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Chapter XLIII

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Galvatron has bested Orion in combat, meaning that he has won the Matrix of Leadership in the eyes of the Aeons. Surely this is the end of everything now...

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Liara stared up at the summit of the pyramid-like platform, her eyes wide and full of grief as she saw Orion Darby, her friend, her Lover being run through by Galvatron's blade. And at that very moment, all sound around her was drowned out by the beating of her own heart. She did not even register her own scream as she cried out Orion's name and apart from the feeling her same heart being ripped from her body, the Asari felt numb all over. She suddenly tried to move toward the platform, but was stopped as both Quickstrike and Shen had grabbed her arms and held her back.

"Liara, you can't help..." the blonde Bot said whilst a tear ran down his face, his voice full of emotion.

"He's right." the Turian replied in a mirrored tone , as Nightracer and Ser-Ket just looked on in complete shock.

Jack meanwhile was holding an inconsolable Arcee, tears flowing freely from her eyes as she sobbed into his shoulder. He too had tears running down his cheeks as he looked up at the Predacon Leader, a look of pure hate and grief in his stare to which their enemy only smirked back before sliding the Chaos Edge back out of the blue haired Bot, letting his limp body fall back onto the platform's cold metallic floor.

"I win!" he then roared up at the heavens while walking toward the center of the platform, before pointing his sword up at what he seeked, knowing that the Aeons were watching.

"Now if you would be so kind, give me the Matrix!" he added with an evil smile, which was met by the glowing Autobot Relic suddenly floating down to him very slowly. But Galvatron just stared at it with a gleeful hunger as he held his outstretched hand to it, eager to feel it in his grasp.

'At last, our destiny is in our hands Unicron.' he thought feverishly, as he felt the Chaos Bringer's presence once more.

"[b]Yes my Herald, the age of Chaos is upon us.b]" he replied in a hopeful tone.

Meanwhile Liara had just witnessed her Lover's body casually dropped to the floor by the Predacon Leader, before he walked out of sight. This combined with been held back by her friends finally pushing her over the edge of grief and into anger.

"Let go of me!" she spat as her biotics flared, covering her body in a blue glow which gave both Quickstrike and Shen a painful shock.

"Oww!" they said in unison as they released the Asari who bolted up the stairs to the pyramid-like structure's summit, not giving a damn that she had just hurt her friends.

This had gained the attention of both Jack and Arcee, with the Femme looking up at the summit before her desperate expression returned as she faced her Spark-mate.

"I…want to see him." she asked in an almost pleading like tone, as more tears ran down her already soaked cheeks.

"Alright." the Prime replied as the pair began to walk over to the pyramid, before he looked back at the others.

"Stay here." he said, earning understanding looks from all but Nightracer, who had a mirrored look to her former Lover's Mother.

"Please…stay." he added, gaining a nod from the Femme as she looked down at the ground.

'[/I know Nightracer and Orion were close, but this is diff…..
' he tried to think, but found his thoughts wavering as his own grief threatened to overwhelm him completely. So he looked away from the others and instead helped Arcee up the stairs.

As the pair ascended up the stairs towards the summit, the trepidation of knowing what they were about to see when they reached the top hung over them, making their spark/heart sink further into the despair. But they continued upwards, for they had to see their Son with their own eyes, no matter how painful it would be.

When they reached the summit, Jack could see Galvatron near the arena's center with his hand outstretched towards the Matrix which was descending towards him. But then the Prime's attention fell to the body lying only a metre or two away, earning a gasp from Arcee who started to sob again as she turned and pressed her face into his chest. Jack though kept his eyes on the body of his dead son, as another tear ran down his face.

"Oh Jack…tell me… it isn't… so." the Femme stammered between sobs, but all he could do was hold her as he watched Liara on her knees and leaning over Orion's body.

"This isn't how it's supposed to end?" he muttered faintly.

Liara lifted Orion's upper half of his body from the ground and pulled it into an embrace, his limp head resting on her shoulder as she wept freely.

"You can't be dead, you just can't. I don't believe it, not after…." she said in a grief-stricken tone, as her tears continued to flow.

"…you said you had a destiny, how can this happen if it was true," she added as she then lay her head on his and just held his body close, feeling how cold his skin was to touch.

"I need you my love." she whispered.

[i]Orion opened his eyes to find himself staring at what looked like a beautiful night sky, one without a cloud in sight as the thousands of stars that filled it were shining back brightly.

'Okay, that's pretty and all. But where did the temple go?' he thought to himself before getting into a sitting position and noticing that the ground beneath him looked and felt like crystal. The Bot then continued to look around to see that his entire surroundings, including the mountains in the distance were all crystalline in their look. It all looked so beautiful to Orion, but then his thoughts were suddenly drawn back to himself as he instantly remembered what had happened only a moment earlier, quickly placing his hand on his chest to feel the wound that Galvatron had caused him by running the Chaos Edge through the Bot's chest.

'What the?' the young Darby thought as he ran his fingers over the spot on his chest, but found nothing. The chest-plate of his armour had the damage, but his skin underneath was perfectly fine.

'How is that possible?' he thought with a confused expression as he stared down at his chest, only for his mind to come up blank. So he got to his feet and took a better look at his surroundings, but everything was crystalline as far as the eye could see.

"Where am I?" he said in worried and confused tone.

"You are with us." a deep commanding and yet noble voice spoke, which made the Bot turn around to see that he was no longer standing there alone. For thirteen giant beings stood there before him, all of them looked like the Cybertronians he had learnt about as a child. The same ones that his own Mother used to look like before taking on humanoid form with the Pretender Tech. Each one of these thirteen looked to be wearing some sort of armour, though they all looked different from one another. One Cybertronian floated above the others while surrounded by an energy field, while another had a pair of wings on their back. But they all stared down at Orion with their blue optics, making him feel more than a little nervous as they towered over him.

'They are the Thirteen.' he thought as one of them, a Bot who had blue coloured legs and a red torso stepped toward him and knelt on one knee. His armour looked more like the exterior of one of Earth's large ground vehicles, and Orion's eyes widened as he recognised who it was.

"Your Optimus Prime." he gasped, gaining a nod from the former Autobot Leader as he looked down at the young Darby.

"Yes. And you are Orion Darby, Son of my good friend Jackson Prime. The rest of the Thirteen and I have watched you for your entire life, observing the decisions and choices you have made."

This made Orion gulp as he looked up at the Prime and listened, feeling the optics of the others watching him as he stood there.

"You have been watching me, why?"

