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Chapter XXXI

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The race is on as the Predacons discover the location of the Chaos Edge, and the Autobots are not far behind. Who will reach it first?

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Liara and Nightracer sat at their respective terminals, busy searching through the data that had been retrieved from the Predacon lab on Cybertron. They had both been at this for a few hours now, having found a number of entries that were interesting and informative about their enemies, and were completely focused on their work. So much so that neither even blinked when the door behind them opened, with Orion entering while carrying a tray with two mugs of coffee on it.

"Thought you two could use a pick-me-up." the blue haired Bot said, earning the women's attention as turned to face him.

"You read my mind Orion." Nightracer replied as she took one of the hot mugs in her hands and smelt the aroma.

"Definitely need a caffeine fix now." she added before taking a sip of the drink, while Liara gave Orion a very appreciative smile as he handed her the second mug.

"You know, you didn't need to bring me a drink just so you could see me Orion." the Asari said with coy-like tone and smile, which made the Bot almost blush as he stood there in front of her.

"I know..." he said back with a smile, before Nightracer faked a cough which made both Orion and Liara snap out of their little moment.

"...So how are you two getting along with the Intel?" the Bot asked with a slightly guilty tone, as he had forgotten that the Femme was even there.

"We have come across a lot of interesting and helpful data about the Predacons in the project of the same name." Nightracer replied before taking another sip of her drink.

"And we have also come across a number of coordinates that had been deciphered from Project Iacon, half of them were already highlighted as found." Liara added as she brought up the data on one of her holo-screens.

"I remember my Dad telling me stories about this, since it happened during the Earth-bound part of the Autobot/Decepticon War. These marked coordinates are where both sides had found a number of relics and weapons which had been launched from Cybertron, with the Star Saber being the last one to be located." Orion said back, gaining nods from the women.

"That is only because these last few coordinates are located elsewhere in the galaxy, so I guess neither the Autobots or Decepticons were able to search for these last ones." the Asari replied.

"I wonder what those ones are, maybe something like the 'Blades of Time' or the 'Requiem Blaster'." Nightracer said with a curious expression as she brought the images of both up on her own screen, earning the attention of Liara and Orion.

"Who knows, but we should send this data back to Autobot Command. They can then send out ships to these other co-ordinates and retrieve whatever is there, better they are in our hands than the Predacons." the blue haired Bot said.

"We were going to do just that." Liara said back with a knowing look, before turning her attention to the holo-screen on her far left which had the image of a bar scrolling from left to right and a percentage counting upwards on it.

"What's this doing?" Orion then asked as he looked at the screen.

"It's just decrypting another portion of the Intel..." Liara replied before it suddenly stopped at one hundred percent and pinged.

"...and it is done." she added as she typed on the holo-interface, bringing up a list of codes which made Nightracer's eyes widen as she recognised them.

"By the All-spark, we have just hit the jackpot." she exclaimed as Orion's face mirrored her own as he too recognised it.

"What are they?" Liara asked with a confused tone, having noticed the looks on her friends faces.

"They are Predacon communication frequencies, we can now listen in on the enemy." the blue haired Bot said back with a smile.

With this significant discovery now in their hands, the trio made their way to the CIC. Exiting the elevator to find Rodimus, Shen, Quickstrike, Smokescreen and Grunt standing next to the galaxy map, along with a holo-screen showing Onyx Primal looking back at them.

"So your saying we can now eaves drop on the Predacons...thats awesome." Smokescreen said with an enthusiastic tone, one that gained mirroring looks from the others around him.

"That's right, we just need to cycle through the frequencies until we find the one they are using now." Nightracer replied as Orion activated his holo-tool and connected it with the galaxy map's holo-emitter, making the image of the galaxy disappear and replacing it with a com-link frequency program.

"Good work, so lets begin." Rodimus said as he looked over to Liara and Nightracer, earning nods in return from them as Orion tapped a button on his holo-tool and activated the program, which began to search through each frequency.

"With this, we will be able to stop any Predacon attack before it happens. Maybe even figure out the locations of all their ships, letting us take the offensive." Grunt observed before the program suddenly stopped on one frequency and analysed it.

"Looks like we have found one." Orion stated before an unfamiliar voice suddenly spoke from the CIC speakers.

"This is the former Omega cruiser 'Venture' to the 'Nemesis', do you read?"

"Acknowledged, read you loud and clear." a female voice replied, one that several of the group recognised, especially Quickstrike.

