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Chapter XXVII

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As Quickstrike mourns the loss of his lover, the Predacons find themselves without their previous advantage. Can Galvatron claim them another and also discover what his destiny will be.

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Everything happened so fast, one second Quickstrike was looking at Ser-Ket facing off against a horde of Terracons. Then in a flash of green light, he was standing what looked like a shuttle-bay. The Bot saw the vortex close in front him before hearing footsteps approaching from behind, so he turned around to see Orion and Shen standing at either side of him. Liara and Nightracer were also there, as was a man he did not recognise who was blonde and wore red and gold armour.

"Orion, report." he said, earning a nod from the blue haired Bot.

"Rodimus, We disabled the technology being used by the Predacons to jam all Autobot communications and then destroyed the tower to ensure that they could not do it again."

"Good job, you should know that we have already made contact with Autobot Command. They are mobilizing the fleets as we speak, so we can take back Omicron from the Predacons, and that's just for starters."

"We also gained a significant amount of Intel from the enemy's database, with your permission I would like to start looking through it immediately." Liara added, earning a nod from Rodimus. So the Asari then activated her holo-tool and linked it to Orion's, transferring it to hers.

"Don't forget what Ser-Ket said, look at the Cybertron data first." the XO said, earning a nod from her as the Commander gave them all a confused look.

"Who is Ser-Ket?"

"Ser-Ket is the one who made this mission a success...Commander, and then paid for it." Quickstrike suddenly came out and said with a tinge of anger and pain in his voice, earning the Commander's attention as he looked back. But before he could say anything, the Bot walked out of the shuttle-bay, leaving everyone in there in a limbo like state.

"That was Orion's cousin sir." Shen stated as a surprised Rodimus looked to his XO for answers.

"Ser-Ket was a Predacon who switched sides and helped us with our mission, Quickstrike is correct in saying that without her help, our mission would have failed." the blue haired Bot replied.

"There's more to it than that though right? I mean that's impression I got from him." the Commander replied, gaining a nod from the team.

"Ser-Ket rescued Quickstrike from the other Predacons, and they became close over the time they were on the run." Liara added.

"I see." Rodimus replied with a thoughtful look, while Orion took a step towards the door.

"I'll go talk to him." he said while looking back.

"Want me to help?" Liara asked as she took a step towards him, but the Bot made a 'stop' like gesture in return.

"It's alright, I've got this. You should make a start on that Intel." he replied, earning a nod from her. With that Orion left the shuttle-bay, with Rodimus heading that way too.

"I should get back to the CIC, Liara keep me apprised on your progress."

"Of course Commander." she replied as the Elite Spectre left took his leave.

"Want a hand going through that Intel Liara?" Nightracer asked, gaining a smile from the Asari.

"Sure." she replied as the two started for the door, with Shen in pursuit.

"I'll go see what Smokescreen and Grunt are up too?"

And with that the group all left the shuttle-bay.

Orion arrived on deck three and stepped out into the corridor, hoping he would find his cousin there since a passing crewman on the previous floor had seen someone of Quickstrike's description heading for elevator. The blue haired Bot checked the Mess, the starboard observation room and the Infirmary, saying a quick Hi to Red-Alert as he did but still did not find Quickstrike.

'Okay, there is only one place left on this deck he could go if he wanted to be alone.' he thought as he walked through the corridor to the door labelled 'Port observation lounge'.

He opened the door to reveal a dimly lit room with several chairs, two couches and a poker table at it's furthest wall. The only real light to enter the room was from the massive window that showcased the ocean of stars beyond the Normandy's hull. And it was there that Orion spotted Quickstrike, the Bot was standing there and looking out at the stars in silence, until he saw his cousin's reflection in the glass.

"If you don't mind Orion, I would like to be alone right now." he said calmly while keeping his attention on the view in front of him, but the blue haired Bot merely entered the room with the door closing behind him, sealing out the light of the corridor and darkening the room once again.

"I am so sorry Quickstrike, I was wrong about her, and I am sorry. I wish we could have brought her with us." the Bot replied with regretful tone in his voice.

"I still can't believe that there wasn't any other way, we didn't have to leave her back there." the blonde Autobot said back as he looked over his shoulder to Orion, who could see the Bot's eyes were slowly welling up.

"Ser-Ket saw no other way out of it, what she did...she did to protect protect you. She didn't want you to die on that planet, she loved you." Orion replied, gaining a knowing look from his cousin.

"I heard her whisper it into your ear when Shen and myself were carrying you." he added, making Quickstrike nod in return.

"I know, I heard it myself. While I was unconscious, I heard a mixture of sounds echoing around me. They were faint and hard to make out, until suddenly everything went quiet and then the sweetest voice I had ever heard spoke. 'I love you...goodbye'." the Bot replied as he looked back out of the window, but as he said that last sentence, Orion could see there was far more meant in those words for Quickstrike.

"You love her."