"Because before Primus sacrificed himself to defeat Unicron and his Reapers, he chose two people who would succeed your Father as the next Primes. And the first was to be you."

The blue haired Bot could have sworn that his spark stopped beating for a moment after hearing that sentence, taking a deep breath as his mind began to fill with questions.

"Me, I don't understand. I mean…I guess I kind of do, since I can hold Star-Saber, but….why me?" he asked in a humbling tone, but Optimus just looked back at him with a knowing smile.

"I know you feel that you are not worthy of being a Prime, neither your Father or I wished for such a fate either for ourselves either. But it is the choices made on our journey through life that shaped who and what we are. And like us, you have shown that you are courageous and willing to sacrifice yourself for the protection of all. These are the traits of a Prime, making you worthy to carry on our legacy."

The young Bot nodded back as he gave the Prime a serious look, pushing aside the doubts that had plagued him though out his life.

"Very well, I will accept this honour with all that I am." he answered in stoic tone, earning a nod from Optimus and the others.

"You will now become the new Leader of the Autobots, you shall continue to lead and protect this galaxy in Primus's name, though that is not all that you must do, but there is not enough time to explain that. So wake up now and take the Matrix in your hands….and rise…..Orion Prime." the older Bot said, while a bright light started to surround Orion, blinding him as everything went white.i]


Back in the temple, Liara continued to hold Orion close before she suddenly felt his chest rise and fall, making her eyes widen as the Bot suddenly opened his eyes and take a breath.

"Orion!" he gasped as she pulled away just enough to look at him, gaining his attention as he looked into her eyes. Arcee and Jack both looked down at the pair, complete surprise and relief on their faces as they saw their son.

"Hi." Orion said, almost making the Asari and his Parents mouths drop in return.

"Hi." she said back in total surprise before pulling him back into a warm embrace, the blue haired Bot returning it in kind as Jack smiled back at Arcee. But before any more could be said, the younger Darby pulled away from his Lover, who noticed his expression becoming more serious.

"I have a job to do." he said in a cryptic manner, which made her and Arcee look back with a slightly confuse stare. But Jack knew what he meant as the two gave each other a knowing look as his Son got back to his feet. Everyone watching from the ground saw this and breathed a collective sigh of relief as they looked up and saw this.

Meanwhile Galvatron was completely oblivious to what was happening behind him, as his attention was focused on the Matrix as it descended towards him.

"At long las..." he started to say as the Matrix was just inches from his grasp, when it suddenly changed direction and floated past him.

"What?" he spat in confusion as he turned around, his eyes following it like a Hawk. That was when he spotted Orion, who was standing at the platform edge with his hand outstretched towards the relic as it moved towards him.

"Impossible!" the Predacon Leader exclaimed as he unsheathed the Chaos Edge and started running at the Bot.

"Guys stand back." Orion then said, earning a nod from Liara and his Parents who backed away as they watched him. But just as the Matrix came within his grasp, Galvatron leaped and swung his blade down at him.

"No!" he exclaimed in desperation as he brought the blade down on him, but just as the Chaos Edge came within a centimetre of the Autobot. The Matrix floated into his hand, causing Orion to become engulfed in a blinding white energy, one that knocked the Predacon Lord onto his back with a grunt as he dropped the Chaos Edge.

But no one else was even slightly interested as they were all focused on the blue haired Bot, who they could barely see through the blinding white light that had surrounded him, making them shield their eyes with their hands. Liara through keep her fingers separated just enough to peek through despite the light's strength, and could just make out the silhouette of her Lover while noticing that the armour that he was wearing was being transformed.

And then in the blink of an eye the light vanished, and there standing before them all was Orion in a familiar and yet new version of the Prime armour. It had a dark navy blue colour, and was still very sleek and lightweight in it's design. The recognisable red stripes with their thick silver outlines remained, still running down his arms from the new more sleeker shoulder guards all the way to his gloves. And on center of his chest plate was the Silver Autobot insignia with Red outline.

"Wow." the Asari said, as she and the others looked back at him in awe. The blue haired Prime then held out his hand to the Star-Saber, and the sword suddenly rose off the ground and into his grasp, with his grip tightening around it's hilt as it's blade began to glow a bright blue. He then turned his attention to Galvatron, staring at him with a stoic expression as the Predacon Leader got back to his feet.

"This is the end of the road for you Galvatron." Orion said, earning a hateful glare from his adversary as he picked up his blade.

"I killed you once…boy, Prime or not…I will do it again!" the Predacon Lord spat as he lunged at the new Prime, who deflected the attack with the Star-Saber. And for a long moment, the two clashed their blades multiple times. Though this time, Orion was the more focused and controlled one as his adversary was becoming more desperate. But then Galvatron attacked with a an overhead strike, which the young Darby stopped by raising his weapon up to block it before following through with a kick to the Predacon's stomach, making him stumble backwards as he grunted.

Everyone watched as the clone recovered and attacked the Prime again, their blue and red blades clashing several more times before the young Darby spin kicked Galvatron in the face, sending him down to the ground hard,

"It is over….surrender." the blue haired Bot said in a serious tone, but the Predacon shook his head as he got up again and charged at him.

"Never!" he exclaimed in a fanatical tone as he attacked with both his claws on one hand, and the Chaos Edge in the other. But Orion was way ahead of him as he dodged one attack and deflected another, before spinning around and unleashing an energy wave that hit Galvatron and sent him flying across the arena.

"That's our son, Jack." Arcee said in a proud tone and smile, earning a mirrored look and nod from the older Darby as they and Liara watched Orion walk over to the Predacon, who was again picking himself off the ground.

"This was my destiny!" the Clone spat as he thrust the Chaos Edge at the Prime, but the blue haired Bot dodged it as he threw the Star-Saber in the air and grabbed Galvatron's attacking arm and twisted it, making him drop the blade before the Prime then back-handed him with his free hand. The Predacon was spun around by the force of the hit, while Orion reached up and catched his own Saber again after it fell back toward him, before looking back at his adversary.

"You don't get it Galvatron…" he replied as the clone turned back round and stared daggers back at him before leaping back at him with claws bared, roaring as he did so. But Orion in a calm and professional manner, thrust the Star-Saber forward and impaled the Predacon Lord through his chest, making him spit up blood as he had a shocked expression on his face. Jack, Arcee and Liara had similar expressions on their faces as the others joined them from the ground floor, watching as Orion had given Galvatron the killing blow.

But even with an audience watching, the new Prime just looked the Clone in his eyes with a stoic and honest expression.

