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Chapter XII

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As Myra receives some distressing news, news that threatens to crumble her world even more than it already has been. A sudden chance for retribution appears, one that could put her enemy directly i...

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"Come on, my sensors detected a power build up just past those trees." A Caucasian Man with black hair, wearing gold and silver armour said to another Man running alongside him.

"Well I just hope it's more Mechs for us to trash Sharptooth, I didn't like how the others ran off just as it was getting interesting." this Man said, who had blonde hair and was wearing red and silver armour.

"Scorn, your blood lust never ceases to amaze me. But you do remember Slash was injured back there and that Strafe is tendering to his wounds, which means that we might be even more outnumbered should there be more enemies ahead of us." the Dinobot Leader replied, gaining a confident smirk from his comrade.

"Good, that means more for us to kill."

This gained an eye-roll from Sharptooth who looked back down at his holo-tool, noticing that they were almost on top of the energy reading.

"It's right behind these trees, get ready." he then said before activating his holo-broadsword and shield, while Scorn activated a holo-dagger and chain-whip just as they cleared the tree line.

"Come and get it!" the blonde Bot replied before stopping still with his friend beside him. their eyes widening at the sight before them. For there just an empty beach and not much else, which made the lead Dinobot look back down at his sensor screen with a confused expression.

"I don't get it, there's nothing here. And the power signature is fading fast."

"So your saying that all the enemies 'are now' gone?" Scorn replied with a disappointed tone, which made the Bot look back and shake his head.

"I didn't actually say that there 'would' be more enemies here, just that this power signature I detected should be checked out and it 'may be' the same enemies." Sharptooth replied.

"Hey guys wait up." another voice spoke behind the pair, making them turn to see another team-mate running up to them. This one had short brown hair and wore yellow and light blue armour, and had his holo-claws equipped.

"Slash? I thought you were injured." the lead Bot said back in surprise, which made the new arrival shake his head in return.

"It was only a flesh wound, easily fixed. So what did I miss?"

"Not much, it seems." Scorn replied, still with a sad look on his face. But Sharptooth ignored this and kept his attention on Slash as he gestured around them.

"So where's Strafe?"

"Oh, Strafe told me to tell you that she was going to check out the area from up high." the other Bot said, which made both Sharptooth and Scorn look up at the sky, until they saw a dark and light blue armoured Femme with silver hair flying overhead via her jet-pack, so the Leader tapped his com-link.

"Strafe, what do you see up there?"

"There are no more enemies for at least a mile distance around us in every direction but...wait, I see two bodies lying three hundred yards north of your position." she replied before flying in their direction, gaining a nod from him before turning his attention to his two friends.

"Let's go."

It did not take long for the trio to run across the sandy beach as the Femme landed beside one body, deactivating her jet-pack as she did so before looking down at the corpse.

"What did you find?" Slash asked, as the three Men joined Strafe.

"It looks like one of us...I mean a Terracon, but I don't recognise him." she replied, making Scorn's eyes widen a little as he looked down at it.

"I do, that's Archadis." he said with a surprised tone, gaining his friend's attention as they stood around the corpse.

"I remember him too, the guy disappeared with a few others a few months ago." Slash added, which made Sharptooth turn his attention back to Strafe.

"Where's the other body?"

"It's over this way." the Femme replied, gesturing him to follow her. So he started to walk off with her, but not before looking back to Scorn and Slash.

"Take a thorough scan of this Archadis, I will do the same with Strafe and this other corpse." he said, gaining nods from the pair who knelt down beside the dead Terracon and activated their holo-tools.

A moment later and the Bot and Femme walked up to where she had seen the body, only to find a crater in the sand.

"By the Allspark!" Sharptooth then gasped in wide-eyed shock, earning a mirrored expression from Strafe as they recognised the person lying in the blood soaked sand at the center of the crater.

"Commander Ser-Ket!" she replied before the pair quickly got down to the former Predacon's side, with the Femme activating her holo-tool while the Bot pulled out a number of medi-gel syringes from his utility belt.

"She is still alive, but barely….and.,." Strafe started to ask as Sharptooth started to treat their Leader's wounds with the medi-gel, only to look up at the Femme when he noticed that she had stopped talking.

"What is it?" he asked with a worried look on his face.

"Her T-Cog is missing." the Femme replied with a horrified tone and expression, making them both look down at the gaping hole in their Commander's side.

"Call us in a Medical team, while I try to slow the bleeding." he said while emptying another medi-gel injection, before placing both hands tightly over the wound. Strafe nodded in return and tapped her ear-piece.

"This Dinobot Strafe, we need a space-bridge to our location and a Medical team ready to come through immediately. Commander Ser-Ket requires immediate aid, I repeat Commander Ser-Ket needs immediate aid." she said with a clear and alert tone, just as Slash and Scorn arrived at the scene.

"What happened here?" the blonde Bot asked as he looked at what he friends were kneeling around, with his eyes widening as he recognised the Femme lying in their midst.

"Ser-Ket? What was she doing here?" Slash asked as he too recognised their Commander, just as a Space-bridge portal opened just a few meters away.

"We don't know, but we have to get her out of here." Sharptooth replied as three Medics then exited the vortex and ran over to the group and took over from the Bot as they attempted to stabilize the critically injured Femme right there on the beach while the Dinobots watched.


Meanwhile Morinth was feeling somewhat happy with herself as she walked down one of the corridors of the ship she was on, for the Ardat-Yakshi was certain that Myra and the Eudora were no longer going to be a problem anymore.

'The signal from the ship deactivated inside the Erebus's asteroid field and the only reason it would do that is if the Eudora had been destroyed, so that is finally that.' she thought happily while walking past a group of Mechs that were marching past her in the opposite direction.

