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Chapter XXIX

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As Orion, Liara and Quickstrike face off against Shockblast, an ancient Beast awakens in the depths of Cybertron. But what exactly is it and where does it's loyalties lie?

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"Shockblast…" Liara said with a sorrowful tone as memories of him came flooding back in her mind as she stood with Orion and Quickstrike, her former lover standing in front of them with his weapon aimed right at her.

"So that explains how you Autobots found this lab, the Asari that escaped 'us' before led you here. Coming back was a mistake though Asari, you will not leave here alive this time." he said back coldly, as the cousins took a step towards the Con with their own weapons pointed back at him, Orion moving slightly in front of Liara while doing so.

"Shockblast, Galvatron has brainwashed you. You are not a Predacon, you are one of us." he said in return, attempting to get through to the Con.

"Yeah, they messed with your head." Quickstrike added, earning a bored expression from Shockblast.

"I see that Asari has been spreading her words of fiction again, I grow tired of such illogical reasoning." he said as Orion narrow his eyes in return.

"Her name is Liara T'Soni, you would do well to remember that." he said back while an annoyed tone, as he felt they were talking with a wall.

"That name means nothing to me, I am a Predacon and you are my enemies." the Con replied as Liara sighed and took a step toward him.

"Shockblast, look at me…really look at me. I can't believe that Galvatron has wiped your mind of what we had. There has to be a part of you still in there?" she pleaded, leaving herself completely open to attack which made Orion feel nervous.

'She is going to get herself killed.'

"It is illogical for you to continue with these lies Asari, as I already told you before." he said back, earning a confused expression from Liara which was noticed by the young Darby.

"He never used to speak like that." she said while stepping back towards the Bot. But Shockblast noticed this sudden change in them and smiled back, while his holo-tool activated on his free arm.

"What's he doing?" Quickstrike asked.

"Well, I grow tired of this prattle and I still have work to do..." the Predacon said back, just as a group of Terracons entered the room behind him.

"...these men will deal with you...kill them."

The Terracons immediately opened fire on the trio, with Liara forming a biotic barrier to shield them as the cousins fired back and killed two with their first shots.

"...where the hell did they come from." the blonde Bot exclaimed, while the Terracons and Shockblast took cover behind whatever they could.

"I want their corpses out of my!" he shouted over the weapons-fire, before firing back with his own weapon. The bullets impacted harmlessly against the blue energy field as Liara kept her focus on it, but the Autobots were still pinned to their spot in there.

"Lets shake things up a bit." Quickstrike said, earning his cousin's attention as he equipped a grenade from his utility belt.

"Get them out from behind that cover and we can take them out the old fashioned way, Liara be ready to drop the barrier on my word." the blue haired Bot replied as his cousin armed the explosive and threw it over the barrier, the small device landing behind the Terracons.

"Grenade!" one of them shouted before diving out from behind their cover as it exploded and knocked them all to the ground, while Orion unsheathed the Star-Saber and Quicksrike activated his holo-blade.

"Now!" the Autobot Spectre exclaimed as Liara brought down the barrier and the two cousins charged out at the Terracons, the blue haired Bot slicing his way through two of the enemies in quick motion as the blonde Bot decapitated another before he could get back to his feet.

"Wait, is that the Star-Saber? How are you holding it?" Quickstrike asked while disarming another Terracon and impaling it with his holo-blade as he looked over at Orion, who just killed another with the blade.

"Long story, not really the time or place for it." he replied before re-equipping his pistol in his free hand, and shooting another Terracon in the face, who had got back to his feet.

As the two Bots were mopping up the remaining Terracons, Liara saw Shockblast getting back to his feet just aways from the others.

"Oh no you don't." the Asari said as she punched a glowing hand forward and surrounded the Predacon in a biotic shield, blocking his escape.

"Asari, do you really think this energy field can hold me?" he asked as he turned his attention to her, standing before her with nothing but the blue energy between them, as the Asari finally realised in the way that the Predacon was staring at her that there was nothing left of the man she once loved.

"Your not going anywhere, try anything and I will have no choice but to kill you." she replied coldly as the Con noted that the Asari's attention was split between speaking to him and maintaining the shield.

"Really, you just given up on trying to convince me have you?..." he replied with a curious tone.

"Your not the Shockblast I knew, I should of seen that sooner." she said back, making him smile in return.

