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Chapter XXIII

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It is Aria vs. Galvatron, but who will win in this duel that will determine the fate of Omega?

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Galvatron kept his gun pointed at Aria and Vale, his aim was completely steady as he looked at both of them. The Batarian looked somewhat unsure of himself, and was definitely the weak link. But Aria on the other hand, though she was completely unarmed in the case of not having any sort of physical weapon. She was the far more dangerous due to her biotic ability, which the Predacon could see perfectly because of the blue hue coming off the purple Asari's fists as she stared daggers back at him.

"Raaagh!" Aria then cried out as she ran at Galvatron who immediately fired back with his rifle, but then the Asari in the blink of an eye appeared directly in front of the Predacon and punched him with her glowing fist, knocking him to the ground with what felt like a tonne of steel.

'How did she?' he began to think before suddenly finding himself levitating off the ground, suddenly surrounded by biotic energy. He saw Aria standing in front of him, her face was one of complete rage.

"You have killed so many of my people, your ass is mine." she spat before kicking him in the stomach, and again it felt like he had been hit with something far more powerful as he was flung across the ground until he rolled to a stop and collapsed on his back.

'It's her biotics, they increase the strength of her strikes.' he thought as he then rolled back on to his front and got on to his knees.

"Is this it? A Volus high on Red Sand would have given me more of a fight." Aria said back as she watched the Predacon Lord climbing back onto his feet. But as soon as he was standing back up, Galvatron was back down on his back as the Asari swatted him aside with her biotics like he was nothing more than a fly. Meanwhile Vale just stood and watched, unsure if he should get involved since Aria seemed to have the situation under control. But then Galvatron was flung pas him like a rag doll, crashing into a wall at the far side of the room before hitting the ground hard.

"Is this going as well as you had pictured?" Aria asked as she levitated the Predacon in front of her with her biotics.

"Get scrapped!" the bruised and beaten adversary spat back, earning a sly smile from the female who then uppercut him, causing a flash of blue light as she sent him flying up into the air. And then she reached up with her hand and stopped him in mid air, before clenching her hand in a fist which made the energy that Galvatron was caught in suddenly burn his being, making him cry out in pain before she then yanked her hand down like she was throwing something in front of her.

This then caused Galvatron to be sent falling to the ground with enough velocity that when he hit the floor, that the impact left a small crater where he landed. And there he lay, the Leader of the Predacons, and he looked like hell with his silver armour now without its shine and showing damage. But was nothing compared to how injured his body was as Galvatron felt as though he had just been through several rounds with Devastator, but as his blurred vision saw the purple Asari walking over to him, he then heard a voice that made him feel even worse.

"Is that it, is that all you have left. Its just as I thought, you are nothing more than a mistake. A weak, pathetic shadow of myself. And now I get to see that mistake finally corrected...with your death."

Galvatron looked up to see Megatron standing over him, looking down with a gloating-like expression just as Aria walked into view and looked down at him, her hands pulsing with biotic energy. But then everything began to go dark as Galvatron passed out.


Suddenly the pain that the Predacon Lord had felt due to the punishment that Aria had inflicted on him was gone, making him feel confused as to how this had happened. So he opened his eyes and sat up to find himself in almost complete darkness, except for a faint purple light source that was hovering far above him like a moon in the night sky.

'Where am I?' he thought as he got to his feet and began walking in direction of the light, which slowly got larger and brighter the more closer he got to it. But as he walked the Predacon saw that apart from the purple light, there was nothing else around him but the void. A darkness that even seemed to swallow the light shining above him and then that was when he heard the voice again, the one from his dreams but somewhat fainter.


Though voice's volume was faint, like the light source, it grew louder as the Predacon walked on. The voice sounded old, but was not lacking for power as it spoke very deeply.

The Predacon kept walking on through the void, wondering how he even got wherever the scrap he was now.

'Last thing I remember was being beaten down by that Asari bitch.' he thought as he finally walked up to the purple light source which he was surprised to find out, was actually two. They both shone down on the Con who looked up at them with a curious expression.

'They look like a pair of optics.' he thought as he looked up at them.

"At last we meet….Galvatron." the voice then said, no longer echoing around him but coming directly from the bright purple lights above.

