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Chapter XL

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Virmire, a planet that once played an important part in the Reaper War is again at the center of another Galactic conflict, as the Autobots and Predacons begin what will be their final battle.

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The CIC of the Achilles was rocked by several direct hits to the ship as Blight look around him at as two stations exploded, sending the Terracons near them to the floor hard.

"Shields down to eighty five percent." the soldier to his right shouted over the sounds the red alert blaring from the room's speakers, which made the Lieutenant look over to his helmsman in front of him.

"Evasive manoeuvres, get us out of the line of fire and cover our ventral side." he spat, gaining a nod from the Terracon before he then turned his attention to another on his right.

"Fire our torpedoes on that Autobot dreadnought the moment you have a clear shot, understood?" he said in a commanding tone, gaining a nod from the Terracon before he looked back to the helmsman who had started his manoeuvres.

So as the battle continued to play out around the Achilles which was still taking fire from the enemy in front of it, suddenly turned starboard, looking as if it was attempting to pull away. So the dreadnought maintained its fire on the Predacon ship, hitting its shields with numerous cannon blasts that made the Achilles shake with each and every hit. But the weapons Terracon maintained his cool and stared at the holo-screen of his terminal as the enemy ship entered the center of his targeting HUD and turned green, which made the Con press the firing button in return.

This made the torpedo launchers on that side of the ship activate and fire a spread of glowing projectiles back at their enemy, who spotted this move... though a little late and attempted to evade it by turning away. But the torpedoes hit their mark, shattering the shields of the Dreadnought in that section. The Achilles then launched another spread of torpedoes, these ones passed through unchallenged and impacted on the front of the Autobot ship, causing heavy damage as the Predacon ship moved away.

"Sir, the dreadnought has suffered substantial damage." the Terracon manning the sensors then said, earning Blight's attention.

"Very good." he replied before looking at the Communications operator.

"Send an alert to any Predacon ship in range of that dreadnought, and tell them to destroy it." he said, gaining a nod from the minion in return.

"Take us to the other side of Virmire, our lines are weakening a little over there." the Lieutenant then said while looking at the holo-image of the battle on his interface, which made the pilot nod back.

"Yes sir." he replied before the Achilles turned away from the damaged Dreadnought which had come under fire from nearby Predacon cruisers.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, more Autobot dreadnoughts hit the enemy lines there hard, with several cruisers fell before them.

Admiral Hackett stood on the bridge of the Apollo and watched the battle unfold, using multiple holo-screens around his personal station.

"Dreadnought and Cruiser wings seventeen and twelve have managed to punch a hole in the Predacons defensive line, I want Kalros Carrier group to begin landings now with cruiser wing thirteen and their fighter squadrons to cover them." he said into his com-link.

"Roger that Admiral, we are making our run now." a voice spoke back over the com.

With that the carrier group which was made up of the Krogan designed Kalros troop carriers, heavily armoured cruisers that were somewhat larger than other ships of the same class began descending towards the planet's surface, firing their flak cannons and creating a buffer zone between themselves and the Predacon fighters that were trying to stop them.

Several enemy cruisers also attempted to block their path, only to come under attack from the ISF cruisers Undaunted, Farragut on the carrier group's starboard side while the Furies, Selani and Nefrane fired from the port side, their combined torpedo and cannon fire destroying the incoming cruisers and further clearing the way as the Kalros ships entered the planet's atmosphere.

After several seconds of atmospheric entry, the carriers broke through the cloud cover to see the dark blue ocean of Virmire beneath them while the fighter squadron flew in formation alongside them.

"This is Lead carrier Urdnot, we are approaching the landmass where our target is situated. Carriers Zeus and Verallas will land either side of us, while the Hyperion and the Bulkhead will offload their troops a quarter mile away." the Urdnot's Krogan Commander said over the com-link, while the large vessels flew toward the mainland.

"Aye, Aye Urdnot, we will stay in formation with you and stop any enemy fighters from harassing you, Zeta squadron out." one of the fighter pilots replied.

Back at the mountain, Galvatron and his party had entered the tunnel and were making their way into the darkness it held, with nothing but torches to light the path ahead.

"Lord Galvatron, this is Rip-Claw. Come in please." the femme spoke over the Com-link, gaining her Leader's attention as stopped and gestured to the others to do the same, before tapping his earpiece.

"Rip-Claw report."

