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Chapter VIII

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Morinth continues to create havoc on Lesuss, but can Myra stop the Ardat-Yakshi before she claims another life.

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Tolae could only stare in wide-eyed fear at what was happening before her, as the Monstrous Asari called Morinth held Evac in her grasps. She felt that this Cybertronian had the potential to be her first real friend in centuries, just as the sisters of the Murderer standing before her could have been until that same Asari had killed them, and it was about to happen all over again and there was nothing Tolae could do as Morinth spoke once more.

"Then kiss me." she said in a seductive tone, one that the former Autobot could do nothing but obey. So he leaned his face into close towards hers with their lips only millimetres apart while his horrified friend watched.

'I can't let this happen, not again!' she thought while instinctively raising her arm up towards the embracing pair, which began to glow with biotic energy. The Mech took notice of this as it stood over her and raised it's holo-arm blades, preparing to strike her down.

When suddenly something it the robot, causing a small explosion of sparks to erupt from it's armour as it was made to stumble backwards.

"What!" Morinth snapped as she looked towards the Mech, her eyes though falling upon Tolae who simply narrowed her own back at the Ardat-Yakshi. She could not look at where the gunshot had come from, instead remaining focused on getting the murderous wretch away from her friend.

"Get away from him!" she spat before unloading a powerful biotic blast upon Morinth, which hit her hard and sent the Asari flying a few feet away while Evac then fell to his knees and held his head in his hands.

"Evac, you alright?" Tolae asked as she looked over to the Bot while slowly getting back to her feet, though unbeknownst to her. The Mech had recovered enough to reactivate it's holo-arm blades and once more lunged at her, only for a barrage of weapons fire to strike it's chest and send it back onto the ground.

"What the..?" the Tolae said aloud as she looked round to see the robot on it's back, before turning back to see two new arrivals entering the scene. This made the Ardat-Yakshi feel nervous and so she raised a glowing biotic fist at the brown-haired Human Woman approaching her, who lowered her weapon while looking down at the Asari with a friendly expression.

"It's okay, we won't hurt you." she said while kneeling down beside Tolae and offering her hand, to which the Asari looked at it and then took it in her own.

"I saw what you did to save Evac, so your ally in my eyes." the Woman added, gaining a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi in return.

"Even though you know what I am?" she asked with a slight hesitance in her voice.

"Yes, like I said….actions speak louder than words Tolae, and you can call me Kat." the Human replied before looking over to her friend, who had similarly knelt beside Evac.

"Crosscut, how is he?"

"He should be alright." the Bot said back, gaining a relieved look from the Asari before she then noticed Morinth getting back to her feet.

"Look out!" Tolae shouted, which made Kat and Crosscut look back to see the Murderous Ardat-Yakshi who looked back at them with narrowed eyes while clenching her fists tightly.

"Alright, lets see what you've got then." she replied while a blue glow surrounded her body, which made the pair aim their weapons at her.

"Tolae, we've got this. Can you keep an eye on that Mech behind us?" the Human Woman asked, gaining a nod from the other Asari as she got up and looked back at the robot, which had down the same.

"Yes, but be careful. Don't underestimate Morinth."

This earned a smirk from the Murderer in return as she looked back, ignoring the two standing before her.

"Don't worry, I will get back to you in a moment." the Ardat-Yakshi replied casually, which riled up Crosscut somewhat.

"I don't think so, we have you dead to rights." he said while pointing his twin pistols at her, as did Kat with her rifle.

"Enough talk!" the Human then said as she opened fire on Morinth, gaining the same reaction from her friend before a barrier appeared between them and their enemy. Their combined gunfire only impacting harmlessly against the energy field, which only made the Asari's smile widen in return.

"You people and your guns, you never learn." she replied before punching a fist before her, which made the barrier collapse into pure energy that then flew into the pair and knocked them onto the ground.

Meanwhile Tolae had begun fighting with the Mech once more, with the droid swinging it's blades at her. But the Asari dodged each and every attack, using small biotic fields to deflect and stop the blades from hitting her as she moved around the robot. But then it lunged forward with one of it's sharp weapons, which made her fall to her knees and lean back as far as she could so that the attack would go right over her. Tolae then focused all of her biotic energy into her hands which she then pushed into the Mech's armoured chest and released the energy. This created a blue explosion of light that sent the robot flying over her and into the side of the mountain behind her.