"Very good, that is a more logical answer than what you have prattled before now. But..." Shockblast replied, noticing that the blue female was watching him very closely like she was hanging on what he was about to say.

"...what if I have been lying and do in fact remember you." He continued with an honest expression that caught Liara off guard, fracturing her focus which caused the field to fluctuate.

"What?" she gasped, but before she could comprehend what he just said, Shockblast activated his holo-tool which took the form of a gauntlet around his fist and forearm, before punching the biotic shield and making it collapse and leave the shocked Asari completely defenceless.

"How?" Liara muttered in disbelief as the Predacon grabbed her by her arm and pulled her into a hold, switching his holo-gauntlet for a holo-blade which he then held at her throat with his free hand.

"What I just told you was a lie, since it was logical to think that you might still believe that I might know you...which I don't. And so that left you concentrating less on your biotics, so I could easily break through your shield." he said into her ear as Liara tried to break free, making Shockblast tighten his grip.

"It would not be logical for you to struggle, since all it takes to end your life is a flick of my wrist..." Shockblast warned, as he held the sharp holo-blade on the skin of her throat.

"...which I will do anyway, since my Liege demands.." the Con was about to finish but was cut off by someone tackling him to the ground, which freed Liara who rolled away to be met by Quickstrike.

"You alright?" he asked, making the Asari look up to see the blonde Bot and the dead Terracons lying behind him.

"Yes, just a light cut." she replied while wiping a little blue blood from her neck, before looking back to see Orion beating on Shockblast.

"Orion..." she whispered as she watched in surprise at how brutal he was acting.

"You tried to kill her, your spark is mine!" the blue haired Bot spat as he punched the Con repeatedly in the face, letting his anger get the better of him.

'This bastard nearly killed her, he won't get another chance.' he thought as he unsheathed the Star-Saber again and held it to the Predacon's throat.

"Let's see how you like this." he said in an angered tone, but the bloodied Shockblast just stared back with an emotionless expression.

"Orion!" Quickstrike exclaimed, making the furious Darby look over at him.

"Don't kill him...not yet." he added, earning a confused expression from his cousin.

"Why the scrap not?" he spat back.

"Because we can get Intel from him...after that, I don't care what happens to him." Liara interrupting the blonde Autobot, as she looked into Orion's eyes.

"You can do what you want to me because..." Shockblast managed to say while his mouth was full of blood-like fluid, making the Spectre's eyes narrow at him.

"...I will not betray Lord Galvatron." he then spat as he reactivated his hol-blade and swung it up at Orion.

"Orion!" Liara shouted, as the blue haired Darby instinctively brought the Star Saber down to block the blade at level with his stomach. The Bot and Con were in a struggle as both were pushing each other, staring with hate into their eyes.

But Orion then head-butted Shockblast, which made the Con stumble backwards before stopping himself. And the blue haired Autobot then swung his blade upwards in a quick motion, and scratched up the Predacon's armour before reaching his face and cutting a line up his right cheek and threw his eye, which made him cry out in pain.

"My Eye!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Orion replied coldly before side-kicking Shockblast in the face, knocking him out and sending him to the ground hard.

"Your coming with us whether you like it or not." he added before looking over at Arcee.

"Are you okay?" he said, earning an appreciative smile from her.

"I am alright Orion, thanks to you." she answered, making the Bot almost blush in return.

"Quickstrike, deal with his wounds would you please. I might kill him just for the sake of it, if I do it."

"Sure." his Cousin replied as he walked past and knelt beside the unconscious Predacon, taking out some medi-gel from his utility belt.

"Shockblast has been Galvatron's lead scientist according to the records, he should give us a substantial amount of Intel." Liara said while Orion looked back at their enemy with a more unsure expression.

"I don't know...I..." he started to say before noticing Shockblast's remaining eye open and look up at His cousin.

"Quickstrike, look out!" the Darby shouted, but the Predacon managed to grab the Bot by his chest-plate and throw him back to the ground in front of the blue haired Spectre and Asari, before looking at them with a completely emotionless face.

"Thank you for that, I can 'finally' see more clearly…." the Con said back cryptically, earning confused looks from the trio.

"…So allow me to give you some advice, better start running." he added.

"What? There are three of us and one of you, so why should we run?" Quickstrike asked, gaining a knowing look from Shockblast.

