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Chapter X

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As Myra and her friends follow up a lead from an old friend of the Asari's, her Aunt Ser-ket's attention is drawn away from Unity Station and to a situation that she is unaware is really a trap set...

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Myra stepped into her quarters, sat down on the side of her bed and activated her holo-tool, bringing up a screen and keyboard interface in front of her. She then typed in a com-frequency which made the screen flicker and buzz with static, earning a hopeful stare from the Asari.

'Come on, I know you always keep this channel open.' she thought, before the static started to form an image and voice could just be heard through the noise.

"…can…you…hear…me, am I…coming through clearly?" a Female voice spoke through the interference as the image cleared up to reveal a Drell looking back, her eyes widening as she recognised the Rogue Spectre.

"Your coming through fine now Yikrah, it's been a while." Myra replied with a smile, earning a similar expression from her friend.

"It certainly has Myra, the last time we talked was what now….four years ago?"

"Three and a half…and unfortunately like last time, this isn't a social call." The Asari replied, gaining a nod from the Drell.

"I understand, not that we could have a lengthy chat on this particular frequency for long anyway as it will only remain undetected for the next few minutes."

"Yeah I know, so I need some information?" Myra said back, which made Yikrah look back with a knowing expression.

"Well I am not surprised, since that is my job after all here at Autobot Intelligence." she replied with a smile before tapping the holo-interface before her.

"So what can I help you with?"

"I need to know if you have any Intel on a Doctor Alcazar?" Myra asked, earning a curious look from the Drell.

"Why does that name sound familiar?" she said before returning her attention to her terminal, which nearly made the Asari reply before her interface then beeped.

"Oh right, he is one of the two Scientists that completed the Synthetic Energon formula. Yes, I have intelligence on Alaczar. What would you like to know?"

"Where is he now?" the Rogue Spectre replied, which made Yikrah stare back at her even more curiously.

"What makes you think 'we' know where he is?

"Because he knows about the Synthergon and you wouldn't just leave him to roam around without a leach, am I right?" Myra answered with a knowing stare, which made the Agent nod back in return.

"Even after all your running around the galaxy, you still haven't lost that inquisitiveness of yours have you."

"Just because I haven't been with the Autobots for a long time, doesn't mean that I haven't been doing my Spectre duty. I have just been concentrating on one, singular case." the Asari replied.

"Yes Tela Vasir, the Rogue Spectre who had betrayed us to the Shadow Broker. You have been after her since she killed your Mother, Liara Darby and Fiancé, John Shepard…" the Drell began to say, earning a thoughtful look from Myra as the mention of her family brought back those painful memories.

"…You started to hunt her down and while doing so, came up with the theory that she had continued with your Grandmother's plan to sabotage the Alliance and bring down the Cybertronians. But no one in the Autobot Command believed you on that part, so you broke away and continued on your own." Kikrah continued, which made the Rogue Spectre look back with a pained expression.

"I do not need to be reminded about that part thank you, my whole life from that point has been one long bitter disappointment. Every time I get close to Vasir, those one time moments where I could have done with some backup…and it is nowhere to be found because no one believed me." she said with a poisonous tone, while her eyes screamed at the screen as she stare back at her friend.

"You always think that don't you Myra, that you were always alone. That there weren't 'those' that wanted to help you if you needed it, that believed in you even if most the world did not. But there was, you just did not believe it yourself, did you…" Yikrah said back with a hurt tone, which snapped Myra out of her anger and she sighed while noticing the hurt look on her friend's face.

"…but 'we' were here and wanted to help you. But if we spoke out in your defence then we would have lost the ability to help you from within the system, while you worked better outside of it." the Drell continued.

"I am sorry Yikrah, it has been so very hard living all these years without 'them'. I mean I know that it is difficult for you to know what I mean since you were not even born back when 'they' had been murdered…" Myra started to say, only for her friend to cut her off mid-sentence.

"Myra, you don't need to explain yourself and what you have been through. I am your friend, like my family has been to yours for like forever now. I am here for you, just say the word and I am there." she said, and those last few words echoed through the Asari's mind as though she had heard them before, or in a context from someone else.

'I am here for you.' she thought as though it was spoken in another familiar female voice, which calmed her down as she took a breath.

