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Chapter IV

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As the crew of the Eudora closes in on Barla Vonn, the Leviathan Agent sets up a trap for them.

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Both Crosscut and Evac were busy with their attention completely focused on the holo-map that was being emitted from the pilot's interface as Myra and Kat entered the Cockpit, the Bots did not even look over to the two Women as they joined them.

"So what do you have?" the Asari asked as she looked at the holo-image, which showed a particular area of the galaxy.

"We have managed to narrow down the window to two possible locations in the 'Serpent Nebula'…" the White and Red armoured Bot said as he typed on his holo-tool and zoomed into the image to reveal the two areas.

"Well the first of the two locations is 'Unity', you know the space station built two hundred and fifty years ago by the ISF, to replace the long destroyed Citadel." he added, earning a nod from Myra.

"Yeah, I know it. I was there with my Mother, the day it was brought online…" she started to say as everyone listened, with Kat noticing her friend take a breath as she mentioned Liara.

"…It took over as the political, cultural and financial Capital of the Federation…since the majority of Senate were no longer happy at remaining at New Iacon, despite them having done so for the previous two hundred and fifty years." she added with touch of resentment to her voice, earning a curious look from Evac, but before he could ask why, Evac jumped in.

"And the other place is Milgrom, Capital city on the planet Bekenstein. Which despite it's location in Federation space, continues to be a safe haven for the criminal element." he added while bringing up the other planet on the holo-display, which Myra looked at with a thoughtful expression.

"Well, considering the first is the Capital of the Federation and the other has a more shady rep. Then I am going to say…. Bekenstein it is…" she replied, gaining nods from the others.

"…since I doubt that Leviathan would be able to hide on the Unity station without the Autobots knowing about it."

"Okay, I will set course for Bekenstein and activate our stealth mode. We wouldn't want to alert any Autobots to our presence there now, would we?" Evac asked with a knowing look, earning a smile from Myra.

"Of course not." she replied as both Kat and Crosscut shook their heads in unison.

"We'll see about that." the Human Woman added with a knowing smile, while the pilot returned to his controls and started typing on it's holo-interface.

"Charging up the space-bridge drive now."

"Okay, take us there Evac." Myra then said as she looked out of the canopy to the void ahead, before the pilot then gave the Asari a curious look.

"When you mentioned Unity earlier, you didn't sound like you were happy with the Senate's decision Myra?" he asked, gaining the Asari's attention.

"And you are right Evac, my Mother and I were not exactly jumping for joy at the decision. We felt that they were betraying the Human and Cybertronian societies that had brought them together in the first place. I mean if it hadn't been for their Alliance, then the Reapers would have destroyed everyone and we wouldn't be here to talk about it." she replied, earning understanding looks from the rest.

"Well ever since the last Prime passed away centuries ago, the Senate have unfortunately not been as good at their job of holding the Federation together as they should have been."

Yeah, look at how many members have jumped ship in the last couple of centuries. The Asari, the Krogan, the Hanar, the Volus and recently the Salarians." Evac added, gaining a nod from the other Bot.

"Three of the founding members left inside of the few centuries that 'Unity' has been in operation, as well as several others of which some have already been mentioned." Crosscut said while gesturing to his friend. This earned a serious look from Myra suddenly.

"Well that is all in the past, and we have a job to do. So let's get to it…" she said in a commanding tone before turning around and heading for the door, stopping at it as she looked back at the team.

"Kat and I will take to the ground and see if we can find our little Volus…" she said, earning a nod from her Human friend who walked over and joined her.

"Ready when you are." she said, gaining a smile from the Asari who then looked back to the bots.

"Crosscut, you stay on board with Evac. We will call if we need any back-up."

"Roger that Myra." he added, while the Pilot turned around and gave the leaving pair a knowing look.

"I can also sweep through the Com-channels to see if I get a location or my Intel for you."

Myra gave him an appreciative smile in return.

"Good thinking." she replied before looking back to Kat.

"Let's suit up."

This earned a nod from her friend before they then both left the cockpit as Evac turned back to his controls, while Crosscut sat down at the station behind him.

