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Chapter II

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Can Myra escape the Mercs and catch up to Barla, or has the Volus managed to leave the planet already?

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The mercenary soldiers charged up the exterior metallic stairs on their way up to the top of the Observation Tower, clenching their rifles tightly as they did so. Their hearts were beating hard with their step they took as their ascended up the tower, for they had heard the screams of their comrades as they had fallen to their deaths moments earlier.

"Alright, we are nearing the top. I want you ready to open fire the second we enter the room, that bitch killed your comrades and our Commander. So lets not give her an inch, shoot to kill." the lead soldier said back to the others as they neared the top of the stairs, with them nodding in acknowledgment.

The moment they got to the open door, the lead soldier could see the Asari waiting for them inside the room.

"Kill her!" he shouted as he and the men at his side opened fire on her, as she brought up a biotic shield in front of person. And the barrage of bullets harmlessly impacted against it, leaving small ripples with each and every hit along it's smooth blue surface.

"We can overload her with this!" one of the soldiers next to the leader said as he readied the grenade launcher on his rifle, gaining a nod from him in return.

"Do it."

So the other soldier took aim and prepared to fire, but the Asari noticed this and held out her hand and made the shield suddenly move towards the door while the troops continued to fire their rifles at it.

"Your in my way." she said as the shield began to shrink and reshape itself into a ball as it picked up speed, gaining a concerned and confused look from the leader.

"What the hel...!" he said before the biotic projectile came shooting out of the door and hit him and his men, exploding with enough energy that it sent the troops flying off the stairs and down to the ground, like their comrades before.

Myra then ran out onto the stairs and quickly took in her surroundings, just as the screams from the soldiers that had just attacked her had stopped with them hitting th concrete below.

'I need a way out of here.' she thought as she scanned the area around her, before her eyes then focused on something of interest.

'They have a cargo transport parked at the back of this building.' she thought while looking out at the ship which was less then thirty yards from the aft of the building, before suddenly looking down to her right and spotting three Mercenary soldiers with RPGs aimed at her.

'Time to go.' she thought as they opened fire and launched the rockets that hurtled up towards her location at speed,which made the Asari jump off the stairs and fall to the ground as the rockets shot overhead and hit the stairs, destroying them in an explosion as she continued to fall. But then Myra began to glow with biotic energy as her fall slowed down and allowed her to land elegantly onto the concrete roof, while part of the stairs crashed onto the area directly behind her.

"Get her!" one of soldiers said as they switched to their rifles and started firing at the Asari, who reactivated her biotic barrier that covered her body.

'Got to make this fast.' Myra thought as she started to sprint across the rooftop, while bullets harmlessly impacted against the blue energy shield protecting her.

But as she ran, more soldiers appeared on her left as they climbed out of an opening in the roof, joining the others gunfire with their own as alarms blared out around the facility. But the Asari stretched out her left hand towards the new group and sent knocked them into the air, making them fly off the roof and onto the ground further back.

As Myra returned her attention to directly ahead of her, she saw that she did not have much roof left before her. So she performed a biotic charge and accelerated into a blue blur before jumping right at the edge of the aft end of the factory, making her soar into the sky before coming down fast again. But just like the last time, she started to glow blue before landing on the ground like a leaf kissing the surface of a pond while being stared at by another group of Mercs.

"Wow, look at that." one of the soldiers said as they witnessed the Asari, before having his arm hit by his friend who looked at him with an annoyed expression.

"Quit gawking and start firing." he spat as opened fire on her, with the others doing the same. This made Myra roll out of the way, before throwing a biotic projectile at the group which exploded in the centre of them and flung them up into the air and then back down to the ground hard.

'Okay, now to get to that transport.' she thought while running towards the vehicle again, before tapping the com-link in her ear.

"I hope you guys are monitoring this?" the Asari said with a glimmer of hope in her voice as more troops exited the factory's back door and gave pursuit.

"Read you loud and clear Myra, need a ride?" a female voice spoke back, earning an ever so slight grin from the Rogue Spectre as she listened.

"Yeah Kat, I think I have over-stayed my welcome here."

"Roger that, we will be there in just a few minutes." the voice replied, making the Asari shake her head in return as she reached the transport.

