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Chapter IX

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While Myra and her friends deal with the fallout of what happened on Lesuss, an unexpected clue appears which will lead the team closer to Vasir. Meanwhile the Leviathan Leader hatches a plan to ki...

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Everything was quiet inside the Great Hall of the Lesuss Monastery, despite all the residents and it's staff present inside it's walls. For right at this moment, they were holding the joint funeral of both Superintendent Jethra and Justicar Samara. Myra and her friends were also in attendance as they stood amongst everyone else as they paid their respects to the two deceased Asari, as well as listening to each person who took to the stage and said a few words, which mainly was them reminiscing about the times they had shared with either of the pair. This brought sad smiles and tears from many in the audience, as they all took the time to remember the pair for who they were.

Even Myra and Tolae took their turns to share their experiences with both Women, with the Rogue Spectre commenting on the Justicar's strong resolve and loyalty to those that she cared about. And that it was an honour to have fought alongside and learned from such a Woman, while Tolae spoke of both Jethra's and Samara's teachings to her and their encouragement to become better than what her life had led her to believe she was.

The latter even began to sing an Asari-hymn, one that every other joined in with, even Myra did as her friends remained quiet and listened while the entire room sang in unison as their voices echoed throughout the Great Hall. This brought a smile to Kat and Evac as they looked on at their respective Asari friends, watching them both give their all as their vocals led the rest in harmony. And while they sang, sun light shone down through the massive stained glass windows and enveloped the two coffins in it's warm light.

When the ceremony came to an end, the residents and staff started to exit the Hall and return to their daily schedules as Crosscut, Kat and Evac waited at it's entrance, while Myra and Tolae took a moment to speak to another Asari.

"That was a very touching ceremony, thank you both for your contributions. I know Jethra and Samara would have appreciated it." she said, gaining thankful smiles from the younger pair as they stood before her.

"Matriarch Gallae, Tolae has told me that you are now the acting Superintendent of the Monastery." the young Darby said, gaining a nod from her.

"Yes, I would rather not. No one knew how to keep this Monastery functioning quite like Jethra, but apparently I was her choice to be next in line should anything happen to her." Gallae replied with an unsure tone, so Myra placed a hand on her shoulder in support.

"I am sure you will live up to the faith that Jethra had in choosing you, she had a adept skill in reading people so I know that she since has singled you out as the one to follow on from her that you are the right choice." she said back, gaining an appreciative smile in return as the older Asari nodded back.

"Thank you Myra Darby and after updating myself on Jethra's journals, I will honour her wish not for the Autobots to be informed of your part in the events that have transpired here. I feel it is the most I can do for what you did to help defend this Monastery, I wish I could do more…" the acting Superintendent replied before turning her attention to Tolae.

"…and I will also honour her wish for you to go with our new friends here Tolae, for I too have seen that you are more than ready to see what lies beyond these walls."

"Thank you Matriarch Gallae, I am honoured that both you and Jethra believe I am ready...I will not let you down." the Ardat Yakshi replied, which made Gallae nod back with a smile.

"I know you won't..." she said, before returning her attention to the Spectre.

"Tolae is now a member of your crew Myra, take care of her."

"We will, she has already done a lot for us so we will do the same for her..." Myra replied, before the Superintendent's com-link activated and cut her off.

"Yea...they are here, in orbit. Okay, thank you for informing me. Have them come down and land in the next thirty minutes, Galle out." she said.

"Let me guess, that's the Autobot cruiser entering the system." the Darby said back, gaining a nod from the older Asari.

"Yes, they will be here soon. So I guess you should leave before they arrive."

"Alright, well we will get out of hair then..." Myra started to say before looking back at her friends.

"...Evac, power up the Eudora. We are leaving."

"Way ahead of you Myra, the Eudora is ready to fly." the Pilot replied with a wink as he typed on his holo-tool, earning a smirk from both her and Tolae.

"Well I wish you luck, I hope you can catch up to Morinth and bring her to justice for what she did to our Monastery." Gallae then said while holding out a hand to the younger Asari, who then shook it with her own.

"I will and then Vasir will suffer a similar fate."

"Of course. Farewell Myra, until we meet again." the Superintendent replied before turning around and leaving the pair, who did the same and headed back to the others.

