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Chapter III

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The crew of the Eudora attempt to locate where Barla was heading, earning the attention of Leviathan and it's leader.

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Several seconds had passed and Myra was still staring down at the corpse of the Human Merc she had planned on interrogating, only for someone nearby to put a bullet through that plan.

'I am sick of this!' she thought as her patience snapped and her anger took control, making the Asari spin around and glare at the area around her team, trying to spot who fired the shot. But instead she saw nothing as sirens began blaring in the distance, earning concerned looks from Crosscut and Kat.

"That's the Authorities on the way, we need to buck." the Bot stated, gaining a nod from Kat who was looking over at the smoke billowing from the explosion Myra had caused at the Dock's entrance, when she killed the other two Human Mercs.

"Yeah, we can't stay." she replied while turning her attention to the Asari.

"What are you doing Myra?"

"The bastard that killed our lead is still here, we should go after them." the Rogue Spectre said back in a cold tone, which rang alarms bells in her friend's mind as she walked over and placed her hand on the other's shoulder.

"We can't let the Authorities know that we were here, so the Eudora will be here to extract us momentarily." gaining the Asari's attention with her looking back at the Human, all the while the sounds of the sirens grew ever closer.

"Okay." was all she could say before the Eudora suddenly appeared and turned it's engines vertical while it landed next to them, lowering it's boarding ramp for the trio.

"Here's our ride, let's go." Crosscut said as he led the way and entered the ship, while Myra nodded back to Kat before they both followed.

Meanwhile the unknown woman who had watched them from the nearby alley, was still there as the Eudora then retracted the ramp and lifted itself back into the air before turning the engines back and blasting itself back up into the sky.

'I'll see you soon Myra.' she thought before noticing the local security forces entering the landing zone, so un-equipped her sniper-rifle and turned around, disappearing into the shadows as though she had never been there.

As the Eudora left Yamm's atmosphere and headed out into space, Crosscut and Kat were packing away their weapons and armour as did Myra, storing it in their lockers in the ship's Armoury

"Okay, so Evac and I will start going over the sensor data and come up with a list of probable destinations that Barla may have gone to." the Bot said, earning a nod from the Human Woman.

"Hopefully it will small list." she replied while giving Myra an enthusiastic look, but the Asari merely nodded back with a disinterested expression.

"Yeah, lets hope so." she replied before turning away from the pair, who just watched her with concerned stares.

"I am going to my quarters, let me know when we have something okay?" Myra added, earning a nod from Kat in return.

"Yeah, sure." she added while the Rogue Spectre walked out of the Armoury, leaving the pair on their own.

"So I guess we won't be seeing Myra again until we find our next destination, isn't this becoming a common thing now?" Crosscut asked with a inquisitive tone, earning a knowing and concerned look from Kat.

"Let's just leave her be, okay?"

"Alright, but what is this like…the twelfth time now." the Bot replied with an annoyed look, which made the Human nod reluctantly in return.

"I know… when we started this team, Myra was very proactive in everything we did. But now….." she started to say before trailing off as she just looked out at open door that her friend had walked out of.

'I can't begin to understand what Myra is going through, and it pains me that I can't help her. Not as long as she recoils into herself every time we get back here.' she thought while Crosscut looked back with a concerned expression.

"Kat, you alright?" he asked, snapping the Woman out of her thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm okay." she replied, gaining a nod from the Bot as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Well, I am going to the cockpit and start analysing the data with Evac. Join us?" he asked with a slight smile.

"Go on ahead, I will join you in a bit," Kat replied, to which Crosscut smiled before walking out of the room and leaving the Human to stand there with a thoughtful expression.


Meanwhile Myra opened an old Metallic door and stepped inside, which was a small dimly lit room with a cylinder-like layout. There was a single bed-like berth connected to the wall running down the length of the room, with two shelves above that looked tobe growing out of the bulkhead. On the Asari's right there was a small desk with fold up chair which was fixed to the structure's underside, while in the wall next to it was what looked like a cupboard. So she just lied down on the bed, not even bothering to get under the cover as she did so.

