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The Power Snatcher, Cerebrus! Part 2

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It's now Kirin's turn to face Cerebrus. How will he fair against someone who can copy powers?

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The Power Snatcher, Cerebrus! Part 2

On Deathcon's ship, Moonspike, and Rin, return and enter Deathcon's control room. "I'm back Deathcon. I have much to tell." Deathcon and Dr. Metallo takes notice, "Oh, you're back. You're just in time. I am about to show you all a special surprise." He presses a key and the monitor's bring up the upcoming fight with Kirin and Cerebrus from Cerebrus's space pod. Moonspike is rather surprised, "Oh? What's Cerebrus doing on Earth?" Dr. Metallo explains, "That slacker thought it was smart to go ahead, without permission, to go to Earth and confront the Kirianian, all by himself." "Really? I must of missed something." Deathcon speaks, "No matter. He's there now, so we might as well see how he's improved. Rather, how they've both improved. Let's watch, shall we?" They stare into the monitor.

Back at the forest, they stare for a little bit longer. Then, Kirin looks at Para-Clone and gives her the okay to retreive Streaky. So as she does that, the two have a conversation. "So, Kirin. You decided to come face me after all." "What are you doing here Cerebrus?" Kirin asks. "You aren't due for another nine months." Cerebrus complains, "I don't need to follow no stinkin agreement. Besides it's only for Deathcon. The rest of us can come in anytime if we want. But Deathcon only wants us to stay on the ship, but I think a year is too long." "So you thought you'd wanna get your butt kicked now instead of later?" "Yes!" Cerebrus realizes the mistake, "I mean no! You're the one who's gonna get it! And once I beat you, I'll drag your sorry hide back to the ship, where Deathcon can have a peace of you." Kirin smirks, "You're the one who's gonna get it. You couldn't beat me before and you won't now." "That's where you're wrong! I've improved a lot since the last time! Look, I have more than five extra limbs now. Meaning I can take many more powers now. And I've been fighting that cat for several hours, with the same powers. Sure they're gonna expire soon, but it just goes to show, I'm more the man I was before!" His body glows with electricity, "So I'm going to enjoy taking you down." Kirin isn't phased.

Para-Clone drags the unconsious, yet funny looking way, Streaky to the side. She then turns back to the fight, "Careful Kirin."

Cerebrus makes the first move by charging in at Kirin with electricity on him. "Not even you can stand the jolt from my Lightning Storm Drill!" He comes in fast, but Kirin anticipates the move and quickly spins away, giving him a hard kick to the back, sending Cerebrus grinding across the ground. "Grr..." Kirin cracks his knuckles, "You know, you maybe able to take on someone like Supercat, but I'm totally different. I'm more than a match to you." Cerebrus scowls and gets back to him, filled with more electricity. He throws many punchs at fast speeds, but Kirin can predict them and dodge them. He does get cornered to a tree, but leaps above Cerebrus as he punches down a tree. "Hold still you!" He keeps going, "Why? And ruin all your effort? Well if you insist." Kirin grabs him, "Huh!?" And then he slams Cerebrus into the ground. "In case you're wondering why I haven't been fried to a crisp by your electricity, it's because the kind you have has to connect the opponent in an attack to really take hold."

Cerebrus is on his knees, and all but one of his extra limbs disappear. "Looks like times up on your extra power. All you have is that electrical ability, and it's hardly a use to your if you can't hit me." Cerebrus stands up. "Yeah? So what? From the looks of things, you have a lot nicer abilities than that pitiful excuse of a fighter. You're also fast, so I can really use it to my advantage." Kirin grins, "But if that's all you'll get, then you'll never get any of my other powers. Too bad." Kirin goes on the assault now, and starts to beat the crud out of Cerebrus. After many punches and kicks, Cerebrus is once again on his knees, in pain. He admits though, "I gotta admit, you've gotten a lot stronger. Stronger than that cat." Kirin replies, "You shouldn't underestimate him. He can be as strong as me if he wanted to." Cerebrus sprouts some arms, which represent Kirin's. "It seemed easier to get more power as he punched so weak. But getting your powers is worth it. Now I have your technique, your speed, and...more endurance." "Yes, but..." Cerebrus's one limb, the one with Streaky's power, disappears. "Huh?" "I called your bluff. You power copies don't last hours. I'm betting Streaky was just using the same moves over and over again on you. That just kept your copies alive longer. But wow, 10 minutes? That's longer than the 5 that you used to have." Cerebrus is intimedated. "I have other tricks you know."

Cerebrus dashes to Kirin, and they begin to punch at each other. Para-Clone from the sidelines, is impressed. "Woah. This is a truely awsome fight!" Streaky begins to wake up. "Ugh. What happened?" "You got your butt handed to and lost." "Really? Dang."

Cerebrus grabs onto Kirin's arm with one of his extra arms, "Gotcha. Power Absorption!" As he begins to suck power from Kirin, Kirin is in a pause. He breaks free, and then counters with Wind Blast. But Cerebrus catches on and puts up a wall of earth from the ground. "Huh?" Cerebrus brings down his wall, "Confused? It happened right after I grabbed you. If you haven't guessed yet, then I'll tell you. I can absorb powers by holding onto people now. And I got a good lot of power from you." More limbs appear on his body. Tons of them to match Kirin's every power. "You see here? Every one of these limbs has a bit of your powers. Now I can control the elements, so there's no way you can stop me!" Kirin grins, "Is that so?" Cerebrus is confused. "You're not impressed?" "Of course not. Cause now I can go all out on you without anything holding me back. In fact, it's about time I step things up a notch."