"I know, and your right. I guess I have spent so long on my own that I have grown used to relying on myself and no one else." she replied, earning a worried look from Yikrah in return.

"Sounds like you have travelled alone for far too long, you shouldn't do that."

"I haven't, I mean I have three others working with me now." the Rogue Spectre answered, which then made the Drell stare back with a knowing expression.

"But it sounds like you have kept your distance from them, do me a favour…don't. Because if they are helping you, then it is because they care about you and want to help…so let them." the Agent said back, once again making those words from earlier echo in Myra's mind.

'I am here for you.' she thought, making her smile as she looked back to her friend.

"I'll take it under advisement, thanks. Now about Alcazar, I think he has given Vasir the Synthergon formula because we came up against a Mech that was being powered by it." the Asari replied, with her tone becoming more professional again as the Drell's eyes widened in response.

"That sounds like trouble, any Mech powered by that power source would be extremely strong and dangerous."

"It was, believe me. So I need to know where the Doctor is so I can…ask him about it." the Rogue Spectre replied, which gained a knowing nod from her friend.

"I get it, alright I will find out his current location and forward it to your holo-tool."

"Thank you Yikrah." Myra said back with a smile, which earned a similar expression from the Drell.

"Your welcome Myra." she replied before the call was then ended, and her friend's image disappeared from the screen as the Asari sighed and leaned back on her bed.

Meanwhile at Yikrah's location, the Drell's attention was caught by the sound of her com-link bleeping, so she tapped her ear-piece and received it's signal.

"Yes, Yikrah Krios speaking." she replied, before a familiar Female voice spoke back.

"Yikrah, it's me. Was that Myra who contacted you a moment ago, because my VI has just alerted me to one of our encrypted com-frequencies being activated."

"Yes Commander Ser-Ket, it was Myra. She wants to know the location of Doctor Alcazar, for she believes that he has given the completed Synthergon formula to Vasir." Yikrah replied, earning a relived sigh from the Femme.

"Good, then she is on the same page as we are now and funnily enough, is the only hope we have of getting closer to Vasir and ending the threat we know she poses…"

This made the Drell's expression change to one of uncertainty as she listened to the Commander, which did not go unnoticed by the Femme even though she was not there.

"…what is it Yikrah, what's wrong?"

"I am happy to help Myra in any way I can, you know that sir. But if I might be frank…" Yikrah began to say, earning a smirk from the Femme on her end of the call.

"No by all means, you've never held back before and I don't expect you to now."

"…why are we sitting on our hands if we know that Tela Vasir is a threat to the Federation, I mean isn't it our duty to defend the Federation from all threats, so why aren't we going after Vasir?"

"Because there is more going on in the galaxy than just Vasir, you've seen it too. The ones that we once called Allies even friends, they turned on us over the past few centuries and now they are turning on each other." Ser-Ket replied, gaining a knowing nod from the Drell while she looked at one of her holo-screens. For it showed an escalating situation between the Krogan and the Turians, while the Asari and Salarians relationship was starting to dissolve as were numerous others. It was as the Commander was just saying, the Galactic Community been brought together in the time since the Reaper War was now falling apart before them.

"I know." was all Yikrah could say, before the Femme continued.

"Now while I suspect that Vasir and this Leviathan of hers have been a catalyst for some of these building conflicts from within, I don't believe that it is all their doing. There is 'something else' in play here, so we need to keep our eyes on the whole board and not just Vasir. But that is where Myra comes in, for she is our wild card."

"Well I think she could benefit from knowing that you have her back, I think she feels that is all alone in this." the Drell replied back with a knowing tone.

"Don't you think I want to help Myra, she is my Niece after all, as well as the only family I have left. But if we come out and openly try to help her now, then we would be declared traitors and arrested for helping an enemy of the state." the Commander said back with a regretful tone, gaining a knowing nod from Yikrah in return.

"And we would not be able to help her at all. I know, I told her this myself just moments ago."

"So we do what we can for her, under the radar. Let her deal with Vasir, while we stay vigilant against the chaos that is slowly building up around us." Ser-Ket replied, earning a nod from the Drell.

"Yes sir, I understand. So I will send the data-packet to Myra the moment we finish this talk."

"Good, now I have to go. Because I have had several messages appear on my interface and they need to be dealt with, Ser-Ket out. The Commander replied before terminating the link, which Yikrah return her attention to her main holo-screen as she began to work on Myra's Intel.