And while she lied there and looked up at the ceiling, making the female sigh before looking up at the control panel directly next to her on the same bulkhead as the two shelves. So she then pressed one of it's buttons and made part of the bulkhead directly next to her open up and reveal another shelf, which slide out of the opening and allowed her access as she then took the holo-imager out of one of the pockets on her utility belt and placed it on the shelf. Myra turned onto her side and stared at the device as it then activated and projected a blue orb, which reflected in her eyes as she stared at it.

But the Asari wanted to see something else and so raised her hand and waved it through the hologram, making it switch to another image. This one was of a man and a woman, the former was Human and the later Asari.

'Mom and Dad, Goddess... how I miss you.' she thought while feeling her eyes starting to tingle, which was a sign that they were going to well up, which made her take a breath as she looked at the image and thought of her parents. It was then that the ocean of her memories washed over her, with Myra losing herself to them.

'The sun shone down brightly from the cloudless blue sky over the white sand of the beach that ran past one side of the Darby residence, but someone was watching it from the grass field on the house's other side and it was an eight year old Myra who was lying on her belly, trying to hide in the grass which moved gently to one side as the breeze carried on through the area.

'They'll never find me here.' she whispered enthusiastically with a smile as she looked towardthe house and saw an aging Ravage standing on the porch and looking out towards the grass, though had not seen her.

"Have you found her yet?" a familiar voice spoke as her Grandfather, an old Jack Darby walked around the corner and stood beside the aging Feline, who looked up at him and shook it's head.

"You'll find her Ravage, old or not, you still have it." he said as he stroked the top of old beast's head with his synthetic arm, making it purr in return.

"Okay, the little tyke has been hiding long enough. Go get her."

The Feline then looked up and nodded back before taking off around the other side of the house, much to the little Asari's amusement.

'He won't find me over there.' she whispered before her attention was caught by the sight of her Grandmother exiting the house and joining Jack's side.

"Is our Granddaughter still evading you both?" she asked with a playful grin, gaining an embarrassed smile from him in return.

"Really Arcee, you expect a seventy-three year old man and his ageing Feline companion to keep up with an eight year old girl at hide and seek." Jack replied.

"Men…you give up too easily." she joked, gaining a surprised look from her Spark-mate.

"Do you remember me having such an attitude against the Decepticons, Quintessons or Reapers?"

"No, but you've let our Eight year old Granddaughter beat you when it is quite clear where she is." the Femme replied as she looked out at the grass field in front of them with a knowing look.

"What do you mean?" Jack asked, making her point out ahead of them which made Myra gasp as she pushed herself down further into the grass.

'Oh no, Grandma knows.' she thought while listening to them.

"Myra is definitely out there, since the beach is too exposed when you compare it to that grass field ahead, which is long enough to hide in…" the Grandmother added before Jack thought of something.

"But what if she…" he started to say, but Arcee simply cut him off by shaking her head.

"No Jack, Myra is not back in the house. I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that, but I have already checked."

The Grandfather nodded in return before looking out at the field, noticing a movement in the grass that made him smile.

"What?" Arcee asked, having noticed his expression.

"I think you are right.." he replied, gaining a smile from the Femme.

"Of course I am right, call it 'Woman's intuition'." she replied as Jack continued to watch the disturbance in the long grass, noticing that it was moving toward the field's centre.

"Yeah, but I think our Granddaughter is about to be found."

Meanwhile Myra simply watched her Grandparents from her hiding spot with a confused look on her young face, unsure if they had seen her or not.

'I should try to move to another spot.' she thought before suddenly hearing something move through the grass to her right.

'What was that?' she thought while looking in the direction of the noise, when suddenly the blades of grass were suddenly parted as the familiar face of Ravage appeared beside her and sniffed the air around her..

"Clever Ravage, you found me." she said before the Feline then licked her face with his tongue, making her giggle as she wrapped her arms around him in an affectionate hug. This earned the attention of both Jack and Arcee as they heard their Granddaughter's laugh, making them smile in return.