"Rip-Claw!" he said, his voice tinged with anger.

"Quiet." Rodimus said back as everyone focused on the transmission.

"We are currently in the Traverse, near the galactic core. Orbiting a planet which the database calls 'Scissio'. It's data file claims that the planet is uninhabited and yet we are detecting an energy reading from it's northern hemisphere, it is only just readable but I believe that Lord Galvatron wished to be notified if we found such a reading." the Venture's officer said back.

"That is correct, I will inform our Lord of your finding. Good work Venture, we will be there shortly….Nemesis out." Rip-Claw finished, ending the transmission.

"Looks like we have our next destination." Grunt said, gaining a nod from Rodimus.

"Indeed, I will relay this information back to Autobot Command." he said before tapping his com-link.

"Jetstorm, I am sending you some coordinates, please set a course for this planet and prepare to engage the space-bridge generator."

"Roger that." the pilot replied as the Commander then turned his attention to Orion.

"Better get your team ready, we will be moving momentarily."

"Yes sir." his XO replied before looking back at the others.

"Lets get suited up." the blue haired Bot the said, gaining nods from everyone else as they headed for the elevator and got inside, with it's doors closing behind them once the group had entered it. Once gone, Rodimus returned his attention to the galaxy map and activated his holo-tool.

"Get me a secure channel to Autobot Command."


The doors to Galvatron quarters opened and both the Predacon Lord and Shockwave exited the room together, as the former placed his hand on the latter's shoulder.

"You have made the right choice Shockwave, together we will strengthen the Predacons and truly bring this galaxy under our rule. This will be the age of the Predacons."

"If I may say, I do not believe that it would be logical to let the rest of them know of my real identity. It is doubtful that they would understand." the Decepticon replied, gaining a nod from Galvatron.

"I agree, it will be easier to convince the others of Six-Shot's duplicity since he has shown elements of it already, very well. When you are out among the rest, you are to keep Shockblast's identity. I alone will call you by your real name and then only when we are alone."

Then before either Con could speak again, the ship's inter-com activated.

"Lord Galvatron, this is Rip-Claw speaking." the Femme then announced, earning a low growl from the Predacon Leader.

"Yes, I read you. What is it?" he replied with a sour tone to his voice, which was easily picked up by the Femme.

"...uh… my of our ships, the Venture has picked up an anomalous reading on a planet in the Traverse."

Galvatron's eyes widened as he realised what this meant, and that was not the only sign he received as he felt his Master's presence surround him again.

"That is where the Chaos Edge lies my Herald, I can feel it in 'our' spark." Unicron's voice spoke in the mind of the Predacon Leader.

'I agree Master.' he thought back, earning a curious expression from Shockwave.

"My liege...?" he asked, before Galvatron looked back at him after a moment of silence.


"You had gone quiet for a moment, is everything alright?" the Decepticon replied.

"Yes, everything is fine..." the Predacon Lord said back as he felt Unicron's presence fade away again, and then returned his attention to the inter-Com.

"Rip-Claw, have the planet's coordinates plotted into the space bridge generator and open a portal. I will join you in the CIC at once." he commanded.

"Yes my Lord." the Femme replied before the transmission ended, leaving Galvatron alone with Shockwave again.

"I should return to my laboratory and restart my projects again." the Decepticon stated, earning a nod from his leader.

Of course Shockwave. Also, there is something I will have transported there for you later on." Galvatron replied, gaining a curious expression from Shockwave.


"More like someone. A person who has betrayed our cause. I have read your files on this….person, she has disgusted me that much that I can not even bring myself to say her name. But you have a lot of experience with her and I believe you can correct her and return the Femme to our ranks." the Predacon Leader answered.

"Of course my Liege." Shockwave replied before walking away towards an elevator while Galvatron headed towards the CIC.

A moment later and the Predacon Lord entered the Command center to the sight of a space bridge vortex opening beyond the glass canopy that separated the Predacons there from the void of space, the green energy of the portal pulsing before them.

"Report!" Galvatron commanded as he joined Rip-Claw on the catwalk that overlooked the Terracons, who were working at their stations below.

"My Lord, the Nemesis is ready to join the Venture in orbit around Scissio. Only your word is required to proceed." the Femme replied.

"The word is given, take us to Scissio." he said back, earning a nod from the Terracon at the helm. And then almost instantly the Nemesis began moving toward the space-bridge, it's bright green spiral growing larger as they closed in.