"The Autobots have broken through our defensive lines and are now landing ground-forces less than a click away from the Nemesis's position." she said back with a concerned tone, which made the Predacon Lord grit his teeth in return.

"Then I hope you are adequately prepared for the ground battle, because if any Autobots make it to our position, I will be sure to take it out of yours and Blight's hides. Do you understand me?" he spat, earning a gasp from the Femme who sounded a little rattled by his outburst.

"Understood Lord Galvatron, no one will make it to you. I will see to it." she said back, though the Predacon Leader merely scowled at her reply.

"Just get on with it, Galvatron out." he said before deactivating his com-link, earning a worried look from Lazerback.

"My Lord, should I send some of our Terracons back to help?" he asked, gaining his Master's attention.

"No, we carry on."

The Lieutenant nodded back, then looked over to the score of Terracons who stood behind them.

"You heard Lord Galvatron, lets move out." he ordered as the whole group continued into the tunnel, with the Predacon Lord leading the way. As they did so, Jack and Arcee were being escorted too with a Terracon at either side of them.

"Sounds to me like our friends are giving them a hard time Jack." the blue haired Femme whispered back in a hopeful tone as she looked back to him, but her face fell a little as she noticed the worried expression of her spark-mate.

"I don't think it will matter if the Autobots get here or not Arcee." he said back.

"What do you mean?" she asked in return, gaining his attention.

"Because the more we move into this mountain, the more I feel that whatever is at it's heart will spell doom for all of us." he replied, fear underlining his words as they carried on walking.

The battle in orbit was still very intense, with ships on both sides falling one after another but with no clear advantage given to either side. But that was nothing compared to what was now happening on the ground as the Autobot carriers deployed their MAKOs and troops, who began advancing on the Predacon defences. Thousands of soldiers from all over the Federation, ranging from Human and Turian to Asari and Cybertronian were again fighting side by side under the Autobot banner.

The vehicles fired their cannons into the enemy fortifications, killing numerous Terracons. But they fired back with their own, returning the favour and ending the lives of Federation soldiers with each and every blast. The Turian snipers looked through the scopes of their rifles, taking down any of the Cannon controllers who were unlucky enough to find themselves caught in their crosshairs while Asari brought up biotic barriers to defend their comrades from any further incoming fire.

"Lets take them!" a Krogan Commander shouted before he then lead Autobot Commandos in a charge toward the Predacon line, to which the Terracons followed suit while others let their beast modes take over and charged at their attackers, as the already unhinged Stalkers were let loose. Both sides clashed in the center of the field in violent fashion, Beastial Cons and Stalkers ripping into their adversaries with primal rage.

But the Autobots fought back with just as much determination and courage, refusing to buckle under the savagery of the Predacons. Watching from the Autobot front lines, a grey and red armoured Japanese Man looked out at the battle with a pair of binoculars before activating his com-link.

"This is General Obsidian, we have engaged the Predacon forces. I repeat we have engaged the Predacons on the ground."

"Roger that Obsidian, we also have their fleet focused on us in orbit…." Hackett began to reply.

"…Normandy, it's now or never." he then added while the General listened and looked up at the sky.

"Normandy here, we read you loud and clear." Rodimus replied as he sat in his hover-chair inside the cockpit, just behind the pilot's seat. Then the Commander tapped his earpiece again as he turned his attention to Jetstorm, who was looking back over his shoulder.

"Alpha squad and Onyx Primal, you have a go. Jetstorm, execute attack pattern 'Hotrod Zero One."

"Aye, Aye..." the pilot started to reply as he began typed away at the terminals of his holo-interface, opening a space bridge portal directly ahead of the shi

"...Prepare for atmospheric entry, I am taking us in." he added as the Normandy flew into the vortex, which closed up behind it.


Meanwhile down on the ground, Rip-Claw was in the middle of the escalating battle, revelling in savagery of her Terracon brothers as they slaughtered all the Autobots they could get their hands on. She looked down at the dying Turian that she was currently holding by his neck and snapped his neck, throwing his body away like a rag doll.

"Anterus!" a Krogan shouted, earning the Femme's attention as she looked back with evil smirk.

"Arrragggh!" the soldier then spat as he charged at her with his holo-blades, but the beastial Predacon simply grabbed both his arms and stopped the attack instantly.

"I always heard Krogan were the strongest in the Federation physically…" she said back, earning a grunt from the Krogan as he gritted his teeth and tried to fight back against her strength which was like trying to push down a reinforced concrete wall. But Rip-Claw just smiled back and held him there without much effort.