"Opening a space-bridge in four….three…two…one." the pilot then said before a big green vortex appeared in front of the Eudora, which the ship then flew straight into.


Meanwhile in the Bekenstein Capital, a group of Mercs in matching jet-black armour stood together in the center of an old, abandoned-looking warehouse, speaking amongst themselves. This all came to a stop when the main door was opened, gaining their attention as they turned around to see Barla Vonn walking in. The Volus felt his heartbeat and breathing hasten as he looked at the group, for this was not what Barla had expected considering the call he made earlier. The group of Mercs were made up of Vorcha, Krogan and two Humans. But as the new arrival neared them, they separated to reveal a Batarian in their center, who then took a step toward the Volus and gave him a narrow eyed stare.

" on here? I was told I would meet Vasir at this location." Barla asked with a slight stammer, unintentionally revealing his growing fear to the Men, who all grinned in return.

"And you will, but our Boss wanted to make sure she had some protective measures in place first." the Batarian leader replied, while the Volus stared back and breathed a little heavier.

"What do you mean?" Barla asked, which made the Batarian take a metallic orb out from a pouch on his utility belt and tap it on it's top, activating it as it glowed in his hands.

"Here she is..." he started to say before letting go of the orb, which then floated in the towards the Volus before an energy field suddenly appeared around it and formed the silhouette of a person.

"You disappoint me Barla.." a familiar voice began to say as the holo-image formed the perfect projection of Tela Vasir, who stopped right in front of the Volus and glared down at him.

"But...Vasir, I do not understand. What did I…?" he said back in a worried tone, unsure of what the Asari would say next. But she merely held her hand up, making him stop mid-sentence.

"First you get captured by the enemy, and now I hear that they are on their way to this very planet. Tell me, how does this look to you?" she replied, earning a gasp from the Volus who noticed that the Mercs were readying their weapons behind the hologram.

"But, there is no way that Darby managed to follow me. I mean her group were still fighting when I left, and there are no tracking devices on my shi…." he said in a panicked tone as he defended himself, but Vasir despite being a hologram, simply replied by kicking him in the chest and sending the little Alien onto his back.

"I do love this new hard-light hologram, now shut it Barla and listen." she said while narrowing her eyes at the pathetic Volus, who got onto his knees in a grovelling position.

"I did not turn up here today in person, because I have far more pressing matters to deal with…"

Meanwhile at a secret location, the Asari stood in a large dimly lit area with a spot light shining down upon her.

"…like trying to destabilise the Federation even more than it has already become." Vasir added as other Leviathan Agents took readings from what looked like a group of Cybertronians, who were all strapped down onto metallic semi-upright berths and hooked up to medical-looking equipment.

"So to prove you are still worthy of working in my organisation, I will have you stay here and set a trap for dear Myra Darby." she said with a slight smile, earning a gulp from Barla in return.

"Me…but I…" he started to stammer in return, gaining an eye roll from the Asari in return.

"For goddesses sake Barla, spit it out." she said in return as he looked over at the Mercs standing behind her.

"…I don't think…these Mercs will be enough."

The soldiers gave him an angry stare in return, which made the Volus feel as though he was about to fill his pants. But Vasir sighed in return, before looking back at the men.

"They are not the only soldiers I have sent to help…." she started to say before clicking her fingers, making the door behind the group open and reveal another group of Mercs who then entered the room. Barla looked over at them and saw an Asari, a Turian, two Krogan and a Salarian. This made Vasir smile as she looked back at them, gesturing for the group to come closer.

"Barla, I would like for you to meet Alestia, Kuril, Salamul, Jax and Menos." she added, earning nod from each member before they turned their attention to the Volus.

"They are amongst the best Assassins and Mercs this galaxy has to offer." the Asari added, noticing that Barla looked a little less nervous as his posture changed.

"Alright...but I would like a ready means of escape, just on the off chance that these Mercs aren't as good as you say." he replied with an unconvinced tone, one that made Vasir stare back at him with a blank expression before looking away from the Volus.

