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Catfish? Torrent the Swimming Cat Appears!

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Streaky runs into a cat named Torrent, who possesses the ability to control water, and many other abilities. When Mechanikat strikes though, can they work together to stop him?

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Streaky the Supercat in...Catfish? Torrent the Swimming Cat Appears!

Streaky, in Supercat form, flies above the harbor, getting in the smell of the fish all around him. "Ah! I love the smell of fish in the morning." He flies down and snatches a fish that flies out of the water. He lands on some garbage barge nearby. "Mm mm. Yummy fish treat for me." Before he could eat it, "You better put down that fish now." Streaky looks down below and sees a blue cat in a blue suit and green gloves. "That was my catch of the day you stole just now." "Stole? I don't see your name on it. Besides, I could it, so it's mine. You got that?" Streaky again tries to eat, but a pillar of water comes out, which freaks Streaky out. "Eek!" He gets hit by the water and loses the fish. The mysterious cat devours it in one gulp. "Thanks a plenty. Gotta go!" He turns to leave, "Hey! Get back here you fish thief!" The cat dives into the water and disappears from sight. Streaky is bamboozled and confused, "Where'd he go?" He looks in the water. The cat's face comes out and squirts him in the face. "Hey!" "Ha ha ha. Try and catch me!" He dives back in the water and starts to leap out of the water constantly, like a dolphin. "Get back here!" Streaky is really intrigued, "Weird. A cat who lives in water. Is he a catfish?" He flies after him. He manages to catch up to him. "Not bad! But can you keep up?" "Keep up? Please, I can fly much faster than you anyway. Other than that..." The cat splashes him with water. "I hate water..." "You land cats just don't have the spirit. Water is fun! You should give it a chance!" Streaky is about to say something, but he hears a noise. "Well I don't know about you, but I got a bay to save. So you go swim back to where you came from, and leave things to me." He flies off back toward the bay.

Streaky reaches his destination and sees a large robot gathering a lot of fish from the water. Inside is...Mechanikat! "Mwahahahaha! Excellent. With all this fish, I can eat plenty tonight!" Streaky shows up, "Not so fast Mechanikat!" "Supercat! I should of known you'd come here." "Oh save it. If you wanted to fish, try using a fishing rod, not a robot. And, I think you're exceeding the catch limit here." Mechanikat pulls a lever, "Like I care for that. But here, try playing with this." His machine starts shooting harpoons at him. "Woah!" He dodges them a few times. "Watch it! You can poke someone's eye out!" "That's the point!" "Huh?" Streaky sees the harpoons heading for the workers of the docks. "Woah boy!" He starts to fly to them and save them. "Ah ha ha ha! Good luck with that, super fool!"

It looks like he can't make it, "I'm not gonna make it!" Then, a large wall of water comes out of the water and slows the harpoons down a bit in which they fall into the ocean before hitting the docks. The men cheer for this. "Who did that?" He then sees the cat from before heading to Mechanikat's robot. "It's that cat again."

Mechanikat is happy, "Fishy fishy, come into my robot. Fishy fishy, dinner you shall be." The cat yells, "Hey you! You in the robot!" Mechanikat looks out his robot. "Get your sorry robot out of my water, and gimme back our food supply!" "Or what?!" The cat's eyes glow blue. Then water gurgles underneath the robot. It bursts up like a spear through the entire robot. The fish fall out of it. "No! My dinner!" "Sorry to break up your dinner arrangement, but it's time for you to catch your flight." He swings his arms and a large wall of water comes and smacks the robot into the sky, "Ahhhh!!!!! Curses!!!!!" Streaky is awed. "Woah."

