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The Power Snatcher, Cerebrus! Part 1

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One of Deathcon's generals has arrived on Earth, looking for Kirin. And Streaky just happens to be in the neighborhood to step up against him...

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The Power Snatcher, Cerebrus! Part 1

Somewhere in the deep recesses of space, we find Deathcon's giant planet ship. Inside, we find Dr. Metallo watching over the soldiers training with his newly made weapons. This kind of training requires them to wipe out each other, as two teams fight for survival. Dr. Metallo watches with grimmace as one by one, soldiers are killed by each other. Then, Cerebrus comes in and begins to walk by Dr. Metallo. "And just where were you Cerebrus?" He asks without moving his head. Cerebrus stops and replies, "Where do you think I was? I was busy working on some things." "You were napping again, weren't you?" "No way!" Dr. Metallo continues, "You are a general Cerebrus, you are supposed to hold up your duties as one and should really be on time to watch over the soldiers! I had to cancel my Invention Sessions because you were too lazy to get your butt up here." Cerebrus doesn't, "Well it isn't really my department to watch over those weaklings. Shouldn't it be Moonspike's job? Where is she anyway?" "She's on a recon mission on some planet. Deathcon said he might enslave another planet if he's in a good mood and if the planet is good enough for him. And I remember him putting you in charge of her duties until she returned." Cerebrus sweatdropped, "Well sorry for not remembering." "Hmph. I don't even know why Deathcon chose you to be a general. You have to be the most pathetic excuse I have ever seen. Why, I bet the next time you face that Kirianian kid you'd lose just like last time." Cerebrus argues, "I would not!" "You would so." "Grrr..I don't have to take this. I'm out of here!" He leaves the room. "Pitiful."

Cerebrus stomps through the hallway into an elevator. It goes up. "Yeah? Well the reason I got to be a general was because of my powers. I have more potential than you know. I just, keep it to myself really," he says to himself.

He reaches the floor he was going for, and enters the main control room. Deathcon is there. Without turning around he speaks, "Why hello Cerebrus. Slacking off on your duties as usual?" "Only because it's boring! Seriously, I shouldn't be watching over some pitiful excuse of a soldier, I should be out causing destruction and mayhem! Instead you sent Moonspike and I'm stuck here. Couldn't we just go to Earth now and take out the Kirianian now? I mean waiting an entire year is just too much! I want to take out that kid now!" Deathcon turns around, "I made a deal Cerebrus. I said I wouldn't step foot on Earth until one year has passed. It has only been three months, nine more wouldn't hurt." "Okay, so you can't. So why can't I!? It's not like I'm prohibited from going!" He replies, "You aren't restricted to the deal. However I don't want you going." Cerebrus is surprised, "What?" "You maybe one of my generals, but your skills are...lacking." "What's that supposed to mean?" "You are the weakest of the group. Your powers maybe potentially dangerous enough to overcome the others, but when against someone as experienced as Kirin, you wouldn't stand a chance. Especially since rarely train at all, I wouldn't see why I haven't demoted you already." Cerebrus looks scared. "Face it, unless you pull your weight, I'm going to have to handle you personally." Cerebrus scowls, "Yeah?! Well..I'll show you! I'll show you all!" He runs out the room. Deathcon merely just turns around in pity.

Cerebrus enters one of the ship pods and takes off in it. In his thoughts, "I'll show him, and I'll them all! I am tough enough to serve as general, and I'm powerful enough to take down someone as puny as Kirin!" His ship is heading for Earth.

