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Chapter XI

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Myra and her friends suddenly find themselves under threat as Morinth's fail-safe is activated, meanwhile Ser-Ket heads off to save the Dinobots only to find that it is her that ultimately needs sa...

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Back on board the Eudora, Myra entered the Cockpit and joined Tolae and Evac as the latter was typing into his holo-controls.

"Myra, we are now approaching Nepmos." the Pilot stated as the brown and green planet could be seen through the canopy before them, earning a smirk from the Rogue Spectre.

'Hopefully I'll get some answers here.' she thought before Evac turned round to face her.

"Why are we at Nepmos?" he asked, regaining the Asari's attention as she noticed that their new friend was also looking back with a curious expression.

"I received these coordinates from a friend in Autobot Intelligence, there should be an individual on this planet that can lead us to Morinth and Vasir." Myra replied, which earned an alert look from Tolae.

"I hope we find who you're looking for here, because I have some unfinished business with Morinth" she said, gaining a nod from the other Asari.

"Yeah, as I do with Vasir. It would make a welcome change to gain an advantage for once, instead of always being one step behind."

This gained a nod from Evac in return, as he returned his attention to flying the ship.

"Well we will be entering Nepmos's atmosphere in just under two minutes, so I guess we'll find out one way or another..." he started to say, before his main holo-screen suddenly flashed red and planet started to drift out of view.

"Evac, why are we turning away from the planet?" Myra then asked with a confused expression, earning a similar look from Tolae who stared at his holo-Interface.

"And why are your controls flashing like that?"

"I don't know, the user interface is not acknowledging my commands." the Bot replied, trying to correct the Eudora's course but to no avail. But then the navigation screen brought up a map of the system, which made his eyes widen as a new course appeared on it.

"Wait...what?" he asked aloud, before trying to use the other areas of the interface only for it to lead to no change.

"What?" the Rogue Spectre then asked, which made the Pilot point out of the Cockpit's canopy at the space ahead.

"The computer has laid us a new course...into the system's asteroid field!" he said, gaining shocked looks from both Asari.

"Can you get us off this course and back to where we were supposed to go?" Myra asked as the field entered visual range, earning a worried stare from Tolae.

"No matter what I try, the system won't answer to me. I'm locked out." he replied with a worried tone, which made the Asari activate her holo-tool and link it to the computer.

"I'm going to try to regain some control back for you by running my hacking program." she said back, gaining a nod from the Pilot while his friend simply looked out at the approaching asteroid field with a growing fear in her expression.

"Whatever you do, better make it fast."

As this was happening, Crosscut and Kat were looking at the holo-screen of the terminal in his workshop as it began to flicker uncontrollably.

"Why is it doing that? It's never done that before." she asked, making the former Autobot shake his head in return.

"I have no idea, the interface will not even acknowledge me. It's like it is frozen in a loop, but I am unable to run a diagnostic to find out what it is or why it is happening." he answered with a confused expression as he typed in a some key combinations, but all were to no effect.

But while the pair were focused on terminal, neither had noticed that the deactivated and damaged Mech on the table began to reboot as it's optics started to glow with a blue light again.

"Have you tried that 'three key combination'? You know the one that brings up that option screen, so you can deactivate a faulty program?" Kat asked, gaining a sigh from the Boy in return as the Mech slowly rose up into a sitting position behind them.

"Yes Kat, I already tried that and it failed. The system is completely locked, I can't access anything."

"Well we should probably check with the others, see if they are having the same problem." the Human replied as turned away and tapped her com-link, only to stop in mid-action as her eyes fell upon the now activated Mech that was standing beside the table.

"What in the..." she started to say as the robot looked over at her, it's piercing blue optics narrowing in return.

"What's got your..." Crosscut then began to reply as he turned around to see what his friend was on about, only to free on the spot as he saw the Mech.

"...oh scrap." he then added, while the drone suddenly took a fighting stance and then launched itself at the pair.

Back in the Cockpit, Tolae watched with in trepidation as Myra and Evac worked as quickly as they could to try and solve the problem with the ship's computer. A problem that was forcing the ship to fly into an asteroid field, one that was getting closer and closer to the Eudora with every second that passed.

