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Chapter V

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As the Eudora crew attempts to find another way to find Vasir, Myra goes off on her own down memory lane as she remembers someone else who was... very special to her.

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Evac flew the Eudora away from the scene of their last fight as fast as it's engines could take it, piloting the vessel like a master as he flew just over the rooftops, much to the chagrin of the others as they watched from behind his seat.

"You know Evac, you could fly a bit lower? I don't think my survival instincts have fully kicked in yet." Crosscut said with a sarcastic yet fearful tone, while gripping the back of the pilot's seat alongside Kat and Myra.

"Quit your moaning Crosscut. If the ship hadn't received the damage it had in our last battle, no matter how little it was…" the former Autobot Pilot began to reply as he took one hand off the controls, pointing over to the holo-screen on his left which showed a flashing red section of the Eudora."

"…Then the cloak would not have been damaged, so I would not need to fly below the level that Autobot sensors work at." he continued, earning further wide-eyed stares from his friends.

"For the love of God, Evac. Don't take your hands off the controls." the white and red armoured Bot pleaded, earning an eye roll from his friend before placing both hands on his holo-interface.

"Relax, I could fly this ship with one hand tied behind my back and both eyes closed." he replied confidently, which gained a nod from Kat.

"I won't disagree with you there Evac, but please tell me that we will be ascending a little higher soon?"

"In the next ten seconds I can, just wanted to be sure that we were past the range of their own long-range sensors first." the Pilot replied, making the Human Woman look over at Crosscut.

"Are you happy with that?" she asked, which made the Bot nod reluctantly in return.

"Yeah… I guess." he replied sombrely before walking out of the Cockpit, making Kat roll her eyes in response before turning he attention to Myra.

"Crosscut can be such a whiner at times, huh?" she asked, but the Asari just looked out of the canopy, as though she was just staring out into space.

"Myra, you alright?" Kat then said, placing her hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Yeah, I am fine. Just thinking..." the former Spectre replied as she looked back at her friend, who noticed the disinterested expression on the Asari's face.

"I know you feeling disappointed that we have no further leads on Vasir, but I am sure something will come up." Kat added with a reassuring smile, but Myra merely looked back out of the canopy to the sky while Evac pulled the Eudora up and took it skywards once more.

'I know Kat is just trying to help, but….' she started to think before turning to the Pilot, ignoring her friend entirely.

"You need to land somewhere to make repairs right?" she asked, gaining a nod from Evac in return.

"Yeah, I was thinking of landing us at the City of Silver-Coast, which has an automated repair dock that doesn't ask questions."

"Good." the Asari replied with a slightly cold undertone before looking back out of the canopy again, earning a concerned stare from her Human friend before she turned back to the Bot.

"That's…a good idea Evac…" Kat said, trying to make sure no one there noticed how agitated she was by Myra's snub just now.

"…how long until we reach it?" she continued, focusing her attention on the Pilot while the Asari just continued to stare out of the canopy.

"We should be there in a few minutes as it is the next closest City to Milgrom." Evac replied while keeping his focus on his flying, while the City in question appeared on one of his holo-screens as the Eudora continued to fly through the sky to its destination.

Meanwhile back at Milgrom, the Autobot forces had taken control of the affected area of the Industrial zone. There were Human, Cybertronian and Turian soldiers going over every square centimetre of the site, scanning away and checking for any clues as to who was fighting there. But just aways from the area, a hooded woman hid behind the wall of an alleyway and peeked out at the soldiers as she tapped her com-link.

"It is done Vasir, Barla Vonn is no more….yes, unfortunately the Assassins failed in their mission to terminate Darby. Do you wish for me to continue shadowing her?…..very well." she said before activating her holo-tool and looking down at it's screen.

"I still have a sensor lock on her ship, so I can still follow them...yes of course...yes, the armour our forces are using is still unidentifiable to the Autobots. So they have no idea that Leviathan was here, or that Barla had ties to us." the mystery Woman added before deactivating her holo-tool, turning away from the Autobots.

"...I will get back to my original task and continue to follow the Eudora, you just have to ask if you need anything else."

Then the call ended, and the hooded person walked away, exiting the alleyway at its other end and stepping into a sky-car which then took off and flew up into the sky.


The Eudora had landed on one of the service platforms of the automated repair dock at Silver-Coast, and the Mechs there started scanning the ship immediately as Evac and Crosscut walked down the exit ramp and met the Mech that was waiting for them.

"Dear Sir, we are now running scans of your ship so that we can identify what needs to be repaired." it said while staring at the pair with it's lifeless red optics, earning an eye roll from the Pilot in return.

"I already told you what repairs we need while we were on approach, why are you even wasting time with this needless scanning?"

But the Mech droid merely continued to stare back at him.

"Please Sir, we have a schedule to create for your repairs, so please will you allow us to continue?"

"Okay, get on with it then." Evac said as he waved the droid off, who turned around and walked back to the others as the Bot turned to his friend.

"Man, I hate droids. If I had the choice, I would rather do the repairs myself." he said with an aggravated tone, making Crosscut look back with a slight smile.

"You know, five hundred and…so years ago, our species weren't that different from them."

"No, our ancestors were fully autonomous robotic life-forms. Nothing like those walking toaster-Ovens over there." Evac replied, his tone still laced with annoyance, but the other Bot simply smiled back.

"Okay, whatever. But in the meantime what are you going to do, stand here and watch them while they repair the ship?"

"Hell yes, I want to make sure they don't damage my baby." the Pilot replied before looking up at the Eudora with an affectionate stare, making Crosscut roll his eyes in return.

"Okay, whatever. But please don't call the ship…'that'…ever again." he said back before walking back up the ramp, leaving the Pilot to stare daggers back at the druids as they worked.

"I swear that Bot….." Crosscut started to mutter to himself before he was cut off mid-sentence by the appearance of Myra, who was walking down the ramp from the ship.

"Myra, what's going on?" he asked as she approached him.

"Just need some air, I will be back in a few hours." the Asari replied with a disinterested tone as she walked past and left the ship, earning a confused look from the Bot as he watched her disappear behind one of the large repair machines that surrounded the Eudora.

