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Chapter XLI

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The 2nd Battle of Virmire continues as Galvatron gets closer to his goal, while Orion and his team trail behind and face Rip-Claw and her forces.

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Meanwhile under the mountain, Galvatron and his party were still walking through the dark tunnel, following the light of their torches as it cut through the darkness and showed them the way. But suddenly the entire area shook like an earthquake had hit, making the ceiling of the tunnel crumble as dislodged rocks fell down around the group.

"What in the All-Spark was that?" the Predacon Leader spat as he looked back at Lazerback, who gave him a confused expression in return.

"I do not know my Lord, sounds like something had impacted the mountain above us maybe." he replied in an unsure tone, which made Galvatron narrow his eyes at him before tapping his com-link.

"Rip-Claw, what in the scrap was that?" he spat in an impatient tone, before the sounds of fighting could be heard on the other end.

"Lord Galvatron, we have lost the Nemesis. Its been destroyed." the Femme replied in a shocked voice, making the Predacon Lord's eyes widen in response.


"The Autobot's own Predacon just flew himself and Predaking into it's engines and caused it to explode, that's what we saw." she said back.

"Get Skystalker and Grimwing to head for the tunnel's opening." Galvatron replied with a worried tone, one that did not escape the attention of both Jack and Arcee. With the Prime smirking back to his spark-mate.

"Sounds like the Autobots are giving them a hard time." he whispered, gaining a nod from the Femme as they looked back at the Predacon leader, who was still on his com-link.

"Then you better send as many Terracons as you can to the mountain, because I have a feeling that the Autobots are on their way." he said back in an angry and commanding tone.

"Yes my Lord, I will despatch a squad now." she replied before ending the link, as Galvatron looked back into the black of the tunnel ahead.

"Move!" he spat as they carried on.

After a few more minutes of walking through the darkness, Galvatron suddenly raised his arm and made the group stop again.

"We are here." was all he said as the beam of light shone upon a metallic wall which looked completely alien to the rest of the rock around them.

"What is it?" Lazerback asked as he joined his Lord's side, with the Predacon Leader walking up to the wall and touching it's smooth and cold surface with his hand.

"It is what I have been looking for…" he said in return before noticing what looked like hieroglyphics which covered it's entirety, but they could not have been engraved onto the metal surface as he would have felt it with his hand.

"That writing looks almost like Cybertronian?" the Lieutenant said with a curious look, earning a similar look from Galvatron.

"It's from the time of the Thirteen, and what is behind this wall will win us this war." he said before looking back at the Terracons standing around both Jack and Arcee.

"Find me a way in….now!" he ordered, gaining nods from the minions as they then spread out around the wall and began searching as the blue haired Femme looked between the wall and her spark-mate.

"Jack, do you know what this is?" she asked in a worried tone, but the Prime shook his head slightly.

"No I don't, but yet it does feel familiar to me." he replied in an almost cryptic voice, as unbeknownst to either him,Arcee or any of the enemies that were with them, a dim light began to shine just below his neck, under his shirt.


Meanwhile Ser-Ket found herself in the middle of the battle, surrounded by Autobots and Predacons who were to busy fighting each other to notice. She had calmed down back into her normal frame of body and mind, and was now focused on getting away so she could try and find Quickstrike. But after witnessing that black dragon perform a kamikaze on the Nemesis, which was now a smouldering wreck. She could not help but wonder about the beast, as it looked really familiar to her.

'That looked like that black dragon from my dream.' she thought before suddenly being pulled out of her thoughts as her attention was drawn to Rip-Claw, who was leading several Terracons away from the battle.

'Where is she going?' the Femme thought before she suddenly felt a hand grab her shoulder, making her look back to see a beasted-out Vertabreak behind her.

"Ser-Ket, what the hell are you…." he started to ask before she grabbed his arm and pulled him into a throw, sending him flying as she made some space between them.

"Sorry, but I don't have time for questions."

The yellow armoured Predacon got back to his feet and activated his holo-blade, preparing for a fight as he stepped between the Femme and her sister.

"Your supposed to be under lock and key in Shockblast's lab, I guess I should put you back in there then." he replied, which made Ser-Ket shake her head in return.

"Leave me be, or suffer Shockblast's fate." she warned, but this just made the Con smirk back at her.

"I think I can handle you….since I am not exactly alone." Vertabreak replied as several Terracons surrounded him and the Femme.