'I am sure that Vasir will be happy to know that troublesome Asari is now gone for good, which should put me back in her favour.' Morinth added while approaching the CIC, hoping to find the Leviathan Leader there.

But as soon as she entered the large Control Center, the Asari was surprised to find that Vasir was no where to be seen.

"Hey you there..." Morinth then said to a Vorcha who was manning a terminal nearby, gaining his attention.

" you know where Vasir has gone? She added, earning a pensive expression from him in return.

"Our Leader left on a mission with the Destrons a few hours ago, I am unsure of when she will be returning."

This made Morinth look back with a surprised expression before turning away from Vorcha, who simply shrugged and returned to his duties.

'Vasir went with the robots, why wasn't I informed?' she thought before the door to the CIC opened, gaining the Asari's attention. And as if on cue, Vasir and the Terracon team entered the large room and stopped just aways from the door, which made the Ardat-Yakshi walk over to them as the Leviathan Leader turned her attention to Inferno.

"I did not know that Vasir was with us down on the planet." Scylla said, earning a smile from the Leviathan Leader.

"I was using this personal stealth device and just waited for the most opportune moment to strike."

This gained a less than happy look from Hardhead in return.

"So you used us as bait?" he said, gaining a 'shut up' gesture from Inferno while Vasir ignored him and turned to the Destron Leader.

"Take this to lab so that we can finally complete that formula, you should find what we need in this Organ." she said while handing the T-Cog over to the Con, who nodded in return.

"I will make it a priority immediately, now of you will excuse me." the Destron Leader replied before taking his leave with the T-Cog, leaving Vasir and Morinth alone as the his team-mates followed in his wake.

"So what are you doing here?" the older Asari asked as she turned to the latter.

"I have good news Vasir, Myra Darby is dead." the Ardat-Yakshi answered with a confident tone, earning a disinterested expression from the Leviathan Leader.

"Is that so, and how do you know this?"

"While I was on board the Eudora, checking that our transmitter was still functioning..." Morinth began to explain, only for her Boss to cut her off.

"Yes we all know about that, get to the point already." she replied with a venomous tone to her voice, which made the younger Asari feel a little nervous as she continued.

"...well I also uploaded a virus to their Computer-Core, that would take control of the ship once activated."

"And do what?" Vasir then asked, still barely showing any interest in what Morinth had to say.

"It would fly the ship directly into whatever hazard that was in range of it's sensors so that it could be destroyed. And as a back up, I also allowed Darby's team to take one of our Mechs on board so that it could reactivate alongside the virus and distract them from it."

The Leviathan Leader then looked back with a wide-eyed stare, which Morinth could not help but stare back at.

"You let Myra get her hands on one of our Mechs, one of the Synthergon powered Mechs?" the former then asked in a slow and clear voice, earning an unsure nod from the Ardat-Yakshi in return.

"How could you be so stupid!" Vasir then spat at Morinth, nearly making the younger Asari nearly jump out of her skin.

"But Vasir, let me explain..."

"Please do, please try and dig yourself out of this hole you have dug yourself." the Leviathan Leader replied in a sarcastic tone.

"I had programmed the virus to inform me if the Eudora jumped into any star-system that contained something or someone important to Leviathan, so that I could activate both the Mech and my computer virus and have the ship destroyed before they got there." Morinth explained with fear underlining her words, which just made Vasir narrow her eyes back at her.

"And where did Myra's ship jump to?"

"The Erebus System, towards the planet Nepmos." the Ardat-Yakshi said back, noticing that her Boss was starting to grit her teeth in response.

'Oh Shit!'

"You mean the system where Doctor Alcazar is located, the Scientist who provided us with the completed Synthergon formula. Please tell me that I am not the only one who sees how this came to be?" the older Asari then spat back, which made Morinth put her hands in front of her person in a pleading-like posture.

"Yes I know, but it doesn't matter. Because Myra's ship was destroyed in the Asteroid field."

"And how do you know this?" Vasir asked in return, though the tone of her voice made it sound less like a question.

"Because I lost the virus's signal once it was in the Asteroid field, meaning that the Eudora had been destroyed by a direct collision." the Ardat-Yakshi said back with a confidentish tone, despite how furious her Boss was towards her.

"Well, let's be absolutely sure about this...shall we." Vasir replied before turning her attention to a Batarian manning the terminal to her right, pointing at him with an angry glare.

"You! Find the Eudora's tracking signal and bring it up on the main screen."

"Yes Sir." he replied before using the holo-interface in front of him, while Morinth and Vasir looked up at the main screen, with the former looking somewhat confident.

'It's destroyed, it has to be. it...' she started to think before her thoughts just left her, as the image on the screen showed the Erebus system and a blip which had the name 'Eudora' next to it.

"It can't be, I saw it..." Morinth began to say, before she glanced back at Vasir and saw how furious she was.

"I think you should leave my sight...right now, before I kill you right where you are standing...go!" the Leviathan Leader spat, gaining a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi who then left the room in silence.

Then the Vorcha on the terminal to Vasir's left held his hand in the air nervously, earning worried looks from his colleagues while their Boss continued to watch Morinth walk away further down the corridor.


"What!" the Asari spat, making everyone in the CIC jump out of their skins.

"Do...Do you want us to keep monitoring the Eudora?" he asked with fear tingeing his words, which made Vasir look at him with a blank expression before turning her attention to the screen.

"...Yes, I want you to keep an eye on that ship..." she replied while looking at the blip on the screen.

"...and have a team of our Agents evacuate Alacazer from Nepmos, we can't afford what he knows to fall into enemy hands."

"Yes Sir." the Vorcha replied before Vasir's com-link activated, gaining her attention as she tapped her ear-piece.

