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Chapter XXIV

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As Omega falls to the Predacons, the Normandy heads to Omicron as Quickstrike and Ser-Ket continue to evade their pursers.

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On board the Nemesis, that was currently orbiting the Omega station. Jack and Arcee were sitting up against the wall of their cell, the Femme was checking over the bandages of the stump which was all that was left of her spark-mate's arm.

"Well it appears that the medi-gel has done it's job, since your arm has not been bleeding now for a few days." she said while looking at the limb, earning a slight smile from Jack.

"All those times being patched up by Ratchet finally paid off then." he said affectionately earning a smile from Arcee, but he knew full well that she was just trying to keep her mind occupied as there was very little else for that in the cell. The pair had been prisoners of the Predacons for a number of days now and apart from the daily offering of food and water, no one has even come to visit, not even Galvatron himself. So this left them with little to do but think about recent events...especially one of them.

Then as if on command, Arcee's expression changed to one of sadness, and Jack knew what it was exactly as his mirrored hers.

"...I still can not believe Orion is dead, our own son. I keep telling myself that it's a lie but..." Arcee replied while her Bottom lip began to shake as she started to sob, which made the Prime pull her into an embrace with his remaining arm, holding her close as she cried into his shoulder.

"I don't want to believe it either Arcee." Jack replied as he looked up at the ceiling, his mind becoming over run with thoughts.

'It cannot be true, it simply can't. Not after what I have seen.' he thought while turning his attention to the Matrix of Leadership that hung around his neck in it's crystal form.

For a long moment the couple stayed in the embrace, trying to comfort each other over a loss that they could only hope was not true, but the lack of any evidence to the contrary did not help. In fact since they had been captured, the pair had not heard or been told anything from their captors. So not only could they not confirm the status of their son, but also what has become of their friends or the Federation at this point.

Arcee then pulled away slightly so that she could look at Jack, looking into those blue eyes of his which always made her feel better in the past. But just as she was about to speak, the energy field of the cell next to them deactivated.

"What the..." the Femme said as she and Jack looked over to it, but then the door opened and two Terracons walked in while carrying a body between them. Neither the Prime or his Spark-mate could see who it was from their position, but the Terracons then dropped the body in the cell next to them and walked out before reactivating the force field and leaving the Brig. Both Jack and Arcee got to their feet and looked through energy field that kept them trapped but also separate, the pair's eyes widened as they recognised the purple Asari.

"Aria?" Jack exclaimed, earning a painful grunt from the Omega Leader as she tried to get up onto her knees, but could only roll onto her back and face them. Both Prime and Femme looked on in shock at the injuries they could see on their one time ally.

"What the in the hell happened to you?" Jack asked, making the Asari turn her head in their direction which surprised them, as they could see she had been crying ...which was not something you would think Aria could do, considering her reputation over the last several centuries.

"What happened?" Arcee asked as the Asari wiped the tears off her cheeks and tried to compose herself, not wanting to look weak in front of anyone...not enemies or allies.

"The Predacons have seized Omega and...killed Nyreen." she replied, her anger showing on her face with that last part.

"I am so sorry Aria." Jack replied, gaining a supporting nod from the Femme too as they looked back at the Omega Leader.

" it's true, they caught the two of you also." she replied with coldness to her voice, not wanting them to pity her. Arcee and the Prime could see this and acted accordingly.

"Yes, the Predacons attacked Earth and destroyed a good deal of New Iacon." Jack replied.

"These Predacons do seem ambitious, attacking the two largest empires in the galaxy and capturing their Leaders." the Asari said.

"They also killed my Sister and her Spark-mate, and...our Son, Orion." Arcee added with a saddened expression, earning a surprised look from Aria who could see that the three of them were all on the same page.

"You have my condolences." she said back, earning appreciative nods from the couple in return before the they sat down and held each other, as the room went quiet for a long moment. All three of the prisoners just looked ahead, Jack and Arcee staying at the wall in front of them through the force field. And Aria stared up at the ceiling, but then her eyes began to wonder before she finally managed to sit up and look at the couple.

"How did things go so shit so fast?" the Asari then asked in a generally confused tone, breaking the silence. But all the Prime and Femme could do was stare back, since they had been asking themselves that very same question...and they were yet to find the answer.

Meanwhile Galvatron stood in what was left of Omega's command center, which looked very much like a bomb had hit it, which seemed to be a running theme for any location that Predaking was unleashed upon. The Predacon Leader then walked over to Lazerback, who was overseeing three Terracons that were trying to access the station's mainframe through what was left of the room's computers.