"Alright guys, we are heading out." the Darby then said as Kat and Crosscut walked either side of her, while Tolae joined Evac. The gave her a warm smile as they followed the others towards the Monastery's exit, which unbeknownst to him made her heart warm.

"You have a beautiful singing voice, did you know that?" he asked, making her blush slightly in return as she looked down at the ground.

"I never really thought about it, plus no one has said it like that before." she replied, before looking back and noticing the golden glow of his irises.

"Your eyes, I never noticed that before." Tolae then said, which earned a surprised look from Evac as he saw the way she was looking at him.

"What do…you mean?" the Bot replied, feeling a little uncomfortable with the way she was staring at him as they walked.

"Well, they just appear to be glowing." she said back whilst looking into his eyes, like she found them enchanting. This made Evac's eyes widen as something came to his mind all of a sudden.

"Oh, you mean my implants." he said, making the Asari look back curiously.


"Yes, I had my eyes fitted with ocular implants that allow me to view the Eudora's sensor readouts and my holo-tool upgraded with a mobile piloting program, meaning I can fly the ship without needing to physically be in the Pilot's seat." he replied, earning a smile from her in return.

"Impressive, but it is only visible if active…right?" she asked, gaining a nod from the Bot.

"Yes, that's correct." he said back.

"Good, because even though it looks nice. I do prefer to look into your more natural green ones." Tolae replied with a kind smile, earning a similar expression from the Pilot as they walked together.

"Hey guys, I am the only here who thinks Evac and our newest team-member look rather cute together?" Kat whispered as she glanced back at the Pilot and Asari, gaining a nod from Myra while Crosscut looked a little unsure.

"I know she helped us against Morinth and saved his life, but can we really just leave them alone together. I mean she is still an Ardat-Yakshi after all?" he whispered back, which earned a nod from the Rogue Spectre.

"I understand your hesitation Crosscut, but Jethra assured me before she passed away that Tolae would be fine with us. And I have not seen anything like Morinth's behaviour in the way she acts, have you..?" she replied, making the Bot shake his head in return.

"…And I can't help but feel that harming Evac, is far from what she wants to do to him." Myra than added, gaining a nod from Kat.

"I agree, I think she generally cares about him and is more likely to harm those that would harm him."

"Yeah, okay. I get what your both saying." Crosscut replied with a defeated tone as the group exited the building and saw the Eudora hovering over the landing platform ahead of them.

"What did I tell you, it's ready and waiting." Evac then said in a happy tone as he tapped his holo-tool, which made the entry ramp drop down and grant them access. This earned an eye roll from Crosscut who just sighed and walked up into the ship's interior, while Kat and Myra simply smiled back at the Bot.

"Good job Evac. Once we are airborne, take into the mountains and activate the Space-bridge Generator." the Darby then said, gaining a nod from the Pilot.

"I get it, use the mountainous region to hide us from any possible sensor scans that the Autobot ship might make." he replied before the Asari and her Human friend then turned around and followed Crosscut, leaving the Bot with Tolae as she turned around and looked back at the Monastery with a thoughtful expression.

"What's wrong?" he asked, bringing her attention back to him.

"Oh, it's nothing. But now that I am leaving, I find myself somewhat reluctant to go." she replied before looking back at the temple-like building, while Evac joined her side.

"I understand, leaving home is never easy. I went through it myself when I joined the Autobots…" the Bot started to say, regaining the Asari's attention he continued to speak.

"…I was Eighteen at the time and thought I was ready for everything, like Teenagers do. When the moment came, I began questioning myself. But it was just nerves and it passes, they always do." he added, gaining a smile from Tolae in return.

"Your right, wouldn't think that such wise words would come from one so young. I mean when compared to one such as myself." she replied with a respectful tone, which made Evac smile back with a slightly embarrassed expression.

"Okay, well I don't know if the others would agree with you…but thanks." he said back, as her smile widened.

"You're welcome."

"So, all a board." the Pilot then said whilst gesturing to his friend as he turned back toward the Eudora, gaining a nod from her in return as she joined him. But just as she stepped onto the ramp, the Asari then looked back at the Monastery. This did not go unnoticed by Evac as he was just behind her, so he tapped onto his holo-tool and made another holo-device appear around his left arm.

"Okay, how about I give you a good view of the place then." he said, making her stare back with a confused expression which just made him smile back as the Eudora suddenly began to rise up, which surprised the Asari as she grabbed onto the safety rail beside her.