"Okay, I have managed to get access to the ship's mainframe..." the Rogue Spectre started to say, before her eyes widened at what she saw on her screen.

"What is it?" the Pilot replied, wondering what else at this point could go wrong.

"The whole of the Eudora's computer system has been compromised, I cannot access any of it." Myra said back, before the trio's com-links all activated at the same time.

"Guys, we need a hand down here. That Mech isn't..." Kat began to say before being cut off by the sound of a punch, which made the Darby look even more worried as she looked back at the others.

"I've got to get down there, since there is no way that droid reactivating at this moment is a coincidence." she said, gaining a nod from both Evac and Tolae.

"Sounds like Morinth must have gained access to the ship while we were on Lesuss." the Bot replied, as Myra turned her attention to her fellow Asari.

"Here, use this and help Evac while I go help the others." she said while linking her holo-tool to Tolae's and transferring the hack program.

"I won't let you down." the Ardat-Yakshi replied, earning a knowing look back from the Darby.

"Good, because we are all dead if you do. Good luck." she said back before rushing off the deck, while Tolae sat beside Evac and began using her holo-tool on his holo-interface.

Myra ran into the workshop just in time to see Crosscut get thrown across the table, hitting the wall on the other side as Kat lunged at the Mech with her holo-blade. But the Robot merely blocked the attack with it's right arm before countering with a backhand with it's left, which knocked the Woman off her feet.

"Kat, Stay down!" the Asari then shouted before focusing her biotics into a single attack, with the blue energy coursing over her being and into her hands before she thrust them both forward. This action sent out a energy blast that hit the Mech hard, sending it into the wall behind it.

"That thing just started itself back up and attacked us, I could have sworn that you had damaged it too far beyond repair." the Bot said while getting back to his feet, just in time to see the droid lying on it's back after falling off the wall.

"Yeah, well it looks like Morinth pulled of a little 'Trogan Horse' tactic on us." Myra replied as she ran round the table to Kat's side, helping her friend back onto her feet as the enemy drone started to recover.

"Thanks for the help, wasn't sure if our com-link message got through to any of you guys." the Human Woman said back with an appreciative smile, gaining a similar reaction from the Rogue Spectre in return.

"Luckily our com-links haven't been effected by the same problem that is currently effecting the Eudora, or else we would not have heard you at all."

"You mean this is a ship-wide fault that has effected our computer here?" Crosscut asked with a worried expression, making the Asari nod back in return.

"Yes, so I need you and Kat to head to the Computer Core and find us a solution before we are killed by a stray asteroid."

"But..." Kat then said with a surprised and confused look, only for Myra to look at both her and then the Bot with a stern expression.

"Go now!" she replied as the Mech stood back up, turning it's attention back to them.

"On our way." Crosscut replied as he headed out of the room, but Kat didn't budge from the Rogue Spectre's side.

"Kat I said..." she started to say, only for her friend to cut her off mid-sentence.

"No, I am staying and helping you...and you don't have a say in the matter." the Human said back in a defiant but in no way insulting manner, catching Myra off-guard a little.

"...okay..." she began to say back, when suddenly the table was then lifted up off the deck. Which gained the pair's attention as they saw the Mech holding it up over it's head.

"Move!" the Rogue Spectre shouted as the Robot threw the piece of furniture at them, with the Asari diving one way and the Human Woman the other. The table then smashed as it hit the wall behind the two women, who rolled into kneeling positions as the latter reactivated her holo-blade, while the former made her fists glow with biotic energy.

"Let's get it done." Myra then said before she and Kat then charged at the Mech, with it mirroring them in return.


A moment later as the ship continued to fly towards the asteroid field, Evac and Tolae were still trying to regain some control of it's navigation systems.

"I can't get into the system, the hacking program has failed to get a response from it every time now." the Asari said with panic tingeing the tone of her voice, earning an equally worried look from the Pilot.

"Neither of our hacking programs is getting through, and we will be hitting the asteroid field in thirty seconds." he replied while gesturing to the timer that one of his holo-screens displayed whilst flashing in a red hue.

"There must be something we can do?" Tolae asked before finding her attention drifting towards the timer, which made them widen as the count down continued without pause or reprieve.