"Really?" was all she said in return before then firing her pistols at each and every one of them, hitting them all directly between the eyes before their bodies fell to the ground like dominoes.

"What the?" he spat before growling back at Ser-Ket, who took on a more defensive stance as she readied herself for a fight.

"I think you will need to become beast-like if you want to beat me." Vertabreak then said as he raised his claws and prepared to attack, but the Femme merely smiled back at him confidently.

"I don't need to, certainly not against the likes of you." she replied with an unimpressed tone, earning a look of anger from the Predacon who narrowed his eyes at her before roaring and launching himself towards her.

Elsewhere, Alpha team had managed to keep themselves out of the continuing battle which had started to become less one sided, as the destruction of the Nemesis seemed to have had an effect on the Predacon ground-force. This had given the Autobots more of a fighting chance, not that it mattered to Orion and his friends.

For all that battle was to them was a distraction, something to keep the enemy busy while they attacked their leader. And that was what they were going to do by chopping off the head of the Predaon war machine, and stopping them before they unleashed whatever horrible things was on this planet.

That was what Orion was thinking right now as he lead the others towards the lone mountain, which was now directly in front them. They all looked so small when compared to the giant rock formation, as the sun started to descend to the horizon behind it, casting it's shadow over the team as they could now see the entrance to the tunnel ahead of them.

"Is it me or has it just gotten a little cooler around here." Nightracer said as the sky over them began to change from blue to red as night started to descend over the planet.

"Yeah, certainly helps with setting the mood for this place doesn't it." Shen replied as Liara looked around the group with a puzzled expression, gaining Orion's attention as he looked back to her.

"Liara, what is it?" he asked before suddenly the Asari brought up a biotic barrier behind them.

"Watch out!" she shouted before an RPG came out of nowhere and hit the field, harmlessly exploding away from the team. But Orion noticed that Liara had been physically effected by the sudden attack as she grimaced, causing her barrier to begin cracking. So as the others took cover behind some nearby large rocks, he grabbed the Asari and pulled her down behind cover beside him, which made the barrier disappear while Shen took a peek though his sniper scope.

"What do you see?" the blue haired Bot asked while he checked his lover, who gave him an appreciative nod in return.

"I see a full squad of Terracons and a woman in light blue and red armour, she looks like thier Leader and is carrying the RPG." the Turian replied, earning an angered expression from Quickstrike which caught the others attention.

"What is it Quickstrike?" Nightracer asked him while Orion gave the Sniper a nod, which made him start firing back at the enemies and made them scatter behind cover.

"That's Rip-Claw, she was the bitch that tortured me back on Omicron and she claims to be Ser-Ket's Sister." he replied, his growing anger evident in his voice.

"Your kidding right, I don't see much of a family resemblance." Shen replied as he took a shot at the Femme, making her duck behind cover.

"Ser-Ket doesn't believe it either but anyway, that bitch knows what has become of Ser-Ket...and I will beat it out of her." the blonde Bot said as he got ready to move, only for Orion to stop him by placing his hand on his shoulder.

"We are with you Quickstrike, but to go out there now would be suicide." he said to his Cousin, earning a knowing nod from him.

"Then how should we go about this?" Quickstrike replied, which made Orion look around at the team.

"We have enough cover around us to keep them at bay, but..." he said back while looking at his Cousin.

"...we don't have the time for that, so Quickstrike and I will take them on. While the rest of you give us covering fire." he added while turning his attention to Shen, Nightracer and Liara, noticing the look of concern on his lover's face

"I am still feeling a little off from that RPG, I don't think I can create another barrier yet." she said with a regretful tone, but the young Darby smiled back at her as he handed his rifle to her.

"Don't worry, you can use this..." he replied as he equipped his pistol and began reaching over his shoulder.

"I have..." he added while grasping the hilt of the Star-Saber and pulling it free of it's holster.


Quickstrike looked at the blade, before shaking his head in return.

"I forgot that you had that."

"I picked it up before meeting you in the shuttle, it was exactly where I left it." the blue haired Bot replied.

"On the crew deck where we got sucked out into space." Liara questioned, gaining a nod from her lover in return.

"Yep, the repair crew couldn't remove it. So they left there, wish they could have seen me pull it out of the deck with no problem."

"Hey guys, how about some help here?" Shen suddenly jumped in, regaining the others attention as he continued to fire at the enemy, taking down two of them as he spoke.

