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Chapter XXXIII

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As the Predacons try to locate the planet that appeared in Galvatron's vision, Shockwave comes face to face with an old acquaintance. Meanwhile the Autobots try to figure out what the Predacons nex...

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Galvatron stood before the Galaxy map at his station on the Nemesis's bridge, his eyes focusing on the holo-image of the galaxy as he tried to pin point the planet that he had felt drawn too in his vision. In fact the Predacon Leader's attention was so absorbed by his task, he did not notice both Rip-Claw and Lazerback entering the room and walk up to him over the catwalk.

"Lord Galvatron..." the Femme called though he simply ignored her and continued his search, making both Rip-Claw and Lazerback to look at each other, with the Con shrugging his shoulders in return.

"My Lord, if we may have a moment of your time." Lazerback then said as the pair stopped directly behind the Predacon Leader, making him sigh before turning to them.

"Will this take long, I am in the middle of something you all should know is extremely important."

"Lord Galvatron, we already have a number of our Terracons searching through the navigational charts for the star...that you saw in your 'vision'. There is no need for you to do the same." Rip-Claw said back, earning a supportive expression from her comrade who then looked at his Master.

"Because we have a problem, one that requires your attention my Lord." Lazerback added, earning what looked like a curious expression from Galvatron.

"Well spit it out then."

"Very well...while we were occupied on Scissio, the other ships you sent out to search the galaxy have met heavy resistance from Autobot forces that intercepted them at each location." the Con replied, which made the Predacon Leader look back in confusion.

"That's impossible, how would the Autobots know where to look?"

"Master if I may make a suggestion?" Rip-Claw then said, earning Galvatron's attention though his eyes narrowed at her and made the Femme feel uncomfortable.

"Go on." was all he said.

"Taking into account how the Autobots know exactly where our ships are to attack them, it would be logical to assume that they may have access to our communication channels."

"That would make sense considering the attacks our ships have suffered in such a short time." Lazerback added, earning a thoughtful expression from Galvatron.

"We can't take the risk, have the fleet switch to new com-channels...ones that we don't currently have listed as available."

"I'll get right on it." the Femme replied before walking away, leaving Galvatron alone with Lazerback who noticed his Master glancing back to the galaxy map.

"Lord Galvatron, your going to continue with your search through the star maps...aren't you?" he asked with a knowing look.

"Yes, it is too important to leave in the hands of our Terracons. I hope you don't disapprove?" the Predacon Leader replied with an inquisitive stare, making the Lieutenant shake his head in response.

"No of course not my Lord, if that is your wish then I will see to it that you are not disturbed."

"I would appreciate that, though I hear a 'but' coming along." Galvatron said back.

"...But..." Lazerback began to say, feeling his Spark-beat speed up as he suddenly felt like he was walking a minefield with his next few words.

"...are you sure that you really experienced a 'vision' my Lord, telling the crew let alone the fleet, would raise questions in their minds."

Galvatron looked away as he thought on his lieutenant's words, then looked back as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Do you share the same view as the others on this?"

"No Lord Galvatron, I am merely pointing out what the crew's reaction is." the Predacon said back as he felt sweat slowly building up on his face, which Galvatron noticed.

"All you and the others need to know that when we find the planet in question, we will have the means to end our conflict with the Autobots finally and put the entire galaxy in our control." he then said while holding his hands behind his back.

"Do I have your support?"

"Yes my Lord, and I am sure that everyone else in our fleet feels the same." Lazerback replied, gaining a nod from the Predacon Leader.

"Very well, you are dismissed." he said back before turning back to the galaxy map, with the lieutenant walking away in return. It was then that Galvatron felt the presence of his master around him as he looked at the image of the star cluster.

"You should watch your back my Herald." Unicron suddenly spoke into his mind, making the Con shake his head.

"Out of all of my Lieutenants, only one…possibly two who would have moved against me. One of them is now dead….and the other is working with me, I have nothing to fear from the others Master." Galvatron replied softly, so that none of the Terracons below would hear him.

"Because they 'fear' you Galvatron?"

"Yes, fear after all is just another means of control….in the hands of the right person. And if that is required to help me achieve 'our' goals, then so be it." the Predacon Leader said back, feeling the purple optics of the Chaos Bringer bearing down on him.

"Very well, I will leave you to continue your search….unless you may prefer a gentle nudge in the right direction?"

"Do you know where Aeonia is located?.." Galvatron asked with a curious expression, too which there was no answer which heightened his curiosity even more.

"…Because I thought you said you could not remember such details, like with the Chaos Edge?"

"You must come to understand Galvatron, that I am an Aeon and have a time-line that goes back almost to the beginning of creation itself. But I am not whole, since your spark contains the last slither of my being, and my memory is in a similar state. So much of my experiences from before and after my ascension are still scattered in the ocean of time, and are still outside of my reach. But when you held the Chaos Edge….my sword in your hands and witnessed that particular memory of mine, I did manage to recover a few more. Some that answered questions that I have, and some that have raised more." Unicron replied with a cryptic tone, earning a hint of impatience within the Predacon's Spark.

"So, is there anything you can tell me Master? Can you point me in the right direction?" he asked with a tone that tried to hide his growing impatience, though Galvatron doubted whether he could do such a thing with the Aeon sharing his very spark.

"Using the words that exist in your mind, look in the 'Attican Traverse'. You should find the original home of my species there…..though it's name will be something quiet different from what I knew it to be." the Chaos Bringer replied before fading away, leaving the Predacon Leader alone with his thoughts again as he zoomed the galaxy map onto that region and continued his search.

Meanwhile in his laboratory, Shockwave was looking through the files that his predecessor Shockblast had been cataloguing. This was something that the Decepticon had been in the middle of when Six-Shot had interrupted him, and Shockwave was eager to get through this without any more interruptions. But he as he scrolled through the files, his one remaining eye taking in the data scrolling down the screen with photographic accuracy. The Con still found his attention waning as he looked over to the body lying on the berth to his right with a grey sheet covering it, since this was the body of Six-Shot that Galvatron had yet to deal with before leaving for Scissio.

'It is not logical for my Liege to leave this problem for too long, surely one of more of the other Predacons will question his absence before long.' he thought as he shook his head and looked back at the holo-screen in front of him. Several minutes passed as he continued with his work before his attention was once again taken as the lab's doors opened, making the Decepticon turn around to see a Terracon enter with a mobile berth which was carrying someone. From where Shockwave was standing, he could not make out who the individual was on the berth except for the fact that it was a Femme. So he walked over to the berth and the Terracon who moved it towards the room's center, before being stopped by the Decepticon.

"Commander Shockblast!" the soldier said, earning a surprised expression from Shockwave.

'I find it illogical to assume that I will ever fully become used to being called by that name.' he thought while looking back at his subordinate.

"Why did you disturb my work?" he asked, quickly giving the Terracon a cold stare.