"Who are you?" the Predacon asked with a curious tone to his voice.

"It is I…..Unicron."

"But that is not possible, for I read that you were destroyed. There is no possible way that you could be here." Galvatron replied with a surprised tone in his voice as he continued to stare up at the lights which narrowed at him.

"Silence, I am not here to answer your questions. But to open your eyes, since time is so very short for us at this moment." Unicron said back, earning a confused and slightly fearful expression from the Con.

"What do you mean?" Galvatron asked as he thought about what had just happened to him just prior to this.

'Does he mean my fight with Aria?'

"I have been trying to communicate with you for a while now, but something has always blocked my attempts."

"You mean the dreams, that was your voice that I could hear if only faintly." the Predacon replied.

"That is correct, for each time I tried to reach out to you. But something has held me back, I thought that it was because of my weakened condition but instead it is because of you!" the Chaos Bringer answered, taking Galvatron aback with his words.

"What do you mean 'me'?"

"You were not born into this existence Galvatron, not naturally."

"If you are referring to my genesis, then you would be correct." the Con replied, making the lights that shone down on him begin to burn and injure him.

"Arrgh!" the Predacon Leader grimaced as the lights narrowed more, making him raise his arms in a vain effort to shield himself.

"Of course I am correct, for I know you are a copy of the Decepticon Leader Megatron. That pathetic prideful fool believed himself to be my herald, but even though you have his looks and memories, I believe that you are different to him." Unicron said back as the lights then faded a little, taking the burning effect away as Galvatron dropped his hands down to his sides and looked back with a curious expression.

"You do?" he asked with a hopeful tone, as this was a question he had been repeatedly asking himself since his beginning.

"I can see into your mind and so know it to be true, but you do not think the same."

Galvatron felt himself getting agitated, and so took a step toward the lights and braced himself for whatever would come of his next few words.

"I realise you said time is short, but I need more. How do you know this? How are we even communicating if you are supposedly dead?"

The lights suddenly brightened and the Predacon gritted his teeth as he waited for the Chaos Bringer's response.

"You dare to demand answers from me, you should know your place and who it is you are speaking too."

But Galvatron would not back down as he stood his ground and looked up into the two purple lights, which stayed exactly the same for one long moment until the Chaos Bringer sighed.

"Again, you prove yourself to be different to the one you are based on. For he would be on his hands and knees grovelling to me by now, very well."

The Predacon Leader breathed a sigh of relief as he relaxed a little, staring up into the lights.

"Thank you...Lord Unicron." he said with a respectful tone.

"After Primus sacrificed himself and destroyed my physical form, everything went dark and I lost myself to the void of nothingness. I have now idea how long my mind drifted through that vacuum which was devoid of anything at all, then one day I suddenly found that I was no longer drifting aimlessly, as if something was drawing me to it. There was a bright light and I found that I was staring at a book." Unicron reminisced, earning a curious expression from Galvatron.

"You mean the 'Covenant of Primus'."

"Yes, that was what I saw. It acted like an anchor and kept my mind from drifting away again, and I found that I was not alone as I could hear your thoughts. It didn't take long to realise what had happened after that?" the voice replied.

"Why? What did you realise?"

"Galvatron... I exist in your very essence, in your very spark."

The Predacon's eyes widened as it dawned on him what Unicron meant, as he remembered his own awakening.

"You mean the slither of Dark Energon that Megatron had my spark bonded with when he had me created."

"Yes, that is why I know your thoughts and communicate with you. For as long as even the smallest drop of my blood remains, then so do I. And it has been bonded with you, meaning that we are too."

The Con remained quiet as he listened to the Chaos Bringer who continued.

"It has joined us together, you and I..."

Unicron then went quiet for a moment, earning a confused look from Galvatron.


"Our time is running short, as I said previously. There has been something blocking me from you this whole time, something that is acting like a poison in your spark." the Chaos Bringer said.

"What is it?" the Predacon asked as the two light sources began to dim and flicker on and off.

"Look to your right?"

Galvatron did as the voice instructed, looking away from the purple lights and into the void that still surrounded him. His eyes widened a little when he spotted two small red lights just aways from him, but at eye level.

"What is that?" he asked as he took a step toward them.