"Because of him." he simply replied while pointing towards the lab's entrance, which made the two cousins and the Asari turn around and freeze on the spot as standing in the doorway was a massive green and silver Predacon beast.

"Oh crap." Quickstrike said as the monster looked down at them while Orion equipped a grenade off his utility belt, pressing and holding down the button on it's top as he did so.

"When I say go, run for the entrance to the mine. You got me?" the Bot said, gaining nods from his cousin and Liara.

"Grimwing, crush them." Shockblast then shouted, earning a roar from the Predacon dragon as Orion threw the grenade at the Beast's head.

"Now!" he exclaimed as the trio turned around and ran for large hole in the wall, the grenade exploded in a blinding flash of light that caught both Predacons off guard while the Autobots ran into the mine. Once the light died down, Shockblast and Grimwing looked around until their eye and optics fell upon the same hole.

"After them!" he commanded, the beast responding with a roar before charging into the mine after them.

'The mine is a dead-end, not a very logical choice Autobots.' Shockblast thought as he got back to his feet and walked over to a console, activating it with his holo-tool. He then brought up a screen which had a timer on it, setting it for fifteen minutes.

"Enable self destruct." he said aloud, earning a ping from the terminal.

"Voice recognition accepted, self destruct engaged. You have fourteen minutes and fifty-five seconds to reach minimum safe distance." the computer voice spoke, gaining a nod from the Predacon as he tapped his com-link.

"All Terrcons, this is Shockblast. Autobots have infiltrated the base and may have access to our database, I have therefore activated the joint self destruct of all 'my' laboratories to ensure they do not escape with any of the Intel stored on their joint database. You are to evacuate the bases immediately."

Once done, Shockblast then tapped his com-link again while looking back to see that Grimwing had disappeared into the mine.

"Lord Galvatron come in, I repeat Lord Galvatron come in."


Orion led the way with Liara and Quickstrike following close behind, as they made their way down the dimly lit tunnel of the mine. They could hear the beast getting closer, with it's roars echoing around them.

"You do know mines generally have only one entrance and exit, don't you?" the blonde Bot asked, which earned a knowing look from his cousin.

"Yeah, I do." he said back between breaths as they ran until the tunnel split into two slightly smaller ones.

"Take the left one." Orion said before the trio ran into that tunnel only for a few seconds later, Grimwing appeared at the same spot and looked at both openings before sniffing the air for a moment. His optics then narrowed as he looked into the left tunnel, growled and entered the tunnel.

"So what's the plan?" Liara asked as the trio kept moving through the underground tunnels, staying just ahead of the beast.

"We keep ourselves out of the Predacons reach and hope that it has picked the wrong tunnel, then make our way back up to the lab and rejoin the others." Orion replied before a loud roar could be heard echoing down the tunnel they were in, making them stop and look back with panicked expressions as they stared into the dark tunnel.

"I don't think we will he able to sustain the distance between Grimwing and ourselves, it will have caught up long before then." Quickstrike replied, gaining a nod from Liara who then turned her attention back to what was in front of them, making her sigh with a frustrated tone.

"I don't think it will matter either way." she said as she pointed ahead of her.

"Why?" Orion said back as both cousins turned to the Femme and looked at what she was pointing at.

"You've got to be kidding." the blonde Bot exclaimed with a wide eyed expression, which Orion mirrored.

"It's a dead end!" he stated as the trio looked at the rock-face several feet in front of them with no other exit, except the way they had just came from.

"Oh scrap." Quickstrike said before a loud growl could be heard behind them, making the Autobots turn and face that direction while backing themselves into the dead end.

"What about a ground-bridge?" the blonde cousin then asked, earning an annoyed stare from Liara.

"You were at the same briefing as us right? Rodimus did say that scans showed that areas near the center of the facility were protected by a null field that prevents any unauthorised ground-bridge vortexes from opening."

"Oh...yeah, that's right." Quickstrike replied sheepishly.

"I doubt we could even get a signal out from how far under the facility we are." Orion stated, gaining a knowing look from his cousin.

"What about the Star-Saber, if that sword can cut through a mountain...then it should make short work of a Predacon. I mean can't to just fire it's energy beam...things off at Grimwing?"

Orion unsheathed the blade and looked down at it before shaking his head.