"Congrats Ravage, knew you could do it." the Prime said, making the Feline look up over the grass at his Master which also revealed the little Asari, who was still giggling as she hugged it.

"Aww.., how cute is that." Arcee said with a loving tone as Jack put his synthetic arm around her back and held the Femme close, earning her attention as they both smiled at each other.

"Yeah, it sure is." he said before they both noticed something approaching the house in the distance, something that made them both smile in return.

Myra sat beside Ravage and stroked the fur on top of it's head, earning a long and affectionate purr from the Feline as the Asari continued to cheerfully giggle. But then she stopped as her hearing caught the sound of an approaching vehicle, so the little girl turned round and saw a sky-car flying down towards the farm. This made Myra's smile grow wider, for she knew who was arriving at the house as the vehicle flew overhead and then landed in front of the house, while her Grandparents walked down the porch stairs to greet the new arrivals as it's canopy opened to reveal Orion and Liara.

"Welcome back, hope you had a good time?" Jack asked as he gave his Son an affectionate hug while Arcee and her Daughter in Law did the same.

"Yes, we had a lovely weekend together on Thessia." the Asari replied with a warm smile. While her Bond-mate put his arm around her back.

"So how has Myra been doing, I hope she has been behaving herself?" he asked, gaining a smile from his Parents.

"Myra has been good as gold, we have enjoyed having her here again." Arcee replied, before his Father looked toward the field.

"Speaking of which…." he started to say with a loving stare, making Orion and Liara turn round to see their young Daughter running towards them.

"Mommy, Daddy!" she called happily while Ravage ran behind her, breathing heavily as he tried to keep up with the excited youngster. This made Orion run past the front of the sky-car towards his daughter before scooping her up in his arms, a big happy smile on his face as Liara watched lovingly.

"My little Princess." he exclaimed has he hugged her, making the little Asari's face light up as she hugged him back while Liara happily sighed as she walked over to them both.

"Miss us Myra?" she asked, gaining a nod from their little girl as her Father planted a gentle kiss on her cheek, making her close her eyes and giggle.

"Yes, I did…" she started to say as Ravage lied down on his belly at their feet, panting as he did so while the Grandparents joined their side.

"…but I had a really fun time with Grandma and Granddad." Myra added, making both their smiles widen some more.

"Like I have said many times before, it was a pleasure to have little Myra with us." Jack said back, earning a nod from Asari while their Feline Companion let out a yawn, earning everyone's attention.

"..She even gave Ravage the most exercise he has had in a long time." Arcee added, gaining a curious look from Liara.

"You okay, Ravage?" she asked, making the former Decepticon Beast look up and yawn again.

"We were just playing a game of hide and seek before you got here, Myra is very good at it…..but Ravage still found her." Jack said, gaining a nod from his Son who looked at his Daughter with a proud smile.

"I know she is, but even at his advanced age…Ravage still has the touch."

"He sure does, but I think we should give him the rest of the night off..." the Femme replied, while her Spark-mate beckoned the others inside.

"...So let's leave him be and go back in the house, I'll make some tea for everyone…" she started to say before noticing her Granddaughter's confused look.

"…and hot chocolate for you Myra." the older Femme added, turning Myra's expression into a happy smile as both Orion and Liara nodded in return.

"Sounds great. Let's go." the former said as he carried his Daughter in his arms and followed the others inside, leaving Ravage who had already fallen asleep as he gently purred on the balcony. Myra though was just happy to be surrounded by her family, feeling the warmth and safety of her Father's arms as she just closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder.'

This warm feeling filled the Asari's heart as she fondly remembered the moment while lying down on her bed, it was one moment of many that she shared with her Parents. For Myra's childhood was a happy one, one that she would not trade in for anything. She had a wonderful relationship with both her Parents, but it was with her Father that she felt the most connection to, as her Mother often said.

"Myra may have inherited my biotic prowess and natural beauty, but she has your stubbornness and drive to do exactly what she desires too. The two of you are so alike."

