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Chapter XXX

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Revelations are the order of the day as Onyx Primal fills the Autobots in on what the 'Age of Predacons' was really like. While Six-Shot discovers something that will change his view of both Galvat...

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"What's a Maximal?" Smokescreen asked aloud, while everyone stood in front of the giant Cybertronian. Onyx looked at him with a confused expression.

"You have heard of a Predacon, but not a Maximal?

Rodimus activated his holo-tool and brought up images of wall paintings that showed the beasts, to which the Bot gave a curious look.

"Before Galvatron managed to resurrect the Predacon race through science, very little was known about the time other that great beasts walked the surface of Cybertron. As these images show, the writing underneath each identifies them as Predacon. But the planet suffered an extinction level event which we called 'The Great Cataclysm', which wiped out your entire species and civilisation overnight, because these pictures which were found underground in cave systems were all that we modern day Cybertronians could find." the Commander replied just as Liara activated her holo-tool for some show and tell.

"But recently we discovered that was not the case, as it seems that remains of the Predacons were fossilised deep underground. Far deeper than had been previously explored before, it was the Decepticon Shockwave who found those remains. And he cloned the Predacons, using the CNA he had extracted from them."

"Decepticon?" Onyx replied with tinge of confusion to his voice, making everyone look back at him.

"I know only of Maximals and Predacons, and have never heard of Decepticons." he added, making Orion step forward.

"Onyx, before we continue this conversation, I think it would be a good idea to update you on everything that has happened between your time and the present day." he said before looking over to Rodimus, who nodded in return and activated his holo-tool. Then suddenly a massive holo-screen appeared on the wall in front of the Maximal and began playing through historical footage and data, while Orion and his team-mates narrated their story for him.

Once done, Onyx had a very weary expression on his face while he processed it all in his mind, meanwhile everyone just stayed quiet and watched him.

"So it is true, I am the last of my kind. And the Predacons I fought…. Predaking included, are nothing more than shadows of who they used to be."

"I am sorry Onyx, I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through right now." Orion said, while the Maximal looked back at the image of Cybertron on the large holo-screen.

"When I was knocked into stasis during the Cataclysm, which occurred during our last battle with the Predacons. The last I remember of Cybertron, was it's landscape being devastated by a rain of fire. So when I awoke again and saw the surface during my fight with Grimwing, I thought that the devastation I laid my optics on was the result of that terrible day, but now I know that this is not the case. Let me tell you, that when we Maximals fought against our Predacon Brothers and Sisters. We did so believing that it would be first and last time that a Cybertronian would ever harm another. But I guess that belief was misplaced, or maybe we were just naïve. After all 'our War' lasted merely a few of what you call... years, but this Autobot/Decepticon conflict lasted for eons. I guess there is no such thing as real peace...because no sooner did that war end, that another began with what you call the Reapers." the Maximal said with a sheepish tone while everyone listened, but Orion then took a step forward.

"It's true, peace may never last forever. But it's far from a worthless goal to pursue, in fact the conflict with the Reapers had the positive effect of uniting the entire galaxy. Just because something is hard to get, doesn't mean we should just stop trying." the blue haired Bot replied, earning a smile from all around him, even Primal looked down at him with a similar expression.

"When I look at you Orion Darby, I cannot help but be reminded of a friend of mine. He once said something very similar to me during the war."

Before the young Darby could ask who the Bot meant, Liara beat him there with a question of her own.

"When we were on Cybertron, I could not help but notice that you looked at Orion's Star-Saber. I get the impression that you have seen it before, and that is why you came with us." the Asari said, earning a nod from Onyx.

"That is correct, I have seen this blade before. It was when I first awoke and opened my optics for the very first time, I looked up and saw the magnificent of beings standing over me. His armour was gold and silver with a very heroic quality to it, he welcomed me into the world as I took my first look upon it. I was one of the first to be awoken, third only to Sentinal Maximus and Predaking. As our race….the Predacons came into being, the Thirteen remained to watch over us for a time and make sure we were acclimatizing to Cybertron. For we were only Beasts at the time, unable to transform as we did not know how to. But that would come in time and when it did finally happen, it was Predaking who lead the way and thus became the Leader of our people. And it was then that the Thirteen vanished mysteriously, we never knew where they went or what happened to them. And as the cycles past they ended up becoming legends of ours, while we created our own civilisation."

The Primal then looked back at Orion and at the hilt of the Star-Saber which could be seen over the blue haired Bot's shoulder.

"May I ask how you came to be in possession of the 'Blade of Prima'?"

"My father….Jackson Prime held on to it after the passing of his mentor and close friend, Optimus Prime."

"Your father is a Prime, so their lineage continues….that is very intriguing. You must be special yourself for being able to hold such a powerful and mighty blade as the Star-Saber, for it will not let just anyone hold onto it. I remember witnessing Prima having a bout with Predaking who managed to knock the blade from the Prime's hand, but when he tried to lift it off the ground with his jaws…..the blade would not budge." Onyx replied with a knowing expression, which made the young Darby feel somewhat uncomfortable with what he was being told.

"I don't know about that….but since I can wield the Star-Saber, I will use it to do what is right."

Liara looked over at Orion and smiled as he said this, while everyone else except Quickstrike looked at the XO with a surprised expression.