"Yes, Vasir here...they are...excellent, we are on our way back, Vasir out." she then said with a now calmer tone that also had a tinge of excitement in it's tone, earning curious looks from the rest of the crew.

"Helm, set a course back to Mother-base. And Coms, prepare to send a message to the other outposts." the older Asari added, earning a look from the Batarian manning that station.

"And what do you want this message to say, Sir?"

"That I want them to rendezvous with us at Mother-base for a very important meeting." Vasir then replied with a devious smile.


Myra found herself standing in long devastated battlefield, which was littered with hundreds of scorched bodies which gave the Asari a feeling of deja-vu.

'Wait, I have seen this place before.' she thought while looking at her surroundings, which filled her with a sense of dread as there was only silence in all directions despite the storm-clouds that gathered above her.

"This is what awaits you..." a voice then spoke, making the Rogue Spectre turn around to see a Man in orange and black armoured robes standing near her.

"...should the Darkness go unchallenged." he added, gaining a curious look from the Asari.

"What...what do you mean?" Myra found herself asking, which made the unknown Man point out at their surroundings.

"Should the Trinity not be completed, then the Darkness will grow even stronger by continuing to corrupt every sentient being in the galaxy. Once it is powerful enough, the Darkness will free itself from the depths of the All-Spark and spread itself across the universe, destroying everything in it's path until nothing remains."

The Man then pointed up at the sky, which made Myra look up and notice that the storm clouds had begun receding, revealing the stars to the pair. But then her eyes widened as the stars were slowly fading to nothing, which gained a nod from the robed Man.

"You can see it, don't you. And you are the only one now who can stop it." he replied in a cryptic tone, which made the Asari look back at him with a confused look.

"How can I stop it?" she asked.

"By giving up the hate that is poisoning your spark and unite the Trinity, that is your destiny." he then said back, which confused the Rogue Spectre even more.

"What?" was all she could say before everything went dark around her, until there was nothing but darkness.

The Asari then opened her eyes and found that she was lying on a couch in the Eudora's rec room, as Kat turned to her from her seat at the nearby table.

"Oh good, your hour's nap was nearly up." she said while sitting beside Myra, who had just sat up.

"Let me take a look at your hands." the Human said, which made the Rogue Spectre hold them both out before her.

"So Doctor, am I going to live?" she asked with a coy tone, earning a smile from her friend who took her hands in her own and looked them over.

"It was a pretty close call back there. For a moment, I thought we would have to amputate, but it turned all right in the end." she joked back, gaining a smile from Myra in return.

"Well then, I am glad that your my Doctor. Instead of someone else."

"Your just lucky I guess." the Human Woman replied, while beginning to gently stroke the top of the Asari's hands with her thumbs. Myra noticed this, and found herself surprised by how much she liked it, which made her smile widen slightly more.

"Seriously though, your hands have healed really well in just an hour. What about you, did the sleep help?" Kat asked while still holding onto her blue friend's hands.

"Yes, somewhat. I haven't really had time to rest recently, as you know." Myra replied, but she could not help but think on the strange dream she has just had.

'Why did I even dream that and who was that Guy?' she thought, while her Human friend nodded back.

"Yes, and your rest was nearly ruined by Crosscut just ten minutes in. But I kept him at bay." she said back.

"Thank you..." Myra replied, making Kat's smile widen too.

"...did he want anything?" the Asari added, which made her friend shake her head in return.

"No, just an energy bar snack. He was still working on the Computer Core, though he did say he would be finished by now."

"Well, let's get back to work." the Rogue Spectre said back, earning a nod from Kat as she let go of the Asari's hands.

"Alright." she replied while Myra then tapped her ear-piece, activating her com-link and linking it to Kat's.

"Crosscut, it's Myra. How is the Core looking?" she asked.

"The Computer-Core is running fine now, I have cleansed it of the virus so we should have no more problems." he replied, gaining a sigh and a smile from Myra.

"That's good news."

"Yes it is, but that's not all I have to tell you. Because I decided to take a look around the ship, taking a few scans with my holo-tool. And in the Engine room, I found a transmitter which looks to have been here longer than the virus." the Bot replied, which made Myra's expression change to a more intrigued look.

"A transmitter, so we were sending our location out to someone this whole time." Kat then asked, beating the Asari to the question.

"That's right, but I have managed to hack the device and set it in a loop. So it will only transmit our last location, which is right here." Crosscut replied, which made both Women smile at each other.

"That should certainly put a dent in Vasir's ability to stay one step ahead of us." the Human friend said, earning a nod from Myra.

"Yes it should." she replied with a relieved tone.

"But that's not all guys, for it has given me an idea..." Crosscut then said, regaining the pair's attention.

"...since it is broadcasting a signal to who we can assume is Vasir, I should be able to track the signal back to it's source."

This made Myra's eyes widen in response, as her hope of finding the Asari that killed her Mother and Fiancée was strengthened some more.

"You can do that? How long will it take?" she asked with an encouraged tone, which did not go unnoticed by Kat.

"Well since I have already hacked the beacon, it is now just the case of aligning our communications sub routine to the transmission vector and following about a few minutes."

"Good, because I bet Vasir will already have had Alcazar moved in the time that we were fighting that Mech."

"Alright, I will get right on it." the Bot replied.

"Alright and once you are done, join us in the Cockpit. Myra out." she said before ending the link, turning her attention back to Kat.

"Let's go and let the others know the good news." she said, gaining a nod from the Human Woman in return before they both left the Rec-room.

A few moments later and both Women walked into the Cockpit, joining Evac and Tolae who sat in the Pilot's and Co-Pilot seats respectively.

"Wait till you guys hear this..." Myra said with an enthusiastic tone, but found herself stopping as she saw the less than content looks on the other pair's faces.