"Yes..." the blonde Autobot replied, as he nodded back.

"We only knew each other for several days, but in that time I had to come to care for her more than..." he said until he felt himself being overcome by his grief and stopped, letting silence fall in the room. But Orion joined his cousin's side and placed a supportive hand on his shoulder, to let the Autobot know he was not alone as he wiped a stray tear from his cheek with his hand.

"What is it?" the blue haired Bot asked.

"I just wish I had told Ser-Ket how I felt, what if she'd..." Quickstrike began to say before Orion cut him off, not allowing his cousin to finish that sentence.

"She knew how much you felt for her Quickstrike, she knew through your experiences with her before we arrived, and how you stood by her side during know." the young Darby said with a regretful expression, the memory of how treated the former Predacon was still fresh in his mind and it certainly was not his proudest moment.

"...and finally in the way you wanted to stay behind with her, despite what that would entail. Ser-Ket knew you loved her Quickstrike."

Everything again went quiet as the blonde Bot thought on Orion's words, until he finally turned round and faced his cousin, with a look of acceptance on his face.

"Your right Cuz, thanks." he replied, gaining a nod in return from the blue haired Bot.

"So what do I do know, go home and sit by my Mother's side until she wakes?" he then asked.

"You could do that, but...what do you want to do?" Orion asked in return.

"I...I want to keep fighting...for Ser-Ket and for my Father." Quickstrike replied as his face became serious as he looked back out at the stars.

"Then in that case I will tell Rodimus that you'll join my team, we can honour them both by defeating the Predacons and ruining whatever plans they have."

The blonde Bot nodded in return as Orion turned back towards the door.

"Want to come with me to the CIC?"

"I will in a bit, but first I just want to be alone with my thoughts." Quickstrike replied.

"Alright, take your time." the blue haired Bot said back before he opened the door, letting the light of the corridor re-enter the room.

"Thanks Orion." his cousin said back, earning a nod from him before he walked out. The door then closed, darkening the room again as Quickstrike looked out of the window at the stars once more.

"I love you Ser-Ket." he said in a whisper as another single tear ran down his cheek again.

Meanwhile the rain was coming down hard on the long grass of Omicron, while a mass of Terracons stood together in a huddle. Most of then were looking towards the center of the group, almost as if something of great value was located at that location. But there were a few stragglers at the outer edges who looked back at city and the massive cloud of smoke that was billowing from the site where the communications tower used to stand.

"We have incoming." one of the troops shouted as a shuttle suddenly landed in the area, its hatch opening to reveal Rip-Claw standing at the exit.

"Commander Rip-Claw, you are hurt." the Terracon closest to the Femme observed as she stepped out from the confines of the small transport, wearing a bandage around her head.

"I am fine, my body is healing perfectly fine. I simply have a headache from some Asari who decided to hit me with a Server a few times, that's all." she answered in a sarcastic tone, earning a worried expression from the man.

"I meant no disrespect sir."

"Well your not the one who has to explain all of this to Lord Galvatron...are you? So please tell me we have something to cushion the blow?" she replied, gaining a sly smile and nod from the Terracon.

"We certainly do Commander." he said back before he waved his hands, making the other Cons separate and reveal what lied at their feet at the center of the horde. The Femme's frown turned into a smile as she looked down at the site.

"Well I she alive?"

"She has suffered multiple injuries, but yes...she is still alive." the soldier said back.

"Excellent, get her on board the Achilles and patch her up. Lord Galvatron will wish to see this traitor himself." Rip-Claw replied as she looked down at the unconscious and bloodied form of Ser-Ket, lying down in the muddy grass.


It had been a few hours since she had been captured, but Aria sat in her cell and stared with a blank expression straight ahead at the force field that was covering her one and only way out, but it wasn't escaping that she was thinking was vengeance. The Asari was so fixated and caught up in her own thoughts, that she did not notice that Arcee was staring at her from the cell the Femme was sharing with her spark-mate.

"Aria, how are you holding up?"

"Absolutely fine." the former Omega leader replied coldly while keeping her attention on the wall, which was puzzling the Femme somewhat.

"I see, well if you need to talk.."

But before she could finish, Aria looked over and Arcee could see the anger in her eyes.

"I appreciate what you are trying to do Arcee, but I am fine. I am simply waiting for our hosts to return." the Asari replied candidly before looking past the Femme to the Prime sitting beside her, a confused expression appearing on her face.

"What is he doing?"

This made Arcee turn her attention to Jack who was staring at his only remaining hand, he looked like he was looking at it with a very focused expression as he kept himself fixated on his appendage.

"Jack, what are you doing?" Arcee asked with a similar expression to Aria, who was looking at Jack too who was now clenching his hand into a fist and closing his eyes.

"Jack?" she asked again, finding this behaviour strange from her lover.

"Hey Prime, what's with the constipated look over there?" Aria then asked, earning a slight smirk from him.

