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The Light of the Celestial Crystal! Part 1

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Kirin is trying to control light magic, but just can't seem to. He learns about a magic crystal that can grant him the ability to use light magic. So now he and Kirin make their way to Africa to fi...

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The Light of the Celestial Crystal! Part 1

The alarm clock goes off, and a hand goes to turn it off. This is Kirin's house! And he is getting up! He gets dressed in his hero clothes, and heads to his basement. His basement is actually an underground training room, with different exercise equipment, and a battle simulator. Kirin first lifts some weights, then runs on the treadmill for awhile. Next he presses a few keys on the simulator keyboard, and enters the simulator chamber. It pops up several metallic soldiers and they begin to attack him. Kirin attacks them one by one and defeats them with ease. He uses melee attacks, his blade, and some of his elemental magic. After a while, he eventually finishes up the last of the soldiers and is slightly tired. A voice can be heard upstairs, "Kirin! Breakfest is ready!" He sighs and exits the chamber and enters a small little pod. The door closes for a moment. He then comes out in his normal clothes and heads upstairs.

At breakfest, Kirin fiddles around with his scrambled eggs. Then the scene changes to him at his office, working on more newspaper articles. Next it shows him having lunch, then back to work again. Basically, this is his standard day of operation. Finally, we see a shot of his house. He is now in his lab with Para-Clone, working on perfecting Light Magic. "Alright. Last time we tried twenty kilograms of pure carbon, and that didn't go well. So this time we'll try twenty-five kilograms." He pours the sample into a small beacon of chemicals and it turns color. "Now to add the soliding chemical, in which will put this into a solid form. In which case I can attach to my blade, and I can finally control light." Para-Clone erges him to go on, "Well hurry!" He puts the hardening chemical in and the fluid changes to a white color. Kirin looks satisfied, "Yes...That's it.." It then starts to bubble a bit. "Uh oh." It shines brightly and it explodes! Kirin and Para-Clone are covered in soot. She remarks, "Well that didn't work." Kirin holds up an empty beacon. "Man. And that was my last batch of hardening mixture. It's gonna take another chunk of my paycheck to get the materials for another batch. But even then, it's gonna take a lot to come up with new material to even attempt controlling light." They go back upstairs as Para-Clone cheers him up, "It'll be okay. You'll be able to create the material necessary to control light sooner or later." "Yeah. But I just wish there was an easier way to obtain light without going through the hassle of creating it yourself." He sighs as Para-Clone jumps off his shoulder and onto a table. "There just has to be something I could do."

She checks out the paper. "Hey! Look at this article." Kirin peeks. "It says here that a rare and valuable gemstone has been recovered and refitted into the Museum of Natural History. It's called the Celestial Crystal. It's said to originate from an ancient temple in Africa that is said to hold many of these crystals. It's also said that whoever possesses it will be filled with the power and feel of light itself." She looks at him, "Hey! If you had one of these crystals, I bet you could be able to use light magic!" Kirin ponders, "Yeah. I could. But I can't use the one from the museum. And I'm betting it'd be a lot of money to have." She agrees, "Yeah. Says here it would sell for over 20 Mill." "Which means there's only one way then. I'll have to go to Africa and find this ancient temple in order to get my own crystal." Para-Clone adds, "You could, but....It says here that the location to the temple was lost after discovering it. Seems like somebody lost the map or something." Kirin picks up the phone, "Ah well. More fun finding it then." He dials a number. "You sure you want to do this? I mean don't you have work to do?" "Relax. I was given my extended vacation and won't be back until two weeks from now." He gets contact, "Yes. I would like to purchase an round trip ticket to Africa." Para-Clone is like, -_-, "Oh well."

At the airport, Kirin takes one suitcase to the security point before reaching the departure point. He puts it on the conveyor and it runs through the X-Ray, only to show clothes. Kirin goes through and picks it up, and continues to his plane. He goes inside and is taken to first class. He reaches his seat and before putting his suitcase into the suitcase compartment, it speaks! "You owe me big time for having to store all your things! And double for hiding your other things." He stuffs Para-Clone the suitcase inside. "I told you, I'll buy you all the bird seed you can eat when we get home." He closes the compartment. Her voice is heard from inside, "Well it better be worth being locked in here!" Kirin puts on headphones as the intercom goes, "Departure for Kimba is now. Please fasten seatbelts as we begin flight." The plane takes off into the sky.

