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Chapter XXVIII

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The Normandy heads for Cybertron where Liara will come face to face with Shockblast and the Autobots discover a secret that will change what the history books say about Predacons.

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Rodimus stood in front of the galaxy map in the CIC, looking at the information that was being shown at key points on the display. They were ship positions and status reports from other Autobot vessels in all quadrants of the galaxy, and a number of them were coming together as a fleet and preparing to hit Omicron so that they could liberate it from the Predacons. But the Commander's attention was caught by the sound of the elevator doors opening behind him, so he turned to see Orion entering the Normandy's nerve center.

"Orion, a moment please." he asked as he gestured for the younger Bot to join him, so the blue haired Bot did just that.

"How is Quickstrike?" Rodimus asked, the concern evident in his voice.

"Well first he found out that his Father had been killed and his Mother is in a coma, then loses the woman he loves who sacrificed herself to help us escape. He is hurting sir, but I know that he wants to be a part of this fight...for them. So I want him on my team." Orion replied, earning a nod from his superior.

"Very well Orion, he is all yours. So I guess that means the gang is back together then." he said back with a slight smile, earning a similar expression from the younger Bot.

"Yeah, its been a long time but yes it is."

"Well I could not ask for a better team to be a part of my crew, whatever the Predacons throw at us, I know we will be able to handle it." the Commander replied.

"Thank you Rodimus." the XO said back before noticing the galaxy map.

"So we now have full communications with the rest of the Autobots?"

"Yes, it came back the moment you regained control of the Comms Hub. And we are right now transmitting the data that Liara and Nightracer have been going through from the Predacon Intel, Dr T'Soni is certainly a very talented Asari, she is also very adept at analysing information. She has already gone through and uploaded the flight plans for the Predacon ships in this sector alone." the Commander replied while pointing at the data screen which just appeared over the bottom right corner of the galaxy map.

"She certainly is." Orion said back with an affectionate tone as he looked at the map, which did not go unnoticed by Rodimus who merely sighed and regained his XO's attention.

"I see." was all he said while the young Darby gave him a confused and slightly red-faced look.

"..uh...anyway, I think I will go and see if I can give them a hand. May I be excused?"

"Of course, though I think at this rate Liara will be done by the time you get there...have fun." Rodimus said back with a knowing smile, gaining a nod from Orion, who turned away and took a deep breath as he headed for the computer lab. But unbeknownst to him, Rodimus was looking over his shoulder at the Bot before gently shaking his head and returning his attention to the galaxy map.

"Young love.." he muttered to himself as he smiled.

As Orion entered the computer lab, he saw both Liara and Nightracer sitting at the main terminal with a large holo-screen being emitted in front of them. The Femme was watching as the Asari typed at the holo-interface, cataloging and analysing all the Intel that she could find in the data-pack that Ser-Ket had given them.

"Hey guys." the Bot said, making both women look over at him with a smile.

"It's going well, I have managed to detail a number of flight plans and attack details for a number of the Predacon vessels." Liara replied as the young Darby pulled up a chair beside them.

"What about the data on Cybertron? Ser-Ket was very clear about how important that was."

"I am just starting on that now, since there was no way for me to prioritise and choose what Intel I find. So all I can do is go through it in the order it is in." the Asari said back with a slightly aggravated tone.

"You are doing the best you can Liara, Rodimus justt informed me that you have already found a lot of Intel that will help our fleets against the Predacons." he said back with a supportive smile, earning a look of gratitude from her that Orion could swear was more affectionate than he was used too...not that he would complain.

"Thank you Orion." she replied with another smile and the two looked at each other for a moment.

"How is Quickstrike?" Nightracer asked, turning both their attention to the Femme.

"He wants to be alone right now, but I think he will be alright." Orion replied, earning a nod from both women.

"I wish I could tell him that the pain will pass…" Liara began to say, before the Autobot Femme jumped in.

"..Because you went through the same thing."

"Yes, with Shockblast. Seeing him murdered and reformatted into who he is now was an experience I would not wish on anyone, but it is a wound that will heal if you let it…given the time and help from those that care about you." the Asari replied, while looking over to Orion who knew what she meant.

"Well he doesn't want to stay cooped up on the Normandy, he wants to be a part of our fight." the Bot said, gaining a slight smile from Liara.