"It's alright, your not going to fall." the Pilot then said as she stepped beside her, while she looked out as the ground appeared to shrink below them as the ship ascended up into the air.

"What are you doing?" Tolae asked.

"Making your last look at the place a memorable one." he replied as he then made the ship fly over the Monastery, giving the Asari a perfect view of the entire facility as it passed beneath her slowly. Once it had gone out of her view, the Woman then looked back at him with an appreciative smile.

"Thank you." she said, making him smile back as he then pressed another button and made the entry ramp ascend, taking the pair into the ship's interior.

"Your more than welcome Tolae." he replied before the Eudora then descended down into the mountains before flying into a bright green vortex, which disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.


Morinth walked down on of the many corridors of Vasir's ship, having arrived from Lesuss only a few minutes earlier. And she could not help but feel that everyone she passed by was staring down at her, like they knew what she had done on that planet. The Asari could feel their eyes on her while she simply looked ahead and focused on heading to the CIC.

'I swear, I will kill someone if I have to continue being starred down at for much longer.' the Ardat-Yakshi thought as she walked past a pair of Turians, who simply looked back with disgust. This made Morinth clench her right hand into a fist, bringing the blue hue of biotic energy out as it enveloped the appendage. But even this look of possible retaliation did not deter the stares, as numerous crew-members stopped what they were doing and looked at the Asari.

Despite the gauntlet of angry stares that Morinth had to endure on her way from the Shuttle-Bay, she did make it to the CIC and saw Vasir standing alongside Inferno. She narrowed her eyes while staring at the Terracon, for he was yet another person she did not trust or particularly like.

'Great, the Machine which plays at being a 'person' is with Vasir now.' she thought as while watching the pair from the room's entrance. For she did not trust Machines, or at least ones that believed their were real people.

'The only good Synthetics are the ones that do as they are instructed and do not think for themselves.' she added, before being brought out of her thoughts by the Leviathan Leader.

"Morinth, get over here." Vasir said in an unreadable tone as she glanced over at the Ardat-Yakshi, earning a smirk from Inferno as he looked back at Morinth who walked over to them. This made the Murderer grit her teeth in response, for she wanted nothing more than to wipe that grin of his face. But she quickly brought her attention back to the Vasir, who had her back to the Murderer as she joined the pair.

"Vasir, about…." the Asari began to say, only to be cut off by the Leviathan Leader who spun around and backhanded her in the face.

"I don't want to hear your excuses." she spat as Morinth fell to the ground, earning a chuckle from the Cybertronian as he looked down at her.

"You disobeyed my orders, went down to Lesuss and murdered not only your Mother…who is also a Justicar, but also the Superintendent of that Monastery." Vasir continued, while Morinth spat out a trickle of blood before looking up at her.

"I went down there to check on the homing beacon I placed on Darby's ship, to make sure that it is still operating properly."

But the older Asari simply looked down at her with a knowing expression as she activated her holo-tool.

"Oh really, well as you can see the signal from the Eudora has worked perfectly fine from not only the time before it arrived at Lesuss, but even now that they have left." Vasir said back while motioning at the large holo-screen that had appeared overhead, making her shake her head before continuing.

"No, you went down there to kill your Mother. I knew I should have called you back here the moment that Darby and her friends set course for that planet…" she added before looking back at Morinth who was no on her knees.

"…you just couldn't help yourself, and in doing so have brought Leviathan and myself into the spotlight." Vasir then finished, earning a surprised look from the Ardat-Yakshi.

"What, no. Myra has no idea of my connection to you, I swear." she replied with an urgent tone, which made the Leviathan Leader look back with a knowing expression.

"Are you sure about that?" the Asari said back, earning a somewhat worried look from Morinth.

"Well…I did tell that Superintendent before killing her but…no, there is no way that Myra or her friends would know."

"You better be right about this Morinth…" Vasir then said with a cold-hearted stare, pointing her finger at the Ardat-Yakshi who began to look worried as Inferno smirked.

"…because if your wrong, then I will flay you alive. I already informed everyone in my organisation of your disobedience, so you will have to work extra hard to regain their and my trust." she added, gaining a grateful nod from the Murderer in return.

"I understand." she replied with a sigh, while the Leviathan Leader turned her attention to the large holo-screen overhead.