"…you never had a destiny." he added before twisting the blade while it was in Predacon's chest, making him grimace in pain as he looked down at it.

"And you have something that doesn't belong to you…." the Prime then said, which then caught Galvatron's attention as he looked back with a worried expression.

"….time to give it back." the blue haired Bot finished before ripping the blade from the Clone's chest, making his blood spray out and pour down his chest as he cried out in pain, before falling to his knees in front of Orion.

Then as everyone watched, a purple glowing swirl of energy began to seep out of the Predacon's chest, making all but the new Prime stare back with widened eyes.

"That's Unicron!" Jack said as the remnant started to float up towards the floating parts of the mountain, which were being held up there by the bolts energy striking them from the temple. And for one instance, the entire group could swear something from the energy.

"Noooooo!" the remnant cried out as it suddenly stopped between the two Aeons, before finally fading to nothing in the light shone from their glowing eyes.

"No…Unicron, that was my….des..tiny.!" Galvatron managed to say with a defeated expression before his eyes glazed over, his body then went limp and slumped to the ground in a heap.

"Farewell Galvatron." Orion said with a stoic tone as he looked down at the corpse, and breathed a sigh of relief.

'[/It is finally over.
' he thought before simply blinking, to which his eyes then widened in surprise. For he was no longer standing in the Infinite Combinatoric, but was back in the crystalline world and surrounded by the beauty and marvel of the glacier like mountains and vista.


"Optimus?" he called out while looking at his surroundings, but there was no answer as the Bot could see that he was alone. All he could hear was the sound of a breeze blowing through the air around him.

"Where is Optimus?" he said to himself, before another voice spoke behind him.

"Optimus was here?"

The blue haired Bot turned around to see his Dad standing there, looking back at him with a curious expression.


"Yeah its me…" the older Darby replied as he looked around at their surroundings with a smile, marvelling at the sight once more.

"…you know, I always knew I would see this place one more time." he added, which made his Son look back with a questioning expression.

"What do you mean by that?"

But before the former Prime could answer, both their attention was diverted to two bright orbs of light that suddenly appeared on their right side.

"So it is done, the remnant of our Brother has chosen his next Disciple." Vok spoke as his orange orb shifted into the form of a humanoid, though one that looked more like a Cybertronian. He had orange and black robes with armoured shoulders and fore-arms, as well as armoured boots. His optics were bright orange and he also had a small metallic beard, which he stroked as he looked at Orion.

"Yes, everything now is exactly as Primus wanted. Just like we witnessed in his thoughts and memories." Garuda replied as her green orb shifted into a wise and noble looking femme, with green and silver armoured robes covering her athletic figure. Her optics were a bright green, which gave the Father and Son a curious stare while they looked confused at each other.

"Uh, excuse me. But what are you talking about?" the blue haired Prime asked, which made Jack shake his head in return.

'My Son needs to learn to be more respectful around the Aeons.' he thought, whilst Vok looked back at Orion.

"This insolence must be a trait of the young, and if you had not already impressed what remains of Primus, I would seriously consider punishing you for that disrespect."

"But Orion Prime does have a legitimate question Vok, one that we can answer." the female Aeon replied, before looking back at the blue haired Bot.

"You must understand Orion, before we came here. We have not had seen either Primus or Unicron, not since before what was left of our species separated to watch over our chosen galaxies."

Both Jack and his Son stood and listened as Garuda continued, ignoring the unsure stare coming from Vok.

"When we reached into the remnants of both, we saw everything that they had done since they had taken to watching over the Milky you call it. We saw their disagreements that led to Unicron taking it upon himself to rid the galaxy of the weak, what he turned himself into to achieve it. And we saw Primus's solution, the creation of the Cybertronians and their Primes. We witnessed their war and the creation of the Reapers and everything else that happened up to this very point, including Primus's pain at watching his creations fight while Unicron's Reapers obeyed him, doing exactly what he had commanded them too. For a while it looked as through he was correct, with his Reapers wiping out the weak whilst assimilating the strong into their numbers every hundred thousand years. Because Primus's idea of free will and cooperation was failing as his Cybertronians continued to war with each other..." she said while turning her attention to the horizon.

"...but that changed when his creations brought their conflict to a small unassuming planet, called Earth." Garuda finished, allowing Vok to take a step toward both Jack and Orion.

"Here a chaotic young organic species, one of many that Unicron would have wiped out in a spark-beat, was pulled into the Cybertronians conflict. But having learnt so much from their own Wars and bloody history, helped to end the eons long feud and bring Primus's children back together. And then the new friends and allies went out into he galaxy and helped the rest of its inhabitants cooperate with each other, just as our Brother would have wanted. And he saw great potential in Humanity for the continuing legacy of the Primes." Vok said before looking at Jack.

"That is why he chose you to be the first of a new generation of his disciples, because you were the best of your generation." he continued as Garuda looked at Orion.

"Once we saw all of this, we knew that we could not interfere. That we had to let the Matrix choose it's next bearer, and so we let you and the abomination called Galvatron fight. Because we knew that you would be the eventual victor, succeeding your Father in the process." she said, earning a nod from Orion in return.

"I see, but how did you know that I would defeat Galvatron. I mean he killed me."

"He did so by using the power that Unicron had given him, but you fought him regardless. Willing to put your life on the line to protect others, exactly as Primus would. This along with your natural ability to lead others made you the right choice to become a Prime, just as he had foreseen." Garuda replied, earning a nod from Jack as he stepped beside his Son proudly.

"I too had seen that in you Son, throughout your life. With how you were always the leader amongst your friends when you were younger, the many occasions you ended up being in charge as an adult. And yet you walked away from every chance of promotion given to you, well...before the Normandy."

Orion though turned to his Dad, giving him a curious look.

"But Dad, there is more to it. I mean its like you already knew what my life was going to turn out like?" he said, but the older Darby shook his head in return.

"I..always had a feeling that you were meant for more than you were aiming for Orion, that's part of being a Parent." he said back in a hopeful tone.

"Orion, what your Father does or does not know is not for him to reveal. Because no one can know what their destiny is going to be, for they have to experience it for themselves." Vok said in return, while Jack looked over to the nearby glacial mountains with a thoughtful expression.

'It was more than just a feeling I had though, but I can't for the life of me remember.' he thought as the blue haired Prime kept his attention on the Aeons.

"Alright, so you ended up believing in me like Primus did. But how did you know I would win?" he asked.

"Well with the power that we Aeons possess.." Vok began to say, earning a regretful look from Garuda.