"Myra?" Kat then called from inside, making Crosscut turn around and look back up the ramp to see her.

"Our Rogue Spectre has left the ship, said she wanted to some air." he said back, noticing the concerned expression on the Human's face as she approached him.

"How did she seem?" Kat then asked, which gained a knowing look from the Bot in return.

"Exactly the same as Myra has been for the last few months, why do you even ask?"

But the Woman just looked past him and towards the Repair Dock's exit, which connected directly with the City.

"I am going after her." she said with a determined tone while walking past Crosscut, who started to follow.

"I think she wants to be alone right now." he said back, earning the Human's attention as she stopped and looked back at him with a 'matter of fact' expression.


She then turned back and walked down the ramp, gaining Evac's attention as he looked away from the droids and at her instead.

"Kat, I just saw Myra heading out of here and into the city. She looked kinda upset." he said, gaining a nod and smile of appreciation from her in return.

"Thanks Evac, I'm going to catch her up now." she said back, which made the Pilot look back with an understanding smile.

"No problem, I'll make sure we are ready to fly by the time you two get back." he said before turning his attention back to the Mechs, shaking his head as he watched them.

'Oh come on, I could do better than that!'

Neon lights shone down on Myra as she walked through the crowded streets of Silver-Coast, waves of coloured light spanning the entire the spectrum danced around each other in a graceful display, much to the appreciation of the people below. But Myra merely carried on walking through the scores of people enjoying the show, not even acknowledging what was happening around her. She had a sad but thoughtful expression on her face while looking directly ahead of herself, and looked as if she was completely alone despite the amount of people surrounding her at that moment.

'I do not know how much more disappointment and failures I can take.' she thought as those who watched the display cheered as blue and yellow waves of light hit each other and caused and explosion of green light which showered everyone there.

'I have chased 'her' for two hundred and fifty years, and have jack squat to show for it.'

But then something ahead of Myra caught her attention as red and blue waves blended into each other, making a purple light glow brightly and reveal a Human Man and an Asari talking to each other. This made the Rogue Spectre stop and stare as she watched the pair, who were quite clearly flirting with each other as the light show overhead brought about a romantic atmosphere. But Myra found herself engrossed by these two people, as it awakened memories of her own that came up to the surface of her mind.

'It was about two hundred and fifty three years earlier as a younger Myra stood in a very simple but elegant looking office, with the Asari staring out of the large window that took up the entire length of the right wall of the room and looked out upon the beautiful gardens of The New Iacon Gardens. She smiled down at the sight which had such a wonderous mixture of colours as the flowers were now on full bloom. This made Myra feel peaceful and content as she stood there, which was not how she was feeling prior to being ordered to the Elite Spectre's office.

'Why was I called off my assignment whilst in the middle of it, it doesn't make sense.' she found herself thinking, but then the door to the office opened and snapped the young Asari from her thoughts as she looked over to the person entering the room.

A Caucasian woman in green and yellow armour entered, and from her appearence looked to be in her mid forties, due to silver streaks in her raven-black hair that came down to her shoulders.

"Commander Ser-Ket." Myra said while saluting the older Woman, who returned the action in kind.

"At ease Major." the former Predacon replied, before stretching her arms out either side of the Asari.

"Now come and give me a hug." she added with a warm smile, gaining one in return as Myra and the older Woman then entered and affectionate embrace.

"Hi Aunt Ser-Ket, its good to see you." she replied, before they both then pulled out of the hug.

"Same here Myra, it has been too long." the Commander said back before walking to her desk and taking a seat there, while the young Asari looked back fromthe opposite end.

"Now I am sorry for taking you off the assignment you were working in the Traverse…" she started to say before Myra cut her off.

"With all due respect, I was very close to ending an operation involving smuggling large quantities of Red-Sand throughout the Federation by a yet not identified Mercenary group. I would have rather completed that mission first, before being handed another." she said with disappointment lacing the tone of her words, but Ser-Ket simply looked back with a stoic expression.

"Myra, even though we are family. I would prefer for you to keep-up your professionalism when we are on duty….and not interrupt me when I am talking." she said back, suddenly making the young Darby remember her place as she stood back to attention.

"...yes sir, I apologise for my outburst. It was inappropriate of me." she replied with a sheepish tone, gaining a nod from the former Predacon.

"Apology accepted. But believe me, I do understand your frustration. There were missions... where your Father's timing was well off the mark, when he wanted to change tactics or put me on something different altogether. But I did exactly as I was told, for he was not only my Cousin in law...but also my Commanding Officer." she said in her stoic tone, though there were hints of understanding present too which made the Asari nod back in return.

"I understand."

"And do not worry about the Mercs, I have already assigned another Spectre to take over that assignment." Ser-Ket replied, gaining a curious look from her Niece.

"May I ask which Spectre?"

"Lieutenant Williams." the Commander said back, which made Myra's eyes widen in surprise.

"Ashley Williams, are you sure that is a good idea? I mean she is not a big fan of aliens, and I was working with some Salarian Intelligence Agents before being recalled."

"Williams will just have to suck it up and deal with it, because I need you for something more important." Ser-Ket replied before picking up a pad that was lying on her desk, which Myra noticed was next to a photo of Quickstrike. The Autobot was her Father's Cousin, her Uncle and had been Ser-Ket's Spark-mate for many happy years until he passed away just a year after Orion. But before any of her happy memories of him could emerge in Myra's mind, she was snapped out of it as the Elite Spectre held out the pad to her.

"Take a look at this." she said whilst handing it to the Asari, who began reading it instantly.

"You can't be serious…." Myra replied with a surprised expression after reading the text on the pad, gaining a nod in return from the Commander.

"I am afraid so, twenty-four hours ago the Turian Senator was found dead in the apartment he uses while staying here on Earth. There was no sign of forced entry or of any struggle inside the property, and his body showed no physical injuries that might explain his death." she explained, earning a confused expression from the younger Spectre.

"Then what killed him? I mean you said it was murder…"

"Yes I did, that's because once the Senator's body went in for an autopsy. The Autobot Medics discovered that his entire nervous system had been fried, killing him almost instantly. They said it was like something had overpowered his body, dominating before it was completely overloaded." Ser-Ket answered, changing Myra's expression to a more thoughtful one which caught her Aunt's attention.


