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Dangerous Ransom! Trade Off with a Clone!

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During a robbery bust, Ace gets seriously injured and Robbie is taken hostage. Now unless he shows up to pay the ransom, Robbie is doomed! Guess who's filling in Ace's place?

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Dangerous Ransom! Trade Off with a Clone!

Night time in Metropolis, as a robbery at a fish processing factory is underway. You can already guess who's robbing the fish from storage. It's the Penguin's birds! Artie, Griff, and Waddles! "Hurry up you two!" Artie calls out while holding a bag of fish as the others get their bags. "We'll be caught before we even get out of here if you don't hurry up!" However...Someone says, "Too late." Krypto and Ace are already here, standing in there way. Ace then says, "Drop the fish and come in quietly." Artie declines, "And miss out on the silver tuna they have locked up here? I don't think so. Griff, Waddles, make a break for it! I'll handle Bat Hound here." They nod and run off. Well, Waddles does, but Griff can fly.

"Want me to handle them?" Krypto asks Ace. "Go right ahead. I'll deal with this bird." Krypto flies away as Ace and Artie prepare to square off. "You made a big mistake trying to take me on Artie. It'll make this quick." He fires baterangs from his belt and they aim for Artie. Artie throws his two Ice Dice at them. They knock each other back. Artie catches his dice and the baterangs freeze up as they hit the ground. Ace is surprise. "You think these are the same ol dice I carry around all the time?" Artie says while tossing his dice up and down. "I've got these babies modified, so now they actually freeze anything they touch." He snags the dice. "Oh, and I have other tricks I can do with these babies." Ace isn't impressed, "Just try it then." Just then, Robbie comes out of nowhere in front of Ace. "What the?" "Leave this to me Bat Hound! I'll get him!" Robbie gets out one of his homemade baterangs. "Robbie, wait!" "Hiyah!" He throws them. Artie declares his attack, "Ice Roll!" He throws his dice, which reflect the baterangs back at Robbie. He panics and Ace steps in and knocks them away, just as they freeze to the ground. "Thanks Bat Hound." Ace yells, "You need to be more careful." Artie interupts, "Eh hem!" Ace turns around and sees the dice underneath him. Both die read one. "Snake eyes! Now watch this!" The Ice Dice launch ice pillars underneath Ace and send him flying. "What the?" The ice forms into a snake's head and ram into Ace. Artie shouts, "Strike of the Ice Serpent!" Ace gets rammed into the ceiling. Robbie shouts, "Bat Hound!"

The ice disappears and Ace begins to fall. Krypto, who was trying to catch the other two birds, sees Ace falling, and flies to his rescue. He catches him on his back and lands on some boxes. Robbie sighs in relief. "That was a close one." Artie throws his dice again and they land on fours. An ice cage forms around Robbie. "Hey! What the!?" Artie picks up the cage and laughs. "Boys. I just hatched a great idea." Krypto lands on the ground. "You okay Ace." He moans as he is barely conscious. Artie shouts out, "Listen up! I know how much this little bird friend of yours means to ya. Now Bat Hound here either comes to the Metropolis Docks by midnight with the Silver Tuna, or else this bird is swimming with the fishes. And you better come alone, or else!" They make a break for it, laughing. Krypto doesn't think so, "Oh no you don't!" Ace moans again. "Hang in there Ace. I'll get you some help..." The words are blurry as he falls unconscious.