"..But I guess whoever told me that was just exaggerating, weren't they." she added before snapping both his arms, earning a painful yelp from the Krogan as she then picked him up and threw him into the middle of a pack of bloody Stalkers, who then hungrily ripped him apart in front of the Femme.

"Vertabreak, how are you faring?" she then said, having spotted the yellow armoured Con fighting with his twin holo-axes. Slicing off the head from one Asari, while impeding his other in the chest of a Geth and spilling it's liquids on to the already blood soaked ground.

"This is gloriously easy, its more like sport." he said back in a gleeful tone before spotting another few Autobots ahead and charging over at them, leaving Rip-Claw to look around for her next kill though she did have a lot of options. But just as she saw a group of Geth and Quarian soldiers nearing her position, she suddenly found herself looking up into the sky as a space-bridge vortex opened up above them.

"What the…..Skystalker, Grimwing investigate." she shouted into her com-link while turning to face the two Predacon dragons, who were had been preoccupied by a group of MAKOs that they were destroying.

Then suddenly the Normandy flew out of the vortex like a bullet out a gun, as it descended towards the ground at full speed. In the Cockpit, Jetstorm kept his complete and undivided attention on his flying as the ground was rushing towards him through the glass canopy before him.

"We're less than twenty seconds from the deck, opening the shuttle-bay now." he said, gaining a nod from Rodimus who was sitting behind him and clutching onto his armrests as the rest of the ship shook around them, then suddenly a shuttle and jet black dragon shot out of the ship towards the ground, with the Beast's wings folded in so it would gain speed.

Onboard the shuttle, Orion was in the pilot's seat with Quickstrike in the passenger seat, while Liara, Nightracer and Shen sat behind them.

"You guys are clear, we are heading back to the fleet, good luck." Rodimus added as the Normandy pulled up and ascended back into high orbit, while the shuttle and Onyx continued down.

"You too." the blue haired Bot replied as the interior of the vessel shook as the G-force began to overrule the inertial dampeners, pulling everyone back.

"This…is….fun." Quickstrike managed to say while Shen didn't look happy.

"No….it….isn't." he replied as the team Leader then reactivated the shuttle's engines and levelled it back out before turning it so that the Nemesis was now directly ahead, the Maximal following suit as it spread out its wings and allowed it to glide alongside. Everyone onboard breathed a sigh of relief as they started to feel better, with Liara placing a hand on her lover's shoulder in support.

"Nice flying." she said with an affectionate tone.

"Thanks Liara." he replied while keeping his attention on what he was doing.

"So you think that drop might have kept us off the Predacons sensors?" Nightracer asked, earning a nod from the blonde Bot as he looked back at her.

"We only used a quick burst of our engines so we could get out of the Normandy's shuttle-bay and give us a boost of speed, then let gravity pull us most of the way down before turning them back on. So the enemy sensors should not be able to pick us up before we reach our landing coordinates."

Shen though placed his hand on his forehead and sighed.

"Well….FYI, I nearly through up back here. I hope we don't have any more major manoeuvres before we land."

Suddenly an alarm began to beep loudly and flash on the holo-interface Orion was using, making him shake his head in return.

"You shouldn't have said that Shen." he replied with a concerned tone, earning everyone's attention.

"Why, what is it?" Nightracer asked, while the Turian simply shrug his shoulders in reply.

"because we have incoming." the Spectre added as he gestured in front of them, seeing both Skystalker and Grimwing approaching.

"I really shouldn't have had that big breakfast this morning." Shen said with a sigh, while Orion nodded over to Quickstrike who tapped his com-link.

"Onyx, we have two of your old friends heading this way. Think you could distract them for us?"

The Maximal dragon roared in return before flapping its wings and flying a head of the shuttle, trying to intercept the two Predacons. Meanwhile the shuttle descended closer to the ground, so it could use a gorge located there as cover.

"Onyx should keep that pair busy long enough for us to sneak past the Nemesis and land nearer that mountain." Quickstrike said as he looked up at the sky to see the Maximal engaging the Predacon pair, but Orion merely nodded in return as he began weaving the shuttle through broken ground, much to the dismay of Shen who sat in his seat and clung onto his armrests. Liara noticed this and turned her attention to her blue haired lover.