"And how fares our intel gathering operation?" he asked, earning his lieutenant's attention, as he turned to face his Lord.

"Lord Galvatron, we have managed to download thirty-eight percent of the mainframe so far, Shockblast is overseeing the data transfer from his lab on Cybertron." the other Predacon replied, gaining a nod from Galvatron.

"Good, what about Omega's supplies?"

Lazerback then activated his holo-tool, before gesturing his Leader to watch as data scrolled down his holo-screen.
"We have cleared out Omega's armoury and fuel refinery, and their are teams currently preparing to extract the spare parts our fleet might need from the station's system."
Galvatron then noticed an unsure expression on Lazerback's face.

"What is it Commander?"

"Forgive my bluntness Lord Galvatron. But wouldn't it make more sense for us to use Omega as another Predacon outpost?" the lieutenant asked as the Predacon lord looked back at him with an unreadable expression.

"No, it would not Lazerback. For Omega is a high profile location, unlike Cybertron which has become just another dead world in the eyes of the Federation. So we will take what we need from this station and then destroy it, as it will send a message to the rest of the galaxy, of what happens to those who oppose us."

"And what of the civilians we have trapped in the sanctuary?" Lazerback said in return.

"They are of no consequence to us, leave them where they are." Galvatron replied in a cold tone, but the other Predacon simply looked back.

"Is there a problem?" the Con Leader said back as he narrowed his red eyes.

"No my Lord, no problem. I simply wishes to clarify things." Lazerback responded, earning a nod in return.

"Good, carry on." Galvatron replied before turning and walking away to the other side of the command center, leaving Lazerback to return to his duties as he turned his attention to the Terracons next to him, watching as they continued to download files from Omega's computers.


On the other side of the galaxy, in orbit around the blue planet of Earth. The Normandy was docked with one of the few remaining space-dock platforms that survived the Predacons brutal attack days earlier, and was in the final stage of its repair and re-fit. On board the ship, the atmosphere was almost frantic as the crew worked around the clock to make sure their ship was ready for action.

In the cargo/shuttle-bay Grunt and Smokescreen were overseeing the last of the supplies being brought aboard, while Shen and Nightracer were making final calibrations on the up-graded weapons array. Red-Alert was busy bringing her new medi-bay online, while on the bridge Rodimus and Jetstorm were looking at the plans of their newly upgraded vessel via the holo-interface of the pilot's in the cockpit.

"These upgrades should give us more of an edge over any AutoBot ship that the Predacons have under their control." the Commander said as he looked over the holo-image.

"What if we com across the Nemesis again?" Jetstorm asked.

"Well, our shields have been strengthened by fifty percent. And we now have ablative hull armour covering virtually the entire ship so on the occasion that our shields do fail, we can still stay in a fire fight for much longer. And the shield generator was also upgraded and will now recharge the shields even quicker than before, something like an entire thirty seconds faster." Rodimus explained as he pointed to those particular features on the holo-image.

"Alright, that is impressive. And I see our weapons array has been tinkered with, making them ten percent more powerful. But what has my attention is the fact that the engines and thrusters have been upgraded, giving the Normandy more speed and manoeuvrability." the pilot replied as he gestured to the engines.

"I thought you would, since now the ship should handle even more like a fighter. Thats as long as it's pilot can handle it." the Commander said back with a grin, earning shocked look from Jetstorm.

"Commander you wound me." he said back while feigning injury, before smiling back.

"I am more than prepared for it, in fact I welcome it."

Rodimus was about to reply when his com-link beeped, so he tapped it and looked out of the Cockpit's glass canopy towards one of the repair drones that flew past.

"Rodimus here...really, that is excellent news. I will ensure we are ready for the launch, thank you Admiral."

Jetstorm looked up at the AutoBot from his seat with a curious expression, while Rodimus deactivated his com-link.

"What's the word Commander?"

"All repairs and the re-fit are finished, we can leave for the Omicron Colony inside the following hour." the Commander replied as he looked back at Jetstorm.

"Finally, I have been sitting here twiddling my thumbs for that last couple of days. Its about time we got back out there." the younger Bot replied, gaining a nod from Rodimus.

"Very true, especially when you consider that with the communications blackout still effecting the entire Federation, we have no idea what is happening right now with the rest of the galaxy, or what the Predacons are currently up to."

