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Treason on the Water Planet Catstatia-Nine!

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The League of Super Cats get called by the Dog Stars to the planet Catstatia-Nine to solve a mystery pretaining to Tyberius, a royal soldier who is accused of treason. Can they find the real criminal?

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DISCLAIMER: Tyberius aka Crabby Tabby is property of Comickook of He created him for the LoSC, and this background story is based off his idea. Parts of it is based from his original idea.

Treason on the Water Planet Catstatia-Nine!

We join the League of Super Cats inside their ship. Everyone is in the training room working on getting stronger. Torrent is practicing hand to hand or paw to paw combat with Jin, while Power Puss and Gruff toil at each other. Diamond is busy meditating on a pillow, while Hasu practices several ice techniques. Just then, a buzzer goes off as there is a message waiting for the team. Everyone stops and takes notice. Diamond goes to a monitor nearby and presses some buttons. "This is the League of Super Cats, Diamond speaking." Brainy Barker appears on the monitor. "Hello Diamond. It's me Brainy." "Oh hello Brainy. We were just in the middle of a training session. Is something wrong?" She replies, "As a matter of fact we are in need of your assistance. We were called to the planet Catstatia-Nine to capture a rouge soldier who has commited treason. We haven't taken him into the high council of the planet yet, but he keeps claiming that he is innocent." Diamond asks, "Have you tried reading his mind to see if he's telling the truth?" "I've tried, but for some reason I can't seem to pick anything up on his mind. I was hoping maybe you could come and give it a shot. Maybe it'll work for you." "Alright then. Just send me the coordinates and we'll be right there." "Right. Brainy out." The transmission ends. Diamond turns to her team, "Team, it looks like we're being called to Catstatia-Nine." The others are sure excited, except for Torrent, who is actually confused. "What's Catstatia-Nine?" Jin explains, "Catstatia-Nine is a planet of water breathing cats that live both on land and water. They're kinda like you in this case." "Ah. Sounds like my kind of place."

Everyone heads for the bridge. Diamond gets into her seat and presses stuff, "Alright everyone. The coordinates are set. We are off to Catstatia-Nine." They all go, "Yeah!" The ship turns toward a part of space, and warps away at warp speed.

They reach the part of space where the planet is. They begin their descent to the planet's surface. Torrent is impressed, "Wow. It's so blue. Even the ground is blue." As they get closer to the ground they can see the citizens of the planet. There are also kittens playing in the water. Anyway, Diamond speaks, "The Dog Star ship is just near where we're going to land." They make their landing next to the DS ship.

They leave and go to the other ship. Diamond knocks on the door. Brainy opens it up for them. "I'm glad you can make it." They go into another room. "So where is he?" Brainy points out to the suspect, tied up by Tail Terrier. "This is him. His name is Tyberius Pyncha'll. He was a royal guard to the High Council of the planet, before he was accused of treason." Tyberius shouts, "In which I'm telling ya, I was framed!" Hot Dog yells, "Ah hush up crabby tabby! We've heard that too many times already." Diamond comes over. "Alright. Let me check him out." She inspects him, "Hmm...." She puts her paw on his head and begins to read his mind. She sees things and after a bit she removes her paw. "He's telling the truth alright." Brainy asks, "You sure?" "Yes. I was able to read his mind completely clear. Though there's nothing that would of tried to block it off." Tyberius says, "That's because I wouldn't want to reveal my thoughts to anyone who wasn't a cat. Especially since no one else would believe me anyway." Brainy says, "Well now we do, so why not tell us your story." "I will as soon as your green friend unties me." Tail Terrier lets him go. "Alright, listen up. This is what happened..."

