminal that was being manned by another Asari.

"Contact the fleet, and get them to attack that dreadnought."

"They can't help us Aria." Vale said, earning the Omega Leader's attention as she turned to find him looking up at the holo-display of the battle. And she could see what he meant as their fleet was still in the middle of holding back the Predacon ships.

"Sirs, the dreadnought is moving away." the Salarian suddenly said as he brought up the image from his screen to the larger holo-display they were currently watching. It showed the dreadnought turning around and facing the battle at the space-bridge.

"What is it doing?" Aria asked before suddenly watching as it fired several spreads of torpedoes down towards the battle, which then impacted and destroyed several of the Omega cruisers. Greatly tipping the tide of the fight in the Predacons favour.

"Oh my god, they are going to overrun us now." Vale said as he felt all his fears coming true.

'Why the hell didn't that Asari bitch listen to me!' he thought before looking over to Aria who was just watching the holo-display as it showed the Dreadnought turning back round to face the station.

"Uh, sirs. That dreadnought is targeting us again, and the other enemy ships are now disabling the rest of our cruisers." the Salarian stated, earning a confused expression from both Aria and Vale.

"What, why are they not destroying them?" she asked before the Asari at the coms terminal turned round to face them while holding a hand up to her com-link.

"We are being hailed."

Aria clenched her fist while looking down at the ground beneath her feet, dwelling on the current development.

'I am not losing this station again, I won't!' she thought before looking back at the Asari.

"Put him on screen." she said, making the officer work her terminal and suddenly the holo-display which had been showing the battle outside deactivated for a split second before then showing a Caucasian man in his mid-forties staring back, his red eyes seemingly staring right through them as a smirk appeared on his face.

"The great Aria T'Loak I suppose." he said, making the Asari narrow her eyes as she felt her rage building up in her heart.

"And who the hell are you?" she spat back, making the unknown man's smirk grow larger as he drank in the angry display that she was showing.

"My name is Lord Galvatron of the Predacons, and I am here to discuss terms of your surrender." he spoke back in a calm manner, which was a polar opposite of the Omega Leader.

"Well, you must definitely be new around these parts. Because otherwise you would know that nobody **s with me." she spat back, trying to get under the Predacon's skin. But Galvatron merely shrugged in response.

"I do not wish for your forces to be destroyed. As I speak, my forces are disabling your cruisers."

"And why is that?" Vale spoke up, getting the question in before Aria could spit out any more angry remarks. Which earned him an angry stare from the Asari.

"Because I want the forces of Omega to join under my flag, which I cannot guarantee if you keep fighting me." the Predacon Leader replied, earning a thoughtful look from the Batarian Commander as he dwelled on the offer. But before he could say anything else, Aria suddenly spoke up.

"Then you can forget it, because my forces will fight you to the bitter end. Because they are more afraid of me than they are of you." she said with an angry and overconfident tone, which earned her a lot of wide-eyed looks that did not go unnoticed by the Asari. But she ignored them, looking back to see Galvatron's red eyes narrow as he leaned closer to the screen.

"Then prepare to be boarded….. and if you survive what happens next, then I will kill you myself." the Predacon said back with a coldness that made Aria fearful for a split second, though she did not show it. Galvatron then looked away as he conversed with one of his men off screen.

"Prepare the Terracons…..and release Predaking!" he said before the transmission cut off, leaving everyone in the room looking around in wide-eyed fear.

"What the hell did you do?" Vale spat back at Aria who then simply grabbed him by the throat, her hand starting to glow with biotic energy as she stared at his eyes.

"I will not lose Omega again, and I am sick of your attitude towards me. So I give you a choice…" she said before looking around at the others.

"…I give you all a choice. You can either fight for me, or you will die now at my hands." she said as her whole body began to glow with a blue hue as her biotics powered up.

"What say you!" she said back with anger underlining her words before looking back at Vale.

"What say you!"

"I will fight." the Batarian managed to say despite the pressure on his neck.

"So will we all." the others all said with a fearful tone, which made the Asari smirk before she dropped the Lt. Commander to the floor and turned to the crew, not noticing the dagger like stare the Batarian was giving her behind her back.

"We will defend our home and drive them back to wherever they came from, now prepare for the ground assault. Now ready our troops." Aria commanded, earning a nod from the Asari at the communication terminal who spoke into her com-link before looking back to her.

"They are readying as I speak sir, but what did that Galvatron mean by 'Predaking'?" she asked, gaining a concerned look from the Omega Leader.

"I do not know, but we will face it just as we have faced every enemy that has taken arms against us. MECH, the Reapers, the Predacons. It does not….." she started to say before a bright green light suddenly appeared near the Command Center's entrance.

"What the…" Aria said as they all stared at the swirling green anomaly.

"A space-bridge vortex, here?" Vale said as he got back onto his feet and stepped back as he joined Aria who looked up at it and clenched her fists, which glowed with biotic energy.

"Stand fast, because no matter what comes through that vortex. We will kill it regardless."

The suddenly a giant black and orange metallic Dragon came through the vortex and landed in the room which was just barely large enough for it, making the crewmen situated there flee as it stood on all fours with it's wings folded on it's back. The beast looked around before raising it's head and roaring loudly which made the entire room shake, like it had been hit by an earthquake before looking down at Aria and Vale.

It's yellow optics narrowed as it stared at the Asari, like it recognised her somehow. The Omega leader took a defensive stance as her body began to glow with biotic energy, readying herself for a fight. The Dragon though opened it's mouth and revealed itself to be charging up some kind of blast, as a fiery light could be seen from the back of it's throat.

Aria realised what it was going to do and using her biotics, pushed Vale out of the way as Predaking unleashed a fiery blast which enveloped her instantly, leaving the Batarian to look back with in wide-eyed shock at the spot where the Asari stood which was now up in flames.

'She saved me!' he thought, but then he heard a growl and looked up to see the Beast staring down at him with it's teeth bared, readying to strike.
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