"Well I will run one final diagnostic on all systems here then, just to be sure." Jetstorm said back before typing on his holo-interface.

"And I will get the other departments to do the same." the AutoBot Commander replied, before the pilot stopped and turned to face him.

"By the way Commander, where's Orion right now?"

"He is in his quarters looking at all the data and Intel our forces managed to get on the Predacons during their assault on Earth." Rodimus said back before turning round and heading back towards the galaxy-map in the aft section of the CIC, leaving Jetstorm to sigh as he looked down to the floor.

"Poor Orion..." he said in a faint voice before turning back to his terminal, as he thought of what had his friend had found out only a few days earlier.

Meanwhile in Orion's quarters, the blue haired Bot was sitting at his computer terminal with Liara.

The pair were looking at separate holo-screens as they went through the intelligence reports that had been gathered about the Predacons during their attack on New Iacon, which wasn't much really. Liara was looking through the intel that had been made of the Predacons and their Terracon troops, which had been made from eye witness reports from civilian and AutoBot survivors. But the Asari found herself glancing over to her friend, who had been quiet since they had started over an hour ago.

Now she found this to be troubling her because Orion had never been this quiet in her company before now, especially after Smokescreen had told him exactly what had happened when he had last seen the younger Bot's parents. So as Liara glanced over, she found that the Autobot was just looking at one piece pf intel...the profile on Galvatron. The look Orion had in his eyes was something which made the Asari worry more, as the Darby had a very cold and intense expression on his face.

His eyes were fixated on all aspects of the Predacon Leader's profile, that though had no real information. But what really got his attention was the Con's image that had been created from eye-witness accounts and was as accurate as it could possibly be.

"Orion, are you alright?" Liara asked with a caring tone in her voice, but the Bot did not reply as he kept staring at the screen.


The young Darby was deep in thought as he found himself fixated on the picture and was staring at Galvatron's red eyes like he was looking at the real deal. He could hear Liara's voice but it was faint compared to the images that flooded his mind, because all he could think about since speaking with Smokescreen was what happened between this Predacon and his parents. He could see it all in his thoughts, his Father and Smokescreen trying to save his Mother, and then Galvatron slicing off the Prime's arm and beating on him. This made Orion's spark burn with anger, and anger which he could barely manage to keep under wraps. But before all he had was a name, but now he had a face to which he could focus his anger upon.

'I swear I am going to make him pay for what he has done to my family.' he thought as he clenched his hand into a tight fist on the table, but then suddenly his attention was quickly ripped away from the screen when he felt a soft warm hand being places upon his own in a caring fashion.

"Orion?" Liara said in a worried tone, as the Bot looked over to see her face which mirrored the way her voice sounded. His eyes widened as he instantly felt his spark begin to calm down and he sighed in return.

"I am sorry Liara, I guess I got lost in my own thoughts." he replied as he turned his chair towards hers and so removed the temptation that was the Predacon's image from view.

"I was looking through the Intel, but I just got stuck on that particular entry." he added in a regretful tone, making the Asari shake her head gently in return.
"You don't have to apologise Orion, You have every right to be angry..." she started to say before the inter-com activated.

"Dr T'Soni, we have a transmission from Matriarch Benezia for you, do you want it routed to your quarters?" a female crewmen asked, earning an annoyed sigh from the Asari, which did not go unnoticed by Orion who found his earlier anger fading as curiosity took its place.

"That won't be necessary, Liara can take it here." he said back, gaining a surprised expression from his friend.

"Very well, I am routing it to your terminal Orion." the crewmen replied before the inter-com deactivated, leaving Both Bot and Asari alone again.
"So, I knew this was coming." she sighed, as Orion stood up.

"Want the room to yourself?" he asked, making Liara shake her head in response.

"You can stay, just keep out of view of the screen so my mother won't know you are there."

The Bot nodded before sitting down on his bed, out of view. The Asari then typed on the keyboard of the holo-interface, which made the Intel reports disappear and replace them with the image of an older looking Asari who looked very similar to Liara. Orion could just see her from his position and you could definitely tell that the pair were related, though at this moment the other Asari had a face like thunder as she looked back at her daughter.

"Mother, it's good to see you." Liara said with a smile, but Orion knew her well enough to tell that she was feigning it and that Benezia wasn't fooled either.