"No, it's too hot here. I am getting out on a small transport they have here, you can meet me halfway for pickup." she replied as she brought up a biotic barrier between her and the approaching soldiers, with their gunfire harmlessly impacting while she opened the hatch and got in.

Once she had locked the hatch, Myra then climbed into the cockpit and began launch sequence as multiple holo-screens and an interface appeared before her. The gunfire could now be heard impacting against the hull as the enemies had now reached the transport as the biotic barrier had failed.

'Okay, its been a while. But my Dad always said flying was like riding a bike, you never forget.' she thought as she worked the controls and lifted the vessel off the ground, while the Mercs continued to fire upon it in vain as their weapons were not strong enough to penetrate the hull

'Here we go.' the Asari thought as the Transport then flew off away from the factory and back toward the grouping of mountains she had passed earlier to reach there, while activating her holo-tool and syncing it's scanner to that of the ship's, revealing the direction of and heading of her friend's ship which was approaching from the south.

'Looks like I am home fre…..' she started to think before the transport's proximity alarm began to blare out, making the Rogue look over to the sensor screen and notice a blip heading towards her from the factory.

'Terrific...' Myra thought as she recognised the readout of the blip coming up fast on her rear.

'...they have a gunship, and I have no weapons whatsoever.' she added as she looked at the stats of the vessel she had acquired. But before she could do anything else, the lock-on alarm suddenly blared out.

"Scrap it!." She spat with an aggravated tone as she suddenly made the transport perform a barrel roll as she veered it around a nearby mountain, just as the gunship launched a missile which then hit that same rock formation and exploded.

'I don't think that I can do that again.' The Asari thought with a worried expression as the interface before her began flashing red lights over the screen that had the Transport's stats on

'Damn it! I put too much pressure on this old ship when I did that trick. Where are you guys?.'

But then the lock-on alarm activated again, making Myra look back in anticipation of the following attack, even though all she could see was the aft of the interior.

But suddenly another blip appeared on the scanner as it approached the gun-ship's rear, making the Asari sigh with relief as she recognised the new arrival.

'Thank the goddess.'

Meanwhile the new ship descended through the sky and began to chase the Gunship, and it had a horizontal diamond-shaped main hull with two engines on either side and a cockpit module connected to the pointed side of it's hull. And it quickly activated it's cannons which slide out of openings on the ventral side of the hull and opened fire, destroying the enemy vessel as it exploded and showered the ground with it's debris.

"Looks like that transport of yours is about to blow, want to jump ship." the female voice spoke through Myra's com-link, gaining a nod from the Asari as she left the cockpit and rushed over to the hatch while the ship began to shake around her.

"You read my mind, I am at the hatch now. Open the dorsal hatch and bring the ship into formation just beneath me." she replied as she opened the hatch, suddenly feeling the strong currents of air that were blowing hard against the ship as it kept moving.

"Alright, moving into position and opening hatch now." her friend said back while Myra watched the other ship did exactly that, earning a breath from her as the Asari readied herself for the jump. When suddenly one of the Transport's engines exploded, making the entire ship shake violently.

"Jump!" the other woman shouted, and the Rogue Spectre did just that as she launched herself out of the hatch. And her body began to glow with biotic energy as she controlled her velocity before landing safely on top of the other ship, while the Transport dropped out of the sky and crashed in a fireball at the base of the snow-covered mountains.


"I'm in." Myra then said as she closed the hatch behind her and climbed down into the ship's interior to find a Caucasian Human woman waiting for her, who had shoulder length chocolate Brown hair and green eyes. She also had an athletic figure as she stood with one hand on her hip while giving the Asari a knowing smile.

"Told you this mission would get messy."

'Katrina Mason, always the realist.' Myra thought as she returned the smile with a sigh.

"Yes you were… and to top it off, Vasir was not even there."

Kat noticed the disappointment that appeared on her friend's face as she spoke so placed a hand on her shoulder, while looking back with a sympathetic expression.

"I'm sorry Myra…" she started to say before they were interrupted, as an other man walked in on them. He was a Caucasian man in his late thirties with dark hair and yellow eyes, and was wearing white and red armour. He gave both Women a friendly smile as he entered the room and approached them, earning a mirrored expression from the pair.