"You...have no idea how this happened?" the young Darby replied, making the former Predacon nod back with an inquisitive expression.

"Our Medics don't, no. What about you Myra, ever heard of something like this before?"

"...Yes, I have..." the Asari started to say back, though reluctantly. But Ser-Ket just kept her focus on her Niece, waiting for her to carry on.

"...but it is not a topic that we Asari like to discuss, as it is a controversial matter...more like a Taboo subject for our people. One that we do not wish to share with the Galactic community."

"Do I have to order you to tell me what it is Myra, or are you just being cute with me?" the Commander replied, with a stare that Myra could see meant that the Elite Spectre was very interested in what she had to say.

"No Sir, I will tell you." she said back, earning a hand gesture from Ser-Ket in return.

"Then please, continue..."

"Ardat-Yakshi." the young Asari then said, making her Aunt look back with a confused expression.

"Come again?"

So Myra told Ser-Ket about the Ardat-Yakshi, Pure blooded Asari that... despite the species being able to mate with either sex of any species in the Galaxy... are unable to do so. Because their own nervous systems do not gently meld with those they mate with, but in fact overpower and dominate it until their Mate's Brain haemorrhages, which more often than not...kills them. The young Darby went through every detail of the sterile Asari with her Aunt, who listened intently and only asked questions when she felt it was necessary.

After Myra had finished, Ser-Ket gave her an understanding look in return.

"I can see why the Asari Matriarchs would not wish for this information to be public knowledge, and it seems that the Turian Senator was a victim of one of these Ardat-Yakshi." she replied with a sigh, earning a nod from the younger Spectre.

"The last murder by one was way before my time, my Mother told me about it along with everything else about the Ardat-Yakshi when I was a Teenager."

"I see, well I want you and your Partner to find this damaged Asari and bring her to justice. Because the murder of one of the Federation Senate is a crime that can not go unpunished, so find this killer and put her down...just like your people would if they had found her." Ser-Ket said back with a serious tone, though Myra merely looked back with a confused expression.

"Sorry, but you lost me at 'Partner'?"

This made the Spectre Commander roll her eyes and sigh in response, before reaching to the com-link in her ear.

"Oh...yes, of course. He is waiting outside now..."

"Who is waiting outside, and whydo I needa Partner?"

But Ser-Ket just gave the Asari a reassuring smile while holding her hand up to her com-link, ready to activate it there and then.

"Myra, you are one of my best Spectres. You have done myself and your Parents proud with your service to the Federation, and now I need you to partner a member to the Autobot Spectres who has been with us for the last year. He has the rank of Lieutenant Commander andalready has a few missions under his belt, many of the Top Brass believe that you will be an Elite Spectre in the not so distant future." she continued before tapping her earpiece.

"Have you been listening...okay, come in."

The Former Predacon then deactivated her Com-link while gesturing to Myra to look back at the door, earning a curious expression from her in return as she turned to see a Caucasian Human Male enter the Office. Myra gave him a curious look as he walked up to her side and saluted Ser-Ket, who returned the action.

"Major Myra Darby, meet Llieutenant Commander John Shepard." the former Predacon said as both Spectres turned to each other, with Myra taking a glancing look at the new arrival. For he looked to be in his early thirties with short black hair and blue eyes, he also had a stubbly chiselled jaw and looked like he had seen his fair share of combat, if the scar that was on the left side of his hair-line was any indication. Shepard gave the Asari a friendly smile as he held out his hand to her, which she shook in return.

"Major." he said, earning a nod in return as a slight smile graced her face.

"Lieutenant Commander."

'Okay, he's cute.' she thought before turning her attention back to Ser-Ket, who had a knowing look on her face.

"Right…so Commander Shepard, are you up to speed on the Ardat-Yakshi situation?" she asked.

"Yes Sir, I was listening to your whole conversation prior to being called in here." the Man replied, earning a look of surprise from Myra in return.

"Good, so there is no need for us to go over it again. Okay, I will let you both get to know each other and stop wasting your time. Dismissed." Ser-Ket then said, earning a salute from the pair, though the younger Darby still looked somewhat confused and surprised as she turned away from her Aunt and headed for the exit with her new Partner, only for the former Predacon to catch their attention again.

"Good luck, I know you two will do our ranks proud once again." she said back with a confident tone as she smiled at the pair, earning mirrored expressions from them in return.

"Yes Sir." Shepard replied as the door opened, stepping through first while Myra simply nodded back.

"Good hunting." Ser-Ket added before her Niece then walked out of the office, with the door closing behind her.

The moment the door shut, having noticed how the Asari had reacted to his earlier admission, Shepard looked over to her with an honest looking smile.

"I won't tell anyone Major…that's a promise." he said in a good-hearted tone, which earned a smile from Myra.

"Thanks, I appreciate that. And you can call me...Myra." she replied in friendly tone.

"Myra...okay, and I'm John...but my Friends just call me Shepard." he said back with a slight grin, which felt like it had broken the ice even more between the pair.

"Alright, so I guess we start at the crime scene. Let's grab a sky-car and get going." the Asari replied as the pair walked over to the nearby elevator, earning a gesture from the Human Spectre.

"Sounds good..." he started to say as he pressed the button on the control panel next to the door, making it open to reveal the empty elevator interior.

"...Ladies first." he then gestured, earning another smile from the Asari as she walked into the small room, with him following behind her. And it was at that moment, though she would not admit it then but Shepard had made a good first impression with her.'

Myra was then brought out of her thoughts when someone suddenly bumped into her shoulder, knocking the Asari forward slightly.

"I'm walking here!" an inconsiderate and angered voice spat, making the Rogue Spectre grit her teeth and clench a fist tightly as it began to glow while noticing that the couple ahead were now gone.

"What!" she said back with a building anger in her voice whilst turning to face whoever it was, who suddenly floated off the ground as he was enveloped in blue energy.

"Waaah...!" he suddenly cried out in fear as Myra came face to face with the man, who was nothing more than a terrified Human Man. The Asari stared daggers at him before noticing that everyone around the pair were watching, their attention completely focused on her.