"Right, Quickstrike...let's go." Orion said as he tapped his Cousin on the shoulder, both of them moving off.

"Good luck." Liara then said, making the young Darby look back with a loving expression.

"You too." he replied before the cousins moved away, using the large rocks as cover.

"Okay, covering fire." Nightracer said in a commanding tone as she, Shen and Liara began firing on the Terracons, causing them to halt their advance once again.


"What are you waiting for, get down there and kill them!" Rip-Claw spat as her Terracons took cover behind the nearby large rocks, just in time to miss the onslaught of bullets that the Autobots fired back.

"It's no use Commander, they have a good defensive line over there. We cannot simply rush them, as they would most likely rip us apart." the Terracon beside her said back, earning an angry stare from the Femme as she grabbed him by the throat.

"Why are you hesitating, just beast out and rush them." she replied while tightening her grip around his neck, making him gasp for air.

"But….we….can't,,,,all….." the minion tried to say before his neck snapped in her hands, to which Rip-Claw merely dropped his body back to the ground uncaringly.

"Terracons….Terrorise!" she roared as the other soldiers looked back at her for a second before nodding back and roaring, as they engaged their beast-modes. Their bodies grew slightly larger and more muscular, while their overall looks became more ferocious. And then all of them charged towards the Autobots, unknowingly passing Orion and Quickstrike who were sneaking past while using the rock formations as cover.

"Err, they are charging right at us." Shen stated with a nervous tone growing in his voice while continuing to fire at them, only for the shots to the bodies only slowing them down and not stopping them for good.

"Aim for their heads then." Nightracer replied as she fired short bursts with her rifle, taking down two in quick success as blood spilled out of their head wounds. The Turian quickly nodded and re-corrected his aim, taking down three in just as many shots. Liara too killed one, but yet there were still six left and they were over the halfway point towards the group.

"They'll be on us in seconds." the young Vakarian said while gunning down another, as Liara looked down at the Femme's utility belt.

"I have an idea." she said in return as she took a hand off her rifle and grabbed a grenade from it, before then focusing her biotics so that her hand and the grenade began to glow with blue energy.

"What are you….?" Nightracer began to say before the Asari lobbed the explosive into the path of the charging Terracons, who took no notice of the glowing blue object before it suddenly exploded, filling the immediate area with an expanding blue light as every Terracon in range was suddenly catapulted into the air before landing hard on the rocks.

"How did you?" the Femme began to ask, only for Liara to cut her off.

"I charged the grenade with biotic energy, call it a 'lift grenade'."

"Great work Liara, now let's take them down quickly!" Shen replied as the three of them then stood up and fired back while the enemy troops tried to recover.

Meanwhile Rip-Claw looked on in complete disbelief as she watched her troops fighting the Autobots, her anger growing to boiling point at how their enemy was able to resist. But just then, the Predacon's attention was caught by a familiar scent.

"I recognise that smell…" she said aloud before quickly ducking under Quickstrike's attack as he swung his holo-blade at her and in one move, quickly turned around and punched him in the stomach, sending the Bot flying to the ground as she activated her beast mode. The Bot quickly recovered as he watched Rip-Claw transform before him, a confident smile appeared on her face as she looked down at him.

"Are you really that eager for another beating? I mean you didn't stand a chance against me the first time we met, and I do miss our little torture sessions." she said while flexing her claws, looking down at the Bot who activated his other holo-blade and took a defensive stance.

"That's not going to happen this time…" he said before launching himself at the Predacon, swinging his blades at her and making the Femme go on the defensive, as she dodged each and every one of the attacks before one sliced her cheek. But this just served to anger her more as Rip-Claw then went on the offensive and with one hit, broke through Quickstrike's attack and stunned him before grabbing him by the throat.

"You were saying?" she replied with a growl, while holding his head close to hers.

"…I…meant…because…" he tried to say while the Femme tightened her grip around his neck, which made her ease it slightly as a curious expression appeared on her face.

"Go on?"

"..because I didn't come alone." he then managed to say, making Rip-Claw's eyes widen in shock, before spinning around just in time to see a silver and blue armoured man with blue hair lunge a Cybertronian blade at her, which ran through her stomach and made the Predacon grimace and groan in pain as she dropped the blonde Bot.

"Didn't see that coming did you?" he said before nodding at his Cousin.