"I would like to say the same Liara, but unfortunately I have received some troubling news..." she replied with a tone so cold, that Orion suddenly felt that the temperature in his room had dropped several degrees.

"...that you are not returning to Thessia, but in fact have joined the AutoBots, all to go on some suicidal mission that does not have anything to do with you." she added.

"You are wrong Mother, I owe the AutoBots that saved my life and so will help help them any way I can, especially since I have experience with the very ones that attacked Earth only a few days ago...or haven't you heard." Liara said back with a tone tinged with anger, though she was obviously trying to hide it.

"I do not care for the problems of the AutoBots, and I will not have my Daughter mixed up in their agenda." Benezia replied, making her Daughter narrow her eyes back at her.

"The Asari are a part of the Federation and the AutoBots Mother, so their problems are our problems too. We cannot turn our backs on them, I for one will not."

"Are we really going to have this conversation again Liara, if it had been up to me then our species would never have joined the Federation." the Matriarch said back with definite scorn in her voice, which made Orion curious as he watched Mother and Daughter argue in front of him with only one that knew of his presence.

'Why does she hate the Autobots?' he thought.

"Well none of that matters Mother, because I am staying where i am needed...which is here on board the Normandy. You can't tell me what to do any more, I am not one hundred and twenty-five."

"Yes, you are still but a child..." her Mother said back instantly, making Liara's eyes widen as her anger really did start to come to the surface.

"Well for a child, I have done more than most Asari my age, who are just swinging their hips for the pleasure of sexist pigs."

It was now time for Benezia to stare in wide-eyed amazement at her Daughter's outburst, but she wasn't the only one as Orion's expression mirrored her Mother's.

'What the?' he thought as he noticed the Matriarch's facial expression soften somewhat in response to Liara.

"Liara you have done many things, more than I did myself at your age. But you will always be my child and I do not want you to end up..." she said before the her daughter cut her off, trying to calm her.

"You need not worry Mother, my friends here will make sure I make it back safely." she said while ever so slightly glancing over to Orion. Benezia though did not look impressed as she shook her head in response.

"Liara, I do not understand how you can put your trust in such people. But if you are to continue with them, then I will not be able to protect you from what will come of it, I am sorry." she said back. Liara though looked down at the holo-keyboard in front of her and sighed.

"Well, I am sorry too Mother." she then replied before looking back at Benezia who too mirrored her Daughter's expression.

"Then all I can say is good luck, I pray you won't need it."

"Thank you, until I see you again Mother." Liara replied before the Matriarch's image disappeared from the screen, replacing it with the Intel reports that were on there before.

The Asari then looked over to Orion, who shook his head and sighed.

"I am sorry Liara, here I thought that the relationship I had with my Parents was dysfunctional."

"You have nothing to apologise for Orion, and I guess every family has its problems." Liara replied, while Orion looked at her with a curious expression.

"Why does your Mother dislike us, I mean the AutoBots?"

The Asari gave him a worried look, knowing very well that question was coming after what he had overheard.

"Well I guess that my Mother has always had a disliking towards Both Cybertronians and Humans, the Cybertronians for their eons long civil war and for bringing Humans into the Galactic community well before their time. She felt that their very presence could have a destabilising effect on the galaxy. Because something similar had happened with the Vorcha, though not on the level that Benezia feared would happen with Humans." she replied before taking a sip from the glass of water that was sitting on the desk next to her.

"But what really made her hate the AutoBots/Human Alliance was when the Reapers invaded the galaxy, or more to the point when they invaded Thessia. I mean I know that Earth was the first world to be attacked and that the population had to endure under the Reapers for the whole war. But when Thessia became a target for the Reapers, it was hit just as hard. It was like the Reapers were making up for the time they spent on Earth. And even though the Asari were the oldest species in the galaxy during the current cycle, we were not very combat efficient compared to either the AutoBots or Humans. Even our advanced biotics were no match for the Reapers, so many were slaughtered or harvested by the Reapers and yet the Alliance kept their attention mainly on Earth, and my Mother was livid about that."

Orion just kept quiet as he listened to Liara, who took a breath before continuing.

"What I am about to tell you is something that was not made public to the galactic community, but the Asari were severally weakened by the events of the Reaper war. The population of Thessia exceeded five billion, but now it is around two point five billion. Since we are a proud race, the Matriarch Council managed to keep this information from being found out by the rest of the galaxy, because we did not want to look weak. But when the Alliance made the suggestion to disband the Citadel Council and create the Federation, Benezia strongly dismissed it. Saying that we could only rely on ourselves and that the AutoBots and Humans would never put other worlds above their own. The other Matriarchs overruled her though, and so the Asari took their place with everyone else."

