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Chapter XXXII

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Can Orion and his team stop Galvatron from retrieving the Chaos Edge, or will the Predacons emerge victorious and come that much closer to galactic domination.

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As the MAKO traversed the grass covered plains, following the tracks left by Galvatron and his own vehicle. Orion sat in the driver's seat and controlled the heavily armoured tank via it's holo-interface directly in front of him, Liara sat beside him in the passenger's seat while Nightracer and Quickstrike were located behind them.

"Orion, your noticing this too right?" the Asari asked while gesturing to environment they were passing through, earning a curious look from the Spectre.

"If you mean how the vegetation is slowly disappearing around us, yes I have noticed this Liara." he replied as both looked at the monitors in front of them, showing the greenery which had been so prominent when they had arrived on Scissio slowly decaying to brown and grey rock and dirt.

"It must be something to do with the energy signal, which is getting stronger the more with close on it." Orion replied as he saw the environment they were passing through become even more desolate and lifeless, with the hilly terrain being replaced with a mountainous region.

"Er… guys, you noticing that?" Quickstrike asked as he pointed at one monitor, which was showing the outskirts of one set of small mountains that stretches across the horizon and yet had a curvature to it.

"I can't see the readouts from your console Orion, but my guess is that energy signature is coming from over those mountains ahead of us." the blond Bot added, making his cousin who look down at the sensors before nodding back.

"Yeah, that's where it is coming from. So I say we take this a little closer and then carry on by foot, hiding the MAKO behind one of those rock formations at their base."

"Good idea, the mountains are not shaped like what we have come to expect from mountains. I just ran a scan of the area ahead, it seems that this region was created from what looks like to me like an earthquake, one that started from where ever this energy signal is located and spread outwards." Liara replied as she focused on the holo-interface before her.

"Like when a tsunami is formed in an ocean?" Nightracer asked, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"Exactly, a very powerful event must have occurred just over those mountains that changed the environment to what it is now."

"And now Galvatron wants to get his hands on it." Quickstrike added, earning a serious expression from his cousin who looked back at the others.

"Let's make sure he doesn't then." he said as the MAKO continued to close in on the location.

Meanwhile just ahead of them, Galvatron sat in side passenger's seat of his MAKO with Lazerback in the drivers seat and looking at the holo-displays in front, while the other Predacons took up the aft section of the vehicle. Their journey was almost over as the MAKO reached the top, which made the Predacon's eyes widen as he stared at the image on the screen. For what it was like nothing he had seen before, as in front of the vehicle was an massive impact crater several miles wide. The mountain they had climbed was actually no mountain, but instead the crater's ejecta which ran it's entire circumfrance.

"That's unbelievable." Lazerback said, while the other Predacons and Terracons got up from their seats to look at the images appearing on the monitors.

"That is some powerful scrap that made that." Darksteel replied, earning a dark grin from Galvatron.

"And it will be mine. Lazerback, take us down to it's center now." he then added, gaining a nod from the Predacon as the MAKO drove down into the depths of the crater.

Several minutes later and the vehicle came to a abrupt stop, it's wheels kicking up some dust in the process before the access hatch on it's side opened up and Galvatron climbed out and took in his surroundings. For he was now standing in the Bottom of crater which was that deep, it had blocked out the sunlight and cooled the air around him and his Predacons.

"Chilly." Blight said as he saw his own breath in front of him while he and the others climbed out and joined their Leader. But Galvatron merely ignored his men as his attention was caught by what was directly in the center of the sunk-in area only a few metres away.

"There it is." he said while looking at two swords embedded in the ground blade first, one was rusty and ancient, looking somewhat familiar to Galvatron yet he could not put his finger on why, while the other pulsed with a red energy that was flowing down the engraved patterns on it's blade.

"What in the pit...why is there two swords embedded at the center of this crater." Lazerback asked with a confused tone, while his leader walked closer to the blades.

"My Lord, perhaps you should keep your distance. We know nothing of..." Vertabreak said with a worried tone, but Galvatron continued toward the blades, reaching out his hand to the hilt of the red one.

"There is nothing to fear, I know what I am doing." he replied while never taking his eyes off the sword.

"But..." the Predacon said back, before he was suddenly cut off by the sight of Galvatron gripping his hand around the weapon's hilt and pulling it out from the ground and into the air.

"The Chaos Edge, at is back in 'my hands'." he exclaimed, gaining confused expressions from his Predacon warriors.

"What do you mean...back in your hands?" Lazerback asked before the ground, as if on cue started to shake as a tremor hit the crater from beneath.

"What in the scrap is happening now?" Blight said, his voice tinged with fear as the ground continued to shake. But even as this tremor shook the ground and area around them, Galvatron did not even notice as he looked up at the red glowing blade in his hand. But then he suddenly tensed up as if he was having a sort of seizure, his eyes glowed purple and the energy glowing from within the engravings changed from red to purple.

"What's happening to him?" Vertabreak exclaimed in a frightened tone, which made Blight rush over to his master and attempt to snap Galvatron out of it by grabbing his shoulder. But instead there was a flash of red ane purple energy which suddenly sent the Con flying.

"Blight!" Lazerback shouted as Vertebreak rushed to his hurt comrade and helped him back to his feet, all the while Galvatron continued to be frozen while holding aloft the blade.

"What's happened to him?" Vertebreak asked as the trio just stared at their Master.

"I have no idea, but don't touch him." Lazerback replied, gaining a knowing look from the Con.

"Yeah like I am going to try that now, after what just happened to Blight."

"But what can we do to help Lord Galvatron?" Lazerback asked as the three looked back at their Master, who was frozen to the spot as his mind became overwhelmed by images and sounds.

