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The Manipulator of Metal, Dr. Metallo! Part 2

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The conclusion of the fight between Dr. Metallo and Kirin...

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The Manipulator of Metal, Dr. Metallo! Part 2

Getting back to where we left off, Para-Clone goes ahead and unties Kevin, so he can get off Krypto. "It's good to see you boy." Krypto replies, "Glad to see you're safe." Dr. Metallo grunts, "Pft. I wasn't expecting unwelcomed company from some meddling canine and some canary." Para-Clone is offended, "For your information, I'm a parakeet!" He grins, "Like it makes a difference?" He looks up at the ceiling, "Seems I was careless enough to not seal the windows too. My fault really. Might as well fix that." He covers the windows with metal, making it pitched black in the building. The lights turn on themselves, lighting the place up again. "There. Now there's no hope for you to escape. Your fates have all been sealed." He begins to sink into the metal floor again as he laughs evilly. Kirin drops down from the wall of hands. The others go to him and hold him up, "You okay Kirin?" Kevin asks. "Yeah. I'll be fine." Krypto tells Para-Clone, "Para-Clone, I want you to take Kevin somewhere where he won't get in the crossfire." "You got it!" She leads Kevin away.

Kirin and Krypto get tense. "Alright Kirin, tell me what you know about this guy." "His name is Dr. Metallo. He has a rather cunning and deadly ability. You already saw that he can control metal. And he can even fuse with the metal itself. Since this whole factory is made of metal, he could be anywhere and attack us from anywhere he wants. And because he can manipulate metal, anything is a weapon to him." They hear him laugh from below and spikes begin to rise up from the ground. They leap out of the way as the wave of spikes pass. "There doesn't seem to be anyway of stopping him once he sinks into the metal." Krypto thinks for a moment. Dr. Metallo rises behind him. "Behind you!" Kirin calls out, and Krypto heat rays at Metallo, only to miss as he sinks. Krypto gets a thought, "I wonder..." Dr. Metallo appears from behind Kirin. "Got you!" Kirin Flash Steps away as Kirin fires Light at him, but misses as he sinks into the metal again. There is debrie on the floor. "Darn it! He's just too fast! Nothing we do works!" Krypto uses Super Vision to try and locate Dr. Metallo. But from his vision, it seems that he is every where. And he discovers something rather interesting. "Hey Kirin." "Yeah?" He points at a crane above, "Aim for that crane up there. And I want you to use fire for your attacks." "Huh?"

In the corner, Para-Clone and Kevin watch. "I wonder what he's up to?" Kevin wonders. Para-Clone too, "He's thinking of something."

Kirin opens up the fire pocket of his belt and takes out some fire essence. "If you say so." He takes it and forms a lot of fire around his body. "I guess it's time to heat things up." He aims for the crane, "Fire Wave!" He sends a wave of fire to the crane and burns it up a bit. Nothing really happens. "Now what?" Krypto replies, "Wait for it." They wait a bit. Dr. Metallo comes from behind, but Kirin quickly side kicks him out of the floor and into the wall, causing more pain. "Well that was too easy. Huh?" He sees a burnt mark on his chest. "He got burned?" Krypto steps in, "When he's fused with the metal area, his whole body becomes the metal environment. His skin, his organs, his blood, everything is part of the metal now. Any hit on the area while he's in it will hurt him regardless of where he may pop up. He can move his vital parts around, but he can't avoid a direct attack." The others are amazed at this finding. Dr. Metallo isn't impressed, "So you found my weak point. So it's true, my body has to become one with the metal to get around, I'm still more powerful than you! I'll just make sure you don't get the chance to attack." He sinks into the metal again. "This time I'm going to be more aggressive than ever before." Krypto replies, "We'll see about that!" Metal spikes come from the wall. "Look out!" Kirin warns as they get out of the way. More and larger spikes start coming from the ground. Poor Para-Clone and Kevin are trying to avoid them as well as they are caught in the crossfire. Dr. Metallo just laughs. "That's right! Keep on running! You can't out run me forever!"

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The fight continues, and it's getting harder to avoid the spikes. Then, Dr. Metallo, while still in the metal, rises up and aims for Kirin. "Kirin!" Krypto calls out, as Kirin, in mid air, sees Dr. Metallo but can't do a thing to dodge. Metallo forms a spear from his cane, "Now you die!" He thrusts forward, and just inches from his face he stops. He has just felt something...really painful. Whatever Kevin just kicked on accident, it causes Dr. Metallo to fall on the floor and clench his lower regions in agony. Everyone is rather disturbed, with sweat drops of embarrassment. Para-Clone remarks, "I'm rather..surprised."