"Sorry, but if you both could just stay quiet for a moment." he replied while keeping his arms closed and fist tightly clenched.

"Why, what are you doing?" the Femme asked.

"Just trying something, I'm not sure if it will even work." the Prime said back which gained a look from his spark-mate, one that told him she did not buy it.

"Your going to have to do better than that Jack."

"Okay, you know that my Prime armour..." he began to say while gesturing to the very outfit he was still wearing, earning a nod from the Femme who glanced at it and noticed how damaged it was.

"...allows me to summon a holographic recreation of both the Star-Saber and the Skyboom Shield.

"Yes Jack, what are you getting at?." Arcee said back with an impatient tone, one that was reciprocated by Liara with a look.

"We have both seen this Prime."

"...yeah, and I am generally left handed. So that is the hand that gets the Saber. But I think I can summon it to my right hand." he said with an enthusiastic tone while holding his clenched hand before him, gaining a look of surprise from the women.

"How did you figure that out?" Arcee asked.

"Back when I was temporarily allied with MECH in an effort to stop the Quintessons, we boarded one of their ships to gain Intel. Now during our escape, I used the Skyboom Shield to protect Miranda...but I summoned it to my left hand."

"So you think that if you could do that with the shield, that it should work with the Star Saber too." the Femme asked, gaining a nod from Jack.

"Exactly, so I just need a minute to focus."

"But in your current condition..., I mean using the Star Saber has an effect on your body even when you don't charge it up. So with what you have gone through..." Arcee replied with a concerned look on her face, but Jack gave her a reassuring smile.

"Arcee, I am feeling stronger now than I did earlier. And this might be our only chance to escape, but we need to do this together." he said back, before looking over to Aria who nodded in return but the Prime could see that she had something else in mind...and that was troubling.

"Aria, I want you to know that 'we' want to see Galvatron pay for our son's...death too. But if we have any hope of escaping, then we have to put that aside until we are in a better position to do so. We can't afford to let revenge cloud our senses, so I need 'your word' that you won't try to kill Galvatron now."

The Asari narrowed her eyes at the Prime, letting him know that she wasn't happy with the terms but he wasn't about to take no for answer.

"Aria, I swear that we will help you take Galvatron down and make him pay for the crimes committed against the Federation, Omega and... 'us'. Surely we have proven ourselves enough for you to trust us?"

The Prime and the Omega Leader just looked at each other as Arcee watched, for she knew exactly how strong the pull of revenge was and what it takes to ignore it for the greater good. As did Jack, but then again...he is a Prime. They do not have the luxury of ignoring the bigger picture.

"Alright Prime, I'll do it your way." Aria then said, earning a supportive smile from both Spark-mates before the Prime returned his attention to his hand, clenching it tightly and focusing on it alone.

"Don't know how long this wil..." he started to say before the sight of the holographic Star-Saber blade materialised, glowing with a gentle blue hue which silenced the Prime and earned wide eyed expressions from both women.

"Well I'll be damned." Aria said, while Arcee smiled at Jack.

"It worked, do you feel?" she said, as she suddenly switched from impressed to mother Hen mode.

"I feel fine." Jack replied before getting to his feet, quickly followed by the Femme and Asari.

"Be ready, who knows how many guards are stationed on the other side of that door." he added before swinging the blade at the force-field and slicing a a cut through it, which made the energy crackle as the cut expanded and then brought the entire field down in an instant. Which was followed by a siren blaring out of the inter-com while the room's illumination changed to a flashing red hue.

"Prisoners have escaped! Prisoners have escaped!" the Nemesis computer spoke calmly as Jack and Arcee left their cell.

"Arcee, open Aria's cell door." the Prime said back, earning a nod from the Femme who looked back at him And spotted two Terracons entering the room.

"Jack! Behind you!"

Darby saw this and immediately and with fluid movement, stabbed the Saber into the chest of the enemy right in front of him. And before the other could raise his weapon quickly enough, the Prime removed the blade, spun around and sliced off the other's head. Both corpses fell to the ground, just as Aria's force field came down, allowing the Asari to walk out and give Jack an impressed smile.

"Not bad, one arm or two. You've still got it."

"He's my Prime." Arcee affectionately added, earning a loving smile from Jack.

"Now, could you get this thing off me?" the Asari then asked, while gesturing to the Biotic clamp around her neck.

"Hold still." Jack then said before perfectly slicing the device into two pieces that fell to the ground, earning a relieved smile from her.

"Thank you."

"Come on, I know the way off this ship." he replied as Arcee picked up one of the guns and the trip left the Brig.

Meanwhile on the Nemesis bridge, Galvatron was looking around with a curious grin as the lights continued to flash the colour red and the inter-com continued with the computer's warning.

"Interesting, that Prime is more resourceful than I thought." he said while Six-Shot and Lazerback stood at either side of him.

