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Calling Para-Clone! Babysitter Gal of Justice!

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Para-Clone recalls the time she had to babysit the Supercat Fan Club...

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Calling Para-Clone! Babysitter Gal of Justice!

It's a nice sunny day at the park. And Para-Clone is enjoying her time talking with her new girl friends. They talk in a tree. "No way! And what he say then?" She asked. One of them replies, "Well then he said, "If you're not gonna do your fair share, then we should just be slobs." And I said, "Hey. At least you didn't have to lay the egg when our nest was made!"" The girls agree. Para-Clone too, "You're right. If only boys knew how hard it is we girls have than we do." They agree, "Oh yeah." "Totally." She continues, "I mean we're the ones who look after chicks and each other's chicks. And what are they doing? They're just off to feed themselves while they come home with hardly anything." The others agree, "You said it." One of them speaks to her, "Now this is why I like you. You got spunk, beauty, and powers to boot. I mean the ability to be anyone or anything? That's something else." Another one says, "I know! The only kind of powers we see in this city are from Superdog and Supercat, and they practically have the same power. You bring a unique gift to the table, and that's totally awsome." Para-Clone blushes, "Gosh, that's so nice. But a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do." The other one asks, "So I heard you actually took care of a litter of kittens recently. Is it true?" The others gather around her, "Well I guess you can say that." "Oh shut up! That's so cool!" "Yeah. No one's ever taken care of cats before." Para-Clone continues, "Yeah well..I did it for a friend." "Oh do tell!" Another speaks, "Yes! Tell us it all!" And she does, "Well okay. It all happened the other day.."

Now we go into flashback. We see Para-Clone at the breakfest table. "Thanks again for teaching me how to make an omelette Pirin. That's one more food item I could make without it being nasty." Kirin puts the plate down, "Want a bite?" She shakes her head, "Uh uh." "Fine. More for me." He eats it and one of the girls interrupts in the background, "You taught him how to make an omelette?" Para-Clone replies in the background, "Relax. These eggs come from the supermarket. Their not the kind that hatch. Anyway, where was I?"

The flashback now shows her flying, "So after Kirin's breakfest I set off to find my own breakfest. I spotted a nice little berry bush down on some farm land." She flies down into the bush and starts to eat the berries, "I was enjoying my meal when..." Streaky appears, "Hey Pirin!" She freaks out for a second, "Streaky! Don't scare me like that! You want me to have a heart attack!?" "Sorry. I was just looking for you and I wanted to ask you something." "If it's to scratch your back, then the answer is no. I don't want to get any of the stinky fish smell on my feathers." He feels insulted, "Hey! I do not smell like fish! And anyway, that's not what I came here for." "Then what then?" "I wanted to know if you could babysit some kids for me." She is surprised, "Hm? Kids?" "Yeah. See I got this fanclub, and.." "Since when did you have a fanclub?" He feels annoyed by that comment, "Longer than you were living. So anyway, their parents were going out on the town and can't be left alone. I'm kinda busy so I can't stay, and since you're in the neighborhood, I was thinking maybe you could do it?" "What's in it for me?" "Well..I dunno. What do you want?" She sighs, "I'm only kidding. I really got nothing to do today, so of course I'll babysit for ya." He feels delighted, "Really?" "Yeah. Especially since my motherly instincts tell me that I simply can't let some cute bunch of kitties alone, and that this bird is somewhat wanting to babysit and...That didn't come out right." "Great! See ya later!" He flies off. Para-Clone in the background says, "With that I went over to where they should be."

Para-Clone arrives at the Supercat Fanclub place. "Well, this must be the place." She goes inside. The entire club is busy talking away about how cool Streaky Supercat is. Para-Clone steps up on some podium thing they made and speaks to them, "Eh hem. Hello everyone! The babysitter is here!" They stop and look at her funny. "Oh boy! Lunch!" Squeaky says, and Para-Clone freaks out. Ramone and Puff tackle her. "Yay!" Para-Clone pushes them off, "Get off me! I'm not your lunch, I'm your babysitter!" Ramone is disappointed, "You're out babysitter?" Puff says, "But you're a bird." Para-Clone socks them on the head and they both go, "Ow!" She returns to her stand, "Now as I was saying, I am your babysitter. Supercat told me all about you guys and how you needed a sitter. And as such, I am in charge of babysitting you until...umm...When do your parents get back?" Squeaky says, "About mid sunset." "Mid sunset it is! ....When exactly is that?" The kittens are clueless. "Nevermind. I'm sure they won't be gone for long. Now, let's begin by introducing ourselves. I am called Para-Clone, but you can call me by my nickname, Pirin." Each of the kittens says their name. "I'm Squeaky." "Ramone's the name." "I'm Puff." "I'm Niki." Para-Clone continues, "Very good. Now that that's settled, I guess I can let you go and play.." Everyone cheerfully goes outside, leaving Para-Clone inside. "Out..side?" She sighs. "At least they're cute." She walks outside.