"Watch where your walking!" she instead in a threatening tone, gaining a quick nod from the Man in return.

"Sure thing." he said in a panicky tone before the Asari let go of him, resulting with the Human falling onto his ass. But Myra had already turned away and walked away as nervous people stepping aside, creating a path for her through the crowds. Myra started walking in the direction of the harbour, though that meant navigating through more crowded streets as the light show continued over head. But her mind drifted back to her memories of John Shepard, letting herself sink into past once more.


The two Spectres traveled from one end of the Galaxy to the other as they attempted to locate and terminate the Ardat-Yakshi responsible for the Turian Senator's murder which it turned out was more difficult than first thought, since she was always one step ahead of them. It did not matter what leads they had or Intel, the killer Asari was always just out of reach. This went on for several months as Myra and Shepard worked closely together, with their partnership blossoming into a true friendship as they fought Mercs, Pirates and Slavers. No matter what the Galaxy threw in their path, attempting to hinder their mission at every turn. The Asari and Human Spectres dealt with each and every obstacle until finally they came upon one final lead, one that took them to the Planet Korar.

'Myra looked out of the window, which gave her a perfect view of the reddish brown, barren landscape of Korar. It was a lifeless rock of a world, not exactly the jewel of what was once the supposedly great Omega Syndicate. But it did have large deposits of Thorium, a useful metal that is used in radiation shielding. So someone decided to build a Colony and Mine on this forsaken world, which unfortunately for the Asari was her and Shepard's current location. This place was a death trap, with it's barely functioning controlled interior atmosphere and it's heavily rusted metallic corridors. This made her sigh as she turned away from the glass to see Shepard back down the corridor towards her.

"This place makes my skin crawl, like I am going to catch something if I touch the walls." she said, gaining a nod from the Human in return as he joined her side.

"Yeah, well that's what happens when you have a mining operation run by Mercs and not the Federation. They are running the mines with minimal staff right now, and they can't afford to upgrade the colony…" he started to say, only for Myra to cut him off as she looked at their surroundings.

"Can't afford to, more like won't. This is after all a Merc operation, they aren't known for putting the welfare of their workers before their own. People who lose their way in the Federation, fall through the cracks down into this." she said while gesturing to the squalor, gaining a nod from Shepard in return.

"Yes I know, it's difficult to see people like this. But 'we' aren't here to help them, not that we could even if we wanted to."

"Well I can't stand seeing people living like this, so lets finally get this hunt over with and find that Ardat-Yakshi. That's as long as the Intel you picked up on Surkesh is reliable?" the Asari replied, earning an honest and taken back look from her Human Companion.

"I got it straight from the Special Tasks Group, as I have a friend on the inside there. Apparently one of their Agents reported in that he had came across an Asari who was about to murder one of the civilians here, he intervened and stopped her. But the Asari ran and he gave chase, then there was nothing but silence from him after that, which was two days ago."

"Sounds to me like our target killed the unfortunate Salarian and ensured that no further information about her made it out, but that doesn't mean that she is still here. The Ardat-Yakshi could have left anytime between then and now." Myra replied, only for Shepard to shake his head in return while also sporting a slight smile.

"I just got back from speaking to the Dock Master here, and he says that no ships have neither come or left in the last two days. Which means that our Asari should still be here, and she doesn't know that we are here either…so we have the advantage for a change."

"I'm not sure…" Myra started to reply, giving her friend an unsure look.

"…I mean given how she has eluded us for the past several months, this Ardat-Yakshi has obviously been at this for a very long time…centuries probably."

"She sounds like a highly evolved Predator." he said back with an agreeable nod before a sudden noise from behind the pair caught their attention, making them both spin around and target the pile of crates stacked there, Shepard aiming his pistol and Myra with her glowing fist.

"Come on out, we know your there." the Asari said in an ever so slightly threatening tone, earning another noise from behind the pile before a scruffy, and filth covered Human Boy who looked about ten years old stepped out with his hands in the air.

"Please don't kill me." he said in a fearful tone, earning a more understanding stare from the two Spectres as they stood down.

"It's okay, we won't hurt you." Shepard said back reassuringly as he stepped toward the Boy, making him stumble backwards.

"Wait, it's okay." Myra followed through in a similar manner, hoping to ease the Boy's fear. She could see that he had been severely mistreated as he had multiple bruises, also looking as though he was suffering from severe malnutrition. So as the child stared at the pair with a fear in his eyes, unsure whether to stay or run, the Asari opened up one of the pouches on her utility belt and pulled out a ration bar.

"Here, I think you need this." she said in a soft tone, as the boy's eyes fixed upon the wrapped food.

"It's okay, take it." Shepard added with a slight smile, making the Boy step forward and take it from her hand before ripping the wrapper off and devouring the bar.

"Wow, never thought I would see someone eat one of those things so fast. Especially since they taste like cardboard." the Human Male added as his smile widened, earning an understanding look from his Partner.

"What's your name?" she asked with a caring tone lining her voice, making the boy look up at her as he chewed the food.

"…David." he managed to say despite having a full mouth, earning a humorous expression from Shepard in return.

"David, you can trust us. My name is Myra and this is Shepard, we are…" the Asari started to say as the child swallowed the food down and breathed.

"Your Autobot Spectres." he replied while pointing at the insignia on her chest plate, earning nods from the pair in return.

"That's right. We are here to…." Shepard added, only for the Boy to interrupt them again.

"Find the Scary Asari, I overheard you talking while I was back there."

"That's right, but what exactly were you doing behind those crates…other than hiding?" Myra replied.

"I was looking for something to eat, but when you two appeared I decided to hide." David said back, making Shepard reach into one of his utility belt pouches and hand the kid another ration bar.

"It's alright David, here is another one. What do you know about the scary Asari?" he asked as the Boy gave the bar a hungry stare, before returning his attention to the Spectres.

"I saw her in the Brown district a few days ago, I was there looking for something to eat. The place smelled bad..." David described, earning a disbelieving look from the pair in return.

"Bad, really?" Myra replied while mimicking a sniff,which made the Boy nod in return.