"I could try and increase the program's efficiency, but it will take a moment." the Bot replied, while the Asari looked out at the even closer asteroid field which made her stare back even more panicked.

"I don't think we have a moment." she said back as a giant rock drifted into the Eudora's path, earning a gulp from Evac while Tolae simply stared at it fearfully.

"Evac, can you hear me?" Crosscut's voice suddenly spoke into their com-links, gaining the pair's attention as they looked at each other in surprise.

"Yeah, I hear you. Hope you have some good news for us, otherwise we are about to get very close and personal with an asteroid." the Pilot replied a little sarcastically, though the fear was still a little telling in his voice.

"Possibly, I am at the Computer-Core right now and I think I can regain control of the Eudora by rebooting it's systems." the other Bot said back,

"Well you better do it really fast, like in ten seconds." Evac said before taking a deep breath as the large Asteroid became even bigger before them, which made Tolae take his hand in her own as they looked at each other. It was as if the last thing they wanted to see was each other before oblivion took them. But suddenly Crosscut's voice cut in and regained their attention.

"There! Core is shut down and you should have access to thrusters now!"

This made the Pilot let go of the Asari's hand put both his on the holo-controls, quickly activating the thrusters and pulling the ship away from the asteroid with just metres to spare.

"By the Goddess that was too close." Tolae replied with a deep sigh, gaining a nod from Evac in return.

"It sure was..." he replied, before tapping his Com-link.

"Crosscut it worked, how is the reboot coming?"

"It is going slowly, will need a few minutes for the system to reboot." the other Bot replied, gaining a nod from the Pilot.

"I will get some distance between us and this asteroid field in the mean time, Evac out." the Pilot replied before deactivating his com-link and returning his attention to the Eudora's controls, which then made the large asteroid field veer out of view of the Cockpit canopy as the ship turned away. Evac then glanced over to his friend and winked, which earned a smile back in return from the Asari.

Meanwhile Myra and Kat were still combating the Mech inside Crosscut's workshop, which had been all but trashed by their fight as the Asari threw three biotic energy projectiles at the robot. But they impacted harmlessly against it's body, which appeared to absorb them into it as the drone began to glow with a blue hue.

"It's no use, the Mech has made your biotics mute Myra. We have to take it the old-fashioned way." Kat said before lunging at the enemy with her holo-blade, but it simply raised it's left arm and caught the weapons tip in it's hand.

"What the hell?" the Human said back in a shocked tone, as the Mech then tightened it's grip and shattered the blade, sending out tiny holographic shards that faded to nothing around her.

"Get away from it!" the Rogue Spectre shouted as she readied her next attack, but before Kat could move the Drone suddenly punched her in the chest. This instantly winded the Woman and sent her flying into the wall behind her, making Myra watch with a fearful expression.


The Mech though simply turned it's attention onto the young Darby, narrowing it's blue optics as Kat fell to the floor just aways from it. This made the Asari mirror it's look as she stared back at it, before launching herself at her enemy with a barrage of kicks and punches, all which were enhanced by her biotics. But the Mech simply blocked each attack, completely un-fazed by the ferocity of this Asari until it then countered and grabbed her by the neck.

This earned a surprised grunt from Myra as she felt it's grip tighten, making it hard for her to breathe. But just as it appeared hopeless for the Rogue Spectre as Kat still lay on the floor unconscious, the Mech suddenly looked away from her and in the direction of the Cockpit as though it sensed something.

'Why is it...?' she started to think before being cut off, as the drone threw her to the ground. But Myra instinctively used her biotics to halt herself as she glowed blue all over her body, bringing her back into a standing position as the Mech turned around and punched into the wall next to Crosscut's computer terminal.

'What?' the young Darby began to think as the drone simply stared at the wall with it's arm in stuck inside it.

'Now's my chance, while it's attention is elsewhere.' she thought before suddenly performing a biotic charge at the Mech, speeding across the length of the room in a blue blur. But just as she was about to impact the droid, the Asari suddenly hit what looked like a force-field, the force or hitting it sent her flying back to her starting point, just as Kat recovered and witnessed it.