"That's a good sign."

"Wait, something has just appeared on the screen." Nightracer stated, earning the others attention as she pointed at the main screen. The Asari immediately turned back to the terminal and began typing as the young Darby watched.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I had a search running for any particular words that might lead to something useful for us, it has found several entries." Liara replied as a window appeared on the screen with a number of links highlighted in green, she then clicked on one and opened it.

"Interesting, this appears to be a transmission from Shockblast to Galvatron." the Asari added before a video image of the Cybertronian turned Predacon appeared on the holo-screen.

"My liege, since I am unable to speak to you at this moment, I will instead leave this message for you so that you can contact me at your convenience. I have discovered a secret in the tunnels that Shockwave had created around the Predacon Facility, so that he was able to easier gain the CNA of the beasts corpses. But it is in these very tunnels that I have found something that changes everything we were led to believe about our distant ancestors, I cannot divulge any more information over this channel. Shockblast out."

And with that the video ended and left the trio to look at each other, each with the same curious expression on their faces.

"What the in the All-spark does that mean?" Nightracer asked with an annoyed tone.

"I don't know, but Ser-Ket did say that something big was happening on at Cybertron. Perhaps this is part of what she meant." Orion replied.

"So we are going to Cybertron then, like I said we should earlier?" Liara asked with a knowing look that Orion knew he would have a hard time arguing with.

"Yes, I am just going to inform Rodimus of what we have found." the Bot replied as he tapped his com-link, but the inter-com activated first and gained the trio's attention as the Commander spoke.

"Orion, this is Rodimus."

"Good timing Rodimus, we know where to go next..." the young Darby started to say back, before the Elite Spectre cut him off.

"That will have to wait, we have just picked up a transmission from Omega. You have to see it."

Suddenly their holo-screen reactivated, as the image of Galvatron standing before the entrance to After-life on Omega appeared before them.

"This is Galvatron, Lord of the Predacons, And I am speaking to all of the Omega Syndicate for I have a proposal I wish to share with you all."

The trio just sat and watched as the Predacon Leader spoke before showing footage of Orion's parents in their cells, the sight of them bloodied, beaten and devoid of any of the respect and honour that they had earned in their lives. They were made to look like victims and that was not something he was used to seeing, which made the Bot's spark ache and blood boil. But then the attention shifted from the Prime and his Spark-mate as Galvatron then executed Aria in cold blood and gained control of the Omega Syndicate. This moment caught everyone off guard as the implications of this dawned on them all, even for a long moment after the transmission ended, they were all just staring at the now blank holo-screen.

"And here I thought we took the Predacons advantage away, now we find out that they have just gained control of the only other military that rivals our own." Nightracer said in disbelief, while Liara looked at Orion. She could see the pain in his eyes at seeing the state that his parents were in, so reached out and placed her hand on his in affectionate support.

"I'm sorry you had to see them like that Orion." she said in a gentle tone, gaining his attention as he looked back at her with his blue eyes.

"...yeah, but they are still alive. At least we know that, so there is still hope." he replied.

"Orion, that transmission was broadcast across the entire galaxy. Everyone saw it, and this has the Senate worried." Rodimus spoke via the inter-com to the trio.

"So the Predacons have the same military force as us now, so what." Nightracer said in a defiant tone, gaining surprised looks from both the blue haired Bot and Asari and even though they could not see him, the pair knew from the Commander's sudden silence that he had the same expression.

"...because we have an advantage over them now." the Femme added, having noticed their faces.

"Nightracer's right..." Orion then replied with a look that showed that he knew what she was getting on at.

"...Galvatron said during the transmission that his forces had left the Autobots in disarray, so he clearly has no idea that we have regained fleet wide communications."

"Or that we have Intel on their tactics and fleet movements." Liara replied.

"That is true, well you said that you have found something before I relayed the transmission to you?" Rodimus asked in a more hopeful tone.

"We should head for Cybertron, it appears that the Predacons have found something there that could be of great importance." Orion replied, gaining a nod from Liara.

"Not only that, but Cybertron is where it all started so it is a base of operations for them and they are manufacturing more Terracon troops there. So if it were put out of commission, that will be another advantage lost to them."

"Exactly." the blue haired Bot replied.