"My Lord, I have called for extra squads of Terracons to guard all vital systems." the former said with a slightly panicked expression.

"And I have sent out Stalker and Terracon teams to recapture the Prisoners." the latter added, but Galvatron shook his head in return.

"You worry too much Six-Shot, the Prime won't try anything as bold as that. And you can call off your squads Lazerback, I know where they are heading..." the Predacon Lord replied, before turning round and walking past them both.

"..and I will deal with them personally." he added, earning surprised expressions as they watched him leave the room.

"Lord Galvatron…" the Terracon manning the Nemesis's sensor array said aloud, gaining the Predacon's attention as he stopped short of the door and looked over to him.

"Omega reinforcements are coming through the space bridge." he added as he brought up the information on the main holo-screen for everyone to see.

"What is the status of those ships?" Galvatron asked.

"Their weapon systems are fully powered, but it seems that they have just stopped short of our front lines. None of our ships have reported being targeted."

The Predacon Leader smiled in return as he looked up at the holo-screen.

"That is a welcoming sign, that they are indecisive of what they should do. Let us hope that they continue to do so for just long enough for me to subdue their leader once again, the next part of my plan requires her presence" he replied before he then opened the door and exited the bridge, leaving all on the bridge somewhat confused as they returned to their duties.

A several decks below, another Terracon fell to the ground in a bloody heap as Jack, Arcee and Aria ran past and down the corridor, leaving yet another squad of Predacon troops dead in their wake.

"So this is the way to the escape pods?" the Asari asked, gaining a nod from the older Darby leading the way.

"Yes, the Nemesis was meant to be the new Autobot flagship. So I made sure to familiarise myself with it's layout and systems. The escape pods are on the deck above us, so we need to access the maintenance ducts on this floor to gain entry to deck and it is just down this corridor."

The trio ran down the corridor until they came to a T-junction, earning a look of confusion from the women.

"Which way Jack?" Arcee asked, gaining a knowing look from her Spark-mate.

"Left…I think." he replied with a smirk, which made the Femme roll her eyes in response.

"Very funny…" she said as they turned the corner and ran straight into another group of Terracons.

"Scrap!" the blue haired Femme exclaimed as the enemies opened fire which should of riddled the group with bullets, but Aria managed to create a biotic barrier which shielded them from harm. Then Arcee opened fire with her rifle as Jack charged in and disarmed the closest Terracon by slicing his arm off, and then driving the saber into it's heart. Then suddenly three more Terracons appeared, those these ones looked more feral and beast-like.

"What the hell are they?" Arcee said in a confused tone as the animal-men rushed the group but Jack merely smiled as one launched itself at him, only for the Prime to charge the Star-Saber which glowed bright blue as he swung it, cutting the creature right down the middle and splitting it into two halves. Another one jumped at Aria, who just held out her hand and channelled her biotic energy which stopped the creature in midair. She then saw the last one pounce at the Autobot Femme as she shot it several times. so she then threw the captive beast into it, sending both of the modified Terracons into the wall.

"Thanks," Arcee replied, earning a nod from Aria.

"Your welcome."

Jack meanwhile had found the hatch leading to the maintenance tube and opened it, revealing a ladder inside a tightly compact tube.

"Aria, you first." he said as the women joined him, earning a curious look from the Asari.

"Why? I don't know where we should go."

"Firstly, we are just going up to the next floor. Secondly, you can create a barrier to protect us if we happen to come across another patrol as we exit this tube." the Prime replied. Aria though instead of arguing, just accepted his reasoning and nodded before climbing into the hatch and climbing the ladder.

"Ladies first." Jack then said with a smile, earning an eye roll from the Femme.

"You just want to look at my bum as we climbing the ladder."

The older Darby feigned a look of innocence at that comment.

"Who…me?" he replied, but the Femme simply cocked her head and gave him a knowing smile.

"I know you too well…" she said back before climbing into the tube.

"..Enjoy the view," she added, making the Prime's smile grow a little wider as he then followed her.

"I will." he replied as he then closed the hatch behind her and started to climb the tube's ladder with them.

On the deck in question, a patrol of Terracons moved the corridor with their weapons ready as they kept an eye out for any sign of the escapees. The group walked past a hatch which then slowly opened to reveal Aria who climbed out while holding her hand out in front of her, which glowed blue with biotic energy. She noticed the Terracons walking out of sight and then gestured to the others below her before climbing out into the corridor.

"So where now?" the Asari asked as Jack and Arcee joined her, the Femme re-equipping her weapon as her lover activated the holo Star-saber again.

"Follow this corridor until we get to another T-junction and then take a right hand turn…" he started to say before suddenly more Terracons turned the corner right behind the group and immediately aimed their weapons at them, making Arcee and Aria ready themselves for another fight. But instead of opening fire, the enemy troops simply backed away and disappeared the way they had arrived, leaving Arcee confused.