"When were you going to tell us that you were in possession of the Star-Saber, I mean you do realise what that means…don't you?" Nightracer asked, beating everyone else to the question, which left Orion feeling like he was stuck under a spot light.

"I know what you are getting at, though I do not entirely believe it myself." the Bot replied but before anyone else could speak up, Rodimus stepped forward. As he saw how uncomfortable his XO was getting with the current debate.

"Okay, we are getting off topic here.." he said before looking back at the Primal.

"What happened to you Onyx Primal, how did you end up buried beneath the ground and not joined with your brethren in the All-Spark?"

"Well as I just said before… the Thirteen had left us and we had begun to build our own civilisation, mastering our ability to shift between our Cybertronian and beast forms. There were two forms of Predacons, these were Flyers and Walkers. Now as our civilisation grew, these two groups had a settled but not perfect relationship. But slowly that began to change, as those of us capable of flight started to have a supremacist belief in themselves. And they started to see their Walker Brothers and Sisters as being not worthy to stand amongst them, and so this cancer spread over our world and thus created a chasm, one that effected split our people in two. And at first…I was one of those that believed." Onyx said with the guilt evident in his voice as everyone listened intently.

"Looking back at how times were back then, it was so easy to look down at those unable to join us in the sky and feel superior." the Maximal added.

"And here I thought the only prejudice Cybertronians went through was during 'The Golden Age' with the caste system." Nightracer replied, gaining a nod from the Primal.

"So what changed?" Orion asked.

"Sentinal Maximus was the first to openly question this way of thinking and as he did this, his popularity among other Walkers began to rise. Predaking though would not stand for any voice other than his own being heard by the general population, so he had Sentinal imprisoned." Onyx replied.

"I'm guessing that didn't stop his followers?" Smokescreen added.

"It did not, there were mass protests in every city across the planet. Even though the Flyers outnumbered the Walkers, the turn out for each protest was an impressive sight to say the least. But then Predaking had the idea that if the Walkers followed Sentinal as much as they made out, that if he was suddenly to be killed before all their optics, then their collective voice would be silenced and they would finally accept their place in Predacon society." the Primal continued.

"So what did he do?" Liara asked.

"Predaking placed Sentinal in the 'games' which were held in the pits of Iacon. Maximus was meant to be killed by some of our Predacon warriors such as Inferno, Windrazor, Sawtooth and Quickstrike." the Maxima said, making Smokescreen look over to the blonde Bot with a wide eyed expression.

"Your named after a Predacon?" he gasped, gaining an eye roll from the Bot.

"No I am not Smokescreen, can we get back to the topic on hand." he replied, with everyone giving a nod of agreement as Grunt placed his hand on the other Bot's shoulder.

"If he speaks again, I'll kill him." the Krogan said with a joking-like tone, while Rodimus looked back at Onyx.

"I am guessing it didn't have the effect Predaking was hoping for."

"That is correct. No matter who entered the arena with Sentinal, he would come out the victor which would send his followers into a frenzy. He said that Predaking was helping his cause by letting him prove that Walkers were just as good as their Flyer Brothers and Sisters, so they should be treated equally." the Maximal added.

"So what happened next?" Orion asked.

"After this went on for a good number of cycles, Predaking had enough of the debacle and so entered the arena himself and challenged Sentinal. He wanted to prove once and for all that Flyers should be the dominant ones among our civilisation. The fight between the two was ferocious and bloody, with neither willing to give an inch to the other. Many thought that the fight would never end, as Both Predaking and Sentinal seemed to be fighting to a stand still. All of a sudden, the latter managed to get the upper hand on the Predacon and looked to be claiming the killing blow. But just as Walkers around Cybertron were about to celebrate, Sentinal had left himself open while he went for the kill, allowing Predaking to critically injure the Bot. And in the blink of an eye the tables had turned, as the Predacon leader stood over Maximus and right there and then, he executed his opponent in the most brutal way."

"Did that have the effect Predaking was after?" Rodimus asked.

"It had quite the opposite effect actually, because Sentinal had such a heroic and fierce display against the Predacon Leader who had a reputation for being unbeatable, that it gave the Walkers more encouragement to fight for equality."

"What about you, did it effect you in a similar way?" Orion said with a curious expression, gaining a head-shake from the Maximal.

"No it didn't, I mean I felt sympathy for the Walkers because of how my blood brother was treating them. But I didn't feel anything first." he said, before looking at a bulkhead.

"..At first?" Liara then asked.

"After Sentinal's death, there were a small number of sympathetic Flyers to the plight of the Walkers. My friend Airazor was one of them, she had been a close friend of mine for as long as I can remember and was an honourable and courageous Predacon Femme. She did not get on with Predaking and was very against his methods and leadership, but he would not even touch her. Looking back at it, I guess he was just looking for a reason to snuff out her spark. And then he got one, as one day a group of Terracons began harassing two Walkers in the main square of the Capital. Airazor witnessed the skirmish and immediately got involved and defended the Walkers, which had been the first time that a Flyer ever did this. Predaking did not take this well as he had her arrested and brought to the arena and there in front of everyone, who had been expecting to see a fight...instead saw the Femme getting tortured." Onyx then said as his face became one full of regret.

"Predaking condoned public torture, he sounds more and more like Megatron every time you mention him." Smokescreen said with a disgusted tone, one that was shared by everyone else in the room.