"Thanks Orion."

"Don't mention it." the young Darby replied before pulling the Star-Saber back out, making Rip-Claw fall to one knee in front of them.

"Now, tell me what has happened to Ser-Ket and we will make this quick." Quickstrike then said in a serious and threatening tone as the Femme looked up at him with a disgusted expression.

"That's it? After everything I did to you at Omicron, the torture and murdering the people you knew, that wretch is the only thing on your mind?" she answered with a painful laugh, while holding a hand to her stab wound which was slowly bleeding out. The blonde Bot though let his anger get the better of him as he then grabbed her by the hair with one hand and held his holo-blade to her throat.

"WHERE IS SHE!" he spat as he narrowed his eyes at her in an enraged stare, while she continued to laugh before spitting out a slither of blood.

"That traitorous wretch is dead, you hear me?" she said back with an almost gleeful tone.

"You lie!" Quickstrike quickly replied as Orion looked on, holding the Star-Saber ready as he watched as a worried expression grew on his face.

"She was being held prisoner on the Nemesis, now look at it and tell me that she survived that?" Rip-Claw answered back, which made Quickstrike glance over to Orion with disbelieving expression before looking back at the burning husk of the Predacon battleship.

"No, she can't be…." he said as the Femme observed his anguish, taking delight in it as she smiled.

"It's what she deserved, I just wish I could have seen her final moments."

This made the blonde Bot look back at her, his expression quickly changing back to enraged as his anger took control again, but the Predacon continued her taunting.

"She no doubt called your name."

So Quickstrike quickly held his holo-blade at the injured Con's neck again, looking completely ready to end her life.

"I will send you to the pit!" he spat, before she smiled back with a knowing expression and suddenly took the Cousins by surprise and in one quick motion, got to her feet and grabbed them both by their throats, making Orion drop the Star-Saber which fell to the ground below him.

"Did you really think that wound would be enough to stop me?" she asked while looking at both Autobots in her grip, which was tightening so much around their wind pipes that they were quickly gasping for air. The Femme then slammed their heads together before dropping them back to the ground, observing the Bots as they tried to recover.

"I will send you to see Ser-Ket very soon…" Rip-Claw said to the blonde Bot, who was still on his back and holding his hand to his forehead as a cut bled from the area. But she then turned her attention to the blue haired Bot who had managed to roll over onto his front and look back to the others, but his vision was blurring from suffering a concussion. And he could just make out Liara and Nightracer as they were fighting hand to hand against two remaining Terracons, while Shen was lying on the floor.

"..but you look familiar to me." the Predacon added before kicking Orion in the side and making him roll onto his back again, before taking a deep sniff of the air over him.

"You smell like the Prime and that wretch of his, well that is a surprise." she said in delighted tone.

"Well before I kill you, you should know that they are still alive…..well just…." she started to say, earning the Bot's attention as he looked back at her, his vision slowly starting to correct itself. But what he saw next was Rip-Claw pinning him down to the floor with her foot on his chest, slowly applying extra pressure on his armour as she tried to push her foot through his body and onto the ground beneath him.

"…but they will join you, as soon as Lord Galvatron gets whatever he wants from them." she taunted with a smile before raising her claws above her, readying herself for the killing blow.

"Rip-Claw, leave them alone!" a female voice suddenly shouted, earning both the Predacon's and Quickstrike's attention as it sounded so familiar to them. The blonde Bot rolled over onto his stomach and looked up at the ridge to see the most beautiful sight he had seen in a good while, as standing there in yellow and green armour was Ser-Ket, who was aiming an avenger rifle directly at the surprised Rip-Claw.

"What? But you were on board…" was all the Femme could say as she stepped off the young Darby, as her former Sister cut her off.

"I managed to get off the ship before it was destroyed, killing Shockblast before doing so." she said which made the Predacon narrow her eyes back at her, making Ser-Ket smile.

"..And also Vertabreak on the way here."

"You really are not my Sister any-more, are you. Since it is now so easy for you to kill your brethren." Rip-Claw spat as she left Orion and Quickstrike, walking towards the new arrival while the latter was still looking at his lover with a disbelieving expression.

"If I have learnt anything in the last few days, it is that I am not related to you or any Predacon." Ser-Ket replied as she took a fighting stance and activated her holo-blades, gaining a smile from the Beastial Femme.

