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Is It Legal? The Experimental Dog Catcher!

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While on lunch break, Krypto is abducted by some crazy dogcatcher!

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Is It Legal? The Experimental Dog Catcher!

A nice day in the park, and Krypto and Streaky are on patrol in the skies. "Well that takes care of that area." Streaky says. "Now can we go on our break now!? I'm getting hungry!" "Alright. I guess we can take a break." Streaky is glad, "Finally! I got a nice little lunch spot in mind." "Just meet back in the park at 1." "Got it." Streaky takes off in a flash. Krypto lands behind a dark alley, spins around, and goes back to normal. He's just behind that butcher shop place he loves going to. "I guess a little snack won't do. I wonder what's on the menu today." As Krypto goes around the back, some man in grey with a net spies on him with binoculars. "Awww...Incredible! A rare white Golden Retreiver! Just like Superdog. There's no doubt, that's him. Soon he's going to be mine. And I have the tools to do it." He stares at his net, which has a piece of Kryptonite embedded on it.

While that happened, Krypto got some meat from that lady and has just finished chowing down. The man goes up to him. "Why hello there little doggie." Krypto immediately recognizes him as a Dog Catcher, and even spots the piece of Kryptonite on the net. "Now you and me, are gonna go for a little ride, so if you don't mind getting into this net I.." He attempts to swing but Krypto makes a run for it. "Hey!" Krypto goes around the corner and into the streets. "So you're gonna play it that way eh? No problem. I got just the thing for you." He holds out a little blow gun which is those tube things that shoot darts. "More efficent and silent too. And it's more legal than using tranquilizer guns too." He goes around the corner and blows into the tube. A dart heads straight for Krypto. Krypto stops running, thinking he got away. "Phew. That was a close one." He gets hit in the rear by the dart. "Arf!" He looks at it and it's in him. "A tranquilizer dart..." He feels dizzy, "Shoot." He falls asleep. The dog catcher goes to him, "Mwahahahaha." Everyone around him is staring at him. "Uh...just doing my job!" He puts him in the net. "Chow!" He takes off.

Streaky sunbathes on top the Daily Planet planet statue, all full from eating his lunch. "Ahh. That felt good." He looks down from above. "I never noticed, but everyone looks like tiny ants down there. In fact.." With his super vision he sees that dog catcher taking Krypto away to his van. "One of those ants looks like Krypto! Hey!" He flies down, just as the dog catcher puts Krypto in the van and begins to drive off. Streaky watches him leave. "Hang on buddy, I'll save you!" He follows him as the van heads for the highway, where it goes even faster. Streaky has his eye on him, but doesn't pay attention to not crash into a sign. "Ow!" The van gets off an exit shortly after. Streaky recovers and now..he's lost him. "Uh oh." He flies off in a flash.

In the park, Para-Clone is eating some berries in a tree and singing a little tune. "Yummy yummy. Berry berry licious." Streaky pops up behind her, "Para-Clone!" She freaks out, loses all her berries, and nearly falls out of the tree. She goes to his face angerly, "Don't you ever do that again! You made me lose my lunch!" "Sorry, but this is urgent! Krypto's been kidnapped by some wacko dog catcher!" "Say what?" "I dunno what happened, but after I ate some fresh tuna from the harbor, which I must say was quite delicious. Though I think I should of..." She yells, "Out with it man!" "Anyway, some dog catcher was taking Krypto away. And even I know that they don't take dogs that have collars, so something is wrong here and I can't find them!" Para-Clone socks him on the head, "You lost them!? What kind of superhero are you!?" "Geez. You have to be so hard?" "Grrr..."

Meanwhile, the dog catcher's van reaches what appears to be an old warehouse. Next scene later, Krypto is in a cage enforced by Kryptonite bars. He slowly wakes up and sees the surroundings. He touches the bars and gets slightly weakened. "Kryptonite barring. Not good." He looks around from the cage and sees many tools and nicknaks used for experimental purposes. "What is this place? This isn't the pound. Though that wouldn't make sense as everyone knows you're not supposed to pound dogs with owners. Especially since I have a collar." "Quiet down in there!" The dog catcher comes to the cage. "We don't want anyone hearing your yapping now, Superdog." Krypto is surprised, "He knows who I am?" He thinks. "Yes sir ree. There's only one white Golden Retreiver in the whole city, and you fit that description perfectly. Them other dog catchers think I was crazy. They thought I would never find the dog that could be Superdog! But I sure showed them wrong! And once I done some tests for proof, I'll be famous! Test one has already been successful. You seem to have strong dislike toward the Kryptonite I laid out. Now for the next time. And it's going to be rather painful. Mwahahahaha." Krypto doesn't like the idea.

