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The Master of the Sky! Part 1

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Para-Clone falls in love for a hawk named G-Hawk, who is the master of the sky in Metropolis. However, she soon learns he isn't all they say, and now she's in danger of being hunted herself.

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The Master of the Sky! Part 1

At the Metropolis city park, Para-Clone and some of her bird friends are relaxing in a bird bath. "Ahh. Now this is the life." She comments. Though the water isn't that deep at all. One of her friends agree, "Yeah." Para-Clone wonders, "I wonder what makes bird baths so relaxing. But it just feels so good." Another of her friends points out toward a building, "Oh oh! Look girls!" They all look. There they see a hawk, wearing a mask and wearing leather on his legs, looking all stylish while looking for something. The girls go heart eyed, "Awwww....He's so dreamy!" Para-Clone doesn't get it. "Who's he?" The girls are surprised, "You mean you never heard of Sky Master G-Hawk?" "Well, duh." Another one fills her in, "G-Hawk is only the most powerful hawk in the entire city." "Yeah. He's so fast, he makes dogs look slow." Para-Clone looks at him, "He doesn't look all that special."

G-Hawk disappears in a flash, much to Para-Clone's surprise. "Woah!" G-Hawk appears in a tree just near them, with a flower bud in his beak. The girls are falling for him. G-Hawk makes his way to the bird bath and takes the bud from his beak with his wing. "Why hello there. You must be Para-Clone. I've heard about you." Para-Clone is swayed by him. The background turns all pink and flowery, like she's falling for him. He gives her the flower bud and she accepts it. "It was nice meeting you." He disappears and the background returns to normal. Para-Clone now feels like in love, "Ohh...I felt like I was struck by an arrow of love." Her friends comment, "You're so lucky Pirin!" "Yeah. He rarely gives flowers to us girls. He must find you attractive." Para-Clone asks, "You think so?" "Yeah! If a guy like that digs you, he must really like you." She puts her wing to her cheek, "Wow..."

In a dark alley, a small rat is scavaging for food. We see G-Hawk's demon eyes in the shadows. Before the rat can think, G-Hawk swiftly snags him out of sight. Almost an instant, they're gone.

Later, we change scene to Kirin's house. Kirin is watching Krypto train with Streaky in the Training Simulator. "Look out K-Dog! I call this my Crazy Cat Fury Attack! Hiiieeeeeeyaaaaahhh!!!" He leaps in at Krypto while swiping the air many times with his claws. But Krypto simply catches him with his paw, and flings him into the wall. "Ow." The simulation ends and they begin to exit. "Nice work you two." Kirin comments. "Thanks again for letting us use your Training Simulator. Maybe now I can get Streaky some real time training." Kirin replies, "It's my pleasure. I always love to try out this baby." Streaky comes out rubbing his head. "Hey, maybe next time you might want to try going a little easy on me." "But I was going easy on you. You probably was just holding back." Streaky grins in embarassment. "Heh heh."

Then, Para-Clone enters the room, still holding the flower bud she got. The others take notice as she twirls around the room all happy like. Kirin is the first to say something, "Well. Looks like somebody's in a good mood. Anything happen today?" She replies in a happy way, "Ohh yeaahhhhh...I just met the dreamiest guy a gal can ask for. He's so cool, and fast....and charming." Streaky don't get it, "What is it with girl birds and guy birds?" Kirin pinches her cheek, "You lucky gal you. Who's the lucky bird?" "I've only just met, but his G-Hawk." "G-Hawk?" Krypto asks curiously. "Yeah. He's this hawk who came to the bird bath, all cool and handsome..." He explains, "Pirin, G-Hawk is someone you really shouldn't be around." She asks, "Why not?" "I've heard that guy is bad news. At least to other animals. I know for a fact he won't hunt a bird unless one challenges him, but otherwise he'll go after anything he can get his claws on." Para-Clone doesn't believe it, "No." Streaky kinda goes along with Krypto, "Well why not? He's a hawk. Hawks will eat anything they can get." Krypto adds to it, "Yep. And his motto is that "If it's small enough to grab, it's up for grabs!" He's not normal to go after just anyone, even for a normal hawk." She still doesn't accept it, "Well even if it's true, it's not like it's anyone I know. He wouldn't dare attack anyone if I was with them." "You're not listening." "Whatever. I'm going to sort my nest. I got to make room for my new flower." She begins to leave the room. "She'll be fine." Kirin says. Streaky calls out, "You're still up for babysitting duty at the park tomorrow right!?" She answers, "Yeah!"

On top a radio tower, G-Hawk is there perched on top. A close-up of his talons reveal one of them is colored black. A really large bird, looks like a condor, flies and perches next to him. "Have you met with any of the other Wings of the Sky today?" G-Hawk shakes his head, "Not today I'm afraid. However a messenger did tell me they would be coming here soon for an evaluation." "Excellent. Once they arrive, you will bring them to the roundevu point, where we shall strike." "Yes, master.."