"You going to fight me like that, didn't you learn anything from our last encounter?"

"I did actually, but I am not about to lower myself to your standards to win a fight." the former Predacon answered, gaining an enraged roar from Rip-Claw who lunged at her. Ser-Ket quickly dodged the attack before slicing at her adversary, cutting the Beastial across the chest.

"Arrragh!" the light blue and red armoured woman cried as blood began seeping from the wound, staining her armour. But even though she was still bleeding out from the gut wound Orion had given her, Rip-Claw let her growing anger continue to fuel her body. The Femme looked down at the blood before returning her attention to her former sister, gritting her teeth as she narrowed her eyes,

"I will kill you!" she spat while lunging at Ser-Ket again and again, with the Femme dodging each attack. Using her smaller and more athletic figure to her advantage, as Rip-Claw now was far larger and slightly slower

'I can't let her hit me in her current state, or else it will knock me senseless like last time.' she thoughtwhile ducked under a swing of the Predacon's claws, following through with a roll to make some distance between them, ending up back on her feet as she turned to face her.

Meanwhile Quickstrike had managed to get up onto never his knees as his head had finally stopped spinning, never taking his eyes off his lover as she fought their common enemy.

'Kick her ass Ser-Ket.' he thought as he watched her gain another strike on Rip-Claw, as she made another deep cut on the Predacon's chest-plate. This further enraged the Beastial who then swung her right arm at her former Sister, which made her duck again. But then the blonde Bot's eyes widened as he watched the Predacon swing an uppercut with his left arm, catching Ser-Ket by surprise as it made contact with her chin. The strength of the hit took the Femme right off her feet and sent her flying back on to the ground hard.

"SER-KET!" He shouted in a panicked tone, earning the Beastial's attention as she looked over to him.

"Wait your turn." she taunted before looking back at her Ser-Ket, who was lying on her back and bleeding from her mouth. But just as she was about to walk up to her, Rip-Claw suddenly stopped and looked between the two with a thoughtful expression, one that ended with a sinister smile.

"Actually, now that I think about it…" the Predacon started to say as she turned round and walked over to Quickstrike, as the Bot slowly got to his feet.

"..There will be nothing more painful for you, than to watch your Autobot die." she finished, as the blonde Man threw a punch at her that the Beastial easily blocked, before grabbing him by the throat yet again.

"No…" Ser-Ket cried weakly as she looked over to see her lover in the grips of her former Sister, who was intent on ending his life.

'I can't watch him die, I have to do something.' she thought, realising that just like Shockwave, there was only one way she could save him and their friends.

"You can close your eyes if you want, this will only hurt a lot." Rip-Claw said as she looked into the Bot's eyes while raising her free hand, readying her claws for one final blow. But he just looked back at her with a defiant stare before his attention was suddenly caught by something behind her, making Rip-Claw turn around and see Ser-Ket getting to her feet whilst changing into her own Beastial form.

"Finally, I knew you still had some Predacon in you." the light blue and red armoured woman said in a delighted tone, while her former Sister narrowed her eyes at her and pointed a claw at her.

"You hurt him again…..and I will make you suffer." she growled while bearing her sharp teeth.

"What….like this?" Rip-Claw replied before throwing the Bot away, letting him land on one of the rock formations that littered the area.

"You Bitch!" Ser-Ket roared as she charged at the Predacon, who looked back just in time to see the Traitor tackle her to the ground. The yellow and green armoured Femme than slashed continuously at Rip-Claw, spilling so much blood as she drove her claws deep into her adversary's chest. But the Predacon replied by grabbing her enemy's right shoulder and digging her claws in deep, making Ser-Ket cry out in pain while blood spilled out of the wounds.

This made her pause as Rip-Claw then punched her in the face hard with her free hand, knocking the Femme off and back onto the ground. Ser-Ket tried to recover quickly, only for the Predacon to kick her in the face and and back to the ground. And then she slashed at her former Sister's back, dragging her claws over the armour and cutting deep into her flesh. This made the Femme grimace and yelp as she felt a sharp white hot pain in her back, but that was quickly replaced by even more agonising pain as Rip-Claw kicked her in the side several times.

Ser-Ket winced and gasped as it felt like her insides were being destroyed by the Predacon's continuous strikes, it only stopped when the former sister rolled over onto her back which only made the pain feel worse.