"Orion are we…" she began to ask, when suddenly the shuttle was hit from below and sent spinning into the air,

"What the!" Quickstrike shouted as he and the others all grabbed onto their armrest and held on for dear life while the lead Spectre fought to regain control of the vessel. It spun for several seconds before Orion brought it back under his control and steadied it, earning sighs of relief from them all.

"Something hit us from behind." he then said before everything around them darkened, like heavy cloud had just blotted out the sun. This made his cousin look up through the glass canopy above them and gulp at what he could see, gaining worried expressions from everyone around him.

"What is it?" Nightracer asked in return, but the blonde Bot ignored her and looked back at Orion.

"Get us out of here Cuz, because we have Predaking directly above us." he stated, but the blue haired Bot shook his head in return.

"That hit has damaged the engines and made helm control sluggish…" he started to say before a targeting alarm blared out through the shuttle's speakers, stopping the Bot short as he looked at the sensor screen and then back out of the canopy.

"Oh scrap."

"What now?" Shen asked with a worrying tone to his voice, like he could guess what was about to happen.

"We are being targeted by the Nemesis, Predaking knocked us back into range of its sensors." Orion replied as Quickstrike looked out to see the black battleship ahead, with three flashes from the top of it's hull.

"We have incoming!" the pilot added before pulling the shuttle into a sharp ascent, as the three missiles locked in on them, with the first exploding just metres under them.

"They are flak missiles, two left." the blonde Bot said as he kept his attention on his holo-interface while Orion then made the vessel dive, just as the second missile exploded above them.

"One left." he said in return before the final one suddenly exploded near them, damaging the shuttle and causing it to fall out of the sky.

"Attempting crash landing, everyone hold on!" he said as he attempted to level out the damaged ship as smoke bellowed out of its rear as it continued its fast and erratic descent towards the ground, which at this time was closer to the Nemesis and the battle than it was to the mountain.

Everyone was thrown from their seats as the shuttle hit the ground hard and ploughed through the field, digging up earth and grass, throwing it up into the air as it slid along before finally slowing to a stop.

Orion opened his eyes to see that his torso and head and were sprawled over the now defunct pilot terminal, with it's holo-interface shut down. So he got to his feet, his body ached from the close encounter with the terminal's hard surface.

"Is everyone alright?" he asked while turning around to find the others slowly getting to their feet, Quickstrike found himself lying on the floor between the aft passenger seats and got up with a helping hand from Shen who was sitting over him.

"Yeah, don't know how I got flung back here. But I am thankful you didn't feel the need to vomit Shen." the blonde Bot replied as he stood up beside the Turian.

"Well, I guess the thought that we might not survive this crash actually hindered my usual motion sickness."

"I'm fine Orion, thanks." Liara said as the Blue haired Bot helped the Asari to her feet, before she looked over at Nightracer who was standing beside the escape hatch and attempting to open it.

"A little help here please?" the Femme said, gaining Orion's attention as he went to her side..

"The mechanism for this hatch is damaged, we have to open this manually," she added, earning a knowing look from Shen.

"That was probably from the crash landing." he said back as both Bot and Femme stopped mid action to look back at him.

"We are all still here, so as the saying goes 'any landing you can walk away from is a good one'." Nightracer replied, gaining mirrored expressions of gratitude from both Orion and Liara.

"Well, we will have to get to the mountain by foot now. And that means crossing over the ground-battle near the Nemesis." Quickstrike said as he looked out of the dirt smudged canopy, earning a nod from his Cousin as he and the Femme pushed open the hatch.

"Your right, so let's get out and….." he started to say when suddenly Predaking landed right before them, spreading it's wings out and roaring to the heavens before looking down at them.

"Take cover!" the Nightracer shouted as they all moved away from the open hatch, remaining inside the damaged shuttle.

"Where's Onyx when you need him?" Shen said as they felt the heavy footfalls of the orange and black Predacon as it moved closer to them before another small earthquake suddenly happened, gaining their attention as they saw that the blue and white Skystalker had just landed on the other side of the shuttle.

"Alright, I guess that's it then." the Turian added, which earned sombre looks from everyone else.

"There is no way this shuttle will protect us from two of those Predacons out there." Quickstrike then said, gaining a nod from Orion who looked over to Liara and placed his arm around her as they all waited for the inevitable. Which looked to be happening in any moment as they could see Skystalker looking in on them through the glass canopy, opening it's mouth and charged it's ice breath as it did so.