"You really are a fool 'Galvatron'." a familiar voice spoke, making the Predacon's eyes widen as he recognised the being who was walking out of the shadows towards him.

"Megatron!" he spat while suddenly taking a defensive stance, earning a laugh from the Decepticon.

"Oh don't you look precious, now stand down and remember your place. Your my Clone and a worthless, pathetic one at that." Megatron replied while he narrowed his optics, staring daggers at the unsure looking Predacon.

"Galvatron, heed my words. That is not Megatron, he died many years ago. This version of him is simply a manifestation of your fears and doubts, coupled with your hate for your creator." Unicron said, earning the clone's attention as he looked away from the hallucination.

"What?" Galvatron replied in a shocked and confused tone.

"I would not listen to 'him' if I were you. I mean if I am really just an object of your imagination, then shouldn't he be one too." Megatron said back with a knowing smile.

The Predacon did not know what to think as he had Megatrob in front of him, and Unicron apperently all around his person. This left the Con utterly confused as he stood there, completely lost in his own thoughts.

'What do I do, who do I believe?' he thought as he felt the pressure growing on him, earning flashes of purple lightning to dance across the void around them.

"Galvatron...that slither of Dark Energon that is bonded to your very spark is very powerful, you have had moments where you have sampled that strength. But until you defeat Megatron and what he represents, you will never be free to achieve the destiny that is before you." Unicron then said, making Galvatron look around with a pleading expression.

"How can I...ugh!" he then said before a vice-like grip could be felt around his throat, making him look back to see that Megatron had him by his neck.

"Listen well, you are a Clone. You are a pathetic, degenerate waste or my time. You will never accomplish what I have, because you are merely a shadow of my very greatness." the Decepticon spat as he narrowed his red optics at the Clone, who suddenly looked back at him with an expression of pure hate.

"What have you ever truly accomplished?" he spat as he grabbed the hallucination's arm and dug his claws into it, causing energon to bleed out. This made Megatron grimace as he let go of Galvatron, who quickly took advantage by punching the Decepticon in the face, sending him on to his hands and knees.

"You never managed to completely defeat the Autobots, or even their Leader at the time...Optimus Prime." he continued to say as Megatron looked up at him.

"I defeated Zeta Prime, or did you forget in that cloned mind of yours."

"Yes you did, but he was not a bearer of the Matrix, was he. Not like Optimus, or the one that currently resides in my brig." Galvatron spat as he threw another punch at the Decepticon, who then blocked and grabbed his arm.

"Degenerate little scrap, You can not hope to defeat a Gladiator of Kaon." he replied with a dark grin before he then threw the Predacon to the ground and pinned him there, earning a grimace from the clone who looked back at him.

"That's what you think Megatron..." Galvatron replied as he grabbed both of the Decepticon's arms and pulled him into a head-but, knocking him off him and allowing the clone to get back to his feet.

"...But you forget that I have those skills too!" he added before rushing at his adversary and punching him in the face, earning a grunt from Megatron who then felt his jaw and smiled.

"I guess I did...or perhaps I just don't consider you to be a worthy fight, being a failed clone and all."

"Well I think it is time we found out." Galvatron replied as he took a fighting stance, which amused the Decepticon.

"Yes, let's end this debacle once and for all." he said back as he mirrored his copy before they both charged at one another, each throwing a punch that connected on the others face which made them stumble back slightly. But then Galvatron went straight back in with a round-house kick, one that the Hallucination saw coming and blocked before punching his clone in the stomach, following it up with an elbow to the face. After that hit, the Predacon was back on his hands and knees with Megatron smiling down at him.

"Again you prove me right, that there is only one Megatron!"

Galvatron looked up at his creator and wiped the blood from his mouth, narrowing his red eyes.

"You know, I have spent my entire existence denying that you and I are anything alike despite our CNA."

"And so you should." the Decepticon gloated as he equipped his arm-blade and took steps towards his fallen clone, raising the melee weapon to strike.

"But the truth is...we are the same..." the Predacon added, making Megatron stop dead in his tracks with a surprised and confused expression on his face.

"What?" he spat as Galvatron smiled at him.

"...but I won't let that fact... decide my destiny!"