"I got there just in time to see them tear Airazor's wings from her body, and it was then at that moment that my spark became enraged. Because not only did Predaking have my closest friend and ally tortured as a scare tactic against the masses, and had also taken away the right for the accused to fight for their freedom in the arena, but he took it upon himself to torture Airazor. So I gate-crashed the proceedings and rescued her, but not before giving my blood brother a severe beating right in front of the arena's audience." Onyx replied.

"I bet that went down a storm with the Walkers.." Quickstrike said, earning a nod from the giant Bot.

"Yes, seeing the leader of the Flyers being humiliated by one of his own sent the Walkers in the Arena into a frenzy and they began fighting with Flyers and Terracons alike. A group of Walkers assisted me with getting Airazor to a safe haven outside of the Capital and it was there that she and others including Rhinox convinced me to help them fight, since my reputation as one of the Predacons best warriors and tacticians was widely known throughout Cybertron. They felt that I would make a perfect successor to Sentinal, but at first I was not interested since my only priority was Airazor's well-being."

"But I guess she managed to twist your arm." Nightracer said with a knowing tone, gaining a nod from the Primal.

"Yes, Airazor did have a way with words and she knew me too well." he answered with an affectionate tone, one that did not go unnoticed by the others. But instead of bringing it up, they all just remained quiet and let the Maximal speak.

"So I agreed to lead the Walkers against the rest of the Predacons and we agreed to name our faction 'Maximals' in honour of Sentinal Maximus, for he was the first to stand up to Predaking and his supremacist forces. Had it not been for him, then there would never have been an uprising."

"You said the War lasted a few years?" Smokescreen then asked, before anyone else could speak.

"Yes, despite the fact we Maximals were outnumbered by our Predacon brethren, we managed to give as good a fight as we received. We had victories….and we had defeats, losing…friends… along the way." Onyx replied while looking down at the ground, the blue of his optics illuminating the metal floor. A look of regret and pain on his face while the others remained quiet, silently paying respects as he did. After a moment the Bot looked back up and was ready to speak again.

"How did the war end?" the Commander asked with a curious tone, making the Maximal's optics turn to him.

"It could have been just another battle, but on that particular solar-cycle my spark was as enraged as it had been on the very day it all started. I was convinced that killing Predaking would be the only way to end the war, and I had the conviction to carry me through to that end."

Orion just listened as did everyone else, but he could not help but wonder what had happened to make Onyx feel that way again. The blue haired Bot felt that he may know the answer, but decided not to pursue an answer from the Primal and stayed silent.

"I fought with Predaking, it was a battle to end all battles between us. We had been friends, blood Brothers and were now hated enemies. Even as our armies fought around us, our optics were only focused on each other. But before a victor would be revealed, the entire planet began to shake as fire rain down from the sky. The entire planet's surface began to burn as it looked like the end of the world was upon us, but then the ground beneath me broke apart and I found myself falling into darkness and everything went black." the Maximal said.

"That must have been when you went into stasis-lock. But what brought you out of it?" Rodimus then asked, earning thoughtful looks from everyone before Smokescreen had a eureka expression.

"It must have been the Synthergon, you know what we found powering the reactor." he said as he looked over to Nightracer and Grunt, hoping for some acknowledgment.

"Yes, that's right. We found a leak in one of the storage tanks that was dripping through a crack in the floor." the Femme agreed, gaining a confused look from Onyx.


"A synthetic form of Energon, but it is unstable due to it's formula being incomplete. We should have you checked to see what your levels are, because it can have an adverse effect on Cybertronian physiology." Rodimus replied before looking at the others.

"So the rest of you should get some rest in the meantime."

"If I may Commander, I would like to get on with studying the Intel we took from the Predacon base. It could give us a clue to their next target." Liara then said, as Orion joined her side.

"I'll help, two pairs of eyes are better than one." he said, earning a slight smile from the Asari.

"Very well, everyone dismissed." Rodimus replied as everyone headed out of the cargo-bay, before he turned back to the Maximal.

"I will have our Doctor, Red-Alert come down and take some scans."

"Of course, but I would like to keep this up and read some more." Onyx replied while pointing at the large holo-screen beside him.

"Very well, I will be in the CIC if you require anything." Rodimus said back before walking out of the room and back into the ship's corridor.

"Commander Rodimus, Jetstorm here." a voice spoke up on the inter-com.

"Status report?" the Commander replied.

"The base was completely destroyed sir." the pilot said back.

"Excellent.." Rodimus began to say back, but then Jetstorm cut him off.

"Yes sir, but at that same time our sensors picked up similar explosions from all around Cybertron."

"But that wasn't us." the Elite Spectre replied with a confused expression.

"Perhaps they were all connected via the same power network, and they all just detonated." the pilot said back.

"Or the Predacons got jumpy and destroyed all the evidence that they had been there, just on the off chance we were going to find those facilities too."


Meanwhile on the Nemesis which was currently surrounded by a fleet of Predacon and former Omega ships, the bridge was uncharacteristically quiet. All the Terracons stationed there had they heads down and were focusing just on their own work, not even daring to look up and see what was happening around them. For they could sense that a storm was about to be rained upon them as Rip-Claw stood on the catwalk above then with Galvatron, the Predacon leader staring at the Femme wit narrowed eyes.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" he asked with gritted teeth, showing that he was restraining his anger...for the moment.