"Alright, I will brief Command on what our next mission is while they oversee the liberation of Omicron. Rodimus out." the Commander said back before deactivating the inter-com.

"Okay Liara, lets go over the details of the facility on Cybertron so that we have a mission plan to present to the others before we arrive at the planet." Orion then said, earning a nod from the Asari as she turned her attention to the terminal again and began typing on it, while the other two watched.


On board the Nemesis, Galvatron was sitting in his quarters and looking at the specifications of the newest ships to join his forces from the former Omega Syndicate.

'I have to say, these vessels and their armaments are impressive.' he thought as he viewed each one. Things could not be going better for the Predacons right now, Galvatron had even managed to send off a number of ships on the mission to find the Chaos Edge, though he did not go into any real detail about what it is they are supposed to be looking for. That really annoyed Six-Shot who voiced his concerns over taking on a scavenger hunt when there are still the Autobots to contend with.

'Well, he can disprove as much as he wants as long as he continues to follow my orders.' the Predacon Lord thought as he dwelled on the fact that Six-Shot was showing his disapproval in front of the others.

'He should be more careful, to try and undermine my leadership in front of the others.'

"He is of no consequence Galvatron, if this Six-Shot interferes with our goals then you should eliminate him." Unicron spoke in his mind, surprising the Predacon.

'If he does try such a thing, then I will.'

Then suddenly the inter-com activated as the very person who they had just discussed, began to speak.

"Lord Galvatron, you have a transmission from Rip-Claw awaiting you."

"Very well Six-Shot, I will take it in here." Galvatron said back before deactivating the call and turning his attention to his terminal, typing on it's holo-interface before a holo-screen appeared and showed him the Predacon Femme.

"Rip-Claw report." he said, earning a weary expression from her in return.

"My Lord, we...have lost the Communications Hub." she said, earning a confused expression from her Leader, but then that soon changed as anger took hold and he narrowed his eyes at the Femme.

"What! How in the pit did you manage that?" he spat back.

"Ser-Ket and her pet Autobot managed to infiltrate the colony with the help of more Autobots, who sabotaged the communications network and but not before giving their forces use of their comms again." Rip-Claw replied, making Galvatron's spark burn even more.

"...but we did manage to drive the Autobots into retreat and capture Ser-Ket." she added, hoping to defuse the situation somewhat.

"I see, is there anything else I should know about the Autobots infiltration?" he asked under gritted teeth, wanting nothing more than to separate the Femme's head from her body at this moment.

"Not that I am aware of my Lord." she replied with tinge of uncertainty in her voice.

"On the off chance that you are wrong, I will ne..." the Predacon Lord said back before being cut off by the sound of alarms going off on Rip-Claw's end.

"What in the All-spark is that?" he spat in an aggravated tone.

"Our sensors have detected an Autobot fleet jumping into the system, they must be here to liberate this colony." the Femme replied as her tone became more panicky.

"How many ships?"

"Over fifteen ships compared to our five, we are outnumbered." Rip-Claw said back.

"Evacuate our forces from Omicron, and head for these coordinates." Galvatron replied as he typed the numbers into his terminal's holo-interface.

"What about the colony?" the Commander asked back.

"The Autobots want this colony back, fine they can have it. But I'll be damned if they get it back the way it is, just get yourselves out of there and bring Ser-Ket with you." the Predacon Leader snapped before deactivating the transmission and then reopening another.

"Galvatron to the 'Howling Wind', come in."

After a few seconds, a Vorcha appeared on the screen.

"My Lord Galvatron, how can we be of assistance?" he hissed.

"Your vessel is equipped with nuclear torpedoes, correct?" Galvatron replied, earning nod from the ship's captain.

"That is correct, our destroyer has a full complement. Why do you ask?"

"The Nemesis is going to open a space-bridge portal in front of your ship, I want you to arm and fire one of those torpedoes through it." the Predacon said back, earning a curious expression from the Vorcha.

"What is our target?"

"An Autobot colony. Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all, We have been hoping to use our nukes on something. Aria was always unsure what she could do with us, so our weapons have been collecting dust over the years. It will be good to finally get in on some bloodshed." the captain replied as a dark smile grew on his face, showing off his razor sharp teeth.