"Myra!" she called out in a worried tone as she moved to her friend's side, though not before noticing that the Asari's attack had caused a ripple of energy to spread out around the robot in response.

"You alright?" the Human Woman asked, gaining a painful nod from the Rogue Spectre in return as she was helped to her feet.

"Yeah, though I feel like I just got hit by a Yahg. Didn't think that it could generate a force-field though." she replied.

"Must be it's Synthergon power supply, giving it the extra energy to power all of it's extra features..." Kat said back with an inquisitive expression.

"...but your attack did have an effect on the field, though I would not recommend another charge like that last one." she added, which made Myra nod in agreement before a more thoughtful look appeared on her face.

"You're right there, but that has given me an idea." the Rogue Spectre said back before moving towards the drone, earning a curious look from Kat.

"What's that then?"

"Just grab a gun and be ready." the Asari replied with a cryptic tone as her hands began glowing biotic energy once more, which then gained a smirk from her Human friend in return as she nodded back.

"I'll be back in a sec." she replied before leaving the room, which made Myra smile before punching her fists into the force-field, making it crackle and glow while she then attempted to force open a hole within it.

As this was happening, Evac and Tolae found themselves staring out of the Cockpit's canopy with confused expressions as the ship suddenly began turning back round towards the asteroid field.

"Please tell me you're doing that?" the Ardat-Yakshi asked, which made the Bot shake his head in return.

"No, the ship is moving by itself." he replied as the asteroid field came back into view, meaning the Eudora had done a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn and was heading back in to it.

"Not again." Tolae said as her worried frown returned but before Evac could respond, the ship suddenly accelerated even faster as it targeted the very same asteroid again.

"Oh shit!" he spat while grabbing the controls and pulling up, making the ship narrowly miss it again.

"How did you….?" the Asari began to ask, only to be cut off as the Eudora suddenly aimed itself for another asteroid nearby, making the Bot spin the ship and dodge the big rock.

"Something is controlling the ship, I have to keep correcting our course or we will end up splattered against the surface of one these asteroids." he replied while getting the Eudora to evade another asteroid which shot overhead.

"Call up the others and tell them what is going on, because I have to keep my attention on this or we will all die." Evac then added, gaining a nod from the blue Woman who tapped her earpiece in return.

"Anyone read me? Its Tolae."

As the Asari's voice spoke through the other's individual com-links, Myra had her hands full as they were both buried in the Mech's force-field. Despite that her own biotic energies were covering them, she could feel a building pain in her fingers and palms as the white-hot energies began to burn while the Rogue Spectre pulled a small part of the field apart to reveal a hole.

'This…better…work!' she thought while gritting her teeth and trying to focus on the task at hand and not the pain that was coursing through her hands.

Crosscut could not answer either, as he was fully engrossed in restarting the Eudora's Computer-Core.

But after a few seconds, a female voice spoke into the Tolae's ear.

"I read you loud and clear Tolae, what is it?" Kat replied, earning a sigh from the Ardat-Yakshi.

"Even with the Computer-Core down, something is trying to fly our ship into one of the asteroids outside. We can't override it from up here, all Evac can do is try to correct our flight plan each and every time this unknown aims us at another rock." she said.

"…I think I know what is doing this. Don't worry, Myra and I will have it dealt with momentarily. Kat out." the Human answered with a confident tinge in her voice before the call was ended, which made Tolae look back at Evac with an encouraging look. Though the Pilot did not notice, as he had to keep his eyes on the asteroids outside and hope that he was quick enough to correct the Eudora's flight plan the moment whatever was controlling the ship tried to smash them again.

"Kat and Myra are on it." she said, gaining a slight nod from the Bot in return.

"Good, because I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. The ship is flying into the densest area of the asteroid field, it will be mere moments until we hit something." he replied as they both looked out of the glass canopy of the Cockpit, taking not of the hundreds of different sized asteroids were now surrounding them as the Pilot narrowly missed yet another.

Kat ran back into the workshop to find her Asari friend on her knees with both hands gripped around a small hole in the Mech's force field, she was sweating and gritting her teeth while the biotic glow around her hands was beginning to flicker.