"So how many Merc bases does that make now Myra?" he asked with a curious but playful tone.

"I have no idea, since I have been doing this for so long now that I've lost count." the Asari replied honestly with a slight smile which then gradually faded away as a more serious look, one they were more than used to seeing appeared on her face.

"But 'she' was not there…again, so it's still not over." she added before walking past Kat and Crosscut and leaving the room, leaving them to look at each other with worried expressions before the former then glanced in the direction that her friend had left.

'I know that Vasir did something terrible to Myra, but what was it?' she thought while giving out a sigh.

Myra walked slowly down the corridor towards the cockpit of the ship, her mind wandering as she dwelled on the failure back at the Factory with the words of the Batarian Commander haunting her every thought.

'I am afraid that our fearless leader is not here, though I am sure she would have been overjoyed to see you again….so she can reunite you with your Mother!'

This re-ignited a burning anger from deep within the Asari's heart, an anger that had been there for so long now that it now felt completely natural to her.

'To be so close, only to end up empty-handed… yet again.' she thought while stopping and clenching her left hand into a fist, the Asari's thoughts right now acting like fuel to the flames of her building rage.

'I will get Vasir, I swear to Goddess, I will kill her!'

Then Myra saw red as her enemy's face appeared in her mind's eye, making the Asari suddenly slam her fist into the corridor's wall, making her flinch slightly as a sharp pain erupted from her hand. This made her look down at her hand, which had begun to shake slightly as the sudden pain snapped the Asari out of her thoughts.

"Did that help?"

The voice made Myra turn round to find Kat standing there and looking back with a concerned expression, her arms folded over her chest.

"Not really, not like it will when I get my hands around Vasir's throat." she replied as her Human friend's eyes focused on her injured hand, making her reach down into the pocket on the right side of her utility belt and pull out a Medi-gel spray.

"Here, use this." Kat said back before holding out the small can to her friend, which the Asari took with a slightly embarrassed smile.


"So…are you going to keep taking your anger out on 'our' ship? Because I don't think that the others will appreciate that." Kat then said with a joking-like tone, trying to defuse the situation further, which made Myra's smile widen a little more.

"Don't worry, I've been living with this anger of mine for a long time and have yet to destroy a ship that I was travelling on." she said back while spraying the Medi-gel on her hand, earning instant results as it healed the injury. The Brown haired Woman took this moment as an opportunity and stepped toward the Asari, who was focused on treating her injured hand.

"Myra, we have worked together for a good while now…" she began to say in a supportive tone, to which her friend then jumped in.

"..nearly a year," she added, gaining a nod from Kat.

"Yes, a year. And in that time I have felt that we have become good friends, in the same way as I count the others."

This made the Asari look up at her with slightly widened eyes, completely caught off guard by the Brown haired Woman's words.

"Yes, I feel the same Kat." she replied with a warm smile.

'You are a good friend and an excellent soldier, there aren't many people who I can trust with my life. But why can't I just come out and say that?' she thought as the other Woman smiled back before her expression returned to a more concerned one.

"So…I know I have said this before, but if you ever want to talk…about anything at all that's on your mind, then you can confide in me." Kat said back in a supportive and caring tone, which made Myra feel a little uncomfortable as she knew what her friend was actually on about. But instead of showing this, the Asari smiled back.

"I know.." she replied before her eyes widened slightly as she remembered something, earning curious look from Kat.

"What is it?"

"There was a reason I was heading to the cockpit..." Myra said with a knowing tone as she walked past her friend, before stopping and looking past at her.

"…I want us to go back to the city and corner Barla Vonn before he has a chance to leave the planet."

"Well let's go then." Kat said in return as the pair then walked together down the corridor to the door at the far end, with the Asari pressing the button on the control panel on it's left side which then opened the door and allowed them access.

Once in the cockpit, the two women walked up to a blonde haired Caucasian Man, who was wearing blue and yellow armour. He was currently piloting the ship as it was now flying over the hilly terrain as it had cleared the mountainous region already, which the three of them could see from the glass canopy that was in front of them.

"Evac, how is our ship?" Myra asked, making the Bot turn round in his chair and smile at her.