"Then prepare the torpedo and fire on my command." Galvatron replied, mirroring the other's expression.


Meanwhile the Predacon evacuation was in full swing as Terracon troops retreated from the streets of Omicron City, disappearing onto the shuttles before they took off and flew up to the waiting cruisers as the Achilles waited just above them.

"How long until we have all Terracons back on board our ships?" Rip-Claw asked while sitting in the Captain's chair on the bridge.

"The last of the shuttles has just taken off now, and will dock with the Vanquish any second now." the Terracon manning the sensor array replied.

"Very good, have all ships break for high orbit and have their light-speed drives ready for immediate jump the moment we make that altitude." she replied, looking over to the minion at the Comms station, who nodded and began relaying her orders to the other ships.

As the cruisers left, the civilians left their homes and flocked into the streets, looking up and watching their former-occupiers running away as giant smiles grew on their faces while they saw the ships ascending into the early night sky. The crowd began cheering and celebrating as the enemy ships shrunk to tiny dots that then disappeared into the darkness above them.

The Autobot cruisers reached the planet just as their Predacon equivalent had reached high orbit and began firing their cannons at the enemy ships, which shields took the brunt of the assault while firing their own weapons back.

"All ships jump!" Rip-Claw commanded as of a sudden, the engines of all ships began to brighten greatly before in the blink of an eye, the enemy ships jumped to light-speed and were gone, leaving the Autobot vessels as the only ships in orbit over the planet.

"All ships, launch shuttles. Lets get boots on the ground down there." the Commander of the fleet said over the comms before a large group of Autobot shuttles then flew away from the cruisers and descended to the planet.

The celebrations in the streets were picking up pace as fireworks were being launched all over the city, colourful explosions of nearly every colour of the spectrum could be seen illuminating the sky above the city.

"Look, the Autobots!" one of the people exclaimed as he pointed up at the shuttles which came into view as they closed in on the colony, their glowing red Autobot insignias could be clearly seen the closer their got which made the crowds cheer even louder. Finally their nightmare of being occupied by a ruthless enemy, not knowing whether they would live to see tomorrow was now over. But just as one firework exploded in a illuminating shower of green sparks, suddenly a space-bridge vortex opened up in the sky at a very high altitude. It almost looked like a bright green star to the civilians on the ground who began looking at curiously, it even had the crews of the Autobot cruisers stumped.

"Is that one of ours?" was one of the questions being asked between the fleet's captains as they wondered where it had come from.

"No idea, but it is positioned directly over the center of the colony." another ship answered, then suddenly there was disturbance in the vortex as something came through from the other side and hurtled towards the ground.

"Daddy look, a shooting star." a young child said happily while pointing it out to his Father. But the older Man's eyes widened as he realised that it was heading their way and what it really was as it got closer.

"My god!" he exclaimed before quickly kneeling down and pulling his son in to his arms to shield him, while the same realisation quickly came to everyone else.

"What the..." the fleet Admiral could be heard saying over the Comms just as the projectile hit the ground, causing a blinding white flash that enveloped the immediate area and incinerated all there in a blink of an eye. The shuttles that were flying towards the city could see the mushroom cloud beginning to form as a shock-wave expanded in all directions, demolition everything else that had not been destroyed in the initial explosion. And before they could try anything, the shuttles suddenly failed and crashed into the ground. By the time the explosion was finished, there was very little left of Omicron City as it lay in the shadow of a massive mushroom cloud which reached up high into the sky.

On board the Normandy, Orion and Rodimus stood in the cockpit while Jetstorm opened up a space-bridge portal in front of the ship, preparing to fly the ship through.

"Commander, we are receiving a high priority message from Autobot Command." one of the crew said from her station, which was located in the tunnel like walkway which connected the cockpit to the CIC.

"Hold it until we have entered Cybertron space." Rodimus replied before turning his attention back to his pilot.

"Activate stealth mode and take us to Cybertron."

"Yes sir." Jetstorm replied as he worked the holo-controls before him, making the ship shimmer and fade to nothing as it passed through the event horizon of the portal and emerged on the other side. Orion and Rodimus looked out of the bridge's canopy to see the dead planet of Cybertron, the original home-world of the Cybertronian species directly ahead of them.