Rip-Claw looked down at her adversary, smiling down at the Femme as she withered in pain. So she leaped onto Ser-Ket and pinned her to the spot, holding her arms in vice-like grips.

"You never had a chance, you traitorous wretch." the Predacon said while looking down at her with a self righteous stare, before she then looked over to the blonde Bot who was only just now beginning to recover as he tried to sit up, no matter how much pain he felt.

"Look at him Ser-Ket, at the Autobot you chose over us." she said with a venomous tone, making the former Predacon look over and lock her eyes onto Quickstrike's as the two just looked at each other.

"Do you realise how weak you have become, how his influence has changed you? When our Lord Galvatron re-awoke us, you were strong like the rest of me..." Rip-Claw said as looked back down at the Femme with pity in her eyes.

"But that Autobot has poisoned your spark, ripping you from the rest of us...your family." she added before looking over at the two Terracons, taking not that hey had beaten the other Autobots as Liara and Nightracer joined their Turian friend on the ground. With the two Beastials staring down at them.

"You, soldier!" the Predacon called, gaining the attention of both as the looked over to her."

"Yes, you...come here." she said as she nodded to the Terracon standing on the right, with him nodding back in return before walking towards her as she looked back down at Ser-Ket.

"He has made you weak, of body and mind." she said, as her former Sister looked back with a pained and unsure expression.

"Don't listen to her Ser-Ket." Quickstrike suddenly said, gaining the attention of both her and Rip-Claw. The former looking at him with a wide eyed stare, while the latter merely narrowed her eyes back before turning her attention to the Beastial that was approaching them.

"Restrain him." she said, gaining a nod from the Terracon while Ser-Ket quickly looked back at the Predacon with a shocked and despaired expression.

"He needs to die..." Rip-Claw then said with a cold malice to her voice as the Terracon then grabbed Quickstrike by his arms and twisted them behind his back, before lifting him onto his knees and stood over him.

"...and with his poisonous influence gone, the damage he has caused between us will heal. And you can once more be a Sister to me, ...and a Predacon again." Rip-Claw added as Ser-Ket kept her attention on Quickstrike, who struggled against the Terracon's hold. Only for it to tighten it's grip and growl at him, making him stop and look back at her.

"Ser-Ket, you told me that you never really felt like you were a Predacon in your spark, that you were something else...arrrgh!" he then managed to say before the Beastial's tightened it's grip more, throwing him off his sentence in an attempt to shut him up. But the Blonde Autobot kept his attention on his lover, looking at her with a determined and yet caring expression.

"...but I don't care what that is...because I love you regardless of any of it...arrrgh!" he cried again as the Terracon inflicted pain on him again.

"Let's silence him for good, kill him." Rip-Claw then said, which made Ser-Ket look directly at her former Sister with a dagger like stare as her beastial eyes narrowed. The Terracon nodded back before opening his jaws and lowering them toward the side of the Autobot's neck, readying itself for the kill.

Rip-Claw smiled as she watched, but that expression soon changed to one of confusion as she suddenly felt her hands moving off the floor with they were still gripping Ser-Ket's arms. She looked down to see the Femme gritting her teeth, and growling deeply as she focused all her strength into her arms, lifting the Predacon away from her.

"Rip-Claw...Get OFF!" she roared before throwing her sister off herself, with the Predacon landing on the ground with a thud a few metres away, which made the Terracon stop and look back in surprise. But Ser-Ket was quickly back on her feet before launching herself at him, ripping the Beastial from her Lover before sinking her teeth into the it's throat and tearing it out, spraying a blood-like liquid onto the floor. Orion and the others watched with wide-eyed expressions as Ser-Ket turned her attention back to Rip-Claw, while the Terracon bled to death on the floor beside her.

"Rip-Claw, I never felt like I was one of you and certainly not like your Sister. But I know now without a doubt, that I am not nor will I ever be...a Predacon." she spat before launching herself at the surprised Femme, who tried to defend herself as the enraged Beastial lunged at her with her claws bared. But Ser-Ket was too much for Rip-Claw, slashing at her arms and legs which made the Predacon fall to her knees in front of her.

"What...?" was all she could say back, while her former Sister looked down at her.

"What? I'll tell you 'what' I want right now. For you to shut up and die!" she spat while grabbing both sides of Rip-Claw's head with an extremely tight grip, that made the defeated Femme stare back with widened eyes and an expression of agony. Ser-Ket then pulled the Predacon's head right off her body in one swift action, with blood spraying everywhere as Rip-Claw' spine dangled from the underside of the decapitated head.