"I am sorry, Lord Galvatron." the Femme replied with a apprehensive expression, but her words did not even make her superior flinch as he stared down at her.

"Is that all you have to say for losing not only the colony to the Autobots, but also our advantage over their forces." he then replied, with an anger building in the tone of his voice that set alarm bells ringing with Rip-Claw.

"My Lord, it wouldn't have been possible for the Autobots to do what they did without Ser-Ket's help. Surely you should blame her more than I."

"But it happened on your watch Rip-Claw, and you will answer for that. In fact, had you not managed to capture your traitorous sister, then I would have had you killed right now." Galvatron spat back, which made the Femme lower her head in shame as she looked at the ground.

"Now get out of my sight, while I think what should be done with you." he then added before turning his back on her, a disgusted expression on his face.

"Give me another chance my Lord, I will not fail you again." Rip-Claw pleaded, but the Predacon leader kept his attention to the void beyond the bridge's canopy.

"You are not helping your chances by begging, now get out!"

The Femme merely nodded shakilly before backing away slowly, until she was far enough away and then turned and rushed off the bridge, nearly banging into Six-Shot as he walked through the doorway.

"Hey, what was that?" he asked back in surprise, but Rip-Claw disappeared down the corridor before he could say anything else.

"Six-Shot.." Galvatron's voice then boomed, making the Terracons below stop what they were doing and remain very still as fesr took hold.

"...I am not in the best of moods, I suggest you leave me be." he added as his lieutenant walked up and stopped right behind him.

"I have just heard about my Brother, is he alright?" the Con asked with concern in his voice.

"He is being treated in the Infirmary at this moment, but I have yet to question him on how he lost the facility, as well as 'why' he decided to detonate all the others...just because the Autobots found one..." Galvatron spat as his anger began to rise again.

"How did the Autobots even find the base, Cybertron is a dead planet." Six-Shot asked with a disbelieving tone.

"Your brother told me that Asari, the one you two failed to kill, was with the Autobots. My guess is that she lead then there." the Predacon leader replies as he looked over his shoulder at his lieutenant.

"First...Rip-Claw with Ser-Ket and now you two with that Asari, I am beginning to sense a pattern here. Are any of you incapable of killing when it is utmost required of you. For I have now lost two bases to the Autobots and our main advantage over them, all in the space of a day or so."

But this then ignited Six-Shot's spark as he gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes at his leader, not even remotely put off by Galvatron's imposing demeanour.

"You want to talk about mistakes, then lets go over nuking an Autobot Colony...shall we."

The Predacon Lord's eyes widened in surprise at his minion's impudence.

"You dare..."

"We are supposed to be conquering the Federation and their Autobots, not exterminating them. What were you thinking?" Six-Shot continued, letting his hanger push him further as he confronted Galvatron, who looked even more aggravated.

"How dare you question me and my methods! Or do you forget who you are talking too?" the Predacon leader snapped as he towered over his lieutenant, who looked as if he still would not back down as he stared back defiantly.

"I wanted to send the Autobots a message, and it was delivered perfectly. I doubt they will move against us so quickly again, since I am just cleaning up the mess my lieutenants have caused." Galvatron said, which made Six-Shot look away with a worried expression as he did see the Predacon Lord's logic and suddenly felt that he no longer have a leg to stand on.

"Now if I were you, I would make myself scarce before I tear your spark out for insubordination!" his leader continued as he noticed the change in his minion's behaviour, so Six-Shot bit his lip and clenched his fists tightly before turning around and storming off the bridge as Galvatron watched with narrowed eyes until the Con was gone.

In the Nemesis's science lab, Shockblast was standing at one of the terminals and looking at the holo-screen being emitted by it. He was typing on the holo-interface as he watched code scrolling down the screen at speed and despite losing an eye, his remaining one was working just fine as it kept up with the information on the screen.

'Where are the files, I know they are here. It would be illogical for these people to not download them from my laboratory.' he thought before the Science Lab's door opened and Six-Shot entered, which did not even make Shockblast blink as he kept his attention on the screen.

"There you are, I thought I was going to find you in the Infirmary but you had already left." the younger Con said as he walked up to his older brother's side.

"It was not logical for me to stay there, not when I have a great many tasks to complete." Shockblast replied coldly, earning a worried expression from Six-Shot.

'Why is he talking like that?' he thought, as his Brother noticed that he was still standing there.

"Is there something I can help you with? Because if not, then I must ask you to leave."

"Yeah, you can tell me what's going on with you lately?" Six-Shot asked, which gaining a confused expression from Shockblast.

"Of what do you speak?" he asked before turning his attention back to the terminal, typing into the holo-interface as a loading bar appeared on it's screen. But his younger Brother looked back with an even more confused expression.

"This is what I am talking about, you never used to act or talk like you are now...what is going on?" he pleaded, but Shockblast ignored it and focused on his work. But after seeing his brother becoming more distant and more distant over the their time with Galvatron, coupled with how angry he was after his latest spat with their leader, Six-Shot had enough of this and grabbed Shockblast by the arm which made the Con look at him blankly.