"Rip-Claw, stand at ease." Galvatron then said, earning a confused and uncertain expression from the Femme.

"My Lord?"

"I know what you are thinking, but you can relax. Six-Shot has taken on your punishment." the Predacon Leader replied, gaining a surprised look from her instead.

"What?" the Femme said back in an almost stunned tone, while Galvatron stared back with resolute stare.

"He attacked me and I killed him for it, because I will not suffer insubordination from anyone under my command….is that clear?"

"Yes sir, does that mean you are giving me another chance. Because I feel shame, all the way to the core of my spark for failing you on Omicron." Rip-Claw replied with a regretful tone, earning a nod from the Predacon Lord who narrowed his eyes at her.

"Yes, but now stop your grovelling or else I will change my mind." he spat back, gaining a sudden alert expression from the Femme who began to step away and nod.

"Yes sir, of course. Just give me an order and I will see it done." she replied with a tinge of fear in her voice, making Galvatron roll his eyes before staring back at her.

"I want you to prepare a platoon of Terracons to join me down on the planet along with Blight, Vertebreak, Lazerback and Darksteel. I also want Predaking, Skystalker and Grimwing on standby in case we have any trouble with the Autobots and their own Predacon beast appear, though that should be highly unlikely."

"Of course my Lord, I will see it done." Rip-Claw replied before turning around and walking out of the CIC just as the Nemesis entered the vortex, then a bright flash later the view changed as Galvatron could see a brown and green planet beyond the glass canopy as the ship exited the portal and entered orbit of Scissio with the Venture entering formation alongside it.


While the Predacons began to ready their ground-forces on their side of the planet, the Normandy in its stealth mode entered Scissio's orbit on it's other side. In the Cargo-bay, the entire team were readying themselves for the fight ahead as they checked their armour and weapons. Rodimus entered the room and immediately gained everyone's attention as they stared in surprise, since the Commander was in his own armour.

"Rodimus, your coming with us on this one?" Smokescreen asked, gaining a nod from the leader as he walked over to the weapons locker and picked out a pistol and assault rifle.

"Yes, since Autobot Command feels that this mission could be the most significant engagement of our conflict with the Predacons." he replied, earning a smile from the Bot and a nod from Grunt who stood at his side.

"It's been too long since we last fought together." the Krogan replied as he placed a hand on the Commander's shoulder for a second.

"So what is the mission?" Shen asked, gaining the trio's attention.

"Our sensors have detected two signals from the planet's surface, which are both within several kilometres of each other. One is the strange energy signature...the very reason that the Predacons are even here, while the other was a ground-bridge of which two MAKOs and a platoon of Terracons exited from." Rodimus said back before looking over at Orion.

"Now one of the vehicles has left the area, moving towards the mystery reading. Which means that the other MAKO and the remaining troops make up a sort of FOB."

"Why's that then? I mean surely they could just open another ground-bridge elsewhere." Quickstrike said back with a confused tone, making the Autobot Commander shake his head in return.

"Well this planet is certainly very different from most planets in our galaxy, our sensor scans have picked up an anomalous energy reading which appears to surround and bind the planet to its very core." Rodimus said as he activated his holo-tool and brought up the scans of Scissio.

"I am no scientist, but it looks like the planet is only half here and half elsewhere. The only really solid piece of information here is that it is in an unstable condition." he added as Liara stepped toward the image with a thoughtful expression.

"What your talking about sounds like a dimensional flux." she said, gaining curious looks from everyone.

"Could we get an explanation to go with that please?" Shen then asked.

"It was a theory I remember hearing about that was doing the rounds in the Asari Scientific community, though I do not remember the name of the individual who produced the theory. But 'dimensional flux' is when something has been caught between two separate but neighbouring dimensions or universes. Like most Asari I did not take to this theory since there had never been any evidence to support the claim, I guess we were all wrong." the Asari replied.

"Well theories aside, whatever the planet is going through will hinder our ground and space-bridge ability inside it's atmosphere, just like it has for the Predacons. We can only open up a Vortex in one location, that is why the enemy are defending that area. It is their only avenue back to the Nemesis." Rodimus replied, earning a nod from Orion.

"So I take it we will be taking the area back from them." he said back with a knowing tone.