'I hope that was enough to stop it.' she thought while getting back to her feet and looking back at the droid which had fallen to the ground with a thud, before the sounds of gunfire and biotic energy blasts caused her to sin around to see Morinth fighting with both Kat and Crosscut. Tolae could tell that the Murderer was toying with the pair, playfully dodging their attacks and only hitting back when an opening appeared. As their adversary hit the Human Woman in the back and knocked her away, the former Autobot came back at her with his pistols firing. But Morinth simply covered herself in biotic energy again which deflected the bullets again, before hitting him with a biotic blast.

Kat got back to her feet and equipped her combat knife while turning around just in time to see her friend hit the ground hard once more, so she gritted her teeth and lunged at the Ardat-Yakshi. But Morinth saw her coming and managed to duck below the attack and began to throw a biotic punch, only to be stopped mid-attack by Kat who kneed her in the face. This made the Asari stumble back while the Human then swiped her combat knife and sliced her enemy's arm, earning a grimace from her as she then threw a biotic blast in retaliation. Kat though spun around and backhanded Morinth in the face, knocking the Ardat-Yakshi onto the ground.

"Stay down!" she warned while quickly re-equipping her rifle with her free hand, but the enemy Asari simply looked up at her and wiped the trickle of blood from her mouth with a smile.

"There are so few others who have made me bleed, I like you." she replied with a seductive tone, but Kat simply stared back with disgust.

"Save it, you're not my type."

"Pity, the pleasures I could give you before you die." Morinth replied whilst slowly moving her left hand over her right, while keeping her eyes on the Woman in an effort to maintain her attention.

'That's it, look into my eyes.' she thought, but Kat noticed her sleight of hand and tightened her finger around the rifle's trigger.

"Stop what you're doing, right now!" she said before suddenly Crosscut got up and grabbed the Ardat-Yakshi from behind.

"That's it, I've got you now." he stated, earning a smile from Morinth as Kat looked on in surprise.

"Have you now?" she asked with a curious tone while taking note that Tolae was moving towards them, so she tapped the top of her right hand and activated her holo-tool. And even though Kat and Crosscut both noticed this, they did not get chance to say something as Morinth's ship suddenly powered up and lifted off the ground nearby.

"What the..!" the Human exclaimed in both surprise and confusion at the craft, earning a smirk from the Ardat-Yakshi as it's weapons then targeted the two women and fired.

"Get down!" Tolae shouted as she tackled Kat to the ground just in time as the shot hit the area where they had stood, sending snow and earth into the air.

"Kat!" Crosscut shouted while holding onto Morinth who herself noticed that despite the strong hold he had her in, that he was now more concerned with his friend and so his attention was elsewhere. So she channelled her biotics through her body, which then burst out like a pulse which electrocuted the Bot and sent him flying off the cliff behind her.

"Crosscut!" Kat screamed as she watched with a horrified expression as he started to fall out of view, but then a blue light enveloped him and stopped his fall while Morinth was suddenly hit by a biotic blast from above, which knocked her onto her back. Everyone else looked up to see Myra and Jethra drop down to them, their bodies glowing as their biotics slowed down so they could land gracefully beside the others.

"Myra, you made it." Kat exclaimed while the Asari then brought Crosscut back onto solid ground, while the Superintendent kept her eyes on their enemy as she slowly recovered.

"Get Evac to safety." the Darby replied, gaining a nod from the Bot while the Human looked back at her questioningly.


"You guys are no match for her biotics, now go." the Asari said back, earning a reluctant nod from Kat before she joined Crosscut and picked up the Pilot while Tolae joined Jethra.

"I wish to help, to make Morinth pay for murdering her 'entire' family." she said, gaining a friendly if stoic smile from the older Woman.

"You should help your friend, let us deal with her."

"Very well, be careful." the Asari replied before joining the others as they started to leave the area, so Jethra and Myra returned their attention to Morinth who was now on her knees.

"Stay down Morinth." the Superintendent said in a commanding tone, which gained a smirk from the Ardat-Yakshi in return as she looked at the pair.

"Or what, you going to 'sucker punch' me again? I thought you Matriarchs were more civilised than that."

"Why did you do it, why kill your own Mother?" The young Darby asked, her voice laced with anger and small slither of confusion.