"I was commanded by Lord Galvatron to deliver this traitor to your laboratory." the minion replied, which made Shockwave look down at the unconscious Femme. He could see by examining her body that she had quite extensive injuries, which had not yet been fully healed.

"Why is she a traitor?" the Decepticon asked, which made the soldier look back with a disbelieving expression.

"You have not heard Commander?"

"No, please explain?" Shockwave asked, ignoring the Terracon's stare as he activated his holo-tool and took a more thorough scan of the Predacon Femme.

"This wretch betrayed us…her family to the Autobots, at first helping one escape our clutches and then assisting the rest of the 'scrap' to sabotage one of our operations." the minion said, while the Decepticon continued to scan.

"I see….." he replied before his only remaining eye looked down at her face and widened, as the Decepticon found he recognised her despite the Femme being in a Pretender body.

"Ser-Ket?" he said, earning a nod from the Terracon.

"Yes, that is the traitor's name….." he began to say before Shockwave glared at him, making the minion nervous.

"Get out now!" the Decepticon spat, earning a nod from the soldier as he started to back slowly towards the door.

"…sir…yes..sir." he mumbled before leaving the room, though Shockwave waited for the door to close before returning his attention to the unconscious Femme before him.

"It has been a long time Ser-Ket." he said before walking to the nearby table and picking up some Medi-gel.

'Or should I start calling you by your 'real name'.' he thought before heading back to the Predacon and injecting her with the medicine.

"This should help you recover…." Shockwave started to say as he accessed memories of her from after 'the Fall'.

'…since you are still my favourite creation.' he thought before his com-link activated and the voice of Galvatron could be heard.

"Shockwave, I am now in the middle of an important task. But I think we should discuss how to resolve our Six-Shot issue."

"You have my attention my Liege, what did you have in mind?" the Decepticon replied as he turned from the unconscious Femme and walked back to his terminal.


The stars shone brightly in the night sky above Illium as Donovan Hock stood on his balcony holding a half empty glass of whisky as he leaned on the railing, his face unshaven, rough and his demeanour was that of a man who all but had given up. For it had been well over a week since the party that was gate-crashed by not one but two groups, with one of them escaping with his favourite Asari 'pet' who he had shelled out a good amount of credits for as well. But that was just the beginning of the downfall, because since that debacle Hock's entire business had fallen apart around him.

'Where did it all go wrong?' he thought as he looked out at the city's skyline before gulping down the remainder of the whisky in his glass, before sighing and placing the empty glass on the rail and letting his thoughts run wild in his mind.

'I used to run one of the most successful weapons trading enterprises in the galaxy and now my name means nothing, Illium's government seized my assets and shutdown my operation. I still cannot figure out how they were able to do that.'

Hock was so caught up in his own thoughts, he did not even notice the man approaching him from behind.

"Donavon Hock?"

"And who wants to know?" Hock replied as he turned around to see who had just interrupted his thoughts, and looked at the new arrival with a confused expression.

"Who are you?" he asked as he found himself looking at a Caucasian man in his early fifties with white hair that was combed back, as well as a short trimmed beard. He was wearing black and green armour which had two spikes on each shoulder guard, and also both armoured boots. Hock then noticed what looked like an emblem which was heavily faded and scratched, but there was no mistake that it was a Decepticon emblem and it then clicked who this man was.

"..your Lockdown, a former Decepticon Assassin." he said, earning a nod from the former-Con.

"That is correct, so you have heard of me?"

"Of course, with my line of work I have heard of and met many individuals such as yourself. But why are you here? If it is for work then I must apologise, for I am unable to offer anything…but I guess you can see that." Hock replied, his voice tinged with regret and self loathing. But Lockdown just stared back blankly before taking a step towards the broken arms dealer.

"I am not here to find work, more so I am here to offer you some." he replied, earning a confused expression from Hock.

"I do not understand?"

"In my time since the end of the Autobot/Decepticon civil War, I have worked for many such as yourself as well as men who do not ever wish to be identified. But never in that time was I ever tempted to join any of them permanently, that is until I met my current 'benefactor'." Lockdown said back before taking a metal sphere out from one of the pouches on his utility belt, which the former arms dealer had noticed and looked at.

"And who is this benefactor, do I know them?" he asked while looking back to the former Decepticon, who merely smiled and let go of the sphere which floated between them both.

"How about I just introduce you…and if I may give you a piece of advice, take what my benefactor has to offer because I doubt that there will be another chance in your lifetime." he said in a rather cryptic way, earning a curious look from Hock who looked down at the sphere which then activated and glowed with blue light. Suddenly a holographic projection appeared which revealed silhouette of whoever Lockdown's benefactor, but since it gave no hint of who exactly it was then it might as well have been their shadow.

"Donavon Hock, I hope my associate has not caught you at a bad time?" the silhouette spoke, though the voice was heavily disguised and filtered as to not give away their identity.

"Not at all, I was just…" Hock started to say back before the unknown person cut him off.

"…hoping to drink yourself into oblivion so that your problems just disappear, you must know that will never happen."

"Look, I am not looking for anyone's approval or pity for what I am doing. Just who the hell are you!" Donavon spat back in anger at the hologram.

"I am someone who specialises in obtaining information from behind the 'shadows', I believe that is an adequate description of who I am."

Hock's eyes widened as it dawned on him who he was dealing with right at this moment.

"You're the 'Shadow Broker' aren't you? But there is no proof you even exist,"

"That is correct, you must be wondering why I am speaking to you now?" the hologram replied.

"Lockdown has told me you have an offer to make?" Hock said back, not even attempting to hide his curiosity at that moment.

"Indeed I do, you see my organisation is moving into an expansion phase at this moment of time. And with the Federation and it's Autobots more focused on their conflict with the Predacons, there is no better time." the Shadow Broker's image replied, making Hock shake his head in return.

"I do not see what this has to do with me.."

"I wish to add you to my resources since yours is a skill set I have been looking for, for some time. If you agree to my offer, then I will come to you first when I need weapons purchasing. You will receive a one hundred percent pay rise for your services, as well as all other bonuses that come with working for me."

"I see, well that is a good deal." Hock replied with a thoughtful expression as he looked away.

"Yes it is, plus I will throw in an incentive. Just to show that I mean business." the Shadow Broker replied, regaining the Human's attention.

"What incentive would that be?"

"Well I know of the embarrassment that happened to you not so long ago with the Autobots, they managed to infiltrate your home and liberate one of your assets. I bet your colleagues and customers thought a lot less of you after that." the Shadow Broker replied, earning a nod from Hock.

"And you would be right." he said back as he looked at the ground in shame, the memories of the debacle playing back in his mind

"Of course I am right, there has never been a moment when I have been wrong. So I bet you would like to pay those Autobots back for what they did to you." the hologram replied, which made Hock look back with narrowed eyes.

"I most certainly would like the opportunity."

"So you accept my offer then?" the Shadow Broker said back with a knowing tone, gaining a nod from the Human.

"Yes, I accept your offer."