"I'm sorry." Orion said to the Asari and his friends in an apologetic tone before looking back into her eyes, as if making it the final image he could see before the end as she took his hand in her own.

But before the blue and white Predacon and his larger friend could deliver the killing blow, they were suddenly interrupted by Grimwing being slammed into Skystalker, making him yelp as Predaking looked up to see what had caused it. Alpha team did the same as they all looked up through the glass canopy to see Onyx Prime swoop down into the area and smash into both Predacons before they had a chance to recover. Predaking then roared and tried to rush the Maximal, but simply spun around and it the orange and black dragon directly in the face with his tail, knocking him over.

"Yeah, kick their asses!" Quickstrike cheered as he and the others watched Onyx keep Skystalker pinned under his claws, while both Grimwing and Predaking recovered and began to circle the Maximal, their optics narrowing as they then opened their mouths and let loose with their fire-breath. But before the onslaught of white hot plasma fire could reach the jet black dragon, he suddenly launched himself back into the air, leaving the blue and white Predacon to get incinerated as the fire enveloped him.

Both dragons suddenly stopped when they saw what they were doing, leaving the ground around Skystalker scorched with burns as was his body and armour, earning agonising screeches from him. But before Predaking or his green friend could do anything, the sound of transforming caught their attention and looked up to see Onyx shift into robot mode as he fell gracefully back to the ground, landing directly on Skystalker's head, which was crushed instantly under his right foot.

Both Predacons could only watch as their blue and white comrade died, with only his body and wings flinching for a moment before going limp.

"Good work Onyx!" Quickstrike shouted back to his ancient friend, before looking back at his Cousin and the others.

"Now's our chance, we should make our move and head for the mountain." he said eagerly as he tried to climb out, but Orion placed his hand on the blonde Bot's shoulder and stopped him.

"Wait, we can't go yet." he said before looking back at what was transpiring before them.

"Orion is right Quickstrike, I have to level out the battlefield first." Onyx said back as he then reached over his shoulders with both hands and pulled out two swords that had been holstered on his back, between his folded up wings, never taking his optics off of Predaking or forgetting that Grimwing was still behind him.

"Wait for my signal." he said before both Predacons charged at him, so he charged directly at the orange and black dragon while shouting out a battle-cry. But a split second before he and his enemy clashed, Onyx then dodged him and the other Dragon as he spun around with his blades outstretched. Both blades sliced through the wings of both Predacons, earning grimaces of pain from them as their wings fell to the ground. Predaking and Grimwing had now switched sides as the Maximal Leader was once again between them, so they turned back round and pounced at the Bot once more as he swung both blades at them.


Meanwhile the battle in orbit was continuing at a frantic pace as the Apollo came under fire from the Achilles, its main cannons ripping through the Autobot Cruiser's defences with ease. In the CIC, Admiral Hackett watched as his crew continued to focus on their duties as fires broke out across the room, while the ship shook around them with every hit it took.

"Sir, we have lost shields on our port-side…" one crewman shouted over the sounds of explosions that were rattling the ship while numerous terminals exploded around the CIC, sending their operators flying onto the floor,

"…we are sustaining considerable damage to the hull." he added, which made the Admiral look back to his helmsman,

"Evasive manoeuvres, and keep our starboard side to the Achilles." he said, earning a nod from the officer as he looked over to the weapons station.

"Keep our weapons locked in on that ship, it's the lead vessel of the Predacon fleet. If we can take it out, that should destabilise the rest of the enemies and give us that extra advantage."

"Aye sir." the officer replied as the Apollo began to spin while the Predacon cruiser continued its barrage, with its weapon fire lighting up the shields of the Autobot ship as it manoeuvred itself so that its other side was now facing it's enemy, while whichever weapons turrets were now facing it continued to fire back.

"Admiral, we are weakening the shield grid around it's engines. If we can punch through it with say….a spread of torpedoes, then we could set of a chain reaction…." the crewmen manning the sensors terminal then began to say, earning a nod from Hackett who cut him off.

"…which would destroy that ship, good idea."

He then looked between the Helmsman and his weapons operator.

"Move us around to give us a clear target, and prepare to fire on my mark." he said in a commanding tone, gaining nods of agreement from the officers.