"What the...why didn't they fight us?" the Femme asked with a disbelieving tone that was mirrored in the looks of her companions as they stared back utterly dumbstruck.

"I don't know..." Jack started to say before being interrupted by the sound of someone clapping behind them, which made the trio turn around and see Galvatron standing behind them.

"I feel I have to congratulate you on your escape attempt, even if it has failed...because truthfully I never saw it coming." he gloated, earning a look of hatred from Aria while Jack and Arcee looked a little more cautious while noticing that no Terracons were accompanying the Predacon Leader.

"He is facing us alone." Arcee observed, gaining a nod from him.

"That is correct, for I do not need backup to deal with the three of you." he said before an evil smile appeared on his face as he clenched his hands into fists, which infuriated Aria, who's own fists began to glow with biotic energy.

"You have taken everything from me Galvatron, so the most I can do is wipe that smile off your face." she replied before performing a biotic charge at the Predacon as Jack tried and failed to stop her.

"Aria wait!" he shouted, but the Asari was already through to Galvatron who suddenly had a purple glow of his own and thrust his hand forward and caught the female round her throat, stopping her in his tracks.

"Have you not learned from your mistakes back on Omega, or do you need another lesson?" he said before punching her repeatedly as her companions could only watch, since the Asari was blocking their line of fire. The Enemy Leader then threw her to the ground hard, making her grimace before she tried to recover. Arcee immediately fired her weapon at the Predacon Lord, who dodged it and took cover in a nearby doorway. The Femme then moved closer, while keeping her finger on the trigger tightly so that the weapon's fire would keep Galvatron pinned behind his cover.

"Jack, get Aria!" she shouted, earning a nod from her Spark-mate who raced over to the Asari and helped her to her feet. Meanwhile as the Arcee kept firing at the doorway, a sudden flash of green light was emitted from within it that confused the Femme as she decided to move closer.

"What was that?" Aria asked while breathing heavily as she held on to the Prime's shoulder as he got her to his feet.

"I don't know, but that was foolish to just attack him on your own." he replied with a disappointed tone, gaining an angry look from her.

"He was blocking our escape route, what else were we supposed to do?" she spat back but before the Prime could answer, Arcee gained their joint attention.

"Guys, we have a problem."

They both looked over to the Femme.

"What is it?" Jack asked, gaining an gesture from the Autobot who pointed to the now empty doorway.

"He's gone."

"Then lets get moving before he comes back." Aria suggested as Jack looked between both women with an unsure look.

"He must have used an internal ground bridge." he answered just as another bright green flash appeared behind the Prime and Asari, who were suddenly sent flying into Arcee by a hit that felt like a sledge hammer. The three were knocked to the ground as Jack who was the first to recover, looked over his shoulder to see Galvatron standing in the wake of another ground-bridge portal which then closed up behind him, he had a smug expression on his face as he stared down at the Prime who got back to his feet while Arcee was still recovering and Aria was in a slump on the ground.

"What are you going to do Prime? Attack me with the one arm you have left?" he gloated, earning a confident smile from the Darby.

"Something like that." he replied as he then swung his arm towards the Predacon leader, who's expression changed from smug to shocked as he witnessed the holo Star-Saber suddenly materialise before it hit him, sending Galvatron into the wall behind him. Jack then took the initiative and moved in to hit the Predacon while he was recovering, swinging the blade down at him. But the Enemy Leader suddenly recovered and caught Jack's arm in his hand, and then stared into the surprised Prime's eyes as his own began to glow purple.

"You will pay for that!" he spat before twisting Jack's arm, making him cry out in pain before punching the Autobot Leader in the chest. This sent him back into the wall with thud as it winded him, and Jack dropped to his knees. Meanwhile Arcee was getting back to her feet, but was sent back to the floor as Galvatron punched her in the face while walking over to Jack and Aria. He then grabbed the Asari and threw her into another wall before turning his attention to Jack who was still weak.

"Your turning out to be more trouble than your worth…" he said while grabbing the Prime by the throat and lifting him off the ground.

"..So I think it is time to kill you." he added while preparing to make the killing blow, as his fist glowed with purple energy. Jack though who was struggling to breath under the vice-like grip of the Predacon, recognised the purple energy in his enemy's eyes and fist. Bringing back memories of someone else the Prime had defeated decades before.

"…Unicron?" he muttered under his breath as Galvatron, poised to strike was suddenly stopped.

"Galvatron, do not kill the Prime..." the voice of the Chaos Bringer echoed in his mind, earning a surprised and confused expression from the Predacon.

"...because if you do, the prophecy will never come about."

'What prophecy?' Galvatron thought.

"You have yet to read from the Covenant!" Unicron replied with an annoyed tone, earning a begrudged sigh from the Predacon.

'Very well, I will do that...after this.' he thought, knowing fully well that the Aeon would hear him. He then looked down at the large cut which the holo Star-Saber had left on his chest-plate, and then at Jack.