"Excellent, I am looking forward to having you work for me. Now go with Lockdown, he will fill you in on the details of your first assignment, good-bye." the Shadow Broker replied before the hologram disappeared, with the sphere flying back into Lockdown's hand.

"I knew you would make the right choice, now if you follow me." the former-Con replied, making Hock look at him with a curious expression.

"Where are we going?"

"To my ship of course, we already know where the Autobots responsible are located. We are going to attack and disable it, then a team of Mercs I have put together will board the Autobot ship.." Lockdown said before Hock cut him off.

"Why are you boarding the ship, why not just destroy it?"

"Because the Shadow Broker wants the Asari who is among them captured." the former-Con replied, earning a confused look from Hock.

"You mean 'my' Asari, I don't think so. I paid good money for her."

"And you will be paid that back in full with more than enough extra for your troubles Hock, this is not negotiable. Our Benefactor wants the Asari, and what he wants he gets. We will destroy the Autobot ship, so you will still witness their deaths." the Assassin said back with a commanding tone that put the arms dealer in his place.

"I guess that will have to do, considering I would never get another chance." he said back in defeatist tone, earning a smile from Lockdown.

"I am glad you can see reason, now let us be on our way."

"One thing though, who is going in this team of yours?" Hock then asked as the pair left the balcony and walked through his apartment to the elevator on its far side, gaining the former-Con's attention as he pressed the recall button next to the door.

"I have hired the same slavers who captured this Asari for you before since they have experience with her, as well as some individuals I prefer with me."

Hock smiled as the door then opened and they both entered the elevator.

"I see, well this will be interesting." he replied as the door closed and the apartment lights dimmed as it's sensors detected no one else in its vicinity, leaving it in complete darkness.


Rip-Claw walked amongst the stations on the Nemesis's bridge, watching the Terracons at work. Since her failure at Omicron, the Femme had done her best to ensure that Lord Galvatron would not be given any more reason to assume she was of no more us to him and the Predacon cause. Only to complete the tasks he had given her to the best of her ability and not create waves, so that he would not notice the Femme. Also she had not even given a singular thought to Ser-Ket either, for as far as Rip-Claw was concerned, the two were no longer sisters let alone Predacons.

The Femme walked in between the manned stations, only giving a passing interest in what the Terracons were doing as she collected her thoughts in herself.

"Yes!" Galvatron exclaimed in a wildly joyous tone from the catwalk above, gaining the attention of Rip-Claw and the soldiers around her with everyone looking up to see the Predacon Leader standing next to the galaxy map, which was right now showing a blue and white planet.

"My Lord?" the Femme asked with a curious tone, a few seconds past by before Galvatron turned round and looked down from the catwalk at her.

"I have found it!" he said back with a smile, making her even more curious.

"Found what my Lord?"

"Our 'final destination', the place where from where our ultimate Victory will begin."

'This planet was the original home world of the Aeonians.' he thought before returning his attention to Rip-Claw.

"Find the others and make sure they all come here, I have an announcement to make." the Predacon Lord said back, gaining a nod from Rip-Claw before she tapped her com-link.

"Shockblast, Lazerback, Blight, Vertebreak, Scorponok, Six-Shot. Meet myself and Lord Galvatron on the bridge ASAP."

A few moments later and Galvatron stood at the galaxy map with most of his lieutenants standing behind him, except for the brothers.

"My Lord, how long do we have to wait for the others?" Vertebreak asked, earning similar looks from his comrades as they all looked to their leader for an answer.

"I am sure they will be…." he began to say in response, before the door at the far end of the bridge opened and revealed Shockblast to everyone.

'Shockwave…' Galvatron thought while the others looked more confused, as Lazerback took a step toward the late arrival.

"Shockblast, where is your brother?" he asked, earning a cold and emotionless stare from the other,

"…My brother is dead." he said back, making the other lieutenants whisper amongst themselves as they looked at each other in confusion.

"What do you mean Shockblast, why is Six-Shot dead?" Galvatron replied with a confused tone, though had the others known any of the reality of what had really happened. Then they would have seen through the Predacon Lord's screen play, that he and Shockwave had concocted between them.

"I killed him." the scientist Con said back, earning shocked expressions from the others while Galvatron fought to keep a smirk from his face.

"Why did you kill him?" Lazerback asked.

"Because I came across plans that he had on his personal terminal which outlined his intentions to kill our Liege and take command himself and when I confronted him about this, he attacked me and left me with no choice." Shockwave replied.

"Well, its not like we haven't all seen his behaviour over the last few weeks." Rip-Claw replied, gaining nods from the others which made Galvatron's smile widen more as he looked over to Shockwave.

'They bought it, excellent.' he thought before shifting his expression to concerned as the others turned to face him again.

"Thank you Shockblast, you have done me a great service. It warms my spark to see that my lieutenants are watching my back as well as helping to our achieve my goals."

"You are welcome my Liege." the Con replied before looking at the hologram behind the Predacon Lord.

"May I ask what you have found Lord Galvatron?" he then asked, making everyone else look at their Leader with curious expressions.

"Indeed you may Shockblast. After looking through our navigational records, I have found where we must go next." he replied before stepping aside and letting the others see the holo-blue and green planet being emitted on the galaxy map.

"This world is where we will find our victory, here on the planet which the database calls 'Virmire'."

"Does this have anything to do with that blade you picked up on Scissio my Lord?" Blight asked, gaining a nod from Galvatron who then unsheathed the Chaos Edge and held it before them all.

"Yes, this blade along with Jackson Prime's Matrix of Leadership will activate an ancient Cybertronian Temple, which will in turn give us the power to crush all of our enemies and conquer this galaxy."

The other Predacons just stared back in wonder as it dawned on them how soon this would all be over, Lazerback took a step towards Galvatron and raised his hand.

"My Lord, what is our next move?"

"The Nemesis will be heading for Virmire at the close of this meeting, and I want the entire fleet to join us there."

"But Lord Galvatron since the rest of our ships do not possess their own space-bridge generator, it will take them at least a few days to reach Virmire via the nearest space-bridge." Rip-Claw replied, gaining a nod from the Predacon Lord.

"Then you better tell them to make a start, now go back to your stations and prepare for the jump to Virmire…its time for us to embrace our destiny."

The lieutenants all nodded before turning and walking away, leaving Galvatron and Shockwave alone at the galaxy map.

"That was nicely played Shockwave, they all bought it like I knew they would." the Predacon Lord said back, earning a nod from the Decepticon.

"You are welcome my Liege, but now if I may ask to take my leave and return to my laboratory?"

"Of course, I believe you should have received Ser-Ket by now." Galvatron said back as he turned back to the holo-image of Virmire.

"That is correct my Liege and once her wounds are fully healed, I believe I have a way to make her a loyal soldier to you once more." Shockwave replied.

"Very well, you may go." the Predacon Lord said in return, which made the Decepticon Scientist walk off towards the exit just as the Terracon manning the helm-station below looked up.