"My god Myra!" the Human stated with a concerned tone, gaining a grimace from the Rogue Spectre in return.

"I….can't hold….this…. open…much….longer." she said while gritting her teeth, earning a nod from Kat who equipped her pistol and aimed it for the hole in the force field which was noticeable due to the energy flux that surrounded it.

"The Mech has taken control of the ship, we must kill it to save ourselves." she replied.

"Then…blow a…hole…in it's…central…processor!" Myra replied in between heavy breaths, but then the Human Woman's eyes widened as she noticed something about the hole that her friend was creating with her bare hands.

"The hole is too small Myra, I can't get a good shot at it's head."

"Then…get…ready…because…here…it…comes!" the Asari then spat before taking a real deep breath as she tightened her grip around the edges of the hole, before pulling either side of hole with all of her strength which began to widen it's diameter. But this made the young Darby scream out in pain, which did not go unnoticed by Kat, who looked at her friend with a pained and worried expression before returning her attention to her target as she aimed her pistol at it. Myra gave it one more pull, just enlarging the hole enough.

"Now!" she shouted in a painful tone, and her friend did not waste a second as she unloaded the entire contents of her pistol's clip. Every bullet fired penetrated the fore-field and hit the Mech directly in the back of it's head, making sparks fly as it suddenly cried out in a synthesised voice before falling to its knees. The force-field then collapsed, followed quickly by Myra who fell onto her back and cradled her now very burnt hands in her arms.

"Myra!" Kat replied as she grabbed a medi-pack from the cupboard beside her before rushing to her injured friend's side.

"By the goddess, that really hurts." the Asari exclaimed, while the Human Woman equipped a medi-gel spray and began treating the severe burns on her hands.

"Easy, this will heal your wounds and Evac should be able to get us safely out of trouble now." she replied.

And almost on que, the ship's controls instantly returned to the Pilot. Making him grin as he pulled the Eudora out of a nose dive into one of the largest asteroids in the field, before dodging the many other chunks of rock before finally reaching the safety of the void beyond it.

"Thank the Goddess, that was the best flying I have ever seen." Tolae exclaimed in an amazed tone, to which Evac simply shrugged while breathing a sigh of relief.

"It's all in the reflexes, I'm just glad that we got control of the ship back before we had a real close encounter with one of those asteroids." he replied before slouching in his chair and smiling back at the Asari, who mirrored his expression in return.

A moment later and Crosscut re-entered the workshop to find Myra sitting against the wall with Kat tending to her injured hands, gaining a surprised look from the Bot.

"What happened here?" he asked, to which both Women gave him a knowing look.

"We took out the Mech, but not without a painful price." the Asari replied while gesturing to her hands, too which Kat firmly grabbed her right wrist and held it in place.

"Stop moving your hands, I am working here." she said in a commanding tone, one that surprised the Rogue Spectre and Crosscut.

"Alright.." she said back in an apologetic tone of her own, before returning her attention to the Bot.

"How long until we can head to Nepmos, I want to get back on with the mission at hand." she asked, which made her friend shake his head in return.

"I will need at least an hour to finish off rebooting the Core…" he started to say, before Kat then cut him off.

"And your hands will need that much time to fully heal after the amount of high strength medi-gel I have used on them." she said back, her expression and tone still the same as she stared at her friend.

"Okay Kat…I can wait that long, thank you." the Asari said back with an appreciative tone, which softened the Human's expression just a little as a slight smile began to form.

"Your welcome." she said back before tidying up the Medical kit, while Myra returned her attention to Crosscut.

"Alright, but as soon as we are all ready, then I want to head to that planet. We can't waste any more time after this, since this was all obviously the work of Morinth."

"I agree, in fact during the first stages of the reboot I did find evidence of a viral program buried inside of the Computer Core's memory banks."

"It's not still active is it?" Kat asked, making the Bot shake his head in return with a reassuring smile.

"No, I managed to separate it from our main system. But I do have an idea that might come in handy once the Core has been fully rebooted."

Both Women gave him a curious expression in return.

"We are all ears, what is it?" the Asari then asked, while the Eudora meanwhile slowly made it's way toward Nepmos which floated in the black void that surround it.