"Wow, This is the first time I have ever laid eyes on Cybertron." Orion said with a wide-eyed expression as both Bots saw the heavily battle-scarred and barren world, not noticing that Liara was approaching them from the CIC.

"Its never easy to look at, is it?" she asked, surprising them as they turned to face her.

"No, its not.." the Commander replied.

"I have seen the planet once before, and yet it still feels like the first time." he added before looking back to the crewman manning the comm station.

"Alright, lets hear the message."

The blonde haired woman nodded and tapped a sequence into her holo-interface and brought the inter-com to life around the cockpit.

"Commander Rodimus, I know you are on a stealth mission and therefore unable to reply to this message. But I am sorry to report that we have lost Omicron City, the Predacons were retreating as soon as our fleer arrived. Though it would appear that they were not about to just let us have the colony back, as they launched a Nuclear Torpedo which then obliterated the entire city, killing every Man, Woman and Child there, including the troops we sent down to secure it. The excess radiation is being blown over towards three of the closest population centers, so we are evacuating them now, minimising the body count as much as we can. I am sorry, we did not see this coming."

The message ended there as the cockpit became very quiet, as the Bots and Asari did not know where to look.

"They couldn't keep the planet, so they made sure we paid a heavy price for getting it back." Orion then said, the building anger evident in his voice.

"There hasn't been any Nuclear weapons in use by anyone for the last fifty plus years, since the Citadel Council outlawed them. Where did Galvatron even get his hands on one?" Liara asked, still in shock from hearing the news.

"Had to be one of the former Omega mercs, Autobot Intelligence knew that the Syndicate was in possession of Nuclear weapons but Aria had enough of a stranglehold around all of the Merc Leaders, that them using one was never going to be an issue." Rodimus replied.

"But now she is gone, Galvatron appears to have given them free reign " Jetstorm added, earning a pensive look from the Commander as he looked out toward Cybertron.

"Orion, get your team ready. Let's get down there and takes these guys down another notch." he then said as he looked back at his XO with a now determined expression, earning a nod in return.

"On our way." he replied before the pair turned around and headed for the elevator at the back of the CIC.


Shockblast stood at one of the many terminals that were scattered around the current lab he was in, which also housed large glass tanks filled with a yellow liquid that gave off a glow which only gave off a small amount of illumination to the already dimly lit room. The Predacon was looking at an image on the holo-screen of his holo-tool, which had been taken from one of the probes he had sent down into the deepest part of the mine. The expression on his face was that of someone who did not know what he was looking at, for what the probe had found was something that the Con was had not been expecting.

'This set of bones looks like a Predacon, isn't. This is not logical, there was only one race of Cybertronians before the Golden Age.' he thought as he changed the image to another set of bones and saw similarities to the previous one, but not the ones that the former owner...the Decepticon Shockwave had catalogued. And that wasn't the only problem that Shockblast had found, for his probe's sensors could pick up a strange anomalous reading just a couple of hundred feet lower than the deepest part of the mine.

'Why have I not heard from Lord Galvatron yet? there is no logical reason for the lack of communication.' he continued as he checked his holo-tool and saw that he had not received a communicae from the Predacon Leader.

'[i]And why is it that I am thinking more and more like an emotionless machine, it is not logic...i]' he then placed his hand to his fore-head, as he felt another headache coming on again. This had now become more than a daily occurrence for him, and the only reason Shockblast could think of was because of the memory download he had from the mind of that particular deceased Decepticon. Every single day since that moment, the Con has felt less like himself and that used to scare him. Recently though he had started to feel nothing about it and that would of scared him even more. But he was suddenly pulled from the presence of his thoughts as the holo-screen's visual changed to show a timer and table of calculations.

"Terracon cloning process eighty five percent complete." the computer stated, but Shockblast merely looked at the image with barely any interest before switching back to the Cybertronian bones he had been studying previously.

"Who were you?" he said to himself with a questioning tone before finally giving up for the moment, shutting down the terminal and walking out of the room.

Meanwhile Orion peeked around the corner of one of the a-joining corridors of the facility as the ground-bridge vortex closed behind him, Liara and Quickstrike, before gesturing to them that the coast was clear and carried on moving.