'The Predacon Leader found himself standing in grass covered plains as day gave way to night with 'dusk' taking over the sky above him, and he noticed that the plains went on for as far as the eye could see. But as he took in his surroundings, his attention was quickly turned by the sounds of metal and foot falls approaching from behind him and so turned round to see an army of soldiers marching towards him in columns alongside what looked like tanks and other heavy artillery.

They looked almost Cybertronian in their features but were wearing armour that looked alien to the Predacon Lord, which could only be described like liquid metal being held into smooth and sublime stylings that made the soldiers look god-like in their appearance. Each soldier was carrying a staff-like weapon in one hand and a circular shield in the other, while also keeping a sword holstered on their utility belts. The tanks and machinery accompanying them looked of similar design to their armour and weapons, and all ground vehicles were hovering nearly a foot off the ground as they moved, emitting a low white light from their under-carriage.

'Must be some kind of anti-gravity tech.' Galvatron thought as he found himself in the center of this large army which continued onwards, and still none of the soldiers acknowledged Galvatron as they passed him, earning a confused expression from the Predacon.

'Is this real? Why can't they see me?' he thought before suddenly everyone stopped, including the soldiers and the vehicles.

'What is happening?' Galvatron could not help but think before his spark started to warm, which made the Predacon look to his left just as a soldier stopped beside him. He certainly was no ordinary soldier as he was wearing a dark gold and bronze armour with matching helmet which had two curved spikes, on either side reaching for the heavens. His armour had a similar design with large curved spikes on his shoulder guards and smaller ones on his gauntlets, and his boots had two twin spikes covering his knees.

Galvatron took a look at the newcomer's face and saw that he had a very well-trimmed beard that went down into a single point like the edge of a knife, as well as red glowing optics. And while this all earned a very familiar feeling from the Predacon Leader, it was not until this man unsheathed his blade that he truly recognised him.

'That's the Chaos Edge…it's Unicron…..but that means that this must be before written history...I cannot believe my eyes.' he thought before another soldier wearing a similar gold and silver armour, which looked far less threatening and more like the armour that had been worn by Jackson Prime. This soldier looked very similar to Unicron except for the beard and blue optics, he also held in his right hand a blade which suddenly brought up the memories of Megatron inside the Predacon's mind.

'That looks almost like the Star-Saber'.' he started to think before he was interrupted as Unicron turned to the other, looking right through Galvatron as though he was not even there.

"How are you feeling Brother?" he asked, making the Predacon observer's eyes widen as he then knew who the second person was.


"I am ready Unicron, as are our forces. I just hope the others are ready with their own, or else this will be a very short battle." his brother replied before looking away to the eastern horizon with a concerned expression, which did not go unnoticed by Unicron.

"Do not fret Primus, the others will be ready. And so will Theia, I doubt your bond-partner would wish to fight anywhere other than at your side in this battle." he said back in a supportive tone as he placed his free hand on Primus's shoulder.

"She will be at your side by the time this battle is over, and we will all share in the glory of this day."

"I wish I shared your confidence brother, but then again you always did enjoy fighting more than I." Primus replied as he sighed, for he could see it in Unicron's optics….that desire for battle and warfare which had always eluded himself.

"My brother, always worried for my well-being. Well fear not, for as long as you are fighting at my side, we will never be defeated….not even by this 'darkness' that has blighted our species since we arrived on this planet."

"You mean that 'mistake' the High Council should never have let happen." Primus replied, earning a knowing look from Unicron.

"What the Council did was the for the best of all 'Aeonians', our Empire stretches across the entire universe because of their leadership. We are practically 'Gods' compared to the organic species we have come across in our expansion, so what is wrong with acquiring the power to make us so?"

"Because if God-hood is really meant to be in our reach, then fate will see it so. But because we tried to force it to happen, we instead brought on the very 'darkness' that we have barely held at bay." Primus replied, gaining an optic roll from his brother.

"Even with the fate of our entire species on the line, you can still find the time to disagree with me Primus. I find it a small victory when we do agree on something."

"If the force behind creation wanted us to all be of one mind and opinion, then we would not have been given free will. Besides, despite all your grievances with us not being able to agree on most things. I know that deep down, you actually like arguing with me." Primus replied with a smirk, that made his brother sigh and smile back.

"You know me so well brother."

Then before anything else could be said, one of the soldiers approached the brothers, making them both look in his direction.

"Lord Unicron, Lord Primus. I have just received word from the other Lords….they are ready to attack when you are." he said, earning a nod from Unicron while his brother looked toward the plains directly in front of them.

"That's good timing, because 'its' coming our way." he replied while raising his blade towards the massive black liquid-like mass which broke free from the ground and began moving towards the army and with that Unicron and Primus moved to the front-line and faced their men, while Galvatron continued to observe quietly.

"Aeonians, hear me." Unicron shouted, earning the attention of each and every soldier within the range of his voice.

"We stand on the edge of an abyss, with our sparks now the only light that stands against the void which threatens to consume the entire universe and ourselves with it. But we shall not fear the darkness for we are Aeonians. We never give up and we never fail, and so we will conquer this 'force' and prove once again to the entire cosmos why we were why we were the 'first'…and why we are still here!" he added while thrusting the Chaos Edge into the air.

"For Aeonia!" he then screamed at the top of his voice, earning a mirrored reaction from every single Bot and Femme standing there in the army before him and his brother. Unicron then turned and thrust his sword toward the approaching darkness, Primus standing beside him with his Saber drawn.

"Attack!" he then finished before both brothers then charged towards the danger, with their whole army following behind as they ran past Galvatron who could only watch as the battle began before his very eyes. But even though this unknown and undocumented event was occurring right in front of his being, he found his attention was taken by what looked like a star shining far more brightly in the sea of stars that blanketed the sky of Scissio. The Predacon Leader stared up at the constellation that this one brightest star was shining in, and a name came to his mind.