"The 'Eudora' is fine, all systems go." he replied while keeping his hands on the holo-controls in front of him, earning a disconcerting look from Kat.

"I still can't help but worry each time I see you doing that, piloting the ship without even seeing where your going." she said, making him look up at her and show off his eyes which had what looked like holograms in his irises.

"Kat, I already told you. The upgrades I had done to my eyes allow me to see everything the Eudora's sensors do.." he said as he then activated his holo-tool.

"..and I can even pilot the ship when I am not even on it with this..."

"Alright, that's enough showing off ." the Asari then said, interrupting Evac as he and Kat turned their attention to her.

"Set course for the port-city that's near here, I have a Volus to catch up with." she added, gaining a nod from Evac.

"Roger that." he replied as he turned his seat back round and made the Eudora veer to the left as it headed back towards New Karnak.


Myra marched up to the swinging doors of the Tavern and with a flick of her hand which was glowing blue, she flung the pieces of wood from their hinges like they were made of cardboard. This made the Hanar bartender jump in shock as he quickly squatted behind the bar, fearing another attack. The Asari then entered the building with Kat and Crosscut flanking either side of her, a completely serious expression on her face as she looked around the main room and noticing that Barla and his men had gone.

"Looks like he ran for it." the Bot said while Kat looked over to the bar, noticing a tip of what looked like jelly shaking silently behind it. So she tapped Myra on the shoulder and gestured to that spot, making her stretch out her glowing hand and focus.

Suddenly the Hanar was surrounded by biotic energy and lifted off the ground, making it flap it's tentacles around in a panic as the trio walked over to it.

"Looks like we caught a live one." Crosscut joked, while Kat and the Asari kept their attention on the bartender.

"Where is the Volus?" Myra asked as she held the jellyfish up in the air, while Kat and Crosscut watched.

"He already left, please...this one does not know anything else." it said in a slow but obviously fearful tone, not that it mattered to the Asari who just stared back coldly.

"Really, I'm not so sure. You might be more cooperative after I pull off every one of your tentacles..." she started to say in return in a serious manner, making the Hanar make a squeal-like noise while Kat looked over to Myra with an unsure expression.

"No, this one swears by the Enkindlers that it knows nothing, the Volus simply left and quickly...but.." it said as it was turned upside down by Myra, earning a curious look from her as she caught the end of it's sentence.


"...I did see which direction he left in, i was south towards the dock." it replied, earning a smile from Myra as Crosscut looked at his holo-tool.

"I am detecting trace amounts of ammonia in the air."

This made the Asari drop the jellyfish, making it fall to the ground hard while her attention was caught by the Bot.

"That's what Volus breath, I must have damaged his breathing apparatus earlier." she replied before activating her own holo-tool, which gained a curious look from Kat.

"What is it Myra?"

"If he is leaking ammonia, then we can track him…" the Asari said back before looking back at the Hanar, who had just lifted itself back onto its tentacles.

"…How long has he been gone?"

"…the Volus was quite shaken by your handling of him and only left inside of the last hour." it replied, making Myra turn back to her companions.

"Then we can still catch him, lets go." she said while heading toward the exit, completely ignoring the Bartender. This earned him a sympathetic look from Kat, while Crosscut simply followed the Asari out.

"Thank you for your cooperation, sorry for…." she started to say, before the Hanar interrupted her.

"Please, just leave this one alone now." it answered in a toneless voice, earning a nod from the Human Woman before she turned around and joined her friends outside.

"Okay, I have a lock on the Ammonia traces and they appear to be heading in the direction the Hanar told us." she said while Kat walked right up beside her.

"Did you really need to do that to the Hanar?"

This made Myra look back at her with a puzzled expression in return

"I was only trying to scare it, otherwise that stupid Jellyfish would have remained tight-lipped, which is funny considering Hanar do not have lips." she replied with an almost cold tone, which made Kat look back with a disappointed expression, but the Asari ignored it as she looked back down at he holo-tool.

"Right let's get going, I do not want to lose him." she said while heading towards her new speeder, earning a shoulder shrug from Crosscut as he looked back at Kat before joining their leader on his own which was parked beside hers. But the Human Woman just shook her head in response as she sighed, but then reluctantly joined them as she walked to her own speeder too.