Ace begins to wake up again. This time in Kirin's house. Para-Clone is in his face a bit, checking on him. "Hey guys! He's waking up!" Ace lifts his head, "Ugh...Where am I?" "Why my house of course. Krypto brought you here and you were in really bad shape." Krypto and Kirin are nearby as Kirin finishes getting the results. "So how is he Kirin?" He replies, "Well. His bones are shattered in many different places. He's definitely not going to be moving for quite awhile." Ace tries to move. Para-Clone tries to stop him, "Please, don't move. You're hurt!" "Can't. I..have to go to the docks. Robbie is in danger." "Huh?" Krypto answers, "He's right. Robbie was taking hostage. And they want Ace alone to bring them the Silver Tuna." Kirin speaks, "The Silver Tuna? You mean the one the Metropolis Fish Corporation uses for their famous Silver Tuna Meat Brand?" "That's right." Kirin goes to a cooler, "What a coincidence." He holds up a Silver Tuna. The others, excluding Para-Clone, are surprised. "I caught this baby off shore this morning." Para-Clone adds, "You wouldn't believe how long it took to catch it." A funny thought bubble is above her head depicting the event. "All morning no fish were biting. Until we were about to leave, his remaining fish line was snagging a bite. It was so strong, he was pulled straight into the water." The thought bubble disappears. "It was one of the proudest moments of his life. Catching one of the rarest fish in Metropolis bay."

"Good." Ace says. "Now all that's left is to get to the docks and.." He can't move. Krypto says, "You're too hurt to go anywhere. I'm afraid you have to sit this one out." "No. Those birds are clever. They'll know something is up and dispose of Robbie. I have to go! It's my fault for letting him get captured. I was careless for not anticipating those bird's actions." Krypto smiles, "We know. And we already have something planned for it. We're gonna send someone else in your place." "What? But they only want me. Who can possibly take my place?" Kirin and Krypto both point and Para-Clone, who giggles. "No. You are not sending here." She feels offended, "Aww. Why not? I'm great at doing people. I mean I can clone into them for crying out loud! Look!" She turns into Ace. Ace doesn't agree, "Yes, but you aren't perfect. Those birds won't be fooled by a fake, no matter how perfect you are." Para-Clone returns to normal. "What do you mean? I'm as perfect as I can be!" "There's more to being me than simply putting on a costume. If you're going to be my replacement, you have to do exactly as what I would do, and not what you would do." "So hand me a manual and some glasses, I can do it! Really!" Krypto and Kirin are embarrassed. "This is going to be a long night." Krypto says. Kirin nods in agreement. Ace says, "Alright. If we're going to pull this off, you're going to have to do as I say. Got it?" Para-Clone nods, "Got it!"

Commercial Break...

Where we left off..."Alright. First put on your game face." Para-Clone nods and turns into Ace. "First things first. Can you mimic my voice?" Ace asks and she replies in his voice, "Yes." "Good. Now show me your walk." Para-Ace I'll just call Para-Clone as Para-Whatever she is walks around in the way Ace would. "Good. Now show me which belt compartment holds my baterangs." Para-Ace accidently presses a button and baterang with rope comes out and ties her up. "He he." "Argh. That's not it." Krypto watches them as Kirin reads the newspaper. "Okay. Now say something serious." Para-Ace speaks, "End of the line bub." "No no. I would never say bub. Try again." She speaks again, "Looks like this case is all wrapped up." "Not bad. But we're not solving a crime, we're saving someone." "Release the prisoner at once, or feel my wrath!" "No." As they continue on, Krypto and Kirin continue doing what they were doing. Watching and reading. Kirin looks at his watch, "It's now 11:30. You might wanna wrap this up." Ace agrees, "Very well. Just one last thing. What are we doing?" Para-Ace replies, "We're saving Robbie." "That's right. And don't forget it."

Later at the docks, the Penguin's birds wait impatiently. Griff asks, "Are you sure that dude will show?" Artie replies, "Well if he doesn't someone is going to have a unpleasent dip into the ocean." Robbie is dangling in the ice cage on rope, over the water. Waddles is eating some of the fish they stole. "Waddles, get out of there!"

Just out of sight, the gang is prepared to step in. Ace is on Krypto's back. "You ready Para-Clone." She nods. "Ready." Kirin lifts up the bag holding his fish. "Here's the fish. But are you sure we really want to ditch this fish? It was going to be tomorrow's dinner." Ace replies, "I'm sure you'll have something better." Para-Clone gets to the ground, "Right then." She transforms into Ace.