And her Mother was right, for Myra was as the old saying goes….'a chip of the old block' when it came to her and her Father, Orion made sure he was there for his Daughter no matter what. Even when something came up that required the attention of the Prime, he always made time for her.

'I miss you so much Dad, why can't you be here now?' she thought as her mind began to drift as a more painful memory surfaced and took a hold of her attention.

'Myra stood in the Hospital corridor looking at her reflection in the window, which gave her a view of the city of New Iacon at night. She was now fifty years old though you would not know it to look at her, for Asari retain their youthful appearance for most of their thousand-year lifespan. And even as she stared at the Capital City of the Federation which was still the jewel of Galactic Alliance after all this time, Myra still felt her attention wavering as her thoughts returned to her Father.

For he had been a resident of the Hospital for the last six months due to the fact that old age had finally caught up to the Eighty year old Prime. This was a difficult time for the Darby Family since both Myra and her Mother, Liara were not used to seeing the most important person in their lives slowly deteriorate before their eyes. For Orion had been such a prominent figure in their lives as a loving Husband and Father, not to mention finding a balance with his responsibilities as Leader of the Autobots. The fact that he managed such a feat was just another example of the type of man he had become since taking his Father's place as the next Prime, for under his guidance the Federation had prospered even more and truly had become what it's Founders had planned all decades ago.

But right at this moment, none of that mattered to Myra. For all she wanted now was to see her Father, not only due to the fact that she had not set eyes on him in six months but also because she had a lot to tell him. Because the young Asari had been under assessment of whether she should join the ranks of the Autobot Spectres, and had been training under the tutelage of Aunt Ser-Ket who also held the rank of Elite Spectre.

The former Predacon had really thrown herself into the job since the passing of her spark-mate Quickstrike, who died a few years earlier. The Femme had just thrown herself into her work since then, Myra originally thought that this was so that she would not have the time to really let her loss sink in and cause her pain.

But Ser-Ket later had told the Asari that she and her Spark-mate had been well aware of what was going to happen, since her spark inhabited a Pretender body that had not been touched by the Primus wave that had converted the entire Cybertronian species at the end of the Reaper War. So she was always going to outlive him, and Quickstrike had asked Ser-Ket to promise him that she would continue to live her life and not let his absence pull her down.

It was then that Myra knew that both she and her Mother would have to do the same, when it came for Orion to become one with the Allspark…. as the saying goes. And that weighed heavily on her mind now while she looked out of the window. The Asari thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of a door sliding open behind her, so she turned around to see her Mother standing there.

"Myra, your Father is awake and wants to see you." she said with a light smile, earning a mirrored expression from the younger Asari who nodded and walked past her and into the room.

'My Mother has spent nearly every waking moment with my Father since he fell ill, makes my feel somewhat guilty for not visiting more. But Orion Prime had told her when this all began that he wanted her to continue with her training, because he knew how important it had been for Myra. For her Father did not want his Daughter to watch him slowly deteriorate d before her.

Once inside, Myra noticed that the room was dimly lit and that there was only one bed with a chair either side of it as well as a life support machine on it's right side, and lying there was the frail form of her Father who was hooked up to it.

"Myra….hello…..Princess." he said in a soft but pained voice as he smiled, which made the young Asari smile back slightly.

"Hi Dad." she replied as she sat down at his bedside, taking a hold of his hand as she did so.

"Its good to see you." the Prime then said as he gently squeezed her hand in his.

"Same here, I would have come sooner…" she started to answer, only for her Father to shake his head slightly.

"There's…no need…to explain yourself…Myra, I was….the one…who…told you…to keep at your training."

Myra merely sighed as she watched Orion struggle to speak, for it was so hard for her to see him this way as he was so weak and fragile, the complete opposite of the Man she remembered him to be and was inspired by throughout her life up to that point.

"I know Dad, but still…" Myra tried to argue, but again her Father simply cut her off with a loving smile.

"How…did it go…..with…your training?" he asked, which made his Daughter smile as she reached into a pouch on her utility belt and pulled out an Autobot Spectre Insignia, which made Orion smile back proudly.