'That must be where the planet Unicron was on about is located….'Aeonia'.' he thought before suddenly everything went white around him, making the Con close his eyes.'

"Lord Galvatron…" a familiar voice then called, which made the Predacon Leader reopen his eyes and find himself surrounded by his lieutenants at the crater's center once again.

"…are you alright my Lord?" Lazerback asked while Galvatron looked around, as if still not entirely convinced look on his face.

"My Lord?" the Predacon then repeated, earning a nod from his Master who looked back at him and smiled.

"I am fine Lazerback…..and thanks to this relic, I know where the Predacon cause can achieve its greatest victory." he added while the others looked at the blade in his possession.

"What do you mean Lord Galvatron?" Blight replied with a curious expression.

"I was shown a vision of the distant past, a battle that was fought on this very planet." the Predacon Lord replied, which heightened the curiosity of the group as they stood round him.

"What battle, who was involved and what was it about?" Vertabreak asked.

"It does not matter Vertabreak, it has long since past and knowledge of it is not a requirement for our cause. But we need to get back to the Nemesis,so I can find our next destination via the galaxy map." Galvatron replied, earning a disappointed expression from the Con while the others looked ready to move.

"Your not going anywhere!" a voice suddenly spoke out, making his Lieutenants and Terracons turn round with their weapons to find Orion and his team standing in their way with their own weapons ready.

"Autobots!" Blight spat as he opened fire on their enemies, making the Bots dive for cover behind the boulders that were scattered around the area. The his comrades and the soldiers with them joined him as they kept the pressure with continuous fire on Orion and his friends, who returned the weapons fire in kind from the boulders, taking down three of the several Terracons supporting the other Predacons.

"Looks like we could use a hand here, they outnumber us three to one". Nightracer said, earning a smile from Orion who then shot two Terracons down in a row.

"I think we an handle them." he replied, as Quickstrike noticed the blade in the Predacon Leader's hand.

"What was that sword in Galvatron's hand?" he said over the sound of the gunfire to his cousin as Nightracer and Liara returned fire.

"I don't know, but we can't let him keep it." the blue haired Bot replied while the Asari next to him spotted the other blade still embedded in the ground next to the Predacon group.

"Is it me or does that look like your Star Saber?" she asked, earning a curious look from Orion as he took a glance at the said blade.

"It does look very similar, lets take care of his entourage so we can ask him." he replied with a hint of sarcasm, which made the others smile as his cousin killed another Terracon.

Meanwhile, Lazerback had noticed how quickly they were losing the advantage and looked back at his Master, a serious expression on his face.

"My Lord, we need to get you out of here." he said, gaining a nod from Galvatron.

"Yes, we can not afford for this distraction to delay us." he replied, as Blight emptied a clip against the Autobots and took cover to reload.

"Then Lazerback, you and Darksteel get our Lord out of here. Vertabreak and I can cover your escape." he said as he looked at them all, his expression was very serious and composed. They could see that he was committed to this decision, as did Vertabreak.

"Very well, but I will not leave you on this planet. Once we are clear, get free of this area and I will have a shuttle pick you up once I am back on the Nemesis." Galvatron replied, earning nods from the pair.

"What are they up to?" Quickstrike asked before suddenly a grenade was thrown into the open ground between the two groups.

"Grenade!" Nightracer shouted as they remained behind their cover as the device exploded, and the air was once again filled with gun fire as the Predacons continued their defence. Orion took a peek from behind his boulder and fired his weapon back at the enemies, killing the last Terracon before noticing that only two Predacons remained in the area.

"Where are the others?" he shouted to his friends who were still returning fire, which was impacting harmlessly against the large rocks that the Cons were behind.

"There, they are heading for their MAKO." Liara replied as she pointed to Galvatron, Lazerback and Darksteel who had made it to their vehicle.

"Damn it, we've got to stop them." the blue haired Bot stated with tinge of anger to his voice as they watched the MAKO then power up and take off back up to the top of the crater, before refocusing on the Predacons still attacking them.

On board the Predacon vehicle, Galvatron activated his holo-tool and began typing on it's keyboard, earning a puzzled expression from Darksteel.

"My Lord, what are you doing?"

"We cannot use our com-links down here, so I am sending a timed pulse signal that should pass through the interference in the atmosphere and to our ships."

"You mean something similar to what Humans called Morse code?" Lazerback asked while keeping his attention on his driving.

"Exactly, I found this data entry on the Federation database. And our computers should recognise and translate it for those on board, so that they can send us some back-up." the Predacon Leader replied while he continued to type, before then pressing the send button.

"Done, now we have no choice but to wait," he added, earning nods from his Predacons.

"Should we stop and wait, or carry on back to the ground-bridge? I mean there are probably Autobots there waiting for us," Lazerback replied.

"Carry on, we can't let them stop us." the Predacon Lord said back as their MAKO crossed over the crater-s ejecta and back down it's mountainous side.

While this was happening, Orion and his friends found themselves pinned down by the two remaining Predacons, as they had moved to two separate locations and were relentless in their attacks.

"Why couldn't it be just two Terracons remaining, they are so easy to kill compared to these guys." Quickstrike moaned between bursts from his rifle, earning a knowing expression from Nightracer.

"Because that's life, now quit your moaning and fight." she replied, which gained a smile from Liara who looked over to the Autobot Spectre beside her.

"That put him in his place."

"Yeah, but he has a point. Every moment we waste here is another step behind Galvatron. We need to end this now." Orion replied with a thoughtful expression, before looking back at the others.

"Do either of you have a grenade of some sort?"

Nightracer looked at her utility belt and showed it to her friend.

"I have a flash bang."

"That will do…" he replied back before looking at Liara who could read on his face what he was thinking.

"I will be ready, do you want me to kill them?" she said back.

"I just want them out of the way, we don't have time to be thorough." the blue haired Bot replied, earning a nod from her.

