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Codename: Shadow Cat

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Hatchi recalls the time where he used to be in the Power Cat Organization...

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Codename: Shadow Cat

It's night time in Metropolis, and somewhere in the deep dark alleys, some suspicious cats are up to no good. One of them is in a black trenchcoat talking business with another about some boxes they have. The other wants them. "So we have an agreement then?" The one offering it asks. "Yes. You give us the goods and we'll make it worth your while." "Indeed. After all, this is some valuable material we're dealing with. STAR Labs tech is hard to come by you know." They paw shake. "Deal then." The one accepting then pulls off his clothing to reveal...Hatchi! "What's this?! Aren't you..." "Your client couldn't make it. So I stepped in his place." He whistles, which is the signal for Krypto and Ace to appear. "Scatter!" The main one says and everyone begins to run away. However, Ace blocks them off, and so does Krypto. They begin to have a squabble while the leader tries to leave, but Hatchi stops him. "Leaving so soon?" "Please! Don't hurt me!" "You're going to learn why they call me the Shadow Cat." He comes closer. "Ahhhh!!!!"

Later, it seems the authorities and animal control have arrived to deal with the situation. Returning the stolen tech and taking the cats in. On the roof above, Krypto, Ace, and Hatchi rejoice. "That worked out nicely." Krypto says. Hatchi thanks Ace, "That was a good tip off Ace. If we hadn't intercepted the package deal then Boss would of had a serious techno overpower." "No problem." Hatchi turns around, "Now if you excuse me, I have things to do." Krypto asks, "Where you going?" "I just have some things to deal with, that is all." He disappears in a flash. "I wonder what it is he has to do."

Elsewhere, Hatchi reaches some pier at the harbor and stares out toward the ocean. "Another bust, and you still havne't appeared. I would of thought you'd show up to hunt me down by now. Dirk..."

A flashback begins now. It takes place sometime back when Hatchi was still under Boss' command. This is when he first entered the organization. "So you willing to work twenty four hours a day doing everything I tell you, without question?" Boss asks Hatchi. "I'm willing to. If what you offer is worth it." "You got spunk kid. I like that kind of attitude here. You will do fine. Now report to the training area for immediate training." Hatchi bows and leaves the room. Boss smirks.

Hatchi enters the training room where other cats are training with weights. Others are practicing using projectiles and throwing sharp objects at dummies. As he walks by, he accidently bumps into one of the other cats. "My bad." The one he bumped turns him around at him. "You watch where you're going newbie. Or you're gonna get hurt." "I said my bad." "You looking for a fight!?" "No. I'm not." He picks him up, "You asking for it newb!" Someone calls, "Hey!" Another black cat walks toward them. "Put him down. It was only an accident." The cat puts Hatchi down. "You got something to say punk?" The black cat stares him in the eye with his menacing gaze, and the other backs down. "Uhh....Nevermind." He leaves. "You okay newcomer?" He helps Hatchi up. "Thanks." "The name's Dirk. You should really watch out for that guy. He's usually rough to newcomers." "I'll remember that for next time." "Come with me, I got just the thing for you." He takes him to a small part of the room with nice looking weights. "These weights are good for beginners, but no one usually uses them. But when I used them, it helped me where I'm at. Give them a try." Hatchi goes and lifts the weights up. "You're right. This feels good." "By the way, I didn't quite catch your name. What is it?" "Hatchi." "Well Hatchi, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

Commercial Break...

Over time, the two continue to work hard and strong. They also do exercise missions within the facility. Hatchi trains more into weights to increase his speed, while Dirk goes to practice more into protectiles and using weapons. But they are usually the ones together.

One day...Boss gives an announcement, "Greetings, young trainees! Today is the day where you officially sign on as part of the Power Cat Organization! You will each be given codenames in place of your true names..." Dirk whispers to Hatchi the talk. "Hey. You nervous?" "Huh? No. I'm not. Why, are you?" "You kidding? Of course not. Such thigns don't make me nervous." Boss finishes his speech, "You will all be called upon when it is your turn to be named. So until then, carry on." He leaves, and so does everyone else.

Dirk and Hatchi go back to the training room and train some more. Hatchi lifts weights and Dirk practices with his razor blades. "Hey Hatchi." "Hm?" "You know, once we become official members of the organization, we'll have to follow every order Boss gives us, no questions asked, right?" "Yeah yeah. Truthfully I don't really like listening to that old fart. But whatever." Dirk then asks, "Say. Why did you join the organization?" "Why did I join? Well, it was really all I had to go to. I had no one to turn to when I was little. I was alone, and always getting in trouble. You know my scars? I always get those from dogs that would just attack me for no reason. And when I got offered a place here, I willingly went along with it. See, I want to become stronger. Strong enough so I can take care of myself. To be able to fend off against anyone who would attack me. In other words, I'll take down anyone who tries to put me down." Dirk nods, "I see." "So why did you join? Surely it's the same thing right?" "Actually..I don't know why I joined." Hatchi asks, "You don't know, or just don't want to tell me?" "Who's to say." Boss calls on the intercom, "The one named Dirk, please come into my office for the official sign in!" "That's my cue." He begins to leave. "Hatchi. Whatever happens from now on, it's the way it has to be. No matter how much it goes into our friendship." He leaves Hatchi confused about it. "What he mean by that?"

Hatchi hangs by the office to hear on what's going on. "I'm probably next to get called up." He goes inside. Boss is there. "Ah, Hatchi. I wasn't expecting you for another few minutes. Well, since you're here, I might as well get you assigned." "Say. What became of Dirk? You know the one you called earlier?" "Oh him? You can call him Razor Cat now. He's currently in the other room right now. Now you stay right there while I get your paper work. Your codename shall forever be, Shadow Cat." Boss leaves the room. "Shadow Cat..." He then turns toward the door to the next room. He decides to go check it out, "Dirk? You there?" He gasps in shock as he sees Dirk on a stretcher, unconsious and not moving. "Dirk!" He frees him and gets him down. "Wake up! Say something!" "Oh dear. You wasn't supposed to see that. At least not yet." Boss comes in. "Boss, what did you do to him?!" "Why, I've given him, my seal of trust. See, this is something that comes after I tell you what is to happen. In order to swear total alligence to me, you must choose to either do it willingly, or forcefully." "Meaning?" "Well you see, if you feel as though my ways are a little extreme, then you may choose to quit. Of course, no one quits here. So I use my little tech here to brainwash you, so you would never again have free will again. Or, if you choose to stay, I give you a nice little pill to ingest. In the ever case you choose the disobey me, I can choose to kill you with one press of a button. This is the ultimate sign of alligence."

Hatchi growls. "So that's it? You would rather kill me if I refused once? So what did Dirk choose?" Dirk begins to wake up and extend the razor blades on his arms. "You can decide that for yourself. Razor Cat, restrain him." Hatchi turns back to Boss, "You'll pay for this." Dirk leaps at Hatchi, but misses. Hatchi breaks out the window. "What now, Boss? Shall I pursue him?" "No. Let him go. We'll get him eventually. In the meantime, we shall proceed in my master plans. Hm hm hm. Mwahahahahahaha!!!" Hatchi is running way.

The flashbacks end. Hatchi continues to stare out into the ocean. "So no matter what happens it's the way it should be. No matter how much it gets in the way of our friendship. If you really have lost your free will, then I have no choice." He leaves the pier.

The End!
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