"Oh Myra, I knew you could do it." he said back warmly, as Liara joined the young Asari's side and mirrored her Husband's expression.

"Your Father always knew you would become a Spectre, Myra. We are so proud of you." she said, earning a nod from the bed stricken Prime.

"Yes…we are, but then again….we have always….been proud of…you Myra." Orion added with a content and loving smile, one shared by both his Daughter and his Wife. But then,, his life-support machine suddenly began blaring an alarm, which earned wide eyed looks of shock from both Asari as Orion suddenly began coughing and breathing heavily at an increasing rate, like every breath he was taking was his last.

"Dad!" the younger one shouted, while her Mother ran to the door and opened it in a panic.

"We need a Doctor, somebody get a Doctor!" she shouted down the corridor, making the Hospital staff rush over to the panicking Asari.

"It'" Orion said between gasps of air as he looked into his distraught Daughter's eyes, which were starting to well up and distort her vision as everything around her was dulled out and all she could hear was her own breathing and that of her Father.

"...Dad?..." she started to say in return before she suddenly felt a hand grab her shoulder, snapping the young Asari out of it.

"Get her out of here and... Stat!" the Salarian Doctor snapped as he pulled Myra out of the way, handing her to a Human Nurse who took her out of the room to her Mother.

Both watched in shock as another Doctor and several Nurses entered Orion's room before the door slid shut, blocking their sight as they both suddenly felt their breath caught between their lungs and their mouths.

"Your Father's going to be fine Myra, the Doctors will look after him." Liara said as she put her arm around the younger Asari, pulling her into a hug. But as Mother and Daughter hugged, Myra could tell the tone of Liara's voice betrayed the words she had said, for she did not believe their how could her Daughter.

It had grown very quiet in the hallway as the pair waited, which was in spite of how busy it had become with Hospital staff and other Patients loved ones walking past in either direction. For all Myra and her Mother could think of was Orion and whether he would be alright once that door slid open, for the waiting was slowly killing them inside as each and every minute that passed felt like another nail in the coffin which held their hope.

But then after what felt like an eternity, the door slid open and the Salarian Doctor stepped out and faced the Asari. His face was stoic and expressionless like a robot as he looked at them.

"Mrs Darby..." he started to say, which made a lump appear in both hers and Myra's throats as they found themselves between hope and dread, unsure of what was about to come.

"...I am very sorry." he then said which immediately Deafened the Daughter as her grief and guilt suddenly over took her senses. She started to cry while Liara just remained shocked as she listened to the Doctor, unable to even speak in return.

"...We did everything we could to stabilise your Husband, but I am fraid that his body is starting to shut itself down. I am afraid that there is nothing more we can do for him, I am very sorry." the Doctor added, his tone both sad and respectful which made Liara look up at him.

'Orion is still alive?' she thought, earning a hopeful look from her daughter.

"Can we see him?" the older Asari then asked with a slither of hope to her voice, gaining a solemn nod back from the Salarian.

"Yes, but he does not have long, so go now." he replied before stepping aside and gesturing for the pair to enter the room.

Liara then turned to Myra, who had tears running down her face.

"Myra, we can see your Father now." she said in a soft voice, snapping her Daughter out of the silent grief that had surrounded her as she stopped crying and looked back, wiping her face as she calmed down.

"...we can." she said back, earning a nod back from her Mother before the pair walked past the Doctor and back into the room, while the other staff quickly left the room and left the Family alone in the room. So Myra and Liara walked over to the bed and saw Orion lying there with his eyes closed, looking at peace.

"Dad?" his Daughter then asked with a gentle tone, making the Prime open his eyes and smile as he gazed upon both the most important Women in his life.

"Are…you both…alright?" he asked with his breath still sounding weak and slowing, which made Liara's lip tremble as her building grief threatened to overcome her in the sight of her Bond-mate. But Myra took notice of her Mother's expression and quickly stepped in as she took her hand and gently squeezed it in support.

"We are both just relieved to see that you are okay, you gave us both a scare back there, Dad." she said as Orion looked over to Liara with a loving gaze.