"What's wrong?" Kat asked as it went really quiet in the room.

"We have received a transmission from a Yikrah Krios, she says that you two are friends and that she has something important to tell you..." Evac then said while tapping sequence of buttons on his holo-interface.

"...I have her on the Inter-Com right now." he added.

"Myra is here, Yikrah..." Tolae then said aloud, before a familiar voice spoke over the inter-com.

"Myra, can you here me." the Drell said, as if hoping to hear the Asari's voice.

"Yes Yikrah, I am here. So what do you have for me?" Myra asked with a slight trepidation in her voice, which was not uncalled for considering the looks that Evac and Tolae had on their faces.

"I wanted you to know this…before you hear it from one of the News-Networks, I am so sorry…" Yikrah began to say, her voice starting to tremble somewhat as Myra's eyes widened in return.

"What…what is it?" she asked with tension and confusion growing in the tone of her voice, which made Kat look back with a worried expression. But before she could say something, Yikrah then dropped the bomb on the place with her next few words.

"It's your Aunt…it's Ser-Ket." the Drell then said, which made the Asari feel as though someone had punched her in the gut as she found herself sitting down on the chair beside her while it went deathly quiet in the Cockpit suddenly.

'Aunt Ser-Ket…' she thought, while Kat placed a hand on her friend's shoulder in a supportive gesture.

"What happened?" the Human asked while the Rogue Spectre just sat there in a speechless silence, as did the others.

"It seems that the Commander was lured from her post here on Unity by a distress call from her Dinobots team, who said they were under attack from a force of Mechs that were far stronger and tougher than the usual ones…" Yikrah began to explain, earning a thoughtful and angry expression from Myra as she listened. And this did not go unnoticed by the others as they watched her in return.

"…and even though the group was under attack, it was actually a distance from where the distress call was coming from." she added, gaining a knowing look from Evac.

"So it was a trap."

"Yes, because Sharptooth and his comrades soon found Ser-Ket lying unconscious after suffering from a real beating by whoever had set the trap, and she was also bleeding out from a large wound on her side…" the Drell said before going quiet for a moment, earning a worried and yet curious look from Kat and Myra, with the latter still remaining silent.

"What?" the former said in return, before her Asari friend suddenly found her voice again.

"Is my Aunt dead?" she asked with a glimmer of hope in her voice while looking over at the com-system, earning a heart-broken expression from Kat in return.

"Ser-Ket is alive Myra, but she is in a coma. The trauma her body was put through, I mean she lost a lot of blood before the Dinobots found her…and what she has lost too…" Yikrah said, which made the Rogue Spectre widen her eyes.

"What did she lose?"

"Ser-Ket's T-Cog, it's gone. The Medics believe that it was ripped out of her body, but there was no incisions. It was more like it just shot out of her body of it's own free will." her Drell friend replied, which made Myra's eyes narrow as the others all shared a confused look.

"But that's impossible." Evac replied, while Tolae noticed the Rogue Spectre's expression and realised what she was thinking.

"Or like 'someone' used biotics to pull it out." she said back, gaining Myra's attention as she looked back at the Ardat-Yakshi.

"That possibility is far more plausible than what some of the Medics have come up with, because frankly there could be no other way to do such a thing." Yikrah replied, while Myra simply went quiet again as her thoughts overtook her.

'Vasir, it has to be her.' she thought, gaining Kat's attention as she felt the Asari tense up.

"But either way, I am so very sorry to have to tell you this Myra. Especially after…" the Drell began to say back, bringing everyone's attention back to the Rogue Spectre as they knew what she was implying.

"I know Yikrah…I…just…need some time to…" Myra started to say back before Crosscut then entered the room and gained their attention.

"What is it?" he asked, having noticed the solemn looks of the others.

"A friend of Myra's has called and told us that her Aunt, Commander Ser-Ket was attacked and critically injured." Kat replied, making the Bot's expression mirror theirs.

"By the All-Spark, but… she's going to be okay right?" he asked as his gaze turned to Myra, who just looked lost in thought a turmoil.

"She fell into a coma after having her T-Cog forcibly removed, that's all we know right now." the Drell replied over the inter-com.

"But who did this?" Crosscut said back, making Myra turn round and look at him.

"It was Vasir." she answered, earning everyone's attention in the Cockpit.

"…or Morinth..." Tolae replied, making the Rogue Spectre look over to her with a piercing glare. But the Ardat-Yakshi stood her ground and continued, which Evac could not help but be impressed by…despite the current situation.

"…only an Asari could have caused that kind of injury, by using her biotics."

"Well…unless anyone knows where to find either of them, then there isn't much we can do." the Pilot then said, earning a cold and calculating look from Myra as she turned her attention to Crosscut.

"But we can, because you have their possible location…right Crosscut?" she asked, gaining a nod from the Bot in return.

"Yeah, that's right. I managed to triangulate the beacon's signal and followed it straight back to it's source." he replied, earning surprised looks from Tolae and Evac.

"Wait, what? When did this happen?" the Pilot replied with a confused tone.

"We didn't get chance to tell you, but Crosscut discovered a tracking beacon that Vasir must have planted on the Eudora at some point." Kat answered, earning a knowing look from Tolae.

"And you simply traced it's signal back to Vasir." she said to the other Bot, gaining a nod from him.


"So where are they?" the Rogue Spectre asked with a calmer tone, which made her Human friend look back with an inquisitive expression.

"Your not going to believe this, but the signal originates in the public sector of the Unity Station." Crosscut replied, which made everyone in the room except Myra look back in complete shock.

"What! That's impossible, if Vasir ever set foot on Unity then we Autobots would have known about it." Yikrah said back in a horrified tone over the intercom.