"Because she deserved it, Samara was not the Woman who raised my sisters and I. She betrayed me, tried to kill I just returned the favor...though far more permanently." she spat back.

"We should not attempt to reason with her, Morinth is nothing more than a murderous animal now. Killing Samara...and her sisters as Tolae says, shows that there can be no redemption in this life for her..." Jethra said back, earning a hateful stare from their adversary.

"...All that is left is for us to deliver the justice upon her that her victims deserve." she added, making her fists glow as she clenched them.

"Oh, but my dear Superintendent. Are you aware that you have not one, but 'two' fugitives in your midst..." Morinth then said with a knowing look, which earned a questioning look from Jethra as the Murderer slowly got to her feet and pointed at Myra.

"...or do you not recognise Myra Darby, Rogue Spectre. Are you sure you even want her help?" she continued, hoping to inflict some doubt between the pair. But Jethra looked over to the young Darby, a slight smile appearing on her face.

"I already knew who Myra was when she arrived..." she started to say, gaining a surprised look from the Rogue Spectre.

"...Samara vouched for Myra and that was all I needed to know that she was not as the Autobots would have us believe, and I still have yet to see any evidence to contradict my view." she added, which made Myra nod back with an appreciative smile before they both returned their attention to the Ardat-Yakshi.

"Nice try Morinth, but you're not going to make this easier for you by taking our attention from stopping you." the younger Asari replied, which made the Ardat-Yakshi smirk back in return.

"Like I need any help to beat you two, after all I have my ship behind me with it's guns pointing directly at you..." she started to reply, only for Jethra to cut her off.

"That is only if you get the chance to program it with your holo-tool, which we will not give you."

"Then let's get on with it!" Morinth then spat as she swiped her glowing arm up in an uppercut-like motion, sending snow up at the pair as a distraction. But as the two Asari brought up an arm each to protect their faces from the iced water, Myra fired another biotic blast which the Ardat-Yakshi narrowly escaped by leaping to her left. She ducked into a roll and finished in a kneeling position with her finger ready to activate her holo-tool, but then the Superintendent tackled her to the ground before she had a chance to.

"I already told you that wasn't going to happen." she said again while holding down the younger Asari's hands, earning a grunt from Morinth as she gritted her teeth as she struggled.

"Did you really think I would take you and that pathetic Darby on 'my own'?" she managed to say, earning a wide-eyed look expression from the older Woman as she looked back to Myra.

"Look out!" she shouted, noticing a figure walking up behind the Rogue Spectre. But just as the younger Darby started to around and face whoever it was, she was suddenly backhanded in the face and fell onto her back. This made Morinth smile as it was revealed to be the Mech, though ever so slightly damaged in it's chest armour as it then stormed at Jethra. The Matriarch had no choice but to let go of the Ardat-Yakshi and defend herself, with the droid swinging it's holo-arm blades at her.

But she managed to defend herself by blocking each and every attack with her forearms which were surrounded by biotic energy, but the older Asari was so focused on keeping the relentless Mech's attacks at bay, Jethra unintentionally gave the Ardat-Yakshi the moment she needed as Morinth sprang up and grabbed the Superintendent's head.

"What…!" she managed to say in surprise, before the Murderer began to focus her biotic energies around the older Asari's head.

"Working for that Darby's 'enemy' really does have it's advantages, but there are things I like to do myself." she said while making her hands glow even brighter as they grasped either side of the older Woman's head. This made Jethra grimace and moan in pain as it felt like her head was slowly being crushed, so she reached up with her hands and tried desperately to pry the other's off her. But this left her at the mercy of the Mech, who simply attacked again and stabbed the Asari deeply in her stomach with one of it's arm-blades.

"Arrrgh!" she screamed in pain, earning an wide-eyed stare from Myra as she got back to her feet.

"No!" the younger Darby exclaimed as Morinth then smiled back darkly, before throwing the fatally wounded Asari to the side with her biotics.

"I do not always need to do things myself." she started to say as the Rogue Spectre lunged at her with a fist, only for the Mech to block and hit her back.

"Keep her busy while I escape, because unfortunately I can't kill her." she said, earning a nod from the droid before then attacked Myra again. The Ardat-Yakshi then tapped her holo-tool and made her ship fly a little closer to the edge of the cliff, dropping it's landing ramp as she watched the Darby and her Mech fight.