"No, I can not do that. Since I am not a Prime, then I can not activate every possible function of this relic." he replied with a worried tone.

"Surely it can hurt though." Quickstrike replied, gaining a nod from Liara.

"Orion, its better to try something than nothing."

"Okay, then get behind me you two." the blue haired Bot said back as he held the blade in a defensive stance, his two friends standing back just as Grimwing entered the area. The metallic dragon looked down at the three, its optics focused in on each of them before it roared, the very sound made the cavern shake and brought down some dust from the cavern's ceiling. And then Grimwing moved forward and raised it's front right claws and slashed at it's enemies, but Orion instinctively slashed the Star-Saber at the same time, the ancient blade sliced through the extended claws and made the beast cry out in pain as it backed off.

"Good hit Orion." Quickstrike exclaimed before his joy suddenly disappeared as he, his cousin and their Asari friend looked at Grimwing, who growled lowly and narrowed it's optics at them angrily.

"I think I just pissed it off." Orion replied as the Beast pulled it's head back and opened it's mouth, a bright glow could be seen at the back of it's throat which made Quickstrike gulp as it brought back memories of another Predacon.

"Orion…" Liara then said gently as she grasped the blue haired Bot's hand, making him look over at her affectionately.

"I know Liara…." he replied as the three stood there, knowing full on well what was about to happen. When suddenly a slight tremor shook the cavern, startling Grimwing who shut his mouth and looked around curiously.

"Did you feel that?" Quickstrike then asked as dust once again sprinkled down from the ceiling, while both Orion and Liara looked around confused.

"Yeah I felt….." the Bot began to reply before another tremor shook the place.

"Yes, I can say we felt that." the Asari finished as the Spectre looked at the rock face behind them, all the while the Predacon beast still looked unsure.

"Well something's spooked Grimwing, shouldn't we try and sneak past." Quickstrike asked, earning a disbelieving expression from Liara.

"You first…" she said in a sarcastic tone, as the blonde Bot noticed that Grimwing pretty much had the tunnel behind him covered. Then another tremor occurred, and then another as Orion's eyes widened as he watched the rock face begin to crack.

"Guys we should…now!" he shouted as the tremors happened one after another, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling as Grimwing backed off more.

"Why?" Quickstrike began to ask before Orion grabbed him and Liara and pulled them both out of the way just as the rock face broke apart as something burst through, sending rocks and dust into the air. As the trio fell to the ground face first, another roar could be heard, but this one didn't sound like the Predacon Beast who had been hunting them.

So Orion quickly recovered and looked up at what had just announced it's arrival. His eyes widened as standing before him was a metallic dragon that looked not that dissimilar from the pictures of the one called Predaking, except that is was ever so slightly smaller. It was covered in jet black armour which had blue light glowing from it's gaps and blue optics that looked directly at Grimwing.

"What, another one?" Quickstrike stated as both he and Liara looked at the beast who did not take it's eyes off the Predacon.

'Why do I get the feeling it recognises Grimwing?' Orion thought as the black Beast growled and then roared before pouncing at the green and silver dragon, tackling it to the ground as the cavern shook under the power of the impact.

"Right let's get out of here while those two Predacons take each other out." Quickstrike said as the trio got to their feet and made a run for it, while the two beasts slashed and gnawed at each other. But then Grimwing got the upper hand by slashing the Black Dragon's neck, making it recoil in pain and shield itself with it's wings. The Predacon then looked back to see the Autobots retreating and roared at them, making Liara look back and see it charge at them.

"By the goddess, its coming!" she shouted, as the cousins looked back. But suddenly Grimwing stopped in his tracks, as the Black beast appeared behind him with his tail in it's mouth, pulling the green and silver Dragon back to it.

"Is it just me, or is that creature helping us?" Orion asked in surprise, earning a mirrored look from his Cousin.

"More likely, it just wants to chew on Grimwing here before it comes for us...lets keep moving." he said back, with the Asari taking Orion by the hand.

"Orion, come on." she pleaded, but the blue haired Bot stopped as something caught his attention about the black monster.

"Wait, I saw something..." he replied as he spotted something at the center of the beast's fore-head, it was an emblem though not one that he recognised.

"...that is no Predacon." he added before a large rock fell at his side and brought him back to reality.