"Yes, it smelt worse than this...much worse. I had never smelt something so disgusting in my life, it smelt like death. I was about to leave when the Asari came out of nowhere and surrounded me in blue energy before throwing me out of the area."

"She used her biotics on you." Myra said back.

"Well if that didn't scare me, the look on her face certainly did. She had the most ferocious stare I have ever seen, and I have seen some bad guys while being here." David added.

"How can we reach Brown District from here?" Shepard then asked, earning the Child's attention as he look up at them.

"I can show you if you have a map." he replied, which the Human Spectre responded by activating his holo-tool and making a hologram of the colony's layout before them.

"It's right here." David answered while pointing at a specific point, gaining a nod from Myra while her Partner planned the quickest path to the location for them.

"Thank you David, I only have one question for you now. Where are yur parents?"

The boy then sighed as he looked down at the ground.

"They...they died some time ago, I have lived on the streets here ever since...just trying to stay alive."

This made Myra look at Shepard with a slightly anxious expression, earning an understanding nod in return as he knew what she was thinking. This made her smile back before turning back to the homeless boy, who just looked up at them with a confused expression.

"David..." she then started to say as she activated her holo-tool and brought up the map again.

"...we are going to go and take care of that Asari but when we get back, how would you like to leave this place and come back with us to the Federation?" she asked, earning a wide-eyed stare from him in return.

"What? Really, you would do that for me?" he asked in a stunned fashion, making the Spectres nod back with a warm smile each.

"You've helped us David, the least we can do is give you the chance for a better quality of life. This is not the sort of place for a nice kid like you to grow up." Shepard said, beating his Asari friend to it.

"Yes, thank you. I would love to get away from the daily beatings and the never-ending hunger." the Boy replied eagerly.

"...Alright, well our ship is in bay ninty four in the ship dock. Go there and wait for us." Myra continued as she showed David where their ship was, earning a nod from the estatic child.

"Thanks, I will wait for you there... Good luck." he replied before running back down the corridor, leaving the Spectres to themselves.

"It's like you said earlier, we can't change anything here..." the Asari then said while giving her Friend a knowing smile.

"...but we can help one of them at least." she finished, earning a likewise smile from him in return.

"Alright, so what's the plan with the Ardat-Yakshi, one of us act as bait to draw her out?" Shepard then asked, making Myra shake her head.

"No, she probably knows what we both look like and can probably anticipate such a tactic. I have a better idea..." she said before looking back with a questioning look.

"How's your acting skills? I mean I know from working with you for the past several months that you're not just a handsome face." she added, earning a surprised but appreciative smile from Shepard, who quickly recovered and looked at her with a confident grin.

"You think I'm handsome?" he said back with a coy tone underlining his words, making Myra roll her eyes in return.

"Don't let it go to your head, come on. I will fill you in on my idea on the way." she then said as they both started walking in he opposite direction to David, heading towards the Brown district. And while Shepard walked beside his Asari friend as he let her lead the way, Myra could not help but let a smile grace her face.

'Yes you certainly are...John Shepard.'

Just a little over an hour later, both Spectres entered what was known as Brown District. And boy did it live up to the name, though neither of them thought that it was given the name on purpose. The place was in an even worse state than what they had already seen in the other areas of the mining colony, making Myra pinch her nose to stop the horrid smell from overwhelming her nostrils.

"by the Goddess, that is horrendous." she said with a disgusted tone, earning a not so surprised look from Shepard as he turned to her and shrugged in return.

"Hey, you wanted to check this area out right. So don't complain when you discover a fresh new smell, I did say we should have gone to blue District instead...but no, you wanted to come here." he said back in an aggravated tone, which made the Asari stare back angrily.

"What? Afraid to get yourself a little dirty. After all these months of working with you and hearing you complain is really starting to annoy me." she replied, making the Human Spectre walk back up and point at her.

"Annoy you, I annoy you. No, no, no. I am in no way more annoying than you and your Asari superiority, looking down at me like some lower life form." he spat back, making Myra go right up at to his face, with both feeling each others breath on their skin.

"Well if you are that offended by my presence, then why don't you just leave?" she spat back, making Shepard narrow his eyes at her in return.

"Oh no, you were the one moaning about this leave. I can check it out on my own." he replied while unbeknownst to the two Spectres, someone was watching from the shadows. A smile gracing her face as she did so.

"Fine, you think you can do this without me, then go ahead. I will go and check out Blue District instead." she spat before turning around abruptly and storming off, earning a huff from Shepard in return.

"Fine, I am a Spectre too after all. I work better alone." he shouted back as he watched her leave.

"** you!" she spat in return, earning a self pleasing smile from Shepard as he turned his back to his Partner and equipped his pistol.

"Stuck up bitch." he said as he aimed the weapon in front of him and began to search the area, little knowing that he was still being watched.

Several minutes past as Shepard continued to search through the filth that surrounded him, only to come up with nothing.

"Oh come on, what's a guy got to do to get some attention around here?" he then said with an aggravated tone.

"Not much really…" a feminine voice then spoke with a coy tone, making him turn around as an Asari with a slender figure appeared and looked at him with a piercing stare.

"umm…you are handsome and from what I've seen, quite stubborn….just my type."

"I don't think so…" he said as he aimed the pistol at her, but she merely looked back with out a care a she slowly advanced towards him.

"You can stay right there, because I know what you are." Shepard said back, only for the Asari to continue towards him.

"Yes, just like I know what you are…Spectre. And you're here for little old me, I am very flattered." she replied while walking within a foot of him, with Shepard finding that he suddenly could not pull the trigger as he looked into her eyes, which had changed from blue to black and finding his resolve slowly leaving him. She then reached out with a hand and gently placed it on the barrel of his pistol, making him lower it's aim at the ground.

"You don't need that, not for what I want us to do…together."

The Ardat-Yakshi then put slipped her arms around Shepard and pulled him closer, making him look more into her eyes. They were like miniature black holes that not only looked like they could draw in all light, but he could feel his sense of individuality and control being siphoned from him and into them too.

"What is your name?" she asked with a curious tone, earning a stutter from the Spectre as he tried to fight it before finally succumbing.