The cat walks onto the beach nearby, and Streaky lands in front of him. "Wow. You are amazing! I never seen a cat do that before! Just who are you!?" "Impressed eh? Well you can call me Torrent. I'm like the catfish of the bay." "Wow. Are you really a catfish? don't really look like a fish." "It's an expression. Of course I'm a cat. I just happen to swim in the water." "Say, are you in anyway associated with Aquaman or anyone like that?" He replies, "Nah. I'm not one from Atlantis. I live in the wide open ocean." Streaky is awed, "The whole ocean?" "Yep. You see, when I was a kitten..." He begins to talk about his past, and we see it happen. "I got tossed off a boat and I ended up in a cataminated water area that had weird chemicals in it. Surely I would of drowned if a pod of dolphins hadn't showed up to save me." The flashback shows the dolphins gathering around him and making sure he doesn't sink. But the storm worsens and they have to go under with him. "I don't know what those chemicals were, but because of them, I was able to breathe underwater. The dolphins knew about it, and took me under." We see some more flashbacks of Torrent as a kitten learning to swim underwater and swim with the dolphins. "Ever since I've lived with that pod of dolphins, and they were like my family." "Do you ever go on land at all?" "You mean like now? Of course I do. The dolphins took me to land occasionally so I wouldn't forget my true origin. So I wouldn't get the wrong idea or anything." "Well that's cool and all, but..did you ever find your real family?" Torrent feels sad now, "Well I did find them but...They had already forgotten about me." Streaky feels bad for him. "Well it was nice knowing you Supercat, but I gotta go. I'm expected back with the pod." He goes back into the water. Streaky looks on with concern.

Commercial Break...

"A cat that swims underwater!?" Para-Clone exclaims. Streaky is chatting with Krypto and Para-Clone in the park. "It's true. He even lives with a pod of dolphins like a family." "That's crazy! I know cats hate water and all, but one that likes it? That's just crazy." Krypto speaks in, "Not true. There are cats that do like the water." "Really!?" Streaky continues, "That guy is really awsome too. He seems to be able to control water like a toy! Kinda like Kirin and his water spells." Para-Clone isn't impressed, "So he can control water, big deal. I could do that too if I was him." Krypto asks, "So why dolphins? What about his other family?" "Well..He said that his real family forgotten about him. He did seem upset after telling me though. I guess it's a personal matter." We see Torrent swimming underwater with the dolphins, feeling a bit sad. We return to Streaky and the others. Krypto gets an idea, "Say, why don't you ask him to join the League of Supercats? I believe they were looking for new recruits." Streaky perks up, "Yeah! I can definitely do that! I'll go ask him right now!" He flies off, leaving the two speechless. "League of Supercats?" Para-Clone asks. "It's a group of supercats who fight evil. Kinda like the Dog Stars, or the Justice League." Para-Clone ain't getting it, "You really need to fill me in on this stuff. I'm new to this world after all." "I thought you knew everything about us for being from the Dream World." "I was freshly created then, and I never had time to look deeper into your mind you know. I only got stuff on people, not special societies or groups or anything." Krypto smiles, "You'll learn."

Streaky flies around the bay looking for Torrent, "Hey Torrent! Where are you!? I want to ask you something!" He hears something in the distance, like a call of help. "That don't sound good." He flies to where the cries were. It seems Mechanikat has another, even bigger robot. And he's captured Torrent, along with many aquatic creatures his his net. "Looks like I got the catch of the day!" He says with glee. "Just you wait until I get out of here, you metal freak!" He tries to use his powers, but can't for some reason. "Ah ha ha! Don't even try. This special material of a net is made from threads that block out any kind of mental kinesis. You can't use your water trick on me now." "Oh man!" "Now in you go!" He opens a hatch in the robot and puts the capture ones in. "And now for the rest." He begins to suck up more fish into his robot through the hands. Streaky is concerned, "Hang on dude! I'll save you!"

He flies quickly toward the robot. "You again! Well I have something just for you." He shoots out a net with Kryptonite, and it captures Streaky. "Ah! Not Kryptonite!" He feels weakened and can't fly. He falls into the water. However Mechanikat's robot picks him up and puts him into this robot. "I don't want you clogging up my robot, so have a nice swim inside. Ah ha ha!"