"What in the All-spark has happened to you, I don't even recognise you anymore. I Thought it might have been the workload that Galvatron placed on your shoulders, that it might be stress but I look at you...and its like your not even there." the younger Con said with an angry and concerned tone as his brother just looked at him.

"Remove your!" Shockblast said back with a deathly cold tone, while narrowing his eye with a stare that was just as cold. Six-Shot was surprised by the threat and so let go of his Brother's arm, just looking back with a dumbfounded expression which Shockblast ignored as he walked past, heading for the door.

"This conversation is over." he added before exiting the lab, leaving Six-Shot alone.

'What in the pit is going on around here, first Galvatron promises to conquer the galaxy only to start sending our ships out for a glorified scavenger hunt, and then starts nuking Autobot targets. And meanwhile my Brother is acting less and less like himself, which is now to the point where I swear he is a stranger.' the Con thought before his attention was caught by the sound of a beeping noise, so he turned and saw that it was emanating from the now completed loading bar.

Curious about what his Brother was looking into, Six-Shot activated his holo-tool and connected it to the terminal which then made the bar and the sound it was producing to stop. Then the screen began to show large images that looked like video recordings, and the young Con found himself curious to what these were so he found himself clicking on one and making it play before him. What he saw made his eyes widen as the footage played out in front of him.

"No...I don't recall this!"


As the Normandy orbited an uninhabited planet in the Traverse, the 'nightshift' crew were all focused on their duties about the ship while the remainder were resting. But there was one person who was not, for he was unable to focus on anything but what he had recently lost. And this was very punishing for Quickstrike as he walked through the Normandy's corridors. For when he was down on Cybertron with his cousin and the others or greeting their new Maximal guest, things were too hectic for the Bot to get sidetracked by the thoughts of the love he had lost.

But now that everything had quietened down, he could not help but lose his focus and let Ser-Ket dominate his thoughts. So the blonde Autobot carried on walking, from one end of the ship to the other. He knew that he probably should be helping Liara with decrypting the Predacon Intel or anyone of his new friends with their duties or points of interest, but his spark was in pain right now and he had to let the storm of emotion take him and ride it out, until the next crisis hit and give him back some semblance of focus.

Quickstrike had pretty much walked two whole laps of the ship by the time he came to a stop at the entrance to the cargo-bay, not sure if he should enter what some crew were now calling 'Lair of the Dragon'. He wasn't sure if that name was entirely deserving for the Maximal, who on first impression seemed very civilised despite his alternate mode. But this nickname had originated from the crew who had yet to know Onyx Primal and as with anyone, when there was something you didn't understand then it was natural to fear it until you did.

But why was he currently standing outside the Maximal's living space aboard the Normandy, and at this ungodly hour. Maybe it was that during their first 'chat' with Onyx, there was a moment when Quickstrike felt that the Maximal had felt a similar pain to his own. He had certainly alluded to it during his retelling of the his life before the 'great cataclysm', even if it was in a throw-away line.

'What did he mean by that, and if has had an experience similar to me...then how did he deal with it?' the blonde Bot thought while pressing the keypad next to the door, which opened and allowed him access.

Once inside, Quickstrike noticed that the lights in there had been dimmed, making the area look a little creepy. Building that atmosphere more was the sound of breathing, which echoed throughout the room. But the Bot spotted the Maximal in his beast mode, curled up o the floor. The image it presented looked like one of those seen in fantasy stories, the ones where there was a dragon sleeping in a cave. But before Quickstrike could move any closer, the dragon's optics opened and looked directly at him, which made him feel uncomfortable.

"Oh, uh…sorry." he said back sheepishly, before the beast got to its feet and then transformed into the calm but physically imposing figure of Onyx Primal.

"..Quickstrike….., I sense something is troubling you?" the Maximal asked, earning a surprised look from the Autobot.

"What makes you think that?"

"Because while your team-mates are either focused on powering down or concerning themselves with other duties, you are walking around the ship by yourself." Onyx replied with an observant expression, which made the Bot suddenly feel guilty for walking in on the ancient Cybertronian.

"Look, you were resting. I will go." Quickstrike said back as he began to back towards the door but then Onyx gestured for him to stop, his blue optics staring at the Bot.

"You have lost someone….haven't you?"

The blonde Autobot felt like he was suddenly naked and without any kind of defence, as the Maximal's question had caught him off guard.

"How did you..?"

"I can see it in your eyes, you have lost someone who is close to your spark. I would know for I have...too." Onyx replied as he looked away, as the memory rushing back into his neural net.

"Was it Airazor?" Quickstrike asked sombrely with the Cybertronian nodding slowly in return, earning a similar expression from the blonde Bot.

"I am sorry."

"As am I, for the loss you have suffered. May I ask who she was?" Onyx replied as he looked back at the Bot.

"Her name was Ser-Ket, she was a Predacon who rescued me from one of their bases." Quickstrike said back as he looked at the ground, not wanting the Maximal to see the pain he felt as his own memories started to return to his thoughts.

"I see..." the big Bot replied as he remembered from the briefing that Predacons had been given pretender bodies to use.

"..What was Ser-Ket like?"

"Ser-Ket was...the most amazing woman I have ever met. She had a kind and compassionate spark, and was brave and honourable. She didn't fit in with the other Predacons, and didn't share their blood lust." Quickstrike reminisced with a slight smile as he remembered the Femme, how she would look at him, and smile. Onyx returned the smile as he looked down at the Bot.