"It's also the last place anyone would think of looking, what better place to hide than right out in the open." Tolae said with a somewhat impressed tone, but Myra simply ignored her and looked at Evac.

"Then that is where we are going."

"Wait a minute, we can not just fly up to the central Hub of the ISF and just hope they don't arrest us the moment we try to dock. I mean you are on their most wanted list Myra." Crosscut replied with a worried expression, but the Rogue Spectre merely pointed toward the com-system in return.

"Yikrah, you can buy us some time to enter Unity undetected right?" she asked with a confident tone.

"…Yes, but it would give you a very small window of opportunity and Security would trace it back to me instantly. That would take away any further chances I might have to help you." the Drell replied with a similar tone to the Bot, but the Asari responded with a slight smile.

"This will be the best chance we will ever get against Vasir, Crosscut has already repurposed the tracking beacon to tell Leviathan that we will still be exactly where we are now, even after we have made the jump to Unity. So this will give us the advantage to gain the drop on Vasir and catch her off guard, please…this is the only way to help me now." she asked, before going quiet while waiting for her friend's response.

"…Okay, I will buy you some time. But you better make your way here now, timing will be everything with this." Yikrah said back, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"We are on our way and will contact you again in a few minutes. Thank you Yikrah, Myra out." she said before ending the transmission and turning her attention to Evac.

"Set course for Unity and take us there now, we can't afford to waste any time."

"Okay, setting course for Unity Station and powering up the Space-bridge Generator." the Pilot replied as he worked the holo-interface in front of him, while Myra turned around and walked past both Kat and Crosscut which made the pair look at each other with a shared confusion, before the Woman then chased after her friend.

"Myra, wait up." she called back, making the Asari stop in her tracks and turn to her. It was then that Kat saw Myra's face, and it was cold, focused and devoid of the Woman who she had just been joking around with moments earlier.

"What is it Kat?" the young Darby asked, earning a look of concern from the Human Woman.

"When we land at Unity, Crosscut, Tolae and I will be going with you….right?" she asked, which made the Asari look away and down to the floor which might as well have raised alarms for Kat.

"You're going to head of in there alone….aren't you?" she then added, having seen it in the Rogue Spectre's eyes.

"Look Kat, this is something I have to do." Myra began to reply with a guilty tone to her voice, but this made Kat shake her head in return while taking a step toward her.

"No, no you don't. You can let us help you." she said back with anger tingeing her words, which made the Asari look back in surprise.

"Kat, do you know how long I have waited for this chance? How much I have suffered to get to this point?"

"Yes, which is why I am not going to let you do this alone. Because you might let your feelings override everything else and that would then give Vasir the advantage, I mean if anything happened to you…I would…" the Human began to say before stopping and taking a breath, which made Myra sigh as she took a step toward her friend.

"Kat…" the Asari tried to say, but found herself stopping as she saw the worried look on Kat's face.

"Just promise me that when we land on Unity, that we will see this through a team...promise me that." she almost pleaded, knowing fully well that if Myra went into what was quite possibly Vasir's stronghold, that she would be completely outnumbered. Worse still, a small part of Kat could not help but think that might be what the Asari wanted. To take out Vasir in a suicide run, and that was something that she could not let happen to her friend. But the Human Woman was brought out of her thoughts as Myra placed a hand on her friend's shoulder, gaining her undivided attention.

"I promise Kat." she said back in a reasuring tone, which made the Human sigh in relief.

"Good...well I will just go and get Crosscut and Tolae, meet you in the Armoury. We're going to give Vasir the justice she deserves." she replied with a building confidence in her voice while placing her hand on the Rogue Spectre's left shoulder, earning a smile and a nod from the Asari.

"Yes we will, See you in the Armoury." she said back, before Kat then let go and walked back towards the Cockpit, not noticing that Myra's smile faded as she watched her friend go.

'I am so sorry Kat, but this is good bye. Because I do not intend to walk away from this.' she thought before turning around and walking away down the corridor.


On board Unity Station, what had become the heart of the Inter-Stellar Federation. Vasir stood on the third level of a giant warehouse, looking down at the gathering of various Merc Leaders. There were Krogan, Vorcha, Asari and numerous others standing in the center of the large building, and all of them were looking up towards her. The Leviathan Leader had two advanced Mechs standing either side of her as she walked up to the railing and placed her hands upon it.

"Our time is finally upon us my friends…" she then said aloud with a confident tone, gaining the audience's attention as they all looked up at her.

"…A few of you have been here since the beginning, over five hundred years ago when we founded Leviathan together…" Vasir added while gesturing to a group of Krogan, who nodded back in return as she continued.

"…because we shared the same dream, to bring down the those who were wrongfully seen as our saviours in the dark days of the Reaper War and return control of the Galaxy back into the hands of those more deserving."

The Asari then activated her holo-tool and brought up a large holo-screen between herself and the large audience, which showed a constant flow of information.

"It has been a long time coming, but after following the plans laid out by my predecessor…the great Matriarch Benezia. We have not only weakened the positions of both the Humans and Cybertronians alike, turning their allies and friends against them in a successful campaign of subterfuge and espionage. We have also built ourselves a force that can not only stand up to those 'pretenders', but can also bury them too." she said just as the holo-screen showed bio-weapons research and Synthergon experiment data, and no one watching below batted an eye at it, which made the Leviathan Leader's smile widen.

"Yes, we are working in the grey-area between what it is right and what is wrong. Keeping to the shadows and doing the wet work that those in power cannot or will not do themselves, it was with secret help of a number of those ISF members that we were able to complete a number our most ambitious projects, as well as stay hidden for as long as we have." Vasir then said, just as the schematics of a gigantic star-ship appeared on the screen. It had the design of futuristic spacecraft carrier, with it's primary hull being long and rectangular shaped. While it's secondary hull which was located on the primary's aft had a smaller box like shape to it, which had two massive cannons on either side and the CIC located in it's center.