"You can start by assisting Inferno here in capturing the Autobots Elite Spectre…Ser-Ket." the Asari continued as she brought up the Femme's image on the screen, but then the Terracon gestured to Vasir and gained both Women's attention.

"Actually Vasir, I would prefer you not team Morinth with myself." he replied, not even trying to hide his discontent towards the Murderer.

"And why is that?" the older Asari stated with a curious tone, which also earned a narrow eyed look from Morinth as she stared daggers at the Con.

"Because I don't trust her, never have, never will. And I do not need the help, for I already have at team of my own."

"I was not aware that you had recruited anyone?" Vasir then asked, still looking at Inferno with a curious expression.

"Every time I hunted down fellow Terracons for you, I gave them a choice first. Either work with me or die, though the latter was not going to happen till after you had experimented on them first." he replied before tapping his com-link and looking back to the CIC's entrance, which made both Vasir and Morinth look back too.

And just as they did so, four Caucasian-looking Cybertronians walked in towards the trio. Three Cons and a single Femme, all wearing similar looking armour though each had a different colour scheme.

"We have Scylla…" Inferno started to say while gesturing to the female Terracon, who had a red pixie-cut hair style and wore silver and bronze light armour over her athletic frame.

"…Hardhead…" he added as a Man long black hair in a ponytail stood beside the Femme, while wearing purple and blue armour over his rather built physique.

"…Archadis…" Inferno then said while gesturing to another Man who had short blonde hair, and was wearing bronze and red armour.

"…and finally…Devron, my second in Command." the Terracon finished as a rather calm and calculating Con with a shaven head joined the group, wearing black and orange armour.

"These four believe as I do, that we Terracons were created for more than just guard duty, which over the last five hundred years is all we have been doing under the Autobots." Inferno then said, earning a nod from Vasir in return.

"I see, and you think that you will be enough to capture Ser-Ket?" she asked while looking around the new group before her, which earned a confident smile from Devron.

"Believe me…Vasir, we would like nothing more than to bring you the 'one' that has led our kind astray."

"It would be our genuine pleasure." Scylla added, gaining nods from both Hardhead and Archadis in return. This gained a smile from the Leviathan Leader as she looked at each of them, before returning her attention to Inferno.

"Very well, so you and your Terracon team…" she began to say, only for the Con to cut her off suddenly.

"With all due respect Vasir, but even though we are Terracons. That is not a name that we wish to be referred to from this moment onwards." he said, gaining a surprised yet curious expression from the older Asari.

"So what should we all call you then?" she asked, which made Inferno look at the other Terracons standing with him, a thoughtful expression appearing on his face.

"Over the centuries since our reawakening by the hands of Galvatron, we have managed to recover a fair amount of our memories from the time where we ruled Cybertron with our Predacon Masters. And there was a group made up of the only Terracons which Predaking himself considered the most fearless and ferocious of our kind, which we wish to honour now." he said, gaining a bored expression from Morinth.

"And they were?" she replied while almost yawning in return, regaining the Con's attention as he looked back at the Asari pair.

"Destrons, that is what we will be referred to now. And we will do the name proud by delivering

...this Predacon traitor Ser-Ket to you."

"Very well, you have my support in this. But even all that confidence that you are exerting right now, would not be enough to get you near Ser-Ket. For her Command is situated on Unity Station, the current heart of the Federation." Vasir replied, gaining a knowing look from Morinth as the others watched.

"And who was it that gave them the incentive to even build that floating community in space, I mean has as many defences as the Citadel used to. And only the Reapers had the strength for a full on assault." she said, earning an annoyed expression from the older Asari.

"It may have been Leviathan and myself that helped create the circumstances that brought about it's construction, but you are right about it's defences Morinth. We can't reveal ourselves with an all out attack, nor do I wish for us to attempt to kidnap Ser-Ket with a stealth mission." she replied, which made the Destrons and even Morinth look back with confused and curious stares.

"And why is that? For it seems to be the most logical choice available to us." the Murderer asked.

"Because I have interests on Unity that could be compromised with even the smallest mission taking place there so no, I will not sanction missions there since." Vasir answered, which made Inferno smile as he finally decided to speak.

"Then in that case, how about we lure Ser-Ket away from the safety of Unity and ambush her at a place of our choosing." he said, earning a smile from the Leviathan Leader.