"Okay Quickstrike, we will fire on them on 'One' and then Nightacer will toss the flash bang on 'Two'…." he said back to the others over the gunfire, gaining a smile from Liara.

"And I go on 'Three'." she finished, earning a similar expression from the Bot.

"Exactly." he replied, the Asari nodding in return as the gunfire suddenly stopped and they could hear the Predacons reloading."

"One!" Orion then shouted as both he and his cousin got up and emptied their clips at the enemies who remained behind their cover.

"Two!" he then shouted as they both got back down and Nightracer tossed the grenade between the two Cons and dropped behind the boulder with the others.

"Scrap!" Blight shouted out loud before the grenade went off, giving off a blinding light to the entire area. Once it died down a split second later, he and Vertabreak stumbled out from their cover half blind and deaf.

"Three!" Orion then shouted as Liara stood up and using her biotics, lifted the two Cons into the air and slammed them into each other before throwing them back to the ground. She then looked back to see her friends stand up from behind the boulders.

"Nice." Quickstrike said back, while Nightracer gave the Asari a curious expression.

"Are they dead?"

"It doesn't matter, let's go. We need to stop Galvatron." Orion jumped in as he began to rush back up the crater's side, the others nodded in return and followed. But not before Liara activated her holo-tool and scanned an image of the ancient sword that still embedded in the ground there.

'This will be interesting.' she thought before glancing over to the two unconscious Predacons and then headed after her friends.


Back at the beach-head, Rodimus waited in the long grass with both Smokescreen and Grunt either side of him though several metres away, while they waited to see who would return from the signal's location. It was a thirty minute journey to the energy signal's location by MAKO and they had now been waiting fourty eight minutes, which was now showing amongst the others. Smokescreen had started a conversation with Shen over the com-link twice and twice Rodimus had to stop them, Grunt too was growing restless and had impatiently begun re-checking his weapons, but he remained quiet and that had Rodimus worried.

'I hope the others are alright, I just wish there was some other way to find out what was happening other than waiting.' he thought before Shen suddenly came over to him.

"Commander, I have a contact heading towards us from the direction of the energy signal." Shen said, making Rodimus pick up his rifle and get ready. He looked at both Smokescreen and Grunt and they had done the same, the latter actually looked happy that something was finally happening.

"Talk to me Shen, what do you see?"

The Turian then looked through the scope of his sniper rifle at the vehicle which was still at least over a kilometre away.

"This one has no sign of damage from our fire fight earlier, so I would say that this is the Predacons approaching." Shen replied.

"Damn, that means Orion and the others failed. I hope they are okay?" Smokescreen interjected, earning a sigh from the Commander.

"Whatever has happened, we will deal with it later. But at this moment the enemy is approaching and we have to focus on stopping them." he said back, earning nods from the others at their respective positions.

"How long until they get here Shen?" he then added.

"At the speed they are moving, I would say just over five minutes." the Turian replied.

"Okay then. Smokescreen, time to arm the Claymores that we have positioned between us and the MAKO and everyone, time for final-checks on your weapons. No matter what, the Predacons can not leave here alive….understood?" Rodimus said with a commanding tone,

"Understood." the others replied in unison as they readied themselves for the approaching enemies, with Smokescreen using his holo-tool to activate the mines while Grunt ran through his weapons checks one last time and Shen himself had gone back to his sniping spot. The Commander though just got into a kneeling position, with his head only just above the top of the long grass and aimed his rifle at the MAKO that was still just a small shiny dot at the edge of his vision.

'This is it.' he thought before suddenly a space bridge vortex suddenly opened up nearby and the three giant Predacon beasts burst out of it and ascended up into the sky.

"What the?" Smokescreen exclaimed as the Autobots looked up at the Dragons.

"They are flying towards the signal's location." Grunt said with an urgent tone in his voice.

"Galvatron must have called them in to help against Orion and the others, so they are still alive." Smokescreen said back with a relieved tone.

"Well not for much longer, Rodimus why did you have to send Onyx to check the surrounding area. We could certainly use him right now, don't you think?" the Krogan spat back, but the Commander just remained calm.

"Watch it Grunt, remember who's in charge here…. and I have it covered." he added before a familiar roar echoed through the sky, one that made the flying Predacon beasts suddenly slow their speed as they looked around. Then suddenly Onyx in beast mode burst out of the clouds and flew directly at the enemy dragons, firing three fireballs at them, making Predaking dive low and both Skystalker and Grimwing break left and right respectively.

"That's more like it." Grunt exclaimed happily as Rodimus noticed the MAKO very nearly upon them.

"Okay guys, let's do this." he said as they got into kneeling positions and aimed their weapons at the armoured vehicle that was speeding toward them.

Meanwhile Onyx found himself in the middle of the three Predacons as he beared his claws and grappled the back of Predaking, earning a roar of pain from the beast as it tried to shake the Maximal off. Grimwing and Skystalker had both turned back around and had begun flying in formation behind their Alpha, waiting for their enemy to be shaken loose. But Onyx kept latched on, digging his claws into the Predacon's back while biting at the orange wings, causing Predaking to lose control and fall out of the sky.

But just moments before the orange and black beast hit the ground, the Maximal let go and pulled up. Letting his hated rival crash land, bringing up mud and dust as it slid across the ground to a stop. Onyx then turned his attention to the others who began to circle him, his blue optics narrowing as he let out a low growl. Grimwing then swooped in with his teeth and claws beared, but the Maximal rolled to his left and dodged the beast. But he failed to see Skystalker who breathed his ice breath up on the beast's wings freezing them up, making Onyx drop like a rock out of the sky.