Back on Unity Station though, Ser-Ket sat behind her desk and began looking through the new messages that had appeared on her holo-screen. Each one had a title that did not bring much comfort to the Femme as she looked down the list, which just cemented what she was feeling after her talk with Yikrah.

'Riots on Thessia, Government Buildings bombed on Palaven, Salarian and Krogan fleets on the move…surely there has to be a little good news somewhere in this list.' she thought as she looked through the list of messages that all had very similar titles.

But then her eyes fell upon one message near the bottom titled 'first Guardian class Dreadnought ready for launch', it was a completely different title which made the Commander want to view it and see some news that might actually make her feel a little better in her spark now. So she opened it and began to read it's contents and by the time the Femme had reached it's end, she did in fact have a smile on her face.

'Now that was certainly interesting, I hope it all works out like they hope.' she thought before her com-link activated, pulling Ser-Ket from her thoughts.

"Commander, we are getting an emergency transmission from the Dinobots." a female Autobot spoke, which earned a wide-eyed look of shock from the Femme in return.

"Put them through to my console now!" she replied before another holo-screen appeared next to her, on it was image of Caucasian Man who had a shaven head and a scar down the left side of his face.

"Commander Ser-Ket." he spoke loudly over the sound of gunfire and explosions.

"Sharp-tooth, what is going on?" Ser-Ket replied, her face looking ambivalent towards the situation unfolding on the screen.

"We are on Kahje trying to help end the riots that had erupted between the Hanar and the Drell, but have come under attack and are heavily outnumbered." he said back.

"What, are the Hanar and Drell both attacking you now. I mean I don't understand how two species that have lived together for as long as they have can suddenly turn on each other, but I can't believe that they would attack…." she started to say, only for the Dinobot to cut her off.

"No, it's neither of them. We are under attack by Mechs that we have not come across before, they came out of nowhere."

"Alright, I will have a Space-bridge opened to your location so you can retreat back to us." she replied.

"I don't think that is a good idea, we are being hammered here from every angle. We need to…." Sharp-tooth started to reply before suddenly being cut off by an explosion nearby, which left the Femme listening as the battle continued over the active com.

"Sharp-tooth come in, Sharp-tooth!" Ser-Ket shouted, her eyes wide as she waited for a response. But then she could hear breathing again on the Bot's end, making her sigh with relief in return.

"You scared me for a moment there…" the Femme began to say before being cut off.

"I'm not Sharp-tooth you traitorous wretch." an unknown voice suddenly spoke, earning a shocked expression from the Commander.

"What….who is this?" she said back, gaining a sinister chuckle from the unknown person.

"You really don't remember do you, well I will make it simple. If you wish for the Dinobots to survive, then you will transport yourself to these coördinates. And you will do so alone, or their lives will be forfeited. Don't be late now." the voice replied before ending the call, leaving Ser-Ket sitting at her desk with a worried and unsure look on her face.

"Sir, what do you want us to do." the female Autobot spoke again, having heard the entire exchange.

'It's obviously a trap, but I can't leave the Dinobots in their hands. Not after I mentored and trained them into the team they are now, true successors to the original Autobot team. I have to go to them.' she thought as her face became calm and focused.

"Ready the space bridge and target it for these coördinates, I will be going through alone once I have suited up."

"But..." the female Autobot began to say, only for Ser-Ket to cut her off.

"That is an order, now follow it." she said in a commanding tone as she got up from behind her desk, taking a deep breath before walking out of the room as she headed for the armoury.

'I do not know what I will face there, but I am not going to let that uncertainty stop me from helping my friends.'


In the Cockpit of the Eudora, Tolae was sitting in the co-pilot's chair and observing Evac as he piloted the ship. The Asari just sat there and smiled as the Bot typed on the holo-interface that was surrounding him, for it had been a very long time since she last saw someone enjoy what they were doing.

As the Pilot concentrated on his flying, he could not help but smile as he felt the Asari's eyes on him. So he looked over to her with a fond expression, which made her own smile widen in return.

"What?" he asked while looking slightly embarrassed and puzzled.

'He is very cute.' she thought before answering his question.

"After living at the Monastery for so long, it is refreshing to see someone love doing what they are doing." she replied, earning a nod from Evac in return.

