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Chapter XXXIX

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With their day now over, the Autobots prepare to go into battle against the forces of the Predacons. Hoping to stop Galvatron before he finds the very thing that will offer him victory, but unbekno...

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The scent of sea salt was strong in the morning air as Liara and Orion lay in each other's arms on the sun lounger bed, with nothing but a light duvet to cover them which the Autobot had picked up from the supply box under the bed. And the pair just lied there watching the sky slowly brighten up as night gave way to the new day.

The Asari had never felt so blissful and content in her life as she did with her lover's arms wrapped around her, listening to his spark beat as she lay her head on his chest. She couldn't think of a better way to start the new day as she ran a finger down the Bot's stomach, feeling the toned muscles of his six-pack as she did so.

Orion too was just as content to let this moment last as he lied under Liara with his arms holding her close, for he did not want to let her go. He could feel the Asari's chest expand and deflate slightly on his own with each and every breath she took, which was now more calmer and controlled than either of theirs had been a few hours earlier. For what they had experienced together then, was beyond anything Orion had felt with any partner he had before, Nightracer included.

He sighed happily while looking up at the vanilla sky overhead, which was slowly shifting from red to blue and this earned a smile from the Asari, which he felt through the skin of his chest.

"Your awake?" he asked in a caring tone, which made Liara turn her head and rest her chin on his chest while looking back into his blue eyes.

"..As are you." she replied coyly before leaning with a kiss, her lips tasting like a heavenly fruit to the Bot as he returned the kiss.

"Morning." she then said back softly after pulling away enough to look back at the Autobot.

"Morning." he replied as they then readjusted their positions so that they were still holding each other, but now at eye level.

"Last night Liara, it was..." Orion began to say, only for the Asari to jump in as she smiled back with a slight shy-like expression.

"Orion, I know." she said back, marvelling at the wide-eye look of wonder on his face as she listened to him.

"I think only one word can describe last night." he added, earning a curious look from Liara.

"And what's that?"

"…Perfect." the blue haired Bot replied before leaning in close and kissing the Asari, who had begun to blush in return. But that did not stop her from returning the kiss in kind as she pressed her lips back into his, turning their kiss into a passionate one that continued for what felt like a lifetime between them.

If it had not been for the need to breath, the lovers might never have parted from the kiss. But they both just looked back at each another and smiled as Orion shook his head in disapproval with a sigh.

"If I could, I would curse whoever thought needing to breath was a necessity." he joked while looking back out at the blue ocean before him and Liara.

"It's not that bad really, considering we can just do it again." she replied, regaining his attention.

"That's true." the Autobot said back as the Asari leaned in again. This time touching her forehead to his own as they looked deeply into each others eyes.

'Man, I could so easily lose myself in those deep blue eyes.' he thought before they both moved in for another kiss, only for their com-links to suddenly activate, pulling them both out of the moment as they sat back and tapped the devices.

"Orion and Liara here." the blue haired Bot said as his Asari lover listened.

"It's Shen, I know that I am probably interrupting you two…" the Turian replied, his voice laced with a mixture of embarrassment and guilt that was easily readable by them both, gaining an annoyed sigh from the Autobot.

"You kind of are….yes…" he said back with a reluctant tone while Liara chuckled, finding his reaction to be quite cute as she looked back at him.

"Oh…okay, well sorry….'did I already say that?'…" Shen replied.

"Yes you did, so what is going on?" the bluehaired Bot said back, his voice becoming more serious so to snap his friend out of his embarrassed state.

"Yes, right. The Commander wants us all back on the Normandy, the ship and the fleet is ready."

These words suddenly made the Autobot and the Asari look directly at each other as they lied on the lounger, a knowing expression on both their faces. For they knew that what had been a perfect evening between them was now coming to an end, so Orion reluctantly sighed as he put his finger up to his com-link.

"We….are on our way, Orion and Liara out." he said with a deflated tone, earning a nod from the Asari.

"Should I feel bad that I don't want to go back now." she said with a mirrored tone which made Orion put his arms around more, with the blue female laying her head on his should as they both looked out to the ocean.

"I know exactly what you mean Liara, because I don't want this to end either after what we shared last night." he replied before looking back at the Asari, who was now looking up at him.