"Power that we paid a heavy price to obtain." she replied, earning a thoughtful nod from the male Aeon.

"Yes, but still. We now exist as beings of energy, with the ability to transcend space and time. After we viewed our Brothers memories, we took a look into the future….both the imminent and far." Vok added, earning an understanding nod from the Prime.

"So, you saw that I would be brought back and so just let fate play it's hand."

"Yes." Garuda replied.

"Okay, so what happens now?" Orion then asked.

"Now you are the Leader of the Autobots, it is your duty and calling to continue to help shape the future of this galaxy. But.." Garuda began to explain, gaining a curious look from Orion.

"But?" he asked.

"..we have also seen what Primus was planning for when he created the Primes, for it was not just to defeat his Brother Unicron and lead the others." the female Aeon added.

"It was also to prepare for the return of a threat that we Aeons have long since believed was gone, but Primus knew better for he had seen it within Unicron's behaviour." Vok carried on, as both Primes listened intently.

"What is that?" Orion asked.

"It is a very powerful force that once threatened not only the galaxy, but the entire universe itself." the orange Aeon added in a cryptic tone as a sudden gust of wind blew through the area they were standing in, earning an uncomfortable look from the younger Darby.

"Well that's ominous." he said before returning his attention back to the Aeons.

"This dark force is the result of a mistake that we made long before we took on these forms, it is the reason we chose to watch over the galaxies of this universe." Garuda replied.

"You mean in how you obtained this power that you now have?" Jack asked with a curious tone, earning a nod from her.

"Yes, that is correct. You certainly are an inquisitive creature, Orion Prime." Garuda said back.

"It is not yet time for everything to be revealed to you, though all we can say is that we made ourselves silent guardians to the universe. In an effort to make up for the damage that we had done.b]" she added as look of regret appeared on her face.

"[*But it seems that we have still failed in that regards, for we did not foresee this great darkness's return.

"But Primus has, and his solution is you and the 'Trinity of Primes'." Vok then said as he looked directly at Orion, who just stared back at them with a curious expression.

"I saw that in the Convent of Primus, what is that?" he asked, but both Aeons gave him a knowing look in return.

"As we said before Prime, you cannot know all that is meant to be and what will be." Garuda replied, gaining an understanding look from the blue haired Bot as he sighed.

"Yes I know, I have to experience it."

"Now it is time for you to return to your plane of existence Orion, but you visit this place and see us again when the Trinity is called upon. We cannot tell when that will be or more about what you will face, but we believe that you will be ready when the time comes. For with you becoming a Prime, you have already begun to connect the Trinity together." Vok then said, earning a nod from Orion before he suddenly felt everything around start to fade away.

"Until we meet again." Garuda said, and then the new Prime was gone. Now only Jack was left, standing with the two Aeons.

"For you though Jackson Prime, we can tell you that this is the last time that you will see this place." Vok said, earning a nod from the older Darby before he took another look at his crystalline surroundings.

"I don't know why, but I had a feeling that this might be it." he replied with a tinge of disappointment in his voice.

"We know you do not truly remember what has already transpired, but we have seen the future and can tell you that your part in this is now over." Garuda replied.

"So you have you seen how this will all end?" the former Prime asked, giving them a curious expression.

"We have seen to a point, time is forever fluid. But you have done exactly as you were meant to, so you can now go back and enjoy the rest of your life…you have earned it." the female Aeon continued, to which Jack gave them a thankful smile and nodded back before giving the place one last look, another disappointed expression appearing on his face.

"What is it?" Vok asked, curious to why the Human was looking around.

"I just thought that I might have seen Optimus one last time, since I know that he and others exist in this plane."

"Your friend and Mentor will always be with you Jackson Prime, but now it is time for you to leave."

"Okay, so….Goodbye." Jack replied with a wave, earning a nod from both Aeons as everything slowly went white around him.

"Farewell." Garuda replied as they faded into the bright white light as it enveloped the older Darby.

PRIME EFFECT 4 - Epilogue

Suddenly Orion found himself standing over Galvatron's corpse like nothing had happened, which made him take a breath and sheathing the Star-Saber on his back before looking up to see his Dad standing just away from him, an extremely proud look on his face as he smile and nodded to him. Jack then looked to his Son's right, making the blue haired Bot turn and see his Mother smiling at him as she walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him in a loving embrace before he could even react.

"By the All-Spark, Orion I am so proud of you." Arcee said as she hugged him tightly, earning an embarrassed but mirrored smile back as he returned the hug.

"Sorry to scare you like that." he replied while noticing Quickstrike, Ser-Ket and the others smiling back at him as his Mother pulled away enough to look her Son in the eyes with a knowing expression.

"You would think I'd be more used to this by now, like Father like Son." she said back with a smile before her attention was drawn to over the new Prime's shoulder, making her let go of him and step back.

"Anyway, I believe there is someone who wants to see you." Arcee said before gesturing to him, which made Orion turn around and see Liara standing there just away from him. His eyes widened as he instantly left his Mother's side and walked over to the Asari, while Arcee just sighed as Jack stepped beside her and took her hand in his, earning a happy smile from her before they watched their Son go to reunite with his Asari lover who was walking towards him too.

"Orion." Liara said as they stopped right in front of each other, earning a smile from the Bot as she looked him up and down.

"Yeah." he replied while she placed a hand on the chest-plate of his Prime armour, and looked up into his eyes with a relieved expression.

"I thought I lost you earlier.." she said, which made Orion take her hand in his as he looked her in her blue eyes.

"I'm sorry about that, I promise it won't happen again." he replied with a lop-sided grin, which made the Asari smile back as she pulled him into an embrace.

"Yeah…like you can make that promise, come here." she said back with tinge of a joking tone in her voice as the two embraced.

"I love you." Liara then said as they held each other close, making the Bot's spark heat up as he rested his forehead against hers.

"I love you too." he replied before they then kissed, both losing themselves in the moment as they pressed their lips together.

But then the moment was spoilt as Orion's com-link activated, making the Bot pull away and tap his ear-piece.

"Orion, this is General Obsidian. I don't know what you guys did in there, but you should come and see this." the voice on the other end said, making the Prime look at everyone else.

"What is it Cuz?" Quickstrike asked as the others joined the pair.

"Time we left, Autobots…lets roll." he then said in a commanding tone, which gained nods from the rest of the team. But Jack and Arcee just gave each other knowing smiles as they followed their Son and Liara down the stairs and back to the ground.