"Exactly, we will attack their beach-head after Galvatron has left to investigate the anomalous reading. Then we will split up into two teams, Orion you will take your team and pursue the Predacon leader. Your job will be to stop him from acquiring whatever it is that he is after. My team will stay and prepare an ambush, on the off chance you are not successful." the Commander replied, before looking over at the others.

"Smokescreen, Grunt, you will be with me and Shen, you will take up a sniper position."

The three nodded as Orion Stood beside the others not already named by Rodimus.

"So I will take Liara, Quickstrike and Nightracer with me after Galvatron."

"Yes...and Onyx, if you could join us too. Just on the chance that the other Predacon beasts appear." the Commander added, earning a nod from the Maximal on the holo-screen.

"Of course." he replied, gaining a confident smile from Rodimus who then tapped his com-link.

"Alright, Jetstorm prepare to open a Ground-bridge at the coordinates stated, we will let Onyx through first before the rest of us follow through..." he said before equipping his rifle and looking back at the others.

"...Lets get on with it."


Down on the surface of Scissio, its landscape was a mixture of mountains and hill-like terrain. The later being covered mostly in grass, giving a strong green vibe to the it which was well balanced against the brown dirt of the mountains. Standing in what could only be described as a valley, a Terracon was walking round the currently not in use MAKO, keeping vigil as he patrolled the area alongside his comrades when his com-link activated.

"Th…is…..Galva…tron….rep..rt… ." the Predacon Leader spoke over the link, earning a confused expression from the soldier.

"My Lord? I can not understand, there is too much interference over the com-link." he replied with a slightly fearful tone, like he could just imagine the reaction of his leader at this very moment.

" !…I…ca..nt…ma..e…yo…ot!" Galvatron spat back through the crackling and hissing noises, and the tone of his voice sent dread through the Terracon's spark before the transmission fizzled out.

"My Lord? My Lord?" he said back before his attention was caught by what sounded like a strong wind in the distance.

"Did you hear that?" he said to the other Terracon closest to him, earning the Con's attention.

"Yeah, sounds like we might have a storm on the way." his friend said back, making him shake his head in return.

"This whole planet is wrong, I mean there isn't just the energy reading that Lord Galvatron is investigating. Everything here is strange, from the anomalous readings that this place is giving off and now weather patterns that come out of nowhere. I just want to get back to the ship."

Then the wind picked up again, earning the attention of every Terracon there as they stood alert, with their weapons ready.

"I don't think that sounds like a..." another soldier said before suddenly a jet black Dragon flew low overhead, with the Terracons caught in his wake being knocked to the ground by it's force.

"That's not one of ours." one Terracon said as the beast flew back around and started to circle the group, making the enemies fire back with their weapons once they got back to their feet.

"That one is with the Autobots, kill it." the lead Terracon ordered, while another equipped a rocket launcher and aimed it at the Dragon.


The soldier then pulled the trigger and fired the rocket, which shot soared up into the air towards the giant beast. Unfortunately for the group, the black dragon had spotted the incoming projectile and managed to evade it, by spinning around onto it's back and folding in it's wings. The beast then started to fall, but this was enough to make the projectile miss it's target and fly over the metallic creature harmlessly as continued into the open air behind it. The black dragon the turned it's body back round and extended it's wings, catching the air beneath them and stopping it's decent as the beast began to fly again.

"Damn it..." the lead Terracon spat before he interrupted by the sound of a rifle being shot echoed around him, making the Con look around until he saw one of his comrades fall dead to the ground.

"We're under attack, defend the area." he shouted before kneeling down and tapping his com-link.

"Lord Galvatron, we are under attack. I repeat we are..." he said in a hurried and alert tone before he was quickly cut off by a bullet flying straight through his head.

"Now" Rodimus then shouted as he and the rest of the Autobots revealed themselves from their hiding places in the long grass, gunning down the hapless Terracons who stood in their way. Meanwhile above everyone else, Onyx Primal opened his jaws and released several fireballs which hit spots around the battle, trying to scare the enemy even more. Which was working as several panicked when the ground burst to into flames near them, making them scramble into view of the other Bots who then gunned them down.

But as the Terracons positioned in the open around the beach head fell, there were three who were using the remaining MAKO as cover so that they could safely return fire against their enemies. Orion was in a kneeling position as he fired back at the Terracons and beside he stood Liara, who had erected a biotic barrier to protect them.

"Liara, you can make this barrier move with us right?" he asked as the Asari had her hands outstretched before her, focusing on maintaining the barrier.