"I don't want to lose you Orion, not after finding each other and experiencing what we could have together." she said back, making the Autobot squeeze her in his arms affectionately as he noticed the tinge of dread in the Asari's voice. For he knew of what she had already lost before now, with her friends during the Reaper War, then Shockblast and now her own Mother. So he just looked the Asari in the eye, never blinking once.

"And I don't want to lose you either Liara, what I want is for us to build a life together, one that is our own...and maybe down the road...a family." he replied before looking back out to sea, noticing the sky becoming more blue-like as early morning continued to pass them by.

"But we first have a duty to stop Galvatron and his Predacons, to save my parents and personally put that monster six feet under." he added as he looked back, noticing that Liara still had an unsure expression on her face. He did not know what else to say that could quell his lover's fears, but then something came to mind, something he had not had chance to really think about which had occurred only a dozen feet away from their location only a week or so earlier.

"Your not going to lose me Liara, not now or ever...but..." he started to say, noticing the Asari's face becoming curious to what he was saying, so he gave her a slight smile in return.

"Remember when you said that 'I must have a destiny?'"

"Yes, why so you ask?" Liara replied with curious tone.

"Well it said in the Covenant that I would bring about something called the 'Trinity of Primes'. Now I don't know what that is, but since everything written in the Covenant always happens, then that means I will be fine." he continued as his lover stared back with a hopeful expression.

"And I will make sure that you do too, we will be in this fight together, side by side." he added, as Liara leaned in close and smiled.

"Yes, we will." she said back before the pair then kissed again, before pulling away and looking back out at the sea as the waves gently broke against the shore in front of them.


In the Normandy's CIC, Rodimus sat in his hover-chair and watched as the crew worked at their individual stations, using their holo-interfaces as they prepared the ship for launch. The Commander than activated his own holo-tool and synced it to the galaxy map, which changed to show a holographic version of the ship.

"So all the hull damage has been repaired?" he asked a female Turian engineer standing beside him, who nodded in return while pointing at particular points on the hologram.

"Yes, but they are more like patch-jobs considering that the Normandy would really need a few weeks in dry-dock to bring it back to pristine condition. It was really the best we could do, given the time we had. So even though the breaches have been sealed, the hull integrity is still only at seventy percent. We have increased the structural integrity field of the ship to strengthen its hull and bring it up to around eighty-five percent. We have also repaired the shield generator and weapons systems, but the stealth system needs more time than we had to repair so it has instead been completely deactivated until we have the time." she added, earning a reluctant nod from Rodimus.

"I see. What about the other main systems, how are they holding up?"

"All other systems are working from around ninety to one hundred percent, I won't lie that the Normandy has seen better days. But it can still give a good fight, since my engineering crew and I have done our best to see that it would get the chance." the Turian said back.

"Well thank you for all the hard work over the last day, it is greatly appreciated." the Autobot replied as the engineer deactivated her holo-tool.

"Your welcome Commander Rodimus, but now I have to be excused." she said back before walking to the elevator and exiting the CIC, so the Commander then tapped his com-link.

"Nightracer, have Orion and Liara arrived yet?" he then asked.

The Femme tapped her earpiece as the Commander's voice came through on her end, looking around her in the Shuttle-Bay as people walked to and from the ship via the lowered landing ramp.

"Yes sir, I see them approaching the ship now." Nightracer replied as she spotted the pair walking towards the ramp.

"Good, now what is the status of our re-supply?" Rodimus asked, making the Femme look round to see the last of the metallic crates being placed on the deck near Onyx Primal, who was watching everyone in his beast mode. The loaders gave the dragon a wide berth as they moved slowly away, earning a smile from Nightracer as she turned back round.

"They have just finished it now." she replied.

"Alright, once everyone is on board then we will get under-way. Rodimus out."

Nightracer then deactivated her com-link and turned to see Orion and Liara approach her, holding hands as they did, which made her look to the ground slightly and sigh before they stopped directly in front of her.

"You guys are late." she said with a slightly apprehensive tone, gaining unsure looks from both the Bot and Asari.

"Uh, well.." Liara began to reply before her lover stepped in.

"Yeah….a lot happened last night between us." the young Darby said as he looked back to Liara, a big smile on both his, earning a mirrored expression. This made Nightracer sigh and smile in return, unable to keep up the act any longer.

"You guys don't need to explain yourselves, it's not like the rest of us haven't noticed how close you both have become since Illium…" the Femme said back, earning an appreciative smile from the pair.