This was because one of the Asari's Agents had gained her attention as he stepped beside her.

"Good, I will be right there..." she said before looking back at Barla.

"...I am needed elsewhere, so will I leave the details of Myra's trap in your hands Barla. Vasir out." the Former Spectre added before her image faded to nothing, revealing the metallic orb which then flew back into the Batarian's hands.

"Right then, so what's the plan?" the Volus then said in what was supposed to be an enthusiastic tone, but came off as just half hearted as the Mercs all rolled their eyes and sighed in return.

As this was happening, Vasir stepped out of the spot light and looked at the Agent who had gained her attention earlier.

"Patch my com-link into the long range comm-relay, I have another call to make." she said, earning a nod from him in return before he turned away and left the area. So the Asari looked over at the people who were strapped down to the medical berths around her like lab-rats, before her holo-tool activated and beeped.

'Excellent, time to tie up a loose end.' she thought before linking it to her com-link and tapping the device in her ear.

"It's Vasir, have you arrived on Bekenstien... good. Now even if that little Volus manages to snuff out Darby, I want you to end him...I am glad we see eye to eye on this. I will leave it to you on how to deal with him, call me when it's done...Vasir out." she said before ending the call and deactivating her holo-tool, and looking ahead as a devious smile appeared on her face.


Meanwhile down in the outskirts of the city, Mira and Kat walked down the Eudora's landing ramp and joined a large grouping of people queuing up to enter the city.

"Okay we are on the ground, you better take off before someone decides to give the ship a real sensor scan." the latter said into her com-link, which then made the Eudora re-ignite its engines and lift off the ground as it closed it's ramp.

"Roger that Ground team, we will be close by if you require assistance. Good luck." Evac replied before the ship turned its engines back into a horizontal position and flew back up into the sky, leaving the pair on their own.

So now what, queue up and get our IDs read so that they can then arrest us?" Kat then said to her Asari friend with a sarcastic tone, earning a lopsided grin from her.

"Of course not, because that would be stupid." Myra replied before activating her holo-tool in front of the Human Woman, while two Salarians looked back at them.

"We use this, now hold my hand." she added while holding the hand out that had the holo-tool emitted around it, to which Kat smiled and took it in her own. Then suddenly she felt a fuzzy feeling come over her skin like a low voltage electricity current, and then the pair shimmered away right before the Salarians, making them wipe their eyes in disbelief.

A moment later, after passing through the customs check point and turning down into an alley way just aways from it. The two friends suddenly shimmered back into view, with both looking both directions to see if anyone had noticed, but no one at either side of the small back street had seen them as they continued to walk past.

"Well that was fun, sneaking past the guards like that." Kat said as Myra smiled back, before deactivating her holo-tool.

"I am just glad that this personal cloak of mine is still top of the line, or else we would never have gotten past the sensor grid that surrounds that Autobot checkpoint."

"I know what you mean, but how do you even have that device?" her Human friend asked with a curious expression.

"I originally received this from my Dad, it sort of been passed down the Family. I got it upgraded five years ago so that I could pass through Autobot outposts undetected, I am just glad that they haven't cottoned on to it yet." the Asari replied, earning a nod from Kat.

"Okay, so any idea on where we should start looking?"

"Last time we found Barla, he was located in what could only be described as 'a slum'. But Milgrom has nothing like that, it's too much like Ilium, so…." Myra started to say before her and Kat's com-links activated.

"Myra, Kat, its Evac. I thought you should know that while going through the local com-frequencies, I have picked up something interesting. Take a listen of this…"he said before an unknown male voice suddenly spoke.

"I have set up security around the perimeter of your location, leaving a minimal force to guard your escape route on the south side should anyone attack."

"Very good, make sure my shuttle is ready to fly on a moment's notice." another more familiar voice spoke, making Myra's eyes widen in response.

"Barla!" she said, gaining a nod from Kat in return.

"Yep, that's him. But something doesn't feel right."

"I agree..." Evac began to reply, earning a thoughtful look from the Asari as she listened.

