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Chapter XXII

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As the Predacons invade the station, Nyreen tries desperately to defend the civilians from Galvatron's wrath.

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Vale was frozen to the spot, his fear overriding his survival instincts as he stood there before Predaking, the giant metallic dragon who had just ended the life of his boss. Never before had he seen such a Creature such as this, no one on Omega had. Which was why everyone in the room was cowering behind the consoles that had not been destroyed by the beast's arrival, and no one had tried to escape the room since the exit was blocked by this Predaking. This Creature who now was looking down at him with its sharp teeth bared as it readied itself to strike and then snapped its head forward, its large open mouth lunging forward at Vale who raised his arms in a meaningless effort to shield himself from his inevitable fate.

When suddenly a blue biotic blast shot out of the fire next to the Batarian, hitting the Creature's face and knocking it away as it yelped in response. Then everyone including Vale stared in wide eyes disbelief as Aria burst out of the flames and rushed towards the creature, her body from head to toe was completely covered in biotic energy as she launched herself into the air and threw a punch-like motion, that created another biotic projectile that hit Predaking's face again. Making it reel back like it had been hit by a real fist, and send it tumbling on to the floor which unblocked the exit. The Asari then landed on her feet and looked back at everyone, her expression was one of a steely cold stare.

"Everyone out now!" she shouted, but Vale and the crewmen just looked back at her like they had seen a ghost.

"NOW!" she spat before turning around just in time to perform an uppercut motion and knocked Predaking's jaws away wit her biotics just before it reached her. The crew didn't need to be told again as they got up from the hiding spots and bolted for the door, while Vale ran up to Aria who kept her attention on the Dragon which was now getting back to its feet.

"Aria, can you take that thing?" he asked as the Asari charge biotic energy into her hands.

"No, I can only slow it down." she replied, keeping her eyes on the beast.

"Then let's get out of here, no point fighting that thing if it cant be killed."

"In a moment." Aria replied before thrusting her arms up at the ceiling above Predaking, as a biotic energy field suddenly appeared there. Even the Predacon looked up at the blue energy that was swirling over it's head. But then Aria clenched her fists, creating cracks in the ceiling as if she has dug her fingers into it. The Dragon then looked at the pair and roared, like it had figured out what was happening. But it was too late as Aria pulled her arms down suddenly, making the ceiling break apart and fall. Showering the beast in concrete and metal, until it was buried under a massive pile of rubble.

"Now we can go." the Asari said back before she and Vale ran over to the exit, just as movement could be heard beneath the mess that had just been created. And as soon as the room was entirely empty, Predaking burst through the top of the rubble and roared loudly in its aggravation.

The Command Center crewmen were waiting on a catwalk outside of the former nerve center of Omega, after running through a long corridor from the now defunct CC, which had been based inside the main structure of the station. They were looking out at the view of the rest of the station, which looked like it was growing out of the giant asteroid that it had been built into. Each part of the station's exterior that they could see looked like a stalactite in it's appearance, with some connected by walkways, while others stood unconnected. They time looking at the view came to an end the moment Aria and Vale appeared from the building, earning wide eyed stares from all of them.

"Aria sir, we thought you were..." the Communication Asari said in disbelief, earning barely a reaction from her boss who looked out at the rest of Omega that they could see from the catwalk.

"...what? That I was dead. Did everyone forget that I am a biotic, that I could just shield myself in a barrier? Because this wasn't the first time I have done that." she replied with little interest in her voice, but before anyone else could say anything to the Omega Leader, Vale spoke up.

"So what do we do now Aria?"

"We need to make this Galvatron pay for this attack, so I will be seeking him out. But with our fleet being overrun and under siege by these Predacons, we need help." the Asari said back before looking over to her com officer.

"I need you to get to the secondary communication relay near the bottom of this station, once there you are to make contact with Jackson Prime and request the help of his Autobots, and call in reinforcements from the rest of the Terminus systems."

"And do not worry about the Predacons picking up your com-link signals, the array is also shielding them from enemy detection." Vale added as the blue Asari looked back with a worried look.

"Okay, but I may need some help if I come up against any Predacons. My biotics are not that strong."