"I can't say how I feel about being back here." the Asari said with an uncertain tone as she looked up at the massive corridor they were currently in, which had been built for those Cybertronians who used to tower over most other life forms like the titans of legend. Orion looked back at her and could see it in her eyes that this though was not the reason, but because of the memories of what had happened the last time she had walked through this place which were full of horror and death.

"I'm sorry Liara, I did say you could stay on the Normandy and advise us over the com-link." he replied in an understanding voice, which earned a appreciative smile from the Asari.

"I know and I am thankful for that Orion, but I had to come back. It was something I just had to do."

"I understand but if it gets too much, just say the word and I will have a ground-bridge back to the Normandy opened for you." the blue haired Bot said back.

"Where are the Terracons? Don't you find it strange that we haven't come across a single patrol yet?" Quickstrike asked.

"You would think that after we rescued Liara from both the Predacons and the Shadow Broker back on Illium, that Galvatron would have increased security here." Orion replied.

"Let's just put it down to Predacon arrogance shall we." the blonde Autobot said as the trio arrived at a doorway that Liara recognised.

"This is the door to lab where I we found and awoke Galvatron." she stated as the memories of that day began to creep up on her, but Orion noticed the look on the Asari's face and placed his hand on her shoulder supportively. This brought Liara's attention to the Bot, forcing the memories back as she looked at his face.

"You alright?" he asked, his face showing nothing but concern for her well being.

"Yes, thank you." the Asari replied, earning a nod from Orion before he turned his attention back to the door.

"Okay, Liara stay with me. Quickstrike head to the other side so that we can cover the width of this door."

His cousin acknowledged with a nod as he then moved to the spot indicated and readied his weapon.

"We'll open the door and remain hidden behind this cover until we've determined who is in there." Orion then said after tapping is com-link and letting Quickstrike know without shouting it across the massive width of the door. Both Bot and Asari acknowledged him before Orion activated his holo-tool, and accessed the door's control panel high on the wall above them. The door then slid open with a slight screeching noise.

'[/Someone forgot to oil these doors.
' Quickstrike thought before he looked over to see his Cousin taking a peek into the next room.

"Clear." he then said while gesturing over to the blonde Bot before the trio then entered the lab, which was enormous.

"Seriously where is everybody?" Quickstrike said with a hint of frustration in his voice while Liara and Orion's attention was on the large Cybertronian terminal that towered over them.

"Want me to give up you a lift to reach the keyboard?" the young Darby asked jokingly, earning a smile from the Asari as she activated her holo-tool.

"That won't be necessary." she said back while creating a link with the computer.

"Okay, I am in and...okay!"

"What is it?" Orion asked as he and Quickstrike stood either side of her and looked at the holo-screen which appeared before them.

"This terminal has been cross linked with the databases of a good number of the secret labs that were believed to be scattered all over Cybertron. I have access to nearly every project that is filed here." she replied as the screen showed images and paragraphs of coding.

"What can't you access?" Quickstrike asked back.

"There is only one file and that is called 'Gemini', I can't open it. But I can download and decrypt it later, along with all the other projects here."

"Do it." the blonde Bot replied, earning a nod from Orion in agreement as the Asari did just that.

"So what other projects are there?"

"Project Synthergon, Project Pretender, Project Iacon, some that are just numbers and...Project Predacon."

"What's Project Predacon?" the Autobot Spectre asked, earning a nod from Liara as she opened that file which began showing images of ancient bones and lines of CNA, as well as concept images of what those beasts used to look like.

"That one looks like Skystalker." Quickstrike stated while his Cousin and the Asari recognised the other two beasts that appeared on screen.

"There are the ones that attacked Earth."

"You mean Grimwing and Predaking...Ser-Ket told me their names." the blonde Bot replied as both looked back at him.

"Well if I am reading this right, they were cloned by Shockwave from the CNA of ancient Predacon fossils that he found here on Cybertron." Liara said, earning curious looks from the Bots.

"They are clones!" Quickstrike said back in surprise.

"Not just them, but all the Predacons...including Ser-Ket." Orion added as he pointed at the information of the others.

"Their sparks were the only part that had been cloned at that time, but then Shockblast installed them into the prototype Pretender forms that Shockwave had created during Project Pretender. Liara can you access each Predacon's individual file?" the blue Bot added, making the Asari nod and then suddenly shake her head in return.