"My Lord, coordinates are set, space-bridge generator primed. We are ready to move on your command."

"The command is given, take us to Virmire." Galvatron replied as he stared out at the void beyond the glass canopy in front of him, earning a nod from the Terracon who then worked the holo-interface of his station. Then suddenly a bright green vortex opened and expanded before the Nemesis before it flew head first into it and flash of bright green light later, the ship found itself before the blue and green world of Virmire, on the other side of the galaxy.

"Excellent, now take us into orbit and start making sensor sweeps of the planet. I want to know if we can locate the Infinite Combinatoric." the Predacon leader said as he looked down at the world below him through the glass canopy.

"Sir, I am not reading any anomalous energy readings from the planet. The temple is obviously offline right now." another Terracon spoke from the right side of Galvatron below the catwalk.

"Then I guess we will have to wait for the rest of the fleet to arrive, then we should be able to locate the temple with our increased sensor range and depth." the Predacon Lord replied, earning a nod from the Terracon manning the sensors station.

"Yes my Lord, but I am detecting a small area of the planet which is blanketed in radiation."

"That is of no concern to us, it is nothing but a foot print left from the early days of the Reaper Conflict. Pay it no mind." Galvatron said back before looking down at the Communications station.

"Has the rest of the fleet been notified of our location?"

"Yes Lord Galvatron, we have used the new communication frequencies and the entirety of our fleet will be here inside of three days." the Terracon there replied, earning a smile from the Con leader.

"Excellent, and with the Autobots unaware of our location. That leaves us with all the time in the world to find the temple and activate it." he said to himself as he looked back out at the planet below, his smiling face looking back via his reflection from the canopy.


Hock stood in the CIC aboard Lockdown's ship, looking impressed at his surroundings as he watched the Mechs working at the room's various terminals. They looked very similar to the standard LOKI Mechs that were being used as a security measure around the galaxy, yet this model looked more armoured with a more humanoid physique.

"I do not believe that I have ever seen this type of Mech Lockdown." he said as he looked over to the former Decepticon who was sitting in the Commander's chair, overseeing the rest of the CIC.

"They are a special design that the Shadow Broker gained possession of and feels are necessary to the operation of 'his' ever expanding organisation." he replied, though with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. This did not go unnoticed by Hock as he glanced back at the lifeless robots

"You don't sound like you really accept this." he said, gaining Lockdown's attention.

"I'm am not a fan of androids, they are programmed with only the data that is needed for them to complete their given tasks. I prefer people who can think and adapt to whatever situation is thrust upon them."

"I find that an interesting view, considering how you and your species began." Hock replied with a knowing look, making the former Decepticon stare back with narrowed eyes.

"We Cybertronians are nothing like these walking tin-men, we were all 'born' sentient. With the ability to choose our own paths in life, even if the dogmatic caste system that the original High Council had put in place led to the very Civil war that destroyed our home world. Since that bloody chapter of our history was put to an end, we have lived with a greater freedom to pursue paths which seemed only like a dream originally. So don't go labelling myself and others of my species alongside these walking circuit boards."

"Forgive me, I meant no disrespect." Hock replied while taking a step back from the Assassin before looking back around the room.

"Why don't we have a canopy here, so that we can see what's outside?" he then asked, trying to change the subject which made Lockdown smirk in return.

"My vessel requires no canopy, for a view screen will appear when it is required."

Then one of the Mechs turned around and looked over to both men, lifeless red optics staring at them.

"Sir, we are approaching the target."

"Target?" Hock said back with a confused tone, but Lockdown ignored him and looked straight ahead.

"On screen."

Suddenly a blue holo-screen appeared on the wall before them, showing an Autobot frigate flying just in front of them."

"Wait, is that?" the arms dealer asked, earning a nod from Lockdown.

"That is the 'Normandy', the very ship that belongs to the Autobots who embarrassed you and the Asari that the Shadow Broker wants us to capture."

"How did we reach it so fast, I did not feel us jump to hyperspace? And how have they not detected us, we are right behind them?"

The former Decepticon smiled before nodding to one of the Mechs at his right.

"This vessel is equipped with both a Space-bridge generator and stealth system, the same as the Normandy."

Hock listened while staring back out at the Autobot ship, still amazed that they were so close to them.

"How…" he began to say before the Lockdown cut him off.

"Let's just say that our benefactor has a way of getting his hands on the tech and equipment we require."

"You keep calling the Shadow Broker a 'he', how do you know that?" Hock then asked with a knowing look,

"I have never met the Shadow Broker, only one person in our organisation has had the honour of meeting 'him'."

"And who is that?" the Human asked back with a curious tone to the former Decepticon.

"Agent Zero, she alone is the Shadow Broker's most trusted confidante. She has told me that our Leader is a 'he'."

"And you believe her, who is this Agent Zero?"

"It is not my place to reveal her identity to you, that should come from her when you meet. Anyway, that is enough questions for now." Lockdown replied as the doors behind them opened and a human and a Batarian entered the CIC.

"We are nearly ready Lockdown, I am looking forward to seeing that Asari again." the latter said before noticing Hock.

"Mr Hock, looks like we will be working together again."

"Yes Varas, and what of you Kane?" the arms dealer said as he looked over to the bald Human in rusty black armour.

"I am just looking forward to getting paid, so lets get on with it." he said back, making Lockdown shake his head in return.

"No Slaver, we will go when I say so. So for the time being, just be ready." the former Decepticon replied as one of the Mechs turned to him.

"Commander, we have Agent Zero on hold for your attention."

"I will take it in my quarters." he said as he got up and walked out of the room, leaving Hock and the slavers in the CIC.

Once in his personal quarters Lockdown activated his terminal, a glowing blue inter-face appeared before him as he activated the audio transmission.

"Agent Zero, Lockdown here."

"The Shadow Broker wishes to know your status Lockdown." the female agent replied. Earning a knowing look from the Assassin.

"Like he is not already aware of how our operation is proceeding, so I have to ask why are you contacting me really?"

"Do you really trust these men you are working with?" the Agent asked back with an inquisitive tone.

"About as much as I trust these Mechs I have been burdened with Zero, but I will see this mission completed and the Asari brought back to base." he replied.

"So why do I sense a feeling on uncertainty from you then?" she said back.

"What does the Shadow Broker want with this Liara T'Soni? There is nothing special about her what so ever, unless you count her being the daughter of Matriarch Benezia."

"It's not our place to question why the Shadow Broker wants, just that he gets it. I am sure he has good reasons for wanting the Asari. Now do your duty and attack the Normandy, Agent Zero out."

And with that the transmission fizzled out, leaving the Assassin to his thoughts before he tapped his com-link.

"CIC, this is Lockdown. Take us to battle-stations and prepare for the attack." he then said before the lighting around him changed to red and battle siren blared out of the ship's intercom as he walked over to the exit and headed for the CIC.