"So long Myra." she then said loudly before jumping onto the ramp, gaining an angered look from the younger Asari as she looked over the druid's shoulder while grabbing a hold of it's right arm. She could do nothing but watch as Morinth disappeared into her ship before it pulled away from the cliff, before turning around and flying out of sight as it ascended high into the cloud covered sky.

Myra then turned her attention back to the Mech, who was staring back at her with it's blue optics as it struggled against her hold which itself was being strengthened by her biotics. For her hand was glowing a bright blue as she gritted her teeth and then yanked her arm back, ripping the Mech's arm from it's socket which exploded with sparks as it stumbled forward.

Myra then swung the arm and smacked it against the Droid's head, making it stumble backwards before the Asari then made her left fist glow even brighter while her body became enveloped in biotic energy. The robot then corrected itself and immediately attempted to lunge back at her with it's only remaining arm, but then suddenly the Rogue Spectre unleashed a biotic charge and punched her fist clear through it's chest while using her inertial to send the droid smashing into the cliff face once more.

She then stood there and watched Mech slump to the floor with a fist sized hole in its armoured chest that had blue liquid spilling out of it, while it's optics flickered to nothing.

'That droid took some killing.' she thought before a faint painful moan caught her attention, making the Asari turn around to see Jethra lying in the snow just away from her.

"Jethra!" she exclaimed while joining the Superintendent's side, quickly taking out the medi-gel spray from her utility belt and treating the wound despite the amount of blood that was pouring out from it.

"Your going to be alright." Myra said as she tended to the wound but then a hand grabbed hers gently, making her look at Jethra's face.

"No, it's...too late" she said with a little blood trickling from her mouth, while the younger Asari also noticed how bloodshot her eyes were. And then for an ever so quick moment, Myra froze as she looked down at her injured acquaintance.

'No, she looks just like…' she thought as the image of Jethra lying before her brought up a very painful memory of hers, one that has haunted the Rogue Spectre for most of her life as her eyes began to well up.

'No, not now!' she thought as she refocused on the present and buried the pain back beneath the surface as she activated her holo-tool and took a quick scan, looking ever more horrified as the results appeared before her.

"Your's...your…haemorrhaging..." she started to say with a shocked tone, only for the Superintendent to cut her off with a splutter as she cough up some more blood.

"...Like I's too late, for I before anything...can be done" Jethra started to say as she took Myra's arm in her hand, moving it and the Medi-Gel she was holding away from her wound and allowing it to remain open and bleed out, which made the younger Asari look back with a surprised and saddened expression.

" you with Morinth, as...she will...lead you to...who you seek." the Matriarch added, making Myra double blink in return.

"What do you..." she started say, only for the dying Asari to cut her off again.

"She is…working for…Vasir…"

The mention of that name made the young Darby's eyes widen, earning an ever so slight smile from Jethra despite the pain she was in.

"…so…go after her. And take…Tolae with you, I…know she will…want to help."

"But she's an Ardat-Yakshi too, shouldn't she stay here?" Myra replied with a curious tone, making the Superintendent shake her head slightly.

"No, I have not…yet told her. But I was going…to let her…visit the Home-world…next month, Tolae more than deserves…that chance. For she is…unlike…most of…our residents, so…let her join…your crew…and tell her…that I…am…very…proud…of….." she started to say before her bloodshot eyes glazed over and her head tilted to the right, as she breathed one last time before finally succumbing to her injuries while Myra's holo-tool showed the flat-line on it's screen.

So the Rogue Spectre deactivated that function before turning her attention to the now dead Asari, closing Jethra's eyes as her hand moved over them while the snow continued to fall around them.

"I will honour your wish Jethra, and Morinth will pay for what she has done… I swear." she said in a soft yet resolute tone before standing back up and looking out at the snowy mountains around her.

'No matter where I go, now matter what I do, someone always dies and…Vasir is always a part of it. This has to stop.' she thought when suddenly her holo-tool reactivated and beeped, snapping the Asari out of it as she looked down and gave a puzzled expression at what she saw.

'That's the Energon detector, why would that activate?' she thought while looking down at the screen which showed a map of the area she stood in with a bleeping blue dot just aways from her, making the Rogue Spectre turn around and face the direction it was in.

'How can I be getting an Energon reading, there has been none in this Galaxy for the over five hundred years now.'