"Behold the 'Leviathan', the first 'Titan' class battleship in existence. It was built from the remains of a derelict Cybertronian vessel that was found on the dead world of Gorlam Prime. It is powered by a large Synthergon core and can carry ten thousand soldiers and up to twenty squadrons of fighters, which make this ship as powerful as any fleet that has come before it." she said, earning wide-eyed stares from the audience as they marvelled over the image.

Ten minutes earlier, the Eudora was flying down towards a hanger in one of the many city areas that covered the Unity station. Evac was looking nervous as he focused on his flying, while Tolae kept her eyes on the sensor screen before her.

"Don't worry Evac, there is still no sign of any Autobot patrols following us." she said in a reassuring way while placing a hand on his shoulder, earning a smile from the Bot before a familiar voice spoke over the inter-com.

"I have given you a window of about ten minutes, so you should be able to land near the signal's source without any obstacles." the female voice spoke, gaining the pair's attention.

"Thanks Yikrah, now you better get yourself out of there as you said they would track this all back to you in that time." the Ardat-Yakshi replied while looking out of the glass canopy ahead of her, seeing the while skyscraper-like buildings as they shot past.

"I am afraid I am not going to do that." the Drell replied, making the two both look at each other with confused expressions.

"Why not?"

"I will not run away from my responsibilities, because this is the right thing to do. The ISF has lived in denial over Leviathan's existence for centuries, and if you and Myra are successful in revealing the truth, then I guess nothing bad will happen to me for making this decision." Yikrah said back.

"That's quite a leap of faith you're taking there Yikrah." Evac replied with a questioning tone.

"My family have been close friends with the Darbys for a long time now and they have always kept their word, never letting us down. I see no reason to question that now, so instead I will simply wish you all luck." the Drell answered over the inter-com.

"Thanks, same to you." Tolae replied before the transmission ended, just as Kat walked back into the Cockpit.

"How are we doing?" she asked while walking up behind the pair, gaining the Asari's attention.

"We should be ready to land in just another minute." she replied, making the Pilot nod back in return.

"Yeah, Yikrah's kept her end up and bought us a ten minute window, so the rest is up to us."

"Alright, I will head down to the Armoury and suit up with Myra and Crosscut." the Human Woman replied before the inter-com suddenly activated.

"Hey Kat, are you reading me?" Crosscut then spoke, earning a slight smile from Kat.

"Yeah, I can hear you. I was just on my way down to meet you and Myra."

"Well I am here in the Armoury, but Myra is nowhere to be seen." the Bot said back over the inter-com, gaining worrying looks from both Evac and his Human friend.

"Wait, Myra said that she would wait for us both there…" the latter started to say before a holo-screen suddenly activated and gained the Pilot's attention.

"Guys, who is activating the Ground-bridge right now." he replied with a surprised tone, but Kat just sighed and looked out at the Unity Station with a sad and disappointed expression.

"It's Myra….damn it, she's going it alone." she replied as only one thought crossed her mind.

'Why Myra, Why?'


Back in the large warehouse-like building, Vasir deactivated the large holo-screen which disappeared and gave her full view of her audience once more.

"Now as I said earlier, we are ready to move against our enemies due to them being separated and hated by the other Species. And with the 'Leviathan' and our bio-weapon's research complete, the time to act is now." she said, before one of the Vorcha lifted his hand up and gained her attention.

"And just what has our Bio-weapon's research completed?" he asked, earning curious looks from the audience. So the Asari used her holo-tool and brought up another holo-image, this time showing a viral strain that circled above them.

"What you are looking at is the Cybonic Plague, a virus that was created by Megatron of the Decepticons during the Great Cybertronian War. It was rediscovered by the late Matriarch Benezia during her tenor as the Shadow Broker, I managed to retain a sample of it after the fall of her organisation. And have used the last few centuries to alter and improve the virus, so that it can infect and kill both Cybertronians and their Human hybrids perfectly."

"And we are now going to infect them with this new version of this Plague?" the Vorcha asked, gaining a nod from the Leviathan Leader.

"Exactly, I will not give you the exact details of the plan now, I have instead sent copies to each of your ships. Once you have seen and confirmed this, we can then prepare our forces and then execute it. Any further questions before I end this meeting?" the Asari then asked, gaining nothing but head-shakes from the mass of Merc Leaders looking up at her.

"Alright, then head back to your ships..." she started to say, only to be cut off by a familiar female voice.

"I have a question."

Everyone in the audience then turned to see a hooded figure in a brown duster coat standing amongst them.

"Did you really think that..." the figure started to say as the Merc Leaders surrounded her, before pulling down the hood to reveal the Rogue Spectre.

"...I would never find you." she added, earning a wide-eyed stare from Vasir in return.

"...Myra Darby!" the Leviathan Leader replied before composing herself, while the younger Asari just stared back at her and ignored the Mercs who were standing around her with bemused expressions.

"I actually never gave much thought to whether you would ever find me Myra, but since you are here then allow me to make you a little more comfortable." Vasir then said before tapping a button on her holo-tool, which made the doors on either side of the room open and let in a large number of Mechs that surrounded the Rogue Spectre with weapons ready, while the Merc Leaders slowly backed away as the intruder alert siren began blaring around them..

"Yes, the meeting is over now. Please head back to your ships, I will just deal with this intruder before joining you in leaving." Vasir added with a confident smirk though beneath it, she was actually somewhat worried.

"The only way you are leaving this building in a body bag." Myra replied with a confident tone, as she narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists, making them glow with biotic energy.