"You know I have never been happier than when I am behind the controls of a ship, it's like I was born to fly." he replied with an enthusiastic tone while looking over to her, but then one of his holo-controls beeped and gained his attention.

"What is it?" Tolae asked.

"Sensors have detected a nebula off our starboard side…" the Pilot started to say as he veered the Eudora in it's direction, making the interstellar dust cloud come into view of the pair through the Cockpit's canopy.

The Nebula had a star shining brightly at it's center while a layer made up of blue and violet-coloured ionised gases circling it, though the very edges of the astronomical phenomenon changed colour to a more fait red as it slowly dissipated into the void that surrounded it.

"It's beautiful." the Asari stated as she looked out at it, gaining a nod from Evac as he piloted the ship closer to it.

"It is, isn't it. Kind of looks like an eye from here doesn't it." he observed before looking over to her.

"Yes, it reminds me of the 'Eye of Athame." Tolae replied, earning a curious look from the Bot in return.

"What's that?"

"It is nebula situated about twenty light years from Thessia and can be seen by the naked eye at a certain time every month of the year." she answered, which made Evac stop the ship and turn his seat to face her.

"Tell me about it?" he asked, showing the Asari that his attention was purely on her at this moment.

"Okay…" Tolae started to say while feeling her cheeks heat up, liking how her new friend was interested in what she had to say. So she smiled before looking back towards the nebula just aways from them, and her expression changed to a more thoughtful one as pictured it in her mind.

"…it looks similar to this one but was made up of both bright green and blue colours with the blue dwarf star at it's center, and it's light complimented the nebula in the most beautiful fashion. Ancient Asari believed it to be the last remaining part of the Goddess Athame's essence after she disappeared from our world. It was said that she ascended to another plain of existence and that this eye was her way of watching the Asari continue from wherever she was now. But of course now we as a people know better since science over took religion and her doctrine was largely dropped, but I guess that even though I never believed in religion while I grew up. I did always like the stories of our past and the beauty of the Cosmos." she said with an equally enthusiastic tone before looking back at the Pilot, noticing his content expression on his handsome face.

"What?" she asked, feeling slightly embarrassed as a hint of shyness slowly came over her.

'I could listen to her talk all day.' he thought as he smiled back at her.

"You sounded very passionate about that then, were you into Astronomy?" Evac asked, earning a knowing smile from the Blue Woman.

"Does it really show…yes, I studied both History and Astromony when I was younger." she replied before looking back out at the nebula, with the Pilot noting how in awe she was with the colourful phenomenon.

"Would you like a closer look at that it?" he asked, regaining the Asari's attention as she looked back to him with a hopeful expression.

"Really? Yes I would like that, very much so."

"Alright then, it is a little far to fly to at sub-light so I will make a tiny jump via our Space-Bridge..." Evac replied while Tolae sat back down beside him, never taking her eyes off him has he spoke.

"…I am sure Myra won't mind." he added before pressing in a key combination on the holo-interface before him, which instantly opened up a pulsing green vortex in front of them that enveloped the ship. Then instantly the Eudora was back in space as it exited the vortex, which closed behind it as the nebula was now just a hair's breath away.

"Wow..." Tolae said faintly as she watched as the interstellar dust appeared to brush against the glass canopy of the ship as it passed into the cloud, creating a ripple like effect not unlike the kind that occurs when a boat moves through water.

"…this is amazing." she added as the lights in the Cockpit suddenly deactivated, letting the blue and red hue of the nebula illuminate it's interior, making her look over to Evac with a curious expression.

"What just..?" she started to ask, only for the Bot to cut her off while pointing to one of his controls.

"I turned it off as thought that it would improve the show." he said with a look that was one part hopeful and the other embarrassed, but Tolae simply smiled back at him in return.

"Well your right, it certainly does." she replied before looking back at the red and blue glowing stellar cloud as it swirled around them, which once again made the Pilot smile as he watched the Asari marvel at it all.

"So what made you stop?" he then asked, which regained Tolae's attention as she looked back at the him.

"What made me stop what?" she asked back as the blue hue suddenly illuminated the cockpit for a moment, making her own blue skin glow that little bit more which caught the Evac by surprise.

'Beautiful.' he thought before the hue was then remixed into the red and snapping his focus back to the Asari as she looked at him curiously.