Aria looked at her with a knowing loon before gesturing to the Vorcha and Salarian.

"You two, take these and escort her to the com-relay." she said while equipping both her pistol and shotgun from her utility belt.

"What about you?" the Salarian said back in an unsure tone.

"I have this." she said as she held up fist and made it glow blue with biotic energy. The three nodded in return before heading off to the nearest elevator, leaving Aria and Vale alone on the catwalk.

"So where to?" the Batarian asked.

"We need to meet up with Nyreen and the Talons, they will be on the other side of the station right now at the sanctuary." the Omega Leader replied, earning a curious look from Vale.

"The sanctuary?"

"It is a large reinforced bunker that was built to keep the civilian population of Omega safe during an attack, and if things ever got worse there is also a shuttle-bay connected to it, with a number of escape shuttles." Aria said back as she activated her com-link.

"Nyreen, Nyreen are you there?" she said, hearing static in return before a familar voice spoke back, warming the Asari's heart.

"Aria, thank god your alright. We heard reports that the Command-center was hit."

"It was, but we all got out. How are things where you are?" the Asari said back.

"The Talons have managed to evacuate half of the Civilian population to the sanctuary, having built up quite a defence there. But I am hearing reports that enemy troops are being deployed all over the station, our forces in those parts who are trying to secure the other civilians are being over run easily, it's something about these enemies being almost beast-like in nature. You should get down here and help me with the sanctuary's defence, at least until we can get the escape shuttles prepped for the civilians. Because I have a bad feeling about this." the Turian female replied with a slightly fearful tone to her voice, one that Aria noticed easily.

"You know I won't just sit back and let these Predacons take the station Nyreen, so I was wondering if you could end a squad of your Talons to meet me at the reactor-core of Omega." Aria said back and with the silence that followed for a quick moment, she could tell that Nyreen was thinking it over or really just worrying about her.

"Alright...I have a squad near that location, they will head there now and secure it until you arrive." the Turian replied.

"Thank you Nyreen." the Omega Leader said back, but almost immediately questioned again by her lover.

"What is your plan then?"

"I intend to make the core overload and channel it through the station's antennas that circle it's exterior."

"Your going to turn the station itself into a weapon, what about everyone onboard?" Nyreen replied, making the Asari smile in return.

'Nyreen's always thinking of others first, so cute.' she thought.

"There is no need to worry Nyreen, the antenna's were not primarily designed for this, but they can handle the energy. And the pathways that lead to them are heavily insulated, so that none of the energy can escape and damage any part of the station or its inhabitants. I am hopping that when released, the excess energy will be enough to cripple or destroy the dreadnought that has us outmatched. Once done, we can re-channel the energy back into our defence grid and take care of the rest of the ships."

"Okay, that is a pretty good plan. My men will be waiting for you. Just double check on those insulated connections, because this place is almost ancient." Nyreen said back in a part cautious, part humorous tone.

"Will do, I'll be back before you know it." Aria replied warmly as she deactivated the com-link, which surprised Vale as he watched. For he knew that the Turian had softened Aria somewhat, but still to see it up close was still a surprise.

"Right we need to..." the Asari began to say to him in her usual cold manner, but something caught her attention as a noise could be heard from within the part of the structure they had just left.

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, sounds close by." Vale replied as they heard the noise again, which was coming from the side of the structure overlooking the rest of the station. Then the noise occurred again and then again, getting louder each time.

'It sounds almost like someone is digging...' Aria thought before her eyes widened as it dawned on her what it was.

"Hide!" the Asari shouted as both she and Vale hid behind one of the cargo containers that littered the catwalk, just as an explosion occurred on the side of the structure. Aria then peeked around the corner and could make out a massive hole in it's wall through the black smoke that billowed out of it, and she could see something moving inside. Suddenly Predaking emerged from the smoke and stood on all fours at the edge of the hole, looking at it's surroundings with what looked like a contemplative stare before roaring. Aria though just kept her eyes on the beast until it spread its wings and launched itself into the air, flying off to another location somewhere on the station.

"Okay, follow me." the Asari said as soon as the coast was clear, with the two heading for a ladder that was connected to a nearby wall.
"Now its going to take us a few hours to reach the reactor since it is located inside the asteroid that this station is built into, and there is only one elevator along the way and that is over fifteen levels above us in the mine." she explained as she grabbed hold of the ladder before looking back at the Batarian.