A flashback occurs. "The other day, we had recently come back after settling a serpent problem in the southern region of the planet. Upon our return, the head council woman gave me the rank of Elite Guardian, the second highest rank a soldier can possibly get. This was for all the heroic things I've done over the many years serving in the planet's military. Thanks to the special powers I was blessed with from birth, I could conquer any monster that may try to harm our people. However, that same day I got promoted, Cyruivyss Squidipuss, Captain of the Guards, confronted me..." The scene continues with them meeting. "Hello Tyberius. I heard you got promoted to the second highest rank of all the ranks." "Yep." "It must be quite the honor. Cause now you serve command under the Elite Commander. Course now you'll only be called on in case of drastic emergencies. Won't be much action with you for a long while." He agrees, "Yeah. But I guess a little peace and quiet wouldn't hurt. Still, that shouldn't stop me from helping out others anyway, right?" "Yeah." "And who knows. One day I'll become Elite Commander and run the Elite Guardians." Tyberius walks away. Cyruivyss looks at him with an evil look. "We'll see about that."

Tyberius in real time continues speaking, "The next day the word got out that one of the High Council members was kidnapped. No one knew how or why, but then they found evidence. And guess who they put the blame on...Me." It shows him running away from many soldiers and guards. "It's treason to bring harm or do anything sinister to the High Council, and from what they claimed it was me." The flashback ends. "For the past few days I've been on the run. But I've also been trying to find out who it was that framed me. I was close too, until you guys showed up." Brainy apologizes, "Yes. I apologize. And now that we know the situation we can help prove your innocence." Diamond interjects, "But it'll still be a problem. Even if we tell them what happened, it'll be their word against ours. We'll need more proof if we're ever gonna prove his innocence." Tyberius smiles, "Well you're in luck. Cause just before I got captured, I stumbled upon something that may prove to be the ultimate clue to my innocence." They are intrigued and want to know more.

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Later on, everyone is at the beach. They are next to a wall. "This is my house. I found something that totally surprised me." They open up the rock door and go inside. It's just a small opening with a hole filled with water. "That very clue is deep inside my house." Torrent steps up, "Perhaps I can come with you to look for it?" "Yeah, that's fine. That is, can you breathe water?" "Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking." They go into the hole. Everyone looks over it and waits.

In the hole, the two reach the bottom and find a bigger looking room. Torrent is intrigued, "Wow. Is this the living room?" "You bet." He leads him into the next room. "And this is the bedroom." It's a seaweed bed. "Wow. This sure beats the bed I used to use back in the ocean. All I had was sand." Tyberius leads him to a large chest next to his bed. "It's in here." Torrent opens up the chest and finds...nothing. "There's nothing here." "Look closer." Torrent does and finds a shard. He grabs it. "A shard?" He nods and they both swim back up to where the others are. Torrent shows them the shard. Tyberius explains, "This shard is part of a medallion the Captain of the Guards wears around his neck at all times. I found it in the chest, but wasn't able to get it out as someone pulled me out using telepathy." Brainy blushes. Diamond says, "At any rate, perhaps we should try and find the missing council person?" Brainy agrees, "Yes. This shard is proof enough to show your innocence, but it'd be best to find the Captain of the Guards and his hostage, for insurance." Tyberius says, "I know just where Cyruivyss would be..."

They are now in front of a cave with a large boulder in the way. "This is where I usually find Cyruivyss when he goes to store his rations. No one but me knows it other than him. This boulder just makes sure no one else gets in." Gruff steps up, "This looks like a job for me." Gruff goes to the boulder and begins to lift. Slowly at first, he gradually lifts. Power Puss comes to assist, "Perhaps I should help out too." She helps him out and they manage to lift it completely. They toss it aside. Tyberius is impressed, "Woah. That's impressive." Torrent says, "You wouldn't believe what we can do." They go inside and find boxes of food. Tail Terrier remarks, "Dang. That's enough to feed a barn full of short haired mules." Further on, they find the missing council person, behind bars. "Head Council Woman!" Tyberius says, going to the door. She replies, "Tyberius. No, get out of here before it's too late." "I'm going to get you out, don't worry." Cages fall down on top of the Dog Stars and the LoSC separately. "What the?" Ropes come out of no where and bind him up. "Hello again Tyberius." Cyruivyss appears. "So I was right after all. It was you who framed me." "Hm hm hm. Please. I knew that eventually you would be promoted to Elite Commander. It was only a matter of time. After all, your powers are what separate you from all the others. But guess what, no one is becoming Elite Commander but me. And now that you're here, I'll be able to defeat you right here and now. That way, I'll be promoted to Elite Commander for defeating an Elite Guardian!" Then Hot Dog interrupts, "You nuts!? There's no way you'll pull that off with everyone watching you." "True. Which is why you'll all have a little accident. And the blame will be put on Tyberius. Face it. There's nothing you can do to stop me."