"I mean…what made you stop your studies?" he then asked, which immediately changed the mood as Tolae sat back down in her chair with a sombre look on her face.

"What's wrong..." Evac began to ask before it dawned on him why the Asari's attitude had worsened, so he set the ship's controls to automatic and turned his chair to face her.

"'s because of you being a...isn't it?" he then added, earning a quiet nod from Tolae in return.

'Oh perfect, I have really put my foot in it this time.' he thought while the Arad-Yakshi's eyes slowly began to well up, for memories that she did not want to relive were stirred up in her mind.

"I am so sorry Tolae, I didn't mean to..." the Pilot then said, gaining a nod from the Asari as she looked back out at the nebula beyond the glass canopy of the Eudora's Cockpit, which had darkened as the ship had turned away from the nearby star which resulted in the two coloured gases mixing into a dark purple which reflected the atmosphere inside.

"I know you didn't Evac... It's just.." she started to say back, her voice beginning to tremble slightly while she spoke.

"...I wasn't...expecting that."

But then Evac gave her a unsure look, like he wanted to ask a question. It was one that the Asari could easily guess, while also being one that she did not want to answer. But then the Bot placed his hand on hers as it rested on the armrest of her chair, looking back at her with a sympathetic expression. It was like he knew what she was thinking, and she found herself slowly calming down while looking back at him.

"You can confide in me Tolae, for I will never judge you, never hurt you or push you away. Because I am your friend... and will always be here for you." he then said in a soft and gentle tone, one that Tolae found to be very disarming, as she slowly took a breath and sighed.

'I know he is telling truth, because since we have met he has never been anything other than himself. Everyone else I have met since that terrible day has either shaped themselves to be something they believed I needed, a teacher, a guardian but never just a friend. Perhaps I can ease this burden I have kept inside my heart by sharing it with him.' she thought before looking down at the ground for a moment, to which Evac simply waited patiently, leaving control of the situation entirely in her own hands.

"You know...the members of my Species who are Ardat-Yakshi, they aren't recognised as such when they are born. It is not until we enter puberty that it can manifest and show up, so we really do not know unless it is picked up in a medical examination or by..." the Asari began to explain, only for her words to stop as though she could not continue to say them. Evac was about to enquire why she had stopped, but he then noticed the look on her face. Which was still very hurt, full of guilt and regret. and this gave the Bot his answer as he looked up and took a breath.

"My god, I am so very sorry." he replied, earning a sad nod from Tolae who then began to reminisce, for it was as if she had just needed that little push to get over that hurdle that was in her way.

...I was never that really into socializing when I was a Teenager, I was far more into my studies though I did have a small group of friends throughout that part of my childhood. But when I was Nineteen, I laid eyes on a Krogan Male at the same University as myself. He was discussing his theories in the same fields that I was majoring in and I found myself drawn to him, not for is ideas but for he presented himself to everyone. He had such a way of expressing himself, that I found myself attracted to him in a way that I had not even considered before, let alone experienced..."

As Tolae spoke, Evac simply remained quiet as he listened to her every word whilst never taking his hand off hers, even when she looked at her reflection in the glass canopy, as though she could almost picture the Krogan there.

"...When our eyes met, I swear it felt like time itself had frozen around me. And then when we began talking, we found that we shared a great many interests and it was there and then that I made the biggest mistake of my life, a mistake that I swear I wish I could have taken back. Because we became fast friends and then lovers, it happened all so fast that neither of us had a chance to think it through, though we didn't want to either. We were just happy to have found each other...and it was then, three months into our relationship that we decided to go a step further and bond. And it was that night that my corrupted and cursed nervous system completely overtook and burnt out his, killing the Man I had begun to love on the night that was meant to be the start of the rest of our lives...the night I found out that I was an Ardat-Yakahi." she then said before her eyes began to well up again, making a single tear run down her left cheek.

"I am sorry...I am so very sorry for you Tolae, but do you think that 'he' would want you to blame yourself for something which clearly wasn't your fault." Evac began to say, which made the Asari simply look back at him with an unsure expression. This action revealed the tear to the Bot, who could see it due to the reflection of the nebula's colour as it continued to slowly run down her cheek. So he reached up to wipe the tear away with his finger, while Tolae just remained still and watched him.