"Shepard, that's a strong name. My name is Yanis, it's my pleasure to meet you." she replied with a smile while continuing to hold him close, knowing that he was now under her control.

"And now I am going to give pleasures that will blow your mind….literally, so kiss me."

Shepard nodded and began leaning his face towards hers, making Yanis's smile widen ever so more devilishly as she did the same. Their lips came within millimetres of touching when suddenly the Spectre's eyes broke contact with hers, making the Asari's narrow in return.

"What!" she spat in surprise as while noticing that he was looking over her shoulder, so spun around to see what could have pulled him out of her thrall. But before Yanis had the chance to see what it was, her eyes were blinded by a blue glow before she was sent flying onto the floor just aways from her prey.

"Shepard!" Myra suddenly shouted as she ran over to her Partner, her fists still glowing with biotic energy as came up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Snap out of it Partner, I need you." she added as her friend's eyes blinked while they remained focused on her.

"…Myra?" he said slowly, earning a relieved smile from the Asari as she sighed, while Yanis recovered slowly on the floor to their left.

"Yes it's me, now pull yourself together because I need your help. We still have a fugitive to take care of." she replied before looking over to the Ardat-Yakshi, while earning a nod from Shepard as he took a breath while kneeling to pick up his pistol.

"So…was that all just for show, the falling out between you?" Yanis asked as she got back to her feet, which made the Asari Spectre nod back with a satisfied smirk.

"That's right." she said back while raising her right glowing fist at her quarry, who in return did the same.

""You Spectres are as bad as the Justicars, you just can't leave us alone can you?" the Ardat Yakshi spat back as Shepard rejoined his friend's side and aimed his pistol at their enemy.

"If you and your kind didn't have death following in your wake where ever you go, then there would be no need for us to do what needs to be done. But you and other Ardat-Yakshi, who aren't smart enough to live in peace and seclusion at the Lesuss Monastery deserve nothing but death. Because that is all that you can give the galaxy, and it has seen more than enough of that already." Myra replied with a stoic tone, making Yanis grit her teeth in return.

"My kind and I are genetic destiny of the Asari...or so another like myself has said, so I have no intention of dying with my back to the wall." she spat while taking on a threatening pose, making the Spectres react in return as Myra launched a biotic projectile and Shepard pulled the trigger of his pistol and fired three bullets at their quarry. But Yanis managed to bring up a biotic barrier that covered her entire skin that deflected the bullets, while also throwing a glowing blue projectile of her own which intercepted Myra's, merging them into one gigantic sphere of biotic energy that they both tried to push towards the other.

"Let's see how powerful you are Spectre." Yanis then said as she brought both hands before her and made them glow, slowly making the giant sphere move towards Myra. She in turn had to do the same just to make it stop as she bit her lip and focused, which did not go unnoticed by her Partner who then fired three more times. But the Ardat-Yakshi's biotic barrier merely deflected them again, earning a sly smile from her in return.

"Nice try handsome, but I will have you later." she replied before waving her left hand and enveloping the Human in a blue glow, which then sent him flying into the wall just aways from the fight.

"Shepard!" Myra shouted in return as she took her attention off what she was doing to look at her friend, making Yanis smile in return.

"Now your mine." she replied before charging the energy of her barrier onto her hands and forcing the biotic sphere forward, making it impact the Asari Spectre and send her flying into the wall behind her with a thud.

"Arrgh!" Myra cried out in pain as she fell to the ground, feeling as though she had just been hit in the stomach with a sledge-hammer. But as she tried to get back to her feet, she was knocked down onto her back, just in time to see Yanis leap onto her in a straddling position and look down at her in a predatory manner.

"Your stronger than most Asari I have killed, but just like all the others, you have fallen to look into my eyes." the Ardat Yakshi said as her eyes turned black, with Myra finding herself unable to look away.

"No...I...won...t..." she struggled to say as her free will began to drain away, making Yanis smile at her coyly.

"I am going to enjoy this..." she replied before leaning down to give the enthralled Asari a kiss, but then heard a noise from behind and turned her head to see Shepard who froze on the spot as he carried a broken piece of pipe. His eyes caught by the black stare of her own, making him lose control of his body again.

"Wait your turn." she said back with a commanding tone, while Myra slowly began to come too and looked up to see her Partner.

"...Shepard..." she whispered, which gained his attention as he glanced down at her as his eyes refocused.

"Myra." he said back, making Yanis narrow her eyes and stare back at him in anger.

"...N...N...No!" he stammered as he fought to regain control of his body, managing to take a step towards the Ardat-Yakshi. Making her exert more of herself to regain control of him, but in doing so.She forgot to watch Myra, who managed to reach up with her left hand and grab her throat.

"..Now!" she shouted, earning a shocked look from Yanis as Shepard then broke free of the thrall and thrust the metallic pipe through Yanis's torso, spilling blue blood out of it's exit wound as her body went limp and fell to the ground beside the Asari Spectre.

"Are you alright?" Shepard then asked, gaining Myra's attention as she looked up to see him standing over her with his hand held down to her. He gave her an affectionate smile as she took his hand in her own, allowing him to help her back onto her feet.

" did you manage to...?" she then started to ask, only for the Man to cut her off in return.

"How did I fight off her thrall?" he said, earning a nod from the Asari as she looked into his eyes. This made him look back with an honest expression and warm smile which unbeknownst to him, made the Woman's heart beat just a little faster.

"I don't know, it's just that..." he started to say, before noticing that she was staring back in a curious yet peculiar way.

"...every time you came into view, it was like whatever hold that other Asari had over me...just disappeared." he added, which made a smile slowly grace the beautiful blue woman's face as she stood before him. And then as if instinct had completely taken over, Myra then pulled Shepard into a kiss. Earning a shocked look from the Human Spectre, which lasted but only a split second before he let himself go and kissed her right back, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her more into him ad she did the same. Their lips pressing tightly against each other for what felt like a blissful eternity before the pair separated, pulling back just enough to look into each other's eyes.

"What was that?" Shepard asked with happy yet embarrassed tone, which made Myra blush slightly in return.

"I wanted to...thank you, for saving my life. You understand?" she asked with a coy-like tone and smile, which made the Human Spectre look back with a mirrored expression.