Dr. Metallo finally gets up, still in a bit of pain. "You...rotten boy!" Kevin is in trouble, "Uh oh." Dr. Metallo sinks into the metal. "Run Kevin!" Krypto shouts, but Dr. Metallo gets in front of Kevin, with his spear. "You made a fool of me for the last time!" Kevin flinches, but just as Metallo slices down, Kirin steps in and takes the hit. He falls down on his back. "Kirin!" Para-Clone shouts. She throws feather darts at Metallo and causes him to back off. Kevin holds Kirin up, "Are you okay?" Kirin replies, "Yeah..I'm fine. Just a scratch. Really." Para-Clone is in tears, "You idiot! Why'd you have to take a full hit like that!?" She hugs his body, "You could of died just now!" He smiles, "Well I wouldn't worry about me." Dr. Metallo interrupts, "Oh how touching. Just be thankful I mostly need him alive. Killing him would be less effective, but bringing him back alive is best. But see, if you continue to aid this boy, you'll end up just like him. So why don't we settle on an agreement? You hand him over to me right now, and I'll spare your lives." Para-Clone throws a feather dart past his face, which he doesn't flinch from. "Go choke on a straw!" Dr. Metallo is displeased. Krypto agrees, "She's right. We won't simply let you have our friend. If you want him you're gonna have to take him from our cold dead paws!" Kevin agrees, "Mine too!" Dr. Metallo is aggitated, "Fine." He sinks into the floor. "Remember this. Everyone around that boy will experience death soon enough. He brings nothing but destruction, the coward."

Kirin tries to stand. "Don't strain yourself Kirin." Para-Clone says. "No. I got to prove him wrong. He claims that everyone who makes contact with me meets their end. Because Deathcon always chases me in order to fulfill his revenge, and I'm always on the run. Well not anymore! I need to show this guy that I'm not the scared boy who always ran away!" "Kirin." Kirin takes out his blade and turns it into a fire blade. "Go hide somewhere. It's going to be a bit rough." Krypto asks, "Are you sure?" "Hey, thanks to you we know his weakness. I can handle things from here. Now please, let me do this. It's something I gotta prove. Plus it could bring down the whole building." Kevin nervously agrees, "I think we better go hide now." Para-Clone agrees, "Right behind you!" They run off. Krypto tells him, "Just becareful." Kirin nods and Krypto leaves him. Kirin gets into stance.

"So, you're gonna fight alone?" Dr. Metallo asks. "Yeah." His aura glows brightly. "And you know what else? It's time I take you down, once and for all!" We see an image of Dr. Metallo's face beneath the metal, "Oh please. You alone can't change what is to eventually happen. You will die along with this entire planet!" Spikes fire at him from all directions. Kirin remains calm and..."You're wrong." A great surge of power deflects the spikes from hitting him. Dr. Metallo is shocked, "What's this?" Kirin's really charged up, "You think I can't change my future? Well how about I change your mind with this!" He prepares an attack, "Element Arts, Fire Tornado!" He spins rapidly and causes a large tornado of fire inside the factory. It spreads all around the place. Luckily the others are in a safe spot so they don't get burned. But the same can't be said for Dr. Metallo, he's getting burned badly. "Ahhhh!!!!! It's too much!" Kirin keeps going. "I got to get out of here!" He leaves the wall, just to have Kirin get in front of him all of a sudden, "What!?" Kirin fires a blast of fire at full power, sending Dr. Metallo right through the wall, rending him senseless and charred. Kirin is victorious! "He did it!" Kevin exclaims and the others cheer.

Kirin pants as he begins to absorb the fire he's caused back into the fire pocket of his belt. He then almost begins to fall on his back again but is caught by Kevin. "Gotcha." Krypto goes to Kirin, "Good job." Para-Clone snuggles on Kirin's chest, "You did it! You really did it!" Kirin chuckles, "Thanks everyone." Dr. Metallo moans. " think I be a mere Kirianian..." He finally falls unconsious. Krypto wonders, "Kirianian...Is that what you really are?" He nods, "Yeah. But it's best if I save the details for another time..."

The End!
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