"Well we better get started then." he replied, earning a nod from the Omega Leader who began climbing up the ladder, Vale following behind as the sounds of explosions and gunfire echoed around them as the battle for Omega intensified.


"Don't fail me again Rip-Claw, Galvatron out!" the Predacon spat before deactivating the terminal, looking back at the Omega station as it appeared on the other side of the CIC's canopy. An aggravated expression appeared on his face, for this operation was taking longer than he had anticipated.

'Yes, we now have control of the fleet based here at Omega, after my Terracons boarded and secured each ship. But that means nothing if we do not kill Omega's Leadership, for I need them out of the way so that I can gain control of the rest of their fleet spread out in the Terminus systems.' he thought while clenching his hand into a fist and squeezed it tightly.

'So why did Rip-Claw have to go and give me news like that.'

Galvatron while caught in his own thoughts, did not notice that most of the Terracons in the CIC were staring at him.

"I think you should take notice of your surroundings." Megatron suddenly said as he stood beside Galvatron who was seated in the Captain's chair, earning a grunt from the Predacon in return. But he did then see the blank stares looking back at him, and this made the clone feel uncomfortable.

"Get back to work!" he spat, making the others almost jump out of their skin, quickly refocusing on their individual tasks as he sat there and privately cursed at his continuing problem. Which at this moment was chuckling loudly to himself as he stood next to him.

"Just keep pushing back 'Galvatron', your crew already looks like they are beginning to question your sanity. Shouting and cursing at shadows isnt the ideal thing to do as a Leader, that I know from personal experience. But please continue, because it is fun to see you lose control." Megatron said with glee in his voice, but this made Galvatron's spark beat a little faster as his mind was awash with certain memories. Memories that were not his own, but those that belonged to the Decepticon Leader that he had inherited.

He remembered a time when Megatron once spoke of prophecy and destiny as a dark power awakened on Earth, a power that was too great for the Cybetronian Tyrant to fully understand. He believed that he was the herald of that said dark power, a belief not shared by all among his warriors and so that brought with it distrust and a mutiny.

This mutiny failed of course , but Galvatron knew that moment in his past was what he was on about. But as he thought on this moment and the dark power that was at the heart of it, the Predacon felt his spark-beat quickening more as it got hotter. Bringing a certain amount of pain to him so he clutched his chest, though feigning feeling okay when any of the Terracons glanced over to him.

But if any of them had taken a closer look at their Leader, they would have noticed that his red eyes were slowly changing to purple as he gritted his teeth and tried to shift his focus back to the matter at hand. But even that was becoming a challenge as Megatron's voice was not the only one he could hear now, as even though the hallucination was still yapping away at his side, Galvatron could hear the mysterious voice faintly in his mind.


Every time he heard the voice speak, his spark would give off a surge of energy through his body, which made him gasp and his eyes glow ever so slightly.

"Lord Galvatron, are you alright?" one of the Terracons asked as Megatron stepped in between him and the Clone.

"Your not looking so well but then again, you're a pathetic copy of me. What am I to expect."

Galvatron gritted his teeth even harder before rising out of his chair suddenly, knocking the Decepticon Leader off his feet as he did so and looked at the Terracon who spoke just now.

"What is the current status of our mission?" he said as his eyes faded back to their original red, ignoring the hallucination that was now cursing as he climbed back to his feet.

"My..Lord, our forces now control seventy percent of the station. The Omega forces are being out fought at nearly every angle." the soldier replied with an uneasy tone, uncertain about what his master would do next.

"You said nearly...what problems do we have remaining?" Galvatron asked.

"There is an area of the station that is very well defended that we have been unable to penetrate, but sensor scans show that there are a lot of heat signatures in there."

"What about Aria or that Turian of hers?" the Predacon Leader asked.

"Still no sign, there is a significant possibility that one or both is in the heavily protected area. But since it is shielded from our sensors, we can not verify it." the Terracon replied as he turned his attention to his holo-interface.

