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The Manipulator of Metal, Dr. Metallo! Part 1

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A mysterious substitute teacher arrives at Kevin's school, and later kidnaps him to lure Kirin to a deserted location. Just who is this man and what is his connection with Kirin?

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The Manipulator of Metal, Dr. Metallo! Part 1

At Kevin's school, the principal is in Kevin's home room with an announcement. "Students, your regular teacher Miss Haythorn will now be joining class today, due to a rather unusual illness." All the students begin to cheer over the news. "Instead you will have a subsitute teacher today." They moan. "Now now. I'm sure you'll have a good time. Now please meet your substitute teacher, Mr. Metalino." A tall and slim man with a black top hat, wearing clear glasses comes into the room. His eyes closed, yet he can still see. In a calm nice voice, "Greetings students." He takes off his hat and bows, "I'll be your substitute for today." The students are mesmorized by his appearance. "I can handle things from here mam." The principal nods and leaves. "Now then, I believe I should take roll call." He picks up a piece of paper and begins reading names. One of the students tries to act smart and throws a paper ball at him, but he catches it, surprising the student. "My my, you got quite the aim Wilson. Though next time you try throwing something at me, at least try to have the tendency of knowing I can see even with my eyes closed." The other kids laugh at him.

Andrea whispers to Kevin, "My, this guy sure seems interesting. Don't you agree?" "If you ask me, he reminds me of one of those creepy guys from the cartoons." Metalino overheard, "Oh really?" Kevin freaks. "And what cartoon are you thinking?" Kevin studders, but Metalino just smiles, "I'll only say, I have good hearing, so careful what you say." The others chuckle. Metalino returns to the chalkboard. "Now, I'm going to do something rather different from what your teacher had in plan. Since this was a rather sudden notice, I really didn't have anything planned by her. Therefore instead, I have something else for you to do." He hands out papers. "Simply put, I want you all to list the names of all the people you know in your neighborhood. Friends, family, relatives perhaps? Anyone at all who just so happens to live in your neighborhood. The more you list, the more credit you get. So consider this an extra credit assignment, okay?" The kids cheer. Kevin remarks, "Wow. The only time a teacher ever gives us extra credit is when we actually pass a test." Andrea agrees, "No kidding."

Later, class is over. "Alright now. Just hand me your papers and head over to your next class. I'll see you after lunch." The kids put their papers on the desk and leave for lunch. After everyone leaves he closes the door and locks it. He then goes to the desk and picks up the paper that is done by Kevin. After he reads it, he grins and picks up some radio device from his pocket. A voice is heard from it, "How are things down there?" He replies, "Everything is going according to plan. I now have the key components to finding him. And I know just the kind of bait to use." One of the names on the paper is...Kirin Nabaraka. His address is there too.

He hears a knock on the door. "Hello!? Mr. Metalino?" It's Kevin. Metalino finishes talking, "I got to go. I'll report later." He puts the device away and unlocks the door. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting visitors." Kevin says, "I just forgot about my lunch in my desk." He goes to get it. Metalino asks, "Say Kevin. Would you mind meeting me in the teacher's lounge later?" "The teacher's lounge? I don't know. Aren't kids not allowed in there?" "I'm willing to make an exception. Besides, I have something to talk about with you." Kevin has a strange feeling, but leaves for lunch. Metalino's glasses shine brightly. "Hm hm."

After school, Kevin meets with Andrea. "What? You're not coming?" Kevin replies, "Sorry, Mr. Metalino needed me for something. Save a seat on the bus for me." He leaves, which leaves Andrea concerned. "Hmmm..." Kevin enters the teacher's lounge, where the only person here is Mr. Metalino. "Oh hello Kevin." Kevin closes the door. "So what did you need me for?" Metalino shows him a flower, "I like for you to look at this flower. Take a look at it's beauty." Kevin does so. "It looks pretty." A spray of gas comes from the flower, causing Kevin to fall asleep. Kevin holds up a phone and calls someone. "Hello, Mrs. Whitney? I am Kevin's substitute teacher, telling you that Kevin will be attending Night School on his behave." A small mumble from the phone and he replies, "Don't worry. He'll be home later." He turns off the phone. "Hm hm hm."

At Kirin's house, Kirin is trying to make dinner. But it explodes in his face. "Gosh darn it!" His face is covered with food. He clenches the recipe book, "Stupid book!" He growls while Para-Clone brings in the mail. "Hey pretty boy! Why don't I make dinner, while you sort the mail." "Fine..." Kirin checks through his mail, and some piece of paper falls out of the clutter. "Huh?" He picks it up. It's folded so he unfolds it. "I know who you are, and I also have someone precious to you. Unless you want him gone, meet me at the abandoned metal factory on the other side of Metropolis immediately. Signed, Dr. M." He gets a really bad feeling. Shortly, he opens a secret closet puts on his outfit. "Para-Clone, you're gonna have to cancel dinner." "Huh?" "I gotta go somewhere. I'll be home late, okay?" He leaves the house. "Wait! Kirin!" He's already gone. "Hmph."

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Later, Kirin arrives at the factory by following the address on the paper. "This is the place." He goes inside, a small shadow follows him. It's Para-Clone. "This is something I can't pass up." She follows quietly.