"...I mean the little Volus has his place all bottled up tight, except for his escape route." he continued before Kat spoke up again.

"It screams of a trap, giving us the perfect little way to get in there and block off Barla's escape."

This made Myra nod in return.

"Yes, I agree. Did they speak about anything else?" she asked.

"No, that's all I managed to hear before the signal cut off." the former Autobot Pilot replied.

"That's convenient, so we get just the right Intel we need. But did you manage to track the signal to it's source." Kat jumped in.

"Yes, it is in an Industrial sector about four kilometres to the west of your current position. Sending the data to your holo-tool now Myra." Evac replied as her holo-tool activated, revealing the location on it's map.

Okay, Kat and I will head there now. And i think it will be a good idea for you to bring the Eudora too, add some firepower to our attack." she said, earning a curious look from her Human friend.

"You have something in mind?" the Pilot asked, making the Asari smile back confidently in return.

"We are going to spring the trap, just not in the way that Barla thinks. Now I will tell you on the way." she replied before gesturing to Kat to follow as the pair then walked out of the alley, back into the main streets.

Thirty minutes later, two of the black armoured Human Mercs stood on the roof of a building and looked over at another which looked same.

"I still can't believe that little shit called in more men, like our team was not enough to protect his Enviro-suited ass." one said to the other, who nodded in return.

"Well we're just as good and professional as any other Merc team, but he would rather have those 'Elite ones' with him right now."

This made his friend look back in a surprised state, shaking his head in response.

"Keep it down, we don't know if we totally alone at the mome..." he started to say before someone suddenly grabbed him by his head, twisting and snapping his neck in quick succession. This made his mate turn around to see a Human Woman letting go of the Man's head, with his body falling to the ground in a heap.

"'re not, what a shock." she replied, earning a dumbfounded expression from the other guy.

"What!" he gasped as he looked between the now dead body of his friend and the intruder, then quickly re-composing himself and activating his holo-blade.

"You'll pay for that bitch." he snarled, while the Woman unsheathed a combat knife from her utility belt and held it before her.

"Well, lets find out then." she replied in a calm confident tone before the Merc suddenly swung his blade at her, making the Human pull back and deflect it with her knife. But then she grabbed his arm and quickly stabbed it through his elbow, making him cry out before she kicked him in the knee and forced the Merc down on to it. And then the Woman pulled the knife out of his arm and dug it into his neck and sliced from one side to another, making him bleed out and die in seconds as she let his body fall to the ground.

"Guess today's not the day." she muttered to herself before activating her holo-tool, making a holo-visor appear over her eyes as her com-link activated.

"Kat, I just received your signal. So you activated your 'Sentry Interface then." Evac said, gaining a nod from her while she looked back at the adjacent building.

"Yeah, so can you see what I am seeing right now?"

"Of course I can." the pilot replied, earning a sigh from Kat.

"So, we can see numerous enemy contacts around the building in front of me."

"And I just found what we need for that distraction Myra wants." the pilot said as he highlighted what looked like fuel tanks just west of the building.

"Right, let Myra know then while I will get myself set up here." Kat replied as she equipped her sniper-rifle and looked through it's scope.

"Just did, she is making her move now." Evac said before the Human Woman tapped her com-link to end the call, so she could focus on her next task.

Meanwhile down at the building's south entrance, another Human Male and a Batarian stood guard with their weapons ready while looking ahead at Barla's escape ship, which was just aways from them as the latter tapped his com-link.

"Nothing yet, everything is quiet." the Batarian reported in a cold tone though unbeknownst to either him or his comrade, a long piece of metal cable was slowly moving up into the air behind them like a snake while dimly glowing with biotic energy.

"Did you hear that?" the Human then said as the very bottom end of the cable scrapped itself over the floor, gaining a nod from his comrade as they both turned to see to investigate the noise. Their eyes widened in disbelief at what they saw, while the blue glowing cable floated in the air before them.