"Keep looking, we have already been at this longer than expected. I want them both found." Galvatron said back with a hint of annoyance in his voice, as his eyes were now back to their original red and his spark was beating normally again.

'What in the pit just happened to me?' he thought as he sat down in his chair, taking notice that Megatron had disappeared before looking back at the view-screen.

'And that voice, it felt more familiar this time. And it gave me strength.'

But the Predacon Lord simply shook his head as he looked ahead at the Omega station.

'I will look into this more after we have taken the station.' he thought as he returned his attention back to their operation.


Down in the recesses of Omega, at the very bottom of the station. The Asari comms officer and her two comrades walked past a pair of dead Terracons, who had bullet wounds in the center of their foreheads.

"That was nice shooting Slarr." the Asari said to the Vorcha who hissed his appreciation back.

"Well, that was the first time I fired a gun at someone." he replied as the Salarian nervously watched their backs.

"I still cannot believe that we got past those few enemy patrols, let alone all the way down here." he said as he glanced back at the others.

"What do you mean Asot? After you killed two of the three enemies back at the secondary junction on level three, I would have said you were a professional." the Asari said back with a slight smile.

"Well...I didn't know I had it in me Enosa, I am not a merc after all." Asot said back with an almost shy expression.

"None of us are, not really. I mean just because we grew up on Omega, that doesnt make us Mercenaries by default." Slarr Replied before the group exited the corridor to find themselves on a long balcony, one that gave them an almost perfect view of space as the backdrop showed off the star-field which surrounded the station. The group looked above them to see the rest of the station above them, revealing the three to be at the most bottom section of Omega

"Wow, great view...except for those ships of course." Asot said as he stood next to Enosa and pointed towards the Predacon ships now orbiting the station.

"Yes it would, and we can admire it later once their gone." she replied before pointing at an armoured door just aways from them.

"There it is, the station's secondary communications array."

The other two looked and could see that the door was connected to a seperate building which had numerous antenna's and satellite dishes connected to it's underside.

"Okay, we made it. Now lets get in there and contact the Autobots." Slarr replied as Enosa walked up to the door and activated her holo-tool, making a holo-image of a lock appear over the real version of the said object that was located at the door's centre. The Asari typed into her holo-interface which made the lock and it's holo-equivilent to spin around until they were matching, which was followed by an unlocking sound.

"We're in." Enosa exclaimed as the Vorcha opened the door and gestured for them to enter.

"You two go ahead, I will guard this entrance in case any enemies turn up."

"Good luck." Asot said as he and the Asari entered the array.

"You too." Slarr replied before taking position next to the door and keeping his weapon aimed at the doorway they had come out off.

Once inside, Enosa and Asot found themselves surrounded by large super-computers and a single terminal which the Asari marched up to and activated, a orange and yellow holo-interface appearing in front of her.

"How long do you think this is going to take?" the Salarian asked as Enosa typed away on the holo-keyboard, while text scrolled down the screen.

"It's going to take a moment to boot up the system, and then I have to load up the Autobot frequencies before I can try and establish a connection." she replied while keeping her eyes on the data in front of her.

"You know, you have told us we have done great getting you here. But truth be told, we would never have gotten even half way if it hadn't been for the biotic barrier you used to protect us from the squad firing at us from above in the Ba'alah district. You sure have some talent there." Asot said back with a slightly shy smile, which made the Asari blush as she looked at him and mirrored his expression.

"Your welcome Asot. Though like yourself and Slarr, I too have not had any real combat training in my life. The best thing I could do was levitate some furniture, I have never been able to produce barriers before."

"Well your fast learner." the Salarian said back, earning a contemplative look from Enosa as she waited for the terminal to finish it's booting up.

"Have you ever thought about what you may have done if things had been different here on Omega?"

This caught Asot by surprise as his black eyes widened, while looking into her own blue ones.

"No…I mean, what do you mean?"

"We all know what Omega was like before the Reaper War, how it was almost completely lawless. How Aria ran it like a fortress. It only began to change afterwards when Nyreen joined Aria's side and convinced her to let the station's civilians to help run the station and have an active role in it's functionality. Without the Talon Leader's influence, I would have more or less ended up as a stripper or prostitute. Slarr would have ended up joining the Blood Pack or worse…" she answered before the Salarian cut in.