"…And I know Liara is a good fit for you." she continued, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"Thank you Nightracer, that's kind of you to say."

"Yes, thank you. Though I could have sworn that your reaction was going to be somewhat different, because of the way you were looking at us when we arrived." Orion added with a tinge of confusion in his voice, earning a chuckle from the Femme as she smiled back teasingly.

"That's because after all this time, you still fall for 'the look'. And you are so cute when you squirm, wouldn't you agree Liara?"

The Asari gave the Bot a similar smile and nodded in return.

"Yes, I would agree with that…..and I will remember the look for future reference." she said back in a similar teasing tone, which made Orion sigh in defeat.

"Ni, do you have to give Liara ideas."

"There's more where that came from." the Femme said to the Asari with an added wink, which Orion caught and smiled back at.

"I saw that, I know when your kidding Ni." he said with a not completely convinced tone, which made his Ex smile wider.

"Oh really, do you think I am kidding…" she replied before looking over to Liara, who was just watching the pair with an interested smile. So the Femme leaned over slightly to the Asari and covered her mouth from the Bot so he could not see.

"…I am really, but he will still bite and squirm…then finally fold." she then said, gaining a nod from blue female.

"I've did notice that." she said back, which made the pair laugh as Orion just dropped his head in defeat and sighed again.

"Okay you win."

"See what I mean." Nightracer said as the door behind them opened, gaining their attention as well as a sigh of relief from Orion who saw that it was Shen and Smokescreen, the latter sitting in a hover-chair like Rodimus's.

"Look who's finally up and about." the Turian said with an enthusiastic tone as the others walked over and surrounded the pair, earning a slightly embarrassed expression from the Autobot who looked up at them all.

"Not exactly the way I wanted to leave the Medical-Bay, but I guess it will have to do." he replied with a slightly disappointed tone, which made Nightracer place a hand on his shoulder in a supportive manner.

"Well, we are all just glad to see that your on the road to recovery." She added, which made the others smile back in unison. But Smokescreen merely nodded back before looking down at his stricken legs, a sad look appearing on his face.

"Thanks, but I just wish that others were as lucky as I was."

Everyone's faces sunk somewhat, as they all knew who the Autobot was on about.

"Quickstrike told me what happened to Grunt on Benning, and I do not claim to have known him well. But I remember the stories that my Father used to tell me when I was a child, of the adventures he had with you, Grunt, Rodimus and Garrus. And I do know that with how my Father described Grunt, the Krogan would not have had his death any other way." Orion then said with a knowing and supportive expression, which gained a nod from Smokescreen in return.

"Yes, Grunt always did relish a good fight and that was how he always envisioned himself going out. Wrex said the same thing, but still….I am going to miss him."

"We all will… but as long as we remember him, then he will always be with us." the blue haired Bot replied before the Autobot looked back at him with a thoughtful expression.

"You are your Father's son, and I know he would be damn proud of you Orion. I certainly am, to have had the chance to work alongside you and the next generation of Autobots." he said back as a smile graced his face, while holding out a hand to the young Darby which he then shook.

"Just do me a favour and bring your Parents back safely, okay?" Smokescreen then added, earning a nod back from Orion.

"I will, you can count on it." he said back with a determined tone to his voice, which made the chair-bound Bot smirk back.

"Very well, I look forward to seeing you guys after this is all done. Good luck."

Everyone there then shook hands with Smokescreen, before he then pressed a button on the small control panel on top of his right hand side armrest, making his chair move down the ramp and off the ship.

"Okay, then I guess it's time we got moving." Shen then said as everyone watched the injured Bot disappear down the ramp, then suddenly the inter-com activated and gained their attention.

"This is Commander Rodimus, all hands to stations and prepare for launch."

Orion and the others immediately nodded at each other before heading out of the Shuttle-Bay, but not before Nightracer used her holo-tool to close the landing ramp and seal it from the ship-s exterior, then she joined the rest.

The CIC was a buzz with activity as Rodimus moved in his hover-chair towards the Cockpit, taking note of how efficient his crew were in performing their tasks at their individual stations.

"Jetstorm report status." he said as he stopped behind the pilot, who was typing on the holo-interface in front of him.

"Sir, all decks report ready for launch. In fact, Docking Control has cleared us for departure." he said in return as Orion joined the pair, earning a nod from the Commander in acknowledgement.