As he fell, the black dragon transformed back into his Cybetronian mode, freeing his wings of the ice and continued to descend as both Predacons continued to circle as if happy to watch their enemy fall to his death. But Grimwing was a little too curious and had drifted nearer than he had realised, letting Onyx reach and grab at the green beast's leg. Grimwing let out a roar as the Maximal got a firm grip of the beast's leg as it began to roll around and shake him off. Onyx climbed up the Predacon's leg and got onto the green dragon's back before equipping his wrist blade and stabbing it into it's back, earning a painful roar from Grimwing as he dropped out of the sky.

Onyx then let go and re-transformed back into his black Dragon mode as the Predacon hit the ground, joining Predaking who was just starting to recover. The Maximal then looked around for the blue and white beast that remained, but there was no sign of him, earning a confusing whine from the beast. But all of a sudden Skystalker, copying it's enemy's earlier tactic…burst out of the clouds and tackled Onyx before plowing the larger beast into the ground alongside both Predaking and Grimwing, who had got back to their feet and growled at their enemy.

As that battle was happening, the MAKO was now within the perimeter of the beach-head and set off the first of the claymores, rattling the vehicle and it's occupants.

"What in the pit!" Darksteel exclaimed as Lazerback kept his eyes on the road.

"The enemy is here too, and they…." the driver replied before another claymore went off on the other side, interrupting him while trying to keep the vehicle steady.

"Yes, keep focused on your task Lazerback and get us to that vortex." Galvatron finished saying for his luitenant while pointing at the green portal just ahead of them. But suddenly the MAKO drove over another of the explosives, setting it off and throwing the vehicle into a roll as the Autobots watched from their hiding spots. The MAKO rolled several times, throwing it's occupants around like rag dolls inside before finally coming to a stop upside down at the other side of the area. Galvatron found himself lying on his face and feeling sore as he picked himself up and noticed that he was bleeding from a cut on his forehead, so he wiped the excess blood away before looking over to his comrades.

"Lazerback, Darksteel…are you alright?" he asked as he shook both Predacons, but they were out cold and could not answer. So the Predacon activated his holo-tool and took a reading, sighing in relief a moment later.

"Do not worry my brothers, I will deal with whoever is out there." the Predacon leader vowed as he picked up the Chaos Edge and moved hobbled over to the exit, hitting the access panel and opening the MAKO up to the outside. He then climbed out, and looked at the vortex which was several feet away and still open, so he lifted his hand to his com-link and was about to activate it.

"Freeze!" a voice commanded, suddenly making the Predacon leader stop and look in the direction that the voice had come from. What he saw was a Krogan and two Autobots standing before him, their weapons aimed directly at him. Galvatron smiled as he stood against the hull of the MAKO and looked quite casual despite the situation, turning his attention to each of the enemies before him until his eyes locked in on the blonde Bot in gold and red armour.

"Commander Rodimus I presume, that was a nice trick you did there, mining the area." he said while taking notice of where each Autobot was standing, as Rodimus walked a step closer towards him.

"So you have heard of me, I'm flattered."

"I read your profile….second Lieutenant to Jackson Prime, a fine soldier, etcetera, etcertera, that still won't save you." Galvatron replied with a confident tone, which made both Grunt and Smokescreen narrow their eyes at him with disgusted stares.

"You know something we don't?" the latter asked with an unconvinced tone.

"I know I am going to walk away from this…..and your all going to die." the Predacon said back with an evil smile, one that made Grunt's blood boil.

"Lets just kill him and get it over with." the Krogan spat back, but Rodimus held his hand up at his companion.

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." Smokescreen added, ,making Galvatron's smile widen which earned a confused look from the Autobot Commander.

"What's so funny?"

"You speak of killing me like it is a certainty, but you will not…" the Predacon replied with another chuckle, which this time stretched Rodimus's patience as he took a step forward and aiming his rifle at Galvatron's head.

"You sure about that, ending your life will throw the Predacons into disarray and end whatever threat they are to the Federation." the Commander said back, and yet the Predacon leader kept smiling.

"Then do it, what are you waiting for?"

Both Grunt and Smokescreen looked on as their Commander just stood there with his gun aimed right at the center of Galvatron's forehead, the Predacon leader chuckling away as if nothing was even out of place.

"You will not kill me, for I have 'destiny' and it does not end on this planet." he said back, making everyone there look at him with confused expressions.

"I will leave this planet as I arrived, but you will be decorating it's landscape with your cold corpses before I do so." the Predacon said back with absolute certainty in his voice, earning an eye roll from both Smokescreen and Grunt.

"I've had enough of this 'destiny's child', let's kill him." the former said back, earning a nod from Rodimus who tightened his grip on the trigger of his rifle.

"Goodbye Galvatron, you will not hurt anyone else." the Commander began to say before noticing the Predacon's eyes change from red to purple.

"And still you talk instead of taking action, pathetic!" he spat before a purple energy emanated from him and shot out in all directions, knocking Rodimus and his comrades to the floor while Galvatron smiled.

"You will all fall at my feet…" he replied as Rodimus as got back to his feet and activated his holo-blade.

"Not today." he said back before lunging at the Predacon, who deflected his attack with the Chaos Edge. He then elbowed the Autobot Commander with his free hand, before spinning around and knocking the Bot to the floor with another elbow to the back.

"Rodimus!" Smokescreen shouted as he then charged into the fight, managing to punch Galvatron in the face as he looked back. But this barely bothered the Con who then swiped his glowing red blade at the Bot, which hit him directly on the chest and catapulted Smokescreen across the long grass.

"Is this your bes…." Galvatron started to jibe before being tackled from behind by Grunt, who knocked the Predacon to the floor and began pummelling his face with his fists.

"Let me show you how we do things on Tuchanka." the Krogan spat before the Con grabbed his face and threw him off.