"I had no idea things were so bad for the Asari." Orion replied, earning a sad expression from Liara.

"I know, but I have learnt from my experiences working with you and the AutoBots that cooperation is the right way going forward for my people, but my Mother is opinionated and stubborn. I wish there was something I could do to make her see different, to see things the way I do."

The Asari then looked to the ground and sighed as she let her feelings show, so Orion got up off the bed and knelt down in front of her before placing his hand on her knee supportively, which made the her look back at him.

"Thank you for listening Orion, you're the only person I feel I could talk to about this." she said back with an appreciative smile, making him smile warmly back at her.

"How could I not, after everything you have done for me recently. Had it not been for your words and our melding of minds, I would not have found out what my Dad really thought about me. Because of that Liara, I promise that if you ever need me then I will be there for you, no matter what." the Bot said back as he looked into her blue eyes with his own, making her smile grow wider.

"I know you will Orion, because of our meld which I have to admit was my first attempt at such a thing…" she started to say, only to be cut off by the blue haired man.

"…it was a first for me too, you know."

".. well I feel like I know you better than anyone." she said back, making the Bot almost blush in return which she found to be very cute.

"I know what you mean." he replied as they looked into each others eyes and without even realising it, slowly leaned closer to each other. But just as their lips were about to connect as they felt each other's breath on the others skin, the ship's inter-com activated.

"All hands, this is Commander Rodimus. We will be departing for Omicron in five minutes, so report to your stations."

This snapped the pair out of it as they leaned back, though Both Bot and Asari looked disappointed in return.

"Great timing." Orion said, earning a nod from Liara.

"Indeed, well lets get to the CIC." she said back as they Both got to their feet.

"Ladies first." the young Darby replied, gaining a coy smile from the Asari before the pair then left his room, plunging it into darkness as the door closed behind them.


The CIC was a buzz with activity as the crew prepared for the launch, Rodimus was standing on the raised platform with the galaxy map in front of him which gave a good view of the rest of the crew as they worked. The elevator doors then opened and Orion and Liara entered the area, gaining the Commander's attention as he turned to face them.

"Orion, I want you to head down to the shuttle-bay and choose pick your team." he said, gaining a nod from the Bot.

"Yes sir."

"Once we are close enough to the planet, you and your team will disembark on one of the two shuttles we have and land on Omicron. I will relay the rest of your orders once you are away. Good luck." Rodimus said back before turning back to the galaxy map.

"Right away." Orion replied and then looked over to Liara.

"Lets go, your on my team Liara." he added with a smile.

"Right behind you." she said back, mirroring his expression as the pair then re-entered the elevator, the doors closing as Rodimus tapped his com-link.

"All systems are a go, Jetstorm take us out."

Meanwhile in the cockpit, the pilot was working on the holo-interface in front of him, quickly tapping various buttons like a fast typing temp.

"Yes sir. Disengaging docking clamps and firing thrusters."

The Normandy then began to pull away from the space dock, who's grav-lock arms folded away in response to the AutoBot ship which turned around to face the open space ahead.

"We have cleared the space-dock, firing sub-light engines….and we are on our way." Jetstorm added as the Normandy was then thrust forward, leaving the space-dock and Earth behind as it began to move through the solar system.

"Jet-Storm, fire up the space-bridge generator and plotca course to Omicron. And I want the 'cloak' activated the second we are through." Rodimus then said, earning a salute from his pilot who typed away on the holo-keyboard.

"Space-bridge spinning up and coordinates locked, activating space-bridge in four, three, two, one..." the pilot replied before a green glowing portal opened up in front of the Normandy, with the AutoBot ship flying into it a moment later, leaving the Sol system behind.

Meanwhile at that exact second on the other side of the galaxy, a portal opened and the Normandy exited it at speed before a shimmer crossed it's hull which made it fade away until the AutoBot ship completely disappeared.

"we are in the Omicron system sir and the cloak is operating under normal parameters." Jetstorm stated as the Commander joined him in the cockpit, standing behind his chair and looking out at the stars via the glass canopy in front of them.

"Run a sensor scan, I want to know what's out here."

"Running it now." Jetstorm replied as he looked at the smaller holo-screen that appeared to his right, noticing several red blips appearing around the target planet.