Commercial Break....

The plane lands at the airport in Kimba. A hotel called the Black Mamba Hotel is seen in the distance. Kirin is now there has he puts Para-Clone the suitcase down on the bed. "It's a good thing you were our suitcase." He unloads his clothes, superhero clothes, and equipment. "Otherwise they might of found out I was The Element." Afterwards, Para-Clone returns to normal. "Well at least I won't have to be a suitcase for awhile. I mean really, when was the last time you washed those clothes? Eww! I thought I would pass out with the smell." "You were a suitcase. I think it tends to smell while in one of those." Kirin begins to put on his hero clothes. "Well now that we're here, we should begin our search for the Celestial Crystal." Para-Clone thinks differently, "Oh can't we at least take in the sights? I want to go to one of those beaches and relax. Isn't that what vacationing is all about?" "We can do that, after we find the crystal. We'll probably need the entire vacation time just to find it." She is depressed, "And here I thought I can finally have some fun." She sighs.

Later, Kirin is driving an outback jeep through the african plains. Para-Clone is in the second chair. "According to that newspaper article, the last known location to where the temple might be is located northwest of where Kimba was. Which is why of course we chose to stay there." Para-Clone is taking in the sights, "Oh look! Look at that herd of wildebeast!" There is a large herd in the distance. "And over there, a pack of lions!" There are lions too. "I think the word you're looking for is pride. They are a pride of lions." She replies, "Well excuse me for not knowing, Mr. I Know Everything!" "He he." They drive on. "So why aren't we using your hover pad thing to get where we're going?" "Because it's impossible to spot the temple in the air. If we do it on the ground, we'll be able to spot it. Besides, I always wanted to learn how to drive one of these things." Para-Clone freaks, "What!? You don't know how to drive!?" He replies, "Uh, no. But how hard can it be?"

Later, they look over the jeep that has fallen into a small river of crocodiles. "Well that is rather inconvenient." Para-Clone sighs, "At least you got this jeep cheap and not liable for damages." "Well, let's go."

Kirin walks on through the shavana plains with Para-Clone hanging on his shoulder. They stop in front of a large forest. "Here we are. This must be the forest that houses the ancient temple of the Celestial Crystal." "About time. This heat is killing me." They travel inside. As they do, gunfire is heard. "I wonder what is making that noise." Para-Clone asks. "I think I do." He runs toward the sound. Some poachers has just caught an injured leopard. Kirin shows up, "What's going on here?" One of the poachers takes notice, "Eh? Buzz off kid. We're hunting here." Para-Clone whispers to Kirin, "Kirin, I don't see any brand of license on them. These guys are poachers." He responds to her quietly, "Poachers?" One of the poachers says, "Yeah kid! You better run off now before someone has a little accident." They take out guns and cutlasses. "And if I don't comply?" "You really are stupid." Kirin grins, "Really now? Cause it seems like you don't know who you're dealing with." A blast of wind comes out of no where and blows away all the guns and cutlasses aside. The guys are spooked a bit. But they get mad, "Why you..." One of them throws a punch at Kirin, but he easily ducks underneath and uppercuts him. Kirin asks, "Who's next?" They all begin to go after him. Kirin then goes to knock them out, one by one. He punches, and kicks them all. All of them are hurt and/or knocked out. "That's what you get for messing with The Element." The guys who aren't knocked out get up. "This guy's tough! We better get out of here!" They make a break for their jeep, leaving the captured leopard behind. They drive off, but soon their vehicle is caught by something and can't break free. It looks like some kind of spider webbing.

Kirin and Para-Clone are rather surprised, "What the?" The guys get out of their jeep and make a run for it. But something shoots webbing at them and encases them in sticky web like material. "Holy cow." Para-Clone says, as Kirin goes over to the captured foes. "What in the world caused this?" A voice is heard, "I believe that was me." A shadowly figured drops down behind him. There is also something on his shoulder. Kirin and Para-Clone are rather in suspense. "Who is that guy?"

To Be Continued...
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