Meanwhile, on Earth..."Streaky!!!" Andrea is yelling for him at her house. She is walking around her room trying to find him. "Darn it Streaky. Not this again." She looks in her closet, "You know today is bath day. You only get a bath from me once a week, so why must you do this every single time? And don't give me that, "Oh I have to save the day," junk. You know you smell really bad after a whole day of crime fighting." "I do not!" Streaky replies stupidly, and Andrea smirks as she knows his location. She pulls over the bed sheets and finds him under the covers. He nervously smiles, "Heh heh." "Got you know." She tries to grab him but he speeds away. "Hey!" He heads for the window. "Get back here!" Streaky hears something, "Sorry Andrea, but duty calls." He takes off into the sky without his cape btw, lol. She sticks out the window saying, "You're going to have to take a bath sooner or later when you get back!!" As he flies he goes behind a cloud, a spark emits from behind, and comes out with his cape on. "Yeah. That'll be the day."

There's a robbery downtown, as the bank robbers are getting away in their getaway van. They laugh with glee as they escape. But then something stops them. "Huh?!" It's Streaky the Supercat! He has stop the van with one paw. "Hold it right there you bums." They all panic and make a break for it. "So you want to do things the hard way eh?" He uses his superbreath on them to blow them off balance and knock them all down at once. Streaky grabs a discarded garden hose from a dumpster, and quickly ties them all up at once. "That should do it." The police arrive to take things from here. One of the officers thanks Streaky, "Thanks for the help Supercat. You really live up to your name." Streaky purs and takes off. "Another day another tuna. Speaking of, I'm getting hungry. I should stop by the harbor and.." Just then he sees a large space pod fly above him and land towards a forest outside the city. "Woah. What was that?" He flies closer to the forest, then uses Super Vision to see what landed. It is indeed a space pod. "I should get Krypto." He is about to head away, but changes his mind, "Nah. Things like this make Krypto tell me to get backup from someone and I always miss out on the fun. Besides, how bad can one alien be?"

At the impact site, the pod opens and Cerebrus emerges. He takes a sniff at the air, "Ahh. Earth. Soon to be ours."

Commercial Break...

At Kirin's house, Kirin is practicing making Pot Roast as instructed by Para-Clone. The TV is on and a special report is being aired. "This just in, a strange unidentified object has just been spotted landing outside of Metropolis. It's said to of landed in the forest Northwest from this point of the city. More details will come as.." As the news lady speaks, Para-Clone looks at Kirin with wonder, "Could it be just the Justice League?" Kirin stares at the screen as they talk about what it looked like. "No. But I know where it came from."

Anyway, Streaky flies above the forest and spots the pod. "Ah ha!" He also spots Cerebrus. "Woah. Shiny." He makes a landing while Cerebrus checks out the landscape. "Hold it right there alien!" Cerebrus ignores him and takes interest in the trees. "Nice looking trees." Streaky yells angerily, "Hey! Are you listening at all!?" "The aroma is so tempting that...I want to fall asleep." He yawns and lays on his back. "Yeah. I'll do just that." Streaky is even more annoyed, "Hey! Quit ignoring me and say something!" Cerebrus finally takes notice, "Huh?" He gets into a sitting position. "How long have you been here?" Streaky anime falls. He gets back up and starts yelling some more, "I've been here long enough for you to sniff the pine trees!" "Ahhh...Well, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a guy named Kirin, would you?" "Huh? Kirin?" "You do know him, don't you? I mean aren't you supposed to be one of his friends?" Streaky scratches his head, "Well yeah. But I haven't seen him all day really, so I wouldn't know where he would be at the moment." "Aww, too bad." He lays back down, "I guess I can take a nap while you go bring him." Streaky protests, "Now wait a minute! Why should I do as you say!?" Cerebrus sighs, "Because, you are a pitiful earth cat, and clearly no match for me." Streaky is offended. "Besides, I'm only here for Kirin, so if you hurry up and bring him here I'll..." "Look pal! If it's a fight you want, then you can fight me! And I'm no ordinary earth cat you know! I can put a dent in your face so bad, it would take a dent remover to fix it!"