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The fight continues. Cerebrus laughs. "Well even if you have nothing holding you back..." He shows off his limbs, "I have these babies. I have many arms that not only give me power, but an edge in hand to hand combat. Plus I have them all over my body, almost like a large shield! Try and attack me, and I promise to pummel you so hard, it can only be pain!" He then notices Kirin sitting down and pulling something from underneath his pant sleeves. "Huh? What are those?" Kirin stands up holding two plates of weights. "These are special Training Weights. I wore these on my ankles for just about a month. When removed, I get a stronger feel to my kicks. And, if long enough, my speed too." Cerebrus isn't impressed, "Oh please. Those things must be 50 pounds each!" Kirin smiles, and drops the weights. The impact to the ground is so loud and hard that it causes the ground to shake a bit. Cerebrus is shocked. "Try, 500."

Para-Clone and Streaky are both shocked. "500 pounds each!?" Streaky exclaims. Para-Clone agrees, "And he's had those longer than I had them."

Kirin gets into battle stance. "I said I wasn't gonna hold back on you, after copying all my powers like that. Therefore I'm gonna show you my latest little technique that I call...Flash Step." Cerebrus gets annoyed and throws fire from his arms. However, Kirin disappears in a flash just as the fire is about to hit him. "Where'd he go?" Kirin appears behind him but disappears before he can react. He keeps disappearing and reappearing in many places to confuse Cerebrus. He is getting dizzy from this, "Ahh...ahh..." Kirin appears underneath him and kicks him upward. He then Flash Steps above him and drop kicks him back into the ground.

Streaky is impressed, "Wow. He's fast. I can barely keep up with him." "I can see him fine." He asks, "How's that?" "Well Flash Step is movement so fast that it's a blur to anyone who hasn't developed the ability to see this. Me and Krypto can see these kind of speeds cause we can achieve them. Though I can't say that you can't fully develop them." "Hmph."

While they talked, Kirin was continuously attacking Cerebrus with attack after attack. After a bit he stops and gives Cerebrus a breather. "Oh yeah!?" He tries to make another arm, but can't. "What's this?" Kirin remarks, "Looks like you've run out of room to sprout an arm. That, and that's as far as you go in copying." Cerebrus scowls, as Kirin gets in stance again. But then, he feels a strain in his leg. Cerebrus takes notice, "What's wrong? Your new technique wearing you down?" Kirin thinks in his head, "He's right. Using the technique takes energy, and using it upon removing the weights is a bad idea unless you want to get a strain."

Streaky is confused, "Huh? What's wrong with him?" Para-Clone explains. "He took the weights off, so he can Flash Step. But doing it so quickly can put a strain on you much quicker than normally. Using the technique requires tremendous energy, as you need it to keep your legs from pulling a muscle. Going fast like that isn't good for him unless he's used to it. And this is the first time he's used it." "He's going to be okay right?" "Well duh. He ain't like you, he can handle himself." Streaky feels insulted, "Yeah. Right."

Kirin goes in for another kick. He lands one on Cerebrus, but feels a little pain to his leg. Still, it sends Cerebrus grinding across the ground. Kirin squints a bit, over the pain. Cerebrus grins, "Heh. It was a mistake to try and beat me with speed alone." He puts his hand on the ground. "I've figured out how to beat you know. If your speed puts strain on you, then try getting away from this!" He sends a pulse into the ground. The ground shakes violently, freaking out Para-Clone and Streaky. A crack heads for Kirin. He instinctly leaps out of the way as a pillar of earth rises from the ground. One appears from behind and he lands on it, straining some more. He leaps again as another pillar tries to smash him in. Cerebrus yells as more appear and trying to destroy Kirin. This goes on for a while until..Kirin is tired out, and kneeing from the pain. Cerebrus laughs. "Mwahahahaha! The tables have turned." He turns one of his hands into a sharp earth blade. He begins to walk over to Kirin. "Time to end this." He begins to walk over to Kirin. Kirin tries to move, but he's in too much strain as it is. "Now hold still." He raises his arm to slice but...All his arms disappear, except for his regular ones. "No! Not now!" Kirin grins, "Just what I was waiting for." Kirin was hiding a ball of Light in his hands. Before Cerebrus can do anything..."Light Cannon!" Kirin blasts him skyward with the blast. Cerebrus takes a devestating hit. He is defeated at last. "No way!" He lands right on top of his space pod, destroying it in the process. He is out cold.

At Deathcon's ship, they see a blank screen. Deathcon walks away, "Oh well. Easy come easy go. I was going to fire him anyway." The others join him.

Kirin kneels again as Streaky and Para-Clone go to him. "You did it Kirin!" She says delightfully. "Yeah! You kicked his butt good!" Kirin manages to stand. Para-Clone asks, "You going to be okay?" "Yeah. I should be better now." He looks at Cerebrus, "Though I can't say the same for him." They go to his unconsious body. "I should call the Justice League. I'll make sure they keep him especially under lockdown." He puts him on his shoulder. "Streaky." "Yeah?" "Shouldn't you be getting home by now? Isn't Andrea waiting for you." Just hearing that makes him whiten with fright. "Doh."

Scene transition has him in the bath tub now being washed by Andrea. "I told you you would have to take a bath when you got home. Look what happened to you, you're all dirty and bruised. This should teach you not to go off fighting crime after dinner hours." Streaky sulks, as she nags and nags.

The End!
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