Tyberius gets mad, "That's what you think." Tyberius begins to get very large. His front paws become crab claws and a shell begins to form on his back and torso areas. The others are impressive Hot Dog too, "Forget what I said, he really is a Crabby Tabby." Cyruvyss isn't impressed. "Big deal. Which is why I brought this along for the occasion." He whips out a green trident. "Is that?" "Yes it is. This is the Trident of Neptune! I stole this while everyone is looking for you. It has the powers of the sea and it makes krakens cower in fear. It's very much indestructible, so don't even try to destroy it. And I know your shell is nearly indestructible, but just getting hit by it is painful to your systems. So bring it on!" Tyberius goes for Cyruvyss and swipes him with his claw, but misses. Cyruvyss smacks his claw with the trident, and it causes a painful sting. Tyberius backs off a bit. "Heyah!" He pierces Tyberius on the back and it causes a stinging feeling that hurts. "And now watch the water dance!" He sticks the trident in the ground and water orbs appear around him. "Waltz of the Water God!" The water orbs fly at Tyberius at fast rates and they are actually hurting him. "Again! Waltz of the Water God!" Tyberius falls and reverts to normal. He tries to get up but he's hurt bad.

Hasu is worried, "We have to do something. Otherwise he's going to lose." Torrent senses something from the boxes in the room. "Hey. There's water in those boxes." Jin asks, "You sure?" "Positive. I can feel the water's pressence even from here. I think I can control it." Diamond tells him, "If you can, save him." Torrent's eyes glow blue and the boxes begin to rumble. Water spouts out of them and form into a single spout, heading for Cyrusvyss, who at this point has the trident to Tyberius' neck. "And with this blow, I will have defeated the mighty Tyberius Pyncha'll." Tyberius sees the water come and smirks, "You know something, you should really pay close attention to what's behind you." "Huh?" He turns around. "Ah!" He gets hit by the water spout and is smashed into the cell bars. He is dazed, "Ohh..." Tyberius grabs him with his crab claws after going big and crabby again. "Looks like your days are numbered." Everyone cheers for him as they have captured Cyrusvyss.

Later on, the guards have come to take Cyrusvyss away. The Head Council Woman remember, she's a cat folks confronts the two groups and Tyberius. "Tyberius, I am forever in your debt." He bows, "It's a pleasure to serve under your rule." The other council members join her. "For your deeds and the recent events that occured here today, we hereby reinstate you as Elite Guardian. Furthermore, we hereby promote you to Elite Commander of the Elite Guardian unit." The others are excited. Tyberius replies, "Thank you. But I must decline." The others are surprised. "Elite Guardian is something I always wanted to be, but not now." He goes to the LoSC group. "These guys are something else. And if they let me, I wish to join them in seeking justice and bringing down evil. Perhaps then I will one day return to take on that position, but I do wish to become stronger." Diamond nods, "It would be an honor to have you on our team." He turns his head to the council who nod, "Very well. Then when you return, you shall be known as Tyberius the Elite." "Thank you."

After a while, everyone leaves on their respective ships. Torrent asks, "Now that you're on the team, perhaps you should be given a proper name. Something heroic." Tyberius thinks and replies, "I'll go by...Crabby Tabby."

The End!
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