"…And I would have ended up in one of the many drug manufacturing facilities that used to run on the station."

"Exactly, we could have had very different lives to those we lead now. And this is because of Nyreen, she helped give the people of Omega the right to choose their own path and not let Omega choose it for them."

Enosa then turned back to the screen and looked at it as the boot-up finished, earning a curious look from Asot.

"We may not be soldiers, but our home with our families and friends is under attack. So here I am, fighting to defend it….. for them…..and for Nyreen, because of the lasting change she brought to Omega and to it's Leader."

"As will I and I am sure everyone else is too." the Salarian replied as he placed his hand on the Asari's shoulder in a supportive gesture, earning a smile from her as she looked back at him before pressing the red flashing button on the terminal's holo-keyboard, which brought the super-computers around them to full power.

"Right, I am sending a standard distress call to all Omega vessels and colonies in the Terminus systems." she said as she executed a command on the holo-screen.

"Great, now for the Autobots." Asot said with relief in his voice. Enosa then began typing away as she brought up a list of frequencies onto the screen, and attempted to activate them one at a time. But they remained inactive as one after another they became highlighted in a red hue, earning a frustrated expression from the Asari as the battle outside of the array could be heard.

The fighting was in the streets, inside the very homes of the people of Omega, who were either cowering as the Talons fought around them against the Predacons, or taking a stand alongside them. But time was running out as the enemy were on the final stretch of the road to victory, and this was well known by Enosa who simply shook her head and began typing on the holo-keyboard again.

"No, one of these frequencies has to work." she said as Asot watched her work away, a woman who was full of focus to her objective. Because she knew what would happen if she were to fail, and that was not an option. The Salarian meanwhile kept quiet, so to distract his friend in her task. But after a several attempts Enosa stopped and just looked down at the holo-keyboard.

"It's not working, none of them are working." she said in a desperate tone.

"Perhaps the array is damaged?" Asot asked, making the Asari shake her head in response.

"No, the array is working fine. And the signal is getting through, but there just hasn't been a response. It's almost as if the Federation has been blacked out, because someone would have received our distress call otherwise."

"So what do we do?" the Salarian asked as the tone of his voice began to sound desperate, the reality of their situation beginning to dawn on him.

"I don't know…" Enosa said before the holo-screen beeped at her, earning a curious look from the Asari and Salarian.

"What is it?" Asot asked as his blue female friend looked at the screen and began to smile as a message scrolled down it.

"Yes, the other colonies got our message and are sending reinforcements." she said before turning around and pulling the surprised Salarian into a hug.

"That's great news." he replied as he found himself returning her embrace as they stood there in the array control room.


Meanwhile in the Nemesis CIC, the Terracon manning the communications terminal suddenly picked up a signal on his holo-screen, and so turned to Galvatron who was now on the catwalk over looking the room.

"Lord Galvatron, I am picking up a signal from an area at the station's lowest point. It appears to be a communication array." he stated, earning a glare from the Predacon Lord who looked down at him from the catwalk.

"Patch into their comms and please tell me that they have not called for reinforcements." he said back, making the Terracon turn his attention back to his terminal, typing away on the holo-interface before placing a finger up to his com-link as he listened.

"Yes they have sir, and the reinforcements are on their way."

Galvatron gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he looked away, trying to keep his anger from flaring up.

"I want you to tell the fleet to be ready at the Space-bridge for the reinforcements arrival, and have one cruiser find and destroy this communication array. Do it now." he spat back at the Terracon, without even looking. Even the back of the Predacon Lord made the minion fearful as he got back on to his com-link, following his Leader's orders to the letter as Galvatron looked back out at the space station.

"Cruiser 'Dragon's fire', Lord Galvatron orders you to head to these coordinates and destroy the array located there. And all remaining ships are to take up defensive positions around the space-bridge and ready themselves for the Omega reinforcements that will be appearing at any time now."

As this was happening, Enosa and Asot were still in the Communication Array when the Asari's com-link activated.

"This is Aria, have you reached the array yet?" the Omega Leader asked on the other side of the transmission.

"Yes, we are here and the reinforcements are on their way." Enosa replied with a confident tone.

