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Rise of the Pumpkin King!

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It's the Halloween Special!

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Rise of the Pumpkin King!

It's Halloween Night! Everyone is out and about in their costumes, going Trick or Treating. We join Kevin, who is in a Superman costume, with Krypto in Superdog form. "Boy I love Halloween. Costumes, candy, scary movies.." "And it's the only night where I can go about as Superdog without anyone suspecting a thing." Some kid passes by, "Hey, nice Superman and Superdog costumes." Kevin replies, "Thanks!" Andrea, dresses as Supergirl, and Streaky in Supercat form come up. "Hey guys. Ready to go Trick or Treating?" "You bet! Let's go." They walk together. Streaky chats with Krypto, "You know what I like about Halloween? It's when we get to eat all the candy we can eat." "But isn't eating all you do anyway?" Krypto asks. "Yeah. But this is the only night I get candy made for pets. And boy are they delicious."

They stop at Kirin's house. "Let's see if Kirin's got any candy." Andrea thinks otherwise, "I don't know. He might not even have any candy. After all, isn't he from outer space?" Kevin ponders, "Well.." "Besides, I bet he doesn't even know what Halloween is."

Inside his house though, he and Para-Clone are cuddled together as they watch scary movies. Something scary happens to make them freak and scream.

The four go about, going house to house for candy. At one house they go to, an old man answers the door. "Trick or Treat!" The old man replies, "If you should fancy a stroll through the graveyard, do not feed the pumpkins your candy! Or they will rise up and devour us all! Oh, and here's some candy." He gives them candy, and they leave. "Happy Halloween! Eh heh heh." He goes back inside.

They walk along the street. "Boy Kevin, did you hear that guy? What is he talking about? Pumpkins rising up, what a laugh." "Hey, wanna go to the graveyard and see if it really works?" She thinks, "Well..Okay!" They run ahead, leaving the two pets behind. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Krypto asks. "Ah it's the candy aroma getting to you. Let's go feed the pumpkins!" He runs ahead. Krypto sighs and hurries up.

They arrive at the graveyard, which is full of pumpkins. "Wow." Kevin is amazed, "Look at all the pumpkins." They stop and look through their candy, "If we're gonna feed them, we should give them candy we don't need. How about this peppermint?" "Sure. And we can give them these sour sticks too!" "Let's do it." They start throwing the unwanted candy at the pumpkins. Krypto asks, "You sure you should be doing that?" "Don't worry boy. We'll pick up the candy when we're done." They keep throwing. Unbeknownst to them, one of the Pumpkin vines begin to move. "See? Feeding the pumpkins don't do anything." Andrea says. "Yeah. Let's go grab our candy and.." The pumpkin vines begin to move in their site. Streaky is getting spooked, "Ah! They're moving! That's not a good thing!" The vines grab the candy, and the pumpkins grow faces. They begin to eat the candy as the others are spooked out. "They really are alive!" She freaks out. Kevin wonders, "But how is it possible? They're just pumpkins!" Krypto suggests, "Well it is Halloween. Anything can happen!" The ground quakes as a crack streaks across the ground, and a large orange figure comes out of the ground. It resembles a giant pumpkin, wearing a gold crown on his head. It shrieks, "I have returned!"

The others scream in fright as the pumpkins begin to gather round and worship the large pumpkin. He looks on toward the group and says, "Thank you for feeding my children. If you hadn't, we would of never had the strength to bring about my resurrection." Andrea doesn't get it, "Wait a minute. What does candy have to do with any of this?" "It's Halloween, sister. Anything can happen. Now, gimme all your candy!" He grabs them with his vines, much to their objection. And he gobbles it all up in one bite. "Ah! That hit the spot." Andrea shouts, "That's our candy! Give it back!" The king gets angry. Kevin reminds her, "Bad idea. You remember what the old man said about them devouring us?" The king commands the pumpkins, "Get them!" They begin to go toward them. Kevin and Andrea freak and hide behind their pets. They both say, "Get him boy!" Krypto and Streaky be like, huh? Anyway, the pumpkins are coming! "Guess it's time for a pumpkin harvest." Krypto says. Streaky agrees, "When I'm done with them, they'll be pumpkin pie!" They begin to attack the pumpkins, destroying each one with ease until no more remain. "Well that was easy." But Streaky be wrong, as the pumpkins begin to regenerate. The king laughs, "Ah ha ha ha! You mortals cannot stop my army that easily! Attack!" The pumpkins continue to attack. Krypto and Streaky try to hold them off, but no luck. "These things won't stay squashed!" Krypto agrees, "We're gonna need backup if we can't hold them off!" Kevin has an idea, "I got it!" He pulls out a cell phone and dials a number.

Commercial Break...