But before either man could say a word, the cable moved with lightning fast speed as it wrapped around their necks and constricted like a Python, making them gasp for air as both Mercs grabbed at the cable and tried to pull it off. But just as their eyes started bulging from their sockets as they opened their mouths wide in a vain effort to breath. The cable tightened one last time, earn a loud snap from their necks before both men fell to the ground dead with the cable still wrapped around them.

Then as both bodies lied there on the concrete floor, with their faces permanently fixed in the expressions of their last moments. A shimmer suddenly appeared over them and changed to reveal Myra, who stood and looked down at them while her blue glowing hand died down as she tapped her com-link.

"I'm in." she whispered, before looking down at her holo-tool which had a red blip on it's screen.

'Looks like the cloak s put of use until it recharges.' she thought before deactivating the tool and looking back into the open door entrance.

'I don't need it now anyway.' she added while taking a breath and then entered the building.


Barla stood in the very center of the room, with two more Mercs standing either side of him while the little Volus typed on his holo-tool. Both soldiers kept their attention on perimeter of the building as their held their rifles ready, before the one on his right turned to him.

"Mr Vonn..." he started to say, before he was suddenly flung off into far right wall in a flash of blue energy. This made Barla jump almost out of his enviro-suit as he spotted Myra, pointing at her in a panicked state.

"There she is!" he spat, making the other Merc turn and aimed his weapon at the Asari. But she simply waved her glowing blue hand to her left, suddenly flinging him in said direction like a rag doll until he hit the wall there with a cracking sound.

"So...Darby, you've... found me." Barla stuttered through his breather helmet, earning a smirk from Myra in return.

"Did you really think I wouldn't?…" she asked in a knowing tone, before clenching her fist and making it glow.

"So I'll give you two choices..." she carried on as Barla's heart beat quickened again, making him breath faster and heavier.

" can either tell me everything you know about Vasir and I will kill you quick, or you can stay silent and I will slowly flay you alive...with my mind." she added with a cold stare, one that brought a chill down the Volus's spine as the Asari walked right up to him.

"Do it now!" he suddenly shouted, earning a curious look from the Rogue Spectre before she was hit by a biotic blast, sending her to the ground hard.

"Not so fast Darby!" a feminine voice spoke as Myra recovered from the hit, turning around to see another Asari walk over from the other side of the room to her. This made the Spectre smile as she recognised this new arrival.

"Better stay down Myra, unless you want more of this." the Asari warned while clenching both her hands into glowing fists.

"Why's that Alestia?" Myra asked in return as she got back onto her feet, wiping a trickle of blood from her mouth.

"I know your biotics are good, but they don't match mine." she added as her skin started to glow blue in return, but her attention was then caught by two red dots that appeared on her chest.

"Perhaps... but unlike you, I didn't come alone." Alestia replied as two shimmers appeared either side of her and revealed themselves to be a pair of Krogan, each had a perfect aim on the Rogue Spectre's heart.

"Don't move Darby, or else we riddle you with bullets." the right one snarled, making the Asari Assassin gesture to both.

"Jax, Salamul, just keep her in your sights."

This made Myra's eyes widen a little in surprise as she looked at the three of them, which did not go unnoticed by them.

"Alestia, Jax and Salamul. Somehow I doubt Barla could afford your help, even if he sold everything he owned." she said as she gave the Volus a knowing stare. But before he could say anything, a Turian shimmered into view right behind Myra and held his holo-blade to her throat.

"Your right Myra, he couldn't afford us." he said, gaining a glare from the Asari in return.

"You remember me, dont you?" he added with a smirk.

"Kuril, you bastard. After you killed those civilians on Horzion and pinned it on me, I'll bury you six feet under." she spat while gritting her teeth.

"Let her go Kuril, we already have someone who can hold her." Alestia said with slither of authority in her voice, making the Turian reluctantly release the Spectre.

"I would say that your lucky Myra, but we have something more imaginative planned for you." he sneered while removing the blade, earning breath from her in return.

"We will see about tha..." she started to reply before out of nowhere, holo restraints appeared around her feet and arms, with the former being lifted into the air.