"Sorry for….scaring you…" he started to say, earning an understanding nod from her in return as she smiled back, but his expression lessened a little.

"…But…I guess….the Doctor…has spoken to…you."

Mother and Daughter nodded back, their smiles lessening as they both knew what he was about to say.

"…yes…my love, …he did." Liara replied a little shakily while a single tear ran down her cheek.

"Then…you…know…that the last thing….I wish…to see is…you grieving for….me.." Orion said back with a pained expression as he breathed deeply, making the older Asari nod slowly in return.

"I know Orion, I remember our talk." she replied, earning a confused look from Myra as her Mother leaned in close to her Father.

"I want to be strong…for you and our Daughter, but the thought of living my life without you in it is…." Liara began to say, only for the dying Prime to lift his hand up and cup her cheek affectionately, stopping her mid sentence as she close her eyes and enjoyed his touch.

"You are… and have always… been the love of my life… Liara, that will never… change, not even after… I have joined the… Allspark. Because I will… always be with… you…." he said while moving his hand down to her chest.

"…right here." he finished with a lopsided smile, earning a smile back from the Asari. Who then leaned in and gently kissed him, before pulling away enough to look Orion in the eyes.

"You always had a way with words, I love you Orion." she said softly.

"As I do…you." he replied in a mirrored tone before his Bond-mate then pulled back, allowing the Prime to look over to his Daughter.

"Dad…" she said with a sad and yet guilty smile, earning nothing but a loving expression from him in return.

"Myra, oh…my darling Daughter, I know…that face." he said with a soft and knowing tone as he held out his open hand to her, so she took it in her own and held it gently.

"I do not…want you to…burden yourself with…unnecessary guilt, for not…being here…for me."

"But Dad, I…" she started to say in return, only for her Father to cut her off.

"I…did not want you to…put your life…on hold for me, because I…know how important…it was for…you…to become…a Spectre. And no Father…could be…any happier…nor prouder…of you…than…I am." Orion replied, which made the young Asari feel as though she was going to well up again. But she held that off and continued to listen as her Father spoke.

"For you…have given me…so much joy and…happiness…Myra, that even…as I feel…my life…slipping away from me…I can…pass into the…Allspark…knowing that…your Mother and I…have given…this world…a truly special…woman…that has left…me feeling truly….content and peaceful."

The younger Asari merely looked back at her dying Father, but could not help but feel a smile appear on her face. Despite what was happening and already knowing how he felt about her, to hear him say this warmed her heart.

"I love you Dad." she said softly, making him slowly smile back in return.

"I….love….you….t…o…" Orion then said before he suddenly closed his eyes and appeared to drift off to sleep, which made both Asari look down at him with widened eyes as the heart-beat monitor on his life-support suddenly flat-lined.

"Dad…" Myra suddenly found herself saying as she looked down at the Prime's body, noting how peaceful he looked in his eternal slumber. Liara though stepped closer and leaned over him and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"Goodbye my love, you rest now." she said softly, while her Daughter just watched from behind as something caught her attention.


This made Liara pull back and was about to turn around to look at her Daughter, but the older Asari's attention was caught by the same thing as they both noticed a white light glowing under the blanket that covered Orion's body.

It was coming from his chest and began to glow somewhat brighter, before suddenly floating up as the cover draped over it.

"What the?" Myra said as the pair watched the covers suddenly split apart and expose the Matrix of Leadership, which shown it's light throughout the room as it hovered over the now Former Prime's body.

"The Matrix…" Liara found herself saying, while her Daughter just stared at it for a moment, like the light had her in some kind of trance. But then suddenly it glow then became so bright, that it made the Asari cover their eyes as they and the entire room was enveloped in the white light. It even caught the attention of the Hospital staff outside in the corridor, who noticed the bright light seeping out of the frame of the door.

"What's going on in there?" the Salarian said before he went to open the door, when just as quickly as the light had appeared it was then gone. So he opened the door to find Liara and Myra standing beside the bedside of Orion Prime, with the only the flat-lining sound of his life-support the only thing anyone could hear.