The Con then kicked out at his hallucination's leg, damaging his knee and forcing him to the ground, and the Predacon pounced on him and punched him in the face to daze the Decepticon. The Clone then grabbed the Decepticon's arm and snapped the arm-blade off before stabbing it into Megatron's chest.

"Arrgh!" Megatron grimaced while Galvatron got back to his feet and looked down at his creator, before chuckling to himself.

"What do you find so funny?" the Decepticon Leader spat as he looked at his clone who grabbed him the neck and lifted him onto his knees.

"Well...I guess that it is because, despite the fact that we are the same. I still can't stand your face." Galvatron replied before punching at Megtron's face, but the Hallucination blocked that attack and smiled.

"You never lear...!" he said as he countered with a punch of his own, but the Predacon grabbed that fist mid-punch and then began to crush the hand within his own, making Megatron grimace as his clone looked down at him.

"Actually...I do. That is the main difference between us Megatron, which is why my Predacons and I are on the verge of having the entire galaxy on their knees, you never even came close to that." the Predacon replied as he tightened his grip on the Decepticon's hand and mangled it, earning a smirk From him.

"You may think you..." Megatron began to say before Galvatron cut him off.

"You know I am really tired of hearing your voice..." he said as his eyes began to change, followed by his body as his beast form took over.

".., It really enrages my spark." he said as Megatron watched in wide eyed fear as his clone stood before him in his beast mode, holding the Hallucination's mangled hand in his razor clawed fist, the claws digging further in and spilling more energon out of it.

"So I think it's time for you to face oblivion." the Predacon added as he grabbed the Decepticon's head and pulled, making Megatron scream in agony right before his head was ripped right off his body, which fell to the ground in a heap as energon poured out into a large puddle. Galvatron simply stood there and looked at the head of his creator there in his hands, as it's red optics faded to nothing.

Galvatron then turned his back to the corpse and tossed the head over his shoulder casually, satisfied to finally have Megatron out of his way. Suddenly the bright purple lights reappeared over the Predacon, though now they looked like optics as Unicron's face was finally revealed to him.

"You have overcome your fears and doubts and so proven yourself worthy Galvatron. Now, it is time for you to wake up and end this distraction you are taking part in."

"But the Asari I was fighting..." The Predacon began to say before he was suddenly cut off by the Aeon.

"She will be no threat to you now. Not with the abilities you can now call upon from me."

"And what of this destiny of mine?" Galvatron replied with a curious tone, making Unicron's optics narrow in return.

"I can only tell you that you have a destiny, it is not for me to tell what it is."


"If you want your answers, then read from the covenant of Primus once you are done on Omega, then we will converse further. Now go!" the Aeon's voice boomed, before everything suddenly went white around Galvatron, blinding him.


Back in the Reactor-Core, Aria stood over the unconscious body lf Galvatron and raised her hand above her head as it pulsed with biotic energy. Which then shifted into five razor sharp claws, as she stared daggers down at her enemy.

"Time to die 'Galvatron'." she said before swiping her biotic claws down on the Con, but he suddenly raised an arm and grabbed her's by the wrist. The Asari's eyes widened as she looked down in surprise, as the Predacon opened his own which were now glowing purple instead of their usual red.

"That's 'Lord Galvatron'." he spat back before his body began to glow with a purple hue, and suddenly Aria was sent flying onto her back a few yards away. Vale watched in wide-eyed fear as Galavtron got back to his feet and stood there, looking somewhat different than before. For his armour was still mainly silver with black and purple mixed in, but the joints and points were the pieces of his armour joined were now pulsing with purple energy.

Aria got back to her feet and looked at her newly risen adversary, who was staring back at her with a knowing smile.

"What the hell just happened?" she said as she clenched her fists, making them glow with a blue hue.

"You could say that I have had an epiphany, I believe that is the term for it." Galvatron replied in an almost casual tone.

"Don't really care." the Asari replied before she performed a biotic charge, moving at almost the speed of light right at the Predacon Lord. But Galvatron smiled and simply punched in front of himself with how glowing fist, an impact was heard before Aria reappeared and fell to the ground hard just aways from him.

"That's not possible." she said as a treacle of blood ran down from her nose and mouth while looking back at the enemy Commander, who began walking over to her.