At Kirin's house, he and Para-Clone continue to watch the movie. They scream again as Kirin's phone goes off. He answers, "Hello?" Kevin is on the line, "Kirin! We need your help!" "What's wrong Kevin?" At the scene, "You're not gonna believe this. Man eating pumpkins have come alive, and some giant pumpkin is trying to eat us! We can't stop it ourselves, we need help!" He loses connection. "Hello? Kevin?" He hangs up. Para-Clone asks, having heard the conversation, "Giant pumpkins? Oh my. What do we do?" "Well...only one thing to do. Let's go Pirin." He gets up and walks away. "Aww...Can't we just stay here? Ohh..." She goes too.

Back with Kevin, he has lost connection. "Hello? Kirin?" He turns off his phone. "Well?" He replies, "I lost the connection somehow. And I didn't tell him where we are." "That's just great! What do we do now?" Streaky is thrown into a tree. "Ow." He goes back into the fray.

Krypto beats up more pumpkins, but they just keep regenerating. "These things just won't quit! No matter what we do.." He blasts some with Heat Vision, "They just come back!" More pumpkins return. Streaky suggests, "Well I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry from this!" He has his eye on a pumpkin, "Hmm..." He grabs one and begins to eat it. Krypto shouts, "Streaky! Now's not the time to be..." Streaky finishes eating, and burps. "That's it! That's how we beat them! Streaky! Start eating!" "Wha?" "Eat the pumpkins! They can't come back if we eat them!" Streaky is excited, "Sweet! For once, eating has it's benefits!" He swoops in and plucks a pumpkin. He starts eating it. Krypto does the same.

A pumpkin begins to head for Kevin and Andrea. Kevin smashes it with his foot. "Quick! Start eating!" They begin to devour the remains.

The Pumpkin King only laughs. "Ah ha ha ha! Even if you devour a few of my children, you can only eat so much!" He is right, as everyone is getting full from eating pumpkin. Even Streaky, too fat from eating, had enough. "Ugh...too..much...pumpkin." The Pumpkin King picks up both Krypto and Streaky with his vines. "Now that you're plump enough to eat..." He drops them into his mouth. Kevin and Andrea shout, "Krypto! Streaky!" Then the Pumpkin King picks up the two of them. "And now for you!" They squirm to no avail. "Help!" They shout. The king laughs as he begins to pull them in. But then...something cuts the vines and the king squeals in pain. "Yeow!" The two shout as they fall, only to be saved by Kirin. "Kirin!"

He lands on the ground as Para-Clone gets on his shoulder. "Man. You weren't kidding about the pumpkins." Kirin says, as the king regenerates his vines. "Where's Krypto and Streaky?" Kevin points to the king, "In him!" Para-Clone freaks, "Ah! That thing ate my poor Krypto? He'll pay!" Kirin says, "Well I wouldn't worry too much. It's not like pumpkins can digest anything." Andrea asks, "You sure about that?" "Nope." The king gets closer. "We have to act fast. Pirin, you know what to do." She nods, "Right!" She turns herself into a flute. Kirin plays the flute for a bit. "What are you doing?" Kevin asks. "Calling for backup." Just then, everyone stops moving as the ground shakes to the thunder of oncoming rats! They arrive and stop before Kirin. He points toward the pumpkins, "Sick him boys!" The king is scared, "Uh oh." The rats begin to charge and devour all of the pumpkins. They then begin to swarm the king, "Noooooooo!!!!!!! I'll be back!!!!!!" He is devoured to the point where only Krypto and Streaky remain. The rats leave with their work done. "Ewww!" Streaky remarks. "I'm all juicy!" He begins to lick himself. "Mm..I'm tasty." Kevin and Andrea are glad they're okay and go hug their respective pets.

Kirin goes over to them. "Well I think we had enough fun for tonight eh?" Krypto agrees, "It's a good thing you two showed up while you did. Otherwise we would of had man eating pumpkins on our hands." Para-Clone leeches herself onto Krypto. "Oh Krypto, I'm so glad you are okay. Did that mean ol pumpkin hurt you?" Streaky is offended, "What about me?"

Andrea checks her bag, "Oh no. Those pumpkins ate all our candy!" Kevin finds none either, "Oh man. And we've gone to every house on our block." Kirin steps in, "Have you been to mine?" They shake their heads. "Well why not? I would of filled half your bags full of different kinds of jumbo sized candy." They are rather surprised, "Did you say, jumbo sized?" "Well yeah. What? You think that because I'm from outer space means that I wouldn't get the idea on what Halloween is?" They shake their heads. "Well you can eat your candy at my place while we watch some scary movies." They cheer, "Hurray!" They all walk together. Streaky asks, "You wouldn't have any jumbo size candy fit for a cat, would you?" "Maybe. But for you, it's sugar free." "Aww.." They all laugh.

The End!
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