"Excellent, and the Autobots?"

"...There has been no response from them Aria." the Asari replied.

"How can that be, are they ignoring us? Because I don't see Jackson Prime doing that." the Omega Leader said back in disbelief.

"No, its more like the signal is not being received." Enosa reported as she looked at the data on her holo-screen. Then for a long moment, Aria was quiet as if dwelling on her thoughts.

"Are the Predacons jamming us?" she then asked.

"No, they don't even know..." the young Asari said before being cut off by Slarr calling them."

"Errr, guys you better see this."

This made both Asot and Enosa walk back outside and saw the Vorcha pointing away from them, so they looked in that direction and saw an Autobot ship closing on their location.

"Why is that coming here." Slarr hissed, while Enosa put her hand to her com-link because Aria was still talking in her ear..

"Enosa, what is going on? Answer me!" the Omega Leader demanded.

"They have found us Aria, a cruiser has arrived a the Array." the young Asari said back in a somewhat calm manner, as if she knew what was about to happen and yet had accepted it.

"We have to get out of here." Asot said before all three noticed that the gun ports of the cruiser were open and began to glow.

"Its too late." Enosa declared as she tapped her com-link.

"Aria, we've done what we can. I just wish..." she started to say before she and her friends attention was distracted by the cruiser as it fired three torpedoes, which hurtled towards them at velocity. And suddenly everything seemed to slow down around her as the three bright red lights drew closer. Enosa found herself engrossed by them and took a deep breath which was cut short as the projectiles hit the array, causing it to explode and send debris out in all directions. The ship then began to move away, heading back to the rest of the fleet.

And as they left the wreckage of what was once the communication array, little thought was given to the three children of Omega who had just died in it's defence.

The Terracon who was manning the communication terminal in the Nemesis CIC looked at his holo-screen as a message appeared, earning a smile from him as he turned around and looked up at Galvatron who was standing over him on the catwalk.

"Lord Galvatron, I have just received word that the secondary communications array has been destroyed."

The Predacon Leader smiled back as he sighed in relief, earning a similar feeling from the minion.

"Good, hopefully we have stopped them in time." Galvatron replied, but then the Terracon's holo-interface beeped which made him look back at it. This earned a curious expression from the Lord as he looked down at his crewman.

"What is it?"

"Our systems are picking up several comm signals from all over the station, the secondary array must have been shielding them from us. But with it destroyed, they are now available to us." the Terracon replied.

"Well, who are they?" the Predacon Leader asked, the tone of his voice showing signs of impatience.

"Well one is coming from the currently contested area which houses a very large number of civilians, and it matches Nyreen Kandros." the minion replied quickly, hoping to keep his master from growing angry.

"Can you pinpoint Aria?" Galvatron then asked.

"Yes, Her signal is coming from within the asteroid that Omega is built into. It is nearing the station's reactor-core." the Terracon replied as he looked up at his master, who's expression became one of concern, as Galvatron began to picture in his mind what the desperate Asari may be up to. So he turned around and looked over to the Helm station.

"Activate the ground-bridge and open a portal in the Reactor-core area." he snapped, earning a hesitant but fast response from the Terracon manning it. And before a few seconds had passed, a bright green vortex opened up behind the Predacon who turned round and began to walk towards it.

"My Lord, allow me to have some Terracons join you?" one of the crewmen said, earning a glance from Galvatron.

"No, I will deal with Aria myself. Inform Six-Shot that he is in charge of the fleet until I return."

And with that the Lord of the Predacons walked through the vortex which closed behind him, leaving the Terracons to return to their duties.


A moment earlier…

In a dimly lit tunnel inside Omega's Mine, Aria was holding her hand to her com-link as Vale kept an eye out for any more Terracons. The Asari had just lost contact with her team down at the Communication array, and had tried to reacquire their signal.

"Still can't reach them?" the Batarian asked as he looked back down the tunnel they had come from, making the Aria shake her head in return.

"I don't think they are there anymore." she replied coldly, though Vale could swear that there was a slither of pain in her voice.

"A lot of Omega's people have lost their lives today, but we can't stop and mourn for them now. Not while these Predacons are still here." he said, earning a nod from the Asari who looked back, her facial expression one of cold anger now.