"Things have definitely changed for the better." he said before the Omega Leader held her hands before her and fired several biotic blasts, but Galvatron replied by holding his own hand in front of him which effortless dissipated them the moment the energy came in contact with him.

"That tickles..." he replied as he came to a stop and stood over the Asari, before then grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the ground.

"I think you should surrender now." the Predacon said, but as Vale continued to watch from the spot he was rooted to, Aria began to glow very brightly as her face was one of thunder.

"Never!" she spat before unleashing a biotic flare that almost blinded the Batarian as it enveloped Galvatron, filling the entire room in biotic energy like an explosion.

A moment later and it was over as residual biotic energy crackled like lightning around the room's perimeter and around the reactor, causing the lights in the room to flicker on and off for several seconds. Vale got back to his feet, having been knocked down by the force of the blast. He looked at the reactor core and shook his head.

'That was foolish of Aria, she could of made the reactor breach.' he thought while looking back to where the fight had been taking place and saw only the Asari, who was on her knees with her biotic hue fading since she had just used such a powerful attack. But there was no sign of the Predacon as Aria opened her eyes and saw the same thing.

"Did I get him, is he dead?" she panted as Vale shrugged his shoulders, and looked around the room one more time. But then as his back was turned, he heard a grunt and spun back round to see Galvatron standing there with the Asari pinned to the floor by his foot on her throat.

'Where did he appear from?' the Batarian thought with a confused and panicky expression as he just watched, frozen to the spot by his fear.

"That was a nice move Aria, didn't do you much good though did it." he said as his body continued to glow with the unknown purple energy, looking down at her with an expression of amusement.

"Are you done yet?" he asked while putting a bit more pressure on her throat with his boot, making her gasp for air.

" hell!" she managed to say between the gasps for air, as she focused all of her remaining biotic energy and recreated her barrier. She then punched the air in front of her, as an energy projection of what looked like a fist then hit Galvatron square in the face which sent him flying away into the wall, creating a crater.

"I have had it with you." she spat as she got back to her feet, before holding her fists at her sides. She then narrowed her eyes and focused the energy from her barrier and into her fists which began to pulse brightly, meanwhile Galvatron got back to his feet and chuckled as he looked back at the Asari.

"Now that almost hurt Ari..." he said, his purple eyes going wide as he saw what she was doing. But before he could do anything about it, Aria punches both fists in front of her and unleashed a massive biotic energy projectile which flew across the room and hit the Predacon head and slamming him back into the wall before the immediate area around him exploded. Aria then fell to her knees again and panted as the act left her physically exhausted, Vale meanwhile was still watching with wide eyed amazement at what he had seen his Leader do.

"I think you got him this time." the Batarian said, earning an unreadable expression from Aria, one that made him feel a little uncomfortable. So he instead looked over at the destroyed section of the room, which could not be seen fully for all the smoke that billowed from the small fire that was burning there.

'There is no way anyone could have survived that.' he thought as he began to breath easy, but just as he took a deep breath, he suddenly found it stuck in his throat when suddenly a purple blur shot out of the smoke and hit Aria so hard, that she fell instantly onto her back. The Asari felt like she had just been hit by a star-ship as the unwelcoming feelings of a concussion greeted her head, making her vision burry. But there was no mistaken the sight of Galvatron standing over her once more.

"Time to end!" he said as he then knelt down and began to pummel her face with his fists, which were not only glowing purple but now looking far more beast like. In fact the Predacon also looked more like a beast-man than he had when the Con invaded their home. Vale once again felt like his heart had stopped as for the...damn, he had lost count of the times Aria had looked like winning this battle. But now things looked hopeless since Galvatron was now looking even more dangerous and feral as he roared while continuing to pummel the Asari before picking her now rag-doll like body up and throwing it to the ground. The Batarian could only watch as fear had frozen him to the spot yet again, as he saw how bloody and beaten Aria looked as she lied on the floor.

"Now I will kill I said so earlier, but you still have a part to play before then." Galvatron said to the Asari who then fell unconscious. He then turned his attention to Vale who just looked back, earning a sly grin from the Predacon Leader.