"Very well, is the air-lock and outer hatches sealed."

"Yes sir, Nightracer dealt with that. Everyone who's not supposed to be on board has disembarked." the blue haired Bot replied.

"Good, then by all means Jetstorm. Take us out." Rodimus said back, earning a nod from the pilot.

"Disengaging docking clamps, clearing all moorings. Thrusters at ten percent, easing us out." he then stated as the Normandy began to reverse out from the docking ring of the Tower, turning around one hundred and eighty degrees once it was at a safe enough distance to do so.

"We are clear of the tower." Jetstorm then added, as he and his Commanders looked out of the glass canopy to see the city of New Iacon before them.

"Take us out." the Autobot Leader then said before the Normandy then flew up into the blue sky, taking less than thirty seconds to breach Earth's atmosphere and re-enter the void of space.

"Activate the space-bridge and aim it at the rendezvous coordinates." Rodimus then said.

"Aye, aye sir." the pilot replied before entering the numbers into the number pad of his holo-interface before pressing a button next to it, which was followed by the sudden appearance of a bright green vortex opening up before them.

"Space-bridge activated, taking us through." Jetstorm stated as the Normandy then entered the portal, reappearing on the other side and finding itself surrounded by the largest fleet seen outside of the Reaper War.

"Wow, I have never seen so many ships in one place." Orion said in amazement as he looked out at the many Cruisers, Destroyers and other Star-ships that filled up the void around them.

"It certainly looks like we have called in every ship we have." the pilot replied as he flew the Autobot Frigate between two of the largest vessels, but then as Rodimus was about to speak, a terminal before Jet-storm beeped.

"We are being hailed, it is Admiral Hackett on board the Apollo."

"Put him through." the Commander said back, and a second later another holo-screen appeared before the trio with the face of Caucasian man in his late fifties appearing on it. He had a well trimmed silver beard and a scar running down his right cheek, ending just above his lips.

"Commander Rodimus, glad you and the Normandy could make it." the Admiral said with a deep and commanding voice.

"There was no way the Normandy was going to miss this Admiral, what is the status of the fleet?" Rodimus replied with a smirk, earning a mirrored expression from Hackett.

"With the exception of the scattered forces left to defend our major Colonies and Home-worlds, we have pretty much every ship in the fleet with us for our assault."

The Admiral's smirk dropped a little as his face became thoughtful.

"Though I thought that we wouldn't ever need to show such a force of strength again….not since the Reaper War." he added, earning a nod from the Commander.

"I know what you mean, but we cannot let the Predacons continue with their campaign against us."

"Agreed. And considering their entire fleet is orbiting Virmire, we might never have a better chance to put and end to them. Though before you arrived, I sent a shuttle into the system for a quick in and out re-con. And it seems that the Nemesis has landed on the planet, taking up a very well defended position at the foot of a mountain." the Hackett said, earning a wide-eyed look from both Rodimus and Orion. With the latter turning to his Mentor and friend.

"Looks like Galvatron has found what he was looking for."

"Right, so we should get moving….now." the Commander replied.

"Yes I agree, so I already have a basic outline of the attack plan…." the Admiral began to say before Rodimus stepped in.

"I will go over the details of the attack with you now…" he said in return, before turning to Orion.

"Time for you and your team to suit up." the Commander added, gaining a nod from the young Darby.

"Yes sir." he replied before tapping his com-link.

"Liara, Quickstrike, Shen, Nightracer. Head down to the Armoury and suit up, I will meet you there."

The XO then looked back at Rodimus, Admiral Hackett and Jetstorm as he readied himself to leave.

"We will begin as soon as you are ready, good luck Orion." the Commander then said, earning a nod from the young Darby.

"Good luck to us all." he replied, gaining mirrored reactions from the trio before leaving the cockpit, heading for the elevator at the back of the CIC.

"He certainly has the look of Jackson Prime." Hackett observed as he watched the Spectre walk off, while both Rodimus and Jetstorm turned back to him.

"He is his Father's son, and this attack plan was mostly his own idea." the Autobot replied, earning a nod from the Admiral.

"I see, well if he is anything like our Prime, then we will be in good hands."

"Of course Admiral, it is an ambitious undertaking. But it can succeed." the Elite Spectre said back as he sat in his hover-chair.