But then her eyes fell upon the aqua blue liquid that now stained the body of the deactivated Mech while a small puddle lay at it's feet, gaining a wide-eyed stare from Myra in return.

"That's impossible.' she thought while running a scan of the liquid with her holo-tool, before tapping her com-link.

"This is Myra, anyone reading me?" she said, before a male voice spoke back a second later.

"Kat here, are you alright? Did you stop that Asari?" her friend asked, which gained a sigh from the young Darby.

"No, she got away…" she started to say before going quiet, which earned a worried tone from the Human in return.

"Myra? What has happened?"

"…Morinth killed Jethra, I couldn't save her." the Asari replied with a guilty tone.

"I am sorry Myra, I really am. But whatever happened, please don't blame yourself for it is not your fault." Kat said back in a supportive tone, which the Rogue Spectre could not help but agree with.

'Kat is right, I should not feel responsible for what happened. Morinth is the one that should bear the weight of this, which is something I want to ensure she comes to know.' she thought, before the Human Woman's voice snapped her from her thoughts.


"Yes, I'm still here and you are right." the Asari replied with an honest tone as she looked down at the Mech's body.

"Of course I am, now are you on your way back?" Kat asked, making Myra shake her head.

"No, I want to bring Jethra's body back with me and there is also something else….so if Evac is feeling better, then I need him to get back to the Eudora and activate a ground-bridge for me."

"Yes, Evac can do that…..he is on his way now. What did you mean by there is something else?" Kat then asked with a curious tone.

"That Mech Morinth had with her, there is something really off about it. I want to get it back to the ship for further study." Myra said back.

"Okay, I'll get Crosscut go through the vortex to help you when we get back to the Eudora. Will you be alright until then, because it will be another few minutes?" her friend asked, earning a nod from the young Asari.

"Yes, I'll be alright. Myra out." she then said before deactivating the com-link and looking back out at the mountainous terrain that surrounded the Monastery, noticing that the cloud was clearing in the distance as the blue sky could just be seen through the snow fall.


A few seconds later, Morinth's shuttle had left Lesuss's atmosphere and was now flying out of the system as fast as it's sub-light engines would allow it, with the Ardat-Yakshi sitting in the Pilot's seat in it's Cockpit as she worked it's holo-controls. She was smiling to herself as she looked out at the vast expanse of stars just beyond the glass canopy before her, with the only real light in the room coming from the red and orange glow of the ship's interface.

"Computer, how much time remains until the Space-Bridge Generator can be activated?" she asked while looking at a holo-screens being emitted to her right, showing that particular device powering up.

"It will reach full power in approximately three standard minutes." a red holo-drone then replied as it appeared to the Asari's left, gaining an angered sigh from her in return.

"Very well."

'Despite how good it felt to finally make my Mother pay for what she had me endure throughout my life, I just want to get away from this star-system and bring an end to the constant surveillance of that Darby Bitch…' she thought as she waved the right holo-screen away and brought up another one, this showing the modifications Morinth had made to the Eudora.

'…After I tell Vasir of what I did down there, she will hopefully agree with me and allow me to finally do more with my abilities.'

But then the holo-drone moved in front of the Asari and beeped, bringing Morinth out of her thoughts as she looked back at it with an annoyed expression.

"What is it?"

"You are receiving a coded transmission, should I recalibrate our communications array to make contact?" it asked in it's synthesised and emotionless voice, earning a nod from the Pilot in return.

"Very well, put it on screen." she said, which made the Drone move back to her left as another holo-screen appeared before her and activated to show the face of Vasir staring back with an aggressive tone.

"Hello Morinth, I want you to meet me at these coordinates. Because I think it is time we had a chat." she said with a calm tone, yet the Asari could tell that anger underlined her words.

"What is this about? I am now heading back to base." the Ardat-Yakshi replied with a curious tone, but the Leviathan leader just stared back with a knowing expression.

"Don't play coy with me, did you think I would not hear about what you did the moment you did it. Just meet me here, now!" Vasir replied with a commanding voice before her image fizzled to nothing on the screen, gaining an unsure look from the Asari.

'Oh shit.' she thought before the drone reappeared beside her, flashing a green light within it's holo-form.

"Space-Bridge Generator powered up and ready for use." it said back, earning a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi as she typed in the coordinates that Vasir had sent her.