'He is terrified of me, excellent. It's just as I thought, the Asari has them all controlled through all I need to do is offer them another way.' he thought before walking over to the fearful Batarian, who then re-aimed his weapon at the Con who sighed in return while remaining completely calm.

"If you were going to use that, I assume you would have already." he said, earning a confused expression from Vale who looked back at his gun and then at Galvatron. All four of his eyes were wide and full of fear as the Predacon opened his hands and held his arms out in a disarming fashion, as the purple aura around him dissipated with his eyes returning to their blood red.

"what...are you doing?" the Batarian asked in a hesitant manner, as the Con walked ever closer to him, noticing that only his armour retained the purple glow inside it's joints.

"There is no need for that, because if I wanted you dead then you would already be that." Galvatron said, gaining a head shake from Vale.

"How can I trust you..?"

"We are talking are we not, I would think that would be a big enough clue to my intentions toward you." the Predacon replied, earning an unsure look from the Batarian who could not decide if he should keep his weapon drawn.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to lower the weapon...and join me." Galvatron said as he then held out his hand, making Vale look back in surprise.

"I did not come to Omega to destroy you all, but in fact liberate you from Aria's tight grasp." the Con added as the Batarian began to slowly lower his weapon.

"I don't understand..."

"As far as I can tell, Aria has had all the mercs in the galaxy at her disposal...and yet what have you accomplished under her rule?" he asked in an honest tone which made Vale look away and dwell on his words.

'For all stability that Aria and Nyreen have brought to the Terminus systems...Galvatron has a point, things were far more interesting when we were killing and at each others throats.' he thought before looking back at the Predacon.

"Are you saying...?"

"I am asking you and your comrades to join my Predacons. And together we will take this galaxy and bring the Federation down upon itself. What say you?" Galvatron asked, earning a thought expression from the Batarian as he looked behind the Predacon at Aria who was still lying on the ground unconscious.

'I know she saved my life...but I never did like her or her methods of Leadership.' Vale thought before meeting his eyes with the Con Leader.

"What would you have me do if I was to join your army?"

"You are Aria's top Lieutenant, correct?"

"Yes." the Batarian replied with a respectful nod.

"Then you will do so again, answering to no one but myself. Serve me well and you will be rewarded, fail me...and the consequences will be dire." Galvatron said back with a tone awash with authority, earning a slight smile from Vale who reached out with his hand, grasping the Con's as the pair shook.

"Sounds fair, in that case I am yours to command...Lord Galavatron. And I know the others will fall in line as well."

"I know, so do you have any devices that we can use to dampen Aria's biotics with?" the Predacon Leader asked, gaining a nod from The Batarian.

"Yes, Aria does have a store of biotic clamps that she keeps just in case any of her other Asari try something stupid. I have the coordinates."

"Please, give them to me." Galvatron asked as he activate his holo-tool, making Vale almost stand still in shock before complying.

'He said please, Aria was never that courteous with any of us.' he thought while typing into the holo-keyboard, then the Predacon activated his com-link.

"Nemesis, open a Ground-bridge from this location to these coordinates. And then after that, find the location of this Nyreen and prepare another portal. I think its time to end this."


The entrance to the Sanctuary was littered with the bodies of Terracons as they kept storming the heavily fortified area, which was protected by numerous automated gun and missile turrets, and a powerful force-field covering the large heavy door that would become the second to last line of defence as behind it, several squads of Talons made up of Turian, Asari, Vorcha and human stood ready with their weapons aimed at the door.

Each was quietly hoping that the defences would hold out that little longer, for if all before them failed then they would be last defence between the Predacons and what was left of the civilian population that inhabited the behind them. Inside Nyreen was standing alongside of one of her lieutenants as she kept an eye on the battle raging outside via her holo-tool.

"Sir, our defences have managed to hold the enemy at bay long enough for us to get the evacuation vessels ready for launch. We can begin to ship the civilians off Omega at a moment's notice." the Turian Lieutenant reported, earning a nod from his Commander.

"Very good Talus, but we won't initiate that plan until I have heard back from Aria about the status of her own."

"Yes sir." the soldier said back in return as he looked away with an unsure expression, which did not go unnoticed by the female.

"What is it Talus?"