"What about this temple…and the Chaos Edge over there?" Nightracer asked, which made the blue haired Prime place his hand on the center of his chest plate as he felt the matrix underneath.

"I'll have the fleet bomb this location from orbit and completely destroy it, I have a feeling that is what Primus would want." he replied, earning a confused look from Liara as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Are you sure that is good idea Orion, I mean the historical importance of this place alone…" she began to say, only for the Bot to cut her off with an understanding look.

"I know, but once this place is gone. There will be no chance that anyone could ever again attempt to resurrect Unicron, we should make sure of that."

"I agree with Orion." Jack seconded as he and Arcee stood beside him and Liara, earning a nod from the Asari in return.

"That does make sense." she replied, which made the younger Darby turn and give her a slight smile.

"Yeah, but before we do though. I will have the Normandy take thorough scans of this temple, so that we at least have something of it on file to be studied."

This made the Asari look a little less disappointed, before smiling back and gently squeezing his hand in her own affectionately. the way." the blue haired Prime said as he looked over to his parents, like something important had just came to mind.

"Mum, Dad, this is Liara T'Soni….. sorry for the delay." he said with a slightly embarrassed tone and look, but his parents just smiled back as they left the temple and walked back up the tunnel.

"No need to apologise Orion." Jack said back whilst gently shaking his head.

"Yes, the end of the galaxy totally gets you out of jail when it comes to introducing your girlfriend to us." Arcee added with a lopsided grin, before holding a hand out to the Asari.

"It's very nice to meet you Liara, welcome to the family. Though we have met before haven't we?" the Femme asked, earning a nod from Liara.

"Yes, we previously met back during the Reaper War, on Thessia when we worked together. It is an honour to meet you again."

This earned a smile from both his Parents, as Arcee suddenly left Jack and walked along-side the Asari.

"Liara, since this is a long tunnel. I thought we could have a chat as we walk it, get to know each other a bit more." she said in a friendly manner, which made her smile and nod back.

"Sure, I would like that."

Then both women began to walk away from Orion, which made him stare back with a confused look while his Father joined his left and his Cousin on his right.

"Bad move Cuz, if you think that having your Ex hanging out with Liara was trouble, now she's making friends with your Mother." Quickstrike said with a grin on his face, earning a nod from Jack.

"Yeah, Quickstrike is right there..." his Dad said as they watched the women ahead.

"Same thing happened to me when your Mother and Grandmother were friends." he added as Orion watched while Arcee said something to Liara that he could not make out, but then the Asari burst into an uncontrolled laughter. This made the Bot's spark sink a little, as he could only guess what his Mother had just said.

"Oh great..." was all he could say as the group continued back up through the tunnel towards the light.

[center][b]PRIME EFFECT 4[/b][/center]

After leaving the remains of the mountain and walking back past the smouldering wreck of the Nemesis while moonlight shone down from the clear night sky, which was full of twinkling stars too. Liara, Arcee and even Nightracer were talking and laughing as they walked together, while Orion, Jack and Shen followed as the Father and Son had unsure looks on their faces. Meanwhile Quickstrike and Ser-Ket were lingering just a bit further back as a curious expression was on the Femme's face.

"I guess once your Mother wakes from her coma, I will be getting this treatment that Liara is receiving now from Orion's Mother and Ex?" she asked, earning a nod from the blonde Bot as they walked hand in hand.

"Yeah, I was told she should be waking up any day now. But thinking about what I said earlier now. I probably shouldn't have taken the micky out of Orion now." he replied with a slight smile, while the former Predacon looked at him with an unsure expression.

"I wonder how she will react to the fact that I was among the enemy ranks and had a part to play in…." she started to say, making Quickstrike look directly at her with a caring but serious stare.

"I have already said that will not matter, you were not physically a part of the attack. You and the other Predacons were pretty much brain-washed to follow Galvatron…who turned out to be nothing more than a Clone. You even questioned the tactics and needless slaughter, the fact that you turned away from them and helped us to end this war…" he said as they stopped and he held her hands in his, while looking into her eyes.

"…that is what it important, not the least that you saved my life. That is what my Mother will care about, so please stop worrying about it." he said, earning a sigh from the Femme who nodded back.

"Alright, but there is something about me that you should know. Something I found out while I was being held prisoner aboard the Nemesis."

Quickstrike just looked at her with an affectionate smile, as he remembered that she had tried to tell him this earlier only for him to stop her. It was true that whatever had happened in her past was not going to change what he thought of her now. But if she needed to get it off her chest, he wasn't going to stop her anymore.

"What is it?" he asked in a gentle tone.

"I found out that I am not a Predacon since I was not cloned like the others, I was in fact originally a Decepticon…" she said before stopping abruptly with that final word, gaining a curious look from her lover.

"A Decepticon….but who?"

"Her name was Strika." the Femme replied, as the blonde Bot recognised that name as his expression changed to a thoughtful one.

"I remember reading about her in history class when I was kid, she was considered a monster who disappeared early in the civil War."

Ser-Ket took a breath and sighed before looking to the ground as he said that line, making the Autobot realise what he had said as he gently raised her face back to his with a finger under her chin.

"I am sorry Ser-Ket, but she is not you. Not even by a long shot."

"I know…" she started to say as a single tear ran down her chin, to which Quickstrike wiped it away with a finger gently.

"…I only had a glimpse of her memories and while they did feel familiar, they ultimately appalled me and I think I know why." she added, which made the Bot stare back curiously as he listened.

"Shockwave told me that the Decepticon I was had volunteered to have her CNA spliced with that of a Predacon, in the hopes of creating a hybrid of sorts. But he later found that the sample was not Predacon, but was from 'another faction'." she continued.

"Another Faction? You mean Maximal?" Quickstrike then said with a knowing look, which earned a confused expression from the Femme.


"When you let yourself get captured, so we could escape from Omicron,.." the blonde Bot said, trying to not remember the pain he felt in that moment.

"…you told us to go to Cybertron, well we did and found what we thought was a Predacon down in the mines under Shockwave's facility. Except he was not one of them at all."

"What was he?" she only asked in return, keeping her eyes focused on her Lover as she listened intently.

"He called himself a Maximal, an enemy of the Predacons and his name was Onyx Primal."

This made Ser-Ket's eyes widen as though something had switched on in her mind.

"Was he that big black dragon that I saw fly into the Nemesis with Predaking?"

"Yes, he sacrificed himself to give us the opening we needed to get to the mountain." the blonde Bot said with a sad tone as he remembered his friend, the Femme noticed this and gently squeezed the Bot's hand affectionately.