"Very well, then what do you want us to do?" Hackett replied, earning a slight smile from Rodimus who then activated his holo-tool, as he prepared to brief the Admiral.


Back at Virmire, Ser-Ket was still restrained on the berth in Shockwave's Lab. The Femme was deep in thought as she went over what the Decepticon Scientist had shown her, with the images continually flashing in her mind.

'I still cannot believe that I was that Decepticon, it has to be a lie.' the Predacon thought as she looked down at her body, shaking her head in reluctance.

'But there is no denying the sense of familiarity I can feel with these images…these memories, that scares me more than anything.'

This form of thinking made Ser-Ket feel a cold dread pass through her spark, since it had been hard enough for her to believe that she had any kind of real connection to her Predacon brethren. But now with this bombshell dropped into her lap by Shockwave, someone she had believed to be long dead because of what the historical records had claimed. This had left the Femme feeling utterly confused and unsure of what her role was or where she supposedly fitted in this world and that did really frighten her.

But just as her mind had become engulfed in the rising tide of memories that were supposedly of her and the thoughts that followed, threatening to drown Ser-Ket in her own despair and anguish. There was one light that could keep her afloat and reinforce her focus and that was Quickstrike, the Autobot who she had come to love with the entirety of her being. One that she was willing to sacrifice herself for in order to save him, despite what that fate meant for her in return.

'Quickstrike, I know your out there and looking for me.' she thought as she remembered the blonde Bot' smile and eyes, which warmed her spark and calmed her down. But it was then that another thought came to mind, something which Shockwave had told her prior to the bombshell he then dropped into her lap.

'Shockwave said that my CNA was spliced not with a Predacon as he believed, but of one of their rivals. What if this is the reason for my detached feelings concerning my Predacon brethren, something that was brought out by Shockblast when he reawakened me.' Ser-Ket thought as she then remembered the dreams she had of the battles and black Dragon, the one that she felt no fear or animosity towards.

'Could those dreams have been remnants of the person I was spliced with?'

But before the Femme dwell on this thought any more l, the door to the Lab opened and Shockwave walked in. His face was entirely expressionless as he headed over to his restrained acquaintance.

"It has been decided." he said in a cold tone, which earned a concerned look from the Predacon in return.

"What has...?" she replied as her eyes remained focused on the Decepticon, who came to a stop right next to her and began looking over the instruments that lay on the small table beside her berth.

"I have spoken to Lord Galvatron and gained my Liege's permission to wipe your mind clean of Ser-Ket, leaving you free to return as Strika." he said back, earning a horrified expression from the Femme. Her thoughts overcome by the repurcusions of such an action.

'If he does this, I will lose Quickstrike forever!'

The Predacon started to fight against her restraints, gaining Shockwave's attention as he looked down at Ser-Ket with a confused expression.

"Do not fight it, soon you will be free of these conflicted memories and emotions, ones that were never really yours." he replied while picking up the Cortical Psychic Patch once again, and fitted one end onto the Femme's head despite her struggles.

"You will will instead be free of such confusion and illogical thinking, instead returning to efficient and ruthless comrade that we Predacons need." the Scientist added as he placed the other device back on top of his head, before activating them with his holo-tool which made both units hum in response.

"No, No, I do not want to lose my memories. I need them!" Ser-Ket spat back, only for the Decepticon to ignore her and continue.

"All that is required of myself is to access your memory-core and wipe the majority of it clean, before then re-uploading your back up of your original memory via your secondary buffer. It is logical after all, to keep all options available."

'No, I cannot lose what makes me who I am. I will not become that Decepticon, the one who is ruthless and without even an iota of mercy...she who is a real monster.' Ser-Ket thought as she gritted her teeth and put everything she had into breaking her restraints, but found that they would not budge.

"Your struggling is illogical, I am giving you a gift. A chance to be yourself again, and lead a life without the conflicting and destructive emotions that control the rest of our species." Shockwave stated while watching the Femme continue to fight against her locked arms and legs, with a look of pure confusion plastered over his face. But as the Patch continued to hum louder as it came ever closer to full power, the Predacon came to one inescapable conclusion in her mind.

'I cannot break these restraints, not with the strength I have at this moment.' she thought as she stopped struggling and looked down at herself with an expression of acceptance, one that Shockwave noticed and nodded at in return.

"Good, you're struggling was futile and only delayed the inevitable for a moment or two more." he replied as Ser-Ket closed her eyes, looking like she was giving up.