"It''s just that it's been several hours since Aria started for the reactor-core, and we both know that she would have made it by now. So why haven't we heard anything?" the Turian male replied with a slither of fear to his voice, earning calm and focused look from Nyreen.

"Aria will make it, I bet she just has been held up."

Talus nodded in return as the Talon Leader looked him up and down, noticing the weariness on his face.

"How old you?" she asked, earning a surprised look from him.

"Twenty-three sir."

"Believe me when I say that Aria is not the type to let anything get in the way of what she wants, twenty five years ago before you were even born, Omega was under the control of MECH and being used as their main staging grounds during the Reaper war and Aria and myself together with help from the Autobots defeated MECH and reclaimed this station, but that would not have been possible without her leading the way. She is the most stubborn and reckless person I have ever met, but Aria always finds a way to beat the odds….especially when those odds seem unbeatable." Nyreen replied with a slight smile.

"Yes sir." Talus said back in a more calmer tone as he took a breath, but before anything else could be said. The Talon Leader's holo-tool beeped frantically as it's screen showed several flashing red icons on it, earning both Turians attention.

"We have just lost gun turrets three through eight, how is that possible?" the female said, as Talus activated his own holo-tool.

"Nyreen sir, we have a big problem." he said as he showed her his holo-screen, earning a wide eyed stare from Nyreen. For the screen showed camera footage from outside the entrance to the Sanctuary, showing the Terracons firing back from behind cover on their side of the bridge. But on the bridge itself was a large orange and black metallic beast, which was firing fire from it's open jaws and destroying the turrets one after another, before the fire enveloped the camera and cut the feed.

"Activate the next camera across the bridge." Nyreen said as Talus began typing on his holo-interface before another video screen appeared, one that showed the area from behind the enemy line. The footage showed the beast breathing fire down upon the energy field that was protecting the door, slowly draining it of it's power.

"What the hell is that thing?" the Talon Leader asked.

"No idea, all we know is that it has been spotted at numerous locations around the station, destroying all of our forces that it has come across. And yet we can not even hurt it." the Lieutenant stated as Nyreen watched the Beast and the Terracons firing upon the depleting force field.

"There is no way the force field will last long under that bombardment…" she began to say before stopping as both Turians noticed that the enemy force suddenly stopped firing.

"What the…?" Talus said in shock before the green vortex of a space-bridge portal opened up on the bridge as the beast walked backwards, making some room for whatever was about to arrive.

"You said it…." the female Turian replied before three figures could be seen exiting the portal, one of them falling to the floor when pushed by the one behind them, and Nyreen's eyes widened as she recognised the one on the floor as a purple Asari.

"Wait, that's…." Talus said with a sense of dread in his voice while the female just kept her eyes fixated on the screen, when suddenly hers and the rest of the Talon's com-links activated.

"This is Lord Galvatron, I know you are in the Nyreen Kandros, and I also know you and all your Talons can all hear me." the man in silver armour said as he stood over Aria, and though the camera could not show the exact state the Asari was in, Nyreen could tell by the way her body language was that her lover was severally injured.

"You know that you are only delaying the inevitable by continuing to fight back, as I am sure you are well aware that my forces now have control of the entire station….except for this Sanctuary that you are valiantly defending, but it is now over." Galvatron said as he looked up to where the security cameras had been.

"And if you think you can flee this station in one or any of the escape vessels you have docked behind that door, you should know that I have several cruisers in waiting which will destroy any ship that leaves Omega. So I will give you a choice, you can either surrender now and save the lives of everyone behind these doors or you can fight and let them all die."

Nyreen simply looked at the screen, but Talus could tell that she was deep in thought at the options that were held out before her.

"Oh…and if you choose to fight, the first life you will forfeit is that of your Leader…..and lover, Aria T'Loak." the Predacon Leader added as he then equipped his arm-blade and pointed it down at his Asari prisoner.

"Commander, what should we do?" Talus asked as he suddenly saw his usually calm and collected Commander, but now wide eyed and fearful as she found herself conflicted with what had to be done.

"Nyreen sir.." the Turian said, earning the Talon Leader's attention as she looked at him.

"Can we really trust him?"