"Okay let's go!" he said as the three of them ran back through the tunnel as it began to collapse, due to the battle between the two giant beasts as they continued to bite and claw at each other.


"Well, where is everyone?" Smokescreen said as he, Nightracer and Grunt entered the laboratory. All they found was a number of terminals, a containment tank that had been shattered and a large hole in the wall at the far side.

"I thought we would have seen them by now." the Bot added, while the Femme looked at her holo-tool.

"We were supposed to have rendezvoused with them at this location between this lab and our target but since they never showed, I reckoned we may still find them here." she said while the Krogan reloaded his shotgun.

"At least we managed to find some Terracons along the way." he said, earning a knowingly look from Smokescreen.

"Glad to see that your only worry is how many kills you got today Grunt."

"I am sure they are fine. You forget one is the son of a Prime and the other is the son of Ironhide, and don't forget who their mothers are." the Krogan replied, while Nightracer's attention was caught by strange sounds echoing out of the large hole.

"Quiet you two, can't you hear that?"

Suddenly Orion, Liara and Quickstrike ran out of the mine and towards the group.

"I would run if I were you." the blonde Bot exclaimed as both groups met, earning confused looks from Bravo team.

"Why were you down there?" Nightracer asked, but Orion simply gave her a knowing look.

"You should listen to Quickstrike 'this time', run..." he started to say before both Grimwing and the Black Dragon smashed through the mine entrance together, shocking the Femme, Krogan and Autobot.

"By Alpha Trion's beard..." Smokescreen exclaimed, finally getting them to join him and the others as everyone ran out of the lab, while the new beast swung it's tail around and smashed it into Grimwing's face.

Meanwhile outside on Cybertron's surface, Shockblast stood a quarter of a mile away from the base with his breather helmet, accompanied by a squad of Terracons. He then tapped his com-link.

"Lord Galvatron, we are ready for a space-bridge...yes, I have set the self destruct for silent countdown and we have five minutes left, the Autobots should have no warning..." he said before one of his troops, who was looking back through a pair of binoculars spotted something.

"Commander, look!" he said before handing them over to him, which then the Predacon looked out at the area his subordinate had pointed at.

"That is not logical." he spat as he saw the Autobots exiting the base with their breather helmets on, moving away from the base as fast as their legs could take them.

"They must not..." Shockblast began to say before suddenly the roof of the base burst open, which Grimwing's body thrown out of it and landing hard on the ground a hundred metres away. Everyone, it did not matter if it was Predacon or Autobot stopped and looked back to see the green and silver dragon getting back to it's feet before another beast appeared on the roof of the facility, where it then spread it's wings out and announced it's presence with a roar that echoed all around it.

"Fascinating.." the Predacon stated with a curious tone as he watched the black beast then jump off the building and land only a few feet from Grimwing.

"Sir, that beast is going to kill Grimwing." a Terracon said, earning a nod from his superior who tapped his com-link again.

"Lord Galvatron, Grimwing needs immediate back up...because there is another Cybertronian Beast that currently looks like it will defeat one of 'our' own...yes, please send both of them." the Predacon said as he and the Terracons watched.

As the battle between the two giant beasts erupted onto the surface of Cybetron, Orion and his team had stopped and watched in awe of the sight before them.

"Amazing, never thought seeing one of the Predacons being beat down would be such fun." Smokescreen said, gaining a nod of agreement from Grunt as Orion tapped his com-link.

"Orion to Normandy, Rodimus come in."

"I am here Orion, report." the Commander spoke from the ship, which was orbiting the planet while cloaked.

"We have succeeded in rigging the Predacon base's reactor to blow and downloaded a lot of Intel from their database, but right now I need you to ground-bridge everyone back on board." the Spectre replied, earning surprised and confused looks from his team mates.

"Why? What are you doing?" Nightracer said back first, knowing full well that both Liara and Quickstrike were about to say the same thing.

"That second beast isn't a Predacon...and it helped us escape from Grimwing back in the mine. I can't just leave it here." Orion said in return, gaining nods from Liara and his cousin.

"It is hard to believe, but Orion is right. But if you can even convince it to come with us. How are we going to get it aboard the Normandy?" Quickstrike asked.

"The cargo bay should be large enough for it." Rodimus said, after listening to Orion.

"But how do you know it isn't a Predacon?" the Commander added.

