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The Light of the Celestial Crystal! Part 2

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With help from Anansi, Kirin reaches the temple where the Celestial Crystal lays. But someone else is after them as well. Now a battle breaks out to determine the fate of the crystals.

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The Light of the Celestial Crystal! Part 2

Where we left off, Kirin and Para-Clone have just witnessed a rather fast capturing of the poachers by some unknown stranger. The figure emerges from the shadows to be some African American male in a suit, wearing a white mask and a black hat. There is a spider on his left shoulder. Kirin wonders, "Who is that guy?"

Just a short bit later, the man uses some powder like stuff on the injured leopard, and it soon runs away. Kirin is impressed, "That's some medicine you got there." The man replies, "It's called White Flora Petal Powder. It's a little something I always carry in case of emergency. Can cure just about any injury, big or small." "Wow. So was it you or that spider that caught those guys in that web?" "That would be from my friend here then. His name is Hanabi. Fastest web slinger in all of Africa. He's also my partner. And I am known as Anansi the Spider, top crimefighter in the whole region." Kirin introduces himself, "I'm The Element. But I guess you can call me Kirin, when no one else is around of course. And this is my partner Para-Clone. I sometimes call her Pirin." Para-Clone gets slightly infuriated, "Hey who said I was your partner!?" BTW, this is chirping to Anansi's ears "Sounds like she doesn't like the idea of being called a partner." Anansi says. Kirin chuckles, "Yeah. I guess so." "So what brings you all the way out here in this neck of the forest?" Kirin explains, "Well.. I'm looking for the Celestial Crystal. Perhaps you heard of it and it's magical properties." He agrees, "Ah yes. The Celestial Crystal. It is a crystal left by the ancient people who thrived in this forest long ago. They believed that they could control light with magic." "Perhaps you wouldn't happen to know where it is by chance?" "Ah, but I do. I am a guardian of that ancient temple. It is one of my many duties as a hero, is to make sure the crystals do not fall into the wrong hands." Kirin asks, "Then will you take me there?" "Perhaps. Why do you want a Celestial Crystal?" "Well..." Visions of Deathcon, his friends, and the destruction of planets he's been to are shown. "I want to grow stronger so I can protect the ones I care about. There's someone out there who plans on destroying this world and I don't want that to happen." "Say no more. You are one I can trust. Come, follow me." He leads the way and they follow.

Animals from above watch the four travel through the forest. Kirin asks, "Hanabi seems like an interesting spider. What kind of spider is he?" "Hanabi is a tarantula. But not just any tarantula, he is a genetically altered spider from an old labortory that studies arachnids." "Is that why he is so big?" "Yes. He can spit web at high speed. His webbing is also ten times stronger than normal spider web, so it can trap an elephant in it." Kirin whistles impressively. "See, with my illusion magic and his special web power, we've been an unstoppable pair. Now what about you? I see you're a good fighter yourself." "Not only that, but I can do magic too. I can control different elements." "And your bird?" "Oh. She can do stuff too. She can turn into anyone or anything. She can even make clones of herself or anyone else." Anansi looks impressed, "Really? Show me." Para-Clone flies off Kirin's shoulder and in front of them. "Transform!" She turns into Anansi. Hanabi spits webbing in her face and she reverts to normal. "Hey!" Hanabi laughs. Anansi explains, "Sorry about that. Hanabi sometimes doesn't do well with other people." Para-Clone wipes the web off, "I'll say." Kirin asks, "How much further till we get to the temple?" "Not too long now."

They come into a small opening, where the temple is. "There it is." Kirin says. Anansi spots something, "But we're not alone." There are jeeps nearby. "Looks like someone got here first." "But who?" "I know who." There is a symbol of a cobra on it. "Lord Cobra. Very dangerous criminal. He has a strange chemical that can turn humans, into snake people. But only for a short time. However, his transformation...was permanent." Kirin is intrigued. They sneak inside and see many snake people cracking away at the walls, trying to find something. Lord Cobra, a man with a cobra face but covered in brown robes. "Keep digging men! We must find those crystals!" Kirin whispers to Anansi, "Is that him?" "Yes. It seems he's trying to find the Celestial Crystals too. But he will never find it here. I know the only way into the hidden chamber. Follow me." He walks away, and Kirin follows him back outside. One of the snake men saw them and walks off screen.

Commercial Break...

We find the four behind the temple. Anansi waves his staff over part of a wall and a hole leading down appears. "Wow. How'd you do that?" "My staff has the power to create illusions. Sometimes I like to leave illusion spots to prevent people from going places they shouldn't. I can also leave them for a long time, so I don't have to redo so much." They go down the stairs and the wall blocking it reappears.