"She sounds like she was a wonderful person and not at all like a Predacon, in fact I would say she sounds more like a Maximal."

"I thought that Both factions were the same?" Quickstrike replied with a confused look, earning a nod from Onyx.

"Indeed, but the blood lust was something that Maximals...Walkers had more control over. Since over time, they had been downgraded from equals to second class citizens and then to slaves. They had learned to be more in control of their animal instincts, proving that they were more than what their Predacon cousins thought themselves to be. For 'we' would still fall prey to our more beast-like behaviour as we believed ourselves superior, and felt that we were perfect. I too can still lose control to my more aggressive and monstrous side." the Primal said, gaining a nod from the blonde Bot.

"Ser-Ket was ashamed of that side of herself, never wanting to use it when we got into fights with other Predacons."

Onyx smiled again as he listened to Quickstrike.

"I think if Both Airazor and your Ser-Ket had a chance to meet, they would have liked each other. They certainly have a lot in common."

"What happened to Airazor?" the Autobot then asked, earning a thoughtful expression from Onyx.

"As I said before, Airazor and I had been very close friends all our lives. But it was not until she was branded a traitor for helping some Walkers and then tortured, that I realised just how much she meant to me." the Maximal replied as his mind was flooded with memories of he and his Spark-mate.

"When I confessed how I felt about her, Ser-Ket revealed that she felt the same and we became spark-mates. We were together during the entirety of the war, We even had designs on what we were going to do after it. But in the final days of the conflict, it all fell apart..." he said as a regretful expression befell his face, earning a sympathetic expression from the blonde Bot.


"Because of Predaking!" Onyx then replied, as he found himself replaying the memory in his mind.

'The battle was bloody and brutal with energon spilling everywhere, as the forces of the Predacons and the Maximals continued to rip each other apart either in their Cybertronain or Beast modes. The entire metallic valley, which was one of the few wide open spaces on Cybertron, had every square inch filled with bloody slaughter. In the midst of the battle, a green and yellow wingless dragon charged it's way through the enemy line, sending numerous Terracons flying through the air. It roared into the air, as if to signal others around it. But suddenly found itself surrounded, as another group of Terracons ripped its way through the few Bot-formed Maximals that were standing between them and it.

The group was made up of three beasts and two Cybertronians, the former growled while the latter flashed evil grins as they readied their blades. But the yellow and green beast looked up behind them and gave off another roar, which made the enemies look back just moments before a jet black dragon flapped it's wings and swooped down, ploughing into them. The Terracons stood no chance as it picked up the two Bots and carried them into the air, leaving the beasts injured and unprepared as the yellow and green Dragon pounced on Both, quickly killing them with a throat rip from it's powerful jaws.

The black dragon then dropped it's two passengers back down into the battling masses, then flew back round and landed in the open area in front of the yellow and green beast. Both dragons looked at each for a second before transforming into two armoured Cybertronians, one was Onyx Primal, while the yellow and green beast transformed in to an Cybertronian Femme with light armour over an athletic build.

"Airazor, are you alright?" he asked with a concerned and caring expression, while she smiled back and flicked off some energon off her sharp fingers.

"Yes, thank you for the assist Onyx. Though you know I could have taken them." she replied, gaining a nod from the Maximal Bot."

"I know, but I could see you from over head...I can always spot you." he said back with an affectionate tone, which would have made the Femme blush had she been able. And she would have said something back, but noticed that the Terracons were coming back.

"I guess we will have to put this moment on hold, until after we win this battle." she replied as Onyx noticed the incoming enemies, the two partners then equipped their swords and readied themselves.

"Their timing could be better." he said, earning a smirk from his spark-mate before they Both charged into the Terracons, cutting down the foes as they did so and spilled yet more energon in their path.

"So I take it since the Terracons are being pushed in the direction of my forces, that your plan was successful." the Femme asked as she sliced the head off one enemy unfortunate enough not to dodge her attack.

"Yes, my own forces have hit their northern front lines hard, pushing them further back into their own reserves." he replied while slicing then neck open of one Terracon, who in a frenzied panic stabbed his own mate in the side and killed him. But before he could bleed out, the Primal then sliced his head off as he and Airazor finished off the other two in easy fashion.

"Your idea to split up our forces and attack from different directions certainly looks to be working." the Femme said as the pair stood in the center of the bloody mess.

"Yes, this should make Predaking show his face now. I know he is here, I can smell him." Onyx replied before another wingless dragon burst out of the battle around the pair and ran up to them, this one had a three horns ranging from small to large on it's snout as it stopped before them.

"Rhinox!" the Maximal leader exclaimed as his friend transformed into a heavily built grey and green Cybertronian with red eyes.

"Primal, we are almost through their lines. Rat-Trap has sent word that a number of Predaking's lieutenants have appeared to regain control of the battle."

"Which means their leader cannot be far behind." Airazor added, earning a confident smile from Onyx.

"Right, So I want you two to hold our attack along with Jawbreaker and Nightshriek. I meanwhile will make myself known, so that if Predaking is out there then he will come to me…" the Maximal Leader said, gaining acknowledging nods from his friends.

"…and I will kill him." he added.