"It is only fair that I return the favour Prime." he said before grabbing hold of the chest-plate of his Prime armour which he then ripped off in one quick motion, before dropping him back to the floor just as a squad of Terracons came round the corner and stopped at his side.

"Lord Galvatron, Commander Six-Shot sent us to aid you." one of them said in an enthusiastic tone.

"Take these two back to the Brig and place them in separate cells, but be sure to remove the remainder of his armour first." Galavatron replied as he gestured to Jack and Arcee before dropping the damaged Prime's chest-plate on the floor, like it was a piece of scrap metal.

"Yes My Lord." the Terracon replied before he and the other troops walked over to the spark-mates and escorted them away.

"Aria..." Jack said back while the Asari was left at Galvatron's feet, with the Predacon looking down at her.

"Now Aria, we have an appointment to keep." he said as she looked up and saw the tyrannical expression on his face.

On board the bridge of one of the Omega cruisers, a crew made up of Asari, Turian, Salarian and Vorcha were working at all the terminals as a Human Commander sat in the Captain's chair.

"Sir, we are receiving a transmission from the enemy." the Turian at the communications station stated.

"Put it on the main screen." the Commander replied and then just a second later, Galvatron was seen by all on the holo-screen in front of them. In fact the Predacon Lord could be seen by all Omega ships, colonies and outposts as their crews and populations stopped what hey were doing and turned their attention to the message.

"This is Galvatron, Lord of the Predacons, And I am speaking to the entire Omega Syndicate, for I have a proposal I wish to share with you all. By this point you should already have heard of the attack on the Federation Capital of New Iacon on Earth by my forces, that act was to reveal our strength and intentions to the rest of the galaxy. And now here I stand on Omega itself..." the Predacon "Leader spoke as the camera zoomed out to show that he truly was on board the station, standing before the entrance to Afterlife.

"...after taking down the one that has subjugated you for all these years through fear."

As everyone watched Galvatron speak, suddenly another person was pushed out into view of the camera. Falling to their knees in front of the Predacon Lord, who looked down at the prisoner with contempt.

"Feast your eyes on the one who took away your freedom and replaced it with her own twisted ideals...Aria T'Loak." Galvatron exclaimed as he grabbed the person by the neck and lifted her off the ground so that the camera could see the Asari's face. This image created a wave of emotion to spread itself across Omega's territories, as everyone gasped in shock at the sight of the beaten and broken Aria.

"I have taken control of her forces here at Omega, they have all sworn loyalty to myself and now I am offering this chance to the rest of you. Are you not tired of living under the rule of one that will not take take you to your true potential, one that is content to sit on what she has and not try to build upon it. The Omega syndicate controls virtually half of this galaxy, yet it never occurred to Aria to expand and take control of it all. That is where I plan to take Omega, since my Predacons have left the Federation's Autobots in disarray and taken their own leader as a prisoner." Galvatron added as a screen appeared next to him showing footage of Jackson Prime and Arcee in their respective cells. This image made everyone watching talk amongst themselves, since the very sight of the Prime captured was something they could not believe they had just seen.

"Warriors of Omega, join me and my Predacons and I promise that the galaxy will be ours."

The Predacon Leader then looked down at Aria and equipped his pistol.

"To show you that my resolve is absolute, I will leave her fate to you. What should become of Aria T'Loak? Does she die or live?"

Suddenly the communications terminal onboard the Nemesis was overcome by an onslaught of messages, which stunned the Terracon as he viewed them on his holo-screen.

'Kill her.'

'She never held our interests above her own.'

'All she cared about was her station and controlling it's military that was supposed to support us, what about our colonies that she said she would stand by.'

'Let her die.'

'The only people to get a better life than us were those on that station and that was due to Aria's single-minded Turian wretch.'

All the messages had a similar tone and choice of words to them and so the Terracon transmitted the messages to Galvatron's holo-tool, and he skimmed through them and saw the answer clearly before looking down at the Asari.

"Aria T'Loak, 'your people' have spoken." he said as he pointed the gun at her head.

"Any last words?"

The former leader of Omega looked up at the Predacon and spat at him in disgust.

"I will see you again Galvatron..." she replied as her eyes met his, showing no fear for what was about to happen.

"...because you will ultimately fail and di..." she started to say right before he pulled the trigger and shot a bullet clear through her head, splashing blood onto the floor as her body fell to the ground limp.

"I don't think so." he replied with a smirk before turning his attention back to the camera.

"Aria is dead, her reign is over. Now you are free to take a hold of the destiny she had denied you, for together we can claim this galaxy for ourselves and become our own masters." the Predacon Leader said, earning cheers and applause from the masses. From the ships that were that used to be in a standoff with the Predacon vessels, to the colonies that lied at the very edge of the Terminus systems that bordered with dark-space, everyone bought into Galvatron's words and were looking forward to an area of conquest and wealth, something that had been sorely missing under Aria's reign.