"I do not know Talus, but I made a promise….. to protect the civilian population of Omega. There is no way we can win this battle which will end with all of us killed, but if we surrender then at least our people will survive to prevail later."

The younger Turian nodded in return, knowing full well that Nyreen was correct while she tapped her com-link.

"All Talon forces, this is Nyreen. Stand down, I repeat stand down."


Gavlatron waited patiently as he stood there on the bridge which was connected to Sanctuary, behind him was Vale who looked a little nervous and at the Con's feet was Aria, on her knees and bound with a biotic clamp attached to her neck. Situated behind the three persons were the rest of the Terracon force, as well as Predaking who had folded it's wings onto it's back and looked around as if waiting for something to happen, growling lowly as it did so.

"I am not sure if Nyreen will listen to you my Lord." Vale said with a nervous tone to his voice, but Galvatron simply smiled as he looked over his shoulder at him.

"You better hope that she does Vale, for that would mean that your information was false and that you have already failed me." the Predacon replied coldly, making the Batarian feel a chill down his spine at his new boss's words.

But suddenly the force field that was protecting Sanctuary's entrance deactivated and the large metallic door began to open as the machinery behind it could be heard, earning the Predacon and his force's attention.

"Stand ready, but do not fire unless I say so." Galvatron stated as he looked ahead and saw the silhouette of a person walking out of the dimly lit tunnel as the door finished raising off the floor. Aria's eyes widened as she recognised the person to be Nyreen, who calmly walked out with her hands open for all to see.

The Con felt a slight smile grow on his face as he watched the Talon Commander who stopped several metres in front of him, her face suddenly changing to one of quiet distress the moment her eyes fell upon the beaten Asari at the Predacon's feet.

"Aria, I am sorry. But this was a fight that we can not win, and I can not sacrifice you or the people of Omega." Nyreen said with a sorrowful tone, earning an equal reaction from the Asari who merely nodded back abet while grimacing slightly as her body ached all over. Nyreen then looked at Galvatron who stood there with a confident expression who seemed to be enjoying this very moment.

"So I hereby surrender to you Galvatron, in the hope of ending any further bloodshed."

The Predacon Lord gave the Turian a thoughtful look before nodding back in return.

"You made the right decision Nyreen…" Galvatron began to say as Nyreen gave a sigh of relief.

"..but…" he added, making both the Talon Leader and Aria suddenly look at him, their eyes widening slowly.

"…I can't allow both of Omega's Leaders to stay alive, or else I risk weakening my resolve. And that is something I will not do." the Con Leader continued, making the Turian equip her fire-arm and aim it at Galvatron.

"Kill her." he said in a calm manner, as Aria suddenly felt time slow down as she looked back at her lover, out in the open and exposed as all the Terracons behind the Predacon aimed their weapons at her. Nyreen looked back at the Asari, their eyes meeting as they simply stared at each other right before the enemies opened fire and riddled the Turian female with bullet holes, spilling her blood all over the floor as Aria screamed, her pain and grief all out in the open for everyone present to see and here, while she watched her lover's body fall to the ground in a bloody heap. The Omega Leader could see Nyreen's lifeless eyes staring back, as silence fell around the Asari as her attention and focus was solely on the Turian.

"Predaking, use your Dragon-breath to destroy the Sanctuary's tunnel." Galvatron commanded, making the dragon leap over him and Aria and land just behind Nyreen's lifeless body. The beast then opened it's mouth as the bright light of it's fire-breath illuminated the dimly lit tunnel, exposing the remaining Talons who were still inside. Predaking then unleashed the fire which enveloped the entire area and incinerated everyone inside, before the damage caused made the tunnel collapse in on it's self and seal the civilians inside.

"That will be a fitting tomb for those that tried to escape our wrath." Galvatron said, while Vale remained quiet. His expression one of fearful shock at what he had just witnessed, but the Predacon Lord ignored this and instead looked down at Aria who was still looking at her lover's corpse while sobbing quietly.

"You will not have to grieve for long Aria, since I will unite you with you dearly departed…." he said with dark smile, gaining the Asari's attention while her grief turned to quiet rage as she stared daggers at him.

"…but you will live long enough to witness the fall of everything you have built here..." he added while narrowing his red eyes at her.

"..and that Aria, is a promise."
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