Commercial Break...

The next day, we're back at the park. Para-Clone is perched up on a tree, chatting with her friends, while at the same time keeping an eye on the kittens of the Supercat Fan Club. "It was nice of you girls to come help babysit with me today." They reply, "It's no problem." "I've always wanted to take care of a liter of kittens." "How do you do it? I could never take care of one." Para-Clone smiles, "You just got to know the right method, and the right people." One of them asks, "Hey, when I have chicklings of my own, would you babysit on occasion?" "Hmm..depends. Would you babysit mine on occasion?" They laugh.

Squeaky and his friends play around, wrestling and that kind of stuff. They also run around too. While up in the sky, G-Hawk spots them. "Perfect."

One of Para-Clone's friends spots G-Hawk. "Hey, isn't that G-Hawk?" They look up and see them. They get excited, "Hey it is!" Para-Clone replies, "Let's call him and see if he comes." They begin waving and calling for him. But in a flash, he swoops down and grabs Squeaky! They girls are in shock, especially Para-Clone. Squeaky cries, "Hellllllpppppp!!!" As G-Hawk takes him away. Para-Clone reacts, "Hang on Squeaky! I'll save you!" "Pirin wait!" Before they could stop her she takes off into the sky. "Oh this is bad. If she interferes with his hunt, then I'm afraid she's a goner." They nod in agreement.

Para-Clone flies faster to try and catch up. As she does, she calls out to him. "Let him go! He's not on your menu today!" G-Hawk hears her, "Para-Clone?" He then goes and drops Squeaky. "Ahhhhh!!!!" "Squeaky!" She swoops down and grabs her with one wing. She flaps harder with the other. G-Hawk is impressed. "Interesting." The other girls show up with the other kittens as she lands to the ground with him. "Take the kittens and find Superdog or Supercat. Tell them they need to get home safely." They nod and they take off. Para-Clone flies back up into the sky and lands on a building that G-Hawk is on. He asks her, "Para-Clone, what was up with that? That was my lunch you just made me drop. Is something wrong?" She goes up to him, "Darn right there is! You can't just on and grab a poor helpless kitten when someone was watching them! That's just plain mean!" "But I'm a hawk. What am I supposed to eat, worms?" Para-Clone tries to rephrase, "Well no...But you can't take someone who belongs to somebody. And they were under my care, under my watch, under my responsibility!" "You were watching that liter? I must of not of seen you." She is offended, "Why, I can't believe this! Superdog was right, you are a creep. I can't believe I actually liked you. This relationship is over!"

She begins to walk away. "That's too bad." She stops walking. "I was hoping for a longer companionship, but it looks like that isn't the case." "Hmph. Got that right." She heads for the edge of the building. "But..." He disappears and reappears in front of her, surprising her. "You just interfered with my hunt. Nobody does that and lives to tell about it. Not even you, Para-Clone." She gets angry, "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means, that I need something to replace that meal. And that would be you." She is shocked. "You see, when you stopped the hunt, I considered it a challenge. And I will take any challenge, even from a bird. I generally don't hunt birds, unless they come at me. And you made the big mistake in challenging me. So now, it's time for you to say your prayers." She snarls, "I don't think so!"

She takes off into the air again. G-Hawk can only grin as he flashes right in front of her. She stops in shock. She goes another direction but he only appears in front of her again. She tries again and again, but no luck. " are you doing that!?" "It's called Flash Wing. It's a technique that allows me to travel at fast speeds in an instant. For short distances, I can appear right in front of you, in just a flash. Or even go right through you, like a speeding bullet. For example..." He disappears and in one flash, appears behind her, like if passed her. She is shakened up in fright as some of her feathers fall off. Then, a bit of her skirt is torn and has a scratch. There is some blood on her and she didn't even noticed it. "It's like you never see it, until it's too late." She shakes some more and spins around, "Feather Dart!" She throws some feathers at him, but he just knocks them away with his wing. "Grrrr....Multiplication!" Para-Clone clones more of herself until G-Hawk is surrounded. He isn't intimidated. All the clones begin to fly around in a circle formation, and they keep getting faster. "Feather Dart Swirl!" In a circular line, the clones fire Feather Darts at G-Hawk. But they all miss and hit the other clones, until all that remains is Para-Clone. "No way!"

G-Hawk prepares an attack, "My turn." He disappears and reappears in another spot. Before she can catch it, he disappears again and reappears in another spot. This keeps going and going at fast speeds until he ends up behind her. Her eyes in shock, and G-Hawk smiling. We hear many sounds of ripping flesh and cuts, as Para-Clone is ripped to shreds from the aftershock of the attack. "Death Wave, Demon Hawk." He says, as Para-Clone is all bloody and hurt. She falls unconscious and begins to fall to the ground, head first. She's falling from such a high height.

To Be Continued...
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