"Now I ask the ships that are with us now, join us in destroying the last remainder of that Asari...her beloved space station."

Galvatron then had a ground-bridge open up behind him, stepped through it and back on to the bridge of the Nemesis.

"Report!" he said, as he walked back to his spot over looking everyone on the catwalk.

"Our ships are taking up firing positions around the station sir, and also the Omega ones are doing the same." a Terracon replied from his post, earning a smile from the Predacon Lord as he looked out of the ship's canopy, and saw the Omega station coming into view as the Nemesis moved into position.

"Have all ships sync up with us and prepare to fire." he ordered, gaining a nod from the Comms Terracon who then got on with the task.

Meanwhile back in the Brig, Jack and Arcee sat as close as the energy barrier between their cells would allow. Their attention was on a holo-screen which was showing the event, it was being controlled by one of two Terracons that had been tasked with guarding the two Autobots.

"So that's all it takes for Galvatron to convince them to follow him." Arcee said, while the Prime continued to watch.

"It's not hard to see why they would turn against Aria, she didn't exactly govern the alliance fairly. She was always more concerned with Omega than with the colonies and outposts of those under her 'flag'. It was a powder-keg kept from igniting by only her feared reputation, since the mercenaries, pirates and slavers would rather attack pillage and destroy. But Aria wanted them to protect her interests."

"And now that she is out of the way, everyone is free to do what they want and worse still, Galvatron is encouraging it." the Femme replied before looking directly at Jack who still had a worried expression on his face.

"What is it Jack?"

"There was something I saw in his eyes during our fight, something I did not believe I would see again." he replied somewhat cryptically to Arcee, earning a curious look from her.

"What did you see?"

"His eyes glowed purple and for a moment I swore I felt a presence there with us..." the Prime replied while his Spark-mate just looked at him, waiting for an answer.

"..I swore it was...Unicron." he finished, as her eyes widened at that name.

"Unicron, but he is dead. You told me Primus's sacrifice destroyed him."

"I know and at that time, I believed it too. But now I can't be sure." Jack replied before they both turned their attention to the holo-screen, which now showed the Omega station nestled in the void of space.

"All ships report ready my Lord." Six-shot stated as he stood beside the Terracon manning the Comms station, as the Predacon Leader stood at his own station and looked out at the symbol of Omega, that has stood for so many years and yet was about to be destroyed. He then tapped his com-link.

"Patch me into all ships." he said, earning a nod from that Terracon who typed into his terminal's holo-interface before gesturing to Six-shot, who looked back at his leader.

"You are on my Lord."

"This is Galvatron, all at will!"

And suddenly every single ship, be it former-Omega or Predacon, opened fire on the station with every weapon their ships had installed. The exterior of the station was rattled by external explosions which shook it right through to it's foundations. The civilians still trapped in what was left of Sanctuary looked around as they felt and heard the impacts of the weapons, parents pulled their children into their arms tightly and whispered sweet lies into their ears to keep them calm, despite the horrifying truth that was dawning for them.

Jack and Arcee could only watch as the station was devastated by weapons fire as hundreds of torpedoes and cannon blasts impacted the structure until it could not handle anymore. And at that moment the Bottom of the station exploded from the Bottom and the fireball travelled upwards, tearing through the station as it killed the remaining civilians and then burnt through the area where Aria's corpse lay until the entire Omega station exploded in magnificent fashion, leaving only a debris field in its wake.

Galvatron looked out of the bridge's canopy and smiled as he witnessed the destruction, revelling in what he had achieved in that moment.

"Sir, the Omega Station has been destroyed." the Terracon manning the weapons station stated, as the Predacon Leader turned to look at Six-Shot.

"Welcome everyone to our ranks Six-Shot, and tell them that our conquest of the galaxy will begin very shortly."

"Yes sir, and what of the meantime?" the Con replied, while his Lord began to head for the exit.

"Begin repairs on the ships that need them, I will be in my quarters for the next hour." Galvatron said back, as he remembered something that he had been putting off.

"Yes sir." Six-Shot answered enthusiastically as he watched the Con leader leave the room, for felt excited for what the Predacons would do next…now that they all were going to go on the offensive against their enemy.


Galvatron entered his quarters and looked over to the Covenant of Primus which was lying on his desk, exactly where he had left it. It was hard to believe that such a small object could answer the questions that had plagued him since his creation, but he snapped himself out of his thoughts and picked up the Covenant.

'This moment has been delayed long enough.' he thought as he opened it to its first page, looking at the glass page as Cybertronian letters flowed down the page like coding, making no sense whatsoever to the Predacon before he turned the page again...and then again...and then again. He could feel his spark beginning to burn with anger as his patience was threatening to desert him, since he had looked through the book's contents for nearly fifteen minutes and had only seen unreadable code on every page.