"Sir, I have an number of ships orbiting the Colony. Their silhouettes identify as AutoBot, but their IFF reads Predacon."

"So, the Predacons are the ones responsible for shutting down the network. But then how did they find out about it, there is only a select group of higher-ups who even knew what Omicron's true purpose was." the Commander said, earning a curious look from his pilot.

"Well looks like the secret is out, want me to take us closer?"

"No, we will launch the shuttle from where we are." Rodimus replied before tapping his com-link.

"Rodimus to Orion, come in..."

Meanwhile down in the shuttle-bay, Orion, Liara, Shen and Nightracer were sitting in one of the two shuttles, they were all wearing their respective armour as the blue haired Bot began pre flight.

"Rodimus to Orion, come in." the Commander's voice said over the now active inter-com, which made Orion tap his own com-link.

"Orion here sir."

"What's your sit-rep?"

"My team and I are ready to leave on your word sir." the Bot said as the engines began to hum as all ship's systems glowed green.

"We are as ready as we will ever be"

"In that case, your mission objectives are to determine what condition the colony is in and rescue any AutoBot or civilian you find. But your primary objective is to regain control of the communications network or if that is not possible...destroy it."

Everyone on the shuttle looked at each other with concerned expression.

"Very well, we will contact you in four hours. Shuttle one out." Orion then said before turning off the transmission, he then turned his attention to his holo-interface and pressed a number of buttons in sequence that suddenly sealed the shuttle's hatch.

"Shuttle-bay decompressing and powering engines." the Bot then stated as Liara watched him, a small smile appeared on her face at how professional he looked as he worked, which did not go unnoticed by Nightracer who was sitting beside Shen.

"Here we go." Orion then said as he used the thrusters to lift the shuttle off of the floor. Then the bay door opened, which released the last gas of oxygen as it folded out like a ramp, less than a second later the shuttle shot out into open space, leaving the Normandy behind as it flew towards the planet.

"Stealth mode engaged, no sign that we have been detected." the Bot stated, gaining a curious look from Shen.

"Wait, the shuttle has a stealth mode?"

"Yes, but only the kind that hides our engine emissions from sensor scans. The enemy could still see us if they looked out of a window. The Normandy though has had an upgraded stealth device installed, it is called a 'cloaking device' and it works by projecting a force field around the ship which selectively bends light around around it and makes it invisible to anyone looking from the outside. " Orion replied, gaining a nod from Shen.

"I see, sounds impressive."

"Well it only works as long as we don't get too close to another ship. The device was built using calculations by the AutoBot Mirage who had built a smaller verison for use by people, but he had always wanted to make one that could work on a ship."

"I see." the Turian said back as Orion looked over to the Asari sitting beside him.

"Liara, could you run a scan of the planet? We need to see if we can pick up any AutoBot beacons."

"Of course." she replied with a smile before turning her attention to the holo-interface before her, typing in commands before a map appeared, showing a single AutoBot symbol.

"I have one, it is a distance away from the colony in what looks like an abandoned facility, or at least thats what the map says."

"Okay, then I will land us two miles away on the side that is furthest from the colony. Since that is obviously where the Predacons are currently, I just hope whoever it is can tell us what the hell happened here." Orion replied, earning a nod from the others as he then made the shuttle descend into the planet's atmosphere.


It was quiet in the abandoned barracks as Ser-Ket lied on the bed. She was using a survival blanket from her backpack to cover herself with, not that she felt cold. Far from it since her spark felt warm as she remembered the events of the previous night, when Ser-Ket and Quickstrike spent the night together. For the Femme had not experienced anything like it in her life, the physical intimacy was almost overwhelming to her. But not as much as the emotional connection she had made with the AutoBot, and she had come to realise as she lay there on the bed that she did not ever want to lose it or him.

But suddenly the Femme was brought out of her thoughts as Quickstrike walked back into the room, but stopped short of the bed as his eyes fell upon her lying there.

"Yes?" Ser-Ket asked coyly while the AutoBot looked at her before sighing, blushing as he smiled back at her.

"Sorry." he said back in an almost shy-like way, earning a smile that could melt his spark from the Femme.

"Don't be." She replied, enjoying the sight of him looking her up and down and then going all shy about it.

"Now come here." she added, gesturing to him to get closer with her finger. And the Bot complied with a smile as he walked up to the side of the bed and sat beside her, before leaning in close as she did the same until their lips met in a tender and loving kiss that lasted a long moment. Then they pulled back enough to look into each others eyes.