They enter an underground chamber and find a small stone chest in the center of the room. They go over to it. Anansi nods him to open it up. Kirin opens it up and inside, are hundreds of Celestial Crystals. Kirin and Para-Clone are amazed, "Wow. There are so many." Kirin takes out his sword sheath. "I need one that will fit the small indent I placed on my blade sheath. But there are so many and I don't know which one will fit." "Take your time. We can always refit a piece." A voice says, "You two can stop right there." They turn around, and Cobra and his men are there. "Those crystals belong to me." Anansi and Kirin get tense, "Lord Cobra. How'd you get in here?" "You honestly think your illusions can stop me? After I got word that someone else was sneaking around, I simply had to find out who. And what do you know? It lead me right to the prize." Hanabi and Para-Clone get off their friend's shoulders as Anansi claims, "You will not lay a hand on this chest! The magic in these crystals cannot be used by the likes of you." Two snakemen appear from behind and grab them. Cobra comes up to them, "This magic is just the kind I need in order to accomplish my goals. To take over the entire continent and rule it with an iron fist! You are in the way though, so you'll be the first to see my power." The two snakemen walk them away as Cobra steps up to the chest. "At long last. The power that I have longed for, is finally mine!" He leans over and eat them? Kirin exclaims, "What's he doing?!" "He's devouring the crystals. That's how he gets stronger. By devouring any magical source there is." "Then we got to stop him. Para-Clone, stop him!" Para-Clone and Hanabi are hiding behind a pillar, "You got it!" She sprints away. Anansi says, "Hanabi!" Hanabi comes out of hiding and spits web bullets at the snakemen, freeing Anansi and Kirin. "We got to stop Cobra before he devours them all." More snakemen block there path. Kirin says, "But first, let's take care of these guys." "Yes, let's." They prepare their weapons and attack!

Cobra continues feasting and Para-Clone sneaks up and tries to attack, "Stop right there!" Cobra smacks her into a wall and continues to feast. "Hey! That hurt!" Three snakemen surround her. "Oh you don't wanna mess with me." She transforms into an elephant and roars loudly. They are scared off and she chases after them. Kirin and Anansi continue fighting too. "These guys are annoying!" Kirin cuts one down. "They just keep on coming!" Anansi knocks one out with his staff. "Yes. But like this, they aren't too bright." He knocks another down. "If we don't stop Cobra, there'll be no more crystals left!" "Then we better hurry."

Hanabi holds off many of the snakemen, but one is sneaking up behind him. "Hiyah!" Para-Clone kicks him away. Hanabi is pleased. "You okay little guy?" He makes squeaky noises. "I take that as a yes." Another one appears in front of them and she hits him with feather darts. "Let's kick their butts!" He nods in agreement and they fight on.

Kirin and Anansi finish off the last one. "That's all of them. Now let's go get..." Before Anansi can finish, Cobra has finished his meal and now glows with an awsome power. "Too late fools...With the powers of light, flowing in my veins, I have become an unstoppable force! Bow down to your new ruler!" Kirin says, "Uh oh." Cobra blasts them with a beam of light. "Woah! What a blast!" "Now that he has devoured all the crystals, he has complete control over light." Cobra shoots more light blasts around the whole room, trying to hit them. Even Para-Clone and Hanabi almost get hit. Pillars fall and the place is shaking. Everyone hides behind a fallen stack of pillars as Cobra continues blasting away. "From the looks of things, there's no way of beating him. If only we had at least one of the crystals. Otherwise we can beat him." Kirin tells him, "Then we're in luck." He pulls a Celestial Crystal from his pocket, "I had this in hand before we got interrupted. So I put it in my pocket in case something bad happened. But it's too big to fit into the sheath." "Let me see that." Anansi takes it and smashes the crystal against the pillar, making it a smaller piece. "Will this do?" Kirin takes it, "Perfect." He sticks it into the blade sheath hole. It begins to glow. "Alrighty."

Cobra calls out, "There's no use hiding from me! You cannot survive!" He charges up a bigger blast and fires away. But Kirin leaps out from behind and smacks it away to the wall. "You're right. So how about I even things up." He takes out the blade sheath, and forms a Light Blade. From the sidelines, Para-Clone is surprised, "Wow." Kirin shouts, "Here I come!" He charges in for Cobra. "So you can control light too. Let's see who is stronger." He fires more light blasts at him but Kirin just dodges them. "Light Wave!" He swings the blade forward and causes a straight shockwave of light toward Cobra. Cobra gets hit and his robes are blown away. He looks like a normal snake man with old world shorts. Kirin is appaled, "Woah." Para-Clone is grossed, "Eww! He's hideous!" Cobra leaps at Kirin with his claws. Kirin blocks with his blade. He knocks him off. "You may have light magic in you, but I'm still more powerful, as I have absorbed more crystals than you can ever hope to have." Kirin replies, "You know something, I don't care. For what it seems, no matter how many crystals you have, you're still only getting the same power as just one. And to prove it, I'm going to kick your butt!" He powers up, puts away his blade, and charges up two orbs of light in his hands. "Light Cannon!" He puts both hands in front of him, combining the two orbs and sending a beam of light at Cobra, sending him through the ceiling, and right out of the temple. Everyone goes to him. "You did it Kirin!" Para-Clone jumps on him and snuggles him, "You're amazing!" Anansi speaks too, "You did well." "Yeah. But I think I over did it. Cobra still has the light power." He shakes his head, "No he doesn't. For one with a wicked heart can never hold the light forever. So as soon as he was blasted out of the temple, he lost all the power. You though, will never lose that light, so long as your heart remains pure." He puts his hand on his shoulder, "You are one amazing individual."

Later, they back outside the forest. "Well Kirin, it's been a pleasure to meet you." Kirin agrees, "It was a pleasure to meet you too." Para-Clone says, "Hanabi, I'm going to miss you. You were pretty cool." Hanabi makes squeaky noises in happieness. Anansi says, "We must be going now. Perhaps we'll meet again." "Yeah. Perhaps we will." Kirin gets on his hover pad, and flies away as they watch. During flight, Kirin tells Para-Clone, "See? That didn't take so long now. Now we have a whole week to have fun in Africa." She is happy, "Yep. First thing tomorrow, we hit the beach!" They fly into the sunset, "Yeah, the beach is good."

The End!
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