"Wow." Orion said in a wide-eyed stare, as the former Predacon then held the head in one hand and roared at the top of her voice in to the heavens above them all. It was at this moment, the only remaining Terracon suddenly fell to his knees and bowed his head in what could only be described as a submissive gesture.

"What the hell?" Shen said as he noticed this, while Liara and Nightracer getting back to their feet and joining his side. Meanwhile, the Terracons battling the Autobots at the nearest edge of the massive ground-War then heard the roar, suddenly stopping what they were doing and looking over to the area it echoed from. This finally gave those ISF soldiers, made up of numerous member species including Krogans, Turians and Asari the chance they needed, and they took it as one after another, the distracted enemies were taken down.

As that was happening, the younger Darby was still staring at Ser-Ket, his expression was one of both marvel and fear at the sheer ferocity and raw power that he had witnessed from both her and the now deceased enemy, who's head she was now holding in her hands. But his attention suddenly changed to his cousin, who had got back to his feet and was now approaching Ser-Ket while still in her beastial form.

"Quickstrike?" he called over, only for the blonde Bot to wave him off.

"It's okay Orion." he said, as Ser-Ket turned her attention to him. But despite her almost monstrous appearance, she looked at him with an affectionate stare.


"Are you alright?" she asked as he stood before her, with her larger and more muscular figure overshadowing him.

"Yes, thank you." Quickstrike replied as they pair looked into each other's eyes before leaning in close and touch their foreheads, with him gently stroking her cheek as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch.

"I thought I lost you." he said softly with relief in his voice as he let her sweet scent flow over him again, with her sighing sweetly in return.

"So did I." Ser-Ket replied before her eyes widened and she pulled away, turning from him with an ashamed reaction.

"What's wrong?" Quickstrike asked in a surprised tone, while everyone just stood and watched them.

"I don't want you to see me like this." the Femme replied, but then she again felt his touch, as the Bot cupped her face with his hand and gently brought her eyes to his again.

"As I said earlier, whether your beast-like or not. I love you." the blonde Bot said back with a soft and affectionate tone, which made the former Predacon smile back slightly as a single tear ran down her cheek.

"I love you." she said as Quickstrike wiped the tear away before leaning in close, making her do the same until they kissed. And once again their sparks were ignited in the pleasure of being together again, and they wrapped their arms around each other and intensified their embrace. And as it felt like time was slowing down around them, Ser-Ket calmed down and reverted to her normal athletic human-like figure, which allowed Quickstrike to fully wrap his arms around her.

"Hey guys." Shen then spoke, earning the pair's attention as they stopped and looked at him with what the others could only describe as an annoyed stare, which made the Turian feel slightly embarrassed.

"Thanks for the save Ser-Ket." Orion then said with an appreciative smile, with the Femme giving a nod in return as she looked around at the others, all who had mirrored expressions to his own.

"Yes….its good to see you again." Liara added before Shen, who was still slightly embarrassed had now turned his attention to the submissive Terracon.

"What is it with this guy?"

This then made the rest of the team look in his direction as he kept his weapon aimed at the enemy, who was still on his knees with his head bowed. Ser-Ket let go of Quickstrike and began walking over to the Terracon, a knowing expression appeared on her face as she stopped directly in front of him. This made the soldier, bend down more as though he was frightened of her which did not go unnoticed by Orion and his Cousin.

"He's afraid of you." the blonde Bot stated, earning a nod from the Femme.

"He is, because I killed his Commander. So he now hopes that I will accept him as my minion."

"You mean its like with a group of animals, where the strongest leads the group. But if he/she is challenged and killed, then the others will follow the victor." Nightracer asked.

"Yes, exactly." the former Predacon replied.

"Then all we need to do now is kill Galvatron, which should then stop his Terracons and end this conflict completely." Orion said.

"That is correct Orion…." Ser-Ket replied, though Shen sighed in return as he shook his head.

"Why do I feel a…..'but' coming on."

This earned another annoyed look from Nightracer, while Orion and Quickstrike ignored him and kept their attention on the latter's lover.

"It will not be easy." she said in a matter of fact-like tone, earning a nod from the young Darby.

"Yeah, I know. I fought him before."