"With their Alpha dead, the Predacons will fall into disarray. So Airazor and I will make sure our forces maintain their focus in what should be our final battle. Good luck Primal, till all are one." Rhinox replied before transforming back into his beast form and returning to the battle. Airazor then walked right up to her spark-mate and cupped his face in her hand.

"I will be here when you are done my love."

"I will see you soon." he replied as he lowered his head to her own, letting them touch as he placed his hand on her chest-plate and she did the same.

"Go get him." she said back before he stepped back and nodded, then transformed back into his beast mode and flew up into the air. Airazor then did the same and rejoined the battle, fighting her way through the Terracons who were too preoccupied with her Maximal Brothers and Sisters.

Meanwhile Onyx swooped back down into the battle, destroying one Terracon as he transformed back into his Cybertronian self, cutting down another enemy with his blade as his parts finished shifting around. He then impaled another in the face with a second blade that had ejected from the Bot's armoured gauntlet, before ripping that blade back out and spinning around and slicing open the chest of another who was attacking from behind him. As the bodies fell around the Maximal Leader, he could not help but wonder where his former blood brother was.

'Where is he? How many of his men do I have to kill?' he thought as he then defended himself from several more Terracons who charged at him. But as each one fell to his blades, falling to the ground to join their fallen comrades. A familiar roar echoed through the sky, making Onyx look up to see the silhouette of Predaking's dragon form soaring through the sky as if watching the entire battle.

The Primal then transformed back into his beast mode and roared back, hoping to gain the Predacon Leader's attention. The beast then looked directly at Onyx and growled, but instead of flying straight for him, Predaking turned his yellow optics to an area far ahead of the Maximal and then roared as if he had spotted a target more to his choosing. The massive dragon then dived down at the area making Oynx look at what his former friend was heading, straining his optics to zoom in.What his optics saw made them widen in horror as he saw Airazor fighting Scorponok and Blight, completely unaware of the danger flying down at her.

So the Maximal leader began running back, barging past fellow soldiers and enemies a like, Not caring about anything else but his Spark-mate. But before he had gotten within a hundred yards of her, Predaking landed beside the Femme who had just finished off Blight and Scorponok, the former had his head removed while the latter fell to ground with a bloody slice that went the length of his torso. Airazor turned round to see the Predacon leader transform into his heavily armoured bipedal form, a dark smile appearing on his face as he equipped his sword.

So she took on a defensive stance and readied herself to fight. Onyx though found himself slowed down by a large group of Predacon soldiers who like a dam, stopped him and caused the Bot to fight despite the fact that his love was facing their most skilled and deadly warrior. Even as he fought back against the Terracons, Onyx could not keep his attention off Airazor or Predaking as the two began fighting with the Femme defending against the much larger Con's heavy attacks. The Predacon leader swung his blade down at the Maximal who just managed to block the attack with her own sword, but did not have the strength to equal that of Predaking, so did enough to allow her to roll out of the way and gain some space between her and him.

Then the orange and black Con attacked again, which the Femme dodged before swiping her blade up through the air which caught Predaking's face, creating a slice from his cheek to his forehead in a diagonal cut. The Predacon grimaced as he pulled back, once again giving Airazor a moment to catch her breath. But just after he wiped the dripping energon from his face, the Con's yellow optics narrowed and he stared daggers at her before roaring and charging her. Onyx had just killed several Terracons in a row and finally cleared a path to the pair, but he looked up and suddenly felt his spark shatter as he witnessed Predaking breaking through Airazor's defences and stab her through the chest.

The Femme coughed up energon as she dropped her weapon which fell to the ground, with her quickly following as she collapsed to her knees. Onyx felt everything slow down around him as he screamed at the top of his voice while more Terracons moved in around him. But all he could do was watch as Predaking stood over Airazor who looked up at him and spat energon in his direction, but the Con just wiped the liquid from his chest-plate and smiled back before glancing over in Onyx's direction, seeing the look of pure horror and desperation on his face before looking back to the Femme.

The Maximal Leader's optics then fell back to Airazor's who was looking back at him just as Predaking brought his blade up and readied himself to strike. The pair just kept their optics on each other as the blade then swung down and sliced through her neck in one clean motion. The last thing Orion saw of Airazor was her head separating from her body as energon gushed out all over the place.'

That image was forever burned into the Maximal's mind as he found himself back in the Normandy's cargo-bay with Quickstrike, who was looking back at him with a sorrowful and sympathetic expression.

"I am so sorry Onyx." the blonde Autobot said, gaining a nod from the larger Bot.

"I never even got the chance to avenge Airazor's death, as the Cataclysm happened almost directly after. But what hurts my spark the most, is never hearing her call my name or feeling the warmth of her own spark with my own." the Maximal leader replied.

"I know what you mean…" Quickstrike said back with a knowing tone.

"...I would give anything to have Ser-Ket back in my arms, nothing would be out of bounds." he added.

"But the truth is…..we can't, no matter how much we want it. All we can do is live on and carry their memory within us, despite how much it hurts." Onyx replied, earning an accepting nod from Quickstrike as the pair stood there in silence.


Six-Shot marched up the corridor, his entire being was enraged by what he had witnessed on Shockblast's terminal. The Con had watched every video that had been decrypted from what he found out was Galvatron's private database, which had raised another question in his mind.