"What the..." Myra spat as a Salarian walked around to her Left side into view, his attention focused on his holo-tool.

"I believe you know Menos?" Alestia then said while gesturing to the Salarian, earning a nod from Myra in return.

"Of course, he is a Tech expert and the only Salarian to hack the Federation's financial accounts and killed the ."

"Pleasure to meet you Myra Darby, I admire your work...despite it being against our employer." he said in a matter of fact tone.

"Honour among thieves, right?" the Asari replied, gaining a nod from him in return as the five Assassins stood before her.

"Five of the best Assassins in the galaxy...and they are after little old me, I'm flattered." Myra said with a sarcastic tone, while Barla walked around to join the others.

"So, since the little shit there could not afford one of you...let alone five. I know that there is only one that could." she then said with a knowing expression on her face, earning a playful stare from Kuril.

"I think she wants us to talk..." he started to say, only for Alestia to cut him off.

"we don't need to, you already know who it is."

"Yeah, tell me where she is." Myra replied with little to no worry in the tone of her voice, gaining a surprised look from both Krogan.

"The Asari is demanding answers from us?" Jax asked, earning a curious stare from Alestia.

"Myra, what do you think is going to happen here? I mean you came here alone and are now completely helpless before us."

But the Rogue Spectre simply gave her and the others a lopsided smile in return.

"Who said I came here alone." she said before Kuril noticed her clench one of her hands, making her fingers tap a holo-button that appeared on it's palm.

"What was that!" he spat while pointing at the Asari's hand, but suddenly there was an explosion outside which shocked the Assassins as their com-links activated.

"We are under attack, I repeat we are under attack..." one of soldiers guarding the perimeter shouted down the com-link, which made Barla gasp as he noticed a knowing grin from Myra.

"...a ship has destroyed this building's fuel tanks and is now firing on u..." the Merc continued before he was suddenly silenced by the sound of a rifle-shot, which made Alestia stare at their Asari prisoner with a questioning look.

"Who do you have with you?" she spat with anger lacing her words, but Myra simply stayed mute and smiled back. When suddenly the skylight over head was shattered into pieces as Crosscut dropped while hooked on a line from the Eudora.

"Hello!" he cried out in a happy tone as he opened fire on the Assassins, making Alestia form a barrier before her as the others opened fire back. But the Bot had noticed that his friend was in a Tech-trap and spotted the Salarian with his holo-tool, so fired his right gun and took the Tech expert down via shot to his gut.

This deactivated the holo-restraints and freed Myra, who performed a quick biotic flare that blew out energy around her and made the Assassins drop back as Crosscut joined her side.

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?" he joked while firing at the two Krogan, who dived out of the way.

"Thanks for the save." she replied while Kuril looked over at Alestia.

"Get that little shit out of here, we will handle Darby." he said as he activated his holo-blades, making one appear on both arms.

"But I am the only Biotic here, so I should..." she started to say before the Turian cut her off as Salamul was taken down by a shot to the head.

"Just go!" he spat as he turned round to see the Rogue Spectre launch herself at Jax, before wrapping a biotic lash around his neck and snapping it.

"Come on!" the Asari spat as she grabbed the Volus's hand and pulled him away from the fight, towards the south exit.

"Yes, get me out of here." he spat with a cowardly tone as Kuril turned his attention to Myra.

"So you going to have your friend just shoot me, or do you have the guts to face me yourself?" he said, making her gesture back to Crosscut.

"Kuril's mine, go after the other two and slow them down." she said, earning a nod from the former Autobot before he gave chase and left his Asari friend with the Turian.

"Come on!" he then spat while launching himself at her.

Meanwhile outside the building, Alestia and Barla neared his escape transport. Only stopping when the sound of a bullet hitting the floor behind them gained their attention, turning around to see Crosscut catching up.

"Freeze!" he shouted, making the Asari smile before throwing a biotic blast his way. This made the Bot dive to the ground, just missing the projectile as it impacted the floor where he once stood. But he performed a forward roll and ended up back in a kneeling position, before firing back at her. Alestia though quickly erected a barrier between her, the Volus in her protection and their attacker.