"And he nearly killed you." Liara replied with a concerned voice, gaining his attention as he looked back and saw the growing worry in her eyes,

"I underestimated Galvatron before, allowed my anger to get the better of me. I will not make that mistake again." he said back, gaining nods from everyone including the Asari. Though she looked a little more hesitant than the rest, though Orion tried to reassure her with a smile before turning his attention to Ser-Ket and the Terracon.

"Will he help us?" he asked as the Femme looked down at the submissive minion.

"Will you follow my orders?" she asked in a commanding tone, earning a nod from him as he continued to look a the ground.

"Yes, Commander. My life is yours to do as you wish." he replied.

"Then stand and fight with us." she said, which made the Terracon look up at her and stand back up, earning a smile from the blue haired Bot.

"Good, then let's get going. I just hope we are not too late." he said before the group started for the tunnel's entrance as Ser-Ket walked side by side with her lover.

"Quickstrike, while I was being held aboard the Nemesis, I found out some rather disturbing truths about my past…" she started to say, making the Bot stop himself and her before he put his hands on her shoulders in a supporting and caring gesture.

"Whatever it is, we can talk about it when this is done.." he began to say while looking into her eyes.

"..but no matter what it is, there is no way that it will change the way I feel about you…..okay?" he added in a soft and loving voice, which made the Femme sigh in return as she nodded back.

"Okay, thanks Quickstrike." she said back.

"Come on, before the others think that we are falling behind." he said before holding out his hand to her, which the former Predacon took in her own as the pair carried on to the mountain to catch up with their friends.


Meanwhile Galvatron was becoming more and more aggravated as he stood and watched Lazerback and the Terracons at his side, fumbling around the ancient wall as they searched for a way in.

"How much longer will this take? We have already been here far too long." the Predacon Lord said in an increasingly angry tone, which made his Lieutenant turn back to him.

"I apologise my Lord, but there does not seem to be any way into it. The wall is without any gaps or cracks, as the surface is completely intact and without seals. Can't that blade you recovered from Scissio help in any way?"

Galvatron unsheathed the Chaos Edge from the back of his armour and held in before him, but the blade remained dark, not even remotely glowing like it had in the past.

"I do not believe that this will be of hel…" he started to say before finding himself stopping, as he felt a familiar presence surround him.

"Look at the Prime, Galvatron. He is the key." Unicron's voice spoke into his mind, making the Predacon Leader turn and look back at Jack.

"Bring the Prime to me." he ordered the two Terracons who restraining Jack, who both nodded before escorting him to their leader. Galvatron then looked the older Darby up and down, wondering what it could be that could help.

"I brought you here for a purpose, now what could it…." he said before his eyes suddenly focused on the dim light, which could just be seen under the Human's shirt. This made the Predacon Lord's eyes widen as a hopeful expression appeared on his face.

"Of course, your Matrix. Take it in your hands and approach that wall." he commanded while pointing at the metallic blockade ahead of them. But the Prime just stood there, looking back at him with a uncooperative stare.

"Fine, have it your way…." Galvatron replied as he walked past Jack and pointed the Chaos Edge right at Arcee's throat.

"..if you don't do as I say, I will kill your spark-mate. So that she can be reunited with those you have already lost."

"Jack…." the Femme managed to say as she felt the sharp tip of the blade touching the bare skin of her throat, but the Prime shook his head and reached down under his shirt and pulled out the glowing Matrix crystal.

"Alright, don't hurt her." he said in a reluctant tone, knowing that he already had lost his son and did not want to see his spark-mate killed. So he held the glowing crystal in his hand, which then mass shifted into the recognisable gold and silver relic with a bright shining crystal at its heart.

Jack then sighed before walking toward the ancient wall, with the Terracons and Lazerback stepping aside as he did so. And with every step closer he came, the matrix would shine that much brighter until the hieroglyphics on the wall began to glow brightly as he got closer.

"This is it." Galvatron stated with a dark smile as the mountain was suddenly hit by another tremor. Shaking their surroundings as Jack stopped right before the wall, which now had all of it's writing lit up. The older Darby then had a look of both complete understanding and dread, fully understanding what this could be.

'I know what this place is now, Primus forgive me.' he thought as a bright white light suddenly appeared from the top of the wall and went all the way down it's center to the ground in a straight line, before wall began to separate, revealing a blinding white light that enveloped the entire group and expanded through the tunnel.
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