Para-Ace drags the bag over to where the birds are. "There you are." She comes closer. "That's close enough! Now, did you bring the goods?" Para-Ace simply drops the bag and the head of the Silver Tuna is exposed. Artie is delighted, "Excellent!" Para-Ace speaks, "Now in exchanged you must release Robbie immediately!" "Why of course. Just throw the bag over, and Waddles here.." He notices Waddles isn't at his station. he snaps at him and he responds. "Waddles here will open the cage. Got it?" "Good." As they prepare to exchange, Robbie sees Ace in the distance and shouts, "Hey! You're not Bat Hound!" Everyone is surprised, and Krypto and the others are even more surprised. "Shoot!" He explains, "The real Bat Hound would never steal a rare fish from a fish factory! He would come up with a clever plan to get me out and catch these guys at the same time!" Para-Ace snarls at him and Robbie shuts up. Artie is suspicious, "Yeah. And last I checked, my dice made work of you. In fact, you shouldn't even be standing." Para-Ace is sweating.

Kirin asks, "We're busted aren't we?" Ace nods, "Unfortunately. Now we go to plan B." Krypto asks, "And that would be?" "Simple. Attack!"

Kirin and Krypto with Ace still on back charge in. "So it was a trick!" Para-Clone reverts to normal, "Got that right!" "Gah! Cut the line!" Griff bite the rope. "Uh oh. Waahhhhhh!!!" Robbie falls into the water, still in the cage. Ace shouts, "Hurry, before he drowns!" Artie steps in their way, "You're not going anywhere." The gang can't go further. Para-Clone says, "You guys get to Robbie, while I kick this guy's butt!" "Becareful of his dice." Krypto warns her. "They have strange powers." "Gotcha." They take off as the two square off. "So a little girl wants to take me on? You are unlucky to coem against me." "Oh please. This girl made a complete fool out of you easy." Krypto and Ace, and Kirin are cut off by Griff and Waddles. "No where to go dudes!" Kirin puts his hands to the ground, "Wind Pillar!" They are confused, but then they are sent flying into the air from a wind blast from the ground. "Get Robbie while I tie these guys up!" "Got it!" Krypto and Ace head for the water and go under. Kirin grabs a net and ties several ends to hooks as the two birds land into the net. They are ensnared easily. Kirin puts his foot down, "Looks like I caught my catch of the day."

Artie tosses his dice up and down, "Let's see how lucky you are." He throws his dice and they both land on six. "Perfect." The ice dice make a large wave of ice appear, heading toward Para-Clone. "Ha! Just try and escape my Icy Tidal Wave!" The wave begins to fall down on her. But Para-Clone simply flies over it. "My turn!" She launches feather darts at him, "Dance of the Soaring Phoenix!" Many feathers rain down and knock Artie back a bit. "Oh yeah?" He throws his dice again, and she throws more feathers. This time, the feathers pierce through the dice, breaking them. "No way! My dice!" Artie gets hit by the feathers and is defeated. He has the swirly eyes of defeat. Para-Clone lands on her feet. "And this girl, kicked your icy butt." Back with Krypto and Ace, they emerge from the water, as Ace holds the cage with his teeth. Robbie is fine. "Yay!"

The birds are all tied up as everyone rejoices. "You were amazing! I thought I was a goner! Sorry I kinda ruined the rescue mission though." Ace speaks, "Well next time, don't jump into action unless I really need it." Robbie frowns, "Yes. I'm sorry for that too." Ace smiles too, "Well I'm just glad you're okay." Para-Clone acts like, "Awww. That's so cute." "Watch it." "Oh come on. You got to admit I did good. And I didn't mess things up." Kirin agrees, "Indeed. And the best part is, I didn't have to lose tomorrows dinner." He checks the bag, but it's empty. "Huh?" He runs to the end of the dock and sees the tuna swimming away. Kirin has waterfall tears down his face in disappointment, "Aww...There goes my fish." Everyone else laughs at his misfortune.

The End!
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