Meanwhile the crew of the Normandy continued to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, but after what had happened on Scissio you could see that their moral had been hit hard. Both Grunt and Quickstrike were in the Medical-Bay getting patched up, all they could do was watch crewmen walk past the room as they sat on their separate berths. Neither had said anything as they sat there, not even to the nurses who were dressing their wounds at that point. But then Red-Alert walked in from the operating theatre, gaining the attention of both men.

"How's the Commander and Smokescreen?" the Blonde Bot asked, beating the Krogan to it as he simply looked at the Doctor.

"Commander Rodimus will recover, if Liara had not stopped the bleeding when she did then it would have been a different story. And as for Smokescreen, I have removed the bullet and patched him up. Both men won't be leaving their berths any time soon, so we will monitor their conditions and keep them comfortable. As for you two, I'll be letting you return to duty as soon as the Nurses have finished." the Femme replied as she placed a pad she was holding down on table nearby before looking back at the Blonde Bot.

"Where is Orion, I have seen Liara, Nightracer and the two of you. He is the last one left."

"Orion was in the CIC since he is next in line to take command in Rodimus's absence. He is taking the defeat pretty hard."

"Well I told Rodimus to kill Galvatron when we had him dead to rights but he paused, this would never have happened if he had listened to me and Smokescreen." Grunt replied with hint of anger in his voice, making Quickstrike look back and narrow his eyes at the Krogan.

"That doesn't matter now does it, it happened. Save your anger for the Predacons." the Blonde Bot said back, making Grunt bare his teeth and get of the berth before the Nurse had finished.

"What did you just say? I couldn't hear you from over there." he said, barely hiding his angry tone as he walked over to Quickstrike.

"I'm saying that criticising our friend and Commander isn't helping our situation, so why don't you just shut up." the Blonde Bot said back, earning a growl from the Krogan as he walked right up to the Autobot and stared him in the eye.

"You dare speak to me like that!" he spat while slamming his closed fist on the berth Quickstrike was sitting on, he could feel the power in the hit as it made the berth vibrate. But the Autobot just sat there and looked back, as inside he held his breath while Red-Alert could do nothing but watch in shock.

"I am trying to speak some sense into you, your hurt and angry and ready to lash out."

"That's it!" Grunt then roared as he threw a punch at the blonde Autobot, but it stopped just millimetres from his face as blue energy surrounded the fist. The pair looked over to the door to find Liara standing there, she had her left hand stretched out before her which too was glowing with biotic energy.

"What in the Goddess's name is going on here?" she spat in an uncharacteristic show of anger as she stared at Grunt, who looked as shocked as everyone else.

"…these two were about to leave now, as their wounds have been tended too and patched up." Red-Alert replied as she finally found her composure due to the Asari's appearance, earning a nod from Grunt as Liara released his hand. He then took one look back to the operating theatre before storming out of the room.

"Thanks Liara." Quickstrike replied as he got off his berth and prepared to leave the room, earning a gesture to stop from her.

"Grunt is just upset from the fact that both his friends nearly died today." she said back in her more characteristically calm tone, gaining a nod from the blonde Bot.

"I know, still thanks for the save. Anyway why are you here?" he said back, earning a curious look from Red-Alert.

"Yes, I treated you already Liara." she said in return.

"I was looking for Orion, I thought he would be down here by now." the Asari replied.

"No, we haven't seen him since we got back on board. I thought he was in the CIC." Quickstrike added, making Liara shake her head in return.

"No, he was not there when I went to see him now. So I thought I would check here…." she answered before the inter-com activated, cutting her off.

"Red-Alert, this is the Communications station. We have a transmission for you from Autobot Command." a female crewman said, gaining a nod from the Femme.

"Okay, put it through. I'm sorry Liara."

"Of course." the Asari replied before going quiet and letting the Doctor deal with the transmission.

"Red-Alert, this is Admiral Hackett." a grizzly voiced older man spoke back over the inter-com, gaining a curious look from the Femme.

"Admiral? please forgive my bluntness but what can I do for you, since I have a lot on my plate right now."

"I have read the report that was sent back to me about the mission, and I hope Commander Rodimus and Smokescreen make a quick recovery. God knows we will need them and everyone else on board the Normandy in the days to come, but I have news for you about Long-Arm."

Hearing that name made both Red-Alert and Quickstrike's attention heighten.

"Long-Arm!" the Blonde Bot replied, gaining a look from the Femme.

"You know my boyfriend? She asked with an inquisitive look.

"Yes, we became friends while serving on Omicron. He and I helped some civilians escape when the Predacons attacked, he flew the shuttle away." he answered before turning his attention to the Admiral's transmission.

"That is correct Quickstrike, I guess this is for you too." the Admiral said before going silent for a moment.

"Admiral, what is it?" Red-Alert said back, the tone of her voice becoming agitated at his silence.

"There is no easy way for me to tell you this…." Hackett then said, which made the sparks of both Red-Alert and Quickstrike suddenly go heavy.

"…but I am sorry to have to tell you that Long-Arm is dead." the Admiral finished, which made the Femme collapse into the chair that was behind her as the entire world shattered around her.

"What!" Quickstrike replied with a mixture of confusion and anger in his voice while Liara looked on in shocked silence.

"The Autobot cruiser 'Wrecker's Fist' found the shuttle adrift in the middle of the Ondeste system while searching for Predacon vessels, everyone on board had died of exposure to the vacuum of space. The shuttle had suffered damage from what appears to have been a fire fight and had simply lost power." Hackett continued, but his words became background noise to Red-Alert who was had become lost in her own thoughts as she tried to comprehend the reality that just been dropped on her.

"I don't know what to say." Quickstrike replied in a shocked tone, as he too found the news hard to bare before turning towards the Medical-Bay's exit.

"I have…I have to go." he said as walked out of the room, his mind filled with thoughts of his fallen friend which also brought back similar thoughts of Ser-Ket. This left Liara and Red-Alert with the Nurses in the room.

"…Admiral, I would like to be alone now…if you don't mind." she said while fighting back the tears that were beginning to form around her eyes.

"I understand Red-Alert, again I am very sorry for you loss. Hackett out." the Admiral replied before the inter-com went silent.

"Everyone….take a…break please, I would like to be alone." the Doctor said, earning sympathetic looks from her staff.

"We understand Doctor, but what about…" one started to say, but the Femme cut her off suddenly.

"The Commander and Smokescreen are out of danger, I will monitor them…no please go." she said again, this time with a slightly aggravated tone to her voice while she barely held back her grief. So the Nurses nodded in return before leaving the Medical-Bay, as Liara took a step towards the Femme.

"Red-Alert, I am so sorry for your loss. If you ever need to talk, then I am here for you….because I know what your going through." she said in a sympathetic and experienced tone, gaining a nod from the Autobot Doctor.

"Thank you Liara, but for right now….I would prefer to be alone." she said back in a respectful tone, earning a understanding expression from the Asari.

