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The Master of the Sky! Part 2

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After being beaten by G-Hawk, Para-Clone is given training by Kirin to obtain the ability of Flash Wing, in an attempt to match G-Hawk, and beat him once and for all.

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The Master of the Sky! Part 2

Where we left off, Para-Clone has just been mortally injured from G-Hawk's last attack. Battered and all bloody, Para-Clone begins plummeting head first toward the ground as G-Hawk watches. Some feathers fall off Para-Clone as she falls at what seems to be a slow pace. Her eyes are shut, as she is unconscious and unable to make a move. G-Hawk snickers, "Too bad. She could of made a great girl friend. Well no use leaving a street with blood now, so it's time to wrap this up." He prepares to make one final dive at her, but before he can, something swiftly catches her. "Eh?" It's Krypto! He glares at him for what he has done. "G-Hawk. I should of known you could go this far." "Bleh. Superdog. Don't you have other things to do? Leave a hawk be, I was in the middle of a hunt." Krypto reminds him, "You know the deal, you aren't supposed to attack anyone who has an owner. Para-Clone here happens to have an owner." G-Hawk seems to get agitated. "So if you want to try and attack her again, you're gonna have to get through me." G-Hawk scowls. But soundly backs off, "Very well." He flies off a bit but looks back, "But remember this. If that bird should ever stand between me and my meal again, I won't be as merciful as before. And not even you will get in my way. You maybe faster than me, but that doesn't stop me from getting what I want." He flies out of sight.

With that, Krypto looks at Para-Clone, who just hangs there on his back, with many cuts on her. "Don't worry. It's all over now."

At Kirin's house, Kirin is doing laundry, when he gets a knock at the door. "Coming!" He answers it and finds Krypto, with a bloody Para-Clone on his back. "Oh my!" Kirin exclaims. He picks her up into his arms, "Pirin, what happened to you?! Say something!" Krypto tells him, "She's fine. She's just taken a lot of cuts but she's still alive." Kirin notices the blood on Krypto's fur. "This is bad. We have to treat her immediately." Krypto nods, "Let's hurry."

In the lab, Para-Clone is on a stretcher, with an oxygen mask, skirt off, and with bandages. Kirin is relieved that her heart rate is going normally again. "That was too close. If we hadn't gotten her treated sooner, we might of lost her. Krypto, what happened?" Krypto puts his head down in grief, "Well..."

Time quickly passes as Krypto has explained what happened. "So G-Hawk did this? I can barely believe it. But seeing these wounds..." "G-Hawk isn't no ordinary hawk. He has an ability that he calls Flash Wing." Kirin looks surprised, "Flash Wing? Now why does that sound familiar?" "It's an ability which allows the user to travel from one place to another in a blink of an eye. Almost like a flash. It works only for short distances, but it's good to fool your opponent's into thinking you can warp, and it's good for fast piercing attacks. It's often deadly when used correctly. I've heard he's able to do it with the leather attachments to his legs. I don't know how, but that seems to be the case." Kirin ponders and gets something. "Oh now I know. It must really be Flash Step. That makes perfect sense." Now Krypto is confused, "You know about it?" "Yeah." He lifts up a sleeve of his pants to reveal some weights around his ankle. "I got a tip off Superman that I can achieve a speed by wearing special weights around my ankles for a long period of time. He told me that by increasing the weight as I get used to it, by the time I take them off I can be as fast as the Flash. Though I can't say I'll be as fast as you." Krypto agrees, "Hm hm."

They hear Para-Clone moan. They go to her, "Pirin. You awake?" Krypto asks as Para-Clone barely has her eyes open, "Krypto? Kirin? Oh...what happened?" "It's alright now. You just rest for now. Everything will be fine in the morning." She falls back asleep. Kirin is happy now, "It looks like she's going to be fine now. Now, perhaps I should give you a bath." Krypto is confused, "Me? A bath?" "We wouldn't wanna send you home with blood on you now." Krypto looks at his back and gives an embarrassed look.

Later that night, Para-Clone wakes up in Kirin's bed. She has some bandages on her still and feels slight pain when trying to move. So she decides to just stay in bed. Kirin comes in, "Oh you're awake again." He holds up her skirt with a smile, "I fixed your skirt for ya." She asks, "Kirin. What happened to me?" He goes over to the bed, "You were seriously injured from that fight with G-Hawk." He sits on the bed. "But don't worry, I've fixed you up, so you should be fine within a day. You heal fast for someone from the Dream World." She asks with concern, "What about.." "If you're worried about the kittens, they're fine. Your friends told Krypto and Streaky about the situation. That's how Krypto knew to find you." Para-Clone feels better, "I'm so glad." She looks up at him, "Kirin." "Hm?" "I'm sorry about..before." "Sorry for what?" She explains, "I let love get in the way of your warnings. I should of listened. Now look at me. I even lost to him. What happens the next time I try to face him and I can't protect myself or anyone else?" She begins to cry. He pats her. "You won't lose next time. And I'm going to help, by teaching you Flash Wing." She looks up at him, "You will?" He replies, "Yes." She hugs him