Ser-Ket stood in her armour before the Autobot Space-bridge portal, which swirled around in a spiral of green energy. The Femme held onto her rifle with both hands and looked ahead at vortex, just as a Turian walked up to her side.

"Commander, is there anything I can do for you before you go?" he asked with a unsure tone, gaining her attention as she looked over at him.

"I have made two audio messages, one for Commander Vraz and the other for Yikrah Krios. Please make sure they both receive their intended messages after I have left. For I wish for them to be ready, should the worst come to be." she replied, before handing the agent a small pad, earning a nod from hin in return.

"Are you saying that you don't believe that you will return from this mission?" the Turian asked, not even trying to hide the concern that was written all over his face at that moment.

"Of course not, because I fully intend to return with the Dinobots...but it never hurts to be ready for all possible outcomes." she said back with an encouraging expression, once again making the Agent nod back.

"Yes Commander, good luck." he then said while saluting the Femme, earning a mirrored reaction from her before she turned her attention back to the Space-bridge. Ser-Ket then walked into the portal, disappearing from view before the vortex closed behind her.

And a flash of green light later and the former-Predacon stepped onto what looked like a beach, complete with a beautiful deep blue ocean just to her right with one of Drell's City-Domes on the horizon. If this was any other day, the Femme might have taken in the view. But her friends were in trouble and she immediately knelt and scanned her surroundings with her rifle ready, but could not find anything amiss.

'Alright, this was unexpected.' she thought as there was no signs of battle and no bodies lying around, which she knew from experience was always a sign that the Dinobots had been in an area.

'Something's not right.' she added while narrowing her eyes before she reached up to her ear-piece, tapping it to activate the device.

"This is Commander Ser-Ket to any Dinobots in the area, do you read me?"

But there was no answer as the only sounds the Femme could hear was the light breeze blowing past her, and the waves gently crashing onto the beach.

"Sharptooth, Slash, Scorn, Strafe...anyone?" she added with a worried tone.

"I am afraid they can't hear you." a Male voice suddenly spoke up from behind Ser-Ket, making her spin round and aim her weapon at the new arrival. Her eyes instantly widened in surprise as she recognised the Man standing before her in red anc Aqua-Blue armour, which made her stare daggers back in return.


"So you remember me, I wish I could feel some satisfaction from that...I really do..." he started to reply while feigning a regretful tone, only for the Femme to cut him off.

"Where are my Dinobots?"

"They are here, just not right here. The message you received was a fake to draw you to us, the Dinobots are being kept busy by some soldiers of a 'friend' of mine..." Inferno replied casually, which made the Femme tighten her grip around the rifle she was pointing at the Con.

"...but I would worry less about them and more about yourself, as my team and I have to escort you to my 'friend'." he then added as Ser-Ket took notice of four more Terracons standing around her.

"So you not only betrayed me and the Terracons, but you managed to convince a few others too." she said, which made the Con narrow his eyes at her.

"I betrayed nothing Ser-Ket, it was you who betrayed us all."

"What are you talking about? I have been nothing but fair in my leadership of the Terracons." she said back in a confused tone, which then made the lead Con smirk knowingly.

"Really, because I think that if the rest of our brethren found out that their Leader was nothing more than a former Decepticon whose CNA was mixed with that of a...Maximal, then I guess they would feel betrayed too."

Ser-Ket's eyes widened as she stared back in shock, which only made Inferno's smirk widen more as it became a full smile.

'He knows, how does he know?' she thought, before a question came to mind.

"If you know this, then why haven't you already outed me to the rest?"

"That 'friend' I mentioned, 'she' convinced me not too. Said that they would find out when the time was right." Inferno replied, this time earning an inquisitive stare from Ser-Ket as she put two and two together in her mind.

"So your working for Vasir and she was the one that told you of my secret, I mean you said 'she' and there is only one Woman that I know of that could have gained that particular information, which isn't easy to reach." she said back, gaining a surprised if not to bothered look from the Terrcon.