"Why is this not showing me anything?" he snapped and spoke loudly out into his room, bit the Aeon refused to answer and this only made the Predacon Lord angrier as he continued to flick through the pages. But then as he turned another page, something caught his eye and he turned it back to see that the code-like writing had begun to change and form words, and then sentences right before him. His eyes were fixed on its contents as he found he could now read it's passage.

'When the Vessel born from unnatural ways, uses 'his' blade and the spark of 'his' equal at the temple of rebirth, hidden where the Galaxy began. The Bringer of Chaos will return and everything will again be brought into darkness...forever.'

Galvatron looked down at the text, taking in the words as he re-read the passage again and again.

"You now know what you must Galvatron." Unicron suddenly spoke up in the Predacon's mind.

"I am to bring you back, but it said 'vessel'?" he said back.

"Indeed, when successful I will be reborn as you. We will be one." the Aeon replied, earning a thoughtful expression from Galvatron.

" one?"

"And together we will crush our enemies and restore this galaxy to how it should be."

"Alright, so now that I have read this prophecy, that is about the two of us. I bet you can now give me some details on it, because I doubt that you know nothing of such things." Galavtron replied inquisitively.

"And you would be correct my Galvatron, you are by far the smartest Herald of mine that I have met." Unicron replied, while the Predacon Lord looked back at the passage.

"The Prophecy mentions a spark that is your equal." the Con then said, thinking on the passage's meaning.

"It is the spark of my deceased brother...Primus, and you already possess the very last piece of it." the Chaos Bringer replied.

"You mean the Matrix that Jackson Prime carries on his person. That is why you didn't want me to kill him..." the Predacon leader said back as he looked around his quarters.

"Yes, for only one worthy can carry it. If the Prime was to be killed, the Matrix would not be going anywhere with us." Unicron replied.

"Then it is a blessing that we have one less thing to look for, but what is this blade and where do we find it and this temple of rebirth?" Galvatron then asked.

"The blade that you seek belonged to me back when I was mortal with the rest of the Aeons, it is called the 'Chaos Edge'. But do not ask where it rests, for I do not remember."

"How is that possible?" the Predacon replied with a sarcastic tone.

"You may be my Herald, but you would do well to remember who it is you are speaking too." the Chaos Bringer said back in an aggravated tone that surprised Galvatron who looked around again, because he could not be sure if he was really alone in his quarters.

"My apologies, but surely you can give me an idea about where to look? Since it is a very large galaxy out there."

"There is nothing I can do to help you, but you now control a fleet large enough to search the entire galaxy. Use it to search for any power source that does not fit with the planet it is on, that is all I can say on that matter."

"And what about this temple?"

"The temple is actually a device called the 'Infinite Combinatoric' and that it was built by Solus Prime on the behest of Primus as a failsafe which could resurrect an Aeon whose life has been ended, she built it on the planet that he identified as the first planet born when the galaxy was created." the Aeon replied, earning a curious expression from Galvatron.

"How do you know of this much?"

"From the Prime Megatronus, the one I managed to corrupt during one of my battles with the Thirteen. He was unaware of this as my influence which slowly overrode his consciousness, it was during this that I managed to learn where they would be and so chose a place far away from them where I could create my Reapers. I also learned other things, most of which could not help me before they finally defeated me. But as far as details on the device, that was all that Megatronus knew."

"I see….very well, I will use my resources to retrieve this Chaos Edge and find the Infinite Combinatoric. And with these I will fulfil the prophecy and bring you back." Galvatron exclaimed confidently.

"I know you will not fail me Galvatron, go and lay the foundations for the age of Chaos." Unicron replied before the Predacon felt his presence fade away, until he was alone again.

Back on the bridge, Six-Shot was overseeing the Terracons there with him as Galvatron re-entered the room.

"My Lord, the entire former Syndicate has confirmed the Alliance with us, and they are ready to bring the Autobots and their Federation to their knees." the Commander said happily as the Predacon Leader joined him.

"Never mind that Six-Shot, I want as many ships as possible to be sent to all quadrants of the galaxy." he replied, earning a confused expression from Six-Shot.

"Uh…Sir, you mean to attack the Autobots don't you."

"No, I want them to scan for any peculiar power signature that does not match with known records. Understand?" he said back in a serious tone, with a look that said he was not going to take no for an answer.

"…Uh, of course my Lord." the Predacon said, though his face said different.

"What about the Autobots?" he then asked.

"What about them, they are in disarray and so pose no threat to us. Now go and complete my command." Galvatron said back before looking away towards the debris field on the other side of the canopy's glass, while Six-Shot began to walk away and back toward the other Terracons.

"Yes, Lord Galvatron."

'What in the Allspark has changed in him, Galvatron wanted war…and now he wants a scavenger hunt?' the Predacon thought before looking over his shoulder and looked back with an angry stare, but Galvatron had his thoughts elsewhere as he looked out at the void of space.

'We will prevail my Unicron, we will have Chaos.'
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