"By the Allspark, your eyes are beautiful." Quickstrike said, making it the Femme's turn to blush.

"Thank you, so are yours." she replied before looking toward the doorway he had come from.

"So did you find anything?"

"No, I could of sworn that was a ship I heard in the distance. But there hasn't been anything since so I guess it was false alarm, but I think we should probably make a move anyway. Before some Predacon patrol decides to check this place out." the Bot replied, gaining a nod from Ser-Ket in return.

"Yeah, but where do we go now. The escape shuttle that is now nothing more than a burnt wreck was the last means of escape from this planet, but now we are stranded." she said back before looking down at the blanket covering her, which made Quickstrike cup her face with his hand and gently lift it back up level with his eyes.

"At least we are together." he said in return, words which warmed the Femme's spark as she smiled back at him and stroked his hand with her own.

"Yes we are."

"Besides, something will come up. We just have to make sure we are ready for when it happens, and that means staying one step ahead of the Predacons." Quickstrike replied before pulling away and standing up.

"So lets get moving." he said as he looked down at her lovingly, earning a nod from Ser-Ket.

"Let me just get dressed then." she replied as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, the blanket falling to the ground and revealing her completely naked body to the Bot, who smiled before turning away.

"Why are you looking away?" the Femme then asked in a confused tone as she started to dress herself in her armour, earning a wide-eyed expression from Quickstrike who looked like he had just been caught stealing.

"Well…, you're getting…" he started to stammer, making the Femme chuckle before looking back with her alluring eyes.

"I like it when you look at me like that." she said back in a coy tone, which relaxed the Bot as he turned back round and smiled.

"Okay then." he replied, but then almost suddenly the Predacon turned her back to him, making the AutoBot's mouth almost hit the floor in surprise.

"But you said…" he started to say back before the Femme smiled and cut him off.

"I need your help getting my armour back on." she said back with a mischievous smirk before looking down at the armour lying on the floor between them.

"Oh…okay." Quickstrike replied as he bent down and picked up the piece of armour.

"Where do you want it?" he asked coyly.

A few minutes later, the Femme like her lover was back in her armour and ready to leave as she had just finished packing her survival back pack. Quickstrike was keeping watch by the doorway, hoping that no trouble would find them.

"So where do we go now?" Ser-Ket asked as she picked up the bag and slung it over her back, gaining the Bot's attention as he walked back up to her.

"We just head further away from the city for the time being I guess." he replied before the Femme's face suddenly became tense.


The Predacon then raised her head slightly and sniffed the air, earning a curious but worried look from the Bot.

"Ser-Ket, what is it?"

"There are others approaching our location, I can smell them." she replied with a hint of disgust in her voice for the ability she had just shown Quickstrike, but he did not bat an eye at it.

"How close?" he asked as they looked at each other.

"Close enough." a familiar voice suddenly said, making the pair look around to see a blue haired man standing in the doorway, his rifle pointing at them. But almost immediately, Both Quickstrike and this new guy's eyes widened as they looked at each other.



A moment which seemed to last too long past between them before Both Bots smiled as they walked over to each other.

"Hey." they exclaimed in unison as they pulled each other into a brotherly hug, then pulled away as Orion looked out of the door,

"Guys in here, its Quickstrike." he exclaimed happily, a similar expression adjourned the face of his cousin.

"It's been a while." her said, earning a nod from his cousin as Both Shen and Nightracer walked in and smiled the moment their eyes fell upon the AutoBot.

"Hey guys." he said.

"Are you a sight for sore eyes pal." Shen said as Both he and the Femme greeted him. Meanwhile Ser-Ket looked on in a state of confused amazement at what was transpiring before her, but Orion noticed the Femme.

"Quickstrike, who's this?" he asked, gaining his cousin's attention as he looked back and smiled at her.

"This is Ser-Ket, she saved my life." he said with a thankful and loving tone, earning a nod from her as Orion smiled back while he looked her up and down. But his smile faded when his eyes fell upon a familiar looking insignia, which made him instinctively re-equip his weapon and aim it at her.

"She's a Predacon!" he exclaimed with an angry tone, earning shocked looks from Shen and Nightracer while gaining looks of horror from Quickstrike and Ser-Ket, as the happy reunion suddenly became sour as the newly arrived AutoBots all turned their weapons on the Predacon.
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