'...I have to use the side of me I despise, my beast mode!' she thought before focusing on her anger and rage, letting it build inside of herself, before her eyes opened wide and startled the Decepticon Scientist. For what he saw were not the eyes of a Cybertronian, but instead were those of a Beast.

"No, you will fail. Even your increased strength can not overcome your enhanced restraints." he said back with an increasing tinge of worry in his voice, as he activated his holo-tool's electric-shock function and grabbed the Femme's arm, delivering a powerful shock of electricity through her. This made the Predacon scream in pain, but it was a scream that slowly morphed into a roar as Ser-Ket continued to change before the Scientist's remaining eye, for he could not believe what he was witnessing.

"Impossible!" he spat in complete disbelief as the Femme broke out of her restraints and grabbed his arm off of her, staring into his eye for a moment before throwing him to the ground several feet away.

Shockwave quickly got to his feet while the Predacon easily freed the rest of her body from the berth's restraints and got off it, revealing the finished transformation into her Beastial form.

"You have to be neutralised!" he added before pulling out his pistol with one hand, while raising his other to his com-link in an effort to alert the rest of the crew. But before he could, Ser-Ket pounced and grabbed both arms while pinning the Decepticon against the wall. She growled deeply while gritting her teeth at the one eyed man. The Femme's thoughts were all over the place as a veil of rage blanketed everything in front of her.

"I swear by the Allspark, you will never hurt another person ever again." she spat before ripping off his arms, spraying blood out in both directions as she then dropped the limbs and grabbed his head in both hands.

"You are Strika, a Decepticon General. That is what you are and were always meant to be!" Shockwave managed to say through the Predacon's hands, but this made the Femme narrow her eyes at him in return while increasing the pressure around his head.

"My Ser-Ket, and it is time for you to die!" she spat before crushing his head into mulch with her bare hands, killing the Decepticon instantly as his headless body slumped to floor and twitched for a moment. The Predacon just stood there and breathed heavily, staring down at both it and her blood covered hands.

'I...have to get out of here!' she thought before rushing out of the Lab, leaving Shockwave's body there to continue twitching in a pool of blood in the now empty room.


Meanwhile Galvatron stood on the bridge with Lazerback too his right, while standing behind him was Jackson Prime and Arcee who were both in restraints and surrounded by Terracons. The Predacon Lord had a confident smile on his face as he watched the holo-screen in front of the group, which showed the particle beam cannon firing into the mountainside and crafting a tunnel through the giant rock formation.

"We are now only fifty metres from the object…." the Terracon manning the weapon's station stated as he kept his focus between working the beam and watching it's power levels.

"…..but the power is on the verge of overloading, having already passed one hundred percent."

This made Lazerback look over to his leader with a concerned expression, as the weapon's station began to sound an alarm.

"My Lord, we should deactivate the particle beam and allow it to cool down, or we risk burning out the cannon."

"Noted, now maintain fire on that spot and up its power levels again." Galvatron replied with a growing anger in his voice, never taking his eyes off the screen whilst doing so. This made his lieutenants look at each other in equally perplexed expressions before nodding back in return.

"You heard Lord Galvatron." Lazerback said while looking down at the weapon's operator.

"Yes sir." the drone replied before typing onto his holo-interface, making the power readouts rise up into the red. This instantly made the beam glow even brighter and cut through the rock faster, earning a grin from the Predacon Leader as he continued to watch. Another minute or so passed as the weapon's alarms continued to blare out of the CIC's speakers until the Terracon suddenly deactivated the cannon, he then turned around and looked up at his Commander.

"My Lord, the beam has crafted a tunnel through the mountain and hit something inside, something our sensors cannot identify."

Galvatron smiled back and nodded in return.

"Very good, and what is the condition of the particle beam cannon?"

"It was a good timing that the tunnel was created when it was, because if it had been used a moment longer then it would have overloaded. I am afraid that it cannot be used again." the Terracon replied, earning a knowing nod from Lazerback that did not go unnoticed by his Lord.

"Do you have something you wish to say Lazerback?" he asked with narrowed red eyes, which made the lieutenant suddenly stiffen up and shake his head in response.

"No… Lord." he stuttered back.

"Good, because you do remember what happens to those who question me…don't you." the Predacon Leader replied, earning a nod from Lazerback who said nothing else.