"No, I think you will have to run that by me again." he replied, making her smile grow wider.

"Then come here." she said back with a seductive tone, and the two then kissed again. This time for a little longer as they locked lips, with Myra run her hands up onto the back of Shepard's head, with him doing the same. After a long moment the pair pulled back again, though this time so that they could both take a much needed breath.

"By the way, I didn't mean what I said when we were…." the Human Spectre then said with a worried expression, earning a knowing look from his Asari Partner.

"It was only an act to fool the Ardat-Yakshi…and it was successful." she replied with a smile, earning a relieved sigh from Shepard as he now had a thoughtful look on his face.

"So...doesn't our kiss sort or complicate our working relationship now?" he asked as they held each others hands between them, looking into each others eyes.

"Does it matter?I for one, want to see where 'this' could go..." she said while gesturing between them with a finger.

"...that is...if you want this as well?" she said back with a hopeful look, making him nod back in return with a loving smile.

"Of course I do Myra, I have wanted to for a few months now, since I felt that we had this connection between us. But I wasn't sure if I should make the first move..."he started to say back, his face become slightly more serious as the Asari's expression became more understanding.

"You mean with your 'previous relationship'?" she said as she cut him off, gaining a nod from the Human Spectre in return.

"Yes, like I confessed a while ago...I was previously in relationship with a woman I worked alongside when I was in my early Twenties, but neither of us were ready for balancing our life with our work. And it was made even harder when she fell pregnant, in the end she left me and I never saw our child again." he replied before looking away from the Asari, a shamed expression on his face as he remembered the mistakes. But Myra could sympathise with him, after all the young Darby felt that she made her own fair share with her own family, and that was a burden that would remain with her for the rest of her life.

"We all make mistakes in our lives, even I have…" she replied as she cupped his face in her hand, bringing his eyes back to her own.

"…but we can't let them dictate what we do with the days that are ahead of us, we can only learn from them so that we do not make those same mistakes again." she added as they looked into each others eyes, earning a nod from Shepard.

"..I want you Myra." he replied, making the Asari smile again.

"And I want you…Shepard."

This made the Human Spectre look back with a knowing smile, earning a curious look from her in return.

"I think I would prefer it if you called me…..John." he replied, making Myra mirror his expression.

"Alright…John, now close your eyes." she said, with her Lover doing just that, showing that he trusted her completely. She could not help but feel her heart warm at this, while leaning her head towards his own and closing her eyes.

"Embrace Eternity." Myra whispered before opening her eyes to show that they had turned black, while their minds joined together, with the pair starting down the road to becoming bond-mates and more.'


As Myra continued to think of the time she spent with her beloved, the Asari had long since left the crowded party-like atmosphere of the light show behind her. It was now a peaceful quiet as she walked down a small street toward the harbour, which let her thoughts flow more coherently and easily.

After the events on Korar, the Spectres took David back to the Federation where he was given a good home by their Adoption service. Meanwhile Myra and Shepard continued with their roles as Autobot Spectres, working together to defend the ISF while also exploring where their relationship would take them next. They were together for a year and six months and was good times for the pair, filled with many happy memories.

The Asari felt the warm glow of those memories as she allowed herself to experience them once more. But before Myra could lose herself to the happier times of her life, which now felt like an eternity ago. She came upon the view of the harbour and it was easy to see why the City was given the name of Silver-Coast, for it was definitely a beautiful sight. Even now at night, the ocean had a silver-like glow to it.

The Asari walked up to the seafront and sat down on the bench, giving herself a view of the ocean. With the light-show now far behind her, the Rogue Spectre could see the clear night sky which was filled with stars. And this vista stirred up one of Myra's most treasured memories, which made her sigh as she looked into it once more.

'A full moon and a night sky full of stars shone down on the massive lake, the still water acting like a mirror as it reflected it back up. Myra and John Shepard walked along the Marina at Derwent Water in the Lake District of what was once called the United Kingdom. They had spent their much earned shore-leave at the National Park, visiting each Lake and Town as they travelled from one to the next.

And it was here on this Sunday evening with the stars and Moon shining down upon them, that the two Lovers stopped at the edge of wooden walkway and turned to each other, as they had now come to a dead-end with nothing but the water of the lake ahead of them. John was wearing a smart-looking pair of light blue jeans, bike boots, white t-shirt with black leather jacket.

While Myra wore a blue and shite summer dress that came just past her knees, while showing her back and some cleavage. The two of them looked lovingly into each others eyes, before the Asari sighed and turned her attention to he vistas ahead of them.

"This is beautiful John, I am so glad that you had the idea to come here for our shore-leave." she said, making the Human Spectre smile in return.

"I knew you would like it, after all a little peace and quiet can be hard to come by these days." he replied, earning a nod from her.

"Your not wrong there, everywhere else we've been to in the past has been busy, frantic and loud. I think we get enough of that with our day-jobs." she said back as she closed her eyes and listened to sounds of the boats tied to the walkway as they floated on the water, as well as the sound of her Man's calm breathing as he held her close.

"That's why I chose this area, since it has hardly changed in the past two hundred and forty something years that Earth as been part of the ISF. Everywhere else has moved on with the times, keeping only some of it's history. But's like walking into the past, to a more simpler time." he replied while joining his lover in admiring their surroundings, looking out at the lake and the wooded hills that surrounded it. Myra found herself looking down at the water, noticing the reflection of the night sky that made the lake look like it was full of diamonds.

"You know John, this would make a nice place to retire...don't you think?" She then said, making him look back at her.

"Sure." he replied with a content tone to his voice, while the Asari then pointed out at the island which could be seen at the Lake's center.

"We could build a house on that Island, just for us and spend the rest of our days there in peace...together." she said with an optimistic tone, which made John smile in return.

"Yeah, I could picture that. Except that the Island and most of the woodland area around the Lake is protected." he said back, making Myra look back at him with slight disappointment in her face.

"You always have to pick holes in my fantasies don't you." she replied with a playful tone while trying to give him a meaningful scowl, but just gave up as he smiled back at her with a caring expression.

"You are so cute when you try to act upset." he said back affectionately, earning a reluctant smile from the Asari in return.