"Very well, opening a vortex in three, two, one…" she started to say, before a green portal opened up before her shuttle which then flew right into it before closing again.

Meanwhile Vasir stood in the CIC of her ship, looking around at the various alien members of her crew that manned the stations around her. There were numerous Asari, Krogan, Turian, Salarian and even the odd Human or two. It had not been hard for the Asari to gain followers, especially since much of what had befallen the Federation and it's members over last five hundred years had been of her own doing, from behind the scenes of course.

'Thanks to Benezia's teachings of subterfuge and espionage from her time as the Shadow Broker, I have managed to build all of this in her name.' she thought while looking back out at the star field just beyond the CIC's glass canopy, for Leviathan was very much the continuation of the work started by the Shadow Broker. Even most of the resources that had been built up under Benezia's leadership had been used by Vasir in her plan to not only bring about the downfall of the Cybertronians and there Federation, but also bring an end to the one person who killed the Leviathan Leader's Mentor.

'Even after all this time, Liara T'Soni's death still brings a smile to my face. I know Benezia would feel the same.' she thought with a smile before one of her crew walked up to her and gained her attention, pulling Vasir from her thoughts.

"Yes, what is it?" she asked, which made the Turian pass her a pad in return.

"Here is the current status on all Leviathan projects…" he started to say, gaining a nod from the Asari as she looked at the pad before then switching the data to a holo-screen that covered the canopy.

"…as you can see, they are all on schedule for the calculated completion times. Even Project: Titan is moving faster than our original projections, it should be completed within the next week or so." the Turian added, which brought a smile to Vasir's face.

"Excellent, when it is completed I will be moving my flag to that then. In the meantime, how is Project: Crimson Rage progressing?"

"Funny you should ask that?" another male voice spoke from just aways, gaining the attention of the pair as they saw a man in red and aqua blue armour walking towards them with a pair of Mechs behind him.

'Inferno, my pet Terracon.' she thought as the Con stopped before them.

"We have hit a snag in it's development." he replied, gaining a widened stare from the Asari as she gestured for the Turian to leave.

"What kind of snag are you talking about Inferno?" After all you did say that the serum was coming along well." she replied with a questioning tone.

"The serum as you know is a combination of an aspect of the narcotic 'Red Sand', namely the part that super stimulates an Asari's Biotic potential. As well as a formula that replicates the Terracon's ability to use it's Beast mode, so if this serum is used by Asari, then it would overpower their biotics while also increasing their strength, stamina and endurance by one hundred percent. While if any non-Asari were to use it, then they would gain temporary Biotics as well as the rest of it's benefits as well." Inferno started to explain, only for the Leviathan Leader to cut him off.

"Yes, I know all of that. What is your point?"

"Your lab has successfully synthesised the serum and it works, but only before the subjects are driven insane by their own increasing rage and savagery." the Man added, making Vasir slam her fist into the computer terminal beside her.

"Damn it! All I want is to give Leviathan the advantages it requires to meet my goals, the Mechs infused with the fully refined Synthetic Energon are a start…" she then started to say while gesturing to the droids standing nearby.

"…as well as our other 'discovery' on Tuchanka, which is nearly completed by the way. But this serum would ensure that Leviathan, an Organisation made up of those who wish to see a Galaxy run by them… is more than a match for the crumbling Federation and it's Autobots." she continued to rant while activating her holo-tool and bringing up another larger screen before the pair, showing the Milky Way and numerous data about it's separate Alien governments.

"Look, the galaxy is at a tipping point. All of our patience and hard work is paying off, the galactic community is falling apart and ready for war. The time for us to come in and take control is approaching rapidly, so please tell me what it is that is currently bringing us up short of readiness?" Vasir finished, which made the Terracon smirk and activate his own holo-tool as he then transferred data to the main screen.

"As you know, I like my Terracon Brothers are only clones. We were produced by the long deceased Manic known as Galvatron to be mere cannon fodder for him during his personal war with the Autobots. And there in lies the problem…" he started to say, gaining a confused look from the Asari.

"the problem being?" she replied.

"…as clones, our CNA is not pure enough to fix the problem with our serum. We need a purer sample from an already existing Predacon. So we basically need….'hers'." he added while bringing up the image of a woman on the screen, which made Vasir stare back wide-eyed until a smile graced her face.

"Well then, what are we waiting for. Let's go get her."
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