Cerebrus sits up again. "Oh really? And you are?" "Name's Supercat. And around here I'm considered a superhero!" Cerebrus is slightly impressed, "Really? Well in that case..." He stands up. "Perhaps I can let you take me on for awhile. And for reference, you can call me Cerebrus." Streaky grins, "Well alright, Cerebrus. Prepare to get the beating of your life. Hieeeeyaaaahhh!!!" He lunges at Cerebrus with quickness and begins to punch him many times, along with many scratchers. Cerebrus is unphased and actually yawns again. Streaky is getting ticked as he continues attacking him. He then hits him with Heat Vision, which again doesn't do a thing to him. Streaky pants a bit as he is tired. "Is that all?" "No way! There's not a scratch on ya." Cerebrus braces himself, "Now watch this." He begins concentrating and he sprouts several arms that resemble Streaky's arms, only metallic. Streaky is grossed, "Eww!" Cerebrus explains, "You see, I have a nice little power called Power Absorption. Whenever I get hit by one of your attacks, I can make it my own for a limited time. So since I sprouted four arms, I have copied four of your powers. Let's see..." He thinks. "Ah. I believe I have copied your strength, speed, flight, and...your Heat Vision." Streaky is shocked. "Now...That's not all I can do." He runs up to him in a flash and grabs onto him. "Hey! What you doing?!" "Power...Absorption!" Streaky is emitting some strange aura as Cerebrus is stealing it. Streaky eventually breaks free and backs off. "What did you do just now!?" "Hm hm hm." Cerebrus sprouts another arm. "No way! But I didn't even attack you!" "True. But that was before, and this is now. For you see, I can now take powers willingly rather than just being hit. And I've just taken your Super Vision. Now there's no where to hide now." Streaky growls, "This fight isn't over yet." He yells out as they continue battling.

It soon becomes night time, and Streaky is all beat up a bit. "Ugh...You still wanna fight? You big power sucking freak? Ugggghh..." He faints for a moment. Cerebrus is unamused, "You done now? I'm getting rather bored, and I really must get back to what I'm here for. I won't be having your powers for long, but this battle is over." Streaky gets up, "No way pal. This isn't over until I say it's over!" His stomach growls. "Ah!" "Ha ha ha! You getting hungry? Why don't you go home and eat now? I'm betting you rather eat anyway than continue this fight.." "Not today. Normally I would but you really tick me off. Besides, I haven't really been putting any effort into my attacks." "Oh?" Streaky assures him, "Rest assured, I'm gonna put at least one dent in that shiny body of yours. One way, or another!" He uproots a tree and holds it like a club. Cerebrus wonders what he's up to. "Eat tree!" He swings it at him and Cerebrus is sent into the air, though not really moving. Streaky flies up on higher than him. "Now for a trick of my own. Take a look at what I can do!" He yells into the sky and somehow, a thunder cloud forms above him, and lightning strikes him, turning his fur yellow like lightning. He's in his Static Elec-Streaky form. Cerebrus is amazed. "Now taste my Lightning Storm Drill!" Streaky comes down on Cerebrus like a drill and pushes him down hard into the ground, causing lighting to blast out around them in a huge explosion. Dust rises as Streaky leaps away, back to normal, and starts panting. "That took care of him."

However, as the dust clears, Cerebrus begins to stand up. Streaky is frightened, "No way..My best attack..didn't stop him?" Cerebrus grows another arm, and begins to turn yellow, with electricity. Streaky is really paniced now. "My turn." He flashes by Streaky before he could counter. Cerebrus is normal again as a flash of electricity his Streaky, burning him badly. Streaky falls down, defeated. "I've had enough playing with you." He puts his foot on Streaky's head. "Time to end it." He lifts his foot up. But then the wind picks up and he senses something behind him. There, on top the hill behind him, is Kirin, with Para-Clone on his shoulder. And he doesn't look too happy. "Hello, Cerebrus..Long time no see." Cerebrus turns toward him with a smile. "Well if it isn't Kirin. You finally show yourself." They stare each other down.

To Be Continued...
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