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We All Scream to Man-Eating Ice Cream!

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Pets are disappearing, and ice cream is involved. Just what is going on here, and why does it involve everyone's favorite ice cream man, Mr. Frosty?

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We All Scream to Man-Eating Ice Cream!

It's a nice sunny day at the park. And Kevin and Krypto are playing catch! "Here boy! Go get it!" He throws the frisbee and Krypto catches it. "Good boy!" He returns it, and then everyone stops what they're doing as they hear...the Ice Cream Man! All the children get excited and run toward the sound. The Ice Cream Man is here! His van opens up. "Hello children!" And the children reply, "Hello Mr. Frosty!"

Krypto asks Kevin, "Mr. Frosty? Who's he?" Kevin tells him, "Mr. Frosty is Metropolis' best Ice Cream Man. He goes everywhere and sells the best ice cream to us kids. And the best thing is, it's always a dollar!" "How come I never see him?" "You're always off on missions. Now come on, let's get some ice cream!" After some children leave he goes up. "One Cherry Berry Pop please." He exchanges the dollar for the ice cream. "Thank you." Mr. Frosty takes notice of Krypto. "Ah. Nice dog you have there." "Thanks." "You know, I'm having a special on my new frozen cream cakes for pets." He takes one out and offers one, "For you it's free of charge." Kevin takes it, "Wow! Thanks a lot Mr. Frosty. Keep it cool now." He starts to leave. "You too now! Ho ho."

Kevin goes to sit on a bench. "Here Krypto." Krypto smells it, "I dunno. It smells kinda weird." "It's a cream cake, I think it's supposed to smell like that." He has second thoughts, "Well...." A voice is heard, "Hey guys!" Para-Clone lands on the bench. Kevin says hi, "Hey Pirin." "Hello Kevin." She stares at the cream cake, "Ohh. Is that one of those cream cakes that that Ice Cream Man was selling? I've been dying to have one of those ever since I first heard about them! They're supposed to be filled with the creamy goodness that makes life worth living!" "In that case, why don't you have it?" Krypto asks. "I don't really want it anyway." Para-Clone is excited, "Really? Can I?" Kevin replies, "I guess so." He gives it to her and she starts eating. "Mmmmm...mmm! So delicious!" She finishes, "Thanks guys! Well, have a nice day! I'm off for home!" She flies away. "We better get home too." Kevin and Krypto begin to leave. We see the Daily Planet in the distance..

Inside the Daily Planet, we find Kirin typing away at his computer. "Hey Kirin, check this out." Jimmy hands him a sheet of paper. "Hmm...Local resident Miss Weatherspoon has her pet poodle missing after a trip through the park yesterday." Jimmy says, "It's the tenth pet this week. And all the disappearances occur a day after someone with a pet enters the park." Kirin ponders, "Yeah. Weird. You know, everyday when I leave work, I always walk through the park. And every time, I see the Ice Cream Man give out ice cream to people with pets. Hmm...Perhaps that means something?" "Beats me."

Later that night, Kevin is about to go to bed. "What a good day. I got ice cream, and it was tasty and sweet." Krypto agrees, "I'm surprised nothing bad happened today. Although I wonder if they caught that pet thief yet." "Pet thief?" Krypto explains, "Yeah. There's a thief going around, stealing pets from people. No one knows why. It happens whenever they go into a park, and happens a day later. So hopefully tomorrow I find this guy." They then begin to sleep. Through Krypto's super hearing, he hears a scream. He wakes up and so does Kevin, "Someone's in trouble!" Krypto, in super dog form, and Kevin run outside and head for the scream. "I heard it over here." They stop and gasp as they find Para-Clone, caught in what appears to be living ice cream. "Ice cream?" Kirin joins them. "Hang on Para-Clone, we'll get you out of there!" She screams, "Get me out of here! I hate having ice in my feathers!" Krypto flies out to her and tries to pull her out, but the ice cream monster slaps him away. Kirin charges up a fire ball, "This outta do the trick." He launches the fire at the base of the ice cream monster, but nothing seems to happen. "Impossible. That fire should of easily melted that ice cream freak." She is taken away, "Heeeelllllppppp!!!!" Krypto calls out, "We're coming!" They follow the ice cream monster to the city. It seems that there are many more ice cream monsters going into the same place. Kevin recognizes the building, "That's Mr. Frosty's Ice Cream Factory." Krypto says, "Let's go!" They go inside the building. It is dark. "Where'd they go?" The lights shoot on, and they are surprised to see a lot of animals in cages, as ice cream is being made and ice cream monsters are assembling.