"Enough of this!" she spat before launching two more biotic projectiles at Crosscut from behind her barrier, with the first hitting the ground next to him and stopping his attempt at evasion. This allowed the second to hit the Bot directly in his chest, winding him as he was knocked to the floor hard.

"Move!" Alestia then snapped, gaining a fearful nod from the Volus as he ran up the landing ramp of his vessel, with the Asari close behind while her barrier faded to nothing.

Once inside the ship, Barla hurried through the passenger room to the cockpit as he saw his Mech pilot sitting there at the controls, its back to him.

"Power the engines and prepare for launch." he said while Alestia stood in the cockpit's entrance, looking back towards the ship's exit ramp.

"You're good now, right? Because I should head back and help Kuril." she asked, earning a nod from the Volus as he kept his attention on the Mech.

"Yes, yes, go if you must." he said before noticing that the Pilot had done nothing yet, so grabbed it's seat and spun it round to face him.

"What's wrong" Barla began to say, as Alestia turned back to see what he was on about. Only for both their eyes to widen in response for what they saw, as the Mech pilot was completely deactivated with it's chest blown open and internal circuitry fried.

"What! That's not possible." he spat, while the Asari began to turn around as she clenched her fist and made it glow.

"Maybe Myra's team already..." she started to say before her attention was caught by someone standing directly behind her in the passenger room, her eyes widening in surprise as she recognised the new arrival.

"It was you? But I thought we were on the ..." Alestia started to say before she was suddenly silenced as she was cut off by the other Person, who spoke with a feminine voice while grabbing the Asari's head with lightning fast reflexes.

"Not anymore." she said before snapping the Assassin's neck and earning a cowardly squeal from the Volus, who saw the whole thing and fell on his arse in fear while fumbling around. But the unidentified female simply dropped Alestia's now dead corpse to the floor and entered the Cockpit, stopping directly in front of the scared Barla and looking down at him.

"Please…I…can prove…myself to her, just give…me…another…" he stuttered before she grabbed him by the throat, and lifted him off the ground.

"You have been given enough chances Barla, now all there is for you to do…." the Woman said as held them with a vice like grip around his enviro-suited neck.

"…is to look into my eyes." she continued before the Volus suddenly screamed in pain, which could be heard from even outside of the ship.

Back inside the building and Myra and Kuril clashed again as the Asari blocked yet another attack from the Turian, as his holo-blade hit the biotic barrier which covered her entire body.

"I am getting sick and tired of your cowardly biotics…." the Assassin sneered as he leaned in towards the Rogue Spectre, but she simply responded by knocking him back on his ass with a biotic punch to the stomach.

"…why don't you face me without them." Kuril added as he got back onto his feet, earning a smirk from the Asari in return.

"Okay, have it your way." she replied before the blue glow of her barrier faded away, leaving Myra completely defenceless as she took up a defensive stance.

"Finally." the Turian said before launching himself at the Rogue Spectre, swinging his blades left and right which she evaded with dodges, and making Kuril grit his teeth more with each and every miss as his anger started to build. But then he lunged with his right holo-blade, with Myra responding by stepping aside so that his inertia would carry him past her. She then turned around and elbowed him in the back, knocking onto his hands and knees with a grunt.

"Bitch!" he spat before quickly getting back to his feet and spinning around with his holo-blades, catching the Asari on her arm and drawing blood as a little spurted out and onto the floor, which this time made the Assassin grin in return.

"One cut down, and I have plenty more like that to give you." he said, earning a cold stare from Myra in return.

"Oh no you won't." she replied before rushing at the Turian, making him attack in return as he tried to slash her again. But the Asari kicked his right arm away and got in close so that his left arm could not strike her, before grabbing it with her right hand.

"This ends now!" she added while punching at his stomach with her left arm, which was met by the sound of something sharp stabbing through his armour and the flesh underneath it. This made Kuril suddenly cough up some blood before looking down to see a glowing blue holo-blade stuck in his gut, before looking back at the Asari's face with a surprised expression.