"Yes sir." they said in unison as the cruiser attempted to move around it's Predacon equal, while the battle raged on around them. But no matter what manoeuvre the Apollo tried to use against the Achilles, it would just outmaneuver them. Both ships continued this for a while longer as they fired everything they had at each other, until two torpedoes fired from the Predacon cruiser hit part of the Apollo's engines, which slowed the ship to almost a crawl.

On board the Achilles, Blight smiled as he looked out at the crippled Autobot cruiser through the CIC's main glass canopy.

"We have them now, target all cannons and launchers at their weakened side." he said as the Predacon ship's weapons moved into position, taking what looked like a final aim at the Apollo.

"Once this ship is down, the rest of their fleet will panic and divide." the Lieutenant added, while the Terracon manning the weapons terminal looked over to him.

"All weapons locked on target."

"Fire!" Blight replied as a smirk grew on his face, keeping his attention firmly on what was sure to be the turning point of this battle. But just as the cannons barrel's lit up inside as they prepared to fire, suddenly a spread of torpedoes came out of nowhere and hit the top of the Achilles, exploding against it's hull and causing the ship to shake around the Predacon and his crew as they looked around with shocked expressions.

"What in the scrap was that?" he spat as the Terracon manning the sensor array station looked at his holo-interface.

"We have another ship inbound, it's the Normandy!" he said back, which made Blight stare out of the ship with an angry look as he narrowed his eyes.

The Autobot frigate fired another spread of torpedoes, which damaged the area of the Achilles they hit as it flew between them and the Apollo.

"Hackett, Its Rodimus. Looks like you could use a hand." the Elite Spectre said into his com-link as he sat behind Jetstorm, who kept his attention on evading the weapons fire coming from the Achilles.

"Yes, thanks for the save. Now between our two ships, we can probably take this Predacon cruiser out." the Admiral replied, earning a nod from the Commander.

"Way ahead of you, get yourselves ready while we keep them busy." he said back before turning his attention to his pilot.

"Get us as close as you can to the Achilles and fire at any and all targets you have a clear shot at."

"Yes sir." Jetstorm replied as he veered the Normandy to the right sharply, just in time to miss some more weapons fire before turning the ship around and flying directly at the Predacon cruiser.

"Take this." he then said as the Normandy flew tightly around the enemy cruiser and fired it's weapons at every part of the ship, causing massive damage to all quarters.

"Destroy that damn ship!" Blight spat at his crew, earning a frustrated headshake from the weapons controller.

"It's no use sir, the Normandy is flying too close to our hull for us to get a clear target lock, its just too fast and manoeuvrable." he replied, which made the Predacon lieutenant equip his pistol and shoot the Terracon in the back. This earned shocked and horrified looks from the other minions as they looked down at their now dead comrade, as smoke billowed out of the bullet hole in his back.

"Get back to work, I will handle the weapons!" he spat before storming over to the weapons station and began working the holo-interface, gritting his teeth with a building rage as the ship continued to shake with each and every hit it took from the Autobot frigate.

'Scrap!' he thoughtwhile trying to target the ship, finding it as hard as his now deceased comrade had stated.

The Apollo had gotten itself to a safe distance from Achilles, turning around to see the Predacon ship now in flames as the Normandy continued it's assault.

"Alright Rodimus, we are ready on our end." Hackett said into his com-link.

"Roger that." the Commander replied, and instantly the Admiral witnessed the small frigate pull away from the heavily damaged cruiser before turning back around to face it.

"Ready when you are." Rodimus then said over the com-link, as Hackett looked back at the lead Predacon ship.

"Fire!" he said as both the Apollo and the Normandy fired everything they had at the Achilles, from their torpedo launchers to their Thanix cannons. Every shot hit the target perfectly, causing the ship to be covered in external explosions which shook everyone onboard as if they were caught in an earthquake.

"Commander Blight..., we are taking too much damage. Our power-core is breaching, we have to evacuate." one of the Terracons said with a panicked tone, but the lieutenant merely stood at his station with an accepting look on his face as the CIC fell apart around him.

"There is nowhere to go." he said back, gaining confused and worried expressions from the crew around him as the ship shook hard once again, knocking a few of them off their feet.

"We have to take that chance." another said as he helped his comrade back onto his feet before running out of the room, leaving Blight standing there alone. But just as the Terracons got outside into the corridor, they were quickly engulfed in a fireball that spread up through the hallway and into the CIC. Then everything slowed down around Blight as if time hard come to an standstill almost, as he looked out of the glass canopy at the planet below.