Commercial Break...

Kirin exclaims, "It's the missing pets from the park!" "In an ice cream factory?" Kevin is confused. "You are all correct!" Mr. Frosty appears on a platform above them. They all exclaim, "Mr. Frosty!?" "Actually, I am really..." He throws his clothes off and reveals a scientist like outfit. "Dr. Frosty!" They exclaim again, "Dr. Frosty?" "That is right! You see, for many years I've been posing as your typical ice cream man. But in fact I'm really a scientist bent on making the world's best ice cream! And by best, I mean the strongest! As you can see, I am building an army of Ice Cream Monsters. Ones that cannot be stopped by gunfire, cannonfire, or rather yet, any kind of fire! I've been experimenting with chemicals that would make them impervious to almost anything." Kirin asks, "So why steal all these animals? What do they have to do with your plans?" "Why they're the food supply of course. My ice cream monsters really love the taste of animal flesh." The three become disgusted at the idea. In Para-Clone's cage, she is also disgusted, "Eww!!! I don't want to become ice cream chow! I want out of here!"

Dr. Frosty continues talking, "My plans are almost complete, and there's no way you three are going to stop me! Not Superdog, not the Element, or even some kid!" Kevin is angry, "And here I actually like you! You won't get away with this!" "Hm hm hm. But I already have. Ice Cream Monsters, assemble!" The entire lot begins to gather in front of them. "Get them!" The ice cream monsters begin to march toward them. "Get back Kevin." Krypto says. "Leave this to us." "Right." Kevin goes to hide while Krypto and Kirin go for the ice cream monsters. Krypto flies upward and Kirin charges on through. "Hiyah!" He swings his blade of fire at one of the monsters, but nothing happens. "These things really are impervious to fire." The monster slams his fist at him and he jumps back. Krypto uses Heat Vision on the one behind, but he just gets swatted away. "Ah ha ha ha!" Dr. Frosty just laughs. "It is futile! No matter what you do, you cannot stop my Ice Cream Monsters!"

Kevin sneaks into the back room, looking for something. "There has to be something in here that can beat those things." He knocks over stuff and finds a documented report. "What's this?" He begins to read, "The Ice Cream Monster is almost complete. For next model they'll be completely impervious to everything. This include being impervious to intense wind conditions. I wonder..."

Krypto and Kirin are surrounded by the monster army. "Ah ha ha ha! Just surrender! You are outmatched in everyway!" Kevin appears, "I don't think so! You guys, these guys can be beaten with a high blast of wind! They cannot stabilize in such conditions!" "What!? No!" Krypto and Kirin nod at each other. Krypto uses his super breath on the monsters and they are blown away toward the wall. Kirin turns his blade into a Wind Blade and swings it at the monsters, blowing them up into the ceiling. Dr. Frosty is upset, "This isn't happening!" He tries to run away, but Krypto blows bits of the Ice Cream Monster at him, trapping him in the wall. "Ahh!!! Let me go! Let me go!" They go to him. Kevin says, "Looks like it's the slammer for you."

The police have shown up to take him away, and all the owners of the pets have come to retrieve their pets. They are all happy to see them.

Krypto, Kevin, and Kirin are relieved it's over. Para-Clone, on Kirin's shoulder, is happy too. "Thanks for saving me. I thought I was gonna be ice cream stew for sure." Kirin is too, "Yeah. It turns out that those cream cakes the doctor gave out had the ability to summon the ice cream monsters to them and that's how they can eat you guys." Krypto adds, "But we won't have to worry about that ever happening again." Kevin says, "You know, now that Mr. Frosty is gone, there won't be any more ice cream in the park." "I'm sure they'll be another ice cream man. In the meantime, let's just stick to milkshakes." They laugh.

The End!
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