"That's only because I can never get mad at you." she replied, while he pointed over to the Town of Keswick that was to the east of their current location.

"If we have a home here, why not just go for one of the houses on the outer edge on the lakeside of the town that has a good view of the lake." he asked, earning a surprised expression from Myra.

"Your serious?" she said back, gaining a nod in return from John.

"Well it sounds like you've given this a lot of thought, retiring and everything that comes with it." he replied with a thoughtful expression, making the Asari stare back with a mirrored look.

"Well I guess I don't want to spend my entire life fighting, I mean it's been an honour...being an Autobot Spectre. But recently I have just started wanting something more than just that in my life..." she started to say while looking back out at the vistas, only for the Human Spectre to cut her off.

"I know what you mean, because I have thought the same thing...about the two of us." he said, which made Myra look back at him again.

"Really? You have?" she asked, earning a nod from John in return.

"Yes Myra, and I can't tell you how much it means for me to hear that you have thought the same." he started to say as he reached into the right hand pocket of his jacket, before pulling out a small white box. The Asari noticed this, which made her feel a lump in her throat as she realised what this meant. John though held the box in his hands and looked back at her with a loving smile.

"Because I love you more than anything else in this world, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you..." he then said, making Myra's heart beat faster with each and every word in that sentence as she watched him get down on one knee and hold the box before him, opening it to reveal a beautiful gold ring with perfectly cut sapphire firmly atop it. This made the Asari take a deep breath as John looked up at her with a loving yet slightly shy expression.

"Myra, will you marry me?" he asked, but before he had time to take a breath and wait for an answer. The Asari suddenly leapt into his arms, barely giving the Man a chance to get back to his feet.

"Yes!" she cried out ecstatically, as he spun they spun around in each other's arms before ending it with a passionate kiss. But before the need for air became a big enough issue for the two to separate from said kiss, fireworks suddenly fired up from the Island at the center of the lake. Earning the pair's attention as they watched the small coloured rockets soar high into the night sky, only for them to then explode in a multitude of multi-coloured explosions which lit up the lake.

"Was that your idea?" Myra asked as she watched the firework display, earning a nod from John as he held her in his arms.

"Yes, I managed to get one or two of the locals to help me set that display up on the island, they have waited there most of the evening." he replied, gaining a little chuckle from Myra in return.

"What would they have done if I said no?" she asked, but John merely looked back with a knowing smile.

"I never doubted what your answer would be." he replied, which made Myra smile back lovingly.

"I love you John Shepard." the Asari said as she held out her right left hand to him, while he held her in his arms.

"I love you." he said back before slipping the ring onto her wedding finger, and then they clasped they hands together and kissed once more as the firework display continued overhead.'

No matter how many times she relieved that memory in her mind, Myra always felt exactly the same emotions as she did on the night each and every time, though it never lasted. Because just like someone pulling at a loose thread of a beautifully crafted tapestry, causing it to unravel and become ruined. The darker memories of her life would suddenly come to the surface, and so just as she had experienced one of the happiest moments in her long life, the Asari was again confronted by the darkest.

'Myra found herself limping into the center of a half destroyed church, wearing a Wedding dress that was tattered and burnt and no longer the bright white it was supposed to be. She tried to take a deep breath, but nearly choked on the smoke that was still lingering in the air from the small fires that littered the building. So Myra attempted to breath again through her nose, only for the smell of burnt flesh and wood to overcome her. The Asari ached all over as she walked until coming to a stop, looking with wide eyes at what surrounded her.

Because lying around her were the lifeless bodies of family friends and guests, all of them had died on what should have been a most wondrous day for all gathered there. But as she looked down at the ground in front of her, trying to focus on something other than the bodies that littered the large room. Myra took a breath and gasped in shock, as lying there at her feet was the corpse of her Mother...Liara Darby. Tears ran down the younger Asari's cheeks freely as she stared down at the body, her heart aching with despair and anguish. But then her attention was suddenly caught by the sound of a familiar male voice calling from behind her.

"...Myra..." he called out with a painful tone to his voice, earning another gasp from her as the Asari recognised who it was in an instant.

"John!" she cried out before turning around, blinking as she did so...'

But When she opened her eyes, Myra found that she was still sitting on the bench and felt someone watching her, so looked up to see that Kat was standing beside her.

"Myra...are you alright?" she asked with a caring tone, to which the Asari nodded in return.

"I just wanted to get some air, and I ended up..." she started to reply, only for her friend to cut her off.

"Thinking about the past." Kat said back with an understanding tone, which made the Rogue Spectre nod once more.


Her Human Friend then sat down beside the Asari and looked out at the ocean view.

"Want to talk some more?" she asked, earning an ever so slight smile from Myra.

'Kat, you never give up. I like that.' she thought before nodding in return.


"We talked about your Parents the last time we spoke alone, but I know there is more to what..." Kat started to say before their com-links activated simultaneously, earning a sigh from the Human.

"Kat, Myra. Its Crosscut, you there?"

"Yes." they both said at the same time, though the Asari could not help but be thankful for the timely distraction.

"I took our scan of Barla's corpse and ran it against Autobot records..." he started to say, while both Women listened intently.

"...and I came up with a match. Funny thing is….that your name comes up on the file in question Myra." the Bot added, making her eyes widen as she remembered something in return.

'Of course, why didn't I see that the first time.' she thought before raising her hand to her earpiece, gaining a curious stare from Kat.

"Are the Eudora's repairs nearly complete?" the Asari asked in return, to which she then heard Crosscut speaking to someone else off mic for a moment.

"Evac says the 'blasted toasters' should be done by the time you get back." the Bot then replied, earning a smile from Myra.

"Good, tell him to set a flight course for Lesuss. We'll head there the moment Kat and I return, Myra out." she then said before deactivating the com-link and standing up, though her friend simply looked back with a questioning expression.

"Myra, what's going on?"

"I might know someone who can help us, it's a long shot. But it's better than nothing." the Asari replied with a hopeful tone, earning a smile from Kat.

"Then what are we waiting for, let's go." she said before getting to her feet and walking back the way they came, in the direction of the Eudora.
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