Inside, Torrent tries to break out of the net. He bites his way through and makes a small hole. He swims out, but the others can't get out. "Don't worry. I'll get you out soon! I hope." He sees Streaky drop in the water, still stuck in the net. "Uh oh." Streaky tries to break out, but he is too weak, and he loses consciousness. "Hang on, I'll get you out." He tries biting it, but it won't cut this time. "Metal wire. Looks like I'll have to cut it the hard way." He pulls out one of the fish scales in his suit, which magically replaces the one lost. He begins to cut away at the wire. "Don't die on me."

Outside, Mechanikat rejoices over his victory, "Finally! I have just enough fish to have the biggest fish buffet of my life!" "Not so fast Mechanikat!" Krypto and Para-Clone appear. "Superdog! And.....who are you?" She replies, "It's Para-Clone. Don't you forget it." She then asks Krypto, "Just who is this guy again? Mechaniwat or something?" Mechanikat replies angerly, "It's Mechanikat! For that, you're gonna taste my super harpoons." He pulls a lever and the harpoons fire away. They seem to be coated with Kryptonite. "Kryptonite covered harpoons!" Para-Clone shouts, "Look out!" They begin to dodge them. "Try and get close, you'll never stop my barrage of harpoons!"

Back in the robot, Torrent finally gets Streaky free. "And now to get out of here." He busts a hole in the robot with one punch, and he throws the net of his captured buddies outside, where they are able to swim out of the net and are free. Torrent takes Streaky up to the surface. Streaky coughs up water. "Thanks Torrent." They see Krypto and Para-Clone fighting off the robot. "I think it's about time we show this cat who owns this ocean." Torrent says. "Yeah!" Streaky picks up Torrent and flies behind the robot. He uses Heat Vision to open a hole in the back. "Here ya go." "Thanks!" Torrent's eyes glow blue and he begins to unleash his water attack. He sends water into the hole. Mechanikat doesn't notice a thing, "Ah ha ha ha!" He runs out of harpoons. "Blast! Open the second batch!" However there's no response as the water has short circuited the automated voice control unit. "What's wrong with this thing? Ahh!!" Water is flooding his compartment. "I'm flooding up!"

Streaky and Torrent rejoin Krypto, "He's all yours." Krypto flies in front of the robot, "Hey Mechanikat! How about a little spin?" He grabs the robots arms and spins him around really fast. He throws him high into the sky, "Ahhh!!! Not again!" A blink of light shows he's out of sight. Everyone cheers for victory.

Back on land, it seems Torrent is saying good bye to the dolphins. The dolphins leave and Torrent turns to his new friends. Streaky asks, "So they're really leaving for better waters?" "Yeah. They feel like this place has become too dangerous and wanted to leave." "You're not going with them though?" "Nah. I mean this place is my home. Sure I'll be lonely now without my family, but it's okay. I'm used to it. After all, they had to leave me sometimes for better waters, and I just..stayed here." Everyone feels bad for him. But Streaky cheers him up, "Hey, I got the perfect place for you."

Later on the LoSC ship. "Everyone! I want you to meet my friend Torrent!" Streaky is introducing him to the league. "He's great with water, can breathe underwater, can communicate with aquatic creatures, and has amazing strength on land!" Jin isn't impressed, "Amazing strength eh? Put it there then!" He offers a paw shake, and Torrent's grip is good. "Woah. Tight." Streaky adds, "He has to live in deep depths after all, so the pressure is always on him." The others are impressed. Diamond says, "Well then. All I say is that if he really wants to be part of our group he can." Torrent looks at Streaky who nods. "Yeah. Of course I'll join." "Then on behalf of the team, I officially welcome you to the League of Supercats." Everyone gathers around him and congratulate him on joining. Torrent turns to Streaky, "Hey thanks man. I think I'm going enjoy this." "Yeah. Just remember, you got friends in high places. And friends are family."

The End!
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