"Yes, lets get this done already. These Predacons will rue the day they attacked us, I swear it." she replied as they again moved forward with their torches lighting the way through the darkness ahead.

"How far are we from the reactor-core? Because we have been in these mines for over an hour." Vale asked, since the journey to their current location had taken a somewhat longer time than Aria had predicted at the beginning. Which had probably been down to the fact that they had fought their way through several groups of enemy soldiers in the various districts that lay between the destroyed Command Center and the Mines. But since entering the old and mainly disused Mining system, the pair had not come across a single Predacon…..which Vale found to be a relief.

"It is right ahead of us." the Asari answered as she shone her torch light ahead of them, revealing a large rusted metal door. As they both walked over to it, Aria activated her holo-tool and by typing a command into it's interface, a sudden unlocking sound echoed through the tunnel and the door opened up, revealing a small corridor with metallic walls and ceiling.

"Welcome to the heart of Omega." the Asari exclaimed as they walked through it and into a massive room with multiple open floors above them which were populated with giant machinery that were connected by various pipes, cables which flowed around the room. It all looked very industrial as in the center of it was the reactor, a massive cylinder that reached up into the room's very heights, and was glowing and crackling with blue and purple energy. And all of the pipes and cables were connected to it.

"Impressive, so what do we do now?" Vale asked as they walked onto the balcony directly in front of the station's heart, which had a number of terminals in the middle of it.

"We can reroute and begin the power discharge from these terminals." the Aria replied as they walked up to them, the Asari activated them with her holo-tool. Making a number of holo-interfaces appear showing the status or the core and a number of functions at their disposal.

"Use that right hand side terminal to change the flow of the power as I use this one to build up the charge." the Asari said as they both got to work on the task at hand, using the orange glowing inter-faces.

A few minutes past as they typed away on their respective terminals holo-keyboards before Aria pressed on final command.

"Okay, looks like we are in business." she said with a slight smile as a green light activated on her screen.

"Same here, I have switched and rerouted the power grid to allow for the discharge. Certain areas of the station will lose power and life support, but they can get by for a few minutes until we are done." Vale said, earning a concerned look from Aria.

"What about the Sanctuary, will that area also be effected?"

"No, I have made sure that it will be fine." the Batarian replied, making the Omega Leader sigh with relief.

"Good, last thing I want is for Nyreen to tear me a new one for putting the civilian population at risk. Now, its time to give Omega the advantage." she said back confidently as she prepared to press the initiation button.

"Omega lost the advantage a long time ago." a familiar voice spoke from behind the pair, making them spin round and see Galvatron standing before them with his own weapon aimed at them. A space bridge portal could be seen closing in the doorway behind the Predacon Leader as he smiled darkly back at them.

"You seem very confident about that." Aria replied, making the Con narrow his red eyes at her.

"My fleet surrounds Omega and my Terracons have taken control of the vast majority of the station. Surrender now and maybe I will spare your civilians any more suffering."

"I will not surrender, not to you or anyone else. For I have reinforcements that should be here any moment now." the Asari replied.

"And my ships will shoot them down the moment they exit the space-bridge, I think you should re-evaluate your position here." Galvatron countered, but Aria just smirked back.

"I also have made contact with Jackson Prime of the Autobots, and he is sending his fleet to assist us." she then lied, hoping to ignite a spark of doubt in her confident adversary. But then the Predacon Leader's smile widened as he gave her a knowing look.

"I seriously doubt that since the Prime is my prisoner and his Autobots are in no condition to help you."

"You lie." Vale spoke up with a wide-eyed look of disbelief as he held his gun at the Predacon, gaining Galvatron's stare as he kept his weapon trained on both him and Aria.

"Believe me or not, but it is the truth. So put down your weapons and surrender, or I will kill you both." he replied with a cold intensity that had Vale pondering on his choices, but Aria clenched her hands into fists as she stared back with a similar expression.

"Never! You said you would kill me, I would really like to see you try." she said back as her fists began to glow with biotic energy.

"Very well, this should be most interesting." Galvatron replied as the three stood ready in a sort of Mexican stand-off, waiting to see who would make the first move.
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