Inside, Kevin is starting to wake up. He is tied to a conveyer belt with a buzz saw on the end. He freaks, "Ahh!!! Where am I!?" Mr. Metalino appears, "My my. You're finally awake." "Mr. Metalino!? What is this?" He turns on the buzz saw, and Kevin freaks. "Now now. If you talk too much you'll attract attention." "You won't get away with this!" Metalino adjusts his glasses, "I don't plan to. All I'm simply doing is using you to attract someone. Someone you happen to know..." Kevin realizes the reason for those papers now. "If it's about Superdog, you won't stop him. He'll save me!" Metalino laughs, "Superdog? I don't want him. I have someone else in mind." A door busts open. "And he has just arrived." Kirin steps in. Kevin exclaims, "The Element!" Metalino smirks, "Ah Kirin. You've arrived right on schedule." Kirin walks in. "I should of known you'd pull something like this. Eh Dr. Metallo?" Kevin is confused. Metallo remarks, "Well good deduction." His eyes open at last. "I guess it's time to drop the act." He rips apart his skin disguise to reveal his metallic look. Kevin is grossed out. "And now for some privacy." Metallo holds up his cane and the door behind Kirin closes up with a wall of metal. Outside, Para-Clone is blocked off. "Hey!" Upset, she flies to the roof to look through a window there.

"As you can see, I have sealed all the exits in the building. No one gets in, and no one gets out. That is, unless you can defeat me of course." Kirin takes out his unbladed sword and points it at Dr. Metallo, "Why are you here Dr. Metallo? Are you here to take me to Deathcon for my energy?" "Something like that. But more importantly I'm here to push your abilities to the brink of absolute use. For you can already tell, I have someone you know dearly. And unless you can stop me in time, this kid is going to be shredded to bits." Kirin is angry. "Of course, if you try to strike me now before we can begin properly, I'll just kill him right now. After all..." His cane turns into a pike that is right above Kevin's head, "You know what I'm capable of."

Above them, Para-Clone can hear them. "This is bad. I better get Krypto." She flies away, leaving them.

"So all I have to do is beat you huh? Doesn't sound too hard." Metallo's glasses shine, "Then we will begin, once the conveyer belt begins moving." Kevin says, "Kirin..." He replies, "Don't worry Kevin, I'll set you free." He and Metallo stare each other down for a bit. "It begins." He presses the conveyer belt button and it begins to slowly move. Kirin uses Flash Step immediately and swings a blade of Light at Metallo. But he quickly parries against him. Kirin tries again but it gets blocked. "Using Flash Step I see. Well using the data from your fight with Cerebrus, I came up with a counter measure." He knocks him off guard and whacks him with his cane, which has become a metal mace. Kirin skids across the floor. "I've installed special reflex chips into my arms. Now I can easily counter your moves even if you use Flash Step. It'll take more than mere speed to beat me." Kirin grins, "Really now? Let's see then." They both clash weapons at each other. Kirin then shoots a beam of light at Dr. Metallo, but misses. "I see you're using Light magic. About the only thing you can do. Cause I'm not gonna let you use any other element on me. You can only do Light in a situation like this." Kirin is worried, "He's right." "Now then, take this!" He pokes his cane into the ground, and a wave of spikes begin to come from the floor, trying to hit Kirin. He quickly gets out of the way. He shoots another beam of light at Metallo but misses. Metallo in return launches more spikes from the floor. They are just firing at each other.

Meanwhile....Para-Clone is calling for Krypto from the sky. "Krypto! Krypto! Where are you!?" Krypto, who is in his dog house, hears her. "Para-Clone?" He goes Superdog mode and goes to find her. "Krypt..." Krypto appears behind her, startling her. "Ah! There you are." "What's wrong?" "It's Kevin! He's been kidnapped by some guy named Dr. Metallo and is being held hostage!" Krypto is surprised, "Well that explains why he didn't show up tonight." "Kirin's already fighting him as we speak, and unless he can stop him, Kevin is gonna turn to shreds!" "Then let's go!" He takes off. "Hey! Wait for me!" She follows after him.

Back at the factory, Kirin and Dr. Metallo are at a stand point. Kevin is halfway toward the buzz saws. "Ahhh!! Hurry!" Kirin thinks in his head, "I got to stop Metallo now before Kevin becomes this year's steel bar." Dr. Metallo chuckles. "Well now, it would seem that we are evenly matched." He replies, "No kidding. You've really gotten better." "Oh you don't know the half of it. Time for a new trick. Something just for the occasion. After all, there was reason I chose this location." Kirin charges up a ball of light, "Then you better show me, cause I'm about to blast you!" He fires away. "But of course." Metallo sinks into the floor. "What the!?" Metallo appears from behind him. Half his body is still in the floor, which surprises Kirin. "Woah! You're merged into the metal!" "That's right. I've learned to merge my body with the metal surroundings. This way, I can be anywhere and you can't stop me." Kirin flash steps to him, "Wanna bet!?" He tries to punch him but he just goes back into the floor. "Don't be like that now." A metal pillar comes slamming down onto Kirin, knocking him down a bit. "How'd you do that?" "I told you boy, I can be anywhere. I am the metal itself!" More pillars come swinging down at Kirin. He jumps to avoid them. A large metal fist appears and hits Kirin to the wall. Many hands appear and grab him. Kevin shouts, "Kirin!" He's about to where the buzz saws are.

Metallo appears and puts his cane to Kirin's chin, "Looks like you failed. I really expected better from you, last Kirianian of Foranin Five." Kirin scowls but then..A large noise is heard behind Metallo. "What the?" He looks up and sees Krypto, with Kevin laying on his back. And Para-Clone, fluttering next to him. "What's this?" Kirin smirks, "You're in trouble now. Superdog is here." Krypto and Para-Clone land. Dr. Metallo grins, "So bring it on."

To Be Continued!
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