"That's a biotic blade, you Turian bastard." Myra said back before twisting it in his wound, making him grimace as his blood spilled out onto the floor even faster.

"You….Bit…" he tried to say before his life slipped away, which the Rogue Spectre replied by pulling her blade out and letting the Assassin's body fall to the ground.

'Now time for Barla.' she thought while turning around and running back out of the south exit, while the biotic blade disappeared from her arm.

The Asari's eyes widened as she exited the building, for just ahead of her was Crosscut who was just getting back to his feet.

"What happened?" she asked with a look of urgency on her face, while the Bot dusted himself down.

"That Alestia knocked me out with her biotics, I told you I should have handled the Turian." he said in return, earning an annoyed look from the Asari who was about to answer before her eyes fell upon the ship which was still there before them.

"What? How is the ship still here? I mean…" the Rogue Spectre asked in a confused tone, only to be cut off by the Bot.

"Maybe the ship's broke down and Barla's cowering in there."

But the Asari ignored him and tapped her com-link.

"Kat, hows it going up there?"

"Evac and I have cleared the area of Mercs." her Human friend replied, gaining a calm nod from Myra.

"Good work, Crosscut and I have the Volus trapped in his ship. Finish up and come join us."

"On our way." Kat said back before the call ended, making the Asari look back at the former Autobot.

"Lets go get him." she said before turning away and walking toward the ship, earning a sigh from Crosscut in return.

"You're the boss."

And together the pair walked up the landing ramp of the ship and into it's interior which was dimly lit, so the Cybertronian activated his torch which cut through the darkness and revealed two bodies lying just beyond the entrance to the Cockpit.

"Myra…" he started to say, but the Asari had already noticed as she made her left hand glow brightly, illuminating the ship's interior with blue light as she walked into the cockpit and knelt beside both bodies.

"What in the goddess?" she exclaimed in a shocked tone, while Crosscut joined her side and activated his holo-tool before taking a scan of the Asari and Volus bodies.

"Myra...they are both dead." he replied while reading the data appearing on the holo-screen above the tool. but when his friend did not answer, he looked up and saw the confused and agitated expression on her face as the Rogue Spectre stared down at both bodies.

"How...?" Myra asked, only for Crosscut to quickly cut her off with his answer.

"Alestia's neck was snapped, so she died instantly."

"And what about Barla, I mean there is no signs of damage to his enviro-suit?" the Asari replied while looking over the Volus's still form.

"My scanner confirms that his suit is in full working order, but his entire nervous system is completely fried. I haven't seen anything like it." the Bot said back, earning Myra's attention as she looked at him and then at his screen, her eyes going over every detail on screen.

"I have..." the Asari began to say before she was cut off by the others arriving on the scene.

"The remaining Leviathan Mercs have retreated, so this place is now under..." Kat started to say, before her eyes fell upon the two corpses.

"What happened?" she then asked, gaining a similar look from Evac as he stood behind her.

"Barla and Alestia were already like this when we got here, looks like someone beat us to them." Crosscut replied as he deactivated his holo-tool and stood up, but Kat took note that Myra was still knelt down beside the body of her quarry, looking back down at it with a hard to read expression.

'Once again Vasir has somehow managed to get the upper hand on me, it's like she knows my every move.' the Asari thought, before Evac's holo-tool activated and gave off a warning sound.

"Guys, we have to move. The Autobots are on the way here, I guess someone alerted them to what was happening here." he said, earning a nod from Kat.

"Okay, I think we have overstayed our welcome. Lets get back to the Eudora and get out of here." She said, earning a nod from the guys before they turned and walked out of the Cockpit. Kat was about to follow them, but looked back to see that Myra was still looking at Barla's body.

"Myra, it's time to go." she said in an understanding tone while placing a hand on her friend's shoulder, which earned a nod from the Asari.

"We will find another way to get Vasir." the Human added with a somewhat confident tone, but the Rogue Spectre merely sighed in return as she walked past Kat and out of the ship, earning a worried expression from her before she followed and left the bodies where they lied.
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