"I'm not impressed." he said back as Rodimus came into the fight again and slashed the Con's back, earning a grimace from Galvatron who spun round and swiped with his blade. But the Commander saw it coming and ducked under the attack, he then countered but the Predacon leader was quick and brough the Chaos Edge up just in time to block it, leaving the two in a stalemate as their blades clashed.

"Is this the best you've got to give me, Jackson Prime did a better job then you." Galvatron said back with a smile, which made Rodimus push harder and break the deadlock. But this then left him open and the Predacon was quicker as he kicked the Autobot in the chest, sending him back to the ground.

Galvatron then turned round to see Smokescreen and Grunt readying themselves for another attack, so he beckoned them towards him.

"Come on." he said with a smile, earning narrowed stares from the pair.

"Together…" Grunt shouted as he and Smokescreen charged at the Predacon Leader, who instead swiped the Chaos Edge around before unleashing a red energy wave which hit the pair and carried them several feet before they hit the ground hard.

"Impressive." Galvatron then said as he looked at the blade in his hands before suddenly as if by a six sense, he then dodged another attack by Rodimus from behind. The Autobot then swung his holo-blade again, though the Predacon blocked the attack with his Chaos Edge and grabbed the Commander by the chest-plate of his armour. Galvatron then yanked the Bot close enough to head butt him, disorientating Rodimus as he began to stagger back. But the Predacon still had the Elite Spectre by his armour and kicked him square in the chest, sending the Commander onto the floor again.

Rodimus tried to regain some control as the disorientation from the head-butt started to fade and slowly got back to his feet, but he then fell back to his knees and panted heavily. Galvatron stood triumphant over the Autobot Commander, a confident smile appearing on his face as he clenched the hilt of the Chaos Edge tightly.

"You have a lot of fight in you Rodimus, but you are no Prime." the Predacon Leader said back, making the Bot look up at his enemy. His eyes narrowed as his spark began to burn with anger, gritting his teeth as he fought through the pain he was feeling through out his body at this moment.

"I may not be a Prime, but I will never give in to the likes of you!" he spat back before lunging at the Predacon with his holo-blade, which was blocked yet again by Galvatron. But Rodimus then swung his free hand, just as another holo-blade appeared around it and it caught the Predacon on his chest and knocked him back. The Con looked down at his armour and saw the mark left by Rodimus's attack, which ran down the length of his chest-plate.

But then he was made to defend again as the Autobot attacked and made Galvatron bring up his blade, clashing them together again and again as the Bot continued the offensive. And for a long moment the two Cybertronians continued back and forth, clashing their blades constantly until the Predacon Leader finally had enough and clashed the Chaos Edge against Rodimus's holo-blade one last time.

"This ends now!" he said before as the blade glowed bright red and smashed through the holo-blade as if it wasn't there, before slicing through the Commander's chest-plate. The Autobot cried out in pain as blood gushed out of the open wound, making him fall to his knees and hold his hands against the injury as Galvatron stood over him yet again.

"I told you that you would not prevail today Rodimus, now prepare to join the All-Spark!" he said while lifting the Chaos Edge over his head in preparation of delivering the killing stroke.

"No!" a voice suddenly shouted, stopping the Predacon in his tracks as he looked in the direction it had come from. What he saw made his eyes widen as the second MAKO was now there, with a blue haired Bot staring back in angry disbelief as others climbed out behind him.

"Yet more Autobots for me to humiliate." Galvatron stated with a bemused tone before kicking Rodimus onto his back, making Orion stare daggers back at the Predacon leader for what he had down to his mentor and friend.

"What do we do?" Liara asked as both Quickstrike and Nightracer looked over to the XO, who in turn unsheathed the Star-Saber from his back.

"We stop him now!" he spat before charging towards the Predacon with the blade behind him, leaving the others where they were.

"Get to Rodimus, we will help Orion." Nightracer said back to the Asari as she and the blonde Bot ran after their friend, who had already caught up to the smiling Galvatron who readied himself for more combat.

Orion swung the saber at the Predacon Leader, who managed to bring his own blade up to block it. This caused both blades at the moment of impact to let off a mixture of blue and red energy that surprised both Bot and Con.

"Interesting blade you have there." the latter said with a curious tone as their swords remained locked together, but Orion just stared back with pure anger as he gritted his teeth.

"I'll introduce you… as I impale your spark with it." the blue haired Bot roared as he put all his strength into breaking the deadlock except the Predacon Lord instead pulled away and released the Bot, leaving him open as Galvatron punched him in the chest with his free hand before sweeping him off his feet.

"You look familiar to me somehow…" he then said while looking down at Orion, but before he could enquire he was again under attack as both Quickstrike and Nightracer took him on together. Both tried to attack high with a kick, the other low with a punch. But their adversary was experienced enough to read their attacks, so he dodged the kick and blocked the punch and made sure to grab hold of the Femme's arm while doing so.

"Let me give you a hand." Galvatron said back before pulling Nightracer around and throwing her into Quickstrike who had just turned around, sending them sprawling onto the floor.

"Seriously, is this all you Autobots have?"

As this was going on, Liara managed to make it round to Rodimus who was sprawled on the floor with his hands on his open wound, trying to keep pressure on it. But he had lost a lot of blood and was slowly losing consciousness, just as the Asari knelt down beside him and pulled some Medi-gel from her utility belt.

"Stay with me Rodimus." she said while tending to his deep wound, in fact she was so caught up in helping the Commander that she had failed to notice that both Lazerback and Darksteel had come too and climbed out of the crashed MAKO. The latter had spotted the blue female with her back turned to them, and so equipped his pistol before aiming it at her head. But just a second before he could pull the trigger, a gunshot was heard and the back of his head exploded outwards as a bullet went straight through it. Having heard the gunshot, Liara looked around to see the Predacon fall to the ground dead, while Lazerback dived behind the cover of the MAKO. The Asari looked back to her front and saw Shen standing up on the higher ground.