"I grow tired of this...kill her!" the older Asari then spat, and with that every Mech in the room opened fire on the Rogue Spectre. But Myra shielded herself with a biotic barrier, which made the bullets deflect harmlessly off her as the last of the Merc Leaders left the area.

"I'm coming for you!" the young Darby spat viciously while launching herself at the enemy soldier nearest to her, before slicing it in half with what looked like a blade constructed from biotic energy. She then attacked and did the same to the one next to it, while it fell into two pieces, and then repeated the move with following two. This made Vasir's eyes widen in shock before tapping her com-link.

"Send in more Mechs now!" she screamed down the line, while never taking her eyes off her Nemesis who continued to butcher the soldiers on the ground.

"Forget your guns, just kill her!"

The remaining Mechs then dropped their rifles and activated their holo-blades, just as Myra had finished with another of their comrades. Turning around to face them with a look of pure anger and hate, before glancing up at the Leviathan Leader.

'You should be scared.' she thought before one of the Mechs lunged at her with it's blades, making the Asari block both with her biotic blade. But then another lunged at her from the Woman's right, so she instinctively collapsed her blade back into her glowing hand and stepped backwards, just as the Mech passed her and was then hit by the holo-blades of the first enemy. It's melee-weapons sliced the second soldier into pieces before it, while the Rogue Spectre then surrounded the corpse in a biotic field and pulled it apart into many little and pieces.

But if this display had effected the other Mechs, then they did not show it as they charged at the Asari. But Myra simply shook her head before punching both fists towards the enemies, launching the pieces like projectiles at the group. And just like that, the Mechs were shredded by the barrage and all fell dead at the Rogue Spectre's feet.

"Is that all you've got Vasir?" she then shouted before noticing the staircase that was directly below the Leviathan Leader's level and noticed that it looked just like a fire escape- staircase in it's design and so headed for them, which made Vasir reach for her ear-piece again.

"Where are my reinforcements?" she spat in an angry and worried tone.

"They should be here now Vasir." a male voice spoke back, and just then the doors opened again and even more Mechs entered the large room and ran directly for the Rogue Spectre who was running up the stairs towards her target.

"Kill her!" the Leviathan Leader then screamed, which made the Mechs jump up onto the framework of the stairs and climb up to the Rogue Spectre, Who was more than half way their before one of the enemies climbed over the railing and landed on the steps above her.

"Your not getting in my way." she said as the robot readied itself, making the Asari take a fighting stance as her fists glowed blue yet again. But then she heard a heavy thud behind her and glanced over her shoulder to see another Mech had reached her and was being followed by several more.

'Perfect.' she thought before then punching at the Mech before her, just as the one behind attacked her too.

Meanwhile Vasir was looking over the railing at the fight happening below her, hoping to the goddess that her Mechs would be able to finish of that Darby-Woman.

"Vasir, we have your transport ready. You should leave now!" the male voice spoke again, which made the older Asari grit her teeth in return.

"No, not until I see that damned Darby die! Just wait." she spat back, before her attention was caught by the appearance of two strangers at the north door. One was a blonde Man and the other was another Asari.

"Intruders, kill them!" she shouted while pointing at the two arrivals, which made the Mechs still on the ground to turn around and run at them.

Both Tolae and Crosscut stood in the doorway and looked into the room, noticing their friend fighting Mechs on the staircase at the other end of the room.

"There's Myra, she needs our help." the Asari said, earning a nod from the Bot who then pointed just away from the action.

"Yeah, but we've got our own problems first." he replied, earning the Ardat-Yakshi's attention as she saw the Mechs.

"Then let's make this quick." she said back in a firm tone while clenching her fists and making them glow with biotic energy, while the Bot aimed his rile at the enemies and opened fire.

Meanwhile Morinth was running down a long corridor as the siren blared around her, trying to get to where the action was currently happening.

'If I can prove myself to Vasir, then this will get me back in her good-books.' she thought before coming up to a T-junction in the corridor and turning left.

'I only hope I am in time.'

Back in the large room, Vasir was watching as the two friends of Myra continued to battle the Mechs on the ground floor, before turning her attention to what was going on the staircase beneath her.

'I have sent enough Mechs after this bitch to take down several Yahg, surely she is dead by now.' she thought while looking over the railing, only for a fist to hit her face and knock the older Asari on her back as Myra suddenly vaulted over the railing and landed on the level.

"It's over!" she said with gritted teeth while staring daggers at Vasir, who looked at the her two bodyguards.

"Well, get her then!" she spat, which made the Mechs both launch themselves at the Rogue Spectre. But Myra merely held out both hands and clenched them into fists as she channelled her biotics, which enveloped the two robots in blue energy and pulled them into the air. The Young Darby then thrust her hands up and over her head, which launched them both over the railings where they fell to the ground.

"Nothing is going to come between me and you now Vasir, because you 'are' going to pay for what you did to my Mother and Fiancée." the Asari then said in a wrathful tone, while Vasir got back to her feet and took up a fighting stance.

"Am I now, well by all means…let's get this over with." the Leviathan Leader spat back before throwing a biotic blast at the Rogue Spectre, who then rolled under it and quickly performed an uppercut that hit Vasir directly in the face, making her stumble backwards.

"This will end….with your death." Myra replied, while the older Asari recovered and wiped a trickle of blood under her nose.

"You do like to talk!" she answered before throwing a biotic punch at her younger opponent, who blocked it with her own biotic charged arms, before grabbing the arm and twisting it behind Vasir's back which made her grimace in return.

"You-re one to talk." she replied back with a venomous tinge to her voice, but the Leviathan Leader responded by surprising the Rogue Spectre with a biotic flash from her hands, which made Myra let go as Vasir turned back round and attacked once again. Both Asari then threw several biotic punches and kicks at each other, each blocking and countering as they went before then going into a grapple. They both focused their biotic energies into their limbs, which caused sparks to fly as they were enveloped by the blue light.