"I am sorry Quickstrike, but if had not done so, then we may not be here now. I understand why he did this, for I did it myself…and I would do it again." she replied, earning a nod from him.

"Yeah…" he replied as a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

"…Remember when we were on Omicron, and you told me about your dreams."

"Yes I remember, I thought they might have been memories…." she started to answer as she thought about it.

"…in fact, when I saw Onyx Primal as you call him. I felt that I had seen him before."

Quickstrike then gave his lover a knowing look in return.

"Perhaps you did..." he said back with a slight smile.

"…I mean since your CNA is not Predacon but in fact Maximal, then that means you are actually the latter, I think that explains a lot." he finished as he put his arms around his lover and embraced her, with Ser-Ket doing the same as she enjoyed being in his arms.

"Okay, your right. I don't have anything to worry about." she confessed with smile as they looked into each other's eyes.

"I told you." he replied with a lopsided smile as they leaned in close.

"I love you Quickstrike." the Femme said in a soft voice, which made the Bot's spark tingle in return.

"I love you." he replied as they almost kissed.

"Hey guys, you should see this." Shen then shouted back, snapping the pair out of their moment as they looked back at the Turian who was waving them over to him and the others.

What is it?" Quickstrike asked as he and Ser-Ket rejoined the others, but stopped with wide-eyed looks at what they and the rest of the group could see. For in front of them was the remaining soldiers of the Autobots and the Terracon forces of the now defeated Predacons.

"What are they doing?" Jack asked they all looked upon the enemy troops, who were down on one knee with their heads bowed while the remaining ISF soldiers stood there in confused surprise.

"Take the words right out of my mouth.." Orion replied before his attention turned to General Obsidian, who was walking up to them and looking the blue haired Bot up and down curiously.

"So Spectre Darby, I assume that you are the new Prime?" he asked, gaining a nod from both him and his Father.

"That is correct General, my son now carries the Matrix and succeeds me as Leader of the Autobots." Jack replied proudly.

"Well congratulations…sir…" Obsidian said back with a nod, before looking back out at the Terracons.

"..but I assume you noticed this." he added.

"Yeah, what are they doing?" the Prime replied in return with a curious tone.

"Well, they just stopped fighting and knelt all of a sudden. Their ships even stopped fighting up in orbit over the planet." the General explained, earning a curious look from Shen.

"What, even the mercenary cruisers?"

"No, the former Omega ships retreated as soon as the Predacons own ships stopped. I don't know what to do with them, should we just shoot them?" Obsidian asked, which made Ser-Ket step toward him and Orion.

"No, there is no need for that." she replied, making everyone look back at her.

"Who is this?" the Autobot asked.

"This is Ser-Ket, she is a former Predacon who turned against Galvatron and helped us defeat him both here and back on Omicron." the young Darby said back with respect in his voice as he gave her a smile.

"I see, well can you explain what they are doing?" Obisdian then asked, with the Femme looking between him and Orion.

"They have surrendered because you have killed Galvatron, they are now awaiting your orders." she replied, gaining a thoughtful look from Liara.

"Just like you said earlier, when that Terracon joined us after Rip-Claw was killed."

"Exactly Liara..." Ser-Ket replied before looking back at the Prime.

"...The Terracons are nothing more than weapons. They have sentience, but are completely loyal to their Alpha, which now is you….Orion Prime."

This made Orion take a breath as he thought on what she just said, while Shen and Quickstrike made their voices heard.

"They could come in handy, might not want to just off them like that." the blonde Bot said, gaining a nod from their Turian friend.

"Yeah, they are nearly unstoppable too."

The blue haired bot gave them both an appreciative nod, before looking back at his Dad and the General.

"I will support any decision you make Prime." Obsidian then said, so Orion looked back at the Terracons with a thoughtful expression before a slight smile graced his face.

"Okay…" he replied before walking between his team and the remaining armies, with the Autobots recognising his Prime armour and saluting him in return. While the Terracons all just stood and looked at him in a synchronised movement. And suddenly the Bot felt a little out of his element as he felt everyone's eyes on him, but he looked back at his friends and family who all gave him encouraging smiles back.

'[/Okay, lets do this.
' he thought as he activated his holo-tool and synced his com-link to the Predacon ships in orbit, before looking back at the Terracons.

"My name is Orion Prime and I am the new Leader of the Autobots. I defeated and killed the one you called Galvatron, and now I want to know what you will do now that your Master is gone." he said in a stoic and commanding tone, one that Jack and Arcee were rather proud of as they watched.

"We are here to serve you, our new Master." they replied in unison, which gave chills to Orion's friends as they watched him.

"Very well, and you will follow any order given in my name?" he asked, and they all nodded again in unison.


"In that case, Ser-Ket will lead you….in my name." the blue haired Bot said as he pointed up at the Femme, who looked back with a surprised expression as the Terracons turned to face her.

"Ser-Ket will be your Commander, and I assure you that she speaks for myself. Will you follow her in my name?" Orion continued as he looked back at the beastial troops.

"Yes, we will." they replied as the Prime gestured for her to join him, making the Femme leave Quickstrike's side and walk down to him. And as she did so, the Terracons suddenly dropped to one knee and bowed their heads again.

"Commander!" they replied, earning a shocked nod from Ser-Ket before she turned her attention to the young Darby.

"What are you doing?"

"I can't think of anyone more qualified to lead these soldiers." he replied while looking at her stoically.

"But I am not a Predacon." she replied, earning a smile from Orion.

"Then that makes you a Maximal, doesn't it." he said with a knowing tone and look, which made her eyes widen more.

"How did you….did you hear us?" she asked in shock, thinking that he had somehow heard her and Quickstrike's conversation, but he simply shook his head in return as he continued smiling.

"No I didn't. But after working with a Maximal, you remind me more of him than any of the Predacons I have met."

This made Ser-Ket smile back as she sighed in return.

"Well I guess I am a Maximal."

"Good, so will you lead these troops for me? I am counting on you." he replied, gaining a nod from the Femme.

"Yes, I will." she said, which made the Prime smile back.

"Then by all means, command your troops."

Ser-Ket then faced the Terracons, who were looking at her and waiting for what they should do next.

"Terracons, stand down and revert." the Femme commanded, and the soldiers nodded back before shrinking back down to their human-like forms.

Prime, I have the Apollo on my Com-link and they report that the Predacon ships have received and acknowledged Ser-Ket's order." Obsidian stated, earning Orion's and Ser-Ket's attention.