'I have your back.' he thought while she continued treating Rodimus's wound, as he meanwhile looked over to see Orion attacking the Galvatron again.

"Why do you look familiar to me?" Galvatron asked between Orion's swings of his saber, which the Predacon responded by deflecting each and every one before pushing the Bot back, so he could get the chance to look him up and down.

"Who are you?" he spat in a confused tone, to which Orion gripped the hilt of his blade tighter and stared the Con directly in the eyes.

"My name is Orion Darby, and I will make you pay for what you have done to my parents."

Galvatron's eyes widened as it finally dawned on him, just as the younger Bot attacked again and clashed the Star-Saber with the Chaos Edge, sending blue and red sparks everyway as the blades connected.

"The son of a Prime, living in your Father's shadow. I can relate to that." the Predacon replied as the two continued to push their blades against the other until his strength broke through and he slashed the blue haired Bot's arm, making him drop the Star-Saber to the floor leaving him open. And Galvatron took advantage by following through as he flipped the hilt of his blade around, giving Orion hard hit in the stomach with it and then knocking him to the floor with a back hand to the face.

"You are out of your depth…Boy, I can see it clearly all over you." the Predacon Leader added as he looked down at the beaten Darby, who had blood running down the lower half of his face from his nose. He looked around to see Nightracer and Quickstrike still down on the ground, as was Smokescreen and Grunt before looking back up at Galvatron, who's shadow was being cast over him.

"You are no match for me, just as your Father was not." the Con said before smiling as if something had come to his mind.

"That is why he and that wretched Femme of his did not want the Normandy destroyed, because you were on board. Well, they believe you are dead….so who am I to deny them that reality." he then said before raising the Chaos Edge above his head, readying to bring the blade down upon Orion who just kept his eyes on the enemy before, unafraid of what was about to happen as his growing anger kept his focus.

But then suddenly a gunshot sounded and hit the blade, earning Galvatron's attention as he looked in the direction it came from. His eyes widened a little as a curious expression appeared on his face as he saw a Turian slowly moving toward him, his sniper rifle aimed at the Con's head.

"Pitiful." he spat, before Shen fired again. And the Predacon deflected it with his blade, so the Sniper fired off several more shots and each and every time, Galvatron deflected them before only a few feet stood between them.

"Is that it, is that all you have?" he said back with a hint of annoyance in his voice, which earned a slight smile from the Turian.

"Pretty much…yeah."

"You must know you don't stand a chance against me Turian." Galvatron replied, to which Shen gave him a knowing look.

"Oh I wasn't trying to kill you….just 'distract' you." he replied, the Predacon's eyes then widened before he turned around to see a fist hit his face hard. The Con stumbled backwards before feeling another punch hit him in the stomach and then again in the face. He managed to open his eyes to see a resurgent Orion attack again with a kick that hit the Con in the stomach, which made him bend over and the blue haired Bot replied by connecting an uppercut with his face, sending Galvatron back first to the floor.

The other Autobots just started to get back to their feet as they saw Orion standing over the Predacon Leader, who spat some blood onto the floor before looking up at the Bot who upholstered his pistol and aimed it a the Con's head.

"You've lost." the blue haired Bot said, earning a smile from Galvatron who clenched his hands into fists which began to glow with purple energy.

"You underestimate me…Boy, just like your Father. Now to pay the price!" the Predacon Leader then spat as he slammed his fists into the ground, sending out an energy wave which knocked Orion's balance and made him drop his weapon. Galvatron then launched into a barrage of punches that pummelled the younger Bot relentlessly, until he was completely dazed and bloodied. The Predacon then grabbed Orion's throat and lifted him off the ground, before looking into his eyes.

"And your are wrong, it is you that have lost…everything." he said, before hitting the Spectre in the chest, cracking his chest-plate before then throwing him to the ground hard. The Predacon Leader then stretched out his hand to where the Chaos Edge lied and suddenly the sword shot from the ground and back into his possession, tightening his grip on it's hilt and making it's blade glow red.

"Orion!" Liara then shouted in a frantic and scared tone, making Galvatron look round to see her beside the fallen Rodimus with a horrified expression on her face.

"Oh, I will deal with you later Asari," he said back, before noticing that he was surrounded. Quickstrike, Grunt, Nightracer and Smokescreen surrounded him with their weapons ready.

"Your not going anywhere." the blonde Bot replied, making the Predacon shake his head and sigh in return.

"You Autobots never learn." he said before Smokescreen was suddenly shot in the back, making him cry out in pain as he fell to the ground. The others quickly turned and saw Lazerback with his weapon ready as he took cover from behind the damaged MAKO.

"Smokescreen!" Grunt shouted, before aiming his weapon at the Predacon responsible. Galvatron though smirked as everyone's attention had been drawn away from him, so he then stabbed the Chaos Edge into the ground and focused his thoughts into it.

"What's he doin….." Nightracer managed to say as she glanced back at the Con, before the ground around him suddenly exploded in a bright purple light which knocked all the Autobots to the ground.

"My Lord." Lazerback said as he walked over to his Master, ignoring the Autobots who were on the ground in pain at that moment.

"Lazerback, where were you?" the Predacon Leader replied as he sheathed the Chaos Edge onto his back.

"I managed to contact the Nemesis through the Space-bridge while you were dealing with the Autobots, they are ready to send more Terracons if needed." his lieutenant said back, making Galvatron shake his head in return.

"That will not be necessary, we are done here. Have a shuttle sent back for Vertabreak and Blight. And recall our Beasts, we'll leave the moment everyone is back on board."

"Yes my Lord." Lazerback nodded back, before his Master noticed someone was missing.

"Where is Darksteel?"

"He is dead, he was killed by the Autobots."

"I see…" Galvatron replied before turning away, facing the ground-bridge portal.