'Why did Shockblast go out of his to break into Galvatron's terminal, what made him want to do such a thing?' he thought as he turned a corner and spotted one of Bridge's Terracons walking toward him.

"Soldier, is Lord Galvatron on the Bridge?" he asked, in a tone that hid the majority of the anger he was feeling at this point.

"No sir, our Lord is currently in his quarters." the Terracon replied, gaining a silent nod from his superior as he walked past.

"I believe he said he was not to be disturbed." the soldier added, but this fell on deaf ears as Six-Shot continued onwards, leaving the minion somewhat confused as he stood there in the corridor and watched.

In his quarters, Galvatron was busy looking through the reports he had received from the Captains of ships in the Predacon fleet. But his attention was caught by the door to his room opening, making him turn to see Six-Shot standing in the doorway with his pistol equipped and pointed at the Predacon Leader. He had a look of pure hate on his face as he narrowed his eyes at Galvatron.

"Six-Shot, what is the meaning of this!" he blasted as he got up from his desk and stood before his lieutenant.

"You dare to ask questions of me? After what you did to Shockblast and myself." the Predacon spat back as he just entered the room, but not enough to make the door close behind him. Galvatron stared back in surprise, completely caught off guard by his minion's words.

" know, but how?"

"That is not important, the fact that my Brother and I are not actually Predacons but are...Autobots!" Six-Shot replied.

"You should be thanking me since when we originally met, you and your Brother were weak and pathetic Cybertronians. But I reformatted you into stronger, more powerful beings." Galvatron said back in a justifying-like tone as he slowly moved his hand down toward his holstered pistol, but the other Predacon noticed and gestured for him to stop.

"Don't even think about it. You know I can't believe that we nearly killed that Asari for you, she was telling the truth about what you had done to us all along. Neither of us will ever remember the lives that you stole from us, and I can think of only one way to repay you for that." he said as his trigger finger started to tighten around his weapon's trigger but before he could end the Predacon Leader's life, a gunshot sounded out from behind him which made him flinch suddenly.

"Ugh!" he grimaced as he looked up at Galvatron in with a confused expression.

"What?" he added before falling to his knees as the Predacon Lord watched in surprise, then his eyes suddenly focused on the figure of Shockblast who walked into view and entered the doorway, earning a shocked look from his injured Brother.

"Shockblast? Why?" he said as blood filled his mouth, but the other Con merely looked down at him with a blank expression before aiming the pistol at Six-Shot's head and pulling the trigger. The shot went straight through his Brother's head, spattering blood on the wall of the doorway, before the body fell to the ground the head shot and back shot clear for Galvatron to see.

"Thank you Shockblast." the Predacon Lord said back in a relieved manner, as the other Con looked down at the corpse of his late brother.

"Shockblast?" he asked again, making his Lieutenant turn his attention to him.

"It was logical to ensure that there would be no witnesses." Shockblast replied as he stared blankly at Galvatron, who's own expression had changed to confused.

"What?" he replied as the other Con suddenly aimed his weapon at him.

"I should never have agreed to clone you from my Liege...Megatron." Shockblast said back coldly, making Galvatron's eyes widen in shock.

"Shockwave?" he muttered back, gaining a nod from the Decepticon possessed Predacon.

"That is correct, it gives me a very logical sense of pride to finally be called by my actual name." Shockwave replied while never taking his aim from the Predacon leader.

"How...How are you here?" Galvatron asked in return.

"It took me a while to formulate a logical reason, but I would say that I am here because my memories slowly overcame the mind of the one you called Shockblast. Therefore I now exist in this form and the other is forever erased." Shockwave replied as he stepped closer to his target.

"Once I knew that I was really here and in full control of this body, I began reading the Predacon files to discover what you had been up to since your reawakening, as well as decrypting your personal database. I never did find out what was there, but it is logical to believe that Six-Shot did so and that is the reason he was here to kill you, something that I will complete now."

"Shockwave wait, if the details of your sudden resurrection are true. Then it is because of 'me' that this happened." Galvatron pleaded knowing that he had to change his tactics to deal with this Decepticon, who would have no qualms with killing him there and then.

"Explain?" the Con replied with an emotionless tone.

"It was I that convinced Shockblast to download your memories into his mind, had I not then you would never have come to be here now."

"That is true, but I do not think that this is enough to not terminate your spark." Shockwave said back.

"True, but you said that you have studied our files. So surely you can see that I have accomplished more in my short time as Leader of Predacons, than Megatron ever did with his Decepticons." Galvatron replied with a confident tone underlining his words, earning a curious look from the Decepticon.

"That is logical, but?"

"But? But what? You have been given a second chance at life Shockwave, something that would never have occurred if it not been for me. So instead I offer you a place among my Predacons, so that you can assist me with the conquering of this galaxy." the Predacon Lord added, while Shockwave continued to stare back curiously.

"...And you will be able to continue with your scientific endeavours, no matter what they are." Galvatron then finished, a confident smile appearing on his face as he looked at the Decepticon who just stood there in a frozen pose. His gun still pointed at the Predacon Leader, though he had yet to pull the trigger.

"So will you join me or will you fire your weapon, killing me and making you a target to every Predacon on this ship? The choice is yours Shockwave, I hope you make the logical one." Galvatron added while Shockwave stood there and contemplated his answer as the door to his quarters closed behind him.
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