"Good, now let's get everyone on the transports and back up to the fleet. And once everyone is on board, have the ships target and destroy this temple." the blue haired Bot said as he pointed at the Infinite Combinatoric in the near distance, earning a nod from the General.

"I will inform Admiral Hackett of your orders sir, again...congratulations." he then said before saluting Orion and walking back to his troops.

"Okay Autobots, we are leaving. Let's move out." he commanded as he joined them.

"Terracons, please follow the Autobots back to the transports. Thank you." Ser-Ket added, gaining nods from her new troops as they bowed to her before turning around and following the rest away, leaving her and Orion as the rest of their friends joined them.

"I think you going to be fine as the new Prime, Orion." Quickstrike said as he patted his Cousin on the shoulder.

"Yeah, that armour suits you." Nightracer added, earning a smile from the Bot as he looked first at his parents who looked back proudly and then finally to Liara.

"Thanks, now let's go home." he said before tapping his com-link.

"Orion to Normandy."

"This is Rodimus, I hear congratulations are in order." the Commander said back.

"You have heard already?" the young Darby asked with a slightly disbelieving tone to his voice.

"Yes we have, and I can't think of anyone more deserving, well done." he said back.

"Thank you Rodimus, now could you send us down a shuttle please and give the temple a full detailed scan with our sensors?"

"I'll have Jetstorm do it right now and as for the shuttle, it is already on the way. I'll see you in a few minutes, Normandy out." the Commander replied before ending the link, leaving Orion and the group to watch as the Autobot transports began lifting off the ground and flying back up into the sky.

[center][b]PRIME EFFECT 4b][/center]

It had been almost forty minutes since their shuttle had docked with the Normandy as it continued to orbit Virmire with the rest of the fleet, and Orion, Rodimus and Jack had gone to the Communications room to speak with Autobot Command. This left everyone else to talk amongst themselves in the CIC, while they waited for the others to return. Liara was talking with Arcee and Red-Alert, while Nightracer and Shen spoke with Quickstrike and Ser-Ket. The blonde Bot was looking very happy as he deactivated his holo-tool and returning his attention to the others.

"I have just been communicating with my Mum, she is now awake and waiting to see me." he said with a happy relief in his voice, which made Arcee turn and look at him with an equally relieved face.

"My Sister's okay, thank the Allspark. That is great news." she said in an ecstatic tone, earning an appreciative nod from him in return.

"Mum is looking forward to seeing all of us…." he started to say before returning his attention back to Ser-Ket.

"…especially you Ser-Ket." he added with a loving smile, which made the Femme mirror his expression in return.

"I am looking forward to meeting her too." she replied as she took his hand and gently squeezed it affectionately.

"So Liara, I hope you and Orion will be able to stay with us at the house for the next few days?" Arcee asked as she returned her attention to the Asari, earning a nod from her.

"Of course, I'd love too. And I know Orion would want to spend some time with you both as well."

This made the Femme smile back before everyone's attention was drawn to the elevator as its doors opened and out came Jack and Rodimus, with the Autobot still in his hover-chair.

"Where's Orion?" Liara asked with a curious tone, gaining the former Prime's attention.

"He is just finishing his conversation with the Federation Senate and Autobot Command, and should be down in a few minutes."

"And we have been given confirmation from the Apollo that the Infinite Combinatoric has been destroyed, but not before we took some very detailed scans of the temple." Rodimus added, as the Turian looked at the pair.

"So now that Orion is in charge of the Autobots, I guess that means he has a choice of which ship he wants as his flagship?" Shen then asked with a knowing look, earning everyone's attention.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he waited for the next Battleship class to be built, I am sure they will still build one after the Nemesis." Red-Alert replied, though Nightracer shook her head in return.

"I don't know, I think he might prefer the one he has already." she said with a knowing tone to her voice, earning nods from Liara, Quickstrike and Arcee. Which in turn made Jack smile.

"He has chosen the Normandy, and Autobot command acknowledged this." the Prime said, making Shen look at Rodimus with a puzzled expression.

"What's going to happen to you then, sir?"

"I will be staying on as Orion's XO, he requested so." the Commander replied.

"Really Rodimus, I thought you might have now settled for a desk job now?" Quickstrike teased, earning a smirk from the Elite Spectre as he looked up at him.

"Why, because I am in this hover-chair still? I'll be out of it in another few days, and I will never go for a desk job anyway." he said, earning a smile from Jack.

"Besides, I wasn't going to turn my back on my friend. He needs my help and I am happy to oblige him." Rodimus continued.

"Plus Orion is a young Prime, younger than I was when I took on the role. It makes sense for him to have his mentor by his side still." the former Prime added, while Arcee smiled at Rodimus.

"I am glad that Orion will be able to count on you to help him still." she said, earning a nod from the Commander as he smiled back appreciatively.

"My experience and knowledge have and always shall be at his disposal." he replied, which gained a knowing smile from Quickstrike.

"As will we as his close friends and colleagues," he said, which made everyone smile as Rodimus then turned and faced the crew members currently working around the team.

"Anyway….Orion's already given the rest of the fleet the order to leave for Earth, and they are waiting on us to lead the way so…" he said as he tapped his com-link and synced it for the entire ship.

"…Everyone to their stations and prepare to leave orbit." he said, which made the entire crew focus on their individual tasks as the CIC became abuzz with activity while the Commander than tapped his com-link again as he looked toward the Cockpit.

"Jetstorm, prep the hyper-drive and set it's course for the nearest space-bridge. We will be leading the fleet straight home, no jumping ahead with ours." he said, earning a curious look from the gang around him.

"Can't say I am used to moving that slow." Shen replied, gaining Rodimus's attention just as the elevator doors opened to reveal Orion.

"Prime on deck." one of the crewmen said as the Prime stepped into the CIC, quickly acknowledging him before joining the others.

"That's because it will be morale boosting for the folks back home to see the entire fleet return in triumph with our victory over the Predacons, the celebrations are already being planned for our arrival in just over fifteen hours time." he said, earning welcoming nods from his friends and family as Rodimus then motioned him to the galaxy map stand.

"The CIC is yours Prime."

Orion nodded back before walking over to the holographic representation of the galaxy, looking down at it's massive swirling shape and the millions of stars that encompassed it.

'[/I do not know what lies a head for us with the Trinity of Primes, or what this darkness that the Aeons say is coming..
' he thought as a slight smile appeared on his face, while the others gave him a curious look which made Liara walk over to his side.