"Okay." was all she said back before walking out of the room, leaving Red-Alert on her own and there and then the Femme just let go of her control and began to bawl out there and then with her head in her hands, tears running down her face as she let her grief take over.

Liara though continued to look for Orion, and though she did not want to leave Red-Alert alone, in-fact the Asari wanted to do the exact opposite. But she knew from personal experience that did not always help, so she refocused on her original task and that was to find the ship's suddenly illusive XO, and she felt as though she knew where to look.

Orion sat in his quarters, his desk covered in data pads with the Star-Saber lying over them. The lighting was on a low setting as he tended to his cuts and bruises. He also had used syringes of Medi-gel lying around, which he had used to heal any damaged bones and organs that he may have suffered from due to his fight with Galvatron. But after he finished dressing the last of his wounds, the young Darby just sat there and sighed before his attention was caught by his door chiming.

'Great, who is it now?' he thought as he looked over to the door.

"Orion, its Liara."

The Autobot suddenly felt a little better knowing that it wasn't any other member of the crew and got up from his chair.

"Open." he said, which made the door slide open and allow the Asari to enter, her eyes immediately falling upon the Blue haired Bot.

"Orion, what are you doing in here. You should be in the CIC." she asked with a concerned tone.

"I came here to think and to tend to my wounds, basically to get away for a moment." he said back in an honest tone.

"But with Rodimus incapacitated, that puts you in command. You should be out there, where everyone can see you. To give them hope that all is not lost and so not lose themselves to despair." Liara replied as the Bot sat back down in his chair and gave her a knowing look.

"I am sorry Liara, but I screwed up." he said back before looking away, making the Asari walk over and kneel in front of him.

"How did you screw up Orion? Because the way I remember it, Galvatron defeated us all." she asked with a serious expression.

"I had the opportunity to finish Galvatron off, but I was so consumed with anger for what he had done to Rodimus….that I lost control and gave that Predacon the advantage." he said back with a guilt-laden tone.

"Orion, we all make mistakes."

"Yeah, but I have made more than a few already which I have yet to learn from." he then spat back as he got up and walked over to the other side of the room, surprising Liara who stood up too.

"What do you mean?"

"If it is not my anger, then it is my over-confidence. I still don't see why that blade has chosen me." he said as he looked back at the dormant Star-Saber lying over his desk, and Liara looked down at the blade too before refocusing her attention on the blue haired man.

"Orion, the Star-Saber obviously sees something in you that is worthy of it, or else it would never have let you hold it. Nobody is perfect, I know for a fact that your Father and Optimus before him made mistakes too. You shouldn't beat yourself up for it, for no Leader is infallible." she replied while moving over to his side.

"But everyone out there is expecting me to know what to do and how to react." he then said back while looking back at the Asari directly in the eyes.

"But you have been in command before during this mission." she replied, making Orion shake his head in return.

"No, I have always been support for my Commanding Officer. I never wanted to be in command myself, and now this has happened and I find myself as lost as we are all feeling..." he replied as the Asari just watched and listened intently.

"...Because the truth is I have no idea what I am supposed to do, or even any idea on what I can do."

Liara though raised her hand up to his face, gently brushing her fingers against his cheek.

"Orion, I know this is hard for you…as it is for all of us. But your crew needs you right now, because while Rodimus is bed stricken, your all they have left and you need to be strong for them. Now I know you can do this…..and so does that." she said back while pointing down at the Star-Saber, making the Bot sigh in response before looking back at her.

"You don't give up do you?" he asked earning a slight smile from Liara.

"On you, never."

Orion smiled back as he took a breath and regained his composure, before taking the Asari's hand in his own.

"You know I can't imagine what my life would be like without you in it Liara." he suddenly confessed, which made her heart warm as she smiled back.

"I feel the same about you Orion."

"I don't know exactly when it happened, but I want you to know that I am glad it did." he said back as the two began to lean in closer to each other.

"Orion…" she started to say before she felt his breath on her lips as they were now just millimetres apart, until she then closed the distance as they kissed. From the instance their lips met, everything else melted away as they lost themselves in each other. Orion wrapped his arms around Liara's waist and pulled her close, the Asari moaned into the kiss as she did the same. Nothing else existed for the pair at this time as time itself appeared to slow to a standstill, suddenly the Normandy was rocked by what felt like an explosion.

"What the hell was that?" Orion said as the pair pulled away in surprise, Liara giving him an equally confused expression.

"I don't know, felt like something hit us." she replied as the Blue haired Bot tapped his com-link.

"Orion to CIC, report!" he said in suddenly commanding tone, all the doubt and insecurity that had plagued him moments earlier now gone.

"Orion, we are under attack. An unknown ship just appeared behind us and open fired." Jetstorm replied, as the battle-stations siren blared out around the pair.

"Take evasive action, we are on our…..." the young Darby began to say, before being cut off as the ship was rocked by another explosion.

"Damn it, they just took out our engines. We are dead in the water." the pilot replied, earning a look of shock from Orion as he stared at Liara before picking up the Star-Saber.

"Lets go."

Meanwhile on board Lockdown's ship, the Assassin was in the Commander's chair watching the Normandy begin to drift on the view-screen as Hock and Varas stood either side of him.

"They never saw us coming." Hock said with an impressed tone, while both Lockdown and Varas ignored him.

"The Normandy has been crippled." one of the Mechs then said, earning a smile from the former Decepticon.

"Good, latch on to the enemy ship and prepare to dock." he said back as he stood up and looked at the Batarian.

"Varas, have your team ready. Our sensors have picked up a single Asari life sign at this section of the Normandy, so we will dock there and breach the hull for you to board and capture her."

"What will you be doing?" Hock asked back, feeling somewhat cut out of the plan.

"I will use a Ground-bridge to enter their shuttle-bay and plant an explosive device there, then we will destroy the ship remotely once everyone is back on board." Lockdown replied while looking back at the arms dealer.

"You can watch the entire operation unfold from here Hock."

"May I sit in your chair?" the human asked, earning an eye roll from the Assassin as he turned his back to him.

"Do as you wish, just remember who's ship it is. Let's go." he then said before he and Varas left the CIC and Hock made himself comfortable in the Commander's chair.

Back on the Normandy, the crew worked frantically either at their stations or putting out the fires in the CIC as Jetstorm remained at post just as Quickstrike joined him in the cockpit.

"What the hell just happened?" he asked, while Jetstorm kept his attention on his holo-interface.

"We are under attack, I just informed Orion and he is on his way to the CIC as we speak."

"Where is the enemy now?" the Blonde Bot said in return, making the pilot type the holo-keys in front of him and bring up the sensor screen which hissed with static every now and then.

"Damn it, all systems are messing up. But…" the Autobot replied as he saw the red dot moving up alongside them.

"Looks like they are planning to board us…" he added with a tinge of shock in his voice, earning a serious expression from Quickstrike.

"Can you tell me where?" he said back, gaining a nod from Jetstorm before typed away and made a projected course appear on of the many holo-screens surrounding the pilot.