"Now that is what I call a good idea, What did you have in mind?" she asked, making the Con's smile widen as he used his holo-tool to change the data on the large screen overhead.

"Well lets start with..." he began to say as the group started to plot Ser-Ket's demise.


Meanwhile Myra, Kat and Crosscut stood around the heavily damaged husk of the Mech as it lied on main table in the Eudora's workshop...or as the latter like to call it. He was currently scanning the wreck with his holo-tool while the Women watched, their attention solely on the what was happening before them.

"So you have been scanning this for a few minutes now, found anything of interest yet?" the Asari asked, which made the Bot tap his holo-tool again and transfer the data to the nearby screen.

"Yes, not only was this thing fuelled by the stabilised Synthetic Energon formula, meaning that it could last for considerably longer than the average Mech. But it also allowed the robot use far more upgrades than a design like it should have." he said while pointing to the data on-screen, which earned a curious look from Kat.

"What kind of upgrades are we talking about here?" she asked, which made Crosscut bring up two sets of schematics onto the screen.

"As you can see, the basic design is very bare and allows the Mech to be very quick and agile compared to the older Mech models. But the this one we fought on Lesuss has been greatly upgraded, which gives it an unparalleled advantage. We are talking polarised armour, strength and agility enhancers, holo-weapon projectors and anti-biotics hardware, and that is only a third of the capabilities of this Mech. This thing is a real piece of work, you were lucky that you managed to beat it. If one of these things is that tough, imagine taking on a whole army of them."

"So who apart from the ISF would have the resources to create this Mech." Kat then asked as she looked between her friends, knowing full well what the answer would be as Myra took her attention from the schematics and back to the others.

"We all know who it is….Leviathan, I know from what Jethra told me before she died that Vasir is working with Morinth and she's the only person I believe would be able to build, let alone conceive this monstrosity of a Mech." she replied, gaining a nod from both Kat and Crosscut. But then the latter gave her a curious look.

"I am sensing a 'but' coming."

"But what I don't get…is when did anyone manage to complete the Synthetic Energon formula, I thought it was supposed to be impossible?" she then said, which made her friends look back in surprise.

"Myra no offence, but do you ever watch the news?" Crosscut replied before tapping his holo-tool controls and changing the data on the screen once more, earning a disinterested look from the Asari.

"No I don't, I have too much on my mind to care about what goes on in the Galaxy." she said back before looking away, gaining a sympathetic stare from Kat.

'/]I know exactly what she is on about./]' she thought, while the Bot continued as he gestured to the screen.

"Well it was not publicly broadcast throughout the Galactic community, but Doctors 'Felix Adle' and 'Alcazar' made the break-through with 'Synthergon' just over two years ago for the Federation before they then…simply disappeared. Now Adle was later found dead in a crashed ship on an island in the South Pacific and was ruled as an accident, but Alcazar was never found."

"Wait, doesn't that sound…suspicious, I mean both Scientists die just after completing a formula that would give the galaxy a potentially unlimited source of energy." Kat then said, earning a nod from the Bot while Myra simply listened.

"Yes, Autobot Intelligence suspected that Alcazar tried to sell the formula to another party, only for his colleague to get in the way…hence his life then became forfeit."

"And how do you know this?" the Asari then asked, which made the Bot smirk back.

"I had a friend in Autobot Intelligence for a while, but I lost contact with him a year ago. I guess he was found out."

"Well since we now know that Vasir has her hands on Synthergon, it would make sense that this Alcazar is the one to have handed it to her. But it would be good to confirm that first…" she started to say before activating her own holo-tool, making her friends look back with confused expressions.

"And how will we do that, I mean we can't exactly just call up the Autobots and request the Intel we need." Kat replied, which this time made the Rogue Spectre smile back knowingly.

"I know someone who could give us the information we seek, her family and mine have been close friends for a very long time. I just need to contact her…" Myra started to say, gaining a curious look from her Human friend.

"Why have you rerouted the communications system to your quarters?"

"Because my friend works in Autobot Intelligence and is quick to distrust others that she does not know, so I will have to make the call in private. Don't worry, I know what I am doing." the Asari replied with a confident smile before turning around and leaving the room, leaving Kat and Crosscut with the wrecked Mech and unbeknownst to them, it's optics flickered to life for just an instant before shutting back down.
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