"Your as much a victim of this as 'he' was, and your nothing like the rogue Ardat-Yakshi that you have had the misfortune of be labelled alongside." he added with a warm and caring tone while wiping the tear away, which made the Asari's heart warm at his thoughtful words and soft touch.

"Your a good person." he then finished, before then gently pulling the Blue Woman into an embrace. This did not surprise Tolae at all as she simply allowed his arms to wrap around and hold her close, resting her head on his shoulders as she returned the embrace.

"Thank you Evac, you don't know how much that means to me. After all the years that I spent at the Monastery, no one ever said..." she started to say before the Bot cut her off again.

"Sssssh." he whispered while holding her, which returned the Cockpit to the silence of that moment once more. Just as the nebula returned to it's red and blue glow, banishing the dark purple away as the pair pulled away just enough to look into each others eyes. And it was in that moment that both Bot and Asari suddenly found themselves leaning towards each other, in what felt like the most natural thing for them to do despite everything they both knew.

'I shouldn't be doing this, but he is a caring and good friend. And I want to thank him for his kind words.' she thought as they continued to slowly lean into a kiss.

'I shouldn't let this happen, but yet I know Tolae would not hurt much can one kiss hurt?' Evac thought in turn as they then came within a few millimetres of each other's lips, feeling the breath of the other on their skin as they paused for what felt like a lifetime. But before a decision could be made, before their lips either touched or did not. The Pilot's com-link suddenly beeped, snapping the pair out of it as they pulled away.

"Uh... Evac here, what's up?" he asked with a flustered tone, while Tolae simply sighed in return as she looked away.

"Evac? Its Myra, you alright?" his friend then replied in a confused tone, gaining a nod from the Bot as he looked back at the Ardat-Yakshi.

"Yeah, I am fine." Evac answered while noticing that Tolae was as red-faced as he was.

"Okay, well I have our next destination. Please set course and take us there immediately?" the Rogue Spectre replied.

"Roger that, receiving and loading your coordinates into the navigational computer now." the Pilot said back.

"Thanks, I will join you momentarily, Myra out." his friend replied before the com-link deactivated, just as Evac had set the Eudora's next course. So he turned his seat back to Tolae, who was still looking out at the nebula.

"Tolae, about what just..." he started to say, which made the Asari shake her head in return and cut him off mid sentence.

"There's no need to apologise Evac, Myra just saved us from a big mistake..." she started to say, before turning round to face him with a caring smile on her beautiful face.

"But I want you to know that I am really grateful for what you just did for me, and that I truly value your friendship." she added, earning a nod from the Pilot who mirrored her smile.

"As do I, so what do we do now?" he asked, which earned a knowing look from Tolae as she glanced back to his holo-interface.

"Well now, we should probably do what Myra just asked you. we can talk more afterwards." she answered, gaining a nod from the Pilot before he turned back to his holo-controls, while she re-positioned her seat beside his and watched as the red and blue colored cloud as the Eudora turned around and flew back out of the nebula before then disappearing into a Space-bridge vortex.

Meanwhile Morinth was sitting at the desk in her quarters, looking out at the void of space through the window next to her.

'I can't believe Vasir would trust those lifeless androids over one of her own…' she thought before a small device on the desk activated, gaining the Ardat-Yakshi's attention with a high pitch beeping that made her stare back with a worried stare.

'That doesn't sound good.' she thought before tapping it, making the holo-interface appear with an orange hue that illuminated the room. The Asari then began typing on it's holo-keyboard which made a screen appear before her, showing a map of the galaxy.

'Wait…this isn't, it can't be?' Morinth thought while she suddenly tensed up, as a blinking yellow dot appeared on the map. This made the map then zoom in on the dot, revealing it to be entering a particular system.

'Eudora now entering Erebus system, the chances that it's destination is the planet Nepmos and Leviathan Informative seven two zero is more than Ninety six point five percent.' a message on the screen then read.

"Oh shit, if Myra reaches 'him'….then I am dead." the Ardat-Yakshi said to herself after reading it, before her face then became thoughtful as she looked away.

'I think it's time for my fail-safe to be activated.'

So the Asari typed in another set of commands into the holo-interface, which brought up another small screen within the larger one.

'Signal sent, 'programs' activating.'

This made Morinth smile as she read the message, before looking back out at the stars.

"Farewell Myra, see you in hell."
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