"Of course, why are you asking?" she replied with a curious tone, earning a confident smile from the blue haired Bot with bullets continued to impact against the energy field in front of them.

"Then lets get those Terracons." he said, gaining a smile from Liara who nodded and then looked back towards the enemy soldiers, who were still firing at them despite none of their shots penetrating the barrier. So the pair started to move forward, toward the Terracons who tried nothing else other than what they had already been doing.

Liara kept her mind focused on the barrier, pushing aside any thoughts that could weaken the energy field as Orion holstered the assault rifle on his back in the right slot and then unsheathed the Star-Saber, before readying himself to attack as the pair were now only a few feet from the Terracons, while the rest of the Autobots finished off the others. The enemies then suddenly dropped their weapons and launched themselves at the Bot and Asari, activating their beast modes and becoming enraged.

"Now!" the blue haired Bot exclaimed as Liara dropped the barrier and Orion swung the Saber at the nearest Terracon, it's blade glowing blue as it sliced clean through the enemy. Meanwhile his Asari companion used a biotic slam to knock the Terracon closest to her into the side of the MAKO, as Orion moved onto the next beast-like soldier while his first kill lay on the ground in two parts. He sliced off it's arm with the Star Saber before running the blade through it's chest, making the beast-man cry out in pain. The Spectre then quickly pulled the Saber back out and immediately decapitated the Terracon, before noticing that all the enemies in the area were now dead.

"Wow." Quickstrike exclaimed, making both Orion and Liara turn round to see the blonde Bot staring at the Star-Saber in his cousin's hand, it's blade still glowing a gentle blue.

"I thought you couldn't use it like that, I mean only a Prime can make it glow that way…right?"

The blue haired Bot looked back and shrugged his shoulders.

"I just focused on the blade, but I cannot unleash energy waves. I guess that feature really does require you to be a Prime." he replied with a slightly uncomfortable tone, having noticed that everyone else was now standing around the pair with impressed expressions on their faces, just as Onyx Primal landed and transformed back into his Cybertronian form.

"I could do with a blade like that." Grunt said a somewhat jealous tone, which earned a smirk from Smokescreen as he stood beside him.

"You don't need it Grunt, you can tear people apart with your bare hands." he joked, earning a low growl from the Krogan.

"Good job everyone, phase one of the plan is a success. We have control of the beach-head, now…." Rodimus began to say before stopping short, since his attention was drawn to Shen running up to the group from his sniper-spot.

"Shen, what you doing here?"

"Rodimus, I thought I would come down and tell you guys in person that our com-links will not work." the Turian replied, gaining a confused expression from the Commander.

"What are you talking about….." he replied before tapping his com-link.

"…Normandy come in…..Normandy, this is Rodimus….come in?"

But the only response Rodimus received was static, so he looked back at Shen who had a knowing expression in return.

"My sniper rifle has a micro-phone that can pick up conversations at certain ranges, and I could see that the Terracons were having similar issues trying to contact Galvatron."

"So that means we can't keep in touch with each other or the ship….perfect." Quickstrike replied with a tinge of annoyance in his tone.

"Well then, it's a good job that I have a remote control to the ground-bridge isn't it." Rodimus said back as he activated his holo-tool, revealing the remote trigger to the team.

"Now that is a relief." Shen said as Orion took a step towards the Commander.

"But this also gives us an advantage, since the Terracons would be unable to warn Galvatron that we were here." the young Darby said, gaining a nod from Rodimus.

"Exactly, and we should get a move on. So Orion, take the MAKO with your team and intercept Galvatron. My team and I will dig in here and prepare a surprise for the Predacons, should they manage to get back with whatever it is they are after."

"Alright, Liara, Nightracer, Quickstrike. Lets go." the blue haired Bot said back as he opened the vehicle's door access hatch with his holo-tool, then the two women and his cousin got inside before the Spectre took one last look at Rodimus and the others.

"Good luck."

"Good luck to us all Orion." the Commander replied, earning a nod from the blue haired Bot before he got into the MAKO and closed the hatch behind him. Then the vehicle's engine activated and it moved away from the area, following the tracks left by Galvatron's as the other team watched.

"Alright, Shen get back to your spot and keep an eye out. Smokescreen, Grunt….time to dig in." Rodimus then said, earning nods from the others as they began preparing for what could likely be the last battle.
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