"I am sorry Lord Galvatron, we have..." he started to say before he too was enveloped by the fireball which then destroyed the CIC, before the Achilles suddenly exploded and sent out bits of debris in all directions. This earned cheers from the crews of both the Normandy as they watched the lead Predacon Cruiser become no more.

"Great work, now let's finish this battle." Admiral Hackett said in a confident tone as he looked at his crew around him.

"We are with you all the way." Rodimus replied while the Admiral looked out at the Normandy as it began attacking the nearest Predacon ship, completely ignoring the holo-screen on his right which showed the sensor readings and the plasma storm which had just entered the system and was heading their way.


As this was happening, Onyx Primal was holding his own down on Virmire as he knocked away Predaking and grabbed Grimwing in a head lock. The green dragon roared and tried to break free as it struggled against the Maximal but since he was in his robot mode, this gave Onyx an advantage over the Preda-Clones. The large orange and black beast recovered and turned around just in time to see his enemy bring his sword down upon Grimwing, separating his head from his body and killing him once and for all.

Predaking's yellow optics widened as it watched it's friend's body drop to the floor in a heap, before looking back at the Maximal responsible and growling back as it bared its teeth.

"Come on!" Onyx goaded as he gestures at the beast, who responded with a deafening roar before pouncing at the Bot, with the stubs that were all that was left of his wings twitching as he did so. But the Maximal Leader was counting on this as he put his hands up in front of him ans caught the Predacon on his underbelly, and using his inertia threw him over onto the other side of the area, with the Dragon landing on it's back and yelping.

"That was great Onyx, now finish him." Quickstrike shouted as he, Orion and the others were still watching from the safety of the shuttle, gaining the giant Bot's attention as he looked over to them.

"You should run now, I will take care of Predaking." he said in a noble and yet telling manner before looking over to the Nemesis, which was busy shooting Autobot fighters out of the air. Orion and his Cousin noticed this, their eyes widening as it dawned on them what he was planning to do.

"You don't need to do this!" the blonde Bot said back with a concerned tone, but Onyx looked back with a knowing expression as Predaking slowly rolled over onto it's belly.

"You know I do." he replied before looking over at Orion.

"Take care of your people Orion." he said, earning a nod from the blue haired Darby who then gestured to the others.

"Let's go guys." he said as they began exiting the shuttle via the opened hatch, while Quickstrike and the Primal looked at each other.

"Go Quickstrike and find your spark-mate, I believe in my spark that she is still alive."

The blonde Bot's face was one of saddened acceptance as he nodded back slowly before leaving with the rest of Alpha team, as Orion took one last look at the Maximal Leader.

"Thank you." he said, gaining a nod from the larger Bot.

"We will see each other again...Prime." Onyx replied with a cryptic tone before turning his attention back to the orange and black dragon, who was now on his feet and roaring back. So the Maximal swung his swords in his hands and charged at the beast.

"Let's finish this Predaking!" he roared while the Predacon followed suit, making the ground shake with each and every footfall they did as they ran at each other. But before the dragon could strike, Onyx threw both his swords at Predaking which embedded themselves in his chest. This made the Beast cry out in pain as it lifted itself on lt's back legs and began to stumble back, so the Maximal Leader followed this through with a shoulder barge to it's underbelly, making it fall onto its back hard.

He jumped in the air and transformed back into his jet-black dragon mode, landing on top of his defenceless adversary and digging his claws into the beast's skin. Orion and the others had stopped just watching as Onyx then spread out his wings and beat them, launching both him and Predaking into the air. And from there the Maximal turned around and flew in the direction of the Nemesis, beating his wings to gain more altitude before he and his enemy were right above it. And then he suddenly went into a steep dive, tightly holding onto Predaking as they descended quickly toward the Predacon battleship.

'This is where it ends for' Onyx thought before both he and Predaking then smashed into the engines of the Nemesis, resulting in a giant explosion which took out the entire aft of the ship. But the explosion did not end there, as it then began to spread through out the rest of the ship until it was all engulfed in fire as it was destroyed.

Alpha team looked on at it's firey husk as smoke billowed high into the air.

"We have to keep moving, let's go." Orion said as he looked back from the wreck to his team, a saddened expression on his face. Everyone nodded back with mirrored expressions before they all moved away, but Quickstrike stopped and looked back at the inferno.

'Good bye Onyx Primal, I hope you find peace at last.' he thought before turning back to his friends and following them toward the mountain.
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