"I can access all but Ser-Ket's, her file is encrypted...but I have downloaded the files anyway and can decrypt them back on the Normandy."

"Okay, check the plans for this facility's power source. We can then call in Bravo team to sabotage it." Orion replied, earning a nod from Liara as she then brought up the facility's layout.

"It is one thousand metres away from us at the west side of the facility, I am sending the coordinates to the ship now." she said back as Orion tapped his com-link.

"Normandy, send Bravo team to the coordinates that Liara has just uploaded. Their target will be the reactor there." he said before noticing that both his cousin and the Asari were looking at what was once a human sized containment tank situated in the center of the lab, with pieces of shattered glass all over the floor.

"That's where it happened?" Orion asked as he knew what this was, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"Yes, that is where we woke up Galvatron. Unaware of the threat he posed." she replied with a hint of guilt in her voice, earning a sympathetic look from the blue haired Bot.


Orion, I know..." the Asari said back, while Quickstrike looked over at the large opening in the wall just aways from them.

"What do you make of that?" he said, earning the others attention.

"If the Predacons are cloned from fossils of ancient Cybertronian remains, then I bet that hole leads to the mine where he retrieved the samples from." the young Darby replied.

"That means Project Predacon should be housed in this facility too, so when we destroy this place we will also cripple their ability to clone more." Liara added, gaining a nod from the blue haired Bot.

"I guess that is the entrance to other lab then." Quickstrike said as he pointed over to an open doorway that had a yellow light glowing from it's other side.

"One way to find out, lets go." Orion replied, only for Liara to grab him by the shoulder.

"Someone's coming." she said as a set of footsteps could be heard entering the lab entrance behind them, which made the trio turn round and aim their weapons at them.

"Shockblast?" Liara then exclaimed with a wide-eyes expression, earning similar looks from the cousins. While the Predacon merely stopped where he was and pointed his weapon at them, only slightly looking like he was surprised.



Meanwhile across the facility, a Ground-bridge vortex opened up and Nightracer, Smokescreen and Grunt exited it with weapons ready and found themselves standing before the reactor which glowed with a green hue.

"We are clear." Smokescreen stated as the portal closed and they saw that they were the only ones in the entire room, earning a disappointed sigh from the Krogan.

"Damn it, I was hoping there would be some Terracons to kill." Grunt replied.

"Well this place looks like it is run automatically, but even I find it strange that there are no guards." the Femme said back before activating her holo-tool and bringing up plans of the reactor on it's holo-screen.

"According to these old plans, we should lay charges at these two points for maximum detonation of it's power-source."

Both the Bot and Krogan nodded after looking at the image before splitting up and heading to either side of the reactor, each holding an explosive device that looked somewhat like C-four. Grunt was the first to reach his spot, connecting his bomb to the side of one the supports of the large fuel tank on the reactor's east side.

"Done." he said, while Smokescreen did the same on the west side of the reactor.

"Done..." he began to say before a sound caught his hearing, making him look down to see an ever so small crack running down to the bottom of the fuel tank.

"Hey guys, is it me or does this look familiar?" he said while looking at a small dribble pf green liquid that was running down the tank's side and dripping onto the floor. Both Nightracer and Grunt joined him to look at the mystery liquid, with the Femme scanning it with her holo-tool.

"Don't touch it, its Synthetic Energon. It's being used to power the facility."

"So I guess there can be a use for the unstable fuel." the Bot replied as he got back to his feet.

"Looks like it has been leaking for some time." Grunt added as he pointed at the puddle of Synthergon on the ground next to the tank.

"Come on, we should join up with Alpha team. Lets go." Nightracer said before the three left the tank and headed out of the room but unbeknownst to them, the Synthergon Puddle was leaking into a crack in the ground and had slowly dripped it's way down hundreds of feet below the facility. Slipping through further small cracks and crevices until a single droplet ran down the length of a stalactite in what appeared to be a cave, it then stopped at it's very tip before dropping off and falling several feet before hitting a smooth jet black metal that looked almost like armour. The drop of Synthergon then disappeared as it was absorbed into metal and everything remained quiet, until whatever the metal shape was began to shake slightly as it began to move. It gave off a groan before a pair of blue optics activated and narrowed as the 'whatever it was' woke up and growled, which echoed throughout the cave.
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