"The crew deck, starboard section….where Orion is."

"Right, tell Orion. I will get the others and meet him there." the Blonde Bot said back before turning around and making his way back to the CIC.

"Wait…" Jetstorm then shouted, regaining the Bot's attention.

"I am picking up a ground-bridge opening in the shuttle-bay."

"Damn it, okay I am on my way down there. Have anyone nearby meet me there and tell Orion what is happening." Quickstrike said back before heading back into the CIC, earning a nod from the pilot.

"Aye aye." he said as he returned his attention to his holo-interface.

On the crew deck, Orion and Liara exited his quarters and entered the corridor which was still basked in red light from the battle-stations siren which continued to blare out.

"We need to find the others and figure out our next move." the Blue haired Bot said, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"Orion, Jetstorm here." the pilot then spoke through the com-link, which Orion then reconfigured so Liara could hear it to.

"I'm here with Liara, what's our status?" the Bot replied as they stopped in the center of the corridor.

"We are being boarded, Quickstrike is rallying the others to join him in the shuttle-bay since a ground-bridge vortex has been detected there." the pilot said back.

"Alright, we will meet them there." the young Darby replied, earning a nod from Liara.

"I don't think you will have time for that Orion." Jetstorm said, gaining curious looks from both the Bot and Asari.

"What do you mean?" she asked back.

"Because whoever the enemy ship is, they are attempting to dock with us…at your location!" the pilot said and as if on cue, the ship again shook as the strain on the hull could be heard around the pair.

"Roger that." Orion replied as he readied his pistol and Liara clenched her fists, before the wall in front of them suddenly exploded and knocked the two onto their backs. Everything went fuzzy for a moment as the Autobot Spectre heard ringing in his ears as he attempted to get back to his feet, and the Asari experience similar feelings as she looked ahead at the large hole which had been blown open in the wall. Her sight was somewhat blurry, but she could just make out several figures as they stepped out onto the deck.

"There she is boys, right where they said she would be." a voice spoke out, which made her eyes widen in shock before anger took over. For this was a voice that she recognised and thought she would never hear again as she sat up and looked at the new arrivals, just as he eyes regained focus to see the Batarian and his Salvers.

"You!" she spat, earning a smile from Varas.

"She remembers us, isn't that precious. Get her boys!" he then said, as the other armoured men rushed at her. But Liara's heart and blood began to boil with anger as her mind became overrun with memories of her time as their prisoner, empowering her and heightening her biotics. This made her glow with energy as she launched herself at the Slavers, just as Orion recovered and looked back in confusion and shock.

"Liara!" he shouted back as he saw her fight with the armoured men, earning curious looks from the Batarian and the other Human standing next to him.

"Who's that Varas?" Kane asked, earning a shrug from his boss.

"Who cares, kill him." Varas replied, to which the Human Slaver raised his weapon at Orion and smiled before pulling the trigger. But Orion managed to use the Star-Saber to deflect the shot, to his own amazement and that of the Slavers.

"What the…how did he?" Kane asked before firing three more shots which the Blue haired Bot deflected with ease, gaining a confident smile from him.

"take him out the old fashioned way….while I deal with our Asari." Varas replied before activating holo-armour around his body and walking towards Liara who finished with the last of the soldiers. Kane nodded as he activated his holo-sabers, each one looking like a Katana before he took a fighting stance. Orion did the same before they both charged at each other, meanwhile Liara dropped the last soldier to the floor and looked back to see Varas walking over to her, a look of utter glee on his face as he licked his lips.

"I was hoping we would see each other again my dear. There is so much more you could 'learn' from me." he said back in a slimy manner, earning a look of utter disdain and hate from the Asari.

"I'll never let you or any Slaver touch me again!" she spat while taking on a defensive stance and began glowing with biotic energy, making the Batarian's smile widen even more.

"Oh I will touch you, and make you feel it." he said back before launching himself at her.

Meanwhile Lockdown and his Mechs were already in the shuttle-bay and planting the large explosive device in the center of the large room, just as Quickstrike, Nightracer, Shen and Grunt entered.

"Autobots!" the Assassin shouted before firing back at the group, making them scatter and take cover behind nearby cargo containers as several of his Mechs joined in. Nightracer fired back before her eyes widened as she recognised the enemy leader.

"Can't be." she said, gaining a curious expression from Quickstrike.

"What?" he asked before firing several shots back at the Mechs, blowing the head off one as he did so.

"That's Lockdown." she simply said back, earning a shrug from the Blonde Bot.

"Who's that?" Grunt said back, beating him to it.

"He was a Decepticon, I remember my mother telling me about him from her Con days." she replied before taking another shot at the robot soldiers.

"Whoever he is, let's kick him off our ship," Shen said back before putting down three more of the Mechs, gaining nods from his friends as they all fired simultaneously. This barrage of gunfire made Lockdown hide behind the heavily armoured bomb while the remaining Mechs were annihilated.

"That's what I have come to expect from Autobots." he said to himself with a measure of respect in his voice before bringing up his holo-tool and activating the bomb, a timer on it then lit up and revealed a three minute countdown.

"Your out gunned and outmatched, surrender." Nightracer called out, earning a sigh from the former Decepticon as he threw his gun aside and stood up from behind the device. He looked at the group and smiled as he recognised the Femme.

"You must be Slipstream's daughter, I would recognise those eyes anywhere." he said back, earning a surprised expression from Nightracer who kept her gun on him as the others took positions around the Assassin.

"Lockdown…your under arrest." she replied, making him smirk back in an unconvinced manner.

"Really, I don't really feel threatened at all if that's what you're trying to achieve." he said back, making Grunt grit his teeth and let off a low growl.

"We can change that." he said back, but the former Decepticon ignored him and continued to look at Nightracer.

"So what now?" he said back, though his expression was that of someone who did not care.

"Who are you working for?" she asked back in a firm tone.

"Is it the Predacons?" Quickstrike quickly added, gaining a knowing look from Lockdown.

"I work for someone who wants you all out of the way, that's all I…." he began to say before his com-link activated.

"That's the bitch that broke my nose! Kill her!" Hock suddenly screamed, earning a slight grimace from the Assassin as his ears felt that one.

"In good time." he replied calmly, earning confused looks from the Autobots.

"Who are you talking to?" Shen asked while keeping his pistol aimed at the former Con.

"Never mind that…." he said before looking around himself.

"…Can you hear that?" he then added, making the Autobots glance at each other with further confused expressions.

"Can we hear wh…" Quickstrike said back before he suddenly heard a low beeping coming from the large device next to them, so he looked down at it and saw the timer counting down.

"Oh shit, it's a bomb!" he exclaimed earning the looks of the others as they looked down at the device, earning a smile from the Assassin as a ground-bridge portal opened up behind him.

"Yes it is, have fun." Lockdown replied before stepping backwards into the portal which then closed before anyone could retaliate, leaving the group standing there with the explosive device counting down.