The next day, in the basement training room, "Good. You're all healed up and ready for training. Today and for as long as it takes, I'm going to teach you the method to achieving the Flast Step, also known as Flash Wing for birds." Para-Clone stands ready. "The first thing we do, is to put these weights on." He holds up tiny weights. "Weights?" "Superman told me that by putting these weights on your ankles, or in your case legs, you increase the amount of force applied to your feet. Making you more heavy and making it harder to move. If you can learn to move easy while having weights, then when you take them off, you'll feel light as a feather. Since you're a bird, it should take ten times less time it would take for me. That is if you're committed to learning." She couldn't agree more, "You kidding? I'm totally into learning!" He bends down to give her the weights. She grabs them and gets pulled to the ground. "Woah! How much do these things weigh?" He smiles, "50 pounds." She exclaims, "What!? I can't lift 50 pounds!" "Not yet anyway. Now let me strap them onto your feet." He ties the tiny weights to her legs. "To think these are 50 pounds for such small pieces of metal." Kirin stands up, "Alright. Now try to walk to me." Para-Clone tries to move, but can't. "I..can't! Too heavy!" "And that's the training. For you, you just need these weights alone and you'll learn Flash Wing." Para-Clone asks in an angry tone, "And what makes you think that!?" "Simple. I'm in a human form so I have to follow the basic composition a human would have to have to achieve these speeds. You are a bird, so you have different needs. I did research and found that you can learn it a lot faster than me if you try." "And how much are you carrying on your legs then?" He simply replies, "500 pounds." Para-Clone is shocked and turns all white. Kirin begins to leave, "I'll be back by lunch. Try to move around as best you can and...don't cheat by transforming." Para-Clone crosses her arms, "Hmph."

Later that day, Para-Clone is slightly moving around better. She is very tired from trying. Kirin brings her a plate of bird seed. "Here you go." She digs in while standing. "Wanna call it quits for today?" "No way! It's like you said, I got to wear these weights for as long as it takes! If I take them off now, it ruins the purpose of trying! I don't know about you, but if it takes me the rest of my life I'll get around on my own!" She continues eating. Kirin backs off. Para-Clone speaks while eating, "I will not...munch lose to him...munch again!" Kirin can see her forming tears in her eyes. He is glad she is trying her best.

Late into the night, Para-Clone is now trying to fly around with the weights. She keeps falling down several times, but she keeps getting back up and trying again. Kirin spies on her through the night, watching her progress. Her words echoe in his mind, "I will not lose to him again!" He smiles and whispers, "Thatta girl."

Commercial Break...

Next morning, Kirin checks on her again. This time, she's sleeping. He accidently knocks something over and she begins to wake up. "Oh, good morning Kirin." Kirin comes in, "Hey. Ready to take off the weights?" "I don't know. You sure I don't need more time first?" He goes over to her, "I believe you're used to these enough by now." He unties the weights. Para-Clone stretches, "Oh. Oh! This feels much better!" Kirin stands up, "Let's test it. Later, Kirin has several targets in his hand, Para-Clone waiting across from him. Kirin tosses them up into the air. Para-Clone disappears and reappears on Kirin's shoulder. As the targets near the ground, they tear open. Para-Clone is happy, and Kirin is proud. "Looks like you're ready."

Later in the park, Para-Clone's friends are at the bird fountain. "I'm getting worried about Pirin. I haven't seen her at all yesterday." "She's probably still recovering from that brutal attack G-Hawk gave her." "I know. It's so horrible to think he would do this to our friend." "Now that you mention it, he's less cool than I thought he was." They all agree, "Indeed!" Across from the bird bath, Streaky is with his nephew Squeaky. "Uncle Streaky, how come Aunti Pirin isn't here?" "I'm sorry Squeaky. But auntie is still recovering. But she'll be fine soon, I promise." "I hope so. We all miss her so bad." Streaky smiles, "Well she's a tough cookie. You can bring her down so easily. Now come on, let's do something." "Hide and Seek! Hide and Seek!" He accepts, "Alright. You hide." He turns to the tree and begins counting, "1...2...3..." While Squeaky goes to try and find a hiding spot. Unaware that G-Hawk is spying from atop a building again. "This time you won't be so lucky."

One of Para-Clone's friends spots G-Hawk and instinctively calls out, "Hey look out, it's G-Hawk!" Both of them hear that and spot him. But shortly, G-Hawk disappears as Streaky calls out, "Quick! Get out of there Squeaky!" In slow motion we see G-Hawk descend toward Squeaky, but before he can reach him, out of nowhere, Para-Clone appears in a flash, interrupting his descent. Everyone is relieved and happy to see, "Para-Clone!" G-Hawk is mad. " again!" Streaky goes to his nephew, "Hey, you're okay!" "Uncle!" Squeaky gets next to his uncle. Para-Clone says, "Leave this guy to me. It's high time I show him who the real master of the sky is." "You sure?" "Super positive." Streaky nods, "Alright." He takes Squeaky away while the two stare at each other.