"Well since you are going to die soon, I guess there is no harm in you knowing. Yes, Vasir told me the truth about you...and it sickened me. To know that the one leading us was actually not of Predacon origin at all, but was a hybrid of the weaker Decepticons and our hated enemy...Maximals. So yes, I agreed to help Vasir and in exchange I would the be able to free my Terracon brothers still being duped into loyally serving the Autobots, and it is something that I wish to see that I can bring back the glory that Galvatron once brought to us all those centuries ago." he replied, which made Ser-Ket shake her head in disgust.

"If you think that Vasir will keep her word and deliver what you want, then you are a fool."

"I don't care what you think Maximal-scum, since we are going to escort you to Vasir. And we can do this the easy way or the hard way, please choose the latter?" Inferno replied with a sinister tone and smile, earning similar expressions from his team-mates, while Ser-Ket simply smirked back.

"Very well, I was never one to take the easy path anyway." the Femme replied before firing a barrage of bullets in quick succession while she spun around, making the Terracon and his friends dive to the ground as they tried to dodge the gunfire. Once she had emptied the clip, the Commander stopped and looked around at her enemies as they recovered. Inferno looked at the Femme with a hateful look, before looking at his team-mates. Scylla, Devron and Hardhead all looked fine, but then the Leader's attention was drawn to Archadis. For the Con was holding his hand to a spot on his chest, and had a painful expression on his face.


But before the other Con could answer, blood could be seen starting to flow out from under his hand and run down the chest-plate of his bronze and red armour.

"I..." he started to say before falling onto his back, with his blood covered hand falling and revealed that he had taken a bullet to his Spark.

"Archadis!" Scylla exclaimed, earning shocked looks from the rest of the Terracons as their dead friend lied there on the ground.

"One done, four to go." Ser-Ket then said aloud, regaining their attention as she threw the empty rifle aside.

"...So I won't be needing this." the Femme added before activating her twin holo-blade, while Inferno stared daggers back at her.

"You will pay for that, Drestrons attack!" he spat, earning nods from the others who then charged at her with holo-claws activated.

'Destrons, that's not possible.' Ser-Ket found herself thinking, as the mention of that name started to sweep up one of her's or more accurately...Airazor's memories. For over the last couple of centuries, the Commander had found herself starting to remember certain moments from the Maximal's life. This included flashes of the Maximal's fight for freedom and her life with Onyx Primal, who Ser-Ket now recognised as the black metallic Dragon she saw sacrifice itself back on Virmire during the final day of the Predacon Conflict.

But unlike those memories, she did not have a chance to dwell on it as Scylla charged at her and swung her claws at the Commander. Ser-Ket though saw the attack and blocked it with her right arm, before then twisting it so that it went behind the Destron's back and into an arm hold, earning a yelp from the enemy. Ser-Ket then noticed Hardhead closing in on her, so she pulled Scylla between her and the other Con, quickly diving out of the way as the two collided with each other. As the two fell to the ground, Devron pounced on the Femme's back, readying his claws for a strike. But Ser-Ket again anticipated this and swung her left holo-blade up at his face, catching his eye and making the Con cry out in pain as blood gushed out from his eye socket.

"Devron, I'm coming." inferno shouted while charging into the fight, only for Ser-Ket to smirk back at him before throwing the injured Con off her back and into the Leader, making them both fall to the ground like bowling pins.

"I've got to say, if this is the best you can do. Perhaps you should think of a new name for your team, because you certainly are not Destrons...that's for sure." the Femme then said while looking down at the group, as they recovered. This made Inferno grit his teeth and clench his fists as he got back on to his knees, his eyes beginning to change from Human to beast-like.

"That's it, Destrons terrorise!" he spat as the entire group accessed their Beast-modes, making their figures grow somewhat more muscular and feral. But if this was supposed to worry Ser-Ket, then she did not show it as she looked back unfazed.

'Now they are even dumber, just way I like them.' she thought while taking a defensive stance. Once fully changed, the Destrons roared before charging at the Commander all at once. But just as they were almost on top of her, Ser-Ket performed a forward flip and evades the group which made them crash into each other.

