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Chapter 15

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She is a typical Gryffindor, and he is a typical Slytherin. But something about her makes him want more, he is obsessed with her but she is not and he is determined to change that. Draco Malfoy nee...

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Draco's P.O.V.

There, right under my nose I saw Chase and Ford sucking each other's faces in the dark!

I didn't know what or why made me did what I did next.

"GET OFF HER!" I yelled at Nicholas and yanked him up against the wall.

"Don't you ever go near her!" I yelled into his face.

He looked shocked at first but he then spat at me, "What's your problem Malfoy? She's my girlfriend and this whole thing is none of your business so don't act like you are involved!"


I was shocked. When did Chase and Ford became an item huh? Were they dating in secret this whole time? I mean I saw the way how they look at each other and steal glances. But never...

"Don't lie! Nobody said anything about the both of you being an item!"

"Is it just me or are you actually jealous?" I heard him ask me in a questioning tone, but I could feel him smirk.

What?! I was caught off guard.

But before I could reply, I felt someone push me off him.

"It doesn't matter! What are you doing here Malfoy?!" Chase asked me, obviously angry.

"Came to take a stroll," I replied simply. The anger I had just now all hidden. Temporarily.

She glared at me while I just stared at her, checking her out.

She is skinny, tall, small waist, nice long red brown hair with curls at the end, nice brown puppy eyes...

"Hey!" and I felt someone smack my arm.

It was Chase. Okay, now my eyes can't help but keep checking her out. Great.

I knew myself. If I keep checking a girl out, I'll start charming and manipulating them to come to me. Then shatter their hearts. I have been known for that. But regardless, girls still come to me.

"Let's just go Nic," she said.

She grabbed Nicholas's hand and before she pulled him out of the classroom she slapped me hard in the face.

"Ouch! H-hey!" I yelped in surprise.

"Draco Malfoy, I'm telling you this now. I HATE you, and don't you dare come close to me EVER. And if you do...," she trailed off, glared at me and walked off hand in hand with that stupid Gryffindor.

She warned me...she actually HAD the guts to do what nobody dares to do, defying me.

Well, she didn't say what would happen if I did come close to her... Hmmm, maybe I should try and find out myself.

Here I come Chase. Here I come to ruin you and that thing you call a relationship.
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