"So you're back again. You didn't learn your lesson the first time I reckon. That's fine by me. Cause this time Superdog isn't around to save you this time." Para-Clone confidently replies, "I don't need him to protect me from you anymore. I know your Flash Wing tricks, and I'm here to match them." "Really? Can you really prove it?" Para-Clone disappears and reappears behind him, "Definitely." G-Hawk turns back and sees the afterimage of Para-Clone disappearing. "Interesting. Let's take this to the sky." She nods and they begin to fly up into the clouds. Her friends watch helplessly.

They appear above the clouds and are ready to fight. "Even if you have somehow managed to match my speed, you will never outmuscle me. You're just a little parakeet who's messing with the higher link in the food chain." "I'm not the same parakeet you beaten. You're looking at a changed bird." G-Hawk, agitated, disappears and so does Para-Clone. They reappear at the same spot at the same time. He looks intimidated while Para-Clone is keeping her cool. They disappear and reappear at the same time. They keep doing this for awhile. "Not bad. But try this!" He disappears. But Para-Clone catches his movement and moves out of the way as he reappears as if he was trying to swoop in on her. "Grrr.." Para-Clone makes her move, "Multiplication!" She creates clones of herself. They all begin to swarm in on G-Hawk at blinding speeds. G-Hawk can't tell which is which. They're going the same speed as she is, and he can't keep track of them all. "I can't tell where they are!" He thinks. He then gets hit by a feather dart from no where. We see one clone shoot a dart before disappearing. All the clones are doing this and G-Hawk is taking serious damage. Para-Clone regroups her clones back into her. She's barely breaking a sweat. "Had enough?" G-Hawk is infuriated by this as he thinks, "This isn't right! How is she able to move so fast like that? She's starting to become faster than me! And she doesn't have any equipment on her!" Para-Clone disappears much to G-Hawk's surprise. Para-Clone punches him in the stomach. "Gaahhhh!!!!" "Hiiiiyaaah!!!" Para-Clone sidekicks at his legs and the leather falls off. "No! My speed enhancers!" The leather falls to the ground and breaks on impact. There was a chip inside the leather. "So you increased your speed by that. Well no more."

Para-Clone takes many feather darts in her wings. "Ready for the finale?" G-Hawk is really scared now. Para-Clone tosses her darts upward, then disappears into another spot. She does the same thing before going into another spot. While the feathers float in the air, she announces her dance. "Feather Dance..." She uses Flash Wing to G-Hawk and slaps him, while at the same time a set of her feather darts slices him. She kicks him and another set hits him. She keeps attacking him and more feathers keep hitting him. On the last set. She drill kicks him in the stomach and leaps away as the last set drills him hard. "The Final Waltz of the Phoenix!" G-Hawk begins to fall toward the ground, eyes pale white. "I...lost!!!!" He slams into a building. Para-Clone lands on the building as Krypto and Streaky show up. "Para-Clone, you alright?" Krypto asks. They notice G-Hawk all hurt. Streaky is surprised, "Woah. What'd you do to him?" Para-Clone winks, "I gave him what was coming to him. He he."

Just then they hear a hawk cry as four different sized hawks appear. A sea hawk, a small hawk, an old hawk, and a blind hawk. The oldest hawk goes to Para-Clone. "You named Para-Clone. You are the one who bested G-Hawk, yes?" She nods, "Ye..yes." They look at him and say, "Well done. We were just here to take care of him, as he is a spy for another group. His punishment was to be banished from the group, and a replacement would be found. Looks like we found his replacement. Para-Clone, would you like to fill in as a member of the Five Wings of the Sky?" She is confused, "Huh?" "We are a group of hawks who dedicate to protect the peace in the sky, as well as the land. You would be the first non-hawk member to join." Para-Clone takes a thinking to it, "Thanks but...I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to have that much responsibility. And besides, there are those I do have responsibility to look after." "I understand. But the position will remain open. You can choose to join whenever you like. But on behave of the group, let me just say, you are now the master of these skies." With that, they take off. Krypto puts his paw on Para-Clone, "You did good." Para-Clone looks at him gladly.

The End! Or is it?...

That night, G-Hawk finally wakes up from being knocked out. "Grrr...curse that Para-Clone. Next time we meet she's going to pay!" "I don't think there'll be a next time I'm afraid." A voice says to him, as many birds in shadow surround him with red demon eyes. A larger bird, that condor from before, is among them. "No..please..Master Grandor! Give me another chance!" The large shadow that appears to be Grandor goes to him, "There are no second chances in the Black Talon Society." "Ahhhhhh!!!!!" A scream is heard throughout the city..

The End! Now it is
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