Commercial Break...

Outside, the kittens are playing with each other. Doing whatever kittens usually do. Para-Clone steps outside. "You know it's rude to leave when someone is trying to talk. That's no way to treat your babysitter!"

As she talks, the Junkyard dogs stick their heads out of the fields and see the group. One of his lackeys I forgot the names of the two lackeys, if any asks, "Umm...what are we doing out here boss?" Mutsy replies, "Quiet! We're looking for food remember?" The other lackey says, "But there isn't anything here but straw." Mutsy points out, "No. But that bird over there looks tasty." The other lackey says, "Hey. I don't recall ever seeing a bird like that before." "And wearing clothes?" Mutsy says, "It doesn't matter! A bird is still as tasty as what's inside. Now let's go get it." They duck back down.

Para-Clone finishes speaking but is mad that they ignored her, "Hey! Are you even listening to me!?" They stop. "Huh? Did you say something?" Squeaky asks. Para-Clone gets agitated, "Argh! It's a good thing you four are so cute, cause now I have nothing to take my rage out now!" The junkyard dogs make their ambush, "Get her!" Para-Clone sees this with a sharp eye and counters, "Big mistake!!!!" She starts beating the crud out of them. "Sneak up on me will ya!? Well take this! And that! And a little more of this!" The kittens are rather frightened. Para-Clone finishes up and leaves the dogs dizzied eyed. She looks at the kittens who are now shocked. She blushes, "Oops. Sorry you had to see that. I can get quite scary at times huh? But don't worry, the rage is gone. I'm happy again. He he." The kittens go over to her happily and chat about her being so tough. "That was amazing Pirin! You beat up those dogs like they were nothing!" Squeaky says. "That's nothing. After all, I am...The Babysitter Gal of Justice!" She makes a pose. "Really?" "Well not really. I'm more of a kick butt kind of gal." "Show us some more of your powers!" They all beg, "Please please please!" "Okay okay. Let's go over there." She leads them to another spot. Mutsy is mad, "Dohh....Lucky bird got the better of us. She won't be so lucky next time."

On top a mound of dirt, Para-Clone begins to show off her powers. "Okay! Watch this! Duplicate!" She creates more clones of herself. The kittens are delighted. She clones disappear. "That's nothing. Watch this!" She transforms into Streaky, "Now I'm Supercat!" Squeaky shouts, "Look! It's uncle Streaky!" "Yay!" They begin to laugh as she transforms into silly looking forms, but they are enjoying it. Just nearby, the dogs are rather surprised. "She can be anything she wants." A lackey says. "So what. She's still small and easy pickings. Let's get her." Para-Clone finishes, "Ta da!" Mutsy shouts, "Hey bird!" Everyone turns their attention to the dogs. "You may of gotten the better of us earlier, but now it's our turn to get the better of you! Surround her boys!" They do so and Para-Clone is surrounded. The kittens are worried. Para-Clone smirks, "Oh please." The dogs jump on her, but all they got was a clone as it disappears. "What the?" Mutsy exclaims as more clones and Para-Clone surround them, "Who's surrounded who?" The dogs whimper, "This ain't good boss!" "We're surrounded boss!" Para-Clone says, "You boys should really stick to the city, it's much more fun there." She turns herself into a cannon, while the other clones stuff the dogs into her. "Cannon Express! Now boarding for Metropolis! Estimated time of arrival, five seconds!" "This ain't good!" Mutsy says to himself." "And fire!" She fires away and they fly into the sky with a flash. She returns to normal and the clones disappear. The kittens cheer for her. "That was awsome! You are amazing!" Squeaky says, and the others comment too. Para-Clone blushes, "I am pretty amazing huh?"

Later that day, the parents return home and see that the kittens have curled up around Para-Clone, who was reading them a story but they fell asleep. She waves hello to the parents. Para-Clone in real time says, "And that's what happened." The flashback ends. Her friends are impressed, "Wow. You are a good parent, and a superhero." She blushes, "Yep. I'm an awsome bird."

The End!
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