"The more Beast-like you get, the more dumber it makes you." she retorted after landing back on her feet, readying her holo-blades as Inferno and the other two recovered and pounced at her again, swinging their claws constantly at the Femme as they tried to slash her. But Ser-Ket blocked, deflected and dodged each and every one of them, making sure to move in and out of their range quickly before countering with several precise slashes of her holo-blades which made the Destrons fall to their knees and pant heavily while blood trickled from the cuts on their bodies.

"Seriously, this was your master plan to capturing me? Because I think you need to re-think it." the Femme said while looking down at the four of them, while the thought of her pong deceased lover crossed her mind.

'Even after all this time, the skills you taught me are still a help to me Quickstrike. I miss you my love.' she thought, before another female voice spoke and gained her attention.

"I think the plan went well actually."

Ser-Ket turned around to face the new arrival, but was met by a blast of biotic energy that sent the Femme flying several feet across the beach. As she hit the sand hard, rolling over twice before coming to a stop on her front, the remaining Destrons got back to their feet and watched as the faint silhouette of Woman appeared to walk past them. The Autobot Commander was aching all over as she tried to recover and get back to her feet, before looking back at her enemies and noticing the silhouette shimmer until it revealed Vasir.

"Vasir!" Ser-Ket gasped, earning a grin from the Leviathan Leader who's fists were pulsing with biotic energy.

"Oh no you don't." she replied, noticing that the Femme was readying herself for a fight once more. So the Asari reached out with her right hand and picked up her target with a biotic lift, which enveloped the Cybertronian in a biotic sphere of energy. But before Ser-Ket could even comprehend what was happening to her, Vasir then punched towards the ground with her right hand, which made the Autobot Commander slam back into the ground so hard that it and shattered the energy sphere around her and sent the sand around her up into the air.

"Destrons, you can stand down. I have got this." the Leviathan Leader stated, making Inferno and the others stay back while she walked up to the severally injured Femme, who's skin was covered in bruises as blood trickled down from her nose and mouth as she lay in a small crater in the sand.

"I knew that we were never going to take you simply by force Ser-Ket, so I had my pets here lay a trap for you." Vasir said while looking down at the Commander, who could do nothing more than look back at her and breathe painfully.

"You won't…get…away with…this." she said back while gritting her teeth, but this just made the Asari's smile grow wider.

"Yes I will, for I have been planning…" she started to say before glancing back at the Destrons, noticing that they were out of earshot of the pair. So she looked back at Ser-Ket and continued.

"…your species extermination for the last five hundred years, and I am all but ready to bring this galaxy back into the control of those more worthy of it."

"You'll…fail, just like…all those…who…preceded you. Including….Benezia." the Femme replied with a pained but defiant tone, which made Vasir's eyes narrow as she stared daggers back.

"No one can stop me, least of all you. For everything I have done has been for 'her'…" she started to say while kneeling down before the Commander, and holding out her hand over the Cybertronian.

"…But I really should wrap this up, for you have something that I need. Something that you care not for…" she added before her hand began to glow with biotic energy, which suddenly made Ser-Ket scream in agony as the Femme felt an excruciating pain from inside her own body. Even the Destrons heard this scream, making them all look back and smile as they took pleasure in her pain as the Asari began to slowing move her hand down toward the Femme, which made her screams and grimaces increase.

"…so I will take it from you!" Vasir then added before clenching said hand and pulling it back, which made the side of Ser-Ket's torso burst open from the inside as a blood covered object rose up from within her and float into the Leviathan Leader's left hand. The Commander suddenly passed out from the pain while she bled out from the gaping wound in her side, while the Asari got back to her feet and looked at the object in her grasp.

"Thank you for the T-Cog, I will make sure to put it to better use than you ever did." she said before turning around and walking back to the group.

"Is she finally dead?" Inferno asked with an eager tone, gaining a nod from her in return.

"Yes, now let's get out of here and be sure to pull our troops out that little diversion with the Dinobots." she replied, gaining a nod from the Destron Leader who activated his holo-tool in return. Vasir though tapped her com-link, whilst looking down at the synthetic organ in her hands.

"Activate the Space-bridge, mission accomplished."

And just like that, a bright green energy vortex appeared before the group and all five of them walked into it. And as quickly as it had appeared, it was then suddenly gone while Ser-Ket lay unconscious in the blood soaked sand around her.
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