"What happened in here?" the Doctor asked, gaining their attention as both Asari looked at him. He immediately noticed that their eyes were welling up and so he sighed in return and gave them a sympathetic expression in return.

"The Matrix has gone…and will not appear until the one that is worthy is ready." Liara replied, making Myra look back to her with a curious expression as she listened.

"Orion told me that this would happen, once he became one with the Allspark." the older Asari continued before turning to her Daughter, looking her in the eyes.

"Come here." she said before both Mother and Daughter embraced each other in a hug and quietly sobbed, ignoring the Doctor and his staff as they entered the room and surrounded Orion's bed.'


All of a sudden, Myra was awoken by the sound of a chime like noise coming from her door. This made the Asari rise up into a sitting position on her bed, having realised that she had fallen asleep.

"Come in." she said, before the door slid open to reveal Kat standing there in the doorway.

"Are you alright?" she asked, having noticed the single tear that had ran down the Asari's cheek. But Myra was quick to wipe it away as she looked down at the ground.

"Yes, I am fine." she replied, earning a slightly aggravated look from the Human Woman as she stepped into the room and stood in front of the Asari.

"You do realise that you are a terrible liar, as I can tell that there is something you have kept to yourself since the first day we met..."

Myra looked up from the ground to meet her friend's stare, with a curious expression on her face as Kat continued.

"…because the four of us are supposed to be a 'team' and I know only too well that secrets can only create trouble, so I decided to hack the Autobot mainframe and look up your personal file."

This made the Rogue Spectre's eyes widen as she looked up with a shocked expression, making her friend hold her hands up in a non threatening gesture.

"I did it because I wanted to know what it is you don't want to talk about…" she started to say, only to stop as Myra got up and looked at her with an angry stare.

"How could you?" she spat, but Kat just looked back to her friend with a sorry but curious expression.

"I'm sorry for going behind your back Myra, I really am. But I had to do something because whatever is bothering…'haunting' you is slowly becoming a problem, one that we have all noticed.." the Human Woman said, while the Asari just remained quiet and listened.

"..I mean we all came together to so that we could help you take down Vasir, because we knew that the Autobots were not going to be able to do it while their hands tied behind their backs by rules and regulations, but you with your 'Rogue' status were able to act…so we joined your side."

"I already know this." Myra quickly jumped in before turning away from her friend and looking down at the holo-image of her parents which was still active, glowing a light blue as it offered a low illumination to the rest of the room. Kat noticed too and went quiet for a second, looking down to the ground and sighing in return.

"I know what happened to your Mother….Liara Darby." she then said, regaining Myra's attention as she turned back to her friend who looked back up at her with a sympathetic expression.

But as the two looked at each other, the Asari's memories were once again stirred back up from the recesses of her mind.

'Myra opened her eyes to find herself lying on the ground with her legs pinned under some charred debris, but she looked around to see that the once beautiful church around her now looked as if it was something from a post-apocalyptic nightmare. The last thing she remembered was saying her wedding vows before…, before a great force suddenly erupted from the ceiling and knocked her out.

Every part of her was aching as Myra felt blood trickle down her face from a cut on her forehead, but she could still feel her legs despite them being pinned by what looked like parts of the wooden beams that made up the ceiling.

'What about the others?" she suddenly thought, making her look around at the rest of the Church's interior.

But as she looked around and tried to make sense of what had happened around her, a gunshot blared over to her right and made the Asari look in that direction to see the silhouette of someone standing over her Mother, pointing a pistol down at her head.

"That was for Benezia, you traitorous pure-blooded bitch." the unknown person said though by the sound of their voice, it was definitely female. But that did not matter at this moment to Myra as her eyes widened at the image of Liara, who now had a smoking hole between her eyes.

"Mom!" she screamed at the top of her voice as she descended into turmoil and despair while the stranger looked over to her and gave off a small chuckle before walking towards the injured Asari.