Back on the crew deck, Orion and Liara continued their fight with the Slavers as the Blue haired Bot got the upper hand on Kane, side kicking the human Merc in the side before grabbing his arm and throwing him to the ground hard. The Spectre then turned his attention to the Asari and her adversary, with him lunging with his holo-blade only for her to evade with a biotic charge which made her dash to his right in the blink of an eye. She then grabbed his free arm and broke it, which made Varas cry out in pain before she got him in a head lock and kicked at his leg, causing him to fall to his knees.

"You Bitch!" he said back while blood filled his mouth.

"I am going to make you pay for that!" he continued while the Asari tightened her grip around his neck, a look of complete calmness on her face at this moment.

"No…you won't hurt anyone ever again." she replied before then snapping his neck and silencing him once and for all, earning a look of surprise from Orion as she dropped the body to the floor in a heap.


The Asari looked back before Kane regained both their attention, as he got back to his feet.

"One more to go!" she then replied as the Human Slaver's com-link activated.

"Have you secured the Asari?" Lockdown spoke, making Kane shake his head while stepping backwards from the pair.

"Negative, our team is down and Varas is dead." he said back.

"Scrap, get back to the ship. I know of another way to secure her." the former Decepticon replied, earning a nod from the Human as he then equipped a flash bang grenade and threw it down to the ground between himself and the pair, which made Orion grab Liara and pull her towards him just before the device exploded into a blinding light.

"Orion." she said back in surprise before the light faded and the couple opened their eyes to find themselves alone in the corridor.

"You okay?" he asked as they looked at each other.

"Yes, but what about…" she started to say, making Orion cup her face in his hands and look her in the eyes.

"They were after you Liara, there's no point running onto their ship and into what's obviously a trap." he said back calmly, earning a nod from her as she held on to him tightly before he looked down at the dead slavers, including Varas.

"These were the Slavers that…." he started to say before Liara cut him off.

"Yes, yes they are." she said back as he felt her physically shake in his arms, so he held her so close to his chest, the Bot swore that he could feel her heart beat.

"I completely agree with what you did Liara, and I swear we will get the rest of them. No one hurts…my girl." he then found himself saying, making the Asari pull back enough to look him in the eyes with a curious expression.

"Your girl…" she asked back, almost making Orion blush as he sighed.

"Oh…yeah. I just thought since we did kiss…uh.." he started to say before she interrupted him by placing a finger on his lips and smiling at him, he blue eyes glistening as he found himself lost in them.

"I like that…" she said back as they leaned in for a kiss, but suddenly the ship shook around them again as the sounds of something dislodging itself caught Orion's attention, making him look back at the hole in the wall.

"Scrap, we have to move now!" he said as he gripped Liara's hand tight and the two ran for the adjourning corridor, picking up the Star-Saber as they ran past. The pair made it to the corridor just as the ship's atmosphere started to escape through the gaps being created from the unknown ship, with Orion bringing up his holo-tool and creating a force-field that blocked off their corridor from the other just as the enemy craft pulled away and exposed said area to the vacuum of space.

"That was close." Liara said with a breath of relief as she and Orion looked on as the dead bodies were sucked through the hole in the hull and out of sight.

"Orion to CIC, come in." the Blue haired Bot then said into his com-link, but the only reply he received was static.

Meanwhile Lockdown re-entered the CIC of his ship and gestured for Hock to get out of his chair, all the while never taking his eyes off the Normandy which once again began to drift through the void in front of them.

"We have successfully broken off from the Normandy." the Mech manning the helm stated, earning a grin from the former Decepticon.

"Locate and target the section where the Asari life sign is." he replied, earning a look of confusion from Hock as he stood there and watched.

"What are you doing?" he asked, but Lockdown ignored him and focused on the view screen.

"Arm one low yield torpedo and prepare a Ground-bridge portal, targeted for several feet outside that part of the Normandy to open several seconds after launch." he added, gaining nods from the Mechs at both the weapons and helm stations.

"Area targeted, weapons armed." one replied.

"Ground-bridge ready." the other added.

"Fire!" Lockdown then commanded, as the Mech pressed one mechanical finger down on it's holo-interface. With that the ship fired the glowing red torpedo which hurtled towards the stricken Normandy and impacted the hull, causing an explosion which ripped that section apart.

Suddenly everything that happened next, did so extremely fast for Orion and Liara as the ceiling over them was ripped open and exposing them both to open space. Orion instinctively embedded the Star-Saber into the ground quickly as he held tightly on to his lover, as they both suddenly felt like they were in the middle of a hurricane as the atmosphere was sucked out of the gaping hole over them and pulled their feet from beneath them. The pair felt the extreme pressure of the vacuum of space yanking at their bodies as the Spectre held on to the hilt of the Star-Saber for dear life.

"Don't let go Liara, the emergency force fields will kick in soon." he shouted back, gaining a nod from the Asari as she tightened her grip around his body while he did the same. But the force at which the Bot was fighting against was too much for him, and he could feel his strength beginning to fail him.

'No, I can't…I won't let us die….come on force-field, activate already.' he thought as his grasp started to slip slightly from the hilt of the Star-Saber which at this time was the only thing anchoring him and his Asari lover to the Normandy. But as another few seconds passed, the force field still did not activate and the blue haired Bot felt his body fail.

"I'm sorry." he said before his grip completely slipped and he and Liara were sucked out of the gaping hole in the Normandy hull and out into space. But just as the pair felt the air vacate their lungs rather violently, a bright green vortex opened up and swallowed them whole before closing just as quickly.

Lockdown smiled as he tapped his com-link while watching the action on the CIC's main view-screen.

"Do we have them and are they alive?" he asked before a familiar voice spoke back to him.

"Yes Lockdown, and they are alive if slightly frost-bitten."

"Good, get them to the Infirmary and deal with their wounds. But don't let them out of your sight Thane, don't screw this second chance up or you know what the consequences will be." the former Decepticon replied before ending the transmission.

"So what now, when does the Normandy blow?" Hock asked, which made Lockdown look down at his holo-tool and read the timer that was currently counting down on it's small screen.

"It's several seconds away Hock, take a look…" he replied before looking over to the Mech manning the helm.

"Bring us about and take us away from the Normandy, and set the view-screen to aft view."

The Mech nodded and did what he was asked as the screen showed them turning away before suddenly making the Autobot ship appear again and get smaller as it continued to drift through space.

"It's about time.." the arms dealer then said as he watched the Normandy drift further away before suddenly exploding in a massive fireball, which made him smile from ear to ear, earning a curious look from Lockdown.

"I suppose you are happy now?" he replied with Hock nodding in return while keeping his attention on the explosion, savouring every second of it.

"Yes, that was well worth it."

"Good, then let's get moving. Helm, set a course for the 'home'." Lockdown said as he leaned back in his chair as the view-screen switched back to the front view just in time to witness a space-bridge vortex open up and envelope the ship in green light.
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