But while Myra kept her focus entirely on Vasir, the older Asari could not help but notice a heavily damaged Mech crawl up the stairs and look over at the pair.

'That's it, take the shot while I hold her here!' the Leviathan Leader thought, as the robot lifted it's rifle slowly and aimed it at the Rogue Spectre's back.

'Go on, shoot her!' Vasir screamed in her mind while ever so glancing at the Mech, making sure not to tip off Myra who narrowed her eyes at her in return.

Then suddenly a gunshot fired that pulled both Asari's attention away from each other, making them both look at the Mech as it's head was then blown off it's body in a shower of sparks.

"What!" Vasir spat before she and the young Darby then turned to see a Human Woman standing on the same level as them, at the other side of the building. She was holding a sniper-rifle and aiming at the pair before looking past the scope and smiling at the younger Asari.

'Kat…..thanks.' Myra thought as she smiled back, before turning her attention back to a shocked Vasir and punching her in the face.

"Go get her Myra.'' the Human Woman thought as she watched the two adversaries fight again, before turning her attention to her two friends who were still fighting the Mechs on the ground.

'Don't worry guys, I've got your backs.' she thought before firing several shots down at the enemies who had the others surrounded.

As that was happening, Morinth ran into the room and immediately looked round in a wide-eyed stare at the chaos that was happening before her.

'By the Goddess, how did this happen?' she thought before recognising the two intruders fighting the Mechs.

'Darby's friends, that means 'she' is here.'

Then before the murderous Ardat-Yakshi started to move towards the pair, her attention was suddenly caught by the sound of gunshots being fired from above. So she looked up to see the barrel of a sniper-rifle over the edge of the third level, which made her eyes narrow.

'I have a better idea.' she thought before heading back out of the room.

Meanwhile Myra and Vasir clashed yet again on the third level, making biotic energy sparks fly out around the pair as they punched and kicked against each other's biotic barriers that surrounded their bodies. The Rogue Spectre was running purely on anger and instinct as she threw biotic punch after biotic punch, which made cracks appear on the Leviathan Leader's barrier as she failed to block those two attacks. This made Vasir grimace as she stumbled back, before Myra then followed through with a roundhouse kick which impacted the older Asari's side and shattered her barrier, which dissipated into nothing as she was knocked to the ground.

The Leviathan Leader immediately fired a biotic blast back at the Rogue Spectre, but she responded by performing a biotic charge and zipped out of it's way before hitting the older Asari with a blast of her own, that hit her adversary and knocked her into the railing.

'Goddess help me.' Vasir thought as she grabbed at the metal and tried to recover, only to be interrupted as Myra grabbed her round the throat and pulled her up on to her knees. The young Darby stared down at the Leviathan Leader, looking directly into her eyes as she pulled her fist back which started to glow with biotic energy.

"After all this time, after all these centuries. My Family will finally be avenged." she said in a shaky tone, unsure if this was really happening to her right now. But Myra was not about to let her building emotions ruin the opportunity that she was presented with, so blocked it all out, the fighting that was going on just away from her, instead she simply looked into the blacks of Vasir's eyes and tightened her fist even more.

"STOP, right now!" a familiar voice then shouted from just aways, making both Asari look over to see Morinth standing on the side of the level. And Myra's eyes widened as she saw that the Ardat-Yakshi was holding Kat by her throat and was dangling her over the railing.

"Let Vasir go, or I will let your friend fall to her death." Morinth warned, while the Rogue Spectre's eyes focused on her friend who stared back as she coughed, due to the Murderer's iron grip.

'I have waited so long for this, this moment that has driven me on for all these centuries. Only for it to now be a choice between revenge and my friend.' she thought as she looked between both Vasir and Kat, before turning back to Vasir and gritting her teeth.

"…Fine." she then replied before pushing the Leviathan Leader away, and turning back to the Ardat-Yakshi. But then Morinth simply smirked back, which made Myra's eyes widen again.

"Fool!" she said back before letting go of Kat, who began to fall down to the ground below. The whole world then seemed to slow down around the Rogue Spectre, as she stared with a horrified expression while she watched Kat who flailed her arms about as she fell. It was like she was trying to grasp at anything to stop her fall, but then Myra was snapped out of her shock as she screamed out loud.

"NO!" the Asari roared as she jumped over the railing and performed a biotic charge in mid-air, shooting through it and tackling her friend as her inertial carried the pair onto the second level platform below. The pair crashed through the railing and hit the platform hard, rolling over each other for a meter or two before coming to a stop.

Myra found that she was lying over Kat and so lifted herself up enough to look down at her friend, despite how much her muscles ached.

'Goddess, I hope she is alright.' she thought before noticing that Kat was still breathing, before looking back over at the third level and noticed that Vasir had already gone. This made the Asari's eyes narrow as she looked over there, for once more the Woman she had wanted to kill for so long now, had escaped her again.

'I will get you, I swear to the goddess I will.' she thought before the sound of movement caught her attention, so the Rogue Spectre turned back to Kat who opened her eyes and looked back at her.

"You okay." the Asari asked, which earned a nod from the Human Woman in return.

"Yes, you saved me…thank you." she replied with a slight smile, which then disappeared and was replaced by a more guilty look.

"I am sorry." Kat replied, but Myra simply shook her head in return.

"It's not your…" she started to say before the door beside them suddenly opened and two armoured Men with Autobot insignia's on their chest-plates entered and aimed their rifles at them.

"Freeze." they shouted, making both Women raise their hands in response while their friends did the same as two more Autobots appeared beside them.
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