'..but since we have defeated Unicron, the Reapers and now Galvatron and his forces. I think that no matter what comes our way, we will be more than able to handle it.' he added before he felt a hand on his shoulder, making the Bot turn to see the Asari looking back at him lovingly.

"You alright?" she asked while taking notice of the matrix crystal that hung around his neck, its light shining dimly under his shirt.

"Yeah, I am fine." he added with a reassuring and loving smile back, earning a mirrored expression from the Femme.


Orion then gave his friends and family a smile, with them doing the same before he turned his attention to the Cockpit, activating his com-link as he did so.

"Jetstorm, take us home." the blue haired Prime said before he sighed, a hopeful expression on his face.

"Aye, Aye. We are on our way." the pilot replied before the Normandy suddenly broke out of orbit with the entire fleet following behind it, before they all suddenly jumped into hyperspace just as Virmire's star appeared from behind the planet and shone it's light into the surrounding void.


Sometime after the dawn of the Universe, on the uninhabited planet of Scissio...

The tanks and heavy artillery fired up into the continually expanding dark liquid-like mass which now covered the entire area in shadow, as it blotted out the sky overhead. Meanwhile Primus and Unicron charged forward with their Aeonian brothers towards the center of the unknown entity, when all of a sudden purple lightning bolts shot down from with it. Each one that fell to the ground either struck a tank and destroyed it in one it, leaving it a burning wreck within a few seconds. Or struck the center of a score of Aeonians, channelling it's energy through them as they were electrocuted on the ground they stood. In the matter of moments hundreds of the warriors were killed, while their tanks and weapons barely seemed to make a dent in the entity as their continuing fire just seemed to be absorbed into the liquid-like mass.

Meanwhile funnel like tendrils suddenly flew down from the entity and begun sweeping through the army, decimating even more troops as it rapidly spread out in all directions. One such tendril swooped down and almost hit Primus, but for Unicron to pull his brother down to the ground as it flew past by mere inches. The former looked over to his sibling and gave him an appreciative smile before suddenly noticing another tendril coming up close behind Unicron who was oblivious as he nodded back.

So Primus quickly got back to his feet and pushed him aside before swinging his blade at the strange appendage, slicing it in half and spilling black goo-like blood onto the ground around them. As both brothers looked around to see their own men doing the same kind of action to this threat, they both suddenly noticed that the spots of blood suddenly began to grow and form bodies before them which looked like shadow versions of the Aeonian soldiers around them.

So Primus and Unicron began to fight the dark clones of their comrades, slicing and dicing the enemies as they attacked. The dark gold and bronze armoured Unicron sliced off the head of one enemy, before spinning around and hacking down another that came up from behind. While Primus in his gold and silver armour, deflected the dark blade of a shadow with his own before kicking it in the side and then running it through, spilling yet more blood onto the floor, blood that again changed into more familiar looking soldiers.

As both Brothers continued to fight against the ever increasing army that the darkness was creating, they could not help but notice as their army was still being overrun and wiped out by either the tendrils or purple lightning strikes attacked with. But just as Primus killed yet another foe with his sword, suddenly another appeared from behind and took a swipe at him. But his attack was suddenly stopped by a blade, which made both the gold and silver warrior and his sibling turn to see a blue and silver armoured femme standing between them and the enemy.

She then quickly took out with two quick slices of her katana-like blade, before turning back and giving Primus a warm smile which he mirrored in return. But then the strangest thing happened as the trio found themselves beneath the very center of the darkness, as several of the shadow-clones suddenly joined together and formed one overall body, which was then hit by the same purple energy bolts that had been raining down upon the Aeonian forces. This one form had glowing purple eyes as it's only characteristic, as they narrowed and stared at the Femme and the Brothers. It then roared and lunged at them with it's right arm, that suddenly stretched out like it was elastic and hit the ground where they had been standing, since they just narrowly dived out of the way.

The Femme was the first to recover as she then countered with several slashes that did no damage whatsoever, Primus got back to his feet just in time to see the being backhand her in the face and send her to the ground. The Bot screamed 'No!' at the dark entity as he charged at it and buried his blade into it's chest, only for it look back at him curiously while he twisted it in it's apparent wound.

Unicron meanwhile had circled around it and charged it from behind, but it suddenly grew another arm out of it's black liquid-like body and grabbed him, stopping him where was a it lifted him off the ground. Primus's eyes widened as he saw this before being swatted away by the dark form, moving the blade out of it's body with it dropping the weapon to the ground without even a look as it then picked up the Femme with another of it's arms.

The gold and silver Bot found himself watching in horror as the darkness suddenly had every remaining Aeonian soldier in it's grasp, as another tendril shot out from the mass at him. But Primus rolled over to his blade and quickly sliced it in half before getting back to his feet.

And that was when he saw it, making his optics widen as purple energy suddenly shot down from the massive liquid-like mass of the darkness and into it's captives. So Primus on instinct suddenly moved to Unicron who was nearest to him and sliced the arm that was holding him in half, making his sibling fall to the ground as some of the purple energy was absorbed into his body. But just as the gold and silver Bot turned to help the Femme, he then cried out in anguish as she as well as every soldier around them was suddenly burnt to a crisp in the entity's grasps, becoming nothing more than ash that was then blown away in the growing breeze that swept across the plains.

The entity then drew back all of it's tendrils and shadow-clones who were absorbed by the said tendrils as they retreated, which included the purple eyed larger clone that had just murdered the blue and silver Femme. The Darkness then retracted into itself to form a perfect jet-black liquid-like sphere which floated in the air above the brothers as Primus helped his brother back to his feet. They both watched as the sphere then dropped to the ground and suddenly morphed into a giant version of the form they had just fought, with its purples eyes looking down at them as it took on a more detailed appearance with what looked like Aeonian armour.

Primus though looked over to where the Femme had been, only to see nothing there as Unicron placed his hand on his Brother's shoulder in support, making him look back and show the anguish that was written on his face. But then Unicron gave Primus a knowing look, which gained a reluctant nod back as though the latter knew what his sibling had in mind.

So they both got to their feet and gripped the hilts of their blades tightly before their optics suddenly glowed brightly, as did the joints and engravings on their armour before finally their very blades glowed too, Unicron's was red as Primus's glowed blue. This made the Darkness roar back at them as it's own purple eyes flared, while the Brothers suddenly charged back toward the monster as they cried out a battle cry. But just as the Entity lunged down at them with it's massive fist, Unicron's optics suddenly changed from glowing red… purple.


A/N: Well this is it, Prime Effect 4 is finished. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have writing it, and thank you for reading. :)

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