Commercial Break...

At this time, Streaky is looking around with Super Vision, trying to find Krypto. "Krypto! Where are you buddy!?" He looks through several buildings. Through one he flinches, "Ahh! Sponge bath!" Para-Clone shows up, "I just told Kevin about this and now the police are searching under the knowledge of a stolen dog." "Well that makes things easier." "Now...let's think. If Krypto wasn't taken to the pound, where could he of been taken?" "Well I was thinking he was taken to some old abandoned warehouse like all those other crazy dog catchers do." Streaky suggests, which makes Para-Clone stare at him. "Where did you get that idea?" "I've been watching Scooby Doo in the mornings." Para-Clone stares at him still. "What? That show's funny."

Back with Krypto, the dog catcher is putting together some things for his next test. "Heh heh heh." Krypto thinks to himself, "I got to get out of here. But how?" He realizes something about the Kryptonite bars. "Those bars only seem to work if I touch them. They must not have strong radiation as normal Kryptonite. So..."

The dog catcher turns around, "Alright Superdog. Time for..." There's a hole in the top of the cage with melted ridges. There's also large line markings pointing out that Krypto is missing. "What the?" He spots Krypto sneaking away, "Hey!" Krypto's in trouble, "Uh oh." "Get back here!" He chases after Krypto. Krypto leaps up a few times but can't fly. "Drat. I still can't fly." The dog catcher is right behind him. Meanwhile, as they run around, Streaky and Para-Clone spot them through the top window. "There he is!" Para-Clone spots the guy chasing him, "And that must be his captor. Let's go get him!"

The Dog Catcher traps Krypto in a Kryptonite net. "Ah ha!" He hears noises from behind as Streaky and Para-Clone come out of no where and attack him. He drops the net as he shields himself from their attacks. Streaky scratches while Para-Clone pecks. "Ow! Ow! Stop it! That hurts!" Para-Clone then goes to Krypto and removes the net off him. "Thanks Para-Clone." "No problem. You wouldn't believe how long it took to find you." Anyway, Streaky knocks the guy into a corner. Krypto gets his strength back, "Alright you guys, it's my turn now." Krypto goes to the man. "What the?" Krypto grabs him by the shirt and swings him around a bit. He releases him and he goes flying into the door, knocking it over and landing right in front of some policemen. "Ah ha. If it isn't Louie the Dog Catcher. Wasn't he fired from his job for cruelity to dogs?" "Yeah. Wasn't he also the guy who claimed he could reveal the dog who was Superdog?" Well Louie gets up as guys cuff him. "But I did! I've found the dog who was Superdog! See for yourself!" Krypto and Streaky step out. "See! There's Superdog!" Then, a second Krypto in Superdog form appears along side them. Louie is rather shocked, "But..but..." "Let's go pal." "No! Wait! I swear! That really is Superdog!" "Tell it to the judge buddy." The pets chuckle before Para-Clone returns to normal. "Good disguise there." Krypto comments. "No problem." Louie is put in the car and taken away.

Krypto, Streaky, and Para-Clone are on top the Daily Planet planet statue. "Hey you're right Streaky. This is a good spot for sun bathing." Para-Clone says. Krypto tells them, "Thanks again for finding me guys. I would of been in a lot worse situation if you hadn't come." Sreaky replies, "Well it's all in a day's work. After all, no one, not even some dog catcher, is a match for us." Para-Clone reminds him, " owe me ten berries." He freaks, "Ten berries? For what?" "For my lunch, which you ruined." Krypto smiles as they argue. "It's not my fault I had to interupt your lunch!" "Yes it is! I.." They continue as we see the sunset.

The End!
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