Down at the Karnak's Docks, Barla Vonn waited anxiously by his ship as the local Droids were finishing the final checks on it.

"Come on you worthless scrap-heaps, surely my ship is ready to fly."

One of the mechanical dock-workers close to him, heard the Volus's whining and turned to face him with it's one red optic.

"Sir, your ship will be ready momentarily." it replied in a singular monotone voice, making the short pressure suited Alien to clench his fists in anger.

"That's what you said nearly an hour ago when I got here." he spat back before noticing three of his henchmen walking over to him, so Barla turned around and faced him while choosing to ignore the Droid.

"There is still no sign of the Asari that caught up to us earlier, so I have left the others to keep watch at the Dock's entrance." the Human Male said while being flanked by both Vorcha, gaining a nod from the Volus.

"Very well, but I can't shake the feeling that Darby will still come here. Because after seeing how easily she handled us, I have my doubts that the contingent of soldiers that Vasir purposely stationed on Yamm to trap her will be enough."

"I had heard stories of her as a Rogue Spectre, but this was the first time I had come up against the Asari, and she certainly lived up to those stories." the Merc replied, which made Barla nod again before looking back at the Droids.

"Can't these mindless robots hurry up?" he snapped as they continued to work around him, while the Human Merc simply shook his head in return.

"Just calm down, everything will be….." he started to say before an explosion erupted just aways from them, at the entrance to the Docks. Making him, Barla and the two Vorcha who had remained quiet the whole time, turn around and look at it with widened eyes.

"What in the hell was that?" the Merc added with a questioning tone, while the Volus started to breath more heavily.

"It's her, it has to be….Is my ship ready yet?" he spat at the Droids as panic started to take a hold over him, but his friend simply tapped his com-link while equipping his rifle.

"What's going on over there?" he asked, but all he could hear was static on the other end. So he took the rifle in both hands and looked back at Barla.

"Better board your ship, we'll cover you." he said while gesturing to both Vorcha, who nodded and took positions behind two nearby metal cargo boxes and readied their rifles. But the Volus meanwhile just looked up at the lead Merc.

"But…the Droids….. have yet…. to finish." he stammered while pointing at the mechanical workers, earning a grunt from the Human Male who then suddenly fired at them, causing sparks to erupt from their bodies as he riddled them bullets before they fell to the ground dead.

"There, they are finished. Just get onto the shi…." he started to reply when at the far end of the landing pad, the doors on the surrounding metal fence were suddenly ripped from their hinges and flung back towards the group, landing on either side of the ship.

"Right!" he simply said back before turning and running toward the boarding ramp of his ship, just as the Merc leader and two Vorcha spotted three figures walking into the area through the damaged entrance.

"Looks like we got here just in time." Crosscut said as Myra, Kati and himself saw the ship, with the Asari taking notice of the Volus now running up the boarding ramp as the three remaining Mercs open fired on them.

"We have to stop that ship from leaving." she said while creating a biotic barrier in front of them, absorbing the gunfire as her friends took cover and fired back.

"Well go get them, we've got your back." Kat said back while looking down the sights of her rifle, firing at one of the Vorcha who only just managed to duck in time to miss the bullets that flew over it's head.

"Thanks." Myra said back as she then thrust both her glowing hands in front of her, suddenly making the barrier move towards the enemies as the began to run behind it. This made the Mercs panic as the boarding ramp of Barla's ship started to retract itself up into it's hull, which did not go unnoticed by the Asari.

'No, he's not getting away!' she thought as the ship fired it's engines, slowly rising off the ground as it began to take off. So as Myra continued to run at the vessel, she brought her hands together in a clasp. This made the barrier revert into a ball of biotic energy, which then the Asari sent flying as she thrust her clasped hands in front of her. The ball suddenly hit the area between the three Mercs and exploded, with the energy spreading out and knocking them to the ground as they became enveloped in blue light.

While the Human Merc team leader remained on his back, both Vorcha had already begun to recover. But they were quickly taken down by precision shots to their hearts from both Crosscut and Kat while Myra stopped right in front of the ship which was now several feet above her, this made the Rogue Spectre reach up with her hands and focus on the vessel which became engulfed in the blue light of her biotics.