"You have your orders." he said before leaving the Predacon there, who nodded before tapping his com-link as he followed. The pair then entered the vortex, leaving the Autobots there where they lay.


Meanwhile Onyx Primal found himself in a similar position as he was pinned to the ground by both Grimwing and Skystalker, the two Dragons had their claws dug into his chest as the lay on his back in beast mode. Both were giving off deep growls as they bared the teeth at him and prepared to strike, when suddenly a massive roar stopped both as Predaking joined them and looked down at the Maximal.

It's yellow optics narrowed as it then opened it's mouth and charged it's fire-breath, forcing Onyx to break free from the other Predacons hold. But Grimwing and Skystalker had too good a hold on him, so all he could do was watch as his hated rival readied himself to snuff out the Maximal's spark. But just as Predaking was ready to unleash a fire-blast upon the defenceless Onyx, suddenly all three Beasts looked away in the same direction and whined.

'What in the Allspark?' he thought as Predaking stretched out his orange wings and lifted himself off the ground, quickly followed by Skystalker and Grimwing who then flew away and left Onyx. The Maximal quickly rolled on to his feet and took to the sky to chase them down before noticing that they were heading for the ground-bridge vortex.

Liara came too to find herself looking up at the cloudy sky, before realising that she had been knocked out by some kind of energy of Galvatron's making.

'Orion!' she thought before quickly got up and looked around, seeing the rest of her friends who were just coming round themselves. But her eyes came to stop as she saw a blue haired Bot lying several feet away from her, and she suddenly felt her heart beating very fast and heavy as numerous thoughts went through her mind. But the Asari pushed them aside and ran over to her friend, falling to her knees as she noticed the bruised and bloodied young man lying before her.

"Orion?" she said softly while cupping the left cheek of his face with her hand, hoping that her touch would wake him. But his eyes remained closed, which made Liara feel something inside herself that she had not felt since she had been back on Cybertron, the last time she saw Shockblast.

"No, don't do this to me Orion, please?" she said back as she stroked his cheek with her thumb, before the Bot finally opened his eyes to her relief.

"….Liara.." he replied, earning a sigh from the Asari,

"You had me worried." she said back as the blue haired Bot attempted to sit up, only succeeding when Liara helped him.

"Where's Galvatron?" he asked as he looked around, earniing a confused expression from her.

"He and that other one are gone." Quickstrike suddenly said, gaining their attention as they looked over to see him walking over. The young Darby also notice Grunt helping with Smokescreen and Nightracer limping over to the unconscious Rodimus, a heavy feeling made Orion's spark dim within his chest as it dawned on him what this all meant.

"We failed." he said back with a heavy tone to his voice, making his cousin shake his head in return.

"Not yet we haven't, their ground bridge is still active. Lets go through and finish this." he said, trying to sound enthusiastic but coming off as just desperate.

"We are in no condition for that, neither do we know what forces Galvatron has on the other side. It would be suicide to attempt that." Liara replied, gaining a nod from Orion.

"Liara's right…leave it and focus on our people." he said while looking over to both Rodimus and Smokescreen.

"What's their condition?" Orion said as his eyes fell upon his mentor, and his spark ached for young Darby knew he had failed him.

"I have stabilized the Commander as well as I can, but he has lost a lot of blood. We need to get him back to the ship." Liara replied.

"And the same goes for Smokescreen, he needs immediate medical attention." Grunt shouted over with an angry undertone to his voice, before reusing the Medi-gel in his hands on his injured friend.

"Well we need to work fas…." Orion began to say before his and everyone's attention was caught by the Ground-bridge vortex suddenly expanding.

"What the hell?" Quickstrike said in return with a confused expression before a roar sounded out behind him, making the Bot turn round just in time for him and the others to see the three Predacon beasts fly low over them and into the vortex which then closed behind them, leaving the group alone on the planet as Onyx Primal landed and transformed near them.

"Is everyone alright?" He asked, his blue optics widening as he saw the condition the group was in.

"That remains to be seen." Grunt replied when Orion's com-link suddenly activated.

"Normandy to Orion, come in please?" Jetstorm said, making the Bot put his hand to his ear and tap the device and let the others hear it.

"Orion here."

"What's the situation down there?" the pilot replied.

"The Predacons…defeated us." the blue haired Bot replied, earning a sigh of regret from the other end of the link.

"..I see, I guess that is why the Nemesis has just used a space-bridge to leave the system, and the other Predacon ship jumped away…after picking up a shuttle from the planet."

"Wait…how are you suddenly able to contact us, we have been unable to do so ourselves?" the Spectre asked with a curious tone, while the others listened with equally curious expressions.

"It was the same on our side too, but just now whatever had been blocking our com-signals has faded to nothing." Jetstorm replied.

"Must have been that sword that Galvatron had taken." Liara said back, earning an aggravated expression from Grunt.

"Could we just get back to the ship already." he spat while remaining at Smokescreen's side.

"Right.." Orion replied as he looked back at their injured friends.

"Jetstorm, open up a ground-bridge for us and have Red-Alert ready with a medical team, we have injured."

"Aye, Aye." the pilot said back before another green vortex appeared near them, which made Grunt pick up his friend and carry him into the swirling portal, Shen and Quickstrike together picked up Rodimus and did the same as Orion watched with Liara helping him and Nightracer joining his other side.

"Once we are on board, take us out of the system immediately." Orion then said before ending the transmission and looking over to the two women with him.

"Lets get moving, we've lost too much time already." he then said, earning nods from the pair as they then helped him walk through the portal which then closed behind them. The Normandy then left orbit of Scissio and immediately jumped away, leaving the planet to float there in the void of space. But if the ship had stayed for a moment longer they would have noticed an almost transparent energy wave suddenly expand outwards from the planet before slowly dissipating into the blackness nothing like it had never happened.
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