"Not only did it protect us, the creature also has a faction emblem on it that is definitely not Predacon." the blue haired Bot replied.

"It would be good for us to have our own dragon, and it is making short work of Grimwing right now." Smokescreen added into his com-link while pointing to the sight of the black beast gripping the Predacon's neck with it's jaws.

"Okay, permission granted. Opening ground-bridge now...good luck Orion." Rodimus answered and suddenly a green vortex opened up next to the group.

"Okay, guys go and I'll be right behind you." the young Darby said, earning nods from everyone except Liara and Quickstrike.

"I am not leaving Orion." the Asari answered with a defiant yet caring tone to her voice.

"What she said Cuz." the blonde Bot added with a knowing smile, causing the XO to sigh and nod back in acknowledgement.

"Okay, the rest of you go." he said and Smokescreen, Nightracer and Grunt ran into the vortex which then disappeared, leaving Alpha team there as they looked back at the beasts fighting.

"So...what's the plan?" Quickstrike then asked but before Orion could answer, a space-bridge vortex opened up in the sky and Skystalker flew through and dive bombed at the black beast who noticed this and dropped the wounded Grimwing back to the ground. It then looked up at the blue and white dragon descending to him, opened it's mouth and fired a stream of blue fire which hit the Predacon dead on and made it crash to the ground in a heap.

"Cool." Quickstrike then commented as the beast roared like it was acknowledging the compliment, but then Predaking suddenly exited the vortex and immediately made the creature narrow it's blue optics as it stared back and growled.

"Is it me or does that look like it recognises Predaking?" Orion asked, but no one answered as they were fixated on this fight in front of them.

The black dragon then roared at the new arrival before firing another fire blast, but the large Predacon performed a barrel roll like move, dodging the blast and swooped down with it's claws bare and tackled the dragon to the ground. Predaking then slashed at it with it's claws before smashing it's head against the other, causing it to fall back on to it's back.

Orion immediately unsheathed the Star-Saber and began to run toward the fight, only for Liara to grab his arm and stop him.

"What are you doing?" she asked in an alert and worried tone, making the Bot look back at her.

"We need to help!" he exclaimed, earning a confused look from his cousin.

"...How are we supposed to do that? I mean there are three Predacon beasts out there...just how do..." he started to say before the Asari cut him off and pointed at the fight with her eyes wide in shock.


Both cousins turned their attention back to the beasts, their expressions mirroring Liara's as right before their eyes, the black beast started to transform as it rolled off it's back. Its wings folded neatly onto it's back as it's arms and legs changed to look more like a Cybertronian's. It's long neck And head folded back and disappeared into it's back as the armour shifted and changed, as another more humanoid head with a Prime styled helmet appeared and it's optics glowed blue as the dragon finished it's transformation and was now an armoured Bot in a kneeling position.

"Wow." Quickstrike exclaimed as the newly formed Cybertronian, who's armour was mainly black with blue glowing engravings on it and looked smooth and curved perfectly to the slightly larger athletic build of the Bot. He looked directly at the orange and black Predacon and gritted his teeth.

"PREDAKING!" he roared before launching himself at the Beast, who bared it's teeth and did the same. But as it snapped it's head forward and attempted to bite the black armoured Bot, he dodged it and grabbed the beast's long neck tightly before swinging the dragon around and throwing it back to the ground.

"I would say he knows Predaking." Liara added before she, Orion and his cousin then noticed that both Skystalker and Grimwing were both back on their feet and moving toward the Cybertronian, who was still focused on Predaking.

"Hey, look out!" Orion then shouted as loud as his lungs would allow him too, which made the Bot look over his shoulder and see not only notice them but also the two Predacons. So he immediately turned and readied to fight them just as Predaking got back to his feet, which meant the three beasts now had him surrounded.

"So what now?" Quickstrike asked, as Orion tapped his com-link.

"Normandy, I need you to fire a few torpedoes at the Predcons."

This made both his Cousin and the Asari look back at hin in surprise.

"You know how close we are to the battle don't you." Liara replied.

"Danger close?" the blonde Bot added, while the three Predacons began circling the black armoured Bot, earning a confused look on his face.

"Alright Orion, but you do know that reports have said that our weapons have barely slowed them down in the past." Rodimus replied via the com.