"So, your still with us are you." she said, with a voice that was familiar to Myra who narrowed her eyes and looked up as her Mother's killer stepped into view.

"..Vasir!" the younger Asari said in an angered and yet pained tone, while the woman smirked back.

"I promised your Mother that this day would come and now it is here, all that is left is for you to join her." she said while aiming her pistol at Myra's head, while the injured Spectre simply kept her eyes on Vasir as she stared back with a hateful glare. But just as she was about to pull the trigger, sirens began to blare in the distance. This made Vasir turn and look in their direction, earning a sigh from her before re-holstering her pistol.

"It's your lucky day kid." she said in a cold tone before turning her back on Myra and walking away, but this made the young Spectre grit her teeth as she then focused her biotics into lifting the debris off her legs, making a purple energy surround the beam and slowly lift it up in the air before dropping it onto the ground beside her.

But just as she was about to lift herself into a sitting position while looking in the direction that Vasir had left, another very familiar male voice suddenly spoke up.


This made the Asari's eyes widen as she looked in around until her eyes widened at what she saw.'

"Myra?" Kat then said, snapping the Asari Spectre out of her thoughts to find her Human friend staring back with a confused expression.

"Sorry, I…" she started to say before wiping another tear from her cheek, earning a sympathetic sigh from Kat.

"You just remembered it didn't you, how your Mother was killed?"

"Yes, I can still see it like it was yesterday. 'Everything' I cared about was ripped from me that day, and I intend to make sure Vasir pays for it with her life." Myra replied as her facial expression became cold and feared, something that the Human Woman had seen more than a few times over the course of their friendship.

"I know, for having read your file I mean I now understand what it is that drives you in your hunt for Vasir. And I want to continue to help, anyway I can." Kat said back, earning a slight smile from Myra in return.

"Thanks Kat, I appreciate that and I am sorry for not confiding in you sooner…" she started to say, before her Human Friend cut her off.

"There's no need to apologise Myra because I understand why you didn't mention it, but I know that keeping that kind of pain bottled up inside will do more harm than good in the long run."

The Rogue Spectre nodded in return, sighing as she did so.

"Yes, I guess you are right there…" the Asari said as she looked back at Kat.

'Perhaps I can confide in Kat after all, maybe with her help I can lighten the weight that I have felt pushing down on me ever since that day.' she thought before continuing.

"..and if we can keep this between us for now, then I would be willing to talk more with you about my past." Myra continued as she sat on the edge of the bed and deactivated the holo-image device, earning an understanding smile from Kat in return.

"Of course Myra, I won't say a word. It's your choice when you want the others to know, I am fine with just one of us knowing at this time." she replied, before sitting beside her friend, who had just gestured for her to do so.

"So what else did you learn from my file?" the Asari asked, having an idea where this would go next. But Kat looked back at her with an unsure expression.

"There is no need to rush with this Myra, take your time." she replied, but Myra gently shook her head in return.

"You obviously read it to competition, to when I broke away from the Autobot Spectres?" she asked with an inquisitive tone, earning a nod from the Human Woman in return.

"Yes…yes I did."

"So you know about…." the Asari began to say before trailing off as she saw the image of a Human Man in her mind, earning a nod from Kat.

"Yes I know, as you lost more than your Mother that day." she said with a sad expression as Myra simply looked ahead of herself at the wall in front of her.

'I guess I am going there then.' she thought before opening her mouth to continue speaking.

"His name was John S…" she started to say before the ship's Inter-com activated.

"Myra, Kat, Crosscut here. I think you should get up here to the Cockpit, for I am sure we have Barla's location." the Autobot spoke, earning both Women's attention as Myra was the first to stand up.

"Alright, we are on our way." she replied before deactivating the call with her holo-tool, while looking back at her Human Friend.

"We should see what the others have…" she said as her facial expression changed to the more familiar professional that Kat was used to seeing.

"…Continue this later?" she then added, surprising her Friend who gave her an understanding smile in return.

"Sure Myra. Lets go." she replied before getting to her feet and following the Asari out of the room, with the door sliding shut behind them both.
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