Both Kat and Crosscut could only watch shocked surprise at what their friend was attempting to do as she grunted while slowly pulling her clenched hands down towards her, trying to reel the ship back down to the ground.

The vessel started to shake as in the vessel's cockpit, Barla increased the power of the engines in hope that he could break the Asari's hold over it.

"Come on, let me go!" he said as he reached over to the holo-interface for the ship's weapons and pressed one of it's buttons. This made a small hatch open on the underside of the vessel, exposing a small laser turret that descended and locked onto Myra, who noticed it and narrowed her eyes as she continued to pull at the ship.

'I can block that laser, but to do so would mean letting go of the ship. I can't do that, I have to pull him down.' she thought while not budging from her spot, even though the Asari could see the turret charging up as a red light could be seen inside it's barrel.

"I won't let go!" she said defiantly while forcing the ship to descend slightly as it buckled, much to Barla's dismay.

"Fine, take this!" he said while pressing the firing button, making the weapon discharge.

"Myra no!" Kat suddenly shouted while tackling the Asari to the ground just as the red blast sailed past and hit the ground behind them, leaving a scorch patch where she was standing. But the ship was released from Myra's biotics and flew up into the sky as Barla made his escape, much to Myra's frustration as she and Kat recovered as the latter watched her friend perform a biotic punch into the floor, leaving a small crater where she hit.

"Damn it!" she spat before looking over to her rescuer who just stared back with a supportive expression, making the Asari's face soften slightly.

"Sorry….thank you." she said, earning a slight smile from Kat in return as she reached up to her com-link.

"Your welcome, now let's get a trace on that ship." the Human woman replied while tapping the ear-piece.

"Eudora come in? Evac, can you get a sensor lock on that ship that just left the Docks?"

"I am trying now Kat, but I can tell you that it is already powering up it's space-bridge driver…" he said as Myra just stared at her friend, hoping to hear good news.

"..Okay, I have a lock and…scrap! It jumped away, I got only a partial lock." the Bot replied, earning a disappointed look from Kat, one that the Asari could read instantly as she mirrored it.

"Evac could only get a partial lock on Barla's ship…" she started to say while Myra simply sighed before turning round to look down at the Human Merc, who was just coming too.

"Well, lets see what this guy has to say." the Rogue Spectre replied as he looked up and saw the Asari standing over him, her fists glowing with biotic energy.

"Forget it Darby, I won't talk." he said back with a finality to his words that earned worried looks from both Kat and Crosscut though Myra just smirked before squatting down beside him.

"Really, because I have heard that kind of talk a lot…" she started to say back as she then raised one of her clenched fists and made it glow brightly, making the Man shield his eyes with his right hand.

"…but did you know that I can surround your brain with a biotic field and crush it, either quickly and painlessly or…..slowly and excruciatingly painful."

This made the Merc's eyes widen in fear as contemplated his choices, taking a deep breath before speaking. This also gained similar reactions from both Myra's friends as they looked at their friend.

But then just as he was about to speak, the Man was silenced by a bullet bursting his head open. Blood splattered everywhere, earning shocked looks from Myra, Crosscut and Kat. With the two companions turning around and looking at their surroundings for the shooter, but Myra simply stared down at the dead Merc as he lay with a large puddle of blood and mushy flesh where his head used to be.

'Will I ever catch a break with this?' she thought as Kat turned back to look down at her friend, while their Bot friend kept his eyes and rifle set on the area around them.

"Eudora, better come and pick us up." the Human Woman said after tapping her com-link.

"On the way, ETA….two minutes." Evac replied.

Meanwhile an armoured woman stood in a small alleyway in between two buildings on the edge of the landing area of the Docks, which had a perfect view of the trio. Her face could not be seen as the area was well concealed by the shadows, while she looked through the scope of her Widow Sniper Rifle which at this moment was locked in on Myra's forehead.

"Vasir, I have silenced the Merc and Barla has escaped….no, they do not know that I am here." she said into her com-link, before listening to the female voice on the other end.

"Okay, I will continue to shadow them and make sure that they do not find you." she finished before deactivating her Com-link and watching them from the safety of her hiding spot.
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