"I know, but we just need to distract the Predacons long enough for our friend to get away, also open a ground-bridge for us to the cargo-bay and make it large enough for our guest." the blue haired Bot said back.

"Very well, torpedoes away in" the Commander replied, before a second later four red projectiles appeared in the sky and hurtled towards the location of the fight. The beasts and Cybertronian's attention turned to these as they looked up and saw the projectiles coming straight at them, which made the Bot dive out of the way while the Predacons kept watching. The torpedoes then hit the ground directly in front of each beast and exploded, earning a roar from each as the rock and dust was sent up into the air, surrounding the beasts. The Bot, who managed to get out of the way then looked up and saw the three small beings again.

"Come with us, Hurry!" the blue haired one shouted as a large green vortex appeared behind them, but the Cybertronian noticed that this person was carrying an object...a blade that somehow felt familiar to him. So he nodded in return and got to his feet and began running towards the group, who in turn ran for the vortex. Meanwhile Predaking, Grimwing and Skystalker all managed to recover and saw their enemies retreating for the portal, so they roared at them and began pursuit.

"That's right!" Orion shouted as he saw the towering Bot heading his way, so the Spectre turned his attention back in front and saw that Liara and Quickstrike had entered the ground-bridge. He could hear and feel the Cybertronain's footsteps as they shook the ground while he caught up and ran alongside, all the while the three beasts charged up behind them.

The Bot then looked over his shoulder and saw that the Predacons had opened their mouths, and the light of their dragon-fire could be seen charging as they prepared to fire. So the Cybertronian then picked up the blue haired Spectre, which surprised the hell out of him.

"what the hell!" the Bot exclaimed as he suddenly found himself in the larger Bot's hand looking down at the ground which was flying past as the giant Bot ran towards the vortex.

"You wont fit, you have to transform!" Orion shouted and just as he did, the Cybertronian heard the sound of the Predacons unleashing their dragon-fire behind them.

"Hold on!" he replied before gently tossing the blue haired Spectre into the air and transforming back into his beast mode, and then catching the man in his mouth before he could hit the floor.

"Sweet Jesus!" Orion gasped as he found himself firmly between the Dragon's jaws, but in no danger of being bitten in half. The metallic beast then ran into the vortex which closed before the joint dragon-fire from the Predacons could reach it.


Shockblast was still watching as he stared blankly at the dragons who had stopped and began looking around, as if they were confused to how their enemies could have disappeared. But the Con merely tapped his com-link as he looked away, having lost interest.

"My liege, the Autobots have escaped and they took the beast with them...yes, opening a ground-bridge for us would be a logical choice." he said before one opened up and allowed Predaking, Skystalker and Grimwing to enter , before closing again. Then another one, one that was more Shockblast's size. And he and his Terracons walked through the event horizon just as the facility exploded.

Meanwhile Orion found himself looking down at his friends, who had heir weapons raised and pointed in his direction.

"Let Orion go now!" Liara said firmly as she held her pistol with one hand, while her other was a clenched fist and glowing with biotic energy.

"Yeah, put my Cousin down. He is not a chew toy!" Quickstrike added as he pointed his own weapon at the Beast, which looked back and gave off a confused whine.

"Guys I'm okay, you can lower your weapons." the blue haired Bot replied, before looking back into the creatures blue optics and giving it a slight smile. The Dragon then lowered his head to the ground and released the Darby, who immediately turned back round to see that they were in the cargo-bay and the beast just had enough room to move around.

"Thank you, for what you did back there." he said.

"Wait, you saying this guy...beast was just carrying you in its mouth, like a lioness with its young?" his cousin said, gaining a nod from Orion.


Then the cargo-bay door to their right opened, with Rodimus and Bravo team entering the large room. Which made the beast look straight at them, it's optics narrowing.

"It's alright, your among friends." Orion quickly said, regaining the beast's attention.

"By the All-spark." Rodimus exclaimed, while the others just looked at it in amazement.

"My name is Orion Darby, what's yours?" the blue haired Bot asked, while sheathing the Star-Saber on his back. The dragon looked at him for a second before suddenly transforming right before their eyes. Once the transformation had finished, the crew of the Normandy found themselves before a Cybertronian who was on his hands and knees as he looked down at all one of them, before his optics fell back on Orion.

"My name is Onyx Primal, Leader of the Maximals."
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