"Now then, take our 'guests down to the ventral hanger. I have ordered three Terracon squads to meet you there, and wait for my arrival."

"I see my Lord, and once you join us?" the lieutenant asked with a slightly nervous tone.

"Then we will go to that mountain and see what we have uncovered, any more questions?" Galvatron said back, trying to hide his growing annoyance with his minion.

"Just one more, if you will indulge me my Lord." he replied before gulping hard while the Predacon Lord stared back, but said nothing in return.

"…Why are we taking the Prime and his Femme with us, surely they would be better secured in the Brig?"

Galvatron gave his lieutenant a knowing smile, both Jack and Arcee did not even flinch at the sound of them being talked about as their thoughts more focused on everything that had happened to them recently… and what they had lost personally.

"Because the Prime carries something we will need for what is in that Rock, and his Femme will guarantee that he uses it."

This suddenly caught Jack's attention, as he looked over to the Predacon Leader with wide, curious eyes. Which made Galvatron smile back at him.

"Now do as I command." he said to Lazerback, who turned and faced the Terracons guarding their prisoners.

"Let's go." he said, earning salutes from the drones who responded by grabbing both Prime and Femme and turning them around to face the exit. Arcee then caught her Spark-mate's confused expression, mirroring the look with her own.

"Jack, what is it?" she asked, but all the older Darby did was look back at Galvatron who continued to smile back at him confidently, while they were escorted off the CIC.

Once the Autobots were gone, the Predacon Lord turned his attention back to the Terracons working below his station, who all felt his gaze as they continued with their individual tasks. This made him smirk as he tapped his com-link.

"Rip-Claw, do you read me?"

"Yes Lord Galvatron, how may I serve you?" she replied with an eager tone.

"I want you and Vertabreak to lead our ground-forces outside, just in case the enemy find us. If that happens, you are to make sure that no Autobot reaches the mountain, is that clear?" Galvatron asked.

"Yes my Lord, but what about their air support, there is no cover out there on that terrain?" Rip-Claw replied back with a concerned tone.

"You will have Predaking, Grimwing and Skystalker out there with you, and also the Nemesis will also be laying down covering fire for you and the Terracons. Now execute my orders."

"By your command Lord Galvatron." the Femme said back before deactivating the com-link, which then made the Predacon Leader look down at the Terracon manning the Communications terminal.

"Get me Blight on the Achilles." he said in a commanding tone, one that made the soldier in question almost snap to attention as he began typing on the holo-interface before him.

"Of course my Lord, I have him now." he replied before a holo-screen appeared in front of the Predacon Leader, and Blight appeared on it.

"Lord Galvatron, I have positioned the fleet around the planet in a defensive pattern as per your earlier instructions." he stated in a professional tone, which impressed Galvatron as he listened.

"Very good Blight. Tell me, has your sensors picked up anything outside of the system?"

"There have been no sign of any ships on the long range sensors my Lord, but we are picking up a plasma storm which appears to be heading for the system." the lieutenant replied, earning a curious expression from Galvatron in return.

"Plasma storm, does it pose any threat to us?"

"We have calculated its probable trajectory and we believe that it will pass through this system, but no where near Virmire."

"Alright, then I will not keep you from your duties Blight. Keep me apprised…" the Predacon Leader started to say, before suddenly alarms began blaring around the Lieutenant, making him look over to his Terracons around him.

"What is it?" he said to those off screen, leaving Galvatron as nothing but an observer for a moment with a confused expression growing on his face.

"Blight, what is it?" he asked, earning a surprised and concerned look from his minion.

"We are detecting a large fleet of ships heading directly for us." he said back, making the Predacon Leader's red eyes narrow as he gritted his teeth.

"The Autobots have found us, patch me to every Predacon in our fleet." he then spat at the Communications Terracon, who nodded and worked his station.

"You are on my Lord." he replied, as his lieutenants, Terracons and Mercs alike all listened for their leader to speak.

"My Predacons, today we stand at the very beginnings of a new Golden age for us all. One that will see the end of the Autobots, the only ones left to oppose us. They have arrived to try and stop us from achieving our ultimate victory, so I say let them make their final stand. We will crush them all and take this galaxy for our own, once and for all. So my Predacons….attack and TERROISE!" he commanded in